255 - 1 Part

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There is heavy-duty sin over there, you know. It is there, you know. It is there, [?Mary?]. It is there. I cannot -- it is very severe. I do not know whether you know it or not. There is very severe sin over there. I am not even sure 100 percent myself.

I mean, the truth of the matter is that some people have 10 children, and they all prosper: not a sick one among them. And they have 50 grandchildren: not a sick one among them. And the truth is that if something goes wrong with one of your children, it is a curse on the family line. You know, something -- if you have five children, if something is wrong with five children, something is really wrong.

We were three children, and something was wrong with all three of us. Something is really wrong with the tree that I come out of. I am not talking about you; I am talking about me too. I am telling you. You know, you lose one child like that, it is a curse. But you look around and you see people -- I know people like that -- two sons, both of them drug addicts and in jail [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. Something is very wrong on the family line.

            I am telling you that I see what happened there [CROSSTALK]

Something is very wrong.

And it is like [CROSSTALK] and in the war, the five Sullivan brothers were all killed on one ship.

That was horrible. Nothing is by accident, and nothing is for no reason. It is just -- it just is not an accident. I know -- I have one family in mind. They were friends of my parents. There was just something bright about them. And they had three children. The three children prospered. They were all healthy. The three kids, they’re healthy. They had some tumbles, you know, growing up, but they grew up. They are all college graduates, not that you have to be a college graduate. I am just using that as by our society, what I am saying is they got a career, OK. They got a vision. They follow through. They had the discipline to become what they wanted to be. They are married. They all have nice houses. Their children are healthy.

And my parents had three children. One died at 47. Two almost died, and thei- -- our lives have been a disaster. Come on, do not talk to me about luck. Come on. And between the one extreme and the other, there is many cases where people have five children. And two are troubled, and three are OK. So there is all kinds of degrees in between.

But it is curses; it is curses on the family line. And when you see really bad things happening, the bottom-line is pride and witchcraft, not necessarily in that order. I really do not know which one God sees worse. I think He is -- pride is the worst. Pride and witchcraft and idolatry. Pride, witchcraft and idolatry. And that is the bottom-line. And you can have 16 pages of in-between demons, OK, and it does not matter to me. When I come against something, I hit the biggies. Pride, witchcraft, idolatry, mind control, Jezebel, lust, and I just cover all -- I cover it all. If you want to use the little names in between, that is OK. But you do not have to. You do not have to. You do what you are led to do, but I do not.

I am telling you, you know: These -- there are -- these curses are real. And, like I tell you, Mary [SP], I am just a realist. I believe that we have to be a realist to be a son of God. And I just know what I see in people. That woman -- she is trouble. She is spiritual trouble. So it is OK, you know, to look at people and to love everybody. But if you are moving into Sonship, I am not telling you to not love anybody. We are supposed to love everybody. But we have to know these things about them because attacks come out of the realm of the spirit as God opens you up spiritually. These ta- -- attacks are horrendous. And for whatever reason, it helps to know who it is coming from.

I always -- when I had a horrible experience -- it was Sunday morning and Tuesday morning. It was absolutely horrible. I woke up in the middle of the night. It was so horrible that if I did not need the sleep, I would not have -- I would have stayed up. That is how bad it was to go back to sleep. Because when you close your eyes, the demo- -- you see, if you are waging the warfare, you have the victory while you are awake. But when you go to sleep, your gua- -- your conscious guards are down. Your conscious guards are down. So I have been praying every night before I go to sleep. That is how bad it has been.

So what I am trying to say to you is that we have to know what is operating in people without condemning them, without being mad at them. You have got to know what people are really like. You have got to know. Because as God opens you up and you start experiencing these things, you are going to have to face where it is coming from because I cannot explain it to you that the warfare that God has enabled me to pray is most powerful when I know where it is coming from. And if I cannot figure out where it is coming from, I will pray that it be exposed because by experience, I know that as soon as it comes into this world of appearance -- it comes into this world of appearance, and it dissolves. That is the way it works.

As long as it can stay hidden, in the unconscious minds of men, it does its damage underground. It is like an underground pool, an underground weapon that just torments in the emotions and in the unconscious mind. But as I said, I do not have all the answers, but I have been in this war for a long time. And I know that wh- -- if I can get it to be exposed, it goes. Sometimes the exposure comes in a confrontation. And if someone has been hating me and smiling at me and doing all kinds of favors for me and the whole time, they are hating my guts in -- and they know it and they are not confronting me -- they are repressing it -- I know it. And I am being tormented in my emotions, and I am being tormented in my sleep.

And I start -- if I cannot figure out who it is, I look around; I am looking at everybody. If I cannot figure out who it is, I will ask God to expose it. And sure enough if it is that situation, that anger comes out. Then hopefully we can work it out, you know. And if I am doing something wrong, I can make a correction. If I am not doing something wrong, maybe they could be made to realize that I am not do- -- whatever, OK.

And then other times, it is just I do not have -- see, but the people that I have intimate contact with, it has to be exposed and dealt with. If I do not have intimate contact with you, if you are just an enemy of mine out there praying against me, the way it seems to work with that is the Lord will just bring some news to me through a person or I will hear news. Something will happen, like what happened with -- when I found out about that tape with Louise [SP], OK. OK, some news will get to me that someone -- not gossip but someone had really come against me: that it was just the truth, you know. And as soon as it comes out into the open and I know what happened, the torment goes from my soul.

So we have got to start seeing all sides of the person without condemnation. But we have got to know -- look, everybody is fallen. Everybody is filled with sin. Everybody has a carnal mind that is capable of doing great wickedness and damage to other people. And the average person has just covered it over because they have grown up to be taught you cannot do things like this. And it has all pushed down. And as you become a spiritual person, it has the power to really hurt [?you?]. So we have got to look at people. And I am sorry if I snapped at you earlier, but I cannot --     


Well, I want you to understand that I cannot be listening to someone that I have an intimate relationship with you telling me how sweet and wonderful this person is when I know that there is a very strong other side to them that has come against me very powerfully. And it is witchcraft. And you need to know that. And it is not healthy for you or anybody here to say that is the culture because that is justifying sin. It is justifying sin.

So we have to know. We have to know. We are not going to survive -- I want to tell you no one is going to survive this war without an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ backing them up. No one is going to make it on their own. You know, we are going on with that message tonight about right identification. I am telling you not one of them is going to make it in that is not declaring Jesus Christ as the elder. I will tell you right now, they are going to fall into the ditch. They are not going to make it because I do not believe that any fallen human being is going to make it into pur- -- out of this -- is going to make it out of hell into a place, a safe place that Jesus has prepared for us, which is the mind of Christ. I do not believe any fallen human being is capable of making it except by the -- by Jesus Christ taking us by the hand and dragging us through.

And this message that is in the church today that is denying the role of Christ: They are going right to the Father and denying Christ. I am telling you not one of them -- I declare it to you not one of them will make it because that is what I belie- -- it is not me. That is what I believe the Bible says. They are not going to make it. All of their worldly wisdom -- wait until you hear this message tonight. All these big words, all of this scientific fanfare, it sounds real good, tickles your ear and makes you sound very important. But I want to tell you: Not one of them is going to enter into the kingdom. Why? Because they do not believe in the kingdom.

Now if you talk to them, they will tell you that they believe in the kingdom, but you have to ask them: What does the kingdom mean to you? Because this man talks about the kingdom of God, but if you read between the lines and you get an understanding of what the kingdom of God means to him, you will find out that the kingdom of God -- what it means to him is not what it is. He is using the words, but you have to read between the lines.

And his definition of the kingdom of God is not the kingdom of God. His definition of the kingdom of God is the spiritual realm of the Father. We cannot get there without a mediator, and he is completely denying the mediator, completely scratching Him off the list. He acknowledges the carnal mind, says, cannot get it with the carnal mind. Bad news -- carnal mind, bad news, amen. Goes straight to the realm of the spirit. Cannot be done. Well, what did Jesus die for? Because Jesus died, gave up his soul life, because it cannot be done without a mediator. But this whole message that they call the kingdom message in the church, it is horrendous because it denies the savior. He says that man is born with the potential to come into -- I do not know if the word that they use is perfection or not. I do not know if that is the word they use. But they say that man is born with a potential to enter into a high place above the pain and sickness and torment of this world, that he is born with it within himself. He just has to ascend.

It is a lie. It is a lie. You have got to have the savior inside of your heart because he is the door. And anyone that enters in any other way is a thief and robber. And there is a judgment on thieves and robbers in this Scripture. It is death. Jesus does not just call you a thief and a robber. He is telling if you enter in that way, you are still going to die.

You may have a spiritual experience. You may have your ears tickled. You may love the doctrine. But you are still going to die. The bottom-line is death or life, and there is only one way in. Whether you like it or not, there is only one door. There is only one way in.

And they are going to be dying like flies: all of them, all puffed-up with this doctrine all over the world -- Christians all over the world -- stumbling over this doctrine. I almost cried today, but I will not let myself cry. I really feel not to cry. I am not telling you not to cry if you want to. I really feel not to cry.

Look, brethren, I am bringing forth the doctrine of the hour. I am in a [UNINTELLIGIBLE] garden. I want to tell you that I am very spiritually weak. Without Jesus I am a dead man. And all I want to do today is get through today. And all I want to do tomorrow is get through tomorrow. And all I want to do is get through every crisis that presents itself to me with the minimum amount of sin that is possible in my fallen condition. And that takes all my energy. And I have no energy left to cry for them. I pray -- you know, my heart is right towards them. I have reached out to them.

They have rejected the word. They have not rejected me; they have rejected Him. I send messages all over the kingdom camp to many, many preachers. They do not want it. I am not God. I am not their savior. And if God would direct me to any of them, I would do anything God told me. I would write. I would call. I would get on a plane, and I would go. But He is not telling me to do that.

And I am telling you it is all I could do to get through today. I have to pray every day for the Lord to direct my workday, to tell me what He wants me to do today. I have no energy or strength to cry for them, so a sadness passes through me. And I just push it away.

But I am telling you, it is going to be horrible. The numbers of believers that are going to be out there when they get the revelation that this tremendous spiritual event is happening and that they were not included -- it is going to be horrible to behold, horrible I am telling you.

So I -- this whole exhortation -- I exhort you all to pray that the Lord help you to open your eyes and give you an ability to realistically evaluate every human being. You should know who you labor with. You should know their strengths. You should know their weaknesses. You should have a list in your mind: people’s strengths, people’s weaknesses. You should have an opinion. After looking at their strengths and looking at their weaknesses, you should have an opinion whether they are overall serving God or whether they are overall building their own kingdom. You should know. If you do not know, ask God to tell you because nobody is perfect.

So if they are someone that is serving God -- if that is your opinion, that the- -- overall they are serving God, then you know what their weaknesses are, and you pray for their weaknesses. If they look like a Christian and they have a church and they are overall building their own kingdom, well, there are different kinds of people in that category. If they are, like, someone here in the United States and they are just in it for the money, then you should not be -- have anything to do with them. If they are someone in another country who are trying to feed the poor and take care of the orphans and are doing a good work but it is not a move of the Spirit, it is a work of the flesh, you should know that.

And then you should ask the Lord what He wants your relationship to be with them. Because they are not evil in that -- everybody is evil, but they are not evil in that they are building this kingdom to pad their own pocketbook. They are doing it as a good work, but it is still not the move of the Spirit. So you need to ask God what He wants in this relationship for you. Since it is not -- you see, there is only two categories of relationships: those that you have with people who are moving in the Spirit and those that you have with people who are not moving in the Spirit.

Now those who are not moving in the Spirit will break down into other categories. See, Christ is not divided. Whoever is in Christ, whoever is moving into Christ, they are one category. You know their strengths; you know their weakness. You forgive their sins. You love them. You see weakness, you pray for them.

Those who are building their own kingdom, they are divided into many different groups. And you have to decide -- I just described it to you -- whether they are strictly in it for the money. You have nothing to do with them. If it is a work of the flesh but it is doing good, well then you have to ask God what He wants you -- for you in this relationship because we can only spread ourselves so thin, you know. So just run it past Him.

I am not telling you to not have that fellowship. I am giving -- as always giving you general principles. A lot of people hear me say something like this, and they misunderstand me. They think that I am beating around the bush and telling them to break the relationship. That is not true of me. I am not doing that. I do not know what God wants for you in this relationship. I do not know. But I am giving you very sound principles upon which to structure your prayer life, very sound principles.

You need to know this: that we are limited in our humanity as to our time, as to our energy, as to our relationships. And it is essential that we know who we are laboring with so that God can speak clearly to us about what he wants for us with that person. If we do not see the person clearly, if we do not see their strengths and their weaknesses, then if God says something to us along the lines of to change the relationship in whatever He might say to you, our carnal mind has a legal ground to rise up and say, oh, that sweet person. That could not have been the mind of God telling me to not spend that much time with that person. It could not possibly have been God telling me because they are such a sweet person. Do you hear what I am saying? Can you hear it?

So we have got to know. We have to see the whole picture. I am being very careful not to justify their sin because sin is sin. Sin is sin. When you try to pressure someone and you pound them with letters and prayers that are felt in an oppressive way, even if it is looking for money for orphans, it is witchcraft. It is not to be tolerated by a Son. So we need to -- we just got to get this straight. We just got to get this straight without condemnation, you know. You still love them. But you got to know this about them. You have got to know that this sweet person that is feeding all those orphans is doing this wicked deed to get them fed. You have got to know that. You got to know it.

And once you know it, then you say, Lord Jesus, what do you want me to do with this knowledge? I pray like this all the time. What do you want me to do with this knowledge? I pray the prayer, and I forget about the whole thing. And sometimes He talks to me about it and gives me an instruction. Sometimes He talks to me, and He does not give me an instruction. And sometimes I never hear from Him again. But He requires us to pray the prayer. I believe that with all my heart.

You got to know the potential of people to turn us away from the voice of God because when Satan finds out that we are one of those called to go up, he will use anybody that he can to destroy our walk. The Scripture clearly states your enemies will be the members of your own household. So certainly someone that is not a member of your own household, you must know their potential to damage your walk with God should Satan raise them up against you.

How do you know who is right? How do you know who, five years down the line, Satan is going to raise up against you? The Scripture says, and Satan entered into Judas, who had a primary relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. How do you know that Satan is not going to enter into this person next week to bring destruction into your life? You must know that this person has the potential for powerful witchcraft and that they are probably unaware of it. And it is therefore -- and what is therefore? And that potential for damaging witchcraft is therefore totally unrestrained. You have got to know it. Do you understand what I am saying? You have got to know it. Jesus.

The potential for somebody to rise up like that: Would that not be in the will of God as is was in the case of Judas?

Would it not be in the will of God? Well, if it is in the plan of God, it is there for you to overcome. And if you do not know it, you are not going to overcome. You are going to flop. So even if it is in the will of God, that does not mean it is a good thing. It is in the will of God that the Sons should be tested. So from that point of view, it is the will of God that somebody has to rise up and be Satan to us. But we are supposed to o- -- intercept and overcome.

            And Jesus knew long before.

Jesus knew long before, and the reason that Jesus did not put a stop to it was that it was necessary for Him to be physically crucified. We are not to be physically crucified. We are to overcome every enemy, even the last enemy, which is death.

So if we do not recognize Satan in another human being, we could get hurt. Jesus will let us get -- I do not believe He will -- I believe that if we are really faithful, He is not going to let us be destroyed. But He will let us flop. He will go wait as long as He can to see if we are going to take the victory ourselves. And when He sees we are being overcome, He will intercede and save us.

But we are supposed to be Sons growing up to maturity. We are not babies that He has taken by the hand anymore. So we could get hurt. We could have some bad experiences. And there is not a doubt in my mind -- I tell you the truth -- that if you know, if you have it in your mind an evaluation of everybody that you have a relationship with and if you know that certain people have a potential -- have a mind that is powerful and that they have never heard this message and that this mind is not policed, that they are not bringing every thought into captivity, that they are not casting down every high imagination, that their carnal mind is going unrestrained and they think it is God, if you do not have it --  a check in your mind that the day could come that Satan could turn that mind against you, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage.

And to have this knowledge without it hindering your relationship, to have this knowledge without condemning the person: that is the challenge of Christ. You are not supposed to condemn them. But you are supposed to know. You are supposed to know that the you-know-what could hit the fan at any moment. It is important.

OK. Anything else about this? It was a heavy exhortation right now. Anybody else? If not I think we will have some music. You have something to say?

            I guess, it just [?starts?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE] with me. I feel condemned again.


            I felt this was for me.

For you?


Not at all.


But even if it was for you, why should you feel condemned?

I do not know. Because I thought we went over it the other day, and I thought maybe it was, like, trying to drill it in.

Not at all.

            No? Praise God.

Not at all. But even if it is for you, you must resist condemnation.

            I rebuked it.

OK, no.

            Because if I do not say it, you will say I am not saying [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, OK. I am glad you said it. No, it had nothing to do with you at all. It had -- this all arose out of -- what -- a conversation that Mary and I had earlier. But this is not even me; this is the Lord. Because I believe He is concerned, you know, that we all have different weaknesses. And what is a strength in the world can be a weakness in Christ. It is a strength to go through life seeing only good in people. It is a strength. You keep your friends. Your relationships last. But when you come into Christ, what was a strength -- what helped you survive in this world -- is working against Christ. And this whole thing was basically -- it is for everybody -- was basically -- it arose out of a conversation that I had with Mary, so it had nothing whatsoever to do with you.

[?It is?] funny though. As you were saying, it was so much in the pit of my stomach, I said, Lord, I repent it. What could it be? And I kept rebuking it. And I figured, well, I had better say it.


I do not want it to build up until my carnal mind or my subconscious mind is doing something evil. I want to put it out in the open.

Yeah, well -- oh, is that how you were taking it?



That maybe something is in my -- maybe you are having bad times again. And my subconscious mind is doing it because it is a rough thing to know that you are guilty of something you do not even know you are guilty of, you know?

Well, that is true of all of us --


-- you know.

            But I want it nipped.

Yeah, so -- yeah. But also -- yeah, OK. You have to -- you too are a real softie. We --

            I know it. [CROSSTALK]

The three of you are real softies, you know, real nice ladies: all three of you. So that exhortation was really for all three of you: not that you were the one doing any damage but for people in your life, you need to know that they have a potential to damage you with their minds. People that you have known all your life, people that you love -- you have got to know it if you want to go on.

And that is -- so it is for you but not in the way -- not that it is you. It is that you have to toughen up. Both of you have to toughen up, and you have to know the people who are around you. You have to know your mailman. You have to know the guy in the supermarket. God is bringing you to a place where you are going to recognize when someone’s mind is coming against you when they are smiling at you.

So the beginning of this potential is to know that everybody has a carnal mind and that some people are giving full rein to that carnal mind and to know to hear from somebody that such-and-such a person, how it is not gossip. If someone is telling you about their personal experience and telling you, now this person has used witchcraft on me to such an extent that I had to write -- or I wrote several letters. And the last one, I really told him, and I have not heard from him since -- that I had to write several letters to this person to tell them to leave me alone because I was feeling it in my emotions. I was feeling the pressure of his witchcraft.

Now when someone that you respect -- and if you do not respect me, you should not be here -- when someone that you respect tells you that about a person, OK, the thing to do is to make a note in your mind. But, you see, to rise up and say, oh, no, they are really a very sweet person, you are blinding yourself to the reality that someday, it could be touching you.

And it is an ungodly answer; it is an ungodly response. And it is an ungodly response to say something good about them, which more or less indicates that -- it puts the person who was speaking the truth in the position of doing something wrong: that that person was saying something bad about the man, and you rise up to defend him. It is pride. It is just very ungodly thing to do to someone who is speaking the truth in righteousness, telling you something that you should know, giving you information about somebody that you need to know, and turning around and responding to that act of righteousness by defending the person, which makes the person doing the righteous act evil. Can you see that? Do you know what I am talking -- you do not have to believe it, but do you know what I am talking about? OK.

            I was more --

Well, I do not think so.

I was more taken up by the fact that you had even sent the message to Stephen [SP]. I did not think you had any awareness of him.


            Not just because I know him to be --

Yeah, well, I understand that --


I understand that you were surprised, but what I am zeroing in on was that for whatever made me say it, God is going to have to do something with my memory. I do not even know what you said that made me say it to you, but maybe God just wanted you to hear it. But I told you that the man is not sweet- -- only sweetness and light, that there is another side to him, that his witchcraft is severe, that I had to rebuke him and tell me to leave him -- to leave me alone.

And your response to that was, oh, no, he is really very sweet. Now you have to deal with that, Mary, that that response was not the response of a Son, OK? And it is a response that will damage you because you are not going to be prepared if at such time, it should happen to you. And also you -- by saying what you said, you pronounced me guilty of saying something wrong about him. And that is very important that you could un- -- that we could all understand. If it is a manifestation of pride that when someone speaks the truth in righteousness and another person defends that person, it is saying that the person who spoke the truth in righteousness was saying something wrong. Because for you to have to defend him, it must mean that I was saying something wrong. Can you hear that? [UNINTELLIGIBLE], so you have something to pray about, huh? Because that is the truth. You really have to pray about that. OK?

If you are aware someone is praying [UNINTELLIGIBLE] a prayer against you, in their mind or [?normally?], just how do you pray?

How do you pray?

            What can you do?

Well, yeah. What do you do? Well, first of all -- Hi, Michelle. First of all there are m- -- there is more trouble coming from people who are not praying psychic prayers. It is just what they are thinking towards you. There is more trouble from people who are just thinking towards you, but some people are actually praying prayers. What do you do? If it is not bothering you, you just bless them and ask God to have mercy on them. But if it is bothering you, you are going to have to break those curses and start breaking the powers of darkness.

And the bottom-line is this: that you may not be feeling it now, but as you open up spiritually, you begin to feel these things. And that is the warfare. That is the sp- -- it is the whole realm of spiritual warfare that is beyond everything we ever knew at that other church. It is literally the carnal minds of men coming against your Christ mind. And you are going to have to break those curses and break those powers and cry out to God until such time as He gives you permission to really start flinging it back. Because if you fling these things back out of self-preservation, then it is just fighting witchcraft with witchcraft.

I think we talked about this. I went for a couple of years, at the Lord’s instruction, with not flinging anything back, just breaking the powers and crying out to God. And about a year ago, He told me that it was all right to start fighting back because I am being attacked for righteousness sake and it is not -- whatever He told me, I had come into a realm where I really, in my heart of hearts, you know, believe that Jesus is my total defense. And therefore He gave me permission to start flinging these curses back.

But you have to really be careful that you are not flinging them back to save your own self. And until you are sure of that, you just break them and cast them down, break them and cast them down, because this battle is real. But it is in the realm of spirit, and it is very real. And I rebuke that rejection and that fear and that pride, and whatever is manifesting in you, I rebuke it.

            I am glad I did ask it because now you are able to explain it. Because from the

other day, I thought I was the only one --


-- from what you had said -- that I was causing other people -- but now you are saying to be aware --

It is everybody.

            -- that it could be coming back on me.

Oh, definitely.

            Well, I had not known that. I thought I was the culprit for everyone.


            [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it is, kind of, shattering [CROSSTALK]


            -- afraid to open your mouth.

Not at all, [?Celi?]. Well, I am glad you understood. I have been trying to tell you that for two years.

And I could not understand it. It is only after you started explaining [?just by asking?] questions. Had I not asked a question, it may have gone into my subconscious.


            You said I am guilty of [CROSSTALK]


            -- so I wanted to bring it to the Lord.

Right. Praise God. Everybody’s unconscious mind is a criminal. Some of us have more power over our unconscious mind that others, but everybody’s unconscious mind is a wild, raging, ravaging, criminal beast: everybody. And we have to bridle that beast.

And it is Christ in us that bridles the beast. If we do not have Christ in us, we have nothing with which to bridle him. Christ has to get on top of him and ride him. And Christ in you cannot do that until you could see Him. So we must get in touch with our -- with the feelings of our unconscious mind so that we can kill them. So we got to see our own sins. The man of sin must be revealed in us and confessed of sin. And then God will begin to show us the man of sin in others.

Now some people have an ability to see sin in other people without looking at sin in themselves. That is usually as spirit of divination. I want to tell you it is my opinion that in most instances, if you are not looking inward and not willing, as God shows him to you, to see the man of sin in yourself and actively working at confessing that sin and repenting, as the Lord reveals him to you, and you are going around seeing sin in other people, the chances that it is Christ showing you their sins is very small, very small. OK?

Because as you confess your own sins and offer them up to the Lord, He will bring you to a place where He will show you other people’s sins. But you cannot condemn these people when you see their sin. You cannot condemn them. You have to help them through. He is showing you their sins to help them through, you see? So the man of sin is in every- -- to help them through what? To kill them.

So the man of sin is in every human being. And the man of sin must be exposed before Christ can appear. So for those of you who have this hope of Christ appearing in you, what do you do? What is the Scripture? Anybody? He purifieth himself. Well, you cannot purify yourself if you cannot see the sin. And if you see sin in yourself and you condemn yourself, you are working against Christ. You cannot condemn other people, and you cannot condemn yourself because you are opposing the work of Christ in your own life. Condemnation is sin. Does not -- if you are condemning the cat, it is sin. If you are condemning the bird, it is sin. If you are condemning yourself, it is sin. Yeah.

Is it true that when we get to the place where we can not condemn ourselves but truly love ourselves and at the same time looking and facing at -- facing that sin, that we can then truly love others? We have to come to that place in ourselves first?

Well, I think there is a lot of truth in that, but it is not -- it does not happen all at once. It happens -- in certain areas you will love yourself and be able to love others. In certain areas you will still reject yourself. It is not that easy. Do you know what I am saying?


But there is a lot of truth in that. If you do not love yourself, you therefore perceive everybody as -- if you hate yourself, you perceive all of your relationships as hating you. Because if you hate yourself, how can anybody else love you? This is how the fallen mind thinks. So if you do not love yourself and you do not believe that anybody could love you, it is pretty hard to -- it is very rare to love anybody. I do not want to say it is impossible, but it is pretty rare.

I think the Lord just answered a question to me, which was -- it had not really come in the form of a question yet. I was praying and breaking curses and casting them down sometimes. And I was praying and breaking the curses and sending them back. And I was going, hmm, should I really send them back? You know? And it was, kind of, like, it really had not formed as a question. I just checked it out, and I really feel, like, that I feel good just casting them down right now.

Yeah, I think that is wise, yeah.

            I think the Lord gave me that to just know: Just cast them down.


And maybe there will come a time when I know it is for that other person’s sake whoever they are whether they are a witch of my sister sitting next to me. You know, I think for right now -- because I was -- because of the torment that I am getting, I definitely know that I am ca- -- I am breaking it so that I would get free of it. So there is no need to cast it back.

I think that is good counsel for everybody here right now. I really feel that way.

Sheila, could you help me? If -- what you were discussing before, how would we react to people if we should not being smiling or giving gifts or things? How would we know when it is God or when it is the flesh?

What do you mean: You should not be smiling?

Like, you said they are always smiling, these people that -- the witchcraft of the mind.

What you need to know is that sometimes people who are smiling back at you are thinking evil towards you in their heart. You go right on what you are doing. You just go right on loving everybody. Do not you change at all. It is --

The other day when, you know, God was using you to teach me, you were saying you smile at everybody. And it is, like, you are thinking inside, gee, am I being a fake?

Oh, that is what you are talking about?

            Yeah, I do not want to be a fake. I want to know --


-- when do I and when do I not because all my life, I thought that this was, you know, to show your [CROSSTALK]

No, you go on doing right what you are doing, but you just ask the Lord to show it to you if you are smiling to cover up a [?dig?], you know. But you do not stop smiling; you stop digging.

            Stop digging?

Well, sometimes -- we talked about you being passive-aggressive in that when you are upset, it is really hard for you to tell people. So sometimes in the world, they call it a left-handed compliment or a dig, right? You see what I am saying? So you do not stop smiling and being nice. You stop doing the digging. And you ask the Lord to show it to you because you do not know you are doing it: that when you get upset, you press it down, and sometimes it comes out another way. It is in a passive way that sounds like a joke. But it is not a joke. It is an arrow; it is a dart going into the other person.

See, again I am seeing this. This is why I had to bring it out today. Because I did not want it to go get aggravated, maybe say --


-- and then later on have it be hidden and then maybe later on come up again.


            So at least it is coming out in the open.

Great, you are doing great.

            So maybe the next time, God will stop letting me [CROSSTALK]

You are doing great. I -- like I just want to tell everybody, I asked you to do something for me last week. And you stood right up and told me you could not do it. There was a time you would have taken the assignment and resented me for it. And I know I went through it with you. And when I figured out you were mad at me, I finally figured out you were mad at me, and I would get you on the side and say, [?Celi?], what are you mad at me for? And you told me that I told you that you had to do that thing. And I said, [?Celi?], I never, ever -- I would not tell anybody they have to do anything. I asked you if you could. And because you could not say no to me, you took it -- the assignment -- and you were seething at me under the surface. So you had a tremendous victory in telling me that you could not help me. That was wonderful. You are doing great. You are doing great. Do not worry; do not worry; do not worry. Do not worry.

OK? Everybody OK?

06/16/15 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

06/19/15 – 1st Edit CAS/BP

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