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Unto Thee, O Lord, do I lift up my soul. O my God, I trust in Thee: let me not be ashamed, let not my carnal mind triumph over me. Teach me thy ways, thy ways, O Lord. Show me thy path, thy paths, O Lord. O my God, I trust in Thee: let me not be ashamed, let not mine enemies triumph over me. Praise the Lord. [INAUDIBLE]

I do not have any prepared message for you tonight. We have been in a lot of warfare here. We have been in prayer all day, and some of you were called into the battle by the Spirit [?I know?] [INAUDIBLE] and Ronda were praying. Got a call from Ronda today, and she saw -- Rita spoke to her. She saw a dragon going down. What did Ronda say, a dragon going down into the lake of fire? Is that what she saw?

            Yeah, into a pit of fire.

Into a pit of fire, so we have had quite a battle here, but we know that if there is no battle that there is nothing worth fighting for, that if Christ is in you and there is -- if Christ is in you, there is warfare in you, and there is warfare in your life. If there is no warfare in your life, Christ is not operating. Whether He is in you or not may be a question that I do not know the answer to, but He is not manifesting. If He is manifesting in your life, there is warfare in your life, warfare on two levels, warfare in your own mind and warfare between you and the minds of other people. How do I know this? Jesus said it is going to be that way. Jesus said that is how it is going to be. He said that there is a world here. There is a group of people that we call humanity who, at this present time, are being ruled by carnally minded men, and 2,000 years ago, there came on the scene a new mind, a mind made in the righteous image of the Father. And for 2,000 years, that mind that is in the righteous image of the Father has been waging a endless warfare, a consistent, continuous, ceaseless warfare. He is not slumbering, nor is He sleeping, but He is engaging a continuous, relentless warfare to penetrate Himself into this world system. This mind that is made in the righteous image of the Father, His name is? Christ.


His name is Christ. He is not penetrating into the rocks, nor is He penetrating into the trees, nor is He penetrating into the clouds. He is penetrating into?

            [?The minds?].

The minds of men. And if Christ is penetrating into the mind that you were born with -- because the mind that you were born with is called carnal. You were born with the mind of the flesh, and if Christ is penetrating into your mind, there is warfare in your life. But my Bible says that nothing can snatch me out of His hands. My Bible says that the love of God covers a multitude of sins. My Bible says that His purposes in our lives will outweigh and will outfight and will prevail over any purpose of the enemy in our lives.

 So you say to yourself, how is it that some people fall and do not come up? How is it some believers fall and do not come back up? Because the love of the Father was truly not in them. The Bible says there is a true shepherd of the sheep, and the Bible says there is a -- anybody know? What is the word in the Scripture? A harling [SP]. There is a harling. There are harlings in the church. What does that mean? It means they look good. They sounds good. They make you feel good, but they are not good. What does that mean? The only one that is good is God. God is not in them. My Bible says there is an angel of the light out there. They look like the real thing. They act like the real thing. They even do deeds that look exactly like the deeds of Christ, but when put to the test, they are not the real thing.

So I -- the reason I am telling -- this is an exhortation that is coming forth. I did not think I was going to be preaching tonight. I thought Rita would be taking the meeting. I was praying in the song service what the Lord wants to do. I know the Lord has something for you. I do not believe He would let you gather without something that is going to edify you and benefit you and help you and minister the love of God to you because He is God, and He is wonderful, and He would not do that to you. So I am just going to go with this exhortation, and we are going to see what the Lord does. He will not leave you ashamed tonight. Whether I will continue to preach or whether someone else will, whether we will have body ministry or not, I do not know.

But the point that I want to hit home in this exhortation is this, that some people look like they have the Holy Ghost; they act like they have the Holy Ghost; they may even talk in tongues. But if they go down and they do not come back up, something real was lacking in their life. You have got to come back up. You can go down. My Bible says you can go down seven times, but you cannot be destroyed if the love of the Father is truly in you. So you have to have the love of the Father truly in you. Christ has to be truly in you, and this is the message I have been preaching here since this ministry was started. You have got to have the person of Christ in you. It is not enough to talk in tongues; it is not enough to prophesy; it is not enough to make people feel good.

God is not in the business of making people feel good, but when He first comes to us and when He first reveals Himself to us, we are not even spiritual children; we are carnal. In God's eyes, do you know what that makes us? It makes us lumps of flesh. That is what it makes us, lumps of flesh, not even the seed of spiritual understanding in us. So when He comes to us, He comes to us as parents come to children. How do you relate to a 1-month-old baby, a 6-month-old baby, a 1-year-old? How do you relate to them? What do you do for them?

            You love them.

You love them. What do you do for them?

            You take care of them.

You take care of them, physically. You feed them; you comfort them; you clothe them; you buy them toys, and you pick them up, and you say, goochie-goo. I do not mean to be fu- -- I know it is funny. That is OK if you want to laugh, but that is what you do with babies. So the Holy Spirit comes to us, and what does He do? All those things, spiritually speaking, because there is absolutely nothing that we have to give to God. We are just lumps of meat, beef on the hoof. That is what we are, beef on the hoof. What good is beef on the hoof? You cannot eat it. Beef on the hoof, does anyone not know what I am talking about with beef on the hoof? You do not know what I am t- -- beef on the hoof is a steer that eventually will be fattened and slaughtered and sold as steaks. Now steaks we can do something with. We can eat them; they can nourish us; they can give us strength; they can make us grow. But beef on the hoof is costing us. We have to pay to keep that steer. It is t- -- it is a debit. It is taking something out of us, got to get that money out of our pocket, buy feed for that steer, hire a cowboy to take care of that steer, maintain that ranch to take care of that steer. It is a debit. It is drawing from us, but it is an investment. When you slaughter the steer, you get your money back plus.

So people who are just beginning to have an experience with the Holy Ghost are beef on the hoof. There is nothing you can do for God, nothing, absolutely nothing but receive His gifts unto you, and that is what He gives you, gifts, because there is nothing else that would make any sense, and there is nothing wrong with that. It makes you feel good. He meets your needs. You have a problem; He sends solutions. And as you grow in Christ, He lets you begin to dabble in spiritual life. He begins to let you dabble. Now that is a word that is usually applied to witchcraft, but I want to tell you, we have got to wake up about what God is doing in our life. We are not here so that our pride could be exalted because we prophesy. I am telling you the truth. We are not here to receive Cadillacs and streets of gold and healings. If God heals you, God bless you, but that is not what it is all about. Does anyone know what it is all about? What are we here --


We are here to have the nature of Christ engraved in us and expressed through us, and, brethren, the nature of Christ does not receive; the nature of Christ gives. When I have the nature of Christ, I do the healing. When I have the nature of Christ, I do the deliverance. When I have the nature of Christ, I give the comfort. When I have the nature of Christ, I give the teaching; I give the wisdom; I give life; I raise the dead. I do not need anything from you, if I am truly in the nature of Christ. I am not saying that about myself. And we have a ministry in the church which is in varying degrees of the expression of the nature of Christ. Brethren, if you are not giving anything out, if everything you are doing is receiving, know who you are. There is no shame in it, but know who you are.

See, we have a problem in the church today. You cannot tell someone's spiritual maturity by the way they look, by their chronological age, by how much money they have, by their education or by their prestige in this world. Christ is spirit; He is spirit, and what He does is spiritual. And everything He does, if you want to do it, you need to be taught how. I do not care if you have six PhDs, you are a carnal man with six PhDs, and if you want to express the nature of Christ, which is spirit, you must -- what did Jesus say? Does anybody remember? What do you have to do before you can learn? You must -- well, you must be born again, but you must become as a little --


-- child. Start at the bottom, and start learning how to pick up your fork and stab that piece of meat, and put it in your mouth. That is a big feat for a baby, to stab that piece of meat and eat with a fork. Usually they pick up the spaghetti and slobber it in their mouth. Sometimes they eat too much, and they vomit. They throw the food on the floor; they throw it in people's faces. Babies are destructive, and they do not give because they do not have anything to give. You cannot give unless you first have something to give, so you take for a season, and you build your storehouse, and you build your stockpile, and you learn, and you grow, and you mature. And one day, through nothing that you have done, an ability to give appears in you, and you know that you are growing up.

God is spirit. We are called to be His children; that means we are spirit. We must learn to do what He does. If we are going to be in His image, if we are going to have His nature, we must learn to think like He thinks and to do like He does, and that is not so easy because you have a mind that you were born with that wants to do the exact opposite. So the Holy Ghost comes to you, and He comes with gifts. And you start going to a church, and the anointing pours out on you, and you feel good.

I remember one of the first things that happened to me. I cannot say it was the first day, but at the very beginning, when God called me into a Holy Ghost-filled church, I got slain in the spirit, and I lay on the floor, and I said, I must have found heaven. I felt so good. My ripped and torn emotions felt so good. I said, I think I am in heaven. And then I stood up on my feet, and I expected all of those people jumping and dancing and singing in that church to be in the image of the Christ and love me. And what do you think happened? They tried to kill me because they were not in the image of Christ. They were just jumping and dancing and singing and yelling hallelujah and wearing dove pins on them and waving their Bibles around, but their heart was not the heart of the Father. Why? Because they were babies, and they had just begun to dabble in spiritual things.

Now for those believers who begin to dabble in the spirit world of God, what are some of the things they do? They speak in tongues; they prophesy; they interpret. Sometimes they get carried away; they dance in the Spirit. Brethren, this is dabbling in the spiritual world of the Father. That is not the end of it. You have just begun a program which is designed to build a spiritual life in you, and that spiritual life which is being built in you is in the formation of a person. It is in the impartation of the life of a person to you, and His name is --


His name is Christ. Your spiritual life is in Christ. All spiritual blessings are in Christ, so all these gifts that are given to you, all of these opportunities to dabble in the spirit world of God because Satan has a spiritual world; it is called what?


Well, the world is Hell. His -- but his -- I did not phrase the question properly. His spiritual world is -- the practice of his spiritual world is witchcraft, so, you see, most believers, they do not understand this. They think that having the gifts is the end of it, and many of them -- not all of them, many of them, they trip up, and they get trapped by pride, but my Bible says the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. It is nothing you have done of yourself that gives it to you. You are not some great one because you are gifted. You are the receiver of a gift from God, who has a purpose in giving you this gift. And the more lifted up in pride that you get when it manifests through you, the heavier the judgment that is already headed in your direction. Just look into the distance. It is already headed for you.

So the Holy Ghost comes with gifts, and His purpose is to turn us into children of the kingdom. He gets inside your heart. How do you know He is in your heart? You speak in tongues, and you dabble in the spiritual things of God. Can He be in your heart if you do not have the gifts, anybody? He can. There are different degrees of the Holy Ghost's presence in your heart. Does anyone know the sign of the Holy Ghost being in your heart, other than the spiritual gifts? Does anybody remember that? Faith, brethren, faith in God and a relationship with Him, a personal relationship with Him where He speaks to you, and you hear Him, and you speak to Him, and He hears you. And how do you know He hears you?


He an- -- what did you say?

            [?I said He answers you?] [INAUDIBLE]

He answers you. Well, He may speak to you through someone else, or He may meet your need. Well, the first time He meets your need, you might think it is luck, and the second time He meets your need, you might think it is an accident. But when He starts consistently meeting your need, somewhere along the line, you have to wonder if someone with the power to answer your prayers is not hearing you. You really have to start to wonder.

So we have many spiritual children in the church today that are still at the receiving end. Now as you start to grow up, there is a transition. You are still receiving, but you start to give. The end of your experience, the end of your training in Christ, which we are told is the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, at that point, you are receiving nothing. When you are in the fullness of the stature that the Lord Jesus Christ attained to, you need nothing from fallen man. There is nothing fallen man can do for you. But when you start giving out, when you start entering into ministry, when you start praying for people and you see things happen --

Now we have some people in the church running around praying for everybody, and nothing happens. Brethren, the sign of your ministry is that something has to happen. Now everybody that you pray for does not have to get healed, but somebody has to get healed for you to believe that God is healing through you. Everyone that you try to cast a demon out of does not have to get delivered, but some people have to get delivered if you want to believe that God is delivering demons through you, delivering people from demons through you. You can prophesy to people, and you can believe that it is the Word of God, but these prophecies have to start coming to pass in people's lives for you to honestly believe that God is prophesying through you. There has to be proof of your ministry. Your ministry must be proven. You think you are an apostle; you think God sends you to people; you think God sends you on specific assignments. There must be proof of your apostleship. You must hear from the Lord. You must rise up and go out to a place that you had no intention of going to and find someone there waiting for the message that you bring to them for you to call yourself an apostle, and that, of course, is just one sign of apostleship. Your ministry must be proven. Your maturity in Christ, it must be proven. Your age in Christ, it must be proven. Do not tell me, with your carnal mouth, who you are. I am not interested in your words. Your words mean nothing to me. Let us see what you have got.

So I am still trying to get to my point. My point is this: There are people who think they are Christians, if you want to use that word, and they are really not. They look good; everything looks good, but when they get into trouble, they drown. So do not be deceived. You are called to a life of service to God. You may be receiving gifts for a season. The receiving of gifts is for a season, and then you have to start to give. You have to start to minister. There is a whole world, trillions of people out there, who are hungering and thirsting for the true ministry of Christ, and if you have anything at all to give, you are required to give it. Is that not what Jesus said? After you have been converted, go out and convert the brethren. After you have been strengthened, go out and strengthen your brother. You cannot spend your whole life dancing around the church. Now if you want to dance, that is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. You are called to ministry. You are called to minister the life of Christ.

Now that does not mean you have to have a million-dollar building so you can minister. Be faithful in the small things, the Lord said, and He will give you the responsibility of large things, if you want it. Do you have any idea what kind of a responsibility it is to have responsibility in Christ? If God gives you a million-dollar building, He will give you what you need to administer it, but it is a horrendous responsibility. And any responsibility that you have at all, if you are truly ministering in the office of Christ or any one of His offices, if they are truly manifesting through you, Satan is trying to destroy you. But if you are truly a servant of God, it cannot be done.

So back, again, to my point of this exhortation, is that there are Christians who they think they are Christian; they look like Christians; they sound like Christians; they act like Christians, but they are really not. I heard another preacher that I had a great respect for say the Holy Ghost is on them, but He is not in them. Do not ever get hung up on words. Spiritual truth comes in the form of ideas. You can go from ministry to ministry and you can find the same spiritual idea expressed in several different ways. You have to keep your mind open.

I know when I go some- -- when I hear another ministry's teaching and I hear the language that they are using to express spiritual concepts, and it sounds foreign to me, and if I hear it and I say, no, I do not think I could believe that, I will always sit down with them, and I will say, tell me, what do you mean? What do you mean by those words? What do those words mean? And lots of times, when I talk to the people, I find out they are saying the same thing that I am saying, but they are using it or they are phrasing it in words that I had never heard or expressions that I had never heard before.

Brethren, let us not get snared on th- -- on our language. Let us not get snared in language. Spirit is concept; spirit is idea; spirit is what is in your heart. It is very hard to express it in words. Both Paul and John had great revelation, and they both expressed in their books how difficult it is to express high spiritual truth in human language. The whole Book of Revelation is an expression of symbols. It is written in human language, but it is written in words which describe symbols. There is no way you can understand the Book of Revelation until you find out the meaning of the symbols, and the meaning of the symbol is in spirit form. It is in a concept. It is in an idea that is in your heart. That book is locked up with a padlock -- with 10 padlocks and 10 keys, and the prophets, the Hebrew prophets -- any book that is truly spiritual, any part of the Bible that is truly spiritual, it is in parable form. We know that Jesus spoke in parables, but some people do not realize that a large part of the Bible is a parable. You cannot read the words and understand what God is saying to you, and we have many people who read these literal words, and they think they have a grasp of the deep concepts of the wisdom of God. And they go out with those words, and what do they do to people? Do they give them life? What do they do to them?


They kill them. You must understand that God is spirit. I spoke to a young woman once. She told me that she was attacked by a group of Christians. I think, it was either out West or down South somewhere. She was a Jewish young woman, and they had just gotten finished reading one of the books of the prophets where Israel -- which says Israel is the harlot, and they grabbed hold of her, and they beat her. Israel is spiritual, brethren. Everything in that Bible is spiritual. Now I know the history really happened, but the events that are coming to pass, the truth about how we got here, who we are, where we came from and where we are going, it is all spiritual, brethren. And spiritual things must be spiritually discerned or spiritually understood. You must have the mind of the Spirit to understand spiritual things, or you will never understand it. That is why the Lord does not bring deep doctrine into churches where young Christians are being raised up, in most instances. He has one primary concern. Get these people -- I do not care if they are 90 years old. Get these people to start functioning on some spiritual level. Get something going in their heart. The Bible says it is a seed, and His name is the Word of God, and He has got to get inside your heart, and He has to start to grow, or you will never understand spiritual things.

And when that happens to you and when you start to grow, what does He do? He starts waging war against your carnal mind because when that seed gets into your heart, you now have two minds. And my Bible says the one that has two minds is unstable in all his ways. That Christ mind must grow, and He must kill that mind of the flesh. And my Bible says Satan was locked up in the bottomless pit. For how long was it, 1,000 years, when he broke out? He broke out of prison.


One thousand years, and he broke out. You can have that guy down for a long time. He broke out, and my Bible says he went up on the breadth of the earth, and he tried to bring destruction. But what happened, anybody? Lightning came down from heaven and killed him. So from the minute Christ begins to be formed in you, you might still be singing and dancing. I am not against singing and dancing, but the signs of your coming of age in Christ is warfare. Jesus said their en- -- your enemies will be the members of your own household, amen, your own natural family, the ministry you go to. Your enemy is not some guy in California that heard your name and does not like you. First of all, your enemy is your own carnal mind, and, second of all, your enemy is the carnal mind of your close companion. The Bible says the wife of your youth that sleeps in your bed, she is the most dangerous one because you are going to be influenced by her, not to listen to the mind of Christ but to do what she wants you to do.

So we are called to be spiritual people, brethren. The sign that you are spiritual, the sign that Christ is manifesting in you, is that you are beginning to give out. Now the Bible says we shall be the lender and not the borrower; we shall be the head and not the tail. Now you might want to believe that being the lender and not the borrower is strictly speaking about financial matters. You could believe that if you want to, but I do not believe that. I believe it could be referring to financial matters, but it belie- -- it means much more than that. Look, brethren, this world that we live in is a jungle. It is a spiritual jungle. We have knocked out the jungles in other parts of the world. There used to be jungles here in the Unites States. We have knocked them out. But the world of the mind is a jungle, and every animal that we saw in the world on this Earth is a type of something that is happening in the mind. There are predators in the mind. There are victims in the mind. There are all sorts of animals and snares and pits and traps.

Now if you are a borrower, that means that you are lacking. Now if you know anything about chemistry or physics at all, there are certain atoms that are not -- I may not have the exact words here, but there are atoms, A-T-O-M-S, which have orbits that are not completed. You have electrons in these orbits here. Let us just take this outer ring here. I have three electrons showing in this outer orbit. Let us say, for this atom, whatever it is an atom of, to be a lender and not a borrower, his orbit would have to be completely filled up. What does that mean? If his orbit is not completely filled up and some aggressor atom over here approaches him -- this thing is a reality in chemistry and physics, brethren. It is possible for an electron, from this atom, to spring over to the first atom and transfer over. It is possible for a lending atom to send one of its electrons into this incomplete atom. Now this electron that is now added to our first atom, it could be a benefit to the atom, or it could be a detriment to it.

But the whole concept of being a lender or a borrower means you are either one that is open to receive both good and bad, or you are one that is so filled up that there is no chance of you receiving bad, and you do not need any good because you are all filled up. You have so much good that you are flowing over, and you are giving out, and there is nothing in you that is open to receive something negative. Does anyone not hear what I am talking about? That means every time a wrong counsel comes your way, it bounces off of your mind. Every time a suggestion that is going to bring you into destruction comes your way, it bounces off of your mind because you are a lender, and you are not a borrower, and there is no opening in your spiritual being to receive something negative.

So when my Bible says I am going to be the lender and not the borrower, it means a lot more than money to me. It means that my mind is going to be in a condition where nothing that is not of God can get inside of it. My mind is going to be so filled up with God that nothing negative can get inside of it, and getting to this position, getting into this condition, is a process. It is a process of Christ being formed in you and battling with your carnal mind and knocking him out, dismantling him a piece at a time until that carnal mind is so completely under the authority of Christ -- well, let me -- I guess, I missed a point here. I missed a step here.

Brethren, Christ will never, ever, ever receive a negative thought. Christ cannot be penetrated by a negative thought. If you receive a negative thought, it is received in your carnal mind. Christ cannot be penetrated. Christ is a male spirit; He penetrates. So the ultimate goal of Christ in your mind is to so completely cover over that carnal mind that there is nothing in you that is susceptible to being penetrated. And as a matter of fact, if I am not mistaken -- I could be wrong. I always get some scientist somewhere writing to me and telling me I made a mistake on my science, but that is OK. If I am not mistaken, I think, the expression lending and borrowing is even used in chemistry and physics, that they will say this atom has lent an electron to this other atom. I believe, that is the terminology that they use. We have got to be closed up. We have got to be covered over, and the way that happens is that Christ increases in us; He grows in wisdom; He grows in grace; He covers over our carnal mind. But we have a long period of warfare whereby we are not completely covered over, and there are areas that are vulnerable. It is like having a bulletproof vest and getting shot in your jugular, and you die even though you had a bulletproof vest. It was not covering your neck. It was just covering your heart.

So those of us that have been studying with the ministry for a while, we have found out -- we have been the beneficiaries of some spiritual gold that the Lord has let us have here, some very precious truth and understanding. And we found out that the Scripture describes this covering over of our weaknesses, He describes it as a scab. If this is our soul over here, Christ, at His highest point -- well, not -- I should not say His highest point -- at one of His high points in our life, will cover over our soul with a solid, strong scab, just as if you wound your flesh. And when that wound starts to heal, it scabs over, and the open flesh underneath is no longer susceptible to infection. Christ, the blood of Jesus, is going to cover over our soul with a seal that is called a scab. No air will be able to get into it. Nothing will be able to penetrate it. Nothing will be able to get through, and we shall be 100 percent lender. We shall borrow nothing from any man, but inside of this safety zone, which is Christ, shall abide everything that we need for survival plus enough to flow over and help other people.

So if you find this a strange teaching, just let me give you a thought. You know, you might apply this lending and borrowing to finances, but what about the head and the tail? What about Jesus saying you shall be the head and not the tail? I do not have a tail. You shall be the head of what? What shall be the head of our entire person? The tail is in the back. The tail has no power. If we are the tail, who is our head? If our true person is the tail, the carnal mind must be our head, and when the carnal mind is running our life, there is nothing but disaster that can come our way. So we in Christ must be the head; we must be in charge of our life. We must make decisions based on the wisdom of God and the communication that God gives us and all of the instruction from God. Our decisions cannot be made on an emotional basis. We cannot be responding to the emotions of our soul. We must be responding to the rational mind of Christ. Jesus.

So we are in a warfare, brethren, and if Christ is truly in you, no one can pluck you out of His hand. David was a tremendous sinner. David was wicked man. You know, I said that to -- I have not seen him in a while, but I was having some meetings with a rabbi on a regular basis. He got all upset with me, you know, because I said -- I do not think I said David was a wicked man, but, I think, I said the forefathers were not perfect. They were just men, and David was a very wicked man. He was a murderer. He was an adulterer. His motive for murdering a man was because he wanted his wife. A righteous man, he killed him because he wanted his wife. He did not kill him in a fight. He did not kill him at war. He wanted the guy's wife. Man, that is bad. He was a wicked man, David, but He was an expression of Christ in the Earth.

How could this be, you say. God is great, brethren. When He has a race full of imperfect men, He reveals Himself through imperfect men, and He gives them grace. He gives them opportunities to repent. And the one thing that David had going for him that was -- no matter what he did and no matter how wicked it was, he always repented, and God always brought him through. He always genuinely confessed his sin, confessed his weakness as a human being and willingly received God's correction. You see, it is not enough to say you are sorry. You have to receive the correction that is going to fix your heart so that you do not do that thing anymore.

I remember at one place in the Scripture, the Lord gave David three choices, which I do not remember. One was to go to war; one was disease, and there was a third choice. The Lord said to him, which judgment do you want? You want me to send a foreign army to wipe out Israel? I d- -- He did not say to wipe out. Do you want a foreign army coming in and waging war against Israel? Do you want the pestilence, which is disease? Well, there was a third choice. I do not remember what it was. And David said, I do not want the foreign army. I think, he chose the pestilence. He chose the judgment that was most under the control of the Lord, and, to the carnal mind, it sounded like the worst judgment, but David said, I will put my trust in God. I will not put my trust in a foreign army coming in here, that they should give me mercy. I will take the judgment that comes directly from the hand -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

Brethren, there is no conversion; there is no true repentance without judgment. Why? We cannot change of ourselves.

            That is right.

In the Book of Job -- let me just make this comment about Job for those of you who are not familiar with him. He was a very proud man, Job. He thought he was OK. He followed the written law of God. He made his sacrifices. He did everything the words in the book told him to do, and he thought he was OK, but, brethren, our God deals with the heart. Job was a wicked man. Does anyone know some of his sins? He had three sins.


Pride. Number one, pride.


What? He had fear.


He did not have -- he had rebellion.


He was righteous. He had the righteousness of the law. He did everything the words in the book told him to do. He had the righteousness of the law. At the time the Book of Job was written, there was no greater righteousness than that.



            He was not tried.

He was not tried yet. So you can conform with every instruction and ordinance in the book, but if God really loves you, He is coming after you with judgment. If He does not chasten you, brethren, He does not love you.


Beat the child until he is blue; he shall surely not die.


Beat him because foolishness is bound up in the heart of the child, and there is no way we can change our own heart. So Job, manifesting a high manifestation of pride, said to God one day, why are You treating me like this? What did I do that I should have to go through all this trouble? Why did You not just come to me and tell me what I am doing wrong and let me change? Give me an opportunity to change. And the living God said to Job, you do not have the power to change. There is only one thing that is going to change you, and that is a whipping, and I am going to give it to you because I love you, because you do not have the power to change. And it is only the pride of your own mind that makes you think that you can change, so there are some hard experiences waiting for you because I love you. Because if you continue thinking this way and acting this way and talking this way, your life is not going to be worth 2 cents.

So Job went under judgment, severe judgment, lost close to everything. And the end of him, though -- the end of the Book of Job says, but the end of Job was better than his beginning, and everything that he lost in the judgment which was correcting him was restored unto him twofold. The latter end of Job was better than his beginning. Brethren, we cannot fix ourselves. That is why we need a savior. If we could fix ourselves, we would not need a savior. That is why it is so hard for successful people in this world to develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ because, you see, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the lender. He is not the borrower; He does not need anything from you, man. Do not you believe that lie that He needs your fellowship. He does not need you; you need Him. There is nothing that you have that He needs. Jesus said, if these disciples will not praise Me, these rocks in the road will praise Me. I will give them the ability to praise Me. He does not need you, neither does He need me. He does not need any of us. He just loves us, and His love is manifested in correction because the condition of our mind is killing us and ruining our lives. So the love of God will correct you, and the severity of that correction will be in direct proportion to the severity of your sin.

I knew a family once. The children were very mild, used to walk around saying, oh, I do not want my father to hit me; I will do it. And they did it. All you had to do was -- all the father had to do was look at them with a dirty look, and they did what they were supposed to do. Some children need to be beaten. We are born with different spiritual heredity. Rebellion requires a beating. You cannot stop. You cannot deliver yourself from rebellion. You cannot do it. It has to be beaten out of you. Now do not anyone hear this message and go around beating people. God beats you with a spiritual rod.

I was watching a deliverance service once. Man, this poor woman, she had beautiful, long hair, and this woman in the back of the church got all carried away. She went running up to the front of the church, and she grabbed this young woman's hair and started yanking on it. We had a riot in the church. You do not cast demons out by pulling people's hair, brethren. Demons are spirit. They must be cast out by the spiritual authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. Someone was praying for me once. He got frustrated. The demon was not coming out, so he hit me on the back. I think, he thought I had the hiccups or something. I thought I was going to go flying off the chair. You cannot do this, brethren. You cannot do this. You do not cast out demons with physical power; you cast out demons with spiritual power. Hallelujah.

So, you see, Jesus, He is the lender; He is not the borrower. He d- -- not only does not need anything from you, He will not receive anything from you. He does not want your junk. He is killing your junk.

            It is true.


What could you give Him? What a joke. He wants your carnal mind, wants to sacrifice it to the Father; He is killing it. He is going to burn you as a sin offering. That is what He is doing. It is the truth. The only thing you could give to God, brethren, is the -- His very own life that is growing in you. When His life begins to appear in you, you can give Him spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to the Father. Everything you try to give Him that is not of His own life in you is the fruit of the earth, as Cain found out, and not acceptable unto God.

However, when you are a spiritual infant, the Lord will -- He will accept some little things. He sets up the guidelines. The Lord Jesus Christ says, because I know you do not have My life in you and I know you do not have anything to give Me, I will accept little things. I will accept your obedience. I will accept your sacrifice of -- and I am not telling anyone to get into any religious bondage, just as an example. If you make a commitment to read the Bible every day, I will accept that from you because I know you have nothing else. Whatever little thing you want to do, if you want to give donations to the church, if your heart is right, I will accept it from you.

This is not off-track betting. I tell you the truth. I do not need your money. Do not come here and put your money down and expect 20 times back. Go give it to the other guy that preaches that. I do not preach that. I am telling you the truth. I did that once, you know. I was raising a child and put my last $10 bill in the offering because I thought it would triple.


By the end of the week, I had no money for food. They preach this junk.

            [?That is right. They do?].

It happened to me.


Well, it never happened to you, right?


Yeah. Oh, so God, He is the lender. He is not the borrower. It is just like if you have your small child and you are in church and he wants to put money in the offering, so you hand him a dollar, and he puts his dollar in, and it is not his dollar; it is your dollar. So He will accept certain things from us that He prescribes, not our idea, His idea, because if you do it in your own strength, it may look good to you, but it is not acceptable to God. What does it mean it is acceptable to God? Do you not want to grow spiritually? Do you not want to increase? Do you not want to become a spiritual man? Do you not want all the benefits of Christ? Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all the things of this world shall be added unto you. You get a hundredfold with, anybody?


Persecution, the least of which they call you names. Who cares about that? Ignorant people. They cannot even recognize the dignitaries of Christ because they are looking at their outer shell. They are not looking at their heart. They are not looking at the spirit on them, ignorant people, brute beasts we are told in the Scripture. They do not even know who they are talking to.

So God is the lender. He does not need anything that you have. There is nothing you have that He needs. You need Him, and He has rules, and He has a plan, and it is going to be His way, or it is not going to be. You are not going to twist His arm; you are not going to change His mind; you are not going to bully Him. He is the lender. He is a sun, we are told, S-U-N. He is a dynamo. He is an energy source that is continuously giving off power. You cannot get close to Him without endangering your flesh because that energy source is described as a fire, and it burns everything that is not righteous, which means most of us, if not all of us. And if there is nothing of Christ in you at all and you dare to come near to the living God, you will be utterly consumed, and there will be nothing left of you. So please do not dare to come near to the living God unless the seed of His life is in you because when He starts vibrating towards you, you are going to burn up, and the only thing that will be left will be the seed of His life in you. He is a holy God. He will not tolerate sin. He will deal with it. He will deal with it quickly. He will not tolerate it.

So we are talking about lending and borrowing. Jesus, that was some exhortation. Just bear with me a second. I will see if there is anything else. Jesus. Do not be deceived by the imperfection of the church in this hour. Do not be deceived. Do not be deceived by the imperfection of God's ministers. Do not be deceived because He is backing up the people to whom He has given authority. I do not care if you do not like the way they dress or if you do not like the way they look or if you do not like some of the things they do. He is behind them with a big stick, and He is not leaving them, and He is not forsaking them, and He has got faith- -- He has got 7,000 faithful that are backing up those who are truly serving Him, and He is not abandoning any of His faithful servants or His sons. Nothing can pluck us out of His hand, we are told. Jesus. [INAUDIBLE]

            I can understand about that Spirit of God moving like in Samson when God wanted something done, and it was removed. Like, the Spirit of God was on him but not in him. You spoke about Peter being converted. Does that mean --  [?are?] -- does that mean, referring to his carnal mind [?going?] -- receiving the mind of Christ, the start of the mind of Christ? [?Just to my under-?] --

You are not talking about me. I did not say anything about Peter. You are speaking about the Scripture saying that Peter was converted.

            You mentioned something about Peter being converted.

I did?

            Yeah, and I was wondering what exactly does that mean, being converted.

OK, I will tell you what it means. To be converted does not necessarily mean full stature. To be converted means to come to a place where Christ is now your primary mind. OK, I like to use computer language to explain this. Com- -- in computer langua- -- in computers, when you start up your computer, you have a certain format that is programmed in, and if you want to access a different program, you have to type some keys or whatever to access the other program. And then it -- when you finish with it, we say the computer defaults or goes back to the original program that it was started up with. If you want this second program, you have to reach for it. If you do not reach for it, you have the basic program.

The basic program of men is the carnal mind. They are born with it. They grow up with it. It is developed in their personality and in their education, and then we have the mind of Christ which we must access. We must reach for it, OK, so to be converted means to turn that situation around. It means that the mind -- well, the mind which is your automatic reaction is now going to be Christ.

Now maybe I did not make that clear. Let me try it again. Carnally minded men which have the Holy Ghost, which have Christ being formed in them, have automatic reactions which come out of their carnal mind. In situations where you do not have any time to think, no time to think, your automatic reaction is going to be your carnal mind. In situations where you have time to think and pray, you access or you lay hold of the mind of Christ, and you say, Father, am I solving this problem wrong? What do You want me to do? OK, so that is OK in non-crisis situations, but it is not OK in a crisis situation because, if you are a carnal man who has access to the mind of Christ, it is not doing you much good in a crisis because your automatic reaction is still the carnal mind. You understand what I am saying?

So to be converted means to come to a place where your automatic reaction is Christ, and this conversion does not have to and does not take place across the board. It takes place in an area of your life at a time. There are areas of my life right now where I am converted, where my automatic reaction is Christ, but not in all areas of my life, in some areas of my life. And if you cannot tell, if you do not know which areas your automatic reaction is Christ and which areas are not, you have got a real problem, but, hopefully, if you are mature enough in Christ that you are in a place where some of your automatic reactions are Christ, I would expect you would have a handle on this knowledge of knowing where your weak areas are. Do you understand what I am saying? OK, so that is what conversion means.

We are told, I think, in the Book of Acts. People were saying, these are the men which turned the world upside-down. Well, what does that mean? Do they turn this physical world upside-down? Do they turn the planet upside-down? Do they turn the city upside-down? What does that mean, these are the men who turn the world upside-down? They turned the world -- there are several Greek words translated world. This is the Greek word cosmos. Our -- each individual is a cosmos. We are like a universe within ourselves. These are the men who turned their own personal world upside-down. Their carnal mind was predominant, but now Christ was predominant. Their automatic reactions in crisis was now Christ. Their world was turned upside-down.

And let me elaborate on that for you for a minute. Let me remind you that at the fall of the creation, the moral order of man's being was reversed. Brethren, we have a physical order. Let me give you a natural example. We have a physical order. Our head is up here; our feet are down there; our heart is up here; our kidneys are back here or down here, beneath, OK. If you are born with your head down there and your feet up there, you probably will not live because your body is -- cannot function in this condition. If your hearts is born down here, it -- when you are born, if you are deformed and your heart is down here where your stomach is supposed to be and your stomach is up here, you probably will not live. There is a spiritual order that man must be in, in order to live, OK. Anybody remember? Who was at the -- before the fall, who was at the head?


Well, I think the Father was up there, OK, and then Christ and then the man, OK, and underneath the man, who -- someone who was not named. At this time, she was not named. She was unseen, unheard, and she had a function, but she was completely under the authority of this headship, and the name of the whole man -- I think it is less confusing to call him righteous Adam, Adam before the fall. The man, his name was Adam. Christ was his what?


Christ was his mind, and the Father --

            Was his spirit.

-- was his spirit. Satan's function -- does anybody remember what Satan's function was?


A fill, that is good.


To give form, that is true, good. He gave form. He did not have any thinking function. He did not have any rational function. He did not have any emotional function. He just gave form to the creation, which was spirit, because, at this point, the Father was spirit. Mind is also spirit on a different level. Jesus said, I and the Father are one, but He also said the Father is greater than I. Pure spirit is a greater manifestation than spirit in the form of a mind of a man, so a mind is spirit too. Adam, the man, he was what?


Soul, which is flesh too. That is correct. Spirit is always the head. Spirit is male; soul is female. Spirit is always at the head. Satan had no rational thinking or emotional function. He was just the mu- -- she was just the mud which was making this spiritual creation visible. And in this moral order, the creation was alive. The Scripture says the Father breathed the breath of life into the man, and he became a zōḗ psuché, a living soul. The soul had life, and the reason that the soul had life was that the mind in it was the o- -- was the Son of God. The reason the living soul was alive, the reason it was a soul that was living, was that the mind which was in it was the offspring of the Father, which is spirit. That which is born of spirit is spirit.

But the man, he had a problem, and he fell down, and his moral order reversed, and now mankind is in a condition of moral order by which he cannot live. It is like saying his heart is down where his stomach is, and that moral order is -- who is at the top? That which was down here, unnamed, the mud which is giving form to the creation has now become the head of the man. God, help us. And underneath Satan, the carnal mind, and underneath him, the man. Man cannot live in this moral order, and his name has become death. Or we could say -- if this is righteous Adam, we could say unrighteous Adam, or we could say this is the living soul, but this is the dead soul. We are all dead.

Now do not get confused because man's definition of death is lack of existence, but let me remind you that, if you believe that death means cessation of existence, if you believe that death is the disappearance or the ceasing of functioning of this body, you have the mind of the serpent. Do not shut off the message. The truth will set you free. Look at Genesis in the Hebrew. God said to the man, if you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, you shall surely die. The Hebrew word translated die, you shall surely cease to be immortal. God never, ever told the man, if you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that you shall cease to exist.  But the serpent said to Eve, did God not say, if you eat of the tree, you shall surely die? Different Hebrew word, which means cease to exist. The serpent said to Eve, did the Lord not tell you, if you eat of the tree, you shall surely cease to exist? Now that is not true. God lied to you. Do you hear what I am saying? If you believe that death -- that the end of this body is death, you have the serpent's doctrine in your mind because God said that death is mortality. Death is an existence which is mortal, so you are walking, and you are talking, and you are eating, and you are bearing children, and you are dead. How did I get into this?


What was I talking about?

            The condition of your mind.

What was I talking about, the condition of your mind? Oh, you asked me the question of turning the world upside-down, OK. So -- I do this all the time.


So --


            You were talking about being converted.

We were talking about being converted. So this is what the word conversion means. Now in this hour, God is not completely converting us because complete conversion would mean a total restoration -- I am getting -- well, let me just say -- well, I do not want to get off on a far track here. To be totally converted would mean to be completely in Christ. Let me say that, and God is not doing it instantaneously. A conversion is a process, little by little. It is taking years. That means we have people who have two minds, and we have to determine which is the predominant mind. Which is the predominant mind? Which mind responds when you do not have time to think? If the mind that responds when you do not have time to think, more than 50 percent of the time, is Christ, you have been converted; your world has been turned upside-down. Now if your automatic response in 5 percent of your crises is Christ, your conversion process has begun, but I could not honestly say that you are converted. Brethren, if you are a lost drug addict, shooting up every day, and you are not doing that anymore but you are preaching the Gospel, you have been converted. Your whole life is turned upside-down. Your thinking has changed. When you feel pain, you no longer stick a needle in your arm. When you feel pain, you go for prayer; you turn to the Lord. You are a new creature in Christ.

So this conversion of the mind is nice and easy for me to say when your automatic reaction is Christ. Well, that sounds nice and intellectual. It has got to manifest in your life. It has got to become visible. When you stop doing what you used to do in the crisis and you are doing something different which is godly in the crisis, you have been converted. Now that does not mean you are perfect. Conversion does not mean that you are perfect. It just means that the predominant lifestyle which you lead has taken a 360-degree turn. The predominant lifestyle does not mean that you are perfect. There is no one perfect today except Jesus, and in this hour, He is in pure spirit form. Do not anyone get me; He is in the flesh. I know He is in your flesh, and He is in my flesh, but He is not in anyone's flesh today in perfection. We are waiting for that to happen, hopefully very soon.

And Jesus' ascension to a condition of perfection in human beings today is an overcoming process. Sin will come upon you. He will let sin overtake you for a season. You are supposed to get up and kill the thing. You are not supposed to stay down; you are supposed to stand up and kill it. It is an overcoming process, and we found out that that is what the temptation of Jesus was. It was a contest. [?Well?Oh?], I am getting into deep water here. It was a contest for whose mind would prevail in certain circumstances, and Jesus prevailed, and Satan departed from Him, but he was there. Anybody else?

Well, let me just put this on. Let me just finish this here. When we are fully converted and restored to full stature, our moral order is not going back to the condition that it was in the garden. It is going back to a condition which is more mature than it was in the garden. It is going back -- or it is going forward. Our true conversion -- we will find our mind in a condition whereby we will never fall again. The mind of Christ in the garden was capable of being killed because it was immature. It was newly-formed. It had not had time to have maturing experiences that would have brought it into a condition whereby it could have never fallen, but in this hour, Christ is rising in the human race, once again, through overcoming experiences that will render Him in a condition whereby He will never fall again. So we will h- -- we will find ourselves, those of us that go into full stature, there will be a Spirit of Christ, which is really the Father, but it is the Fa- -- well, boy, I am twisting my words. Just -- it is amazing I did what I did tonight. Just give me a minute.

The Spirit of the Father will manifest in different forms. The Father of the restored creation is who? Does anybody know? He is the glorified Lord Jesus Christ. The glorified Lord Jesus Christ is the Father of the restored creation, and we are calling Him the Spirit of Christ. And underneath Him, we have a mature Christ. How do I know He is the mature Christ? Because the mature Christ -- in the mature Christ is found the Spirit of Christ. In the immature Christ, at the beginning of time, we had the Father. Do you remember? Jehovah. In the mature, resorted creation, we have the Spirit of Christ, a mature Christ, which is undefeatable, because my Bible says, Christ, being risen from the dead, dieth no more. It cannot happen to Him again. And then we have the man, and we have Satan back down here again doing what she was supposed to be doing from the beginning. She is the mud that is giving form to the visible creation, so this is the restored creation, OK. And we are not calling him the living soul anymore. Anybody know what we are calling him? The creation of God. Jesus said, I am the Alpha and the Omega; I am the beginning, and I am the end. He was the early creation, and He is the mature creation, and He said, I am the first of the creation of God. Hallelujah. Anybody else?

            I found myself getting very confused when you would speak about Christ until you brought out that definition that -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] saying it right. Christ is the move of God in human flesh. Am I saying it right?

Christ is the move of God in human flesh. Yes, I can say I am into that.

            Yeah, but I could not comprehend that. Every time I saw Christ, my mind automatically assumed Jesus Christ, and I could not get away from that. It was a big stumbling block for a long time before I could -- the pieces would fall into place and I would realize the difference --


            -- that Christ is --

That there is a second generation of Christ, that the glorified Lord Jesus Christ is having children in this hour. We are told in Isaiah 53 that He will have children, and the children of the Lord Jesus Christ are all of us in whom that -- in whom He is -- His nature is being reproduced. OK, the first generation of Christ was one man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whose mind was Christ, so let us review that. A mind is the offspring of the male spirit, which is who? The Father. And a female spirit -- where do we find the female spirit?


It is the human spirit. It is -- the spirit which is in man is the female spirit, and he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, so when the Father joins with the spirit in man, there is an offspring, and the name of that offspring is the Son of God, and His name is Christ. The Son of God, brethren, is a mind. I had a very upset man talking to me about this once, a Jewish man. How can God have a Son? His mind was thinking, how could the Spirit of God produce this human flesh? He does not, brethren. The Son of God is spirit. That which is born of the spirit is spirit. This flesh is not spirit. The Son of God is a mind. The Son of God is the expression of God in the form of a man's mind. It is the union of the Spirit of God with the soul, and the Son of God is the mind in that soul.

So the man, Jesus of Nazareth, He was a man born after the seed of David. He had a fallen body, and He had a carnal mind, which He inherited from His mother. He was a -- it -- Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a man that was born with a mind which was the Son of God, but in His humanity, He was the offspring of the Tribe of Judah. The Tribe of Judah was not in perfection. They were fallen men. His flesh was fallen, but His mind was God, and His mind dominated His flesh, which was fallen. And because that glorious mind, that holy thing which was born as the mind of the man, Jesus, because that mind dominated the flesh which He inherited from His mother, He could legally say, I am Jesus, the Christ.

So He was the first generation of Christ, the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, but He sacrificed His soul life. He gave that up so that He could be glorified, so that He could be brought into spirit form and pour out of His spirit upon all flesh. And now a drop of Him is raining on all of us, and when that drop of the glorified life of Jesus Christ gets inside of you, that drop begins to reproduce the nature of Christ in you, and you are a member of the many-membered second generation of Christ or the 42nd generation. And that mind, that glorious mind which was in the man, Jesus, is now growing inside of you, and, in due season, brethren, if it is truly growing in you, it will bring every aspect of your fallen humanity into submission to Him. Your flesh, your carnal mind, your sin, your wickedness, everything in you that is death shall be swallowed up by the life of Christ which is growing from that seed that dropped on your heart when Jesus rained on you.

So we have the Lord Jesus Christ, and we have Christ Jesus, the first generation of Christ and the second generation of Christ. And when you read your Bible and you see the word Christ, you really have to look it up in the Greek to find out whether the Scripture is talking about the man, Jesus, who was Christ or whether he is talking about the mind, Christ, which was in that man. And the way you tell the difference is that in the Greek, most of the time, it is not translated. In the Greek the definite article, the, T-H-E, precedes the word, Christ, when the Scripture is speaking about the man, Jesus, who was the Christ. There is no article preceding the word, Christ, when it is speaking about the mind which was in that man, and we have a whole series on that. Anybody else?

            This is just an observation I just made the other day. You had made some statement about Daniel, about when God wanted to apprehend Daniel, He touched a lock of his hair or something. I thought about Samson with the hair, but the Lord brought [?back to?] mind the night I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit, another night with the experience of God. When I walked into the church, I could feel the electricity, and my hair was standing on end. I had that sensation, and it made me comprehend the idea that, you know, He is touching your head. In other words, it was a move of God upon you in flesh.

When you walked in here you [CROSSTALK]

            No, they were not here, two experiences that I had a long time ago, but one was the night I received the baptism of the Holy Spirit. I could actually feel the electricity, almost like my hair was standing on end, and I could make a connection. In other words, it made some --


            It made sense to me.

Well, if that is what you needed to understand, then praise God, but you do know that hair is a symbol which typifies spirit in the Scripture. So if that is what you needed to understand --


That is fine. So when the Scripture says the angel took a hold of a lock of Daniel's hair, now come on, brethren. What is an angel doing holding on to a lock of my hair? You know, give me a break.

Hair typifies spirit, and the angel joined with Daniel's human spirit. I just talked about it now. The angel joined with Daniel's human spirit, and a temporary formation of the Son of God appeared, Christ. It was temporary. It was for a specific purpose, to bring forth a revelation from God to Daniel. Brethren, when God talks to you, He does not talk to your nose, and when He talks to you, He does not speak to your natural brain. God is spirit, and when He communicates with you.


-- s- -- well, the spirit of man is in the mind, yes, but, more specifically, that is not -- that is correct, but, more specifically, He speaks to your spirit. He is not speaking to your elbow, nor is He speaking to your ears. We are told that Paul received a visitation from the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, and everyone else that was standing around thought that it was thundering. They did not hear the words. God may speak externally to you. He could speak through a preacher, like He is speaking through me tonight, but He speaks to you directly, and it does not have to be in an audible voice.

I remember when I was a young disciple, I thought that was the be-all, end-all, that God should speak to you in an audible voice, you should hear the voice of God. And one woman had that gift, and she was parading around the church just filled up with pride. Brethren, God speaks to me in an audible voice from time to time, but I have found out that that is an immature method of communication for God. He only speaks to you in an audible voice when you are not mature enough to understand His spiritual communications. Now I am not knocking it; do not anyone take me out of context. If you hear an audible voice, that is wonderful, but you need to know, first of all, there is nothing to be proud of because it is nothing that you have done. And second of all, you need to know that there is a more mature method of communication that man is capable of hearing from God upon and that God desires to communicate with you in the greatest maturity available to you. God will speak to you on the level that you are at, but it is His intention to increase you spiritually to the point that you can communicate with Him on the highest spiritual level possible. Does anybody remember what that highest spiritual level possible is?


Spirit-to-spirit, a union of the spirit, that God should join with your spirit so completely that you are one spirit, and then everything that He thinks is in your mind. His thoughts are your thoughts. He does not have to speak to you in an audible voice. This is the automatic reaction of Christ in the crisis. Your thoughts are His thoughts because you are one spirit with Him. That is what God wants, total and complete union, and He will s- -- He will be satisfied with nothing less. He will tolerate something less for a season as He is building Christ in you, as He is maturing you, but He is not ceasing from His work in your life until He brings you to that high place in Christ where you are one spirit. And this is the marriage that the Scripture speaks about. We are having a spiritual marriage. Does the Bible not say that, we are getting married? We are marrying the Lord. It is a marriage of the mind. It is not a marriage of the flesh. You can have both for a season. Well, you cannot have full marriage to the Lord when you are in the flesh, but we are having both for a season, brethren. I guess, you are cold. I am starting to get cold. I see everybody putting on their --


-- sweaters. OK. You can only have both for a season, brethren. You can have the things of this world, and you can have the marriage of this world, and then Christ starts to move towards you to join with you, and you can have both for a season. You can have human marriage with Christ to a certain point of maturity. Only God tells -- knows where that point is. I really have no way of expressing it to you, but when Christ, in this human being that has a human marriage, begins to mature -- let us just draw a line here. We will say -- how do I express this, Lord? I will just say maturity. I do not know what else to call it. When your li- -- when Christ in you, when your Christ mind starts to mature to the point that it goes over this line, brethren, you must have one predominant marriage in your life. Either your predominant marriage is the marriage of the flesh, or your predominant marriage is the marriage of the mind, and as the marriage of the mind increases in your life, the marriage of the flesh must decrease. It is a scriptural principle. John said, I must decrease, that He should increase.

So do not panic, anybody. You just live your life. If you are married, you enjoy your marriage. If you are young and you want to get married and God gives you a husband or a wife, that is great. Just live your life, but you should know that there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. Is that not what your Bible says? That is what my Bible says. [?OK?], in heaven, you are like the angels, so there comes a point where you have to chose. Where are you going to abide predominantly, in a human marriage or in a marriage of the mind with the Lord Jesus Christ? And He will tell you when you come to that point. It may never happen to you. Do not worry; live your life. But if He calls you to it, you have to go, and to get over here, you have to give this up. Anybody else? This is a high place in Christ. Do not panic. You will survive.


            Listening to your various messages, I have been thinking back to various experiences I had with the Lord, and I am thinking back several years when I was in very strong rebellion with my carnal mind, and I was raging against the Lord at something I thought was very unfair to me. And the Lord spokesomething to me, and I knew it was truth. It was like lightning just coming down. I felt myself struck down in the spirit, and I knew it was Him, and it was real, and I felt almost like I landed on a cushion, but I knew He spoke to me.  But the thought that came to my mind, is that what is meant when Jesus said, I saw Satan fall, now that I understand that the carnal mind is Satan in us?

Well, I do not know how to relate that to your experience, but I believe what Jesus meant when He said that was that He saw Satan, who was the head of humanity, fall down under the authority of Christ. I believe, that is what He meant. Satan has to fallout of the heavenlies. Satan is the unconscious mind of the natural man, and he has got to come down because Christ is the head of this creation. Christ is the head of the individual. He fully intends to be the head of your soul, and the Scripture says, I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the witness of Christ. It does not say I saw the bodies beheaded, so there is no guillotine operating here. I saw the souls of those who were beheaded for the witness of Christ. So Satan has to come down out of his headship for Christ to be the true head and to marry us. Christ is marrying our soul, and it is a condition of the mind which raises you up to a high spiritual place where there is no marriage or giving in marriage, and that was the condition of Jesus and the apostles.

            In the past few days, the Lord spoke to me about crowning glory, meaning having the mind of Christ, and He also said He is the lifter of my head. Is that just another way of saying another head, a new headship? In other words --

Yeah, I do not know. Hebrew -- the -- I could not -- I would not even try to answer. I would have to look at that in the Hebrew. I have never looked that up, so you do not want to hear what my carnal mind has to say. No, I have no idea. My carnal mind has all kinds of crazy things to say. I -- even I do not want to hear what it has to say [CROSSTALK]. That guy is a real pain in my tail, let me tell you. I cannot wait till he dies completely. He is nothing but trouble.


[UNINTELLIGIBLE] anybody else?

            Now once you get to that maturity in Christ and you are still married and you have to decrease in the natural marriage in order to increase in the spiritual marriage, that does not mean that you leave your husband or your wife if you are married, no?

Do not le- -- do not do anything, all you carnal people. Do not move. Jesus will take care of everything, and it is different in everybody's life. Do not leave your husband or your wife, no. Now hear this, all you Pharisees out there. Do not go around saying Sheila is breaking up marriages.

            I knew that. I just asked for the message.


            That is all.

God, help me.

            And you cannot turn on television these days without seeing the things about homosexuals and lesbians and knocking down churches and whatnot. You know, you said that sex as we know it now is part of the fall. It was not that way at the very beginning. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] neither married or given in   marriage, and it was not that way in the beginning. Is this some kind of a sign that is happening, being that we are having this lesbianism and the homosexuality thrown in our face now, so like Sodom and Gomorrah, a sign of  the end of the time, that we have gotten down so low?

I think that is what the Scripture sa- -- that is what the Scripture teaches, that homosexuality is a sign of spiritually hitting bottom. You cannot get much lower than that. All you homosexuals, you do not know where I live. It is what the Bible says. I am sorry.

            You know, just thinking about Christian men, it must be very difficult for them to perceive themselves as having a human spirit called Eve and that they are part of the bride of Christ. It is so foreign to their way of thinking because they are so used to connecting in just natural planes, huh?

It is very hard for men, but the Bible clearly says the church is the bride of Christ, so if you are a member of the church, that means you are a mem- -- you are a bride to the Lord. You are female to the Lord, you know, but it is -- you know, it is difficult for men. It is easier for women. This whole conversion process is easier for women because, by and large -- things are a little different today, but, by and large, most women are raised to be more submissive. Or women, in their spiritual being, in their nature, are more submissive than men, and they are usually raised to be submissive, so it is much easier for them to submit. You know, men who have been out there, you know, are making their mark on the world and doing their thing, it is just very hard for them to submit.

I have heard all kinds of testimonies of what it takes to bring a man into the kingdom. I heard one testimony of one guy. He was resisting the Lord for years, and one night the Lord got a hold of him on his bed and had him by -- literally, had him up against the bedpost saying, so you think you are tough, do you? And the guy came out of that, and he was conv- -- the next day, he was in church, and it was a permanent conversion. I have heard all kinds of testimonies. Someone else, the Lord had him pinned to the ground; He gave him a spiritual experience. So -- but, you know, the Lord is able.

 That is why there are many -- if you look at the elements of the church today that are maturing, there are many more women than men, and I think this is one of the primary reasons why. You know, men just have more of a problem with this than women. It is just their nature. It is the way they are born, hard for them to submit. Because in this natural world, men have a natural authority, just by virtue of the fact that they are men. They have a natural authority. They are made to rule. They are supposed to be ruling over something. Well, our society is all messed up today, but a natural man is supposed to be ruling, at the very least -- and I do not meant to say that this is least. That is not even a good way to express it. Every man should be ruling of his family. A man is made to have authority. He is made to exercise authority on some level in his life.

So it is really hard for men because in Christ Jesus there is no male or female. Now we are not dealing with the natural authority that comes in this world system; we are dealing with the authority of the mind. And in spiritual matters, the authority is in Christ, and it does not matter whether Christ is appearing in a male body or a female body. It is the spirit that has the authority, so it is like a whole [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it is like a total reconversion of your whole mind and everything that you are born with and everything that is programmed into your genes.

You know, God teaches me a lot from movies, and He demonstrated this principle to me. I wish I could remember the name of that movie. I think, it was "A Man Called Horse," if I am not mistaken, a movie about a British nobleman who was in this country a couple of hundred years ago when it was still a frontier, and he was captured by an Indian tribe. Did I get the right name, "A Man Called Horse"? You should watch this movie, if you can. He was a British nobleman. He was raised rich; he was raised with authority. He had all the money that he needed, but he was not happy. He just was not happy, so he came to the New World, and he was shooting game or whatever, and he was captured by a tribe of Indians. And this man, he was British. They had all this authority in the world, you know, a highly respected man, British nobleman.

The Indians did not think very much of his authority. They did not think he was very much of a man. As a matter of fact, they called him a woman, and they treated him as a woman. They did not kill him. They took him into the tribe. They turned him over to the women, and he was a slave of the women. They kept him tied up with a collar around his neck like a dog, and he could only do what the women did. And, of course, in those days, the Indian tribes, they were -- the functions of male and female were clearly defined. The men were the hunters; they were the warriors. And the women did the farming and the cooking, and so it was very clearly -- a very clear definition. And he -- all he was allowed to do was grind the corn and wash clothes, and they showed him hanging out with all the women. And, at first, he was mistreated by the women, and then the women, they just accepted him as a friend, and there he was, you know, just hanging out with all the women.

And then he fell in love with one of the Indian women, and there was no way that she would have been allowed to marry him because he was considered a woman and an utter disgrace. So -- but his falling in love with her made him decide to try to strive for manhood in this new society that he entered into that was radically different from anything he had ever known. So the first thing he had to do was scalp somebody, so they show -- he had an opportunity that the camp -- the -- where the women were working was attacked by some other Indian tribe, and all the women ran. And up until that point, he used to run with the women. He just accepted his life, you know. So this other Indian came over the hedge, and now he decided he wanted to be a man in this tribe. He wanted to marry this Indian maiden, so he -- I -- he -- I guess, he killed him. I -- you do not have to be dead to scalp somebody. I do not know, but he scalped him, and it showed -- the movie showed his reaction to scalping the guy. He was absolutely disgusted, but he took the scalp off, and it was dripping blood.

And then it just went from one thing to the other, and he -- and the chief of the tribe started looking at him and saying, well, you know, I see you making some efforts in -- and he was touched by him, and he said, if you could do it, I will accept you as a man in this tribe if you can pass all the tests that the Indian male youth have to pass. So he went from one thing to another, and the last test that he had to pass was what we would call torture. There was a note on the movie that said that ritual -- it was a ritual. It has been outlawed by the Unites States government, but he literally had to face some kind of torture to show his physical strength, and he came through.

But the whole point that I am trying to tell you about is that after this whole thing was over, he found a total renewal of his life. He thought he was doing it because he wanted this girl, but he felt so good about himself when he prevailed and he became a warrior. They showed him on a horse with the bow and arrow and the headdress and everything and he became Indian. His whole soul converted, and he really -- it was not an external thing anymore, but in his heart, he became an Indian warrior, and he liked it. He liked -- he found in that everything that he was lacking as a British nobleman. So my whole point to you is that this man, his whole life was completely changed over, but there was no way it could have happened in a day or a week or a month. He went through a period where he was like neuter. He was with the women. Obviously, he was still a physical man, but he was with the women. He was neuter for a period of years, and then his training started for manhood in a whole new society, and, at first, it was distasteful to him, but when he completed his training, he found a happiness that he had never thought he could have.

And that is what is happening to us in Christ. Some of the things that are required of us to be converted into a spiritual man appear [?grievsome?], especially this marriage thing. It is -- some people have a real problem. I guess, everybody has a real problem, but the end of us, that we are going to be sons of God in full stature, and our example is the Lord Jesus Christ, and we are going to have spiritual power. That excites me very much, the thought of having spiritual power over all the power of the enemy. So to most human beings, giving up this life or aspects of this life is very grievous, very painful, very upsetting, and there is a transition period where you do not have the new life. So nobody chooses to go. I do not know one person that has ever chosen to give up this life to be a spiritual man in full stature, including me. God just takes you. I never agreed to this. I had nothing to say about it. I never agreed to this. I screamed and yelled for a long time. I fell on deaf ears, so --

            I was reading in the Book of Genesis about the sons of God. The women are never mentioned, right in the beginning. It just says the sons of God. That is all there is, [?no women?]. And now I think about the sons of God coming forth, that the sons of God were giants in the land, and now the whole creation is waiting for the sons of God to be manifest [?and be?] spiritual giants. It is, like, coming full cycle.

Praise God, going to be real soon.

            I just showed my neighbor. She says, show me in the Bible where the giants are, and I showed her.

Oh, yeah?

            She had no comprehension of it. I tried to tell her a few other things. I do not think she was prepared to hear it, but there will come a time [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

06/03/15 – Transcribed by VerbalFusion

06/05/15 – 1st Edit CAS/BP

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