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So I would like to review sanctification for you. I know when I first came into the church world, I heard a lot of talk about coming out of the world and coming out of Babylon and coming out of drinking and smoking and fornication, and that is good. That is good. If that is where you are starting, that is great, but that is not the true sanctification. Why? Because Babylon and the spirit of the world is where? It is in us. It is in our mind. It is in our heart. You can separate yourself from all of your friends that did all that bad stuff, which is good; you should do it, but do not think you are sanctified. OK? You can separate yourself from the bars. That is good, but do not think you are sanctified because until it comes out from inside of you, you are not sanctified.

Why? Because both sin and the Spirit of God is on two levels -- within you and outside of you. We are told in the -- and I believe the prophet Zechariah said, speaking for the Lord, “I shall be a fire within you and round about you.” This flesh that we see, it is the middle ground. The spirit that is within us vibrates out from us and forms a wall around us. The occult calls it an aura. In the occult world, it is called an aura. We have people with psychic power that go around reading people’s auras, and they have different col- -- I believe auras are real. God has never shown me one because I believe that the discernment in Christ takes a different route, but that does not mean that it is not there. Auras are real. They are an expression of the spirit which is inside of you, and we found this -- we talked about this in our -- in our series “Jesus in the Jordan,” and we found it, I think, in a Scripture in the Song of Solomon, if I am not mistaken. Let us put that on the board.

We have a spirit. We have a soul. We have a body, and we have an external manifestation of spirit. Scripture calls it -- anybody know what the Scripture calls it? More familiar?


A what?


No, calls it a wall. “I shall be a wall of fire within you and round about you.” So right now we are operating on three levels. Eventually, this body is going to go, but not for a long time.

Does anyone know of -- well, I guess you do not know. Another way that that external wall is expressed in the Scripture, a word that is common in the King James -- feathers. “‘I shall cover you with My feathers,’ saith the Lord.” Do you know, when I was a new disciple and I heard that Scripture, I started praying for God to cover me with His feathers, and I was leaving church one day, and these feathers started falling down on me, and I thought I had a miracle until I found out it was my down coat. I really thought that it was coming from heaven.

But that is -- actually, the word feathers is more common for this expression. To express the external manifestation of Christ, the word feathers is more common even than wall. Wall more likely means salvation. We have feathers. It is something that is external. It is an external covering -- a bird’s feathers. Water rolls off of a duck’s back. They keep the duck warm. They protect it. I hope you have feathers tonight because if you do not have feathers, you have got a problem. When the storm comes, it could hurt you. Glory to God.

So we are talking about sanctification tonight, what the real thing is. I guess we can say that sanctification is a process. I do not in any way intend to belittle coming out of any -- or coming away from or separating from anything ungodly -- can I take this off? OK -- because sanctification is a process, and if it starts for you when you stop doing anything that does not glorify God, I think that we can legitimately say that the process of sanctification has begun for you. I only encourage you not to consider yourself sanctified until the process is completed. OK.

So the true sanctification -- my Bible says that the Word of God is quick and sharp as a two-edged sword, separating the --

[INAUDIBLE] from the marrow.

-- but before that -- OK, I will put it down. The bone from the marrow. Well, it is not really the bones; it is the joints from the marrow. OK. The first thing it is separating, anybody?

[?Soul from the spirit.?]

OK, it is separating the soul from the spirit, and then it is separating the joints from the marrow. You know, when I first heard that, I said, Lord, why in the world would you want to separate my soul from my spirit? The reason the Lord wants to separate my human spirit from my soul is that my soul is criminal. Now, my soul has risen up and taken on the role of male spirit and joined himself to me in an ungodly union which has caused me to die. Let us say that another way. In our soul today exists the mind which is born of the flesh. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. OK, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. That which is born of the flesh is flesh. Mind is intended to be spirit. The mind that is intended to be in the creation is spirit. Let me remind you that the mind which is spirit must, therefore, be born of the spirit. If that which is born of the flesh is flesh -- if that mind which is born of the flesh is flesh, that mind which is born of the spirit must be spirit.

So it was the Lord’s will that a mind should be born in this creation. A mind should be begotten of a male spirit named whom?


Named Jehovah, and a female spirit, which is in the -- we call it the human spirit. She is resident or one with the soul of man just as a woman’s ovaries are one with her -- the rest of her body, and there is to be a birth, Christ, and He is the Son of God. Jehovah has begotten Christ through His wife, the human spirit, and this mind, this mind of Christ, is spirit. Why? Because it is born of the Spirit of Jehovah, the Father. When the Father begets a mind, that mind is spirit, and this is the mind which is supposed to be in you. Did Paul not say, “Let that mind which was in Christ be in you”?

But we had a problem -- our ancestor had a problem, you may recall. We had some spiritual incest which occurred -- can I take this off the board? We had some spiritual incest which occurred at the time of the fall. You see, there was a creation. God called it the living soul, or He also called it Adam. We could call it Adam, and God breathed the breath of life into this soul.

Breath. In accordance with the scriptural principle, once something enters into a different condition, its name changes. As God breathed it out from himself, the Bible calls it breath. When it entered into the living soul -- now, the breath of God is Spirit. OK, the breath of God is Spirit, but the reason God calls it breath is to indicate that it is something different than the abiding Spirit of God. It is something that was sent out from Him, so God gave it another name. He called it breath, and when it arrived where it was going, He calls it spirit again, but it is not the same spirit that was out here, nor is it the mighty male Spirit of Jehovah. It has become spirit in a female form because it is God’s intention to join with it and produce the mind of Christ in this soul.

Look, brethren, spirit joints to spirit. Soul joins to soul. Even in the animal world, if you try to mate two animals that are different, in some instances the female will not conceive; in the instances where the female conceives, usually she is barren, and she cannot reproduce herself in this perverted form. The Scripture says do not mist -- do not mix your seed. Do not mix spirit with soul. Soul should go to soul, and spirit should go to spirit. OK?

So God breathed His breath into the living soul where it took a form that would enable this living soul to receive the Spirit of Jehovah and reproduce the Spirit of God in the form of a mind. So the spirit which was originally breathed into the creation was there at -- as the -- as the initial condition for the begetting of a mind, which was the Spirit of God in this living soul. OK?

So we know there is a spirit. The Book of -- in the Book of Job we say -- Job says there is a spirit in man. A lot of people tell me, where do you get this stuff from? I had someone challenge me in New Jersey. He really took me -- he was a minister, and he got real mad [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- he said, “Stick to the Scripture.” I said, that is the Scripture. Eve, the mother of all living. Amen?

So to distinguish between humans -- this spirit which is in the living soul and the male Spirit of the Father, I call it human spirit. You may not find the word human spirit in the Scripture. I guess you do not. You could call it Eve if you want to.

You see, whenever you talk to someone who comes from a different ministry, you have to be very careful not to think that you are disagreeing with them right off because they use different words. It is just words. You have to talk to them and find out what they are saying because I find out lots of times they are saying the same thing that I am saying; they are just using different words. This is the way God has given it to me.

There is a spirit in man. It cannot do what Jehovah does. It cannot do what the Lord Jesus Christ does. It is one with this living soul, just as a woman’s ovaries are one with her body. It is not male, and what is it doing in the living soul? It is there for the male spirit of the Father to join with it for the specific purpose of begetting a mind, which is the Son of God in this living soul.

But something happened at the beginning of time. You see, this soul was made out of the dust of the earth. It was made out of the dust of the earth, amen? That is what Genesis says -- “when God formed the man out of the dust of the earth” -- and in this earth was something unclean, just like when we get out there. There is [sic] worms and all kinds of pestilence, sometimes disease in the earth out there. The Scripture calls it -- well, the Scripture calls it the serpent. I call it the moral uncleanness or the pestilence. It was in the earth. It was negative. I cannot redo the whole teaching, but we found out that it was a negative fallout -- a negative fallout, and it had a potential -- it had a potential for death in it, but it could not do anything to harm the creation unless it got dominion over the authority of Christ which was ruling.

Well, this moral pestilence is impurity that was in the earth. It rose up its head -- you see, God said -- “Adam,” He says, “you are in charge.” He said, “You are in charge of this living soul. Keep the garden.” If you look up that word in the Hebrew, it means militarily guard the garden. It does not mean go out there and rake it in the morning. It says “militarily guard it; see that nothing grows in it that I do not want to grow in it.” Now, does Jesus not talk about tares growing in the Kingdom? There is an unnatural growth in humanity today. God never planted it. We are told in another place it cropped up of its own accord. No one ever planted it. It is a weed, and what happened was that this impurity got past Adam’s guardianship and got a hold of this human spirit and brought forth his own mind.

That which is born of the flesh, that which is born of the impurity of the flesh -- why? Because this guy -- his name is Satan, you see -- he is flesh. He is soul. He is not spirit; he just thinks he is a spirit. He acts like a spirit. He walks like a spirit. He talks like a spirit. He did what a spirit does, but the product of his activity is corrupt. So he does not have the goods. He is not a spirit; he just wants everyone to think he is a spirit. He is soul, and he got a hold of God’s wife, and he committed spiritual adultery with her, and he brought forth his own offspring, which is not male because that which is of the soul can only bring forth soul. That means his offspring is what?


Female, and its name is -- her name is --

[?The carnal mind.?]

-- the carnal mind, or in the Old Testament she is called the daughter of Babylon.

So you see, we have got a problem, all of us, because our ancestor Adam got into this mess. We all have a female mind which is born of the flesh. That is [?why?] we get sick. That is why we die. That is why we are on drugs. That is why we are messing up. That is why we have every problem known to man, because we have a mind that -- if you look at the greatest mind ever produced by humanity, compared to the Lord Jesus Christ, is weak and dependent.

Now -- boy, if these women -- if women’s libbers ever get a hold of these tapes, they are going to crucify me. Look, I am not against women. I am a very independent woman. This is a scriptural type. Female is dependent; male is independent. Female is not complete without a male, but we are talking about minds here. When your mind is male, your every need is met; all you do is speak and you have it, and the only one that I know of that ever did that was the Lord Jesus Christ. The whole creation is fallen in relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. The best of us is female, and our only hope is that He will marry us and give us everything that He has so that we shall no longer be dependent and subject to the pestilence and devastation of this world system.

And it does not get to you any good to say, “Well, I am better than that guy,” or “he is weaker than me,” or -- who are you -- you are not convincing me. You are female, and you are weak and you are dependent. I do not care how good you look, the day is going to come that you are going to die, and they are going to put you in the grave; and if you get there without ever being sick and in pain, you are way ahead. Not many people make it that way today. So do not give me stories about how much better you are than the guy down the block because you stink just like everybody else. It is just the truth.

So, you see, the whole human race is in this fallen condition. We have a mind which is not born of the Spirit; we have a mind which is born of the flesh, and it is flesh, and it is weak, and it is dependent, and it is killing us. And the Lord Jesus Christ has come to save us from our own self which has brought forth this mind that is killing us, but before He can -- now, how is He going to save us? He is got to break down this -- He has got to break this down. He has got to break this carnal mind down.

Why? Because the human spirit that is required to beget Christ -- what did I do with Christ? Well, the Christ mind will raise us from the dead. For Christ to be born in us, He must lay hold of this human spirit. She is the female seed, and He has got to break us free from this moral impurity and the carnal mind which He has born -- birthed in us or beg- -- birthed in us. I will not say begotten.

So the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word is sharp; it is quick. It is sharper than a two-edged sword, and what it is doing in your life is a separating your human spirit from your soul, or from that part of your soul which has raised itself up and says that it is a man and has joined himself with you and produced a carnal mind and you which is killing you. So the Lord Jesus Christ is coming to separate you from your soul which has joined to you in an ungodly manner. Brethren, this is the true sanctification. It has to happen in your spiritual being. It has to happen from your spiritual being.

OK, I really -- I have a whole -- I do not know what the Lord wants me to do tonight. I have this whole teaching on one of the tapes in the 78 series in great detail. I did not know the Lord was going to tell me to do this, and my recollection of what the joints and the marrow is -- to be honest with you, I am not sure and I do not want to make a mistake. I think -- I think the joints is the carnal mind, but I am not sure. I do not want to get into it. It is on -- it is on a tape in the 78 series, one of the later tapes. If you want the number, I will get it for you.

So, basically, brethren, this is what sanctification is -- it is the separation of our human spirit from our illegitimate offspring, the carnal mind, and from our adulterous union with Satan. What for? So that we can be freed up and purified enough to marry Christ Jesus -- I am sorry, to marry -- to marry the Lord Jesus Christ, who will bring forth His Son in us.

OK, let me clarify that for you. There is [sic] two joinings. There is [sic] two joinings. I see a question in Mary’s eyes. Can I take this off the board? OK. There are two joinings. Let us get this straight. Now, we are told that the Holy Spirit enters into our heart, amen? We are told that, and it is -- I think it is 1 Corinthians -- one of the books of Corinthians. This is us, soul or man, and there is a spirit that is in man. OK, it is a female spirit. Maybe God is giving me this today because of the teaching that we are in the midst of.

You see, the teaching in the New Age and the teaching in doctrines that deny Christ, that deny the Son, what they are missing is this -- well, let me put it to you this way. They are suggesting that the spirit that man is born with is all that he needs to rise up and become God. That is what they are teaching. You analyze it; you pray about it. I am telling you, that is what they are teaching. They are saying there is a spirit that man is born with -- that is true -- and they are saying that that spirit by itself, or through works or whatever the individual doctrine is, is going to rise up and become God. And I am telling you, ladies, you cannot bring forth a child without a male seed, and this spirit that you have in your heart is not going to rise up and become Christ. It is not going to rise up and become God unless you receive the seed of the Father, and, therefore, I declare, according to my understanding of the Scripture, any doctrine -- any doctrine that denies the need of the seed of Christ to be added to you as a damnable heresy. Why? Because if you believe it, it is going to cut off your salvation.

Now, we are not saved by doctrine, OK. We are not saved by doctrine. If that teaching -- let me rephrase that. The Lord corrected me. If this teaching reproduces itself in your soul and you never get out from under it, you are not going to experience salvation. You see, Christ can do anything. If you get caught up in a -- in a false doctrine that is a damnable heresy, the Lord can get you out from under it, but part of His getting you out from under it is to tell you the truth. That is why I preach this stuff.

So you have something to pray about. If you are hearing this tape and you have received a doctrine that is teaching you that the spirit that you are born with is all you need to attend into godhood, you have received a damnable heresy. Now, do not shut off the tape or curse me; pray about it. Be smart.

I want to say that again. Someone did not understand me. Listen, you are not saved by doctrine, and you do not lose your salvation by receiving a false doctrine, OK, but when God comes to deliver you from the error, He comes with the truth. OK, Jesus is the truth. So the Lord can do anything He wants. Do not let me scare you. Be intelligent -- be intelligent about it. Fear is never of God. Tell the Lord, if it is true, you want the truth. You want His salvation, whatever you have to do to get it, but, you see, if your pride is so great, if you have been taught -- if you have been sitting under this doctrine for five years and you believe it, if you have been sitting -- if you have been preaching this doctrine and receiving the truth, it means that you are going to have to admit that you received something that was not true, or that you were preaching something that was not true, and you are holding onto this error because of your pride, you can lose your salvation over that. So get before God and get your head straightened out.

He wants the whole world to be saved. It is the will of the Lord that every man should receive a sal- -- the salvation which is in Christ. It is the will of God that not one should perish, but there are those who will perish because of their pride and their rebellion. Fear is never of God.

What was I saying when I put that on the board? Oh, OK, I was talking about the Holy -- the two joinings. OK, the Holy Spirit is out here. The Holy Spirit comes from another man to an unregenerate heart, and it pierces it, and it pierces that unregenerate hard, and, if it can, it works its way into the spirit of that man. That is the first joining. That is the first joining. Our natural example, which is human reproduction, is the joining of the male seed to the female seed, and science tells us that they join so completely that the male and the female seed become a what?

[?A cell.?]

They become one cell. They join so completely they become the first cell of the new baby. So the first joining is the Holy Spirit, which is the Word of God, joining with your human spirit. The spirit that is in man, I call it the human spirit.

Then what happens is that there is a -- there is a birth that -- now, this is the first cell of the new baby, the joining. So there is a child born, and His name is?


Christ, and when Christ is born in the person’s mind, He swallows up -- just as the male seed and the female seed no longer exist -- all you have is the first cell of the new baby in the human mind -- there is no longer any Holy Spirit, and there is no longer any human spirit; there is Christ in you, the hope of glory.

And when He grows up to full maturity, He joins with your soul so completely that the Scripture calls it a marriage -- a marriage -- a marriage. Paul said, “This is a great mystery, but a man and his wife, they are one flesh.” When you join with your husband, Christ, you join so completely that you become one. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. So there are two joinings.

So sanctification, brethren, is the separation of your spiritual being of your spiritual being, that spirit which is in man. Your human spirit, it must separate from your carnal mind and from Satan. Now, this is a process, and for a season -- let me put this on the board for you. For a season we are obviously the harlot. We are spirit, and we are joined with Satan on the left, and we are joined with the Holy Spirit on the right, and we have two children, one from each -- well, we are calling Satan a man because even though she is female she is doing everything that a man does, and she has got everybody fooled except the Lord. So we got one spirit -- one offspring over here, and the offspring of soul and spirit is mind, right. We have a carnal mind, and over here we have the Christ mind, and the type for this in the Scripture -- does anybody know what the type for this in the Scripture is?


Abraham -- Abraham’s wife -- I am sorry, Abraham had two sons -- one, the child of promise from his legitimate wife whose name is --


No, the child of promise, which is -- is Isaac, yes. So let us put him down over here, Isaac. The son -- the child of promise, the legitimate offspring of Abraham and his legitimate wife Sarah, and we have his illegitimate son named --


-- Ishmael, the son of the --


The bondwoman.

-- of the bondwoman. And the judgment upon the son of the bondwoman was? Cast out the son of the bondwoman. The Lord said unto Abraham, “Do as your wife Sarah told you to do,” because Sarah said, “Get that woman and her brat out of my house.” And Abraham said, “No, he is my son too,” and the Lord spoke to Abraham, and He said, “Cast out the bondwoman and her son,” because there could only be one heir. Only Christ can inherit the living soul. So we have a bondwoman within us, our carnal mind, and she must be cast out -- Satan must be cast out with her offspring, the carnal mind.

OK, now, do not get confused all you wonderful students here because I have been telling you for all these years that Satan could not be cast out. He has to go down under foot. Boy, you people are too smart for me. I see the looks in your eyes. That -- I was just saying it that way to line it up with the Scripture, which is -- that Paul tells us is an allegory. Cast out the bondwoman, Satan, and her son -- or and her offspring, the carnal mind, but we know that spiritually speaking the carnal mind is being cast out, being dissolved and dispersed, but Satan must go down under the authority of Christ and return -- I see all your questions. Let us put this back on the board.

Satan is not disappearing. She is dying to her ungodly dominance. At this moment, she is living the life of a man. She is doing everything a man does. She is killing everybody because she does not know what she is doing, but she is not going to be wiped out. She is going to die to her existence. Now, what is her name in this world system? She is the Prince of the Power --

[?Of the Air.?]

-- of the Air. She is dying to her prince-hood, and she is going back down under the authority of her true husband, Christ, and she is going to be a woman again, and she does not like the thought of it.

So she is going back to be soul. Christ will be dominating; humanity and Satan is going to be down here in a totally different role, so radically different that her name -- well, her name will change. OK, she is not going to be called Satan. She is going to have no name. The Scripture calls her nothing -- nothing. She will be totally overshadowed by Christ, but she has a function in the creation, and her function is that the whole purpose of this creation -- or at least one of the purposes; I should not say the whole purpose -- is that the invisible God desired to appear, and the way He desired -- the way He determined to appear was to cover Himself with mud, and in the mud was an impurity called Satan.

Well, when you see mud out there, you do not say mud with impurities in it. You do not even name the impurities. She is just mud. She is going to be dissolved. She is going to -- she is not going to have anything to say about anything. She will be stripped of all of her power, and she will be forced into a position where she will serve man, and at least the only way that I know of, to date that the Lord has shown me, that she will serve man will be in her function of being a component of this spiritual mud that is making the creation visible. The Scripture says that right now she is -- one of her -- one of the symbols describing her is that she is a ferocious bull, and when the Lord gets through with her, does anybody know what she is going to be?


An ox.

An ox. She is becoming an ox, which is a castrated bull. I did not say it; it is in the Bible.

So does everybody understand what the true sanctification is? See, our true reality is spirit. Our soul and this body that we live in is just clay. Our true reality is spirit, but because we are the female element of the creation, the way God set it up is that we fully express whoever we are married to, and when we fooled around with the serpent, God said you married him, and the creation today is fully expressing our husband and our father, Satan. That is why we are evil. The heart of man is desperately wicked; who can know it?

But the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to take that which is evil and make it righteous, and there is a plan that He has, and if you want to partake of this plan, you have to do it His way, and you have to follow His rules because He is not bending His rules because you do not like it His way. He is not bending your [sic] rules because something turns you off. He is not bending His rules because you do not like the teacher. He is not bending His rules because the teacher is in Long Island or wherever else someone else is. He will show it to you, and you have to go get it.

So our spirit must separate from our soul, and our carnal mind -- and our spirit is separating from the carnal mind. I think I -- well, I do not want to get into it. It is coming to me what that joints and the marrow is, but -- I guess I should give it to you if I can remember. Let me see. OK.

The marrow -- the marrow is a form of fat, which is in the most interior a part of the bone. OK, the marrow is blood, really, if you know it -- if you -- anyone knows anything about marrow, which is in human and animal bones, and it is really the blood, OK. So the marrow would be the spirit -- the human spirit. OK, now, I do remember looking up -- I have a whole teaching on how the joints is the carnal mind, and if you want that, you are going to have to listen to my tape on it. I just know that I looked up the words, and I followed my nose, and it is what the Lord showed me. So the joints is the carnal mind.

First, our human spirit is being separated from the carnal mind, OK. There is [sic] two -- remember I said there were two joinings? There is [sic] two separations. If you join twice, you have to separate twice, right? The human spirit is separating first from the carnal mind. Does anybody know how that separation is being accomplished? Peter talks about it in one of his epistles.




He says the elements shall melt --


-- the elements shall melt by fire. This separation is occurring by fire, and the fire is who? Who is the fire that is separating the human spirit from the carnal mind? Christ. The human spirit is being separated from the carnal mind. The carnal mind is melting. We are going into a smeltery. More practically speaking, we call it trials and tribulations. If you are kicking and screaming and yelling these days, do -- why are you surprised that the fiery trial came upon you? Did you not ask God to save your soul? Why are you surprised the fiery trial is upon you? As Christ appears in you, He is burning your carnal mind and your human spirit is in the midst of it. Now, the carnal mind is typified by what substance? Does anybody know? Wood. So she is burning up, and the human spirit-fied [sic] -- the human spirit is typified by what?


Gold. The fire does not destroy the metal; it just purifies it.

So after the human spirit breaks away from the carnal mind, she is still joined to who? Who is left?


Satan. So the human spirit is separated from the carnal mind, and then she is separated from Satan. So although the Scripture says spirit from soul and joints from marrow, actually what -- the marrow and the joints are being separated first and then the spirit and the soul. Does anybody have a question on this? OK, would you mind putting it on the microphone, please? Here it is, right there. Thank you.

Does that mean that the -- it gets harder because the carnal mind with its thoughts are separated, but she is dealing now straight-on with Satan? Is that -- I mean, the battle is more fierce?

I am glad you asked that question. I wanted to say something along those lines, and it had slipped my mind. I -- the answer to the way you phrased it is that I do not think so because I think that these two separations are happening simultaneously, but what I did want to mention to everybody is that the way this af- -- the way you are going to recognize this, what it means to you -- I keep telling you, we got to make these Scriptures real to us. What you will experience when this is happening to you is that your mind -- as your mind becomes Christ, you will find that your mind falls out of agreement with your emotions, and you know that you are separating.

Your mind, the way you think, falls out of agreement with your emotions. Where you used to be envious, you are fighting and scratching and doing everything the Scripture has taught you to do to resist being and be -- envious. While envy is raging in your emotions, you refuse to act out that envy. Can you hear me? When a manifestation of pride or arrogance is raging in your emotions -- somebody offended you, and you know what the Lord wants you to do is to suffer the loss, right? Is that not what we are supposed to do? Unless it is an issue of righteousness, suffer the loss. Submit yourself one to another. Let it go. It is not important.

But your pride is burning in your brain. It is coming out of you. It is the smoke coming out of your ears, but there is a mind in you that says, “No, this is wrong. I am not going to say that. I am not going to say go jump in the lake. I am going to say peace be unto you. Take it,” and, I want to tell you, it is not easy because your emotions are stirring up in you with a satanic strength to control your behavior and your words, to produce behavior and words that are ungodly, carnal. They want you to say, “Go jump in the lake.” They want you to say, “I do not want to ever see you again.” They want you to say, “You ugly so-and-so, I have not been able to stand you for the last 20 years,” but if that mind is in you and if it has any strength in it at all, it is controlling your tongue. James said, “The man who controls his tongue is a” -- anybody? -- “perfect man.”

I do not care what your emotions are raging; I do not care what thoughts are in your mind, when Christ in you becomes strong enough to say, “I will not say it and I will not do it, and not only will I not say it and will I not do it, but I will say and do the exact opposite of what my emotions are commending me,” brethren, you are sanctifying. You are in the process of being sanctified. Your spirit is separating out from your soul. Your joints are separating from your marrow, and you are being prepared for the union with your husband, which will deliver you out of this nightmare of having your mind saying one thing and your emotions be screaming for you to do something else.

Who will you obey? You cannot have two masters. Oh, it sounds real easy when you say, well, you cannot love money and God. Honey, it is much more serious than that: You cannot obey Satan and the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord said, “Either you are with Me or you are against Me.” There is no middle ground. Look, brethren, either you let your carnal mind speak through you, or Christ speaks through you. There is no middle ground. Either Christ is ruling your tongue, or your carnal mind is ruling your tongue.

Now, this does not happen overnight. It is three steps forward, and two steps backwards, so there is no condemnation when you slip and fall, but you have got to know that this is not anything as simple as giving up some material gain. Brethren, this is a vicious warfare. I do not have the words to describe to you the viciousness of the warfare between the mind of Christ in you and your own emotions. There is -- you are going to have to experience it. I have no way to convey to you the viciousness of the warfare that I am experiencing right now.

And God is call- -- if you are hearing this tape or if you are sitting here, God is calling you to it. I had no intention of preaching this tonight. All that I could tell you is the word in my heart is that the hour is very short. It is very late in the night, brethren. The day already has begun to dawn, so wake unto righteousness and wage this warfare because the door is about to open in heaven, and if you are one of the virgins without oil in his [sic] lamp, you are not going to have time.

See, it is not that the Lord is even going to reject you. The door is opening, and the door is closing. The Scripture is clear. It is opening for a season, and if you do not start to prepare yourself until you see the door open, the Scripture clearly states you will not have enough time to go and collect your oil and get back and get through the door. It is as clear as a bell. The trumpet is sounding.

Very few are willing to labor the labor. The harvest fields -- “The fields are white under harvest, but the laborers are few.” Brethren, do you think that means you are supposed to go out there and being -- beating people over the brain with a Bible to come into the Kingdom of God so they do not go to hell? Brethren, harvest time is the time that the fruit is separated from the vine, and the fruit is whom?


Christ. I took it off the board. Christ, who was growing out of your human spirit, brethren, is separating from the carnal mind and Satan. It is the hour [?for?fore?] the war that will sanctify you, and without this sanctification there is no marriage.

The laborers are few, and my Bible says, “The Lord said to His servants, ‘Forget that pharisitical [sic] church. I have been preaching this message, and I have been talking to them in dreams, and I have been speaking to them through everything their eye could see and their ear could hear, and they will not come. They will not hearken unto Me,’ says the Lord. ‘So go out on the highways and the byways and compel the reprobate to come in.’”

What does that mean? “The ones that are so cursed in their life that they cannot even get to church, the ones that are completely overcome, I am going to take them because the ones that were not completely overcome, the ones that had the strength to hear My voice, have heard it and rejected Me. So I am going to go to the ignorant that did not know any better. I am going to go to the desperately reprobate people so cursed that they could not pick themselves up off their feet, and I am going to take them.” Jesus said, “If you do not praise Me, all these -- raise these rocks up to praise Me.” And the drunken and the prostitute are entering in before the Pharisee.

So, you see, there is a preparation. How do I know there is a preparation? Brethren, the five virgins were not prepared. There is a preparation. I am telling you, I do not know how long this preparation is going to take, but the last moments of beginning are right now. I do not know how long this -- I have been preaching this for a while now. I do not know how much longer I am going to preach it, but the word is that if you do not get started on this work now, you will not be prepared to enter through that door. You will not have oil in your vessels.

What is the oil? What is the oil a symbol of? Christ. Christ. He got to be -- this guy has to be -- he has to be ready to go into full stature. You see, the Scripture says we are going to ascend in the air. Then He is going to come down and meet us and yank us the rest of the way up, only it is not a physical rapture. Spiritually, we have to go as far as we could go spiritually. Then Christ is going to arise in us and do the rest of the work.

So if He is not being formed in you to a measure whereby He is mature enough at the moment that the Father says, “All right, Son, wherever you are appearing, drag them over to the other side,” if He is not mature enough in you, if you are only pregnant, if the Christ in you is a suckling child, if it is the wintertime, which means that Christ is not producing fruit in you yet, brethren, woe be unto you. The door is going to close in your face. That is not my word; Jesus said it. I did not say it. Any questions on this exhortation? Any questions on it?

So this sanctification will -- is a process of time to -- a process --

Yes, everything is a process. [CROSSTALK] --

-- it is a s- -- it is a slow process, I guess.

Yes. Yes, everything that is spiritual is a process. Everything that is spiritual.


Brethren, I do not -- I forgot what I was going to say. I said I do not mean to insult anybody. OK. I do not mean to insult anybody, but if you think that anything spiritual happens in a moment, you are immature. I do not mean to insult you. Hear the Word and ask God to give you maturity. Everything that is spiritual is a process.

It can be likened to swimming through water, as opposed to having the ability to jog on this Earth. When we get into water, it slows us down. For it to get from the realm of the spirit, for it to work its way out into our life, is a process. Nothing happens overnight. It may look like it happened overnight because you did not see all of the preparation and everything that happened before it appeared in this world of appearance, but nothing -- nothing -- is instant. From the minute you pray it, it starts -- what -- whatever it is that the Lord is doing in your life starts to work its way out into this world, which is outer darkness.

Daniel called upon the Lord for information, and we are told it took 21 days for the angel to appear to him. He had to battle with the Prince of Persia. Who do you think that was, some principality hanging in the sky? Brethren, the angel had to battle with Daniel’s own carnal mind to get into his consciousness, and 21 days was pretty fast. Nothing is instantaneous. When you are converting from spirit to this carnal world, nothing is instantaneous.

So do not be insulted by me. If you are insulted, just rebuke that pride and learn something. You need to know, everything takes time. Everything is a process. Everything is a growth. Just look at the world. We plant plants; it is a process. You give birth to a baby; it is a process. You prepare a meal; it is a process. You build a house; it is a process. You travel from New York to Connecticut; it is a process. It takes time. Nothing in this world happens instantaneously.

Although we see -- we see some manifestations of that in our society today -- instant lottery and all kinds of other things. What is happening in our world today is that Satan is -- in a very inadequate way, is doing what we will be experiencing by the Spirit of Christ. Once we become spiritualized, everything will be instant because there will be no more time and space. So when you see our society speeding up, and you see all this instant gratification -- you may have heard some talk about instant gratification in this society -- it is destructive. It is Satan trying to counterfeit what exists in the Kingdom of God, and it is destroying us.

When it -- when we receive this instant gratification, for lack of a better word, through the Kingdom of God, it will not be destructive to us, but here, when Satan is the initiator of it, it is destructive to us. We know that -- anyone with wisdom in this world knows that it is much better to labor for something, to work for it, to overcome. If you get it instantly, if you never work for it or if -- have to do anything to get it, it just destroys you. So Satan is the super-counterfeiter.

Can you just hold on one second? Yeah, I di- -- I just want to give this thought to you, and I -- the Lord told it to me the other day, and it really blessed me, and I asked Him if He would make a way, I would like to share it with you, and I feel that this is the spot. So if you could just hold that, I would just like to share it with you.

We see Satan running rampant in our society making things easier for us and easier for us, and it is, again, the counterfeit of the Kingdom of God where there is no labor. There is no labor in the Kingdom of God; you think it and it is, but it is not destructive in the Kingdom of God. So Satan counterfeits everything that is in Christ, but in Christ, you receive life, and in Satan’s way, you receive death.

And what the Lord said to me the other day that I would like to share with you is this concept of the occult. The Lord quickened to me, and I believe it to be personally true, that most people who get involved with the occult -- whether it is something as simple as an astrology chart or reading a tarot card or whatever it -- little thing it is, anything -- even gambling to me is occult, anything that is going to be a seduction unto you, unto destruction -- the knowledge does not seem to be in the world that the way these things work is this, that the demons offer you a carrot, so to speak, they offer you a goody, and they let you think that you are controlling them.

You have heard about spirit guides, and you have heard about -- in folklore about genies -- demons that serve man, and we hear about witches that control demons and send demons, but, brethren, it is just a matter of time. You start fooling around with these demons; they are going to let you think that you are controlling them. They want you to think that you are controlling them so that you yield to them more and more and more until they are strong enough to take you over. Do you hear this? They will let you think you have got them until they are strong enough to utterly possess you.

And if you think this is a fairy story -- I do not know who I am saying this for, but if you think this is a fairy story, look at the other side. Is it not Christ’s intention to fully possess you? How does the Lord come into your life? Now, brethren, this is a mature group here. Is there anybody here that does not know that the -- it is a rare Christian who is young and gifted with prophecy and spiritual gifts -- it is a rare gifted Christian that does not think he is the cat’s meow. Is there anybody here that does not know that, that someone that has the gift of prophecy thinks that God cannot make it without them? Is there anyone here that has not known someone like that, thinks the church is going to fall without them? Well, there is [sic] a lot of people out there like that, more than not. They think that they are great ones because they have the gifts. What am I saying? They think they are controlling the gifts.

Do you see the analogy between what I just said about the demons? Immature Christians think that they are great because they have the gifts. They think they are controlling the gifts. They think God is going to give them whatever they ask for, and people controlling the demons think that they can get anything they want from these demons. I want to tell you that both Christ and the spirit of this world have an end in mind, and their end is to marry you. They want to fully possess you, and when Christ fully possesses you, you shall cease from dying; you shall become life. But I want to tell you that if you fall prey to what is about to -- what is already happening in the Earth today and you fall prey to Satan, he too will marry you, and you shall become fully evil.

You see, in this world today, it is a rare person that is fully evil. Both people -- most people are good and evil. Some people predominantly go one way or the other, but it is very rare to find somebody who is fully given over to evil; and when we find someone like that -- from time to time, we have had it in the news someone who is -- I -- what comes to my mind is a man who was found cannibalizing women down in Greenwich Village a few years ago. Did you remem- -- do you remember that? It was in the paper. He would kill them, chop up their body, boil them, and he was eating them. So we said, oh, this man, he is a freak of society, yucky pooh.

I want to tell you, brethren, this living soul is about to be married, and each member of her will marry one of two spirits, and this is going to appear on the Earth before the Lord Jesus Christ puts down all rule and power and principality. There is going to be a season on the Earth that are going to be fully given over to Christ, and there is [sic] going to be people appearing on this Earth who will be fully given over to Satan. They are going to be monsters, and it is happening right now. A generation of children, it is appearing in this -- in the generation that is coming up now. It is happening now.

So whoever this is for, if it is for anybody here, or wherever this tape is going -- only God knows -- you are playing with fire when you think these demons are serving you because they are not serving you. It is a lie. They are doing it until they get strong enough, and they are going to jump on you, and it is going to be too late. You are not going to be able to get away.

Do you remember your question?

It really was not a question, but when you said about the door is opening, in my mind’s eye, I saw a woman just giving birth, and then I heard -- I remembered the Scripture where Jesus said, “I am the door.” Now, does that make any sense?

You saw a vision of a door opening -- you saw a vision of a woman giving birth --

As you said, the door is opening.

OK, and then you saw?

Then I just remembered the words where Jesus said, “I am the door.”

So I said the door is opening, and you saw a woman giving birth, yeah. Well, Jesus said, “I am -- I am the door,” and the door is Christ -- you see, the door that is opening is Christ in you. As He ascends to whatever that measure of maturity is, we are going to be freed up from the carnal mind, and we are going to run into Him. You see, the door is Christ in you, the hope of glory, and the only reason -- you see, Jesus is not denying us. We -- you might say, well, why do we have to wait? Why does the door not open now? Because the door is not Jesus the Holy Spirit out here, but the Son that He is bringing forth in you -- Christ in you, the hope of glory that is growing out of your own soul, as soon as He is mature enough to hold onto you, to get you away from Satan -- we are fleeing, you see?

As Christ arises in us, He is a consuming fire, and He is blasting the carnal mind and Satan that we are attached to. That is what these trials are all about. That is what this separation of mind from emotion is all about, and as soon as Christ is mature enough to join with us, we are going to become fully freed up from Satan. You see, if we are completely freed up from Satan and the carnal mind, before Christ in us, who is the door -- before He is mature enough to receive us and keep us alive -- OK, here is the key.

Look, let me put it to you this way. God’s concern is to keep this body alive. If our human spirit separates out from the carnal mind in Satan before Christ is mature enough to join with her in a measure of strength that has the ability to preserve the life of this flesh, of our soul and of our body -- if we are freed up before Christ is mature enough to do that, our body will die, and when the body dies, the soul di- -- well, the soul is already dead, but when the body dies, the soul will separate, and the Lord will -- and your kingdom -- we are each a kingdom -- this kingdom will be lost.

So the door that is opening is the Christ in you which is arising to a height of maturity which will receive our human spirit. He is the door that is opening, and at the exact moment that He is mature enough to receive us, the Scripture says, that door is wide open. And just like the man would run into the city of refuge -- the murderer would run into the city of refuge, we, who are all murderers, will be freed up, and we will run into Christ. It is just a different symbol to express the same thing.

Let me give this to you again. I -- because you were not even here when we did the 78 series, but we did a lot on symbols, especially when we compared the winepress to lake of fire. That is in the 78 series too, and the winepress is the lake of fire. It is the same judgment. It is Christ. So why does God use different symbol? Because He is speaking about the same thing in a different context, from a different point of view, from a different aspect, so He uses different symbols. So in -- with regard to what we are talking about tonight, Jesus calls himself a door, OK, but He is also the Son of God being born in you, and so to prove a particular point, or to stress a particular point, He may change the name of the symbol that He describes Himself as. Did I make it clear? OK, the reason He says He is a door is that our human spirit has to enter into Him. OK? Will that hold you for now? OK. Anybody else?

How do we know whether we are on the right road?

How do you know you are on the right road? Well, at the very beginning, it is hard to tell. You had best ask the Lord because the first -- the first step is that the seed, the Word of God, needs to become engrafted to your human spirit. Usually when that happens, the first signs are --


Attached. OK, engrafted is the word that James uses. He says “receive the engrafted word,” OK. On some of my tapes I talk about the conception of Christ. It is the joining, OK, and usually in the initial stages, you will see the gifts starting to slow down a little because prophecy is passing away and tongues are passing away. As Christ arises in you, the gifts of the Spirit tend to diminish. You become more interested in the Word. The Word becomes much more important to you than the music and the dancing.

I do not want anyone misquoting me. There is nothing -- everything that is of God is good, but before the Word engrafts to you, it is very hard to -- if not impossible, to understand deep doctrine. So the general rule that I am giving you is the Christian that does not have the engrafted Word is all into dancing and singing and prophesying, and there is not much of a -- of a revelation -- a revelational [sic] Word, if that is the correct word.

 They may be getting teaching on faith, which is good, teaching on the gospel of the cross, which is good, but the sign that you are going into deep doctrine, that you are entering into the message of the Kingdom and the Spirit of the Word, that is an excellent sign. And if you call to that -- especially if you are understanding it [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and then, of course, as you go on in more maturity, the obvious sign is that your mind is in total disagreement with your emotions, but that is a mature -- a very mature manifestation that you are having this experience. Did I answer your question? OK.




Is it possible to go back and forth, to possibly reach a peak where you are experiencing maturity for a time, and then you fall back down to another level for a time, and you rise back up? Do you know what I am saying? Is it possible to experience that where it is -- there is a separation, and you know it, or you knew it, and then you experience another level again?



Yeah. Well, I am not sure why because that really has not been my experience, but I have no -- I have no problem believing that it is possible. Everybody does not grow the same. Everyone does not mature the same, and different people have different weaknesses that we bring from our human -- from our whole human experience. We bring it with us as we as we enter into this maturation, and -- excuse me just a minute. I just got distracted there.

I cannot tell you why, you know. All I know is that different -- it is possible. I have no problem with that is all, and my counsel to anyone experiencing this is that you have to evaluate your growth over a period of time. If you get panic-stricken or hysterical every time you see yourself down, it is going to be to your detriment. You have to look at yourself over the last year. Have you grown? Have you -- have you overcome behavioral problems and attitude problems that were plaguing you a year ago? If you have not overcome, are you doing -- are you doing better, you know? You have to evaluate your overall growth.

And I guess -- you know, I guess it is not true that that is not my experience. I have had that experience, but I do not think to the extent that you have had it, and if you listen to any of my tapes as recently as a year ago, you heard me preach that when I fall down, I cannot get myself up. You know, it has not -- I guess I must have outgrown that stage, but I -- the Lord just quickened this to me.

Approximately year ago, I was preaching here that I was falling down, and I was aware that I was falling down, and I was very frustrated because I was aware that I could not get myself up, and the example that the Lord gave me was a baby who was just beginning to walk. And I keep seeing this baby with a Pamper. You know, you set them up, and you put them on their feet, and they not only walk, but they run; but when they fall down, they lay there and kick their feet, and they cannot get up until you stand them up on their feet; then they run again. And I went through a stage like that. When I fell down --

And what do I -- what do I mean, I fell down? It means I became carnal. It means my Christ mind was not functioning. I was completely given over to my emotions. I did everything my emotions wanted me to do, and I could not find the strength which I had had in Christ. Just the other day, I could not find it. It was nowhere to be found, but I had a memory of it. I had a memory of what happened last week, that the same kind of trial hit me, and because I had the mind of Christ in me, I took the victory.

And now this similar trial hit me, but this time it did not hit me alone. It hit me -- three trials hit me together, and I could not find within me the strength of Christ to overcome, and I went down, and whatever my weakness was, I was doing it. I was dealing with the problem in an ungodly manner. Whatever my problem was, I was dealing with it in an ungodly manner, and I could not find it within me to do what Christ would do in the circumstance, but I had a memory -- I had a knowledge of what Christ would do, but I could not do it. And, brethren, I want to tell you, that is a manifestation of hell. That is a manifestation of hell, to know that there is a way out of your torment -- to deal with this problem in Christ is a way out of your torment, and you cannot find -- you cannot find the strength to do it.

You know, when I was going through that -- I was going through that frequently, the Lord just reminded me. Just about this time last year, I was going through it frequently, and it really happens very rarely to me these days, and if I do go down, I go down very briefly. I come back up very fast, usually within an hour. It is rare that it is more than an hour. It is almost unheard of that I go to the next day anymore, and I have been under a tremendous amount of pressure, and it is -- usually I am OK within an hour or so, whereas I used to be down for days.

And the Lord had showed me how to handle it. He showed me how to pray and how to deal with it. I was down for days; now, I -- not only do I come back very quickly, but I do not have to go through the procedure that the God -- that the Lord taught me. Well, when you go down, this is what you do, and this is how you survive until I stand you up on your feet. I do not even have to do that anymore. I just come back. I never even gave God the glory for that. I just want to publicly give Him glory for that now because I never stopped to realize that He really got me past that stage of severe frustration, of being down for days and not being able to get up. I give him all the glory. Thank you, Lord.

Somebody else ha- -- you have a question?

So when you have a thought that is Christ and you have an emotion that is not Christ, you are saying that when you -- when you start to see the difference, that there is two different things going on in there -- now, is it -- is it Christ in you that is actually giving you the strength to go with Christ, or is -- do you just see it and fight yourself --


-- and join?

No. It is a matur- --

What is happening?

-- it is a maturity of the Christ mind. You see --

So it is actually Christ that is doing that altogether?

It is Christ that is doing -- well, wait a minute.

How can you tell when --

Wait a minute. Let me -- let me qualify that, OK? Going back to a year or so -- or more ago, I would be so overtaken that I was -- I was completely given over to my emotions. What is happening to me now is that Christ has matured to the point where He is very strongly giving me an -- a thought which directly opposes my emotions, and my own will ris- -- is rising up to Christ, but a year ago Christ was not strong enough for me to even hold onto. Do you hear what I am saying? Yeah.

So was that se- -- was that separation that you are experiencing now, was that there a year ago?

It was not, but it is in two aspects. The first -- there were two reasons why I am having the victory I am having now. The first reason, which is essential, is that Christ in me has matured to a point that no matter how my emotions are raging, they cannot put Him under foot. He is there. He is a sun in my heaven, and He is shining brightly, and I hear His thoughts. Now, a year or two ago, when my emotions would rise up, they would crush His thoughts. They would -- I could not even hear Him.

And then you had different thoughts --

On --

-- from the emotions?

Yeah, well, there is always the different thoughts of the emotions, but Christ was not there. He -- I -- He disappeared. He went under foot.


Right now, He is not under foot. He is burning brightly in my heaven talking to me. He is my mind, and it is not in agreement with my emotions. He is not in agreement with my emotions. So since He has become so strong, now my human spirit, which is my will, is rising up and reaching for Him -- reaching for Him, reaching for Him -- by refusing to obey my emotions. But before you can reach for Christ, He has to be strong enough to throw out the lifeline. Do you know what I am talking about?


So that seems to be what is happening. I am reporting it to you as I experience it.

How can you -- could you give me examples of the difference between you trying to do that and Christ in you doing that? Do you know what -- and if --

Yeah, well, as I --

-- trying to do it in your own strength --

Yeah. Yeah. Trying to do it in your own strength. Well, the -- I think to do it in Christ -- to do it in Christ, you have to be hearing that other thought. God, help me to -- help me to answer. It is a good question, Lord. It is a good question.

Because I heard you say your will goes up with it --


-- but how can you tell if your will is --


-- is -- if you are doing it in your own strength --


-- trying to control the emotion --


-- because God is tearing that down in me.


I know that.

Right. Right. OK.

And it is a real scary thing, and I am --


-- like, well, wi- -- what is --


-- really of Christ --


-- fighting that or --

It is -- well, I will just say what comes out of -- what comes out of my mouth right now. This is really hard to explain, that when you do it in your own strength -- when you do it in your own strength, I -- you know, I guess it is a discerning of spirits to recognize that it is your own human defenses doing it, and it may be -- you know, I -- nothing else is coming out of the mouth. All that I could tell you is what I am experiencing now is a strong voice -- a strong voice in my mind. It is not even a voice -- a strong thought in my mind that is in complete contradiction to my emotions, and then there is something in me that is rising up and agreeing with Him. I do not know how else to put it, but there is a period of God tearing you down before Christ appears like that.

I believe I have experienced what you are talking about, and, just for everyone else’s benefit, I do not know if Rita made it clear, but what God will do what we are all about to go through is that He is destroying our ability to defend ourselves with our natural resources because all of our own self-defense comes out of the carnal mind, and self-defense that comes out of the carnal mind, it is always pride. It is always pride.

Now, in the world before you receive Christ, this -- there is a healthy pride and a malignant pride. OK, for human beings in this world, there is a healthy pride. You do not let someone walk into your house and steal everything that you have. There is a pride that says, “This is my house and you cannot have it. You got to get out.” That is a healthy pride. OK, a malignant pride would be a pride that would manifest whereby -- for example, if someone hurts your feelings and it is someone that you love, an important relationship, hurts your feelings, and you -- and your pride just will not let you in any way soften so that amends could be made. It is not unforgiveness, but it is just pride. This is how [UNINTELLIGIBLE] did that to me. I cannot make up with them. It is my pride.

So a malignant pride is a pride that leads to destruction, but there is a pride which is a defense for the natural man that you would be destroyed without it; but once Christ comes into your life, He wants to be your defense, and what was a healthy pride becomes a malignant pride. Why? Because it is opposing the move of God in your life. Does anybody not understand that? That is very important.

So what Rita was speaking about, what she is experiencing now, is that God is stripping her of her worldly ability to defend herself. How does He strip you of it? It does not work anymore. That is how He strips you of it. The ways that you defended yourself in the past that worked for you are not working for you anymore -- are not working for you anymore. Now, do not -- now, do not panic. It is God doing it to you. It is not Satan. He wants to give you a new weapon. He is taking your weapon away from you.

Brethren, your carnal mind is a weapon because we are living in a spiritual jungle here, and you cannot survive without a weapon. You have a weapon; it is a sword. Your carnal mind is your sword, but there is a new weapon that wants to be your weapon. This weapon has a mind of its own, and He wants to be your weapon. His name is Christ, and He is taking your weapon away from you because He wants to be your weapon. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?

He -- and so the way He is doing it is by -- He is making your -- the weapon of your carnal mind powerless. He is dulling the edge of your sword. You cannot get things accomplished that way anymore, and it is just human, brethren, to not be willing to switch over to the weapon of Christ. It is human. I will tell you why. It is human because you have been using the sword of your carnal mind all your life, and you are good at it. You are good at getting things done by running your mouth and bullying people and giving them little digs and whatever your thing is. Whatever your thing is, that is how you have been doing it all your life, and it has worked for you.

And now the Lord says to you, “Here, I have a new sword for you that you have never saw [sic] before, that even if you could understand the instruction I am giving you here, you have no practice with it. You have no experience with it.” Who in their right mind would lay down a weapon that they are an expert with and pick up a weapon that they do not know the first thing about, that is not proven? No one in their right mind is going to do it -- no fallen man anyway is going to do it. So the Lord is dulling the edge of the sword of our carnal mind. I see it in the Spirit -- little chips going in the edge of it. It is becoming worthless, brethren.

Old things are passing away, and, you see, it is a blessing of God that He is ruining the sword of your carnal mind because the way the world is today, you can get your needs met -- or men can get their needs met either with the carnal mind or with Christ. Both way -- both swords are available to us, but in the very near future no one will be able to accomplish anything with the sword of their carnal mind, and there will be people in the Earth who will have not received this instruction or who will not even have Christ, and they will be defenseless. I have been preaching that a lot. There will be a measure of society which will be defenseless when it comes to the demonic assault and onslaught that is coming upon this Earth. Many will die. Some by the grace of God will find their way under the protection of some son of God somewhere.

So if that helps you any -- because it is painful having your weapon ruined. Why? Because your weapon is growing out of your heart, and God is chipping away at it and ruining it and breaking it, and you are feeling it when He is doing it to you. So I do not know about you, but the truth really sets me free. It really makes it tolerable for me.

This revelation makes -- what I have been going through and what I am going through, it makes it tolerable. I do not think it would be tolerable without this information, for me, because I have a vision of what God is doing and what it is all about. If I did not have this vision, I would say, who would even -- you know, you could get -- you could get suicidal over this constant warfare, constant torment, constant turmoil, constant pain, but I see the growth in myself. I see it, and I am going through because I did not come this far to turn around now. I want to -- I want to see full stature.

You see, if I am in a place now where I can hear a clear voice of Christ whe- -- in direct opposition to the sin in my emotions, I know -- I do not know how long it is going to take, a month, six months, a year -- I see the change from last year to this year, and I know if it takes another year or two, which I doubt very much -- six months to a year, absolutely tops, maybe six months -- I know that that clear-sounding voice which is strongly opposing the sin in my emotions is going to have much more dominion over my emotions than it has now. Right now, I am in a vicious battle. I cannot think of any way to describe the battle I am in other than vicious, but as Christ gets stronger, it is going to get easier and easier and easier, and I shall live to see the day that the Scripture shall be made real unto me.

Sin shall not have dominion over you. See, it is nice to stand there and quote it; it has to happen to you. So I see it happening to me, and, I am telling you, I just take it a minute at a time, an hour at a time, a day at a time because I got the vision, and I am going through it. I want this thing. I have been in this war for years. I want to see this thing. I want to see the Lord Jesus Christ. I want to see Him appear in me in the form of His son Christ Jesus. I want the whole thing. I want the spoils of this war. I want the victory. I want double for my shame. What is double? Double -- the double portion for all the shame that you have experienced in this -- all of this humiliation that we have experienced at the hands of Satan. The double portion, which is Christ, will cover over all my sins. I want to see this thing happen.


-- this wonderful preacher. This message, I thank God for it, but I want to be able to say to everybody, not only am I preaching it, this is that which you have heard preached, and this is the miracle-working power that grows out of a human being in which Christ has arisen to such a place of ascendancy that her sins are covered over. I want to experience it. Brethren, I am not preaching something I do not believe. I believe it. I hope that my faith catches you because I believe it. I believe it, and I fully expect to experience it.

Anybody else?


All right. My husband and I have been married 37 years, and I gave him a call the other -- last month just saying about -- I pointed out all your faults. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] really a joke between us because that is what has been going on in the past six months, but the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] after that. But, at any rate, I really just wanted to talk about -- I had given him a wedding ring about five years ago because his first one had gotten too small on his hand, and two weeks ago he lost his wedding ring. He was doing something with the lawn. He was devastated by it. I mean, I thought it was joke, but he was really disturbed by it, and yesterday there was -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] been a tremendous change in him, and yesterday there was a tremendous about-face in his attitude, the way he is behaving and things like that.

And today I went to a jeweler, and I brought my husband’s old ring, when we got married, and I gave it to the jeweler, and he took it and he instantly widened it so I could bring it home to him. We had gone to jewelers several times during the week, and they told us you had to pay $75 for this and something for this, or something like that -- a lot of money, but the Lord saw fit -- it seemed like he walked in obedience, and the Lord blessed today. And I was -- to me it meant something very, very special, and he was quite surprised. It was like a gift --


-- from God, walking in obedience.


Well, it is actually three small dreams, and -- I do not think this thing is on [INAUDIBLE] feedback.

Charlie [SP], [INAUDIBLE]

[INAUDIBLE] OK. The first dream --

You sure it is on?

Yeah. The first dream -- I do not know. It was so dumb. I was living in Somalia. OK, all I could remember before --

In Somalia?

Yeah. Before this was that I heard the president’s speech about how he was going to send the troops in and all of that, so I guess that stuck in my mind from there, but I think even though all these things are, like, coincidental and whatever, this has got to mean something.

My best friend Michelle was at this party that they were giving me, and I was crying because I was leaving them. And my husband told me to pack his clothes, and I packed his clothes, but all I could remember seeing is his clothes on the floor and not in a suitcase. And I cr- -- was crying, and I was actually crying -- I have never done this before in my life -- so hard that I was crying out loud consciously, in my dream and out loud. I cried so loud I woke myself up. And I kept saying --

You were really -- you were really crying?

Yes, --


-- and I kept saying this is breaking my heart.

To go to Somalia, it was breaking your --

No, to leave.

Well, who were you leaving?

I was leaving everybody -- my family, my friends, everybody. My world was there, --


-- and I was leaving to go I do not know where.

Hmm, OK. That is the whole thing?

That is the whole thing. So I cried and I woke up.

I thought you said -- I thought you said -- I thought you said it was three dreams.

There is [sic] three dreams. You want me to say the other ones?

Oh. OK, let me -- well, if you do not mind, I would like to hear all three of them and then go back to this one.

OK. There was this guy that I knew -- personally, from what I can remember, he was -- he was a friend of mine, but for some reason he seemed like he was an angel. And -- I used to live in this apartment, and it was on a split-level ranch, OK, and half of the building -- the third level was half underground and half aboveground. So I could look out my window and actually see the dirt eye-level, OK.

And I was standing in my kitchen -- well, first I was talking to him, and he told me that I should get out of the darkness and that I should go into the light and that I will find joy there and stuff like that. I cannot remember the whole thing, but what happened was he -- like, I could feel his love for me, but it was not -- like, he was in love with me, but he did not kiss me and it was not physical or anything like that. And he said to me that he was going to talk to my husband.

So he went and he talked to my husband, but they were outside, and I was inside still looking at the grass. I could see the grass out the window in the sunshine, and I was still in the darkness. Now, he talked to my husband. I do not know what he said, but I knew that they were standing there, and they were talking, and that was the end of that dream. They are all short.


Now, the last dream was the most bizarre of all because me and my two friends were walking along, and it seemed like it was all dirt. I could just see dirt and, you know, like, dust -- a lot of dust. And we were walking along, and her brother went to a rock concert. Now, I know this guy, but I know it is not supposed to be him. Something happened where somebody beat him up or something, and he was covered from head to toe with cuts and abrasions, like, they -- like there was pebbles in his skin. Like, I do not know, like, they say road rash, when you get into an accident with a motorcycle. Well, that is what it was like.

Now, who was this again? My mind wandered on me. Could you back up a little?

This was my friend’s brother.

Your friend’s brother, OK.

And, for some reason -- they told me that he had a cut over his eye and that he was bleeding and everything, and we carried him home. Now, for some reason I, like, was there for him, and I helped him, and I was kissing him and hugging him and loving him like he was my husband -- for some reason, I do not know why -- and he was all well. He had no sores, no abrasions, and it was -- I do not understand this.


It just blows my mind. To me, it seems carnal, and I do not know if it is or not.

No. That is a nice one. We will start with the first one though. Well, it sounds to me like the Lord is telling you that you are called to what I was preaching about tonight. Somalia is a combination of a goodwill effort to feed the starving and warfare, OK. So to -- what that says to me is -- well, the ones are going to be feeding the starving are the Sons of God, OK, but the people are being victimized by the warlords. So there has got to be a war in order for you to really help the people, and that sounds to me like you are called to this experience. You are called to war with your own soul, and that Christ is going to be appearing in you.

And whenever God calls you to a high calling like that, there is always a separation. Now, it is not the same in everybody’s life, but there is always a separation. Now, that does not mean you are physically leaving your husband, OK. I do not know what it means, but my counsel to everybody is always take the most positive attitude until such time, should it happen, that the Lord tells you otherwise. I do not know what is going to happen, OK, but when God calls you to full stature, it -- He is calling you to a total commitment, and it could just be an attitude of your mind. It could merely -- I do not know. I do not want -- I do not want to say anything that is going to upset you, OK, but there is total separation; it could be an attitude of your mind.

Like, I see -- if you do not mind, Mary, I would like to use you for an example. I see it -- if you want to see natural example, I see it in Mary. Now, she has certainly not left her husband or her family. She is very involved with her husband and her family, but when God calls her, she goes, and over great protest she goes. And the reason I am using Mary is that her husband hinders her. I know that Sealy [SP] pretty much goes, you know, whenever she wants to, but she does not have the opposition that Mary has, and that is why I am taking Mary as the example, OK. She knows that when her God call- --


When it comes to a choice between obeying God or obeying her husband, it then becomes righteous to disobey your husband. If he has given you that kind of trouble that she has experienced, you have got to obey God. So in that sense she has left everything. OK, so it may be only that, OK.

And you were being given a party, a going away party? Well, we know that the Lord -- you know, He just typifies the gathering -- the assembly of the saints.

I forgot one important part.

Oh, yeah, what’s that?

We were going to fly.

You were going to fly. Well, flying is the method of travel that usually in dreams implies spiritual travel, OK, and there is really very little doubt in my mind at all that the Lord has called you to full stature, but I have told -- been telling you that for a long time, but that is what this dream is saying. You are called to this end-time experience, and there will be a separation.

Now, this party, I am not too sure what that would mean other than that it is a -- it is a scriptural symbol that when the -- when the saints are assembled, the Lord describes it as a -- as a party, you know, an in-gathering, you know.

And the crying, it is a change, Tracy [SP]. It is -- there is going to have to be something given up -- I do not what -- whatever. There is always- -- because when you go from one life to the other, there is always something that is left behind. There has to be some -- I do not -- I do not want to say anything to you that is going to upset you because I do not what God is doing with you, but there is always some measure of sacrifice involved. So since there were tears in your dream, I really would have to say there has to be some measure of sacrifice, but nothing that you could not bear, and God has really called you. You got a very strong call on your life. So that was the first dream.

Now, the second dream, you were in this basement apartment where the window was right on the grass, and the angel appeared to you and told you to come out of the darkness into the light. So that is a second witness you are being called out of your carnality into the light, which is Christ, OK. And you were half underground -- half buried underneath the earth of your soul and your body, but you were high enough up that you could at least see the light, and grass typifies spiritual life. So you had a vision at the time that the angel spoke to you. Well, you have a vision now. You have a vision, and the angel was going to speak to your husband. Now, I would imagine it must have something to do with this call on your life.

Now, please, do not go jumping to any conclusions. Let us wait and see. You know, it may not even come to pass for a year or two, but, in any event, do not go jumping to any conclusions. Maybe the Lord -- the angels -- you know, the Lord is going to send the angel just to tell him to let up on you -- you know, stop giving you a hard time and stop breaking your heart and let you go. He does his thing. You know, he has got -- he is not the kind of man that is going to be sitting home --


-- helpless without you. He is out there doing his thing, right. What is he into these days? Is he si- -- he is not riding on fire engines anymore. Is he still bowling? OK, so he is into bowling. He is -- bowls for money, right? He is g- --


All right. So he is not -- you know, he can make it -- he can make it without you a few nights. Who knows, maybe you are going to be called travel, Tracy [SP]. Who knows, maybe you are going to be going back to Nigeria with me.

Those two dreams came in one -- at night. So I think [CROSSTALK] --


-- the one was by itself [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, maybe you are going to travel. You know, I do not know. Maybe you will have a baby someday, but maybe you want. I do not -- maybe you are going to be evangelizing for the Lord. I do not know. Anything is possible, but that is how I see the angel speaking to Tony. He is got to let you go, you know. So that was the end of that dream? OK.

And the third dream was your friend’s brother was in an accident and really wrecked, OK, and you were loving him like you would love your husband, but it was not sexual, you were saying, --


-- and he was completely healed. Well, that is really exciting to me because what that says to me is the ministry of the Son, which I have described many times here as the ministry of the empath.

And there is a “Star Trek” episode called “The Empath,” and she is an alien who has the ability to feel such compassion for someone -- and they had one of the members of the Star Trek crew hanging -- he had been tortured, and he was all f- -- bruised and half dead. And she felt such compassion for him that they show it -- all of his bruises appear on her, and then you see the -- I think it was the -- Dr. McCoy. I am not sure. All of his bruises disappeared. He is completely healed, and she is laying there all beat and wounded, and everything that was on McCoy is on her, and then she had the ability to heal herself. First she took it on, and then she healed herself.

And this is the ministry of the Son. We take on the wounds of the hurting people, and we love them with the love of Christ, and the reason it came up in your dream as hugging and kissing and loving as you would love your husband, but it was not sexual, is that this love of Christ, it is a love of the mind, --


-- you see, and it is -- and those of us that are called to this -- such a company, we are called to love every- -- the -- well, not everyone, but the ones that God sends us to -- to the hurting and the broken people to love them as we would love our own husband. We have to be careful because carnal people sometimes get messed up, and they think that it is -- they want -- that it is sexual.


It is not sexual. It is the love of God. It is a love of the mind, OK. So people who do not understand, especially if you are a young, attractive woman like you are, you are going to have some problems when God sends you to carnal people. Especially if He sends you to carnal men, they are not going to be able to comprehend that you could love them like this without it being something sexual. They cannot comprehend it because they are still carnal, you know, but that is -- but that dream, that is -- that is -- I have been saying that for years, that this ministry of the Son, it --

[INAUDIBLE] in a matter of five seconds [CROSSTALK] --



It is the ministry of the empath, yeah.

And he had stones in his back.

Well, stones in the Scripture typifies spirit. He had spiritual missiles in his back -- curses. That would typify heavy curses.


Yeah, curses.

Where are they?

That is this whole creation, heavily cursed.

And I did not even really do anything.

Just loved him.




Well, that is also the New Order Ministry. There is going to be less and less labor to do. Healing is coming through the love of God.


Yeah, and we -- once again, we see less and less the casting out of demons. Now, that is -- let me just put it on this tape again, anybody that says, “I am not going to be casting out demons anymore,” you are making a mistake. You have to do what God tells you to do. OK, it depends on where you are in Christ, and it depends on the person that you are ministering to, and it depends on what ministry they need, and you do not decide. The Lord Jesus Christ decides. So if they need a demon cast out of them, you cast the demon out of them, and if what they need is to experience the love of God to heal them, you love them. OK, so you have to get your instructions from the Lord.

We see some ministry, you know, in the church. They get a higher revelation, and they say, well, I am not casting out demons anymore. You cannot be making decisions like this. You have to do what the Lord tells you to do. You are still under tutors and governors, brethren. Until we are in full stature, we still need instruction.

Now, that is how you get in trouble, and I want to tell you that when you enter into this kind of ministry and God starts sending you His children to be healed at your hands, and your mind is competing with the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ as to how you are going to -- how you are going to help this person, that is a very serious business. The Lord is going to chasten you severely. You cannot be competing with Him when it comes to the children of the Kingdom. You have to minister to them what the Lord Jesus Christ tells you that they need.

Those were three nice dreams. So -- and, of course, you could take it on two levels. You could take it on a personal level, and it could also be taken on the -- as a word for the whole church that the -- you know, not the whole church, but the Called Company of Sons. It could be saying that we are about to take off. We are going to fly with the parties here, and we are ascending, and the second dream would be that the angel, which is Christ, is coming to speak to our husband, which is who? Who is our husband? Satan -- our husband is Satan, --


-- and He is coming to tell him to let us go, that he has to -- it is time to let us go. And the third clip was -- is the ministry of not only you, but of the whole Sonship Company -- the ministry to dying humanity, the ministry of the love of God healing through the administration of the love of God.

You see, I want to tell you something, casting out demons is good. I had a ball. I cast out demons four or five nights a week for five years. I enjoyed myself very much, but, I want to tell you, brethren, if you are honest -- you do not have to agree with me if you do not want to, but if you are honest, that whole ministry is rooted in pride because it is a very, very rare believer -- very rare -- that could honestly tell you, “I do nothing of myself, but it is Christ in me,” because I was there, and I was just as proud as anybody else.

It is part of the training. You think it is you, and you get all lifted up in pride, but when I was a child, I did what children do, but now that I am a man, I act like a man, and there is a mature way -- a more mature way to bring deliverance, although sometimes you may need the old way. But the ultimate deliverance is -- comes as a result of experiencing the love of God, but the love of God takes more than one form. Hallelujah. [?Amen.?]

It is mind-boggling to think that we might be -- in the very near future, we might be experiencing full stature, and then you think about it, and you say, well, boy, this must really be pride in me to think that this could be happening to me. But, brethren, it has to happen sooner or later, and it has to happen to somebody.

Can you imagine how the Hebrews must have felt at the time that Jesus appeared and He went walking past the shore, and He called P- -- you know, P- -- Simon Peter and all of tho- -- and Andrew and all of those. Do you think that they really were sitting around thinking that the Messiah would be appearing at that hour and that they would be His disciples? I do not think so. It has to happen -- it has to happen, and it has to be a group of people that it happens to, and if you cannot see that we are in preparation here, then you are blind. So if you know that you are in preparation, [?it was?] -- you have every reason to believe that it might be you. It is ve- -- it is mind-boggling to think that it might happen within the next year or so. It is just mind-boggling.


Hmm. It is true. It is -- I mean, the Lord is just announcing it and announcing it and announcing it. Of course, He could be announcing it, you know, for a couple of years before He does it. So even if it is two or three more years, I mean, what is that in view of what we are talking about here?

I just opened -- it was a period of a few days. Every time I opened the Scripture, I heard from the Lord. It was the same word -- full stature, full stature, full stature. It is all I am hearing. It is coming. “It is even already upon you,” saith the Lord. Oh, Jesus. Hallelujah. it is even already upon you.


Jesus. Jesus. Wow.


You know, I got a letter from Edith over in Nigeria.

Oh, did you?

Yeah, and I -- while you are saying all of this, she is coming into the -- you know, fighting the carnal mind, and she explained it in the letter. And I just feel that she is just so much a part of this group, you know, in looking forward to the full stature, you know. And I was so pleased to get the letter, and --

Yeah, how is she doing?

They are having a little trouble with the government there.

They are still having trouble?

Yeah. And they were supposed to have an election, but I do not think it worked out,


-- you know. So -- but just this -- she wa- -- she explained in one part of the letter about this fight about the -- you know, over the carnal mind, you know, --


-- and I just felt that she was part of this group that you are --


-- saying, you know.

Yeah, well, she is. You know, she and Margaret and --


So there is safety in obedience. So I praise God, and I apologize for being so late tonight. I got a little stuck.


Oh, really?

Yeah. I heard you in there.

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] testimonies [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I’m bubbling.

You have a testimony?


Oh, well, let us hear it. Let us hear it.

Oh. I was not --

I should have guessed it. I heard you making all that noise in there.

This was not even part of it, the things you just brought up. I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] a crockpot. My neighbor at the corner moved. We got a freezer from her, which my husband has been wanting for a long time, and a crockpot --

A freezer --

-- brand-new, not even out-of-the-box, used -- and, really, it is -- for my brother, it is wonderful. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] cooking the meals because he has no teeth, and I got to cook for him. Really wonderful.

And the Lord told me that I was not to put the money I had -- was trying to save for this walker, this machine -- because the doctors told me I cannot use the bicycle. I have to use a walker. My daughter just gave me a machine. It does not have the high on it, but I cannot use the high on it. It is perfect for what I want.

He -- and we needed a TV for the prayer room in there -- $5. My mother got one for $5 [?in a?] garage sale. I mean, my husband cannot believe how everything -- a rug -- nothing. Everything is nothing. No money whatsoever.


He cannot believe the way everything is just falling into place, but that is not even anything.

Yesterday I went to a wedding, and my husband did not want to go --

Take that woman’s picture [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

It is not really a good camera. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [CROSSTALK]

My husband did not to go to the wedding, and I just --


-- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- he did not. He did not go with me. And it was in Jericho, and I did not know where it was, and I am not very great at traveling. And I said, I do not care. I feel I am supposed to go, so I told him I was going by myself. The morning of the wedding, this couple, Pauline [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and her husband, they called me, and they said, we understand you are going to the wedding. We will pick you up. It was fine.

Do not tell me you witnessed to Pauline.

Oh, let me tell you -- let me tell you --

Oh, God!

-- it was a glorious day. Both her and her husband thanked me at the end of the trip.

Does she know you are still coming here?

Oh, yes. I spoke about the ministry -- not the ministry, the doctrines. She asked me for your tape list. She wants --

You are kidding!

-- to hear tapes.

What happened to her?

Her husband thanked me for this. Well, let me tell you what the Lord did during the course of the day.

[CROSSTALK] excuse me.

Yes. Let me tell you what the Lord did during the course of the day. There was construction on the road there by Jericho. It was so bad that the mother of the groom got lost, and her family, they could not even take pictures with the bride and all that because there was such confusion and -- with the detours and things like that. And they wound up going to the reception hall, and they wound up taking pictures -- taking time out on the reception.

And if it were not for Peter and Pauline, I probably would have gotten involved in that whole chaos, but the Lord saw fit to make a way for me, A to Z, with no problems, and I thank you for it, Lord God.


-- the reception hall, and we were in there for about an hour or so, and the mother of the bride came up to me, and she said, “The video man is in such pain that he says he cannot go on,” and she said, “I asked him if he would receive prayer, and he said yes.” So she brought him over to me.

Now, there is people all around. There is no corner to hide in. There is a table here, and what you do? You pray. I laid hands on him, and I said, Father, heal him, and I wound up -- for some reason, I broke family line curses, ungodly soul ties. Two minutes -- all of two minutes is all I prayed. I did not feel a thing, and he did not say nothing.

New Order anointing; you did not feel a thing.

I did not feel a thing, and he just said -- he says,“I feel better.” That is all he said. I do not even know if this man is Christian. Know nothing about him. Never saw him before. Half-hour later, he came up to me, and he said, “When you prayed for me,” he says, “I felt such a burning go up and down my back.” He says -- he is Germ- -- I could hear his accent. This is the first time I heard him talk. He had a German accent. He says, “I have family from Germany, and we were supposed to go out tonight,” and he says, “I did not see how I could do it,” he says, “but I know I can do it now.”

Praise God.

Now, I know he was still feeling it [UNINTELLIGIBLE] could still feel it. He says, “I know that I am able to do it now.”

So I was ju- -- then another girl sitting beside me, I could feel her pain -- a young girl. She was there without her husband, and she started telling me. Her soul was so burdened to the point of depression -- deep depression, and she just poured her heart out, and Pauline and Peter were watching all this going on. That wedding went so fast I could not believe it. Wound up praying for her. She wants my book. She has got my telephone number for her to call. It was a complete day --


-- of ministry.

05/05/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion

05/26/15 1st Edit CAS/BP

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