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I would just like to praise the Lord for a new piece of furniture -- and not just for a piece of furniture but for the whole way that it came to pass. Our Lord never ceases to amaze me. He spoke to me. He told me to buy a sleeper couch.


            [INAUDIBLE] [?God.?]


And Rita noticed that one was -- well, I put the word out, and Celie [SP] let me know about something in her area. I was going to ride out to take a look at it, but I felt God telling me it was not of Him so not to make the trip, and a couple of days later, Rita saw something -- excuse me, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?listed under?] a garage sale, and I took a look at it, and I saw in that same page was a -- there was one in [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and one in [UNINTELLIGIBLE], so I had them both marked off, and the next day, I said, well, I will go to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] first because it is close, and if that is no good, I will go to [UNINTELLIGIBLE], and then I really had no idea how I was going to get it -- who was going to --




-- do the labor, was going to deliver it. I did not know who was going to provide a truck. But I just followed my nose. As I tell you all the time, when it comes to the things of the Spirit, it is the exact opposite of the things in the natural. When I was a natural person, I had everything planned. I had plans for the next five or 10 years I had plan- -- I was a planner. It was very difficult for me to come to the place in the Spirit where I am because I cannot plan anything. I have plans, but God can change your plans, and you will not -- so you just follow your nose; you just do it at a step at a time.


And I went out to [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. It was late; I got there at five [?or?of?] 10 after 9, and there were [?oodles?] of cars there, and there was one truck and backed up into the driveway and was loading up his truck, and I said, oh, Lord, I am really sorry that I was late. If this is for us, please do not let anyone else take it, and when I walked out, of course I did not know what color it was going to be. See, I know a little bit about God, and I know that He would not want me to put a purple couch in this room. He does not do that. He does not do that. You may not get exactly what you want, but He does honor things such as color schemes in a household. He really does. If that couch would have been purple, [?it?I?] would have walked right away; it would have been a clear sign to me that it was not His gift to us.




So I got there, and no one had looked at it yet, and I took a look at the color, and I said, hmm, right color, and it looks like new, and they opened it for me. The woman selling it was a woman in her 60s, I would say, who was selling all of her household furnishings and moving in with her daughter and her son-in-law, so she told me that this was kept in her den; it was for company; it was hardly ever used, and it looks like it was hardly ever used, and I had a set figure in my mind that I would not go over, and when I asked her how much it was, it was half of my maximum [?allotment?], so I said, well, I am not going to argue that. And the night -- the day before I had -- see, when you try to do things in your own [?strength?], they never get done. I said, well, who is going to move this couch for me? And right away, I thought [UNINTELLIGIBLE] because he really helped me -- you know, he has helped me a lot over the years, and he lives right out there in Rocky Point, and so I called Peter and Hazel, and no one answered the phone, and I hung up, and I said, well, I really did not ask God. I said, well, who do You want to move this couch? And I still did not know [?where?] it was coming [?from?]. And I [INAUDIBLE], so I called up [INAUDIBLE] [?phone?] and asked him if he would be available Saturday morning, got so many sons and grandsons [INAUDIBLE] figured somebody would be floating around there Saturday morning, so he said OK, and he was kind enough to just be [?on call?] [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. I said, I will call you as soon as I know whether [INAUDIBLE]. And the lady of the house let me use her telephone, and I just -- everything just went very smoothly, and they picked it up, and they delivered it, and it is really nice. I am really happy with it. I am happy with the color; I am happy with the couch [INAUDIBLE] and it is just a blessing all around. I just know that it was the Lord, and I just feel at this point that the house is just packed to its absolute maximum, and I would be very surprised if we [INAUDIBLE] I would be very surprised. There is just no more place to expand; there is just no more place to go.


And I think that I was living in this apartment by myself. I wanted to move out for two years; I wanted to move out. I said, Lord, this is a ridiculous waste of money living here by myself. I could live in a studio. I do not need this place. And He would not let me move. So He had this plan all along. And the place is very lived in. So we will see where we go from here. But for now I just have a real peace on me that makes me feel really good to know that God is so real in my life, that He can tell me to make a purchase and that -- then show me where to buy it, and then -- that is the sign for those of you that do not have this revelation in your heart, a sign that it is God, that what you are doing is God, is that every door opens, every door opens, every need is met, everything goes smoothly. If you are hindered on every turn, then something is wrong. It is not like -- well, it -- well, it is not likely that it is God. It could be that it is God, and you got some [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [INAUDIBLE] and -- but by and large, it is most likely God hindering you because if He wants you to do something or go somewhere, the doors just swing wide open, but they are spiritual doors. And we [?spiritualize?] to discern them. You need to hear testimonies like this, and you need practice like this because you need to understand how to function in the realm of the spirit because as we said in the last meeting, it is like jumping into the water. If you do not know how to swim, you are going to drown. So you really need to hear these testimonies; they are very important; they are very important.


So I am just praising God at this beautiful anointing here tonight, and there has been a lot of revelation coming down. The Lord told me today that He is going to increase my discernment, and that sounds exciting every time God wants to give you a gift; it is very exciting, but you need to know that [?what?] discernment opens your spiritual eyes, and when your spiritual eyes open, what do you see? Do you see angels?




What do you see?                  




You see sin. You see sin. So, when I first got the word that I was going to receive the gift of the [?sermon?], I expected to see little men, you know, sitting around the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] of the trees, but I did not see that. I saw -- began to see sin in the hearts of men. And once I started to see that sin, the Lord started to show me how to deal with what I was seeing in Christ without being guilty of sin in myself, and it has been quite an education, and now He is opening my eyes even further, and I do not like what I am seeing, and what I -- I have already told Him; I do not like what [?You?He?] showed me is [?at the study?] this afternoon; it was very ugly, but the bottom line is that this is Hell, and there is a veil over our eyes. It is the scriptural principle; the Bible says that there is a veil over whose eyes? Does anybody know who has a veil over their eyes?








The Jews have a veil over their eyes. And that veil is blocking them from seeing whom?




Christ. OK. So, all of the pe- -- most of the people in this world, of humanity, we have a veil over our eyes because this is Hell, and if we saw the spiritual reality of where we are, even though we have [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- [?yeah,?] I mean, this is just a beautiful home; I thank God every day that I can live in a place like this, and it is a shelter from the storm, and there is food to eat, and it is warm in the wintertime, and it is cool in the summertime, and it is [?pleasant for God?]. What more could you look -- could you ask for? So a lot of people that have a blessing such as this, they really cannot see --




-- the spiritual reality of the fact that we are dwelling in Hell. There is some people who are in a deeper Hell than others, and we ha- -- the guy that is out there sleeping on the street, you know, with a needle in his arm, he is in a deeper Hell than I am, but nevertheless, I am in Hell also, and those of us that have it [?soft?] are in greater danger of not getting out because we cannot even acknowledge where we are, and you cannot get out till you acknowledge where you are, so everything seems to be a contradiction, but nevertheless, when the Lord opens your eyes and you start to see where we really are -- [?all?] I can think about are these horror movies with these aliens walking around -- there was a TV series once where there were these aliens walking around and they looked human, but if you scraped their face, the plastic came off [?your?their?] face, and they were reptilian underneath. Remember that TV series?


            "Alienation" [UNINTELLIGIBLE]


"Aliena-" -- maybe it was "Alienation," yeah, and that is what I feel like. Sometimes I feel like I must be losing it, you know, but there is a truth to it that behind the way we look there is something called the beast.




And the word of the hour is He is going to be revealing Himself very soon, and it is going to be a small group of people that typify David in the Scripture, are going to take on [INAUDIBLE].


And since I am a coward from birth, I am really not thrilled at what I saw today, but just go for it [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you just go for it. I remember the day I sat on that couch, and the Lord said to me, I do not even know what He wanted me to do. I cannot even remember what He wanted me to do, but He said, Sheila, if you do not fight, I am going to leave you for carrion on the Banks of the Jordan, and carrion means dead meat that the fowls flock at like vultures. I said, no, You did not say that to me, [?but?] He could not have possibly said that to me. He said, I said it to you, so I am more afraid of the Lord than I am of anything else, so we will just go forward; if I get killed, I get killed. That is [INAUDIBLE]


But actually we are living in a very exciting hour because the end of the ages are upon us. Is not that what Paul said? The ends of the ages are upon us. Everything that is happening from the beginning of time until now is coming to a peak, and that peak is a battle, a major battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, and these forces dwell in the minds of -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- and when this peak manifests, every human being on the face of the earth will be given over either to the forces of darkness or to the forces of light. You see, right now, we are half and half. Now, there is a whole world full of people that do not even know what is going on, and they are leading decent lives; they are not in [?Heaven?Hell?], but it is coming to a climax, and you are going to have to be either with Christ or against Him.


So we are very blessed because at least we have the opportunity to be prepared. There are thousands of people that do not have an opportunity to be prepared. Can you imagine having no spiritual preparation at all and being faced with Godzilla? I mean, I think of all of these horror movies that I have seen over the years, and we are going to be seeing something like that, but at least those of us who have this invitation --




[INAUDIBLE] so praise the Lord. I am praising the Lord, and I know that He has not chosen me for anything that I have done because as I told you, I was a coward from birth; there is no question about it, and the Bible clearly states that He is using the weak things of this world, and He is going to confound the wisdom of men, and it is really going to be something to see.


So, anybody who is afraid, you have to rebuke fear because as Winston Churchill said, we have nothing to fear but?


            Fear itself.


Fear itself. So go for it; go for it; it is really going to be glorious, and I just feel a very high anointing here [?today?tonight?], and -- I guess I will share with you what He was telling me today.




I remember when I was a young disciple; I was speaking to a woman in my church who had been involved in witchcraft, and she was talking about witches coming into the church, and I said to her at the time, well, you know, that is really ridiculous. Well, you know why are these -- why would these witches be coming into the church? What do they want with us? They are there; they are doing their thing. You know, what do witches do? Well, maybe they are making some love potions, you know? Well, maybe they want power. I hear that they cast their spells to get jobs, to get money, to get wealth. Well, I could live with that, you know? And that does not bother me. They can use their power for all that stuff. And I said to this woman, you know, why would they be coming into the church? I do not think you know what you are talking about, and I do not think we are going to be having any problems with witches coming into the church because I cannot imagine what they would want with us.


And I guess that is a really nice escapist attitude because the Lord is showing me what they would want with us, and it just never occurred to me -- although I have read it in books and I have seen shows about it; I guess I just did not want to believe it, that witches go out -- they recruit people; they recruit people into their ranks. They evangelize. They seduce people into their ranks. I could never really comprehend it. I guess it was denial, you know? And the Lord was showing me today that what is happening in this hour is that they are definitely evangelizing and recruiting people, and what they are doing is gathering together an army of spiritual power, and they are looking for people that have spiritual potential, and they want these people ar- -- in their armies. They want that spiritual power being used for Satan, and even that, I could not [?receive?see?] because I say, well, what does Satan want with all that stuff, you know? It does not really make any sense. But the Lord showed me very clearly today that this human race, there is a potential, which I preach it all the time, for the expression of one spirit or another. And that as this living soul matures, the potential to exercise spiritual power is going to severely increase in the very near future, and that spiritual power, it has to be possessed by one spirit or another, and that these people that are in witches' covens, they know what they are doing, and they are gathering up people, and they want the life force in these people. Everybody has spiritual power, even the people who are not using it, have spiritual power; I have been preaching that here for a long time, and most people have it, and it is not harnessed; they do not direct it. They do not have control over it, so if they get mad -- if you get mad at somebody, and you have a lot of witchcraft, in your heritage, so the person gets a headache or something like that, but we know that in other parts of the world where they have developed this kind of power in Africa or in Asia that they can kill people with their mind when that potential is harnessed and practiced and directed, and the bottom line is that Satan wants the use of every mind of every human being on the face of the earth, and what the Lord told me today is that if He could do that, which I do not believe he could do it, the purpose behind it is to get the human race back to where it was before the -- God cursed us at the Tower of Babel, and I have known for a long time that it was some kind of witchcraft being practiced at the Tower of Babel. The Bible says that man was of one mind and one accord and that they were building a tower up to Heaven. Well, I know I was taught it is some kind of witchcraft. They were trying -- but I never really -- it was real to me, but God said to me, today, He said, the whole human race, they were as one man, and they were exercising spiritual power, and God, rather than wipe them out, divided them and set them at enmity one against the other to hinder them from doing what they were doing. They wanted to use these human vessels for ungodly purposes, and in this hour, the human race has multiplied, and there is billions and trillions of us, and what Satan is doing in this hour is trying to gather together power over everybody's mind to bring us back together. She is doing the same thing that the Lord is doing -- [?or?] does not the Scripture say that we are all being reconciled into one? All the -- all is being reconciled into one, the Body of Christ is coming together. Well, what Satan is trying to do is get the minds of men back in accord so that she can have full expression of herself through humanity. She is trying to do the same thing that Jesus is declaring He is doing. Who will possess the human race? And in this hour, it is half and half. It is half and half in each individual. Some people are living more for Christ than others. Some people are living more for Satan than others, but it is a mixture; the -- all of humanity is a mixture, but in the very near future, it will not be a mixture anymore, and Satan really thinks that she is going to be the one that is going to be possessing the creation. She thinks [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- she thinks it seriously. Does anybody remember why she thinks it? Why is she not frightened as she sees Christ arising on the horizon? Does anybody remember? Why is she not frightened? Well, she alread- --                               




You have an answer?


            [INAUDIBLE] [?from the beginning?].


She already killed him once; she already killed him once, and that event is known as the?


The fall of man.


The fall of man. She already did it once, but, you see, she does not understand -- I rebuke you -- She does not understand that the Christ that is arousing in this hour is a mature Christ as opposed to an immature Christ, and she is not going to be able to do it again, but she does not believe it.


So, that is what is happening, and it is very clear. It is in the Book of Revelation. I have been in severe denial; the Lord showed me today. I have been in severe denial. I -- despite everything that you have heard me preaching, I have been in severe denial about what is about to come to pass on this earth.


So, there are people who are active witches, that are walking in a lot of revelation, and they have acknowledged that what they want is the spiritual substance of men. Now, s- -- Rita said to me today, r- -- about a book that she was reading, about how they are going into the hospitals and laying hands on the people who are about to die and stealing their soul, and I said to the Lord, I said, well, what does that mean? In view of everything that we have taught here about the soul, that the soul that sins dies, that does not fit into my revelation, so if there is a mistake, that means I have to make an adjustment in what I am teaching, and what does that mean? And L- -- this is what the Lord said to me, and you need to know this. He said, it is just an error in terminology that comes from lack of knowledge. He said they are not stealing men's souls because the soul is dead. What they are stealing is the life force of the person, and it is not the soul that gives us existence. What gives us existence? What is the life force that gives us animation?


            The spirit.


The spirit, the spirit. OK. That life force that gives it -- well, this is not life. We are dead, but we have an existence that which gives us existence is our human spirit, and if you remember the teaching, I taught it recently, that the reason Eve, our human spirit, was kidnapped and stolen by Satan, was that he could not incarnate without her because Satan is soul -- you need spirit to incarnate; he is acting like a spirit -- it is a she, actually. She is acting like a spirit. She is like a woman doing everything that a man does, but she does not have the goods, so she had to steal the human spirit. She has no life force of her own. She had to steal the human spirit. And that is what they are dragging out of the people as they are dying before the spirit can return to the Father; they are capturing [?him?Him?].








Yeah, sure, just put it on the message, please.


She said that what happened was that they went into the room. She was at -- they were explaining, especially this one woman that was a Christian, and she had -- she got sick and had to go into the hospital, and that is how she found out. She did not know this was happening, that the Christian called in the Christian nurse, and she was lying there and saying what she asked her to explain what -- because a lot of them supposedly have hallucinations when they are in intensive care before they are dying, and so she started asking all of them what they were seeing, and they said that they were seeing demons in the room and that the head nurse who was into witchcraft was going into the room, and she found out through the woman that was a Christian -- her name was Pearl [SP] -- she said that the woman came into her and said, listen, do not struggle -- as she was dying. I guess everybody struggles for life, and that helps them in that hour is to struggle for -- to stay alive with their spirit, and so she was telling her do not struggle for your life because you can just reincarnate into the next life, and so with -- [?it said?] with or without the person's consent, she was laying hands on the person and doing some kind of a in- -- some kind of a chant and bringing powerful demons on her that was, you know, taking her life from her that was making her so she could not struggle to live and speeding up the death, and they would just die.


Well, that is interesting because those of you who may remember Howard Pittman's testimony, if you read his book, he said that as he was dying, when he was fighting for life, a very sweet, seductive voice said to him, it is all right; do not fight, and he thought it was God, but it was not. He found out it was not God -- he died, and the Lord brought him back from the dead.


So this is what is happening, and of course the Lord also brought back to my memory the movie that Celie [SP] brought in here about Santería, and in that movie there were a group of people who had hooked up with some witch doctors in Africa, you may recall, who this one particular witch doctor had somehow seduced this couple to turn their son over to him, and the boy was sick, and he was dying, and -- of course, it is all very demonic, but it is -- even though he was sickly and dying, they captured that life force, and this man who was doing this, he was -- do you remember the movie how ol- -- he was a couple of hundred years old?




He -- it was from Africa, was it not?




He was a couple hundred years old.


[INAUDIBLE] [?was a believer?].


That believes -- yeah, the man was a couple of hundred years old. You know, it is like the horror movies I used to see about the vampires, you know, where they would drain your blood, and they would be hundreds of years old; it is -- no, I used to watch "Dra- " -- when I was a kid I used to watch "Dracula." Horror movies were fun in those days; today they are not fun anymore. But this is the bottom line, you know; I just rebuke fear anywhere in this room; I just rebuke any form of manifestation. Brethren, when this thing becomes a reality, your being afraid is not going to do anything to help you, and this knowledge is going to help you, so I just rebuke fear and all forms of anxiety in the name of Jesus.


So that is what they are doing. They are out there, and they are doing it. I have been reading about it for years, but I have been saying, well, it is not going to touch me, and it is not going to come anywhere near me; I am a nice middle-class girl. I was born in the Bronx. [?Yeah.?]






            [INAUDIBLE] [?country girl?] [INAUDIBLE]


I have nothing to do with this junk, you know? So they are active -- there are witches' covens in this hour which are actively recruiting people who are not even aware of their potential for spiritual power. When God called me, OK, I had a very unusual conversion. I did not come in through a church. No Christian evangelized me. I got saved through a book. I was all by myself. And from the second I got converted, I think almost every witch in the area came out looking for me. I have a very unusual testimony. And I was temporarily overtaken. I did not -- I had no one counseling me. I did not know anything. And I got messed up -- I got messed up with a bunch of witches. It sounds like -- I am laughing now, but it was not funny. It really was not funny. And this one woman -- her name was Frances [SP]. This one -- I remember, she sent demons right into my house. I was living in a private house that had a mailbox down at the end of the driveway, and I came home from work one night, and I took this letter out of the mailbox, and I looked at it; it was from her, and it was vibrating in my hand, and I was so dumb. I mean, I was just so dumb that I walked in the house with it, and I brought a whole pack of trouble in the house with me, and -- God saved -- God delivered me, but it was something else.


Well, anyway, as I was going through this whole thing, someone came back to me and said to me, Frances [SP] said, about me, she has no idea how gifted she is. And I did not have any idea. I mean, now I know what she was talking about because I see what Christ has done with me, but at the time, I was half dead, barely surviving, trying to raise a very difficult 7-year-old child and half dead. I mean, the thought of being gifted, it did not even enter my mind.


So why am I telling you this? The witches are out there looking for people that have no idea what kind of spiritual riches are in them. OK? And they want those spiritual riches in their camp. They do not want those spiritual riches in Christ's camp. And they are subtle, and they are not telling you what their purposes are, so what is the answer? Stay close to Christ. Get your personal relationship with Jesus. Pray every day for Him to keep you close to Him and safe, to give you understanding and to give you wisdom and to raise you up in a true manifestation of Christ because that is our weapon; His name is Christ. There are two spiritual swords available to us: Christ or the?


            [INAUDIBLE] carnal mind. The carnal mind.


The carnal mind. There is only two. You can only develop one or the other sword, and you would not want to be without a weapon at all. Yeah?




If you put it on the message, please.


I just wanted to mention that that woman that was the Christian got real sick and had to leave the hospital, and I just wanted to mention that I know a lot of Christians think that -- think this way that, you know, o- -- course, we do not hear because we leave in coming into full stature and not dying, but she was feeling like it was maybe her time to just go, and she was so sick she wanted to just -- she was wanting the Lord to take her home, and it said right in that book that, you know, you got to really know, or you better start fighting against death, and I thought that was really good because what happened to her was it never dawned on her that the day she -- she had some kind of a sickness in her body anyway that was really kept under, and she was walking with the Lord and everything, and I guess the L- -- you know, she was, like -- but once she started coming against it, she started -- once she found out what was going on and that there was witches and there was a coven going on, and there was witchcraft in the hospital and -- where she was working, she started coming against that, and she was -- she caused such a ruckus in the spirit that one of the high priests was raised up to come against her, and as they came against her, her sickness that she had manifested so severely that she was dying. She had to go home from the hospital, and they asked her if she wanted to stay, and she said no thanks, and she got out of there and went home, and she called somebody to pray for her that came over, and this pastor happened to have discernment that said -- he goes, this is going to sound strange, but he said, have you had -- ever had anything to do with witches? And she -- it dawned on her that day, the Lord used that. She said, well, I have prayed against witches. He said, this is it. They have totally cursed you. You are dying. He said, do not give into this, because she was thinking, Lord, please take me home; I am in such pain, you know? She just wanted to get out of here. And he said, I know you are thinking you just want to, you know -- you just want to pass on, but he said, the Lord is saying, it is not time.


And so she, like, woke up to it, and she started rebuking it, and he went back and prayed, got the whole church to start praying for her, you know, and she came out of it. God raised her back up, so I thought that was interesting, you know, how some people are just ready to lay down and die, and there is a heavy, heavy battle going on; it is even making a person sick, you know?


Well, this is true; this is all true, and that is why it is really important that we understand this, that those of us that are moving on in Christ that have any kind of people depending on us at all, anybody that God has raised up for you to counsel or minister to in any way; if you fall prey to this and it is not God, they are going to slip away, and I want to tell you that when I went into the hospital, I had totally no understanding; I could not understand how God could let this happen to me. I thought that I had displeased Him in some way, and He had just turned me over, and I really did not expect to come out of the hospital, and I was so devastated thinking that I must have done something so bad that the Lord was healing all these people but He had chosen not to heal me that -- you may have heard this testimony, I was going to sleep every night saying, Lord, please, just let it -- I just do not want to suffer anymore; just let it be over, and every morning I would wake up, and I would open one eye, and I would see I was still alive. I am making a joke out of it, but I did that every morning. I opened up one eye, and I said, I do not believe it; He did not kill me yet.


So as I was going through this mess in my mind, someone -- I minister to a lot of people that do not come here, you know -- someone underneath me attempted suicide. You see, I did not attempt suicide, but it was in my head, and some weak person underneath me tried to kill themself [sic], and I will never forget that as long as I live, so I know that no matter what is coming against me, I fight not just for me but for all the people that are hanging onto me. You see, I am hanging onto Jesus. I got a whole mess of people hanging onto me, so that was just a second witness to what you said. The Lord had no intention of killing me; He had every intention of fulfilling his promise to me from 15 years before to heal me, and I came out of there, and I am healed. I just could not believe that He was healing me that way. This is -- so this is a tremendous example of getting a bondage in your mind of thinking that God has to do something the way that you are familiar with it. He does not have to do anything you think. He will do it any way he wants to.


So, that is the situation, as wild as it sounds. The Christians are out there giving out tracks, and the witches are out there capturing the life force of people, wherever they can, and the Lord [?quickened?] to me today, when I was in Africa, my first trip to Africa, I stood in front of Peter in Sybil's Fellowship, and I said to them, and I had no idea why I was saying it, which is not uncommon for me at all, and I said to them, have you ever heard of anybody -- because everybody in Africa knows about witchcraft; you will not find one person in Africa that will tell you there is no such thing as a demon or that there is no such thing as a witch doctor or that it is not possible to kill someone with your mind; no one would dispute that at all. They all know it is true. So I said, have you ever heard, of God raising up a man to go into the witch doctor's camp and cleaning it out? And [?there is?this?] one man, they said, no. Christians are always on the defensive. The witch doctor is coming for them. He is coming with the bowl of blood. He is coming with the charm. He is coming with the amulet, and they are saying, I rebuke you; Jesus save me. It has always been that way. And the Lord told me today; He said that was a prophetic word. I am raising up a cup; I need to go into the witches' coven and clean him out. I said, not me, Lord; I am out of here. If they cream me, they cream me, what can I tell you?


So, brethren, the mask is about to be pulled off, and it is about to be pulled off for all of humanity, and we are going to stand because at least we have this background, but I am going to tell you there is going to be people running down the street screaming their [?ever-loving?] heads off. If you think you saw people jumping out of the windows in the Great Depression, wait until you see what goes on here when the veil is pulled back. And people start to see what is really going on.


So, that was my word for today. I got a headache. I got a pain in my back. I got pains in my eyes. I think I was having an anxiety attack, but this is the way it is. No place to go but forward, there is no place to go but forward. Yeah?


This witchcraft you are speaking about, is this called the New Age movement where it has the resemblance of good -- goodness and godliness?


Yes, I am glad you said -- you asked that question. They looked good. This was how this whole thing started. I went before the Lord this morning, and something had come up about witchcraft recently, and I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord, I have some kind of a problem, you know, I look at people, and my first reaction is that I do not want to hurt anybody; that is my first reaction, you know, that people are both good and they are bad, and they are human, and they have wives, and they have families, and there are people depending on them, and you do not want to hurt anybody; what about their kids? You know, you do not want anyone to lose their job. What about their family? This is my first reaction, you know? Is not there any way you could stop them from doing what they are doing without really destroying all these people underneath them, all these innocent people, so that is my first reaction, and I went before the Lord, and He told me, Sheila, you know, He said to me, you are stumbling at their flesh. He said, you know how the Pharisees stumbled at Jesus' flesh? He says, you know how people stumble at the way you look, that they cannot -- they just do not know who you are; they cannot understand who you are; even if they get a revelation of it, they cannot walk in it; they just cannot believe that Christ is manifesting through you. He said, Sheila, you are stumbling at their flesh. You are looking at them; you see everyday people with jobs and families and human problems, and you are stumbling at their flesh, and I receive the Word, and I repented, and I asked the Lord to help me, and then when I -- that was when I got that word that He was going to increase my discernment, and I got this vision that I am telling you, my eye was twitching, pains in my eyes, pains in the back of my head, a sick feeling in my heart, and the whole time -- when I study I get very spiritual when I study, but I was seeing terrible things today. I was seeing terrible things today. [INAUDIBLE] people, and they are praying, you see? They are talking nice talk to you, and they are going home in their prayer closet, and they are praying, and their prayers are powerful, and they are controlling people's lives, and I was rebuked by the Lord this afternoon, that there was something that I had turned over to Him. I had said, Lord, I have no right in the natural to do this, so if You do not -- I am leaving it to You -- up -- it is up to You to hinder it if You do not want it. And after this whole thing that I went through today, the Lord said to me, uh-uh, it is up to you to hinder it in your prayer closet. And I was rebuked for letting something happen. I went to a place where I should not have gone. And I thought the Lord allowed it, but I did not pray adequately. And we should have never been there, and I was remiss, and I got all upset when God -- I had a severe nervous reaction when God told me that.




And I was remiss because I did not understand what was required of me, and so, praise the Lord.


Hearing what Rita had to say about somebody being in the hospital -- in the nursing home, there were two people, one woman, very elderly, in her 90s, being fed by tubes, in a lot of pain, in and out of the hospital. She had one leg amputated, another leg amputated, and I went over her -- to her, and I laid hands on her, and I rebuked anything that was interfering with the will of God. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] and today she was dead. [?It was?] too much, was hanging on -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?culminate anything else?], [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?come out -- two people is -- took place with the agony?]. Was there anything wrong in that, or -- because I did not believe that was godly? I thought there was actually a -- almost like a curse, like maybe somebody would be praying to hold onto their finances, [?coming in?], maybe people in the nursing home or whatnot, whatever it was, so I just rebuked any [?sight?] of prayer upon their heads.


Well, and that -- you cannot go wrong doing that.


            And I asked for God's will.


Cannot go wrong doing that. The danger is for all of us to pray our human will on people, which is for selfish motives. That is the danger.


So I have run full circle. I was in Old Order deliverance where I used to bind and loose, which I now teach you, you should not do, because it is controlling people's lives, and it is witchcraft, OK, and it is not that I change my mind. It is that as we are at different stages of maturity, different rules apply, and now after spending years binding and loosing and finding out that I was doing things that were wrong, that I was trying to control people's lives because I was afraid that I -- if someone was threatening me, I would bind witchcraft to preserve myself, that this is not acceptable to God, OK, and I found out how -- I was taught how to stand still and how to trust God and how to pray for God's protection while blessing people, and I went through a few years like that, and now the Lord is showing me -- and I mentioned this to you recently, that you can pray aggressively when you have a God-given authority over the person, and you are not praying your own decision on them; you cannot pray your own decision on them. OK, and I have been teaching you that here, and now the Lord is bringing me into a whole new realm where He is telling me -- and -- you see, now this is the danger. I hate -- I am afraid to teach you these things, but I have to -- this is the danger that you are going to hear what I say, and you are going to think that you are at that place of maturity, and act like I am acting [?on th-?] -- you are not there, so every -- and then you will be in sin, so everything you hear me say, you have to understand that you have to clearly ask the Lord if your heart has matured into Christ enough for you to start to do this. Do you understand what I am saying? Do you understand what I am saying? That the way we pray, there is different methods of praying depending on your spiritual maturity in Christ, OK, and what I am going to tell you now, I strongly recommend you do not do what I am doing now unless God has clearly confirmed to you that He has matured you to a place where you are not praying your own motives, where you are hearing from God enough that you really know what God's will is. Now we got a whole church world full of people that think they know what God's will is, and they do not -- they are praying their own motives. But when you get to a place where you really know what God's will is, and it is not likely to be over anybody other than someone that you know you have a God-ordained authority over, you can pray very aggressively, and this is what God is telling me now. For the people that He has given me authority over, if I see spiritual danger or what -- or unrighteousness, I -- He has given me deep authority -- it is a tremendous responsibility, tremendous responsibility. In other words, there are certain things that you see people doing that in the natural you do not have any authority to tell them not to do it, but you know that God has given you authority over them, and that outs- -- it goes -- it transcends natural authority, so you pray in your prayer closet in secret. Now if it is not God telling you to do it, you are controlling their lives, and it is witchcraft, but if God has given you a disciple to raise up, there are going to be times that this is going to be acceptable to God; that is what I am saying. But you better make sure it is God, or you are guilty of witchcraft.


I am just not very clear. Now, these people in the nursing home, with me, praying [UNINTELLIGIBLE] prayer -- and praying for the will of God in their lives, and I just prayed against any obstacle to the will of God.


That is a very safe way to pray. I call it praying negatively.


OK, I had a woman call me. She was having visions of a man that would visit their church from time to time and strong revelations that she was to marry this man, and she was praying positively, and she would say, Father, if it is of you, bring it to pass, and one year later, nothing had happened; the man would come into the church, and he was not paying any attention to her at all, and she was in torment because she thought she was going to marry this man, and she was waiting for this to happen for a whole year, and God had not done anything, but the picture was still in her mind. So she called me, shortly after she met me she called me, and I said to her, sister, you cannot pray positively in such a situation. You are praying, Father, if it is of you, bring it to pass, and it has not come to pass. He has not answered your prayer, but you are being tormented. You must pray negatively, and she had never heard of any such thing, so we prayed negatively. I said, Father, if this thing is not of you, I curse it right out of her life, and I prayed a pretty powerful prayer; it was short. She said, the next day, the picture was gone from her mind, and God exposed three people praying psychic prayers about her and this man, and she has not been bothered since. Praying negatively is very safe. It is very safe.


OK. I just -- I have a severe anxiety -- I am happy, but I have severe anxiety. I just rebuke this anxiety and all forms of fear about what is about to come upon the Earth and about what God is sending me into. I just repent of this anxiety, and I just ask that the Lord help me. And I just pray for Him that He is not scared half to death.


Father, please, just help us all. I rebuke fear, break curses of fear, and I just crush you, and I speak boldness in Christ. Give us a right mind and a right heart, Lord, for what we have to face. There are so few of us; there seem to be so many of them. It is the numbers that are threatening me too, you know, but you just cannot be threatened; you just cannot be. You know, we are hearing; we are in it, and we are up to our eyeballs, and just go for it.


04/01/15 Transcribed by VerbalFusion


04/10/15 1st Edit CAS/MJS


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