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I Timothy Chapter 2 verse 8 in the King James Translation. 


 I am just sort of sharing with you what the Lord showed me.  I have not looked up these words.  Let me read through Chapter 2 starting with verse 1 thru 7.  I exhort, therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks, be made for all men; For kings, and for all that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and honesty.  For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Saviour; Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.  For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus; Who gave himself a ransom for all, to be testified in due time.  Whereunto I am ordained a preacher, and an apostle, I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not; a teacher or the Gentiles in faith and verity.


Those are pretty heavy statements.  Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.  Then all of a sudden he says, starting with verse 8, I will therefore that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands, without wrath and doubting.  In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But, which becometh women professing godliness, with good works.  Now how could he go from such a deep teaching on Jesus Christ being our ransom, and Christ Jesus being the mediator between God and men?  Then he jumps to how women should comb their hair. 


Well, the Lord showed me something very interesting.  What he is really saying, what he is really talking about there, is the bridegroom company in the church, and the female company in the church.  We have a bridegroom company and we have a bride company in the church.  The only way anybody could tell the difference is by the discerning of spirits.  You have to get it from Christ.  This is what he is saying here.  This is a great mystery.  The church, by and large, is not aware of this.  They think that the men are in the pulpit.  If you are in a congregation that makes you the laity, and everyone else is the clergy, but God is not doing it that way in this hour.  He has a bridegroom company.  Some of them are in the pulpit, and some of them are not.  What makes you a part of the bridegroom company is that you have birth Christ, and he has joined himself to you, and that you teach, whether it is behind a desk or one to one.

I had a ministry of teaching one on one for several years before God raised up this ministry, and I was just as much a teacher in the fivefold ministry as I am now.  You do not have to have a room and a group of people sitting listening to you.  It is a spiritual thing.  You can be a teacher and be sent to one person.  It is all in accordance with the will of God.  You have got to get spiritual and get rid of this carnality.  We have to stop looking for natural things like microphones, and rooms, and male sexual organs.  There is a bridegroom company in the church today.  Those who are members of it are members of it because Christ has been birth in them, and is manifesting in them to the extent that when they teach, and when they give counsel, it is the word of the Lord coming forth to that person.


This ministry I had before was unseen.  Now I am seen and sitting behind a desk.  God would put me in a study and I would not know why.  As soon as I understand a particular area, sure enough someone would call me up and have a problem understanding that area.  I was totally prepared to help them.  That is a member of the bridegroom ministry.  There is no natural sign on it at all.  You have to be able to discern the anointing, and the word, and the wisdom of Jesus Christ that he sent you to that person to meet their need.  I am not going to go over this again, but the bride company in the church, according to this, are the ministries and the people in the church that do good works.   


The ministry, teaching, preaching, deliverance, healing is in the bridegroom.  Good works and ministries that give out food, where they minister to the people on the street, where they help you if you need help, whatever little things you need, that is the ministry of the bride church.  Can you hear this?  So if you see a church or a person, and they seem to have a valid ministry because you discern the Holy Spirit on them, you can tell whether they are in the bride or whether they are in the bridegroom by determining whether what God has given them to do falls in the category of teaching, preaching, healing, deliverance and ministering the wisdom of God.  If their ministry falls in that category, they are in the bridegroom company.  If their ministry involves going to prisons to minister to people, they are in the bride company.  I hope everybody here knows I am not putting anybody down.

Everything is important, and everybody who is in the bride, in due season, is raised up into the bridegroom.  You are not relegated there forever.  You could tell by your ministry where you are in Christ.  If you have a ministry to the prisons, if you have a ministry to other women to help them to live in peace with their husbands, or to help them to raise their children, or if you have a ministry to give clothing or food to the poor, or to assist in a medical clinic, where there is no supernatural healing, giving medical treatment to people, you are in the bride.  I personally have seen ministries compete with one another and say to them, well we are not supposed to be doing that.  You know we have to go out and bring deliverance to the world, and you want to go out there and give clothing to everybody.  That is ridiculous.  No, it is not ridiculous.  They are in the bride, and the other guy is in the bridegroom.


Let us go over these few words.  After this intense message in verse 1 thru 7, where Paul tells us that Jesus was given as a ransom and that all men should be saved, and there is only one mediator between God and man, all these wonderful things, all of a sudden he says in verse 8, I will therefore, that men pray everywhere, lifting up holy hands without wrath and doubting.  Now as I said, I have not looked up these words, but what is on my heart is that the hands typify ministry, healing, deliverance, teaching, preaching, and under certain circumstances, ministering the wisdom of God to the person.  Now a person in the bride company can minister the wisdom from the Scripture or minister the wisdom that she learned from someone in the bridegroom company. 


The difference between the wisdom that comes forth from the bridegroom company and the bride company is that in the bridegroom company it comes straight from the Christ in that person directly tailor made to the person you are ministering to.  If you are in the bride company, you can minister wisdom.  You may have heard or learned it someplace else, and it may be very valid for this person, but it is not coming forth at that instance specifically for that person that you are ministering to.  Did I make that clear?  Do you understand?


This is what is on my heart without looking up all the words; lift up holy hands.  Lift up the hands of ministry and they should be holy.  No imputed anointing here.  No healing the sick and casting out demons while you are committing adultery on the weekends.  If you want to be in the bridegroom company, lift up or activate or implement the ministry, healing, deliverance, teaching, preaching, and ministering the word of life in holiness.  It is an imparted anointing, and you must do it without wrath and doubting.  Do it without fighting with your brethren.  Do it without competing with other preachers. 

The Lord just gave this to me this second.  I did not know what that word doubting meant.  I have been telling you here for months now, as God moves me from the imputed to the imparting anointing, I found that when I pray for people, there is no excitation involved in it.  I do not get warm.  When I used to pray for people, I would feel heat.  I would get excited, I would speak in burst of tongues with great power, and I knew that the person was healed.  But what God is moving me into these last six to eight months is that when I pray for people, most of the time, ninety nine out of a hundred times, my prayers are not associated with this excitation there.  I am speaking like I speak now, and then the word comes back to me that they were healed. 


You really have to do it without doubting.  If God is bringing you to a place where your word has power without this excitation, you have to pray without doubting, knowing the authority that is in you to help these people.  This is the bridegroom company.  Now in verse 9 he says, in like manner, also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel.  Bride church, do not go out thinking that you have the authority of the man, because you do not.  Do not go out laying hands on people that God has not anointed you to heal.  Do not go out thinking that you can do anything you want without getting hurt, when God has not called you to it.  Do not think you can take on spiritual warfare that God has not called you to, because you are going to get hurt.


This is what you are called to, he says.  Keep modest apparel.  Cover yourself.  You are covered with the imputed anointing.  Do not get lifted up in pride and think that you have something that you do not.  Your covering is modest, and the shamefacedness and sobriety, I do not know what that means because I have not looked the words up.  What it says to my heart is just accept what God has given you, and do not go running ahead in pride trying to be something that you are not.  Do not go teaching on the Book of Revelation when you are not anointed to do it.  Do not go out telling the world that they are going to burn up in hell because you are preaching out of a book that you have no right to be in.  I am just touching on things as they come to my mind.

It says adorn yourselves in modest apparel, not with braided hair.  Now hair in the scripture typifies the Spirit of God.  As we studied in the Book of Revelation, the word used in the Book of Revelation is crown.  We found out that it really means the crown typified in the Book of Revelation is not the gold little hat that we see on the European monarchs, but it is more like the crowns that were used in Roman days of woven fig leaves.  That word crown implies a weaving together of leaves that impart strength by a weaving together.  He says do not braid your hair.  Do not weave your hair because if Christ has not yet been birth in you, and you weave your spirit, there is only one spirit you could weave it to.  If Christ is not there yet, you are joining yourself to Satan.


It is all over the Church world today.  They are out preaching false doctrines.  They are telling people that they are not healed because they have no faith.  They stand up there, and they pray over them, and the people are not healed.  I guess they do not really understand it, but on some level they must know they do not have any power.  Rather than admit they do not have any power, they condemn the people.  Do not braid your hair to Satan.  Do not braid your spirit to Satan.  If I have not given you power to heal, do not heal.  Do what the Lord has given you to do.  He says do not cover yourself with braided hair, with hair that is woven together with the spirit of Satan, or with gold, with a deity that is not there.  God typifies deity, and the deity is in the birth of Christ in you.


If you have not birth Christ, he is not there.  Do not cover yourself with something that you do not have because you are going to get hurt.  Or pearls. Now pearls in the scripture typifies wisdom.  Do not go around giving counsel to people if it is not coming forth from the Christ in you.  Somebody told me that they saw something in the Sally Raphael Show or the Oprah Winfrey Show, where they showed people that were trying to get out of cultist groups.  They had some people that came from deliverance churches.  This one woman gave a testimony that something had occurred.  I think a child was molested.  This was her testimony and I am not saying yea or nay.  The pastor stood in front of the church, and claimed that he had a word of knowledge, that there was a particular woman that molested this child.  He said it in front of the entire congregation with great strength.  He said he was so convinced that the Holy Spirit had told him that it was her, and that if she did not confess to it, he was going to put her out of the church, and she became convinced.


There was a time in my life where I thought that if I were put out of a deliverance church that I was in that I would never survive.  Maybe I would not have.  I do not know, but you can only survive with God.  Jesus will always help you.  She was convinced she would not survive, so she signed the paper that said she molested a child.  I do not remember any more of the details, but eventually she got out of the church.  Do not come forth with words of wisdom if it is not from the Spirit of Christ, brethren.          

It happens in the church all the time.  God just told me that there are three people here who are going to donate a thousand dollars.  Anybody ever hear that?  There are five people that are going to donate five hundred dollars each, and we will not go on with the service until you recognize who you are.  God never told them anything of the sort.  Do not confuse prophesy with words of wisdom if it is not from Christ in you.  This is what He is saying to the bride church.  There are things for you to do.  Stay in your place.  Do not use costly array.  I do not know what that means.


Verse 10.  But do that which becometh women, professing Godliness.  Adorn yourselves with good works.  Open the soup kitchens.  Give out the used clothing.  Give out Bibles.  If you want, give out tracts, if you feel that God has called you to do it, but do not take on the manifestations of the anointing when it is coming from the wrong spirit.  That is interesting.  Then he goes right on after that, and he says in verse 11, let the women learn in silence with all subjection.  Let the women with the bride church learn from the bridegroom, which she is not doing today, largely if not totally, because she does not recognize the bridegroom company.  She thinks the bridegroom company that is in the church today is in error and false doctrine. 


That is the word of the Lord to the bride church.  Learn in silence with all subjection to the bridegroom.  But I suffer not a woman to teach nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence, and the exact opposite is happening in the church world today.  She is teaching and she is usurping authority over the man.  She is not in silence.  She is condemning the bridegroom of Christ that is in the earth today.  For Adam was first formed, then Eve.  But Adam was not deceived, but the woman, being deceived, was in the transgression.  Notwithstanding, she shall be saved in childbearing.  Christ is going to be birth in her too, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. 


You too shall birth the Christ child and be raised up to a place of spiritual manhood.  Paul does not go into detail here, but obviously the Lord is going to have to do something in the church world today that is going to give the bride church a revelation that they are in rebellion against the bridegroom company.  I do not see how there is any hope at all that they can submit to Him if they do not believe that it is true.  He is going to have to do something.  What I believe He is going to do is that He is going to do something in His bridegroom company that is going to make it visible to the bride company that their husband, Christ Jesus, is manifesting in a group of believers.  Then if they do not submit, the Lord will deal with their rebellion.

This is what we are waiting for.  For those of you who are crying out to God about the apparent lacks in this ministry, they really are not lacks.  They appear to be lacks.  God in not doing anything in this ministry that is feeding our soul.  There is nothing in this ministry that is comforting our soul.  There is no music.  There is no bowling party.  There are no men for the single women.  There is nothing here that is comforting our soul.  The whole ministry that is coming forth to us is the ministry of the Spirit.  The anointed word is coming forth, Lord willing, most of the time.  I am not denying that I cannot have a bad night, but I personally believe that at least ninety-nine percent of what I tell you is straight from the Christ within.  It is falling upon your hearts.


If you have not birth Christ and this word falls upon your heart, it will birth Christ.  If you have already birth Christ, it is falling upon him as nourishment that will make him grow.  Then when you start speaking these words out to others, it is a sign to you and to those to whom you are ministering to, that he is appearing in you.  The ministry that is in Living Epistles is one hundred percent ministry of the Spirit.  There is nothing here of the soul.  Sometimes it is very painful.  God has not abandoned us.  He has not forsaken us.  He is stressing everything towards the development of our spirit, because He has a plan.  If you are here, I would venture to say that you are called to the bridegroom company.


He is moving at breakneck speed because the world is in a desperate condition.  This country is in a desperate condition and He is not letting us dance and sing.  He wants to come forth, in us, so that He can go out, in us, and save the world.  He is requiring a sacrifice of us, and it is a great hardship to everybody here.  To the best of my knowledge we all are in great pain.  We are in great pain, but every time I come before Him, He says John was on the island of Patmos.  He was in jail.  He was isolated and abandoned on an island to receive the deep revelation.  Paul was in jail under the authority of Rome.


I am sorry that I cannot be more encouraging to you, but apparently this kind of hardship to our soul assists in bringing forth spiritual growth.  God wants us to know this, hoping that it will make it a little more tolerable for us.  It has been very difficult for all of us.  It has been very difficult, but the truth will set you free.  As we are admonished in the Scripture, we are to continue and endure as good soldiers, and be faithful to the charge that has been given to us.  We are suffering, but we are called to a very high calling.  I just pray many many times throughout the day that God just brings us all through. 

Praise the Lord.  This is the Sealed Book, Part 3.  It is going to be in Revelation, Chapter 5, verses 9 thru 11.  I am going to recap Revelation, Chapter 5, verse 8, from the last meeting.  When Christ Jesus, the offspring of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, had taken possession of the remaining members of the living soul, the living creatures who had been raised to a higher spiritual power in the spiritual elders, in whom the government of God was operating, with the double witness of the Father and the Son, or the Spirit in the Word, utterly died to their soul lives and joined with the life of Christ within them.  Each and every one of them had a natural man as part of their spiritual being, whose evil nature had been covered over by Christ, leaving only the shell of the natural man, even the spiritual skeleton which gives form to the body and personality. 


They also had souls covered over with the deity of Jesus Christ, which were filled with the spiritual life of God, and they have ascended to a high spiritual state of being because they sacrificed their soul lives to God.  I would just like to emphasize that they ascended to a high state of spiritual being because they sacrificed their soul lives.  It was not because they cast all the demons out.  They sacrificed their soul lives.  They died and Christ appeared in them.  Part of the process that gets you to this point is cleansing your flesh of the filthiness in it, which is deliverance.  If you desire to attain to a high spiritual place, you can only do that by Christ appearing in you, and your soul utterly dying so that Christ can reign in your mind and in your life without hindrance.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.


We are in the Book of Revelation, Chapter 5, verse 9.  They sung a new song, saying, Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof; for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood out of every kindred, and tongue, and people, and nation.  I will tell you what I am trying to establish before I start speaking, so that you do not have to guess.  What I am suggesting to you is that the singing of the new song implies that the glorified man is producing a harmonious melodious sound.  You might recall from the last meeting that the Scripture talks about harps.  We determined that that word harp is really not an accurate translation.  The Scripture was really talking about the natural man and it describes the natural man as a stringed instrument that makes a stridulous harsh or rasping sound.

By using the words singing a new song, it is describing the glorified man.  Well, we have vocal cords.  Our vocal cords are strings inside of our throat, inside of our body.  The Scripture is using the expression singing a new song to express the fact that the glorified man is making a sound that results from vibration that is harmonious and melodious.  We have the natural man expressed as a stringed instrument that makes the harsh rasping sound and the spiritual or glorified man expressed as not so much as stringed instrument, but a human being whose vocal cords, which are the human string instrument, producing a melodious harmonious sound.  The reason that the Holy Spirit is describing men as a stringed instrument, whether it be an external instrument, which is the harp, or the vocal cords which is within us, is that spiritual life moves by a process known as vibration.  Spiritual life moves by a process known as vibration.       

If you are a natural man, you are still a form of spiritual life.  Your king of the spiritual life that rules in you is Satan.  He is vibrating forth through your soul, and manifesting in the natural realm.  The Scripture describes you as a harp.  The sound that you make, the behavior that manifests in your life when the spirit ruling in you is Satan, the Scripture describes as a harsh rasping stridulous sound.  But when Christ becomes the Spirit that rules in your life, and he vibrates forth through you, and comes forth from your mouth, when he vibrates past your vocal cords, or comes out of your mouth, it is a smooth harmonious melodious pleasing sound.  When you are a natural man, you are a negative, and when you are a spiritual man, you are positive.


For those of you who do not recall, I know I have said this before, the natural man is the negative part of the creation.  God is in the midst of making a creation.  We are partially created, and He has made the natural man first.  If you do not have Christ, you are negative.  If you have Christ, you are negative and positive, and moving towards the point in your creation that the negative aspect will be totally controlled or swallowed up by the positive, and you will produce only good things.  The Scripture describes those good things, good sounds, good words, that speak good things into existence; no more death, no more disease, no more pain, no more perversion.  The way the Scripture expresses a man who has been brought to the place that only good things come forth from his spiritual life, is that this man will sing a new song.  He will sing a new song.

Webster’s Dictionary says that the word sing means to produce musical tones by means of the voice, to utter words in musical tones, to relate or celebrate something in verse.  But most of all it means to produce musical or harmonious sounds.  Webster says that the word harmonious means having the parts agreeably related, marked by accord in sentiment or action.  I am suggesting to you that when each of us gets to this condition, our spiritual moral order will be in harmony.  We have had teachings on this, that our spiritual moral order is out of the correct order.  That is why man is dying.  We have likened it to a baby being born with his heart in the wrong place.  This has happened.  When the baby is born with his heart or his stomach in the wrong place, he dies.


Well sometimes mankind or men get confused because they see the human race going on for billions of years, but we are still dying, brethren.  If Jesus Christ does not intervene to the ultimate end of his purpose, through appearing in us totally, mankind shall be wiped out to a man.  We are dying because we are in the wrong moral order.  We are not harmonious.  I am suggesting to you that when Christ is birth in us, he is bringing each individual into their correct moral order.  When we are in our correct moral order, our relationship with Christ will be correct.  When our relationship with Christ is correct, our relationship with each other shall be correct.  There is no way anyone of us is going to get along with other people if we are not in submission to our God. 


We have to get right with God first, before there is any hope of us getting along with other people.  The world speaks of unity.  It is all over the news, but I declare to you, brethren, it is destined to failure.  Any attempt of man to bring the world into unity and peace and stop wars shall fail.  It is doomed to fail because the natural man, which is the negative aspect of the creation, is incapable of harmony and melodious sound.  That is the characteristic associated with the spiritual man that has come into correct moral order, and in whom Christ has appeared.  He will live in harmony.  Webster says that harmony means the combination of simultaneous musical notes in accord. 


Now accord is a combination of tones that blend together.  In other words, we do not all have to be making the same exact sound.  We could be making different sounds, but if they are designed to interact properly with one another, everything will still be okay.  In other words, we can have five people, and there could be something that we want to accomplish.  We want to build a house.  One person is carrying the wood.  One person is bringing the nails.  One person is bringing food so the others could eat, etc.  Everybody is working together.  Everybody knows their job.  Everybody is doing something differently.  One man is sawing.  One man is hammering.  One man is putting in the plumbing.  Another man is doing the electrical work.  Everybody is doing something different, but at the end of the day, if that is the Lord’s will, a house or whatever they are building will have been produced.

They will have worked harmoniously even they were doing different things.  This is what the Scripture likens to accord.  So the body of Christ is going to be a cord, likened to a musical chord.  We are not going to be robots.  We are going to be doing different things.  Our personalities are going to be different.  Christ will be appearing in them, but we are not going to be clones, all exactly alike.  We are going to complement one another.  We are going to be structured so that we get along.  Harmony is the structure of music with respect to the composition and progression of chords, everybody doing their own thing harmoniously.  It is also the sign of the structure relation and progression of course.  It means a pleasing arrangement of parts.


It also means an internal calm, tranquility, and an interweaving of different accounts into a single narrative.  In the body of Christ every member is going to be singing something different, but the end result will be they shall be so complimented, that when you listen with your ears it sounds like one sound.  It sounds like one sound.  Anybody here ever hear a barbershop quartet?  It sounds like one sound, but they all are singing something different, but it is a beautiful sound because even though each one is singing something different, it is designed to work together.  Well the members of the body of Christ are designed to work together without being exact replicas of each other.  When each member comes into correct moral order, and when the entire body of Christ comes into the correct moral order, we shall be making one sound.  We are going to be of one mind and of one accord.  This is the unity promised by the Bible.  There is no way it can be achieved in natural man.  Spiritually we will be making one sound with no more conflict.  Glory to God.  Hallelujah.

I am just reading my note here.  I think I told you all this already.  I am just reminding you that the natural man, when he speaks spiritually, it is considered noise.  We studied this on other tapes.  God calls the sound that the natural man makes noise, and he does not have the power to speak anything into existence that is positive.  He does have the power to speak destruction into existence.  But the redeemed man is going to have the power to speak life into existence.  He is going to have the power to sustain the creation that will appear as it is in the mind of Christ.  The natural man speaks death, murder, stealing, and rape.  This is what goes through his mind, and you look at the world around you, and it appears.  But when God has filled the earth with spiritual men it will be different.  Does anyone remember what the spiritual men are going to be thinking and saying that is going to produce the Godly creation?  Righteous and worthy art thou O Lord our God.  That is what they are going to be saying, and His righteousness shall appear in the earth of mankind. 


Alternate translation of the first quarter of Revelation 5, Chapter 9.  They sung a new song saying.  Alternate translation: And their structure, arrangement and relationship to one another produced tranquility and inner calm, and an interweaving in the correct moral order so that when they spoke their thoughts and words, they spoke their thoughts and words with so much in harmony that they sounded like a single melodious song, and this is what they said.  We are continuing in verse 9.  Thou art worthy to take the book and to open the seals thereof for thou wast slain.  Now thou art worthy to take the book.  We discussed this in prior verses.  The word worthy merely means suitable.  I remind you that the book refers to the many members of the living soul, with the exception of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  The book was engraved on the inside and on the outside with the life of Satan. 


The Lord told me something here that I did not realize, when I preached on this at the beginning of this chapter a couple of messages ago, about the seals on the book.  I remind you that the seals were protection.  They were marks of possession, and John was crying that there was nobody that was worthy to open the book.  I do not know about you, but I sort of thought that the seals were placed on the living soul by God.  But the Lord told me no, that the seals were placed on the living soul by Satan, because when natural man fell, God sold him under sin.  He sold him to Satan, and Satan is the prince of the power of the air.  He owned, and he was the king and the prince and the ruler of this world.  He had all authority over this world system, up until the time that Jesus Christ was given all power and authority.  I will get back to that in a second.  


He has sealed the living soul, and the requirement necessary to open the book is righteousness.  The only way to deliver mankind out of the grips of Satan is through righteousness.  Up until the time of Jesus Christ there was no one that could say I am without sin, you have nothing in me, and therefore I am going to take the victory over you, but Jesus Christ of Nazareth was manifested once in the end of the age to put away sin.  Therefore because he rose up in the power of the Spirit of Holiness, and brought his soul into submission to that Spirit of Holiness, thereby purifying it, he overcame Satan through righteousness and holiness.  Because he rose up in the power of the Spirit of Holiness, and brought his soul into submission to that Spirit of Holiness, thereby purifying it, he overcame Satan through righteousness and holiness, and therefore he is suitable to remove the seals from the book.

I remind you from our past teaching that removing the seals from the living soul involves judging the living soul.  To remove the seals, to remove Satan’s power from off of the living soul, what needs to be done is that somebody manifesting the righteousness of Jesus Christ has to go up to the individual members of the living soul and say you are in sin and I judge that sin, but because the righteousness of Jesus Christ is in me, the judgments that I execute upon you are going to raise you up to resurrection life.  Now no one can judge you and raise you up to resurrection life unless they are up there.  We cannot do it for each other.  That is why Jesus Christ is the only one who could do it.  In this hour he is pouring his Spirit out upon his first fruits company.  He is going to appear in a many membered man by the name of Christ Jesus, whom he is sending to the world to judge their sins, that they might die unto their soul life and live by the life of the Spirit.  Hallelujah.


I just have to back up a little.  I do not want anyone to lay hold of my words.  I want to clarify that I do believe that Jesus Christ has been given all authority, rule and power, but I remind you that that power has to be made manifest in natural man.  It is like saying to a king, you are a king, you have been made the king of Austria, but you are living in England.  Here is your crown, and here is your scepter, and here is a piece of paper that says you are King Joe.  It is not doing you any good until you get back to Austria and move into the palace, and have all of your subjects in submission to you.  In some cases, a king has tried to go in and take the land that was rightfully his, and he has been killed.  He had been killed by rebels or by citizens that do not want him.


Indeed Jesus Christ has told us of the parable of the husbandman that planted the garden and went away, and came back.  Prophets were sent back that said that the owner wanted the vineyard back, and the people that were growing things in the vineyard would not turn it over.  They killed the prophets.  Finally, someone said well, he will send his son.  Surely they will submit to his son.  Well, they did not submit to his son.  They killed his son.  Indeed they crucified the Lord of Glory.  Had they only known they would never have crucified the Lord of Glory because he rose from the dead.  Hallelujah.

He took the vineyard over the wickedness in the hearts of men, and all power and authority has been given unto him.  However, he has to bring his kingdom into submission.  The members and the citizens of his kingdom are still rejecting him today.  They are still saying who is this man to think that he can rule over us?  So we have a warfare on our hands, brethren.  Jesus Christ has been given all power and authority, but it has not yet filtered down through the large majority of his subjects.  They are in outright rebellion against him.  What I am saying to you is that, officially, Satan has been stripped of all power, rule and right to authority, but he is still implementing it.  That is what I am telling you.  It is now illegal.


Before Jesus Christ rose from the dead, Satan was legally in charge of this world.  He is no longer legally in charge of this world, but brethren, he is very much in charge.  He is very much in charge, and Jesus Christ is waging war against him, and he intends to deliver every one of his subjects out of his hand, whether they choose or whether they refuse.  This is a very touchy subject.  A lot of people do not understand it.  I hope that I made it clear.  Satan still has great power and authority, but it has been changed from being legal power and authority to illegal power and authority.  Jesus Christ is in the process of taking that illegal authority out of his hands.  Glory to God.


We are dealing with Thou art worthy to take the book.  That is why Jesus Christ is suitable to take the book.  He was born into a natural man.  That spirit of holiness, that holy thing that was born in Mary, was born into the body and soul of a natural man, and it overcame the lusts of the flesh, rose up in the Spirit of Holiness, and brought the soul and body into submission.  Glory to God.  That is why he is worthy to take the book, to take the living soul and to judge them, because when a righteous man judges sin, the result of that judgment is that the person that is filled with the sin is raised from the dead.  When an unrighteous man judges sin, the result is that the person dies.  An unrighteous man has no power to raise the dead.  Gory to God.


Thou art worthy to take the book, and to open the seals thereof.  We just covered what that means.  The opening of the seals is the judgment of the sin in mankind.  This might come as a shock to you.  I know it is not going to shock anyone here, but anyone listening to this tape or reading this transcript, that includes all you people in the church.  You are not perfect.  You are natural men that have received the promise of the Holy Spirit.  The sin in your heart that you inherited from your family line, plus the sin that you have committed in your own lifetime, not necessarily works or deeds, but thoughts, for sin is in the mind, must be dealt with by the righteousness of Jesus Christ.


He is going to destroy every vestige of sin in you, and in its place he is going to impart his righteousness to you.  That is the substitutionary work, brethren.  The substitutionary work of the cross is not that Jesus Christ was crucified, and therefore you do not have to be crucified.  The substitutionary work is that he is destroying your sin ridden soul, and substituting in its place his righteous, holy sinless life.  You too, must be crucified spiritually.  Your body does not have to hang on a cross, but your sin filled soul has to be pierced by the nail that is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.


For thou wast slain.  Now this word slain is Strong’s #4969 and it really means to butcher or to slaughter.  Webster says that to butcher means to slaughter and to dress for market.  I am suggesting to you that to dress for market means to cut an animal in pieces.  When you slaughter it, you kill it, you drain the blood out of it, and you cut it in pieces.  In some countries they will sell a whole cow or a whole goat, but I am suggesting to you, that for our purposes, it means to cut in pieces.  Indeed, Jesus Christ was cut in many pieces.  This is another very difficult point.  I want to read the next verse to you.  For thou wast slain.  The next verse is; and hast redeemed us to God by thy blood.


I am suggesting to you that those are two very different experiences.  Jesus Christ is the lamb that was slain before the foundation of the earth, and that he was slain.  He was butchered.  He was broken in pieces when he gave up his deity to be propelled into the earth so that he could give life to the earth, so that we could appear.  There would be no human beings on the face of the earth if Jesus Christ did not give us his life.  There is nothing special about the earth that was formed that could make living creatures.  What is special about the earth is that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, gave up his deity so that the earth could have life so that we could appear.  Glory to God.


That is how he was slain, and the many pieces that he was broken into, for the dressing for market, is you and me, and the billions of people across the face of the earth.  So his being slain does not relate to his hanging on the cross.  His being slain refers to the lamb that was slain from before the foundation of the earth.  The next verse is: And hast redeemed us to God by thy blood.  Before I go on to that, I am going to give you an alternate translation of the second quarter of Revelation, Chapter 5 verse 9.  You are suitable to possess the living soul, and to make it accessible to fertilization by your glorified life, despite the protective hedge Satan has around it, because you gave up your deity and all the privileges associated with it.


5/15/13 mjs

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