035 - Part 3

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We are doing a study in the Book of the Revelation and the true name of the Book of Revelation is the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to Saint John. To the apostle John and what it really means is that Jesus Christ is going to reveal. You all heard that He is going to appear. Some people believe He is going to come out of the sky.


Well, whatever you think, we’re just trying to find out the truth; but, almost everybody knows that we are waiting for Jesus Christ to appear. Well, the big question is where He is going to appear, where is He going to appear and we have all different kinds of ideas all different people teaching all different things; but, we are teaching here that He is going to appear your mind, in your thought and eventually in your deeds .


And when He does that you would be righteous, you would be without sin and when you are without sin, you will stop dying. Now the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ tells us what we are going to experience as Jesus Christ appears in our mind, in our thoughts, in our words, and in our deeds.


What we are going to experience when this happens and to a lot of people change of any kind is traumatic. So God gave us this book and He said when I start to move in your life, when I start to join myself to you, when I start to give you my soul and my righteousness this is what you are going to experience.


You should not be surprise and you should not be shocked and you should not be afraid; but, you should welcome it and you should know yourself in line with me and eventually you are going to receive this glorious experience of being without sin of being a saint of God that is what being a saint of God means. It means you would be without sin. You will receive eternal life and you would share the glory of the kingdom of God. And we do not even know what that is the scripture tells us. I have not seen and ear have not heard what the Lord has in store for us once we get our self in the right condition, okay.


I am going to start out, with, we are up to, verse 9, if I am not mistaken and I going to read you. We are starting with verse 9 today. I am going to read you the alternate translation of verse one though nine. That mean we talked about it, we looked up the words in Greek and we tried to understand. This is old English, we tried to understand what the scripture is saying and also the Book of Revelation is a spiritual book and it is a book of symbols.


When we try to understand spiritual things there are no words for it, so very frequently God shows these spiritual truth in symbols and example that we gave last week was when the nation if Israel was drawn together again after many thousands of years and they adopted the Hebrew language as their official language. Which has not been use in centuries there were no words to express atom bomb. There were no words to express taxicab, there were no word to express computer, there were no words to express chemical bank.


They did not know how to express these concepts in Hebrew. So they had the scholars in the universities up day and night for months making Hebrew words to express these thoughts.


So we are talking about spiritual things God is a spirit and sometimes there are no words to express what He is trying to tell us. So He puts it in a symbol and there is only one way that you can understand, what that symbol means and that by the spirit of God. And there are a lot of people that try to interpret the scripture and they are certainly free do it if they like. I am not telling you I have all the truth because you have the spirit of God.


You have the spirit of God within yourself, you have to listen, and you have to get a witness in your own heart from the Lord as to what he is trying to tell you. And if you try to understand this book of revelation in particular if you try to understand it literally, if you try to take literal word and understand the chances of you getting the truth are very slim. Because what God is talking about here or what John had put down here is a symbol that is typifying a spiritual truth, it is a symbol that typifies a spiritual truth.


So we got to find out what the symbol means and we almost always have witness in other parts of the scripture. So we just go on, I am going to reads you, so after we study this in the Greek, and we look up the Greek words and we talk about and we pray about it , we more a less rewriting the verses so that we can understand them and this is what we got.


The Book of Revelation chapter 1, verses 1-8 so far the alternate translation.


The following is a disclosure of the truth about the inheritance which God, the Father, gave to Jesus Christ. It is given so that natural man that is us. Who are His bondservants, we are here to serve God can understand the things, which must happen to them in the near future. Even the process which will result in their conversion see we are going to be change in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye the scriptures says we are going to be change so even the process which will result their conversion into His image. Into God image, we are going to be in God image. And God, the Father, projected mental images into His slave, John's, mind, through the Christ, which dwelt within him.


God did not speak to you in a voice. He is a spirit and He gives you impression in your mind.


Verse 2, And John witnessed that the person of Jesus Christ and the Spirit of the Father were in him, when the spiritual truth which was imparted to John, by God, was express in John and taught to men directly from John thoughts, words, and behavior. So God went to a man that was spiritual mature and He gave Him spiritual impression of spiritual truth that could not be express in any language and John digested it, rolled though his own human mind and in his own words express this spiritual truth in this book. So that we can understand, that is what happen.


Verse 3 Blessed is the man whose spirit man is nourished when he reads the words of this book, and blessed are the men on the soul realm who learn and understand each of the words of this prophesy. And blessed are those who guard the true meaning of this prophesy from being corrupted by the Great Harlot who reigns over the minds of men; even she who would seek to fornicate with them, thus birthing the false doctrines which corrupt the purity of God's Word.


I have to explain that to you, okay if Jesus Christ is calling you. You are two men okay, this you, you are the man in the realm of appearance this is similar to what we had before. This is Adam up here, he is one mind that you have and over here, you have Jesus Christ. You have two minds; if God is calling you, you have two minds. The scriptures call it double mind. The apostle James said do not double minded.


He said do not one day take the thought Adam and the next day’s take the thought of Jesus Christ. Let all your thoughts be from Jesus Christ, but all of us we are on a journey and we are going from being a natural man to being a spiritual man. So we have two minds the mind of the natural man and the mind of Jesus Christ. And the mind of Jesus Christ grows in us there in literally a man coming forth in our mind. Apostle Paul says put on the new man live according to the ways of God.


We are becoming a new person that is what happening. So for all intents and purposes in our mind we are becoming a new man.


And one day we could be out there screaming, yelling, or cussing or whatever your hang up is, everybody their own hang up and the next day you can be out there being a godly person. Well how can that be because one day you are receiving the thoughts of your natural man and the next day you are receiving the thought of Jesus Christ?


And it is a struggle and a battle and it is warfare, okay that what it says, so we are two men. Paul clearly tells us that we should put on the new man, so this verse 3 says blessed is the man whose spirit man that is the new you, coming forth is nourished when he reads the words of this book. When your spirit man strengthens in Christ, when you understand spiritual things, blessed are the men who are the natural man. This guy over here he does not have to be wicked, he says blessed is the natural man who learns and understands the words of this prophesy.


In other words if you are a natural man and you hear this word and you understand that you are about to be change in Christ Jesus you are bless. And blessed are those that guard the true meaning of this prophesy from being corrupted because what happens is that this mind, the mind of the natural man it is going to listen to the word of God. Went it comes forth and it is going to channel it through the mind of the natural man and it is going to come out chop liver. This happens all over the world and this is how false doctrine is born.


Have you ever wondered how come there are so many people preaching so many different things? It has to be an explanation for it because everybody is in the process of gong from being a natural man to being a spiritual man.


And depending where we are in the process that depends on how much spiritual truth comes out our mind after we read the book and it goes through our carnal mind. You understand what I am saying, okay.


And some people read the book and do not have the spirit of God and they come out with something that is the exact opposite of what someone else would preach, well that how it happens. So the only way you are going to be able find out what is true, is to listen to, ask God, tell Him that you want His will in your life, that you want the truth.


Make it a prayer; you want the truth of God’s word don’t you. I am not naming any names; I am not holing myself up or anybody. You tell God that you want that you want the spiritual of His word. And you just go where He sends you. And you believe what He tells you and do not listen to anybody else, go straight to God.


What you have to do is the information put in your head because you just started. You cannot just home and say God tell me the truth. You have to listen to something like this and then if you want you listen to somebody else and you listen to somebody and say God what is the truth, okay do not look up to a person. You have to get it from God. All the time you have to get it from God, okay.


So this verse 3 said and bless are those who guard the true meaning of His prophecy. There are false meaning of this prophecy all over the world today because the Great Harlot in the minds of men; the adamant man. He perverted the truth. And utterly turns it around from what it should be and turn it into false doctrine.


Verse 4 John, bearing the message of Jesus Christ, says to the totality of the spiritual Church in Asia: May the ability to keep the law be imparted to you. Now the reason we are dying is that we keep breaking the law in our mind, okay. And the reason break the law in our mind is that we are incapable of keeping it.


We break the law in our thoughts. Man is incapable of not breaking the law. So God says may the ability to keep the law be imparted to you, may you get that ability and as a result of you keeping the law may there be peace between you and Jesus Christ, because when you break His law you become His enemy. Even the Eternal God who exists now, who existed from before the beginning, and who shall shortly appear in you.


Jesus Christ is going to appear in you, in your thoughts, in your word, and in your deeds. And He is also this greeting from the seven spiritual ages of the developing Christ in you, the new man that is coming forth in you. He is coming forth in seven stages and the last age being the one in which your soul becomes God's throne.


When this process is complete in you, you would submit your life to the living God and every thought, any word and every deed that comes forth from you will be from His life, from His soul, from His personality, from His righteousness.


And that is the end of this process we are talking about verse 5, And let grace and peace also be unto you] from Jesus Christ who faithfully manifests the Spirit of God and not his soul man. Now Jesus Christ was a natural man. Just like you, me, and He faithfully reveal His thoughts, word and deed.


The life of God and not the natural man, glory to God. And He who is the first man, this is Jesus Christ to be birthed out from among the dead ones existing on the soul realm brethren the definition of death in the Bible is to be without the life of God. So we see in this world that there are people walking around they living, they loving, they are marring, they are having babies, they eat, they go to work; but, scripturally they are dead.

Because they are without the life of God and there are a process being accomplish in mankind today that will give him a new birth. A lot of people call it a born again experience; but, they do not understand that when you have an experience where you speak in tongues that is just the beginning of the process.


When you are fully born again, you would have become a spiritual man without sin. So when you receive Christ and you start speaking in tongue, you are drawn to Him in your heart that is the beginning of the journey that will result in the fullness of His personality appearing in your mind and in your life, okay.


So we are reading In verse 5 even He who is now the spirit and the chief ruler over all of the spiritual life ruling in the earth of mankind, now this is Jesus Christ, even Him that loved us with the love of God, for which love He joined His own righteous soul to us. So that we could be separated from our sins, He joins His soul to us, so that we could be separated from our sins.


Now I just reading this, you just have the three messages that cover all this, I am just recapping.


Verse 6 And has given us natural authority as kings over the earth of the soul realm, and spiritual authority as priests to communicate with God. You know that man cannot communicate with God. Man cannot communicate with God. He needs a mediator. Man cannot go directly to God, under the old covenant the ancient Hebrew had to go through the Levite priest.


And in this hour the only way we can find God is through Jesus Christ. He is the only mediator between God and man.


Verse 7 Look, he appears in the glorified bodies of mankind; and every soul shall discern Him, and the individual manifestations of Satan in each man's mind, which He nailed Himself to, which He join Himself to, shall see Him also; and all the races comprising mankind shall be cut off when He appears in them.


Now we are being saved body, soul and spirit. And what that verse just said is that every soul. Your soul, your soul, my soul is going to see Him. We cannot see Him now; we have a perverted vision of what he looks like.


Our soul is going to see him. Our spirit is going to see Him and ultimate our body shall be adopted. We will have a different kind of body that can walk through walls, if you read the gospels that when Jesus was resurrected He walks through walls. He took different forms; He became a spiritual super natural man.


And He is the first of many brethren and everything that happened to Him is a promise for us, glory to God.


And what the promise is, is victory over the soul realm, victory over the soul realm. You will never be hungry, you never will be without food, and you will never be without having your needs met. Because as Jesus walked upon the water you will have authority to bring forth whatever you need by spiritual authority. Do you know what I am talking about; you have any idea what I am talking about, When they needed money to pay taxes He told one of the apostles go catch a fish and they open the mouth of a fish and it was a gold coin in the mouth of the fish.


We are moving into a realm that has greater authority than this realm. Whereby the power of almighty God our needs are going be met; but, you cannot get in there while you have sin.


So our whole problem is getting rid of this sin, glory to God. No more sickness, no more death, no more drugs, no more problems, free from every need by the power of God, glory to God.


Look He appeared in the glorified body of mankind and every soul shall see Him and every individual manifestation of Satan in each man mind which He joined Himself to shall see Him also and all the races of comprising mankind that us the people that you see shall be cut off when he appears in them.


Because when the personality of Jesus Christ appears in you everything of your old personality that is full with sin shall not be seen anymore, glory to God., okay we are picking up in verse nine, the book of revelation chapter one. I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, was in the isle that is called Patmos, for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.


The word brother is Strong’s number 80 and it really means someone who has the same father. And we know that when we are experiencing a born again experience we are begotten of God and we now all have the same father if you have the spirit of God, if you have the spirit of God and If I have the spirit of God.


We have all been adopted by the Lord Jesus Christ and we are brothers, because we have the same father in the kingdom of God. We are going from the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of Jesus Christ. There is new kingdom in the earth, in your mind, in your soul. We use many different word s there is just a various shade of difference between them.


And if you have the Spirit of Jesus Christ you have been called to the kingdom of God, to the new soul that is in the earth of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we gave the same father because Jesus Christ is the only one that make you a member you a member of this family, hallelujah.


The word companion means joint partner; the person with whom one is a partaker of a thing. And the word tribulation there is a lot of talk in the earth about the great tribulation and about what it is and the tendency of natural man is to see things happening outside of him but what happening to us is spiritual change.


We are being change from a soul man to a spirit man and the tribulation is within us as we change. Change is always stressful the psychiatrist in the world would tell you, if you change your job it is stressful, if you change where you live it is stressful. Well we are changing our spiritual nature, the tribulation is in our mind, and what it means is pressure, affliction, anguish, burden, persecution and it from a word that that means to be compress.


We are being press, okay into shape. Now Genesis 2:7And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and that word form means to press into a narrow place, it like pressing someone into a mold. And a lot people read Genesis 2 and they hear that God formed man out of the dust of the ground but they have vision of piece of clay; but in those days the creation was spiritual, and did not look what he look like today.


He creates the mind so our mind is being press into the form and the shape of the mind of the Lord Jesus Christ and it has to change. And the result is pressure, if you always thought well if this man wants to kill me. And what I am supposed to do is kill him back, if you were raise believing that and then you start reading the bible and it says love your enemies and bless those that despitefully use you okay, there is a pressure on your mind, okay.


I just want to tell you that when the Spirit of God starts attacking the thoughts in your or starts moving upon you very often you yarn a lot don’t be embarrass, okay that’s what happens it is typical. Some people yarn some people have other expressions I just do not want you to be embarrass because all that means is that you are being touch by the power of God, praise the Lord.


So do not be embarrass let it fall out, okay. So the word form means pressure in your mind. Your mind is being form to conform to the mind of Jesus Christ and the result of it is that you might have some pressure in your mind. Well who is right, what do I believe, I know this man attack me and I am supposed to kill him that what my upbringing told me to do but the Lord says no. I am not supposed to do that.


I am supposed to submit the problem to God and see the power of all almighty God brings deliverance in my life. That is pressure; it is pressure on your mind and this is what the tribulation is. As you change from being the soul man to a spiritual man, okay.


And the word kingdom means foundation of power, Satan over here is a foundation of power and if you do not have Jesus Christ you are his. He control every thoughts in your mind, even the thoughts that are good, he controls everything.


There is a new foundation of power in the earth, his name is Jesus Christ, and there is a new kingdom, okay. So we are talking about, let me read the verse for you again. I John, who also am your brother, and companion in tribulation, and in the kingdom and patience of Jesus Christ, now the word patience means hopeful endurance, cheerful, patience , endurance and it takes a long time to be converted in our mind ;from the soul man to a spiritual man. And John said do not think because I am so spiritually mature that I did not go through what you are going through. We are brothers, we are both have the same father and we are both going through the same process, okay.


Now let me read you the next verse, and the kingdom in patience of Jesus Christ this John was in the isle called Patmos and he was there for the word of God, and for the testimony of Jesus Christ.


Now I want to read you something out of Unger’s Bible with regards to Patmos it was a small rocky island belonging to the group called "Sporades," in that part of the Aegean known as the Icarian Sea. And on account of its rocky, barren, and desolate nature, the Roman government used the island as a place of banishment for criminals.


The prisoners were compelled to work the mines of the island. And The Emperor Domitian banished St. John to this island in the year A. D. 95. Patmos is 50 miles square and has magnificent scenery including white crags on the shoreline.


So St John the apostle of God was banished to a penal colony and now God let this happen to him, No one has power over God, if He found himself there. God let this happen to him.


So why did God let it happen to him, God let it happen to him for the word of god and for the testimony of Jesus Christ. Well, what does that mean, let’s find out, okay?


I want read you this also the facts about the apostles John a few okay the history books have few facts about him except he came under some persecution which drove him to Patmos but we have church history. That cannot really be established my document of fact, but this is what traditions says, it says that he was ship wreck off of Ephesus, and he arrived there in time to check the progress of theheresies. There was false doctrine coming forth already in the year A.D. 95.


He got there in time to check the heresies that sprang out after Paul departure and that in the persecution under Domitian John was taken to Rome and he was thrown into a pot of boiling oil. And when he was thrown in it had not power to hurt him. He was thrown into a pot of boiling oil, which had not power to hurt him.


And when it had no power to hurt him. The emperor exiles him to the isle of Patmos and we had teachings in this ministry on the different aspect of salvation.


Salvation is a journey once you get started it is going to take a long time, but the time is speeding up. We are on a journey going to the soul man to a spiritual man and one of the phases that we go through when we are becoming a spiritual man it is an advance stage of salvation and it is call preservation.


It is call preservation now we are told that John was thrown into a pot of boiling oil and it did not hurt him. Now that is the church tradition but the scripture tells us that Saint Paul was bit on the hand by a snake, by a venomous snake and he should have died and all he did was shake the snake off. It had no power to hurt him.


That is one of the stages of salvation as the spirit man in you, which is Christ, become more and more mature it gives life to your body. You will be heal of diseases, you be heal of emotional and mental problems and eventually you would receive eternal life, but this is a long process.


This is one of the stages along the way, it is preservation, and your body cannot be hurt. Jesus said no man can take my life I lay it down and I declare to you that if He hung on the cross for twenty-five years, if He did not agree die with all His blood pouring out of Him. His body would have been sustain by the power of almighty God, which dwelt within His members.


This is what we are headed for brethren it is glorious, okay. We are still in verse 9. I have an alternate translation let try to understand verse nine. What the scripture say here. I John, who have the same father as you do, even the Lord Jesus Christ, and I am also your joint partner in the anguish and affliction that we must suffer as we are squeezed into the image of Jesus Christ.


And I am also your joint partner in the spiritual life and authority. And cheerful endurance of Jesus Christ. Who was imprisoned by, this is John, okay, and who was, John was in prison by a foreign power the Emperor Domitian. On the isolated penal colony known as the "isle of Patmos, and that was done for the specific purpose of the word of God and the Spirit of God also known as the Son and the father, okay. He was in prison on the isle of Patmos so that the specific purposes of the Father and the Son could be accomplished.


And what was that specific purpose. What was the specific purpose of the father and the Son that this revelation should be given to Saint John that he could write it in a book so that all of us can have an opportunity to hear about the glorious and mighty things and works that God is going to do in us and in our lives?


And for whatever God reason it was necessary for John to be in isolation on the isle of Patmos to receive this revelation. God very rarely gives you revelation when your mind is occupied with your work, when you are typing away, when you are working on your computer.


You have to be alone with God, with your mind filled with the things of God. And He would give you a vision or He would give you a revelation that is how it works.


So God permitted John to be sent to a penal colony this purpose, okay.


We are moving on to verses 10 and 11 we read them. I was in the Spirit this is John speaking, I was in the Spirit on the Lord's Day, and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet. The word behind is Strong’s 3694 and it means to return home, to return to places left, it is used of those who return to a manner of previous thinking already abandoned it also forms the part of what precedes.


Now we all know that we are spirit, we are not this body, we are spirit and we all existed in the realm of the spirit with the father before we took on this flesh. That is in Job I believe it is 38, job 38. We all existed in pure spirit form with the father before we took on the flesh, okay.


What this is saying here, when he looked behind him he heard the voice of the spirit and he looked behind him. He looked back to his prior existence when he was close with God. And what really happen to him, was he heard the voice of God coming from within the depths of his own being, okay.


Let read you the alternate translation. We would go on with that, Revelation 1:10 One day while I was imprisoned on Patmos, I had a spiritual experience. My human personality seemed to be pushed to the background, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ manifested in me in the fullest expression possible in man, known as "the Day of the Lord," and I heard a powerful voice, which seemed to be a part of me: but it was really Christ in me. It sounded like a trumpet sounding the gathering of the troops.


The new man coming forth in him the God man coming forth in him who is going to give us eternal life rose up and up and became so powerful that is push the natural man in his mind to the background. And this is how John expresses it,


One day while I was imprisoned on Patmos, I had a spiritual experience. My human personality seemed to be pushed to the background, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ manifested in me in the fullest expression possible in man, it is called "the Day of the Lord," it is a state of mind and I heard a powerful voice, which seemed to be a part of me. It sounded like a trumpet sounding the gathering of the troops. Trumpet in the scriptures even in the army in natural army it is always associate with armies there are associate with gathering the troops to war, there are associate even if you play revelry in the morning it is a sound to wake up and fall into formation. It is always a gathering of the people and in the scriptures, it is the same thing. It is the gathering of the troops.


Revelation 1 verse 11, And He said and this is what Christ said. I am the "a" and "z," the Alpha and the Omega those are did I read that verse, let me read 11, Saying, I am Alpha and Omega, the first and the last: and, What thou seest, write in a book. This is God speaking to John and sends it unto the seven churches, which are in Asia; unto Ephesus, and unto Smyrna, and unto Pergamos, and unto Thyatira, and unto Sardis, and unto Philadelphia, and unto Laodicea.


Alternate translation God speaking to John I am the “a” and the “z” I am the beginning of the creation and the ultimate end of mankind. God is saying I am everything. There would be no mankind without me. You are all out of me; you would have life at all if it were not for me.


And I am the end of mankind because the end of mankind is that every man on the face of the earth shall express my image. He says I am the beginning and I am the ending. I am the origin and the ultimate end of mankind and I want you write a book about what I am about to show you.


And send the book to the whole church world which are in Asia it names the churches but that is the church world of that day when John was alive that was the extent of the church world.


In this day, people are receiving the Spirit of God all over the world. And the church is a spiritual entity. You are not a member of a church because you go to any particular church. Because you put your name on a piece of paper and you join. The church of Jesus Christ is spiritual and you become a member of that church by virtue of your relationship with Him.


You can go to any building that you want, you can go to any teacher that you want, and you become the member of Jesus Christ when you become join to Him. So Jesus Christ is saying to john I am all that there is. I am the beginning and the end. And I want you to write a book about what I am about to show you and send the book to the whole church world, well, we have it right here.


And make this book represent the spiritual problems that the body of Christ can fall into. I want you to write this book, to warn the people that as you go from being soul man to a spiritual man these are some of the problems that you might encounter.


We are going to get to the seven churches next week; but that is what supposes to be in the book. Watch out because there are forces, there are spiritual forces in the world that would divert you from the truth that will give you this great and glorious inheritance and I am going to warn you, I am going to tell you to lookout for what is going to divert you mind from going on with me. So that you might ultimately be made free from sin and receive eternal life, glory to God, okay.


Verse 12 And I turned to see the voice now how can you see a voice, you cannot see voice, I turn to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks. Now this word turn it is Strong’s 1994 and it means to revert, to come back or to turn back. And I am going to suggest to you that what happen to him was, remember. I just said his personality was push into the background and the personality of God was in his thoughts, and in his mind and in his word, okay I am going to suggest to you that this word turn mean that he back, he back it was no longer the personality of Christ of God manifesting in him.


He came back to being a man. He returns to what he was, so he turns okay, and the word see is voluntary observation. He was looking to see and He could see who was speaking to him. He did not even realize that it was coming from with his own being, okay.


And the word lamp stand, now I just want to establish here that this word lamp stand, candlestick it means lamp stand or candelabrum. And it is use in the Old Testament which regards to the tabernacle of the ancient Hebrew nation.


And we know that the tabernacle in the ancient Hebrew nation there manifestation of God in that day, if you to find God before Jesus Christ was born you had to go to the nation of Israel and see the tabernacle.


Today all you have to do is seek God and He will reveal Himself to you, okay. So in Hebrew 9: 1 and two we are told “Then verily the first covenant had also ordinances of divine service, and a worldly sanctuary.


Verse 2 For there was a tabernacle made; the first, wherein was the candlestick, and the table, and the shewbread; which is called the sanctuary. So there was a candle stick in that sanctuary in ancient Israel and it is a sign of the presence of God.


In Revelation 11:4, it says, these are the two olive trees, and the two candlesticks standing before the God of the earth. So we know that candlestick is a symbol that representing something of God. Let us find to try out what it means.


The Hebrew equivalent of the word candlestick is Strong’s 4501 and it means Menorah. Now some of you might have heard this word when the Jewish people celebrate Hanukah. They have a menorah, they have a candlestick, and it looks like this. It really more than a candlestick, it is a candle candelabrum and it is pretty fancy. It looks like this and it has three over here, now we know that seven is a Holy number, it is a spiritual number and it is the number of perfection.


So we have six what the scriptures calls bowls, we have a candle burning in each one of them, okay. There is oil in here, oil in here in which the candle is burning. So this the candle stick, this is what it looks like, that is what they are talking about and there are seven posts.


And there a fire burning in each post, now we know that the oil is type in the scriptures of the Holy Spirit, okay. That is a standard symbol in the New Testament t oil means the Holy Spirit of God. And the fire that is burning is a flame we know the scriptures says that our God is an all-consuming fire.


So the flame, when you hear a flame in the scriptures it is God the Father, okay, so we have here the Holy Spirit, we have God the father or what the does the candle sticks be.


It the vehicle that is holding the Spirit of God and God the father, now What is that, where in this hour where so we find the Holy Spirit in the father, anybody know. He is in man, in man; He is in man that is where He is. He is in us, God today, in this hour .in this covenant, in dispensation God, if you are looking for him, he is in man, you have to find a man He is manifesting in; but if you are looking for God in this hour, He is in man.


He is not in the tabernacle in the Egyptian desert with the ancient Hebrews. He is in man, you have to find a man and get a witness that God is in that man; but, if you are looking for Him, He is in man. So am going to suggest to you that the candlesticks are the frame that holds the Spirit of God and the fire of God and that is us.


 We are the servants of God. We hold His Spirit; He dwells in mankind, okay. So now, in the Hebrews this word is Menorah and again this is very interesting it is Strong’s 4501 it is a feminine form of 4500.


Now we spoke in many times in here that man in relationship to God is female. It does not matter if you are in a woman’s body or if you are in a man’s body. When you relate to God, you are female. When any human man or women, when any human being relates to God. He is the man and you are the woman. We have many teaching on it; I just cannot go into it any more deeper right now. We have a lot of messages on it, okay.


So this word Menorah is female bird, which is female that which holds the life Of God, mankind is female in relationship to the oil and the flame, we are female, okay. And it also means it is from word that a yoke for plowing; and we had a lot of studies here which indicate that man is made of the earth.


We are made out of the dust of the earth, and the scripture calls us earth. Even we may appear different than the ground that you may grow your tomatoes in. the scriptures still calls us earth, God wants to plant something in our earth, and what He wants to plant is the seed of the life of His Son.


He wants His Son to appear in you and He is growing it is a spiritual thing now. He is growing his Son in the earth of our soul. So this word Menorah it means to till the soil it is the yoke, I just found this very interesting. Now this is the oxen, let me try to explain this to you, this is the ox, I am a terrible artist, I cannot sing, I cannot draw; but I try.


This is the oxen, okay, and this is the plow. The plow goes deep down into the ground, o that is really bad, well I try, so there is a yoke on the oxen, okay. What is the oxen he is the power that pulls the plow. The oxen is the power that pulls the plow, okay. And God Has a yoke on him, okay and he is tilling over the soil. I think I am going to let this go, okay let me just leave it with you this way, I do not want to get into that, okay.


So we have the candle sticks we back to Revelation, chapter 1 number 12 And He said I turned to see the voice that spake with me. And being turned, I saw seven golden candlesticks, okay.


Now we are still talking about the candlesticks and in Zech. 4:2 and 10 we talked about candlestick again. And he said the angel said to me, what seest thou? And I said, I have looked, and behold a candlestick all of gold, with a bowl upon the top of it, and his seven lamps thereon, and seven pipes to the seven lamps, which are upon the top thereof they are the eyes of the Lord, which run to and fro through the whole earth.


See we look in the scriptures for definitions of what we want, the definitions of the candlesticks in that they are the eyes of Lord which run to a fro through the earth.


Now how could the candlestick be the eyes of the Lord that run to and fro through the earth? Well when God wants to see something and He is in me He sends me. We had an experience a few weeks ago, right. We went to a prayer meeting, I did not know why I was going, when we got there, there was a man and the Lord reveal Himself and the man received a blessing.


He received a healing, he receives a visitation from God and He did it through a human vessel. So the candlestick the frame which hold the life of God are the eyes of the Lord. He is in men if He wants to see, if God has something to say to you honey. He is not going to come down in a vision of the saints that is not how He is going to talk to you.


He is going to send a man to you that is how He is going to do it, so that is what this is saying. I do not want to beat this point I think that is just too much already, okay.


So do we have that, do we understand that, the oil and the flame is the life of God and it is held in the candle, which we are, and if God had a message for you, He is going to send me to you. God had a message for you, He send you to me, right (laughter) that is how it works, It was no accident that you would up sitting next to me, there is no accident at all.


That how He does it; you do not wake up in the middle of the night and see the whole room fill with light and a vision of something. That is not God, people experience that but it is not God. I saw woman on television not too long ago. She is a prostitute and she receives a visitation from the Virgin Mary. Who told her it is okay and now she says that she is a prostitute for God.


See that is not God, God does not reveal Himself to you by a big vision of the Virgin Mary. She was deceived that was a demon talking to her. God does not tell you that prostitution is okay, you see. She was deceived; she had a visitation from a demon, okay. God sends a man, okay.


Okay alternate translation Revelation chapter. 1: verse 12 “And my own personality returned again and I could observe the voice that spoke to me. And being myself again, what I saw seven golden vessels which represented the fullness of the redeemed living soul.


Now we talked about the candlesticks but it says here that seven of them. Now the number seven is the number of completion, if God has twenty billion souls that He intends to save, He does not say in the scriptures I have twenty billions, two hundred thousand, one hundred four point five souls that I am going to save.


He does not that, He says I am going to save the totality of the soul. I am going to save the many and the way; He describes it symbolic form is by the number seven. It means the completion of however many you are. So we have seven candlesticks with seven pipes on each one the fulfillment of the vessel in which God dwells, okay.


God only created one lining soul, He did not create 80 million souls in the book of Genesis we are told He are told He create one living soul and we are all cells in His body. Just like your body is made up of billions of souls, blood cells, liver cells, whatever Jesus Christ is a super natural body we are told that I believe in the book of Ephesians and Colossians that there are a body of Christ and we are stones are parts in that body, okay.


Well the natural man is the same thing, he is a spiritual entity and we are a part of him. There is one living soul, so when the scriptures talks about seven candlesticks with seven pipes each. He is saying I do not know how many vessels we are in all of humanity, but number seven the fullness of you whoever you are the total amount of you, okay.


That is who you are and every one of you my spirit and the light of the father in going to appear in you, that is what He is saying. I do not care what your problem is I Jesus Christ have the power to make it clean. And the promises that He do it, you see God does not have to burn you hell forever.


Because He has the power to straighten you out, now you can take our natural society as an example, if you get man that a murder and he is going around killing people you have to destroy him. To keep society safe; but Jesus Christ does not have to do that, He has the power to heal that man.


And a lot of people has a problem with that because we look around in the earth today and we do not see Him doing it. Why is He is not doing it, well, He is not doing it because He has a very long-range plan that is extending over a thousand of years. It is extending over thousands of years and while we are waiting from Him to this, while we are waiting for Him to heal all of the murders in their soul because you are not normal if you go around killing people.


So while we are waiting for Him to do this we have the law. The law says if you murder somebody, you have to at least go to jail, okay. So we are waiting for the plan of Jesus Christ to be fulfilled and until that happen we have to deal with problems spiritual and social problems according to the law.


We have to put people in jail and lock them up but the day is coming that the worst criminal of the face of the earth is going to reveal the nature of almighty God.


Alternate translation Revelation 1 through 12 And my own personality returned again and I could observe the voice that spoke to me. And being myself again, I saw seven golden vessels which represented the fullness of the redeemed living soul. Gold mean deity, I did not tell you that, God means the life of God.


So if the candlesticks means man and man is portrays as gold that means we are now revealing the life of God, you understands that, if you are a candle stick, if you the vessel that the life of God is in. And you are made of gold it means you are no longer sinning, you been redeem.


And the truth is that when the life of God dwells in you, in its fullness that when your soul would be redeem it is His indwelling spiritual life that is going to make us clean.


Verse 13 and in the midst of the seven candlesticks, I saw one liken to the Son man. And he was clothed with the garment down to the foot and girded about with paps with the golden girdle, okay.


He is seeing spiritual things; he saw a candle sticks with a man standing in the middle of it. It was a spiritual thing; he saw a vision of the reality of the human race completely in dwell by the power of the almighty God that is what he saw, okay.


Now we have a scripture on the son of man it appears in the book of Daniel chapter 7:13-14. And it says, I saw in the night visions, and, behold, one like the Son of man come with the clouds of heaven, and came to the Ancient of Days, and they brought him near before him.


(14) And there was given him dominion, and glory, and a kingdom, that all people, nations, and languages, should serve him: his dominion is an everlasting dominion, which shall not pass away, and his kingdom that which shall not be destroyed.


What John saw in the midst of the living soul was almighty God and we are told in the book of Daniel that this is what is being given to him. He is being given dominion over who, over us. And he is being given glory, where, in us, he going to be glorified in us and he is given a kingdom that all people, nation and languages shall serve him.


All human being should serve him and he should be reveal in them. And he is given dominion. His dominion is everlasting it shall never come to an end. And it shall not pass away and it shall not be destroyed.


And when Jesus Christ indwells you totally your body and your soul shall never pass away and it shall not be destroyed. Now the image that he saw, that look like the Son of man, it was clothe and his clothed came down to his ankle.


We have several words in the Greek means clothe this particular word means it was not a garment like this dress that could come off, it was something that was join to him. You can say I was clothe with skin. You cannot remove my skin from me, okay.


It was clothe with something that was join to him, okay we are on verse 13 and in the midst of the seven candlesticks, He saw one like to the Son man. And he was clothed with the garment. I am not going to get into it now because it is getting late; but mankind is the garment of God.


He is going to wear us like a garment. He is inside of us, He is spirit, He is inside of us and we are clothing Him like a garment, okay. We are the garment that He wears and He had a belt wrap around him. And He was girdle about His chest with a golden girdle, okay. Now the belt that was wrap around him in ancient Bible days it did not just hold your garment together. It was hollow and it was money belt. So it held something that was very valuable and it was also a part of the priestly dress from ancient Hebrew.


Now this word paps it is translated chest but it is Strong’s 3149 and it is female. It really means female breast. Now the King James translators could not make any sense out of it.


How could a man especially one that supposed to be God, be describe as having female breasts. So they change it to chest; but, we know that one of the names of almighty God is the breasted one.


And he has the power to bring forth offspring. He is both male and He is female and He is bringing spiritual offspring in you. He is reproducing the life of His Son in you and therefore it is a symbol. The scripture says, He has breast, He has the life to bring forth and nourish. He has the power to bring forth and nourish life.


Alternate translation Revelation1:13And in the middle of the redeemed soul of man. I saw what appeared to be the Christ; he was wearing mankind as a garment. And they covered him right down to his feet, and they had become one with him. We are going to become one with God and the power of God wrapped around his breasts, which were able to nourish and raise up children, and protected them.


God would indwell us we would receive eternal life as the result of it, He will wrap Himself around us and His presence within us for the life of the ages will protect us from sin.


Verse 14His head and hairs was white like wool as white as snow and His eyes were the flame of fire. Well, the head is the part that obviously seen and what obviously seen in mankind. We see our soul, you know, lots of times you look at a person; but, what you really see is their personality, okay.


Now it is a spiritual thing but we see a person personality, okay, very often their personality even appears in the expression on their face, okay. So a person personality it what appears in them, okay much more so than their facial expression.


And the hair of their head, hair in the scripture refers to spirit, okay. So we are told that the soul was white as wool and that His hair was white as snow and his eyes were a flame of fire. So we are dealing with the head, with the hair and with the eyes, okay.


The head typifies the soul realm and as it being white as the wool of the sheep. A sheep is an animal and we know that our soul life is called by the scriptures an animal life. And when it is white is means it is purified and free from sin. The head typifies the human spirit as white as snow. Snow is a form of water and water typifies the spirit in the scriptures. It means a purified spirit; we are talking about a purified soul and a purified spirit. And his eyes were the flame of fire.


Did you ever look in somebody eyes because you want to know what is in their heart? Did you ever look in someone eyes, because you want to know what is in their heart, most people do it all the time, lawyers do he the time. Well, if you look in this man eyes you saw the fire of almighty God, redeem man, hallelujah.


Alternate translation Revelation 1:14,His soul was white as the wool as the wood of a redeemed sheep And we know that Jesus call us a sheep and his spirit was white and pure as snow ;redeem spirit and the fire of almighty God is seen in His eyes.


Verse 15AndHis feet this is what he appears like, appear like unto fine brass as if they burn in furnace. And his voice as the sound of many waters. This is the vision of the glorified Christ, hallelujah.


This is what God looks like, okay. The word burnish means to make shiny or lustrous, it means to polish and I want to read you a translation from another Bible, because it really not clear here in the King James Bible in verse 15 and his feet look like fine brass as if they burn in a furnace, okay.


The King James 2 says, and his feet like burnish metal having been fire in a furnace and we study here that the feet of the part of the body that stand on the earth. So if Jesus Christ is a spirit and if a spirit wants to stands in the earth, what does he do? The spirit wants to stand on the earth; he enters into a man, if Jesus Christ is in me teaching you this morning. He is standing on the earth in me.


He is standing in you, so the feet of the glorified, Christ has been purified in a fiery furnace and we know that part of the process of becoming without sin will involve being purified in a fiery furnace.


Psalms 12:6. Says the words of the Lord are pure words: and they are as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. You have to be purified brethren and the furnace of the earth is the human body.


We are spirit men, we are not what we appear to be, we are spirit and we dwell inside the earth this human body for the purpose of purification, if you are having problems in your life. You are being purified, you are spiritual Son of God that has been in the flesh by almighty God for the purpose of the perfection of your spirit and we are require to overcome by the power of the almighty God.


Lots of time we can overcome by our own power there is too much coming against us; but, if Jesus Christ joins His life and His power to us. There is no problem in this soul realm we cannot overcome, nothing, there is no disease cannot be heal. There is no emotional problem that cannot be heal and there is no spiritual problem that cannot be heal.


When Jesus Christ joins himself to you in your battle, you are undefeatable, if you try to do it in your own power; you are very likely to fail, okay.


Brass also in the scripture we been teaching here means judgment. I cannot get into that now because the time is just running out. You just have to take my word for it for the time being and it typifies the serpent.


Brass means judgment and it typifies the serpent and we are told the scriptures that when God judges you. He very frequent does it from within you, if there is sin on the family line, if you commit a sin, okay let us say you have homosexual experience for example, and that the result of that sin is not that some rock is going to come out from the sky and hit you on the head.


The result of that sin is that a demon is birth within your soul that is going to make you repeat that sin, repeat it and repeat it. So your judgment is a spiritual reality that is within you and the more you sin the more demons are birth within in your own soul.


And the only way out of this viscous circle is the power of the almighty God applied to your life. There is no way that you can get out. That man can get out because we cannot stop sinning, okay, so that what we are saying here.


That brass means judgment and it typifies by the serpent of the serpents in your own mind is going to be your judgment, if you have this homosexual experience something happens inside of you, you cannot stop doing it.


The serpent in your own mind is saying do it again ,do it again, do it again, do it again and he has power over you because you sin the first time, he now has power over you. And the only way out is by the help of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Man cannot get out by himself, okay. So I am trying to male my point here, in Isaiah, I am just going to come out and say it we had a lot of studies here.


That the true serpent is man is the mind of man. He is the enemy of God. He is the mind of natural man and that we would not be right God; until, Jesus Christ joins His mind to us.


And that natural man, you see we have to get spiritual. You know a lot of people that here we are the serpent and they get all upset; but, it is a spiritual symbol indicating that the mind of man is enmity with God. And Paul tells us that the mind of man is enmity with God.


That we had been alienated from God in our mind, there is no place you can run where you could be separated from God; but, when you are thinking, when you think with the thoughts of the Adamic mind, when you think thoughts if the serpent you are separated from God.


So man in his mind is the serpent; but, God is going to join Himself to us and redeem us and we shall be redeem serpent it is just a spiritual concept, okay.


In Isaiah, 6:1, 2, and 6, Isaiah says that I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, He was high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple.


And above it stood the seraphim: each one had six wings. Now these surround the throne of God. They are very close to God.


Then flew one of the seraphim unto me, having a live coal in his hand, which he had taken with the tongs from off the altar, now, let me read you the definition of seraphim. The definition of seraphim is a burning, poisonous serpent, and they are call so from their copper color, which is the color of brass.


And my whole points is that we now have serpent we are told in Isaiah 6 that there are serpent that attends the throne of God. Well, how could this be, because they had been redeemed.


There is no problem that God cannot redeem you out of and every man shall be a redeem serpent. That is my whole point here, okay. I have a second witness to that. What my whole point is that the color of the feet is brass. Brass means the serpent.


And the feet are the part of God that stands of the earth. He is standing in you, and He is standing in me, okay .so the vessels he stands in you and me. We are brass. We are manifestations of the serpent; but we shall be redeem serpents free from sin.


Now I have a second witness for you on that Mark. 16:17 and18, says that, And these signs shall follow them that believe. This is Jesus speaking, in my name, if you believe you are going to cast out devils, they shall speak with new tongues.


They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.


That is what you are going to do if you believe. The problem in the church world today is that you cannot believe if you do not know what to believe. Now why are not all these signs following the people in the church in the church world today?


They do not believe but they tell you that they believe, well maybe they believing in the wrong thing, if you are looking for a man of God, if you are looking for someone, which God is going to wittiness to you, is manifesting the Spirit of God.


These are the signs you are going to look for they are going to cast out demons, they are going to have the power to heal the sick, and they are going to speak in tongues. A lot of people that; but, you just cannot have one, you have to have all of them.


And nothing shall hurt them, they are going to stop getting sick. I do not know anybody that is there yet, except Jesus; but at least look for some of the signs.


When you look for a spiritual person and you are looking for a spiritual wittiness to the message that is being preach. You look for someone that has power to heal the sick, that has power to cast out demons and that has manifest the wisdom of God to you.


Now my whole point here is that says they are going to lift up serpents, now there is a lot of talk in the church world about what that means. There are even some cults that teach snakes. So they lift them up and they say that they worship Jesus Christ and they hold up the snake and they say these signs follow those that believe.


That is not what it means brethren, man is the serpent, and the word take up is Strong’s 141, and it means to lift up, to no longer be bound to any place, and once somebody manifesting the Spirit of God is going to do is they are going to have the power to elevate you from being the serpent that is the enemy of God, to being a redeem serpent.


They are going to cast the demons out of you, they are going to heal you if you are sick and they are going to impart to you by the preach word the life of the almighty God. It is going to be planted in the earth of your soul and it is going to grow.


And His righteousness is going to appear in your mind, hallelujah.


Alternate translation verse 15And His feet, that part of Him which stands on the earth, even mankind, appeared like unto fine polished metal, as if purified in a furnace; and his voice sounded like many spirits speaking with one mind and in one accord.


Your spirit, my spirit everybody spirit is going to be speaking in one mind and one accord. No more difference of opinion, no more problems, and the reason for that, would be, that when you think, and when I think ,and when you think, we all is going to be thinking with the mind of Jesus Christ.


So when we speak and when we do we are going to be speaking the same thing. And we are going to be doing the same thing. The reason mankind is so separated now is that God separated man in Babel; I cannot get into that now it is too late. But the living soul was getting involved in criminal spiritual activities and God separated them and set them one against the other.


Thousands of years ago and to this date we have difference of opinion, we have husbands and wives bickering, we have countries going to war with each other, God did that because if man was of one mind and one accord some spiritual disaster would occur that I do not understand would occurred.


So God set us one against the other but when Jesus appears in your mind, in your mind. And in my mind we are going to think the same things and we are going to do the same things, we are going to speak the same things and the scriptures says we are going to sound like the voice of many waters, or the voice of many spirits.


Speaking in one mind and one accord, verse 16 and He had in His right hand seven stars and out of His mouth went a sharp two-edged sword and His countenance was as the sun shineth in His strength, glory to God.


Now I am not going to take too much time on it but the seven stars. Seven refers to the fullness, stars refers spiritual man if you have receive Jesus Christ and you if you are starting to move in the things of the spirit, if you start seeing with the eyes of God, if you start getting discernment and revelations you have become a spiritual man.


You now dwell in theheavenly as well as in the earth and you have become a star that is the symbol for the word star and the right hand refers to righteousness.


The left hand of God is Judgment and the right hand of God refers to His righteousness and Hid blessing. And I just want to give you a witness here on the sword that process out of his mouth verse 16 and it says out of His mouth was a sharp two-edged sword and that is the word of God.


When you are a spiritual man, you have spiritual power. When Jesus Christ speaks, it comes to pass. We are told that the prophet Samuel had not one word fall to the ground, if you are sick and the prophet Samuel or Jesus Christ came to you and said be heal and you walk out of here and you were heal.


Spiritual powers through the spoken word, you do not have to cut open somebody body and you do not have to cut open somebody mind. Spiritual power over all of the authority of the earth that is what the sword coming out of His mouth is.


Spiritual power and authority, you are poor, you are famine, there is no food, you speak food and it appears. Jesus did it that is what we are coming to; we are going to do it too.


We are going to feed the masses of people, we are going to close them and we are going elevate them spiritually so that they can take care of themselves, glory to God, Okay.


Revelation 19; 11, 13, 15, And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.


And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God. We are talking about God almighty.


And out of his mouth goeth a sharp sword, that with it he should smite the nations: he shall judge the nations, sin shall be judge, and he shall rule them with a rod of iron.


So the sword coming out of the mouth indicates that this being that we are talking about is almighty God now I had a witnesses for what I just said, the right hand of God means “benevolence’ and the left hand of God means judgment.


Isaiah, 41:10, Fear thou not; this is God speaking, be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness. The left hand means judgment.


The book of Judges 3:15, 20-21. But when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord raised them up a deliverer, they were being persecuted, Ehud the son of Gera, a Benjamite, a man left handed: and by him the children of Israel sent a present unto Eglon the king of Moab who oppress them.


And Ehud came unto [Eglon] the oppressor the dictator and Ehud said, I have a message from God unto thee.


And Ehud put forth his left hand and took the dagger from his right thigh, and thrust it into {Eglon's] belly.


The left hand is judgment but a lot of people do not understand in these scriptures. God will judge sin. Sin must be judge but after He judges it, He picks you up and redeems you.


He does not burn you in hell forever, he does not burn you in hell forever, he will judge you until the sin is squash out of you and then He will pick you up, are you familiar with the scriptures about the good Samaritans. He saw the man lying on the side of the road. He was beaten, he could not get up on his feet, he could not walk, and this man had been a recipient of the judgments of God. And Jesus came along, pick him up, put him on his own horse took him to an inn and took care of him.


Sin must be death with, you cannot live in sin, God would not permit you to live in sin but after He judges you for it. He will redeem you. He will bring you back because He has the power to do it.


Why would He leave you in hell forever, if He has the power to bring you back and restore you?


Alternate translation verse 16 and He kept His Sons or us from sinning by imparting His righteousness to us. And He subdued our flesh man, our Adamic mind and he put him under the foot of the indwelling Christ. The new man appearing in us, He took authority over the old man that causes us to sin and he was put underfoot. He was totally suppressed, and the Christ in us ruled the creation with authority and power. And He appeared as the sun shining with all of its might.


And when Christ appears in you, He would appear as the sun shining with all its might, spiritual power and authority in your life, not only to help yourself and your family, but also to help others, glory to God.


Anything God gives you, you have to give away brethren. You cannot hold on to it, you lose it, glory to God.


Alternate translation verse 17 I have not comment on that yet, verse 17 And when I saw Him I fell at His feet as dead and he laid His right hand , which is the hand of righteousness upon me and He said fear not, I am the first and the last.


John is having an experience with God. Can you imagine this? And he must have been terrified, okay.


Alternate translation verse 17, and when I saw the glorified Christ, my natural personality yielded to Him, and fell down as if dead. And He imparted righteousness and life to me by holding me with His right hand, and He communicated with me, saying, Don't be afraid; I am the origin and the ultimate end of mankind.


 When man has a confrontation with God, he must submit all of his sin, all of his natural personality, all of his natural ideas, he must lay down before the ideas to the almighty God. He must submit them to almighty God, if you have a conflict with what you believe is the right word of God. You are wrong, you are wrong, God’s way must prevail.


And we have a similar experience in Daniel 10, verse 8-10 Therefore I was left alone, and saw this great vision, this the prophet Daniel and there remained no strength in me. He saw God and he got weak for my comeliness was turn into corruption, and I retained no strength.


Yet heard I the voice of his words: this is God’s word and when I heard the voice of God’s word. Then I was in a deep sleep on my face, and my face to the ground.


When God comes into your life, when He appears in you, your natural personality is going to be subdued. This is a symbolic description of what is going to happen to you. You are going to fall asleep with your face on the ground. But, the reality is your personality must submit to make way for the mercy and the love and the righteousness of God.


And nothing, nothing by any means shall harm you, when God is ruling. And, behold, a hand touched me, which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands.


He was on his hands and knees. God reveal himself to him and he was on his hands and knees. It is symbolic, he was not, well maybe in the natural he was there like a dog on his hands and knees, but this is symbolic when God comes into your life you have to submit to him.


God requires you to submit to Him. His ideas must prevail over your ideas, glory to God, okay.


Verse 18 I am going to read it to you. We are almost done, I did not finish that, I am the first and the last, and we talk about that. He is the beginning of mankind, he was here from the beginning and He will ultimately be the new creation man.


Mankind glorified and elevated to a place of eternally life without sin. Do I have an alternate translation of that, oh I did it already.


When I saw the glorified Christ my natural personality yielded to Him and fell down if dead and He imparted righteous and life to me, by holding me up with His right hand and communicated with me, saying do not be afraid.


I am the beginning of mankind, I was here before you were ever here and I am the end. And your life in hidden in me and both Daniel and John I am suggesting to you when into a trance because when the Spirit of Christ manifests in you in its full power and your personality pushes to the background.


What happens to you is that you gone into a trance. Now we have a demonic counterfeit of this, we have lot of people that are call spiritualist they take many names and they let a spirit manifest in them through them.


What they did was, they permit their personality to be push to the background, this is illegal and it can only bring destruction on your life. The Spirit of God is the only Spirit that has legal authority to manifest through you in this realm.


Spiritualists are illegal and if you seek them, there are judgments of God associated with you giving them power over your life, if you want spiritual power, if you feel helpless, if you feel overcome, if you think that spiritual power can set you free, seek the spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Now sometimes it takes a little time to get the spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ working in your life and spiritualist might move a little more quickly. But do not be deceive power because there is nothing associate with their power but death. No good thing can come out of it seek the power of God to solve your problems.


Verse 18 I am He that liveth and was dead and behold I am alive forevermore, amen.


And I have the keys of Hell and of death. Jesus Christ is the one that was alive, but He says that there was a time when He was dead. And most of the church world believes that He died when He hung on the cross but wd a teaching in this ministry that says otherwise and it is base of the scripture that says He is the lamb that was slain from before the foundation of the earth.


He was slain before the world ever came into existence. He died thousands of years before He ever hung of the cross and we had been teaching here over the last couple of months that He exist in the realm of the spirit in pure spirit form.


He was God almighty and what He did was He descended into the earth. And He gave life to the earth. He gave life to the earth and out of that life, God formed you, and He formed me. And if He did not give life to the earth we would never exist, he died, he left His riches in the realm of spirit, he was propel to the earth so that we could receive life. He became a natural man, he became.


Acts 2:41 Then and they that gladly received the word. They gladly receive the word they were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them or unto that congregation about three thousand souls. We added and because they receive the word in their natural mind and the spiritual realm of God, they were join or bound to the kingdom of God.


That is what binding means and this is what loosing means, 1 Cor. 5:1-3, 5. It is reported commonly that there is fornication among you.


And ye are puffed up, and have not rather mourned, that he that hath done this deed might be taken away from among you.


For I, this is Paul speaking, I have judged already concerning him that hath so done this deed,


To deliver such a one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.


And what that means that there was a believer, oaky, this is not talking about one mistake, it was a believer that was consentingly breaking the law of God, he had been bound to the kingdom of heaven in the spiritual realm of God.


And Paul the apostle have the authority to say that even though you are join to God, you had chosen to sin repetitiously and I am going to disengage you from the kingdom of God for a season, so that you would learn not to blaspheme God.


That is what binding and loosing means either you are bound to the kingdom or you are loose from the kingdom and it is only done by the power of the almighty God.


We cannot go around to people binding up there personality. It is witchcraft. Do not do it, okay.


Alternate Translation verse 18, And Jesus said I am the one who is alive, but there was a time when I was dead; nevertheless, I will never die again, I am alive for the life of the ages. So be it. And I have the key that will unlock the prison house known as "hell," the place where mankind is tormented continually; that is right here brethren. I do not know anybody that has not experience torment in some area. And I also have the key that will deliver then out from under the power of death, so that they can receive eternal life, glory to God.


Going back, I read you Matt. 16-19. And I said, And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.


And I gave an alternate translation, of that, Whoever in the earth of the soul realm that is us, that you join to the kingdom of God, they shall also be joined to the kingdom of God in the realm of the spirit. And whoever you turn away from the kingdom of God in the earth realm of the soul, they shall be cut off from the kingdom of God in heaven.


That is what binding and loosing really means, okay. Now we just read the alternate translation of verse 18. I am the one, who is alive, but there was a time when I was dead; when He became a natural man, nevertheless, I shall live for the life of the ages. I will never die again, so be it. And I have the key that would, that will unlock the prison house known as "hell.” Brethren this is the realm of hell, hell is in your mind, it is in your mind. You see people lying on the street. They cannot get up off it. They are in hell. A drug addict that cannot get off it, he is in hell, that person is in hell. These people locked in mental institution there are in hell.


And hell is a condition of being rule by the Adamic mind who has drags you down to this place where you cannot hold a job.


Heaven is being rule by the Spirit of the almighty God who given you thoughts, counsel, and wisdom and spiritual power. That what is mean, so the key to hell, what is going to get you out of hell is the impartation of the mind of Christ, if you are in trouble and you cannot get out, it is because you do not know how, maybe your thinking is wrong, maybe you need the mind of Jesus Christ, maybe you are evaluating your situation, maybe there is a way out but you cannot even think of it.


The way out of hell is by having the Spirit of Jesus Christ join to your mind to impart right thinking to you and then the power, the spiritual power to implement that right thinking.


I have gone to many people this is the way out of your trouble. This is all you have to do, stop walking that way, walk this way, why don’t they do it, they laugh at you, they do not believe you, that if you go this way you are going to get out of your trouble, they do not believe you, wrong thinking.


You have to get the mind of Jesus Christ and once you get the right thinking He has to impart the power to you, the spiritual power to you, to get up and do what you have to do to get your life out the mess that it is in.


Whatever that mess is, everybody got their own personal mess, okay.


And I also have the key that would deliver them out from under the power of death. So that they can receive eternal life and that key is the life of Jesus Christ in you. He is the key, He is going to insert himself in you and when He attaches himself to you, you shall be delivered out from hell, which is wrong thinking and everything that results from it. And death that we all know what death is.


Not only physical death but also we can live in a condition of death, Paul said, he who lives in sin is dead, while they yet are alive, okay.


Verse 20 Write the things, which thou have seen: and the things, which are, and the things, which shall be hereafter. Write down the things which you seen, the way they are now and the way they are going change, the way they are going to be after I impart my life to you.


Write it down in a book this is the way it is now but after I get through with you, this is the way it going to be.


Verse 20, the mystery of the seven stars, which thou saw in my right hand and the seven golden candlesticks, the seven stars they are the angels of the seven churches, and the seven candlesticks, which thou saweth, are the seven churches.


The scripture is giving its own interpretation there of the stars and the candlesticks.


I have alternate translation, Write about, this is the Lord speaking to John; write it about the hidden truth of the seven stars, which you saw in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars they are the angels, or spiritual men, of the seven churches: and the seven golden candlesticks, which you saw, they are the buildings, which house those men, that is us, our natural body.


Yes, the seven stars they are the fullness of the sons of God that is the new man. Which I am upholding with my righteousness and the seven golden candlesticks is the redeemed living soul.


11/05/12 Transcribed by AM

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