We Need Change

By Anthony Milton,

inspired by a text from his daughter, Shayna

I was inspired to write about this topic, after receiving a text from my twelve year old daughter. I was shocked from reading her text, and I thought, WOW! Then, I remembered overhearing her and my other two daughters discussing the pros and cons about the upcoming presidential election. As I listen, I was amazed that my three daughters, 10, 12, and 14 years old have an interest and opinion about the election. I have never discussed the election with them.

One day, they asked me who I was voting for. I told them and they responded by saying if they could vote, they would vote for him. Their choice was the same as mine. I became more curious as to what caused them to have an interest in this 2008 presidential election because I had never heard them talk much about the last presidential election of 2004.

They told me that they had an opportunity to watch some of the presidential election commercials and heard what was being said, but that they did not agree with what they had heard. They cited a statement, we need change, which both parties have been mentioning. I thought about this statement which is being utilized by politicians, and is continually being used during this election. These politicians want us to put our trust in them and accept their change for our vote for their prospective offices.

I would insert the text that has inspired this topic, we need change, at the end of this message We all need change, or, do we all need to change? I have asked myself this question time and time again, over the course of my life. You may have probably done the same.

Both candidates are telling you and I to vote for them and change will come. There is some truth in their statement, but, what kind of change? How would this change affect me? Are the changes that they are talking about good for me or would it put me in a compromising position as to change my moral beliefs to theirs?

Am I supposed to wait for their change or should I take a look at my life and change what needs to be changed, and not wait for a change that takes away from others. I must look at my faults that have caused my problems, which have put me in a dilemma.

The politicians are not responsible for my bad decisions. I am solely responsible for my bad decisions. It is wrong for me to want any politician to take away from others and give to me to solve my problems.

Is there a glimmer of hope if I take a look at myself, and decide what I need to change in my life, or should I exclusively put my hope for change in a politician? If I do that, then I would be a slave to them. I would be waiting for what they have decided to give to me.

How can the change that they offer be good for me, if I have to wait on their handouts for my survival? This kind of change is not good for me. Should I choose their change based on emotions or should I make a choice based on the truth. Where could I go for more information to help me in my dilemma?

Who should I seek out for the truth about this kind of change? Should I just accept their change that appeals to my needs? Should I ignore the big picture as it pertains to my moral beliefs, and wait for their change? Ahhh, I must closely examine the kind of change that is being offered to me.

There is indeed a change that I can effect in my life, and that change is to make a decision based on the truth and not based on my desires and emotions. My decision should not be influenced by the candidate's race or gender.

I have examined what is being said and have determined that I do not need their kind of change that takes from others, or hurts others.

I have spoken to some of my friends and to some strangers that I have met, who have ignored the truth and voted for their change-candidate based solely on race, gender and what pertains to their desires. Have they really listened to what is being said or they do not care, I wonder.

As I continued to think about what my daughter had written to me, I realized that she was not moved by her emotions. She had listened to what was being said and had determined that something was wrong with this change that was being spoken about and being offered to those who can vote.

In her young age she had determined that we all must awake from our sleep. Because of her age she could not vote; however, there is no age requirement that would prevent her from praying about what was troubling to her about this change.

Furthermore, I was thinking about this change that was being offered to me. I began to realize that we are living in a time that any change that comes forth from deception, witchcraft power and lies, is dangerous for all of us.

If we refuse to examine what is being said to us and only enjoy the emotional side of the statement as it pertains to our selfish desires, we will regret the choice that we have made and our children and humanity will reap the results.

Our decision should be made when we have received all of the facts and not solely from a statement, or because of race, or gender.

Oh! Who can open my eyes and ears to the truth?! The truth should come from God and from all the facts that have been given to us, which would help us to make the righteous decision. When information is withheld from us, and others are deciding for us, we are no longer in charge of our lives. We cannot make a righteous decision from deception, witchcraft, lies, selfish desires, pride or whatever you just thought of.

We all need to change. The question is what is the kind of change we need? We need to change our immoral beliefs. We need to change from being prideful. We need to change from being stubborn. We need to change from blaming others for our problems. We need to change from seeking to take advantage of others.

We need to change from being angry at other races. We need to change from being mad at God, because of our race, gender, problems, and circumstances. We need to change from those sinful behaviors that have been pointed out to us. We need to change from thinking that we are above God's Word. We need to change from thinking that God has given us special permission to do as we please.

Some ministers need to change from their teachings that have prevented the Spirit of Christ from helping the people. We need to change from accepting a lie. We need to change from always wanting a handout when we can do things for ourselves. We need to examine ourselves and make the corrections needed.

We need to confess our sins and repent of refusing to examine any deception that is being directed towards us. We need to seek out God and ask for help in our time of need. We need to stop idolizing any candidate. We need to realize that when we accept a lie or deception above the Word of God because of our own self-interest, we will reap what we have sown. Also, the candidate, or any elected official, is not exempt from reaping what they have sown upon us.

We need to realize that we must examine our actions, our true motives, and do the righteous thing, regardless of a candidate's gender or race. We need to change from our will and seek out God's will for our change. We need to change from thinking that we could have it both ways.

We need to change from not studying God's Word, and begin to search it for the truth as it pertains to a politician's change and our own. We need to pray to God for help and be careful not to tell Him how to answer our prayers.

We need to change from thinking that we are on this earth for self, and only self. We need to change from the belief that we are in total control of our lives. We need to realize that we did not create ourselves. We need to realize that when we put our faith in a candidate, or put ourselves above God, we are inviting trouble into our lives.

We need to understand that if we refuse to accept the truth and continue to do as we please, we will experience change and we would not be in control as to when this change takes effect in our lives, or our children's lives.

Changes take place spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally all the time. It does not make a difference whether we are aware of it or not. Right from when you are born, you have been exposed to some kind of change.

When we reject the truth and accept a lie, we will experience a change, and from that choice comes a reaping of what we have sown. We will experience the consequence of our decision. It will not be from the politician's statements, it will be from you refusing to examine what was being said to you. Likewise, if you accept the truth, you will reap from it.

We do not need a change that is harmful to this county and us. We need a change in the individual that would make a positive difference to our lives and this country. We need an inward transformation of the mind. We must seek to lose one's original way of thinking. We need God to change some of our thinking that is at war with Him. We must undergo this change even though it will be painful at times.

Now, who are you going to seek out for your change? We need to call on God to prevail in this election, to prevail in you and I. We believe and trust that His will be done.

This is my daughter's text that inspired this message:


These are her words and opinion, and we all have are own. We must allow others to express their opinion. It not about who is right or wrong. It is an opinion.

This message is not directed towards any specific presidential candidate. It could apply to both of them, or any elected official.

All of them are saying vote for me and change will come. However, if you are believing in your own candidate's change message and are rejecting, refusing to accept, or to believe the true message which is, we need to change our thinking, then you have chosen your own change above God's change for you and this country.

I have no power to make you do anything. I am just a messenger. Change will come to you and this country.

It is my prayer that Lord gives you the spiritual insight to see through the spiritual smoke screens that have blinded you.




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