480 - Part 2
(Judges, Chapter 16)




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 Praise the Lord. We'll start by reading the interspersed recap of verse 1-5, Judges, Chapter 16, of Samson & Delilah. "And it came to pass, that Michael made love to the Fiery Serpent in Samson, the valley where he had silenced Satan, and the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual woman who was miserable, disheartened and pining away, because of her weak and inadequate nature, brought forth Adam, the manchild.


And as Adam ascended in Samson, Satan, the Lord of the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual immigrant in Samson, worked witchcraft in Samson, saying, "Be deceived Samson, observe that you are Elohim's chameleon, but Leviathan shall overcome Elohim's great strength, and harness you. So why don't you cast Adam down, and we, Satan and Leviathan, will give you a mortal man, the salvation that belongs to the brow and crown energy centers." But Adam entered into the lair of the Fiery Serpent within Samson and Adam saw the adulterous woman who lives there, and Adam entered into her, and the Fiery Serpents in the mortal men of Judah said, Adam is compassing Samson about, and now Samson will come here and lay an ambush for all of the Fiery Serpents who have ascended into Leviathan's city, because Adam, the head of the neck energy center of the upper window, intends to silence Satan, and engrave all of the Fiery Serpents with the nature of Elijah, the light wave, who calls forth Adam, the morning, and nailed them to the upper window of creation.


And Adam within Samson lay upon the heart center of the mortal men of Judah, to the point that Adam became a hedge between Leviathan, and the Fiery Serpents her household. And Adam seized the Fiery Serpents, the household who is the entranceway to Leviathan's city, and to the neck energy center of Leviathan's timeline, and Adam within Samson, the captain of the neck energy center that is above, had intercourse with the Fiery Serpents within the mortal men of Judah, and brought them out of Leviathan's timeline, and bolted the door. And Adam joined the personalities of the Primordial Serpents, the magician who cast a spell on Adam and united with Elohim's sons to the neck energy center, which is above."


Praise the Lord, we see the deliverance of the personalities formed by the Primordial Serpent in verse 5. I don't know if that was verse 5 because everything's all turned around here. That was verse 3 at the end. Following are the Scriptures from the previous message, if you want to get an idea of some of the changes that I made, and we will be continuing with verse 6 on page three of your notes.


King James translation, "And Delilah said to Samson, Tell me I pray you, wherein thy great strength lieth, and wherewith thou mightest be bound to afflict thee?" Well I have a comment here, I'll read you this verse. I want to tell you up front that "Delilah", whose name means that spiritual woman who was miserable, disheartened, and pining away, because of her weak and inadequate nature, is an allegory, Delilah signifies the spiritually female, mortal men of Judah, who Samson is sent to save from Satan and Leviathan. I have scanned the subsequent verses of this chapter and find little that would be attributed to the personalities of Samson's hostile congregation. Have you heard of a hostile witness? A hostile witness is a witness in a court trial who is testifying against their will. Usually they have become subpoenaed, usually they have been subpoenaed. More often than not, the people who a son of God is sent to minister to cannot recognize the authority of the son, or that the Lord rejected the minister.


Samson was sent to the mortal men of Judah, and they were hostile to them, and in full agreement with the Fiery Serpent, their widowed subconscious mind, who was actively involved in an adulterous relationship with Satan and Leviathan. The mortal men of Judah preferred their carnal mind over Adam's righteous mind, and made a league with their own negative principles to destroy Adam, and reduce Samson to a weak mortal man, who they could control.


Now, I tried to preach this message last week, and there was so little of Samson in it, we gave it a different name, we called it some basic principles of the Doctrine of Christ, but there's a powerful exhortation on Samson in that message if you're hearing this tape, this message now, and you want to review it, there's a powerful exhortation on how I really do not believe how a macho man such as Samson would respond to a woman that he just fornicated with alerting him to the enemy. He would have been much more likely to say, "Don't worry dear, that was just a bird outside", see? And what I'm trying to tell you is that account of Samson and Delilah is an allegory. It is not about Samson in fornication. It is about Samson in whom Adam has been resurrected, it's about Samson's ministry as son of God. Samson is sent to his roots, he's sent to the men of Israel, in particular, the men of Judah, and he is sent to help them to overcome the Fiery Serpent within themselves.


He's sent to wage war against Satan and Leviathan on their behalf, and to regenerate Adam within them, so that the mortal men of Judah can ascend into the true timeline, and serve the living God, instead of Satan and Leviathan. As I told you, I believe on part 1, I mentioned this, that the whole account of Samson's relationship with Delilah, it's an account between a God-called pastor and the congregation that the Lord raises up.


This is, now you've got to know this, and if you're in the congregation, you can't get all uptight over this, because someday, maybe you'll be in the pastor's seat experiencing this. The people who are under you have negative principles in them which rise up and try to tear down your authority, and most of the time they don't even know it, it's your job to educate them, so that they can prevent it from happening, so that they could prevent Satan and Leviathan from manifesting through themselves to damage you, that is their job. You have to put up a wall so that you will not be hurt, and then you have to educate the people to not permit themselves to be vessels for this kind of evil. That's your job as a pastor. If you're a true pastor that's your job.


Okay, we're going on with verse 6, "And Delilah said to Samson, Tell me I pray thee wherein thy great strength lieth, and wherein thou mightest be bound to afflict thee?" Now first of all, the great strength that Delilah is talking about is not his strength to tie foxes tails together, the great strength that Delilah is talking about, now Delilah is the collective subconscious mind of Samson's congregation. Now I want to tell you something, frequently, not all the time, but frequently, when the Lord raises up a son of God, he sends him to a congregation that has not been formed in the physical world yet, and the people don't even know that they are a part of the congregation of that son of God, and more often than not, the people don't think very much of that upcoming son of God, and say, who do you think you are trying to teach me? It frequently happens, it may not happen to you that way, but frequently happens that way.


Now there's someone right now that I talk to from time to time, that I told a couple of years ago, these people in your life right now, they're your congregation, and the person said to me, "Oh that's not possible", she said to me, "They don't have any respect for me at all, they're not interested in what I teach, they strive with me, they fight with me, they try to take authority over me", whatever she said. "How can you say they're my congregation?" Well the reason that I can say that they were her congregation was because it was a very similar situation with me, when this ministry first rose up, not exactly the same, but very similar. And now several years later, maybe three years later, this person can see what I was talking about. And the people concerned are still not formed into a formal group, they still don't acknowledge her as pastor, but she has had a change of mind, and she now recognizes that she is sent to these people even though they continue to reject her, and is that not the position that Jesus is in? He's sent to the world, He's sent to the church, even though the church continues to reject Him. So should we be any different than our master? It's very common.


So the great power that Delilah, the collective subconscious mind of Samson's congregation, the mortal men of Judah, the great power that they would like to know about, is the power of Samson to bind within himself his two minds into one single mind, the carnal mind that he was born with, and the regenerated Adam, or the mind of Christ, those two minds within Samson were bound together and they functioned as one single mind, with the righteous mind of the regenerated Adam in rulership.


Brethren if you can accomplish that there's great spiritual authority and power in that internal position, whether you know it or not, if you're involved with the ministry here, that's what we're trying to do. We're simultaneously trying to put our carnal mind and the various aspects of our carnal mind under the resurrected Christ Jesus in us, and when we get her under, most perfectly we're going to bind her. We're going to bind the two minds together so that she cannot get away. When you confess her sins and repent, and you study, when you confess your sins and repent, you're forcing the carnal mind under, and when you study the Doctrine of Christ, and submit to the whole program here, you're building up Christ Jesus in you, so you've got a two-pronged warfare going on.


You're putting the carnal mind down, and you're building up the Christ mind, but your ultimate goal, if you didn't know it, mark this down, your ultimate goal is to bind the two minds together, piggy back, one on top of the other, with the regenerated Christ Jesus, on top in rulership, and brethren this is called spiritual marriage. This is called spiritual marriage.


You know, the Hebrew word that's translated 'to sit down', I've been telling you this for years, that the Hebrew word translated 'to sit down', it can also be translated 'to marry'. And I never use to really understand it, that that Hebrew word could mean 'to sit down, to dwell with, to marry', so I said, "Okay, to sit down with in the same house, okay I could see how it means to marry." But the Lord gave me a more realistic understanding. I'm very sorry this is a very sexual message, but this is what the Lord told me this morning, when a man and a woman lie together, if you just think about the position, you can really say, the man is sitting on the wife, he's sitting on her. He sits on her, that's what the Lord told me this morning, I'm sorry if that offends you, and therefore it is a euphemism for the marital union, to sit down, or to sit upon. It's a euphemism for the marital union.


So this is the mystery that Delilah wants to know about. Now I remind you that Samson has offered the mortal men of Judah a riddle from the point of view of the Doctrine of Christ. You may recall from the previous studies in Samson, we've already done Samson's Riddle, and we've done Samson and The Foxes, you may recall from those studies, that Samson, more specifically from Samson's Riddle, Samson put forth a riddle and the riddle was something about the vehement waters rising up and killing Adam and stealing his spirit, something like that, I don't have the exact translation here at this time. And Samson was challenging the mortal men of Israel to understand and explain this, and they could not, you see.


So here we see that mortal men of Judah, their collective mind called Delilah, okay, coming to Samson, wanting a knowledge of his strength, but not wanting that knowledge from the point of view of righteousness, you see. If they would have come to Samson and said, "Teach us about this vehement waters who killed the son of God and whatever the rest of the verse was, within the answer to that question, would have come a knowledge of how Samson acquires his strength, but Delilah didn't want that, she didn't want the Doctrine of Christ. She didn't want the truth about the Serpent, she didn't want the truth about herself, she wanted only an aspect of the truth. Delilah wanted only that aspect of the truth which would have equipped her to overturn the man who was come to save her. She didn't want the whole truth. She wanted a partial truth. And in fact, Delilah, the subconscious mind of the mortal men of Judah, represented the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which is a partial tree. She didn't want the whole truth, they did not want the whole truth. Just tell me how to bring you down, and get you off of my back, that's all they wanted to know. She wanted to know where Samson found the strength to restrain the carnal mind.


You know I saw, I went to the movies this weekend, and I saw the latest Star Wars movie, and in that movie, I'm sorry it wasn't Star Wars, I saw Star Trek Insurrection, okay, and in that movie, Data goes wild, he loses it, and he's in a spaceship acting like a criminal. And Captain Picard and I think it's Will Ryker, go out trying to capture Data without harming him, they want to capture him so that they could find out what's wrong with him, and they're having this race across this galaxy with their two ships. Well the Captain seduces, he seduces Data to get his mind off of the functioning of the trip.


He uses seduction and starts Data singing, which of course is a humorous aspect of the movie, but the fact is, Captain Picard used deception and seduction to get Data's mind off of running the ship, and when Data was in the midst of singing his song, the Captain's ship got on top of Data's ship, this is in the movie, Star Trek Insurrection, Captain Picard's shuttle craft got on top of Data's shuttle craft, lowered itself down on it, sat on it, locked on to it, and tried to tow it. And what do you think happened when Captain Picard's ship locked on and started to tow Data's ship? Data realized what had happened and started to try to pull away, just like a bucking bronco when you put a saddle on him. And you could see in this Star Trek episode, the two ships having this incredible struggle. Three things could have happened, Captain Picard's ship could have taken complete control over Data's ship and towed him.


Data's ship could have broken free, and gone away, or Data's ship could have stayed bound to Captain Picard's ship but taken the lead. Well Captain Picard prevailed over Data's ship because that's a fantasy movie. But brethren, this is what happens when we try to apprehend our Fiery Serpent, or when Christ Jesus in us tries to marry or join with the Fiery Serpent in us, that's what he's up against. She doesn't want him. First he has to get close enough to her to touch her, and then he had to lock on to her, and once he locks on to her, she's bucking like a bucking bronco. And what do we the personality feel? We have trials in our life.


Now the trials don't come from Jesus. The trials come from our subconscious mind trying to shake Jesus off. Jesus doesn't send trials on our life. The trials come from the Fiery Serpent, and of course she's connected to Satan and Leviathan, the trials come from the Serpent's household and they are designed to shake Christ Jesus off. And what is necessary for the Fiery Serpent to shake Christ Jesus off? I don't think anyone remembers, what is necessary is to lay hold of the personality, and turn the personality against Christ Jesus, see. If the trials are severe enough, so that the personality says, I don't need this, I'm getting out of here, the Fiery Serpent shakes Christ Jesus off.


The Lord Jesus Christ is not training you up with trials. The Lord Jesus Christ is training you up and me up through a greater and greater degree of spiritual intimacy with us, through conversations with him, through communion with him, through experiencing him, through obedience to him. The Lord Jesus Christ is not training us up with experiences. We require experiences, I've been telling you for a couple of years, we require experiences because we are fallen. We're already fallen. So the part of us that is already fallen is having experiences when you follow after Jesus Christ, when you take his counsel, when you try it his way, you find out and you get more confidence that His way is right. Yes we're getting experiences to that degree, from that point of view, because we are already fallen, and these experiences help us to cleave unto the Lord Jesus Christ.


But there are preachers in the church today preaching that the Lord Jesus is bringing us into perfection by bringing hardships into our life. This is a lie. Even today, I've been preaching here, you have to learn from experiences, that's just because we're fallen. The Lord tells you, if you can find the information, if you can hear it from him directly, if you can get it from a preacher, if you can get it from a book, however you can get it, if you could really find out what God is telling you to do in every given situation, and you do it, you don't have to have the bad experience. The whole problem is, most people can't hear the instruction, either they can't hear it directly from God, if they do, they decide it's not God, if they hear it from a preacher, they are afraid of being controlled, and they don't do it, or they just don't want to do what they're told, and they go out and they learn the hard way, and they learn from experience.


But even today, if you have a relationship with Christ Jesus, you can cease from learning with experiences, but very few men can do it. Even those of us who hear this message and really try, every now and then I just go down. I know that if you ask me I would tell you, I want to do everything Jesus tells me to do. I would rather not learn from experience and then sin rises in me from time to time and I go the hard way. It's our fallen condition, but it's not the Lord Jesus' will for us that we should learn from experiences. But learning from experience is better than not learning at all, if our ears are so closed that we can't hear, learning from experience is better than not learning at all. The Serpent educates and matures with experience. Jesus educates and matures through communion, and that's not crackers, through a relationship with you, through having a relationship with you, by talking to you, by you talking to him, by you discussing every aspect of your life with him. Saying, "What do you think Lord, how would you have it, what would you do if you were me?"


You don't have to have bad experiences, but not many people can do it the Lord's way, we're just too rebellious and prideful. But if you get this message and it strikes you, you can tell them that you would like deliverance from your rebellion and your pride so that you could do it his way. You could always ask, I ask right now, Lord help me to do things your way, please.


Okay, we're doing verse 6 here. "And said the Fiery Serpent, the spiritual woman who was miserable, disheartened and pining away," that's a translation of Delilah, "pining away because of her weak and inadequate nature." In these deep studies it's very important that you check out the prefixes, and especially before words that indicate that somebody's talking, because I found that many times that the person that the King James translation indicates is talking is not the person who is talking at all.


Now we've been doing this with all of our studies in Samson and usually when the prefix is before a word are 'vav' and 'yod' meaning the nailed mind, it usually means Adam. I think we found one occasion where it did not mean Adam, where it meant Leviathan. Most of the time it's talking about Adam. Now the prefixes that precede the word 'said' here, Strong's #559, are 'vav' and 'tav'. 'Vav' means 'to nail' and 'tav' means 'to engrave' okay. So what this verb is saying, the one that is nailed, that engraves. Does anyone remember what the word 'to engrave' signifies?


COMMENT: Imprint nature?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it means 'to imprint one's nature upon', okay, and now, I found the same pair of prefixes, actually I think it's in verse 9, but I didn't pick it up in verse 6. I suggest to you that it's talking about Satan. Satan is nailed to what? When the Scripture is talking about being nailed, it's talking about being nailed to one of the windows of creation, it means you can't leave the window. You see Elohim's not nailed to the upper window of creation, Elohim is free, Elohim can leave, Elohim can go into the eternal realm where Jehovah is, but Satan is nailed to the lower window of creation, she cannot leave, you see.


We are nailed to this world, we cannot leave. Jesus Christ was liberated from this dimension or this world. We cannot, we have to die to get out of here. We have to physically die to get out of here, we have to cease to exist to get out of here. Jesus and Elijah were both liberated from this world without death. So you see this whole teaching in the church that you have to die to go on to be in heaven, it's a totally pagan teaching. The Old Testament talks about the ancient of days in the book of Daniel. The ancient of days, it's talking about Elijah, the one who left this world without dying. And Enoch walked with God, and Enoch was not, Enoch left this world without dying.


How do you leave this world without dying, does anyone know? There are only two ways to leave this world, either you die physically, or you what?


COMMENT: You're completely ruled by the mind of God.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's true, but let's say in the right words for the people listening to the message, you either physically die to this physically world, or you spiritually die to this spiritual world and transfer into Christ Jesus, or the righteous timeline. You have to transfer, you either have to make a physical change in position, you have to take a spiritual change of position to leave this world. And if you leave this world by taking a physical change of position, your body and your personality die, and only your spiritual principles survive.


But to leave this world, to die to this world, to die to the bondage of this world, and retain your personality and your body, which is what salvation is all about, you must accomplish and I must accomplish a change of spiritual position.


We must be grafted to the Tree of Life, which is the regenerated Christ/Adam, and the branch of us that's rooted in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, must be cut off. And this whole principle that I just described to you is said in two little words or three little words with the phrase, 'the one who engraves'. Satan, the one who engraves her nature on the clay of your personality, has made a determination, has made a judgment over you, that the only way you can leave this world is through physical death, and through the death of your personality. She's the engraver of this world. Every time she thinks through us, she marks our spiritual clay with her nature. Because you see, whether or not we're in Christ, or in the Serpent, is determined by how we think.


So one might say, "Well, how you think, that's how you do." But that's not necessarily true, a lot of people think one way, and do another way. That's just another way of saying, that you do, I've told you this, you do a lot of the right things for all of the wrong reasons. Some people do all the wrong things, well I don't know if you could do the wrong things for the right reason, I'm not sure. We must think the thoughts of Christ Jesus, not a counterfeit. We must think like Christ Jesus. When Christ Jesus is our thoughts, this is the grafting of the personality into the Tree of Life, this is salvation. To think his thoughts in the simplest decision. I had two messages in my heart this morning. I wound up preaching a third one that wasn't even in my heart. At this point, I'm not even sure whether that was God or not, I'm being hindered from preaching this message on Samson and Delilah.


I had to decide whether the Lord wanted, which message the Lord wanted me to preach, and I was very tempted to preach the other one, not this one. So you say, "Well, so if you preach the other message, so what?" Well if I preach the other message and the Lord wanted me to preach this one, I would have been going in to a preaching session with my carnal mind. I think the lord would have honored it, he would have honored it, he would have blessed the message, but for that moment, I would have not been Christ, well if Christ came through and took over, but do you understand what I'm saying, in that decision, I would have failed to distinguish between Christ and my carnal mind.


Now that's like separating the cattle from the cattle, but you've got to hear this, you've got to hear this and not be overwhelmed by it, you see. You've got to understand it, and let him do it through you. Let Him teach you how to let go and let Him think through you. But first you must understand and believe that He wants to be making the simplest decision in your life. I've heard people mocked for asking the Lord what they should wear that day, or what they should cook for dinner. Well, I ask him about everything. He wants to live through you. Not too long ago I mentioned briefly about one person living vicariously through another person, this is ungodly when one man does it to another man. You cannot live through another person. Some mothers want to live through their children, some wives live through their husbands, I've seen husbands live through their wives. I've seen men that don't want to go out, they don't go anywhere, and they gain energy from everything that their wife does. But it's more common that's it's the women doing that to the men.


This is very ungodly, every human being is suppose to be complete in Christ Jesus, but it's what Christ Jesus wants to do to us, the personality. It's okay for Christ Jesus, the spiritual man to live through us, for us to live through Him. See, when we're completely given over to Christ Jesus, we live vicariously through Christ Jesus. All of our energy and our strength and our joy and our purpose in life is attained from what Christ Jesus is doing in this world. And we live and we grow and we prosper. But you can't do it through another human being. It's ungodly.


So we see that the two prefixes before the English word 'said', are 'vav' and 'tav', that's the one who engraves, the one that is nailed to the creation, and does the engraving, 'said', said to Delilah, said to Delilah... So we see in the King James, it's Delilah speaking to Samson, and when we look at the deep understanding of the Interlinear text, we see that it says, "And Satan said to Delilah, and Delilah said to Samson...", or, "And Satan said to Samson through Delilah.." That's really what it's saying, Satan spoke to Samson through Delilah.


Now brethren, this is a hard word, but it was reinforced to me yesterday when I went to see the new Star Trek, and there was several scenes with battles and great armies, and at one point the Lord spoke to me, and he said, "These are anti-Christ armies and they were people. It's in the people, Satan is in the minds of the people, and every person who serves Satan, how do you serve Satan, you may not even know that you're serving Satan, but if you are speaking Satan's words, you are a member of Satan's armies, and the only way you will not speak Satan's words, is to be actively serving the Lord Jesus Christ. And at the very moment that the Lord showed this to me, he gave me a Scripture, which most of us would be familiar with. When the Hebrew children came out of Egypt, the Scripture says that Jehovah called them his armies, he called them the host of Israel. Host means army, every human being that Christ Jesus speaks through, is a member of his army.


Now there's only one humanity, and I've told you this before, the battle is for us, who will we manifest? Christ Jesus or Satan and Leviathan? And it's bad enough to be a spokesperson for Satan, but woe be unto the man who doesn't know he is and speaks for both. That double minded man is unstable in all of his ways. So we see that it was Satan, it wasn't Delilah speaking to Samson, it was Satan, from the depths of Delilah's being speaking to Samson.


Now if you want to view this Scripture on this deep level, which I am convinced is true, then you must know that what we're talking about is motives, that the words that come out of your mouth are secondary, hopefully the words that come out of your mouth line up with the spirit who originally initiated the thought in the depth of your being, but sometimes that's not true. Sometimes people are not particularly good communicators, and sometimes they don't express themselves properly. Yet there are people in this world who would lay hold of that person's physical word and insist that that person meant something that they really didn't mean, even if the person comes to you, this is happened to me, and it's happened to me here, specifically with you, okay, but it's happened with everybody.


People have come to me, and said to me, "But you said, but you said." Well maybe, I can't argue with you, because I don't remember what I said, but if that was the word that came out of my mouth, somehow I spoke a wrong word, that was not what I meant, it was not my intention.


So you have to take the person's word for it, unless, you have discernment in Christ Jesus and the person is manifesting. You have to be able to tell the difference between all of these different things. You have to be able to recognize when, well maybe you heard it wrong, the person says, I don't remember what I said, or I do remember what I said, it came out wrong, I didn't mean that. You have to give them the benefit of the doubt, otherwise you're thinking evil of them, that you won't even let them make a correction. Yet when your discernment is operating and sin is being revealed, you cannot take the person's protestations and denials if you know that they are manifesting in denial.


So there's a constant giving and taking, constant changing of position. So we see that our true, what we say, cannot be determined, when you become a spiritual person.


You cannot determine what the person is really saying by listening to their words. You must also listen to the motives, to the intents of their heart. You must listen to the intents of their heart, their motives. It has to become so automatic with us, and it is largely with me, I can't say 100%, but I know that when someone says the most harmless thing to me, but there's a wrong motive there, I feel it instantly. I may not know what it is, but I feel an irritation in my heart when their motive is wrong, and their manifestation may have nothing to do with me, it may be their own insecurity, it may be their own fear, they may not be trying to deceive me or anything like that, but I know instantly that something is wrong. I have to start asking the Lord, "What is it, and what do you want me to do about it?"


So, if you're going to believe this, which I do, that means that the personality never speaks to anybody, we're just the face, we're just the mask, do you know that is what personality means? It comes from the Latin word 'persona', it means mask. This personality and this physical body, it hides the spiritual life form that's underneath. You have to be spiritual to discern who is speaking to you, is it Satan speaking to you, or is it Christ speaking to you, because they both use the same mask.


So you see when you become spiritual, life becomes very complicated. It's not possible to have a simple life when you're spiritual. When everybody wears a mask. Sometimes the most obnoxious offensive people are sold out to Jesus Christ and the Lord wants you to help them. Everybody has a mask on. Your discernment has to be implemented continuously, and you have to be in continuous communication with the Lord, asking what he wants to do with certain people, and your mind has to be trained to think this way, you see. You can't just be that happy go lucky neighbor, you know that your neighbor just happens to walk in your house, and you say, "Oh hi, how nice to see you."


You have to say, "Lord, what is she doing here, did you bring her in? Did she come in of her own free will? Did Satan bring her in? Is she here to interrupt what's going on? Do you have something you want me to tell her?" And if you're the kind of person who has neighbors walking in and out of your house everyday for the last fifty years, and you're sitting here thinking that's insane, she's walked in here a million times for no particular reason. My response to you is this, nobody ever walks in anywhere without any particular reason, you were just not aware of the reason, and you were not aware of how the Lord might have moved in that situation if you had offered up your members for his service. Nothing happens by accident.


Everything that we see in this physical world is generated by unseen force, everything. Okay, so we see that Delilah is the collective subconscious mind of the mortal men of Israel, and Satan is their Lord. So we see that it is the Lord, or the controller, the word Lord means controller, the spiritual controller of the subconscious mind of the mortal men of Judah, who is speaking to Samson, and he's speaking through the Fiery Serpent, their subconscious mind, and he's speaking through their personality and he's speaking through their physical mouth, if he's speaking through their physical mouth, we don't know whether this conversation ever reached that point or not. Samson was very high in the Spirit, it may have been a spiritual communication, which we will find out in verse 9, it was a spiritual communication.


And the King James translation says, "... and Delilah said, Samson, the Philistines are upon you", that was a spiritual communication. Samson discerned the intents of Delilah's heart. And actually it wasn't Samson who discerned the intents of her heart, it was Michael, the part of Jehovah's civilized man that cannot die. In the New Testament we would say it was the Spirit of Christ that discerned intents of the hearts of the mortal men of Judah, and rose up to defend Samson, the personality which was the vessel that contained the spiritual man. And if you review the exhortation that I gave you on last week's message, some principles of the Doctrine of Christ, an exhortation on Samson in there, one of the points that I made, and this was before I translated verse 9, one of the points that I made was that, I cannot believe that a great warrior like Samson would be delivered by a woman that he was in fornication with, what about Michael? What about his internal spiritual principle that had raised him up to supernatural status. Where was his discernment? It was Michael's place to defend him, not the woman he's in fornication with. So I reject the whole parable as reality, and I've told you many times, sometimes the King James translation is true on the surface as well as in the depth, but in this account of Samson and Delilah, I reject the whole parable as reality, because it's not the woman's place to save Samson.


If in fact it happened, he should have never responded to her, if in fact Delilah said to him, "Samson, the Philistines are upon you", Samson should have never responded to her. His reaction should have been, "Why didn't Michael tell me? Why didn't Adam tell me?" And then I translated verse 9, and I made some revisions to verses 6, 7, and 8, and I'm finding out that this is exactly what happened. Michael within Samson, or in our case it would be the Spirit of Christ, discerned the evil intents in the hearts of the mortal men of Judah, and took action to defend Samson. There was no verbal, "Samson, the Philistines are upon you." But we'll get to that, I'm all over the place today, we're still in verse 6.


So let's go on. So we see that it was Satan speaking to Samson through Delilah, Delilah being the collective subconscious mind of the mortal men of Judah, and Satan said, through Delilah said to Samson, "Explain", that's a translation of "tell", "please", that's a translation of "I pray thee", the Hebrew word translated "me", Strong's #8705, can also be translated "the source of", and the English word "wherein", Strong's #4100 means "what", which we frequently translate "Elohim", and we will do that here, the word "thy" is not in the Hebrew, so I put squiggly brackets around it, and "strength" we will keep.


There is no prefix or Hebrew that can be translated "your" before the Hebrew word Strong's #3581, that's the word "thy" that I had in squiggly brackets there, it's not in the Hebrew. Strong's #3581 consists of three Hebrew letters, "caf", which means wing or when that's a prefix we usually translate it as the spiritual one, the "hef", which means hedge or fence, and then "caf' again, in the Hebrew language when "caf" is the last letter of the word it takes a different form. So we see the first and the last letter of that Hebrew word are both "caf", but they have a different form because of their position in the word. And the word actually means "wing", which we translate spiritual, something in that direction.


So, this is what we have with that word, strength =, these are the three letters of the word, "strength", the word strength = the spiritual hedge, "spiritual" a translation of "caf", "hedge" a translation of "hef", that's a hedge, and then we have another "caf", which means spirit again, which I made human spirit, and this is what I got out of it, "Adam, the spiritual hedge around the human spirit." The spiritual hedge around the human spirit is Adam, how could that be? Well, the human spirit is the waters of creation, the waters of creation, when they're purified and joined to Abel or to the Spirit of Christ, if you haven't inherited Abel, when the virile seed and the waters cleave together, that is the regeneration of Adam. And now you see, Adam cannot exist unless the waters of creation are one with him. By very definition, Adam is the whole Tree of Life, the root of the tree and the branch of the tree, which is the waters. So for Adam to exist in an individual, the root of the tree and the energy, the branches must be joined in one, for Adam to exist in that man. And once Adam exists in that man, then Adam becomes the hedge around the human spirit because the human spirit is the waters or the branch of the Tree of Life, and when those waters are attached to the root, and Adam is regenerated, Adam becomes the hedge around those waters, why do the waters need a hedge around them? Anybody know?


Because somebody wants the waters back, you see. Once Adam lays hold of the waters of creation, he must guard them because the earth wants the waters back. When the earth absorbs the waters, the Serpent rises again, you see. Just as I told you earlier, that both Satan and the Spirit of Christ are fighting over humanity, they both want to manifest through humanity, both spirits want to wear the same glove, you see, in the same manner, both spirits want to possess the waters of creation, because to manifest through the glove, you have to possess the waters of the creation. There's only one lump of spiritual clay, there's only one measure of spiritual waters, see. They're not fighting over the root of the tree, the earth which is the root of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, is not fighting to possess the root of the Tree of Life, she is fighting to kill the root of the Tree of Life, Cain keeps trying to kill Abel, see. But it's the branch, it's the energy, it's the waters of creation, plus the personalities that are the spoils of war.


Satan and Leviathan, and the Spirit of Christ and Christ Jesus, are seeking to possess the waters of the creation, and the personalities of the creation. The waters of the creation in the beginning were the primordial sea, the Primordial Serpent, and the personalities in the beginning were the primordial ox. So we see that the war is over, the ocean, the primordial ocean, and the primordial ox, see. And there's only one primordial ocean, and there's only one primordial ox, and two spirits are fighting over the water and the ox, which we are.


Praise the Lord, and our choice, the one that we choose is the one whose nature we will manifest, but we must understand that we choose by what we think. You don't choose by reading the Bible, you don't choose by coming to a ministry like this, you don't choose by listening to tapes or even transcribing. To make the ultimate transition to be engraved with the nature of Christ Jesus, and saved from death, and in a position where we can help others who are not saved from death, every thought of our mind must be Christ Jesus, and before that can happen, that every thought of our mind can be Christ Jesus, our mind, this fallen mind that we have here, must fall into agreement with the Mind of Christ, and then ultimately this fallen mind is absorbed by the Mind of Christ, but before the absorbing, we must come into agreement, see.


To take somebody against their will is witchcraft. Witchcraft comes in, sees that you don't agree with her, and takes you anyway, but that's not what Christ Jesus does, he changes your mind. Now, if Satan were to come in and change your mind, it would be considered mind control, but with Christ Jesus it's legal, because we're under delusion.


But Jesus doesn't take you against your will, he'll wait until you change your mind. So we see that this Hebrew word translated "Strength" is talking about Adam, the spiritual hedge around the human spirit. Now I told you many times that when I do this, when I pull individual letters apart, the meaning of the word "must" must line up with the meaning of the word in the Lexicon, but when we pull the letters apart, when we take a letter at a time, we usually get more information.


Well this sounds okay to me, that the word "strength" means "the spiritual hedge around the human spirit", it means "strength around the human spirit". So now we know that verse 6 of Judges chapter 16 is speaking about spiritual, not physical strength, and I have used this word in this whole exhortation on explaining the three letters to make my point that the Scripture is not talking about Samson's physical strength, it's talking about his spiritual strength. The parable is just that, the parable is an allegory, it's a great way to teach children, you know that Jehovah is great, but you have to stop believing in Santa Claus sometime. Samson's strength was supernatural, and the Scripture is talking about his supernatural strength, not his physical strength to move concrete pillars. If you saw the movie, you know at the end of the movie he knocks down the physical temple. No, Samson, the whole account of Samson, all of his experiences are spiritual, Samson is a spiritual man, he was, his birth was prophesied by an angel, he was born according to the word of the Lord, because the Lord called forth his birth, he was born. His whole life is spiritual, and when you look at a man like this, to put your first thought towards a carnal thought, to someone who knows better is sin. Your first thought should be spiritual, then if it doesn't work, well maybe you say in this verse, it should be carnal.


But your first thought towards a man like this, should be spiritual. Your first thought towards a man like Jesus should be spiritual. Did Jesus really sit on a colt? You know actually I had someone tell me once, a very sincere young man, to do with that Scripture about Jesus coming into Jerusalem with a colt, and the foal of an ass, and he thought that the, he figured out how Jesus could come in sitting on a colt and a foal. He said that he had his body on one animal, and his feet on the other animal, and the two animals were walking together. Can you imagine that?


Our first thoughts towards spiritual people must be spiritual, and I'm not knocking that young man, I thought the same way so many times, I'm just trying to make my point, and after you form your opinion, you should say, "Lord, is that the right answer?" Or even before you form your opinion, you say, "Lord, give me a spiritual answer to this puzzle."


You see, there's no excuse for not asking the Lord, you see. If you don't know something, that could happen to anybody, that they don't know something, the sin of pride enters in, when you think you know the answer, and you've never even said to the Lord, "Father is that right? Is that spiritual enough for you? Did I get the answer?" When you leave Jesus out of your decision, when you leave Jesus out of your opinion, that's the sin of pride, not that you don't know, that's not the sin, but that you left Jesus out, that's the sin of pride, because He knows. So why won't you ask the One who knows?


Okay, we're still working on verse 6 here, the word "lieth", we're at the bottom of page 3, the word "lieth", it has squiggly brackets around it, that means that it's not in the Hebrew, and the word "great", we will keep, and we have the words "wherein thy great strength lieth", and the "wherewith". The word "wherewith" is again Strong's #4100, means "Elohim". And there are two prefixes before it, vav, nailed, and beth, household, and the Hebrew word translated "wherewith" means "what", which is the hidden name for Elohim.


And we have the phrase, "thou mightest be bound", Strong's #631, and we will translate that "to imprison", and that word also has a prefix before it, the prefix "tav", which means to engrave. And we have the words "to afflict thee", which can be translated "to bow down, to cast down", and this word is preceded by the prefix "lamed" which means widow. You may remember that the phrase to bow down signifies the Serpent's spiraline timeline.


So we see that the woman desired to cast down the resurrected Adam and his linear timeline within Samson and subject Samson to Leviathan's circular timeline. Do you see the warfare between the resurrected Adam and Leviathan? They both want Samson, they both want their timeline erected in Samson. See we have these principles within us. This warfare is going on within us. Satan and Leviathan is within us, and at least the Holy Spirit, if you're listening to this message, I find it hard to believe you don't at least have the Holy Spirit, and most likely you have Christ, and if you have Christ, you have the Spirit of Christ. And the Spirit of Christ typifies the righteous timeline and Satan and Leviathan typify the counterfeit negative timeline, and the principles of both of these timelines, Satan and the Spirit of Christ are trying to build their world inside of you, you see. Each personality is a glove that collapses when there is nothing in it.


Both spirits, Satan and the Spirit of Christ are trying to fill your glove, or your wineskin as Jesus put it with their life, and their life is represented by a city, and their city is a timeline, it's a lifestyle, it's an existence, and both of these two worlds, existences, worlds, dimensions, whatever you want to call it, they want to fill you and me. They want to fill us with their life. And they want to fill us so completely that we should be an expression and a manifestation of their life, of their nature, of their city, of their ways, of their thinking. And if you have at least the Holy Spirit, if you have Christ in you, this war is going on in you. And the only way that the positive principles can win is if you as a personality agree with the positive principles. And there is no way you can agree with the Spirit of Christ and Christ Jesus if you don't understand this Doctrine of Christ. It is essential to your own salvation that you learn enough about your own condition to assist the one who is trying to save you.


But as hard as it is to believe, more people than not, do not want to be bothered with studying. They're content, I'm going to tell you what just came into my mind, they are content with their life in the sewer. I just heard that in my head, I repeated it. They're content with their life in the sewer. And that is without condemnation. In this hour, the Lord is calling saviors up to Mount Zion, the people who are willing to come. Everyone else can go home, the fearful can go home, the weak can go home, the ones who want to get married can go home, the ones who want to buy a farm and plant and train their oxen can go home. You can go home, I mean the Lord is not punishing you, you can go home. But everyone who wants this walk, everyone who wants to climb the mountain, everyone who wants to see the glory of God coming through, the Shekinah glory shining through them, stand and pay the price, stand and pay the price. The Lord is not forcing anyone in this hour. This is the hour of the volunteer. Okay Alternate translation verse 6, "And the spiritual woman who was miserable disheartened and pining away because of her weak and inadequate nature said to Samson, "Please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down, imprison, and engrave the widowed Fiery Serpent."


"And Satan spoke through the spiritual woman," that's what I'm adding in, "who was miserable and pining away because of her weak and inadequate nature, and she said to Samson, "Please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down, imprison, and engrave the widowed Fiery Serpent that is ascended in the circular timeline that is nailed to Samson, Elohim's household." "...to cast down, imprison, and engrave the widowed Fiery Serpent that is ascended in the circular timeline, that is nailed... I'm going to have to go over that, but I'm going to let that go for now.


"And Satan speaking through the spiritual woman who was miserable disheartened and pining away because of her weak and inadequate nature, said to Samson, Please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down, imprison, and engrave the widowed Fiery Serpent that is ascended in the circular timeline that is nailed to Samson, Elohim's household." Okay, see this is the information, Satan wants to know where the, where Adam within Samson has got this strength to cast down the Fiery Serpent. I may not have made this point when I talked about this earlier. The point that I made was that Satan through Delilah wanted the information, wanted to find out how Adam had the strength to bind the Fiery Serpent to himself so that they could be one singular mind, but I left something very important out which I'm seeing here, you see.


It's not just enough for Adam to bind the Fiery Serpent to himself. The Fiery Serpent is married to Leviathan when Adam regenerates. Before he binds the Fiery Serpent to himself, he has to break the Fiery Serpent away from Leviathan. It's a double war, and who defends the married couple? Who defends the Fiery Serpent when she's married to Leviathan? What is the defense there?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and what is Satan in that role?


COMMENT: The dog?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Satan's is Leviathan's dog, yes. See, Jehovah commanded Adam to guard the garden, to guard everything that Jehovah had placed within him, that would bring the creation of civilized men, okay, and Adam failed to guard the garden, he was seduced. But Leviathan has commanded a guard to guard her garden, and Leviathan has raised up an attack dog, and that attack guard is not being seduced, and that attack dog is not falling asleep, and that attack dog is not falling prey to any of the things that Adam fell prey to.


So before Adam can apprehend the Fiery Serpent and marry her, he first has to overcome Satan, Leviathan's dog, he has to break her teeth, and then he has to approach Leviathan, who is married to the Fiery Serpent. So first Adam fights Satan, breaks her teeth, gets to Leviathan, has to separate Leviathan from the Fiery Serpents, because they are engaged in a permanent act of sexual intercourse, which must be broken and disconnected, and then after Adam overcomes Satan and Leviathan, the Fiery Serpent herself is a vicious wild beast that is resisting spiritual sexual connection with Adam, because she loves the guy who raped her better than her real husband. That's your Fiery Serpent and my Fiery Serpent. Her nature has been changed, the Fiery Serpent in you and me, you see.


Who is she, or who is he, I'm not sure whether it's a, well, I'm not going to get into that right now, who is she? She is the son of God who has gone evil. The Fiery Serpent in you and the Fiery Serpent in me is one of Jehovah's sperm that was resident in Adam before the fall, which was apprehended by the Fiery Serpent and engraved with the Primordial Serpent's image, and now she loves her captor.


See, part of the curse was, and of course in King James it's talking about the woman, but that's who the Fiery Serpent was, and your desire shall be towards your husband, and most people read that and they think, "Well, wow, Jehovah cursed her good, look at what Jehovah did to her."


No, Jehovah didn't curse her, that whole account in Genesis, is Jehovah explaining, and it was Jehovah I guess rather than Elohim, that whole account I believe in chapter 3, if I'm not mistaken, was Jehovah explaining to the woman, to the man, and to the serpent, the consequences of what they had brought upon themselves.


Now brethren, if I'm in charge of you and I tell you, if you go out on to Nesconset Hwy over here, that you could get hit by a car and become paralyzed, God forbid, and I do everything I can to restrain you from going, I put you behind a fence, you're a child, okay, I build a high fence, I do everything I know how to do to keep you away from this highway, and you do everything to circumvent my precautions. You climb the fence, you go out your window at night, tie some sheets together, slide down out of your window, you do everything you can to circumvent my protective hedge, and you go out on Nesconset Hwy, and you get hit by car and you become paralyzed. Have I cursed you, because I tell you, "Well, now that you've done all this, this is what you can expect for the rest of your life, as you're lying in the hospital bed, you see, your legs won't work anymore, and you'll be in a wheelchair, and because of our present society, you'll be able to drive, but you'll need special equipment, and life is going to be much harder in many areas than it would be otherwise.


Have I cursed you, because I have explained to you what to expect now that you have broken the rules? See, Jehovah did not curse Adam and Eve, he did not curse the man and the woman and the serpent. Jehovah is a teacher, that's why if you are a son of God, you must be a teacher, because Jehovah and Elohim teach, and they explain and they help people to understand. Jehovah was explaining the consequences of the transgression. Jehovah never cursed anybody. God help us. You know, there's just something really, well there's a lot wrong with our society, but the serpent's mind is just so weaseling it's way in. I watched one of these programs last week with the judge where they hold their court on TV, and there was situation where there was several roommates, young women, I guess 18, 19, 20 years old, and they kept talking out of turn and the judge was so frustrated with them, that he, it was over a security deposit, you know they were roommates, and the judge was so frustrated with them, that he threw the case out.


Now personally, I don't think he should have thrown the case out, but it's his court room, and he apparently had the right to throw the case out, but this is what I wanted to tell you, when the young woman who brought the case left, she was asked what she thought about how the case was handled, which if you ever have watched these programs, they do that. They ask the defendant and plaintiff, are satisfied, are you happy with how the case was settled. And this was this young woman's response, no I don't think he should have done that, and I'm really sorry if I hurt his feelings, because I talked out of turn.


She didn't hurt that man's feelings, the reason the man threw the case out, was because there was such confusion there, and everybody was talking at once, and they weren't respecting his absolute right to say who would talk when, and to demand that one person would talk at a time. They didn't hurt his feelings, he made a judgment to say, "You're not cooperating with me, and I don't want to hear your case. This was his right to do it, but the carnal mind of that woman, completely denied that she was so out of order that she sabotaged her own case, and brought down what happened down to this low spiritual realm, where she made a judgment that she hurt the judges feelings. Now I've had people say that to me, "I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings." You didn't hurt my feelings, I may have gotten angry because you weren't responding, because you weren't cooperating, because you were bringing confusion in, you didn't hurt my feelings.


There's a female mind in this country that does not even recognize how a male mind thinks. And you can have a female mind and recognize how a male mind thinks, you see. This country is sinking into the woman's mind, sinking into the woman's mind. Alternate translation one more time, Judges16:6, "And Satan spoke through the spiritual woman who was miserable disheartened and pining away, because of her weak and inadequate nature, and she said to Samson, "Please explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down imprison and engrave the widowed Fiery Serpent, that is ascended in the circular timeline, that is nailed to Samson, Elohim's household." And this great strength to engrave, well I thought the Fiery Serpent was engraved? She's engraved with Satan's nature. ...explain the source of Elohim's great strength to cast down the Fiery Serpent into the root energy center, to imprison her, that means to get close enough to her to engrave her even though she doesn't want you, to engrave her with Jehovah's nature, and basically to penetrate the circular timeline that is nailed to Elohim's household. Where in the world do you get your strength to accomplish that?


And there is just one other comment that I will make on verse 6 before we break for dinner. And then it says, the words Elohim's household are in verse 6, and the reason I'm using Elohim's household, is because that is a translation of the word wherewith, I believe twice in the Hebrew text of this verse, it's Strong's #4100 translated "wherewith", can also be translated "what", which is the secret name for Elohim. And I know I've told you this before, that Elohim, who is Elohim? Can anyone answer this? Okay, I'll just give this to you and we're going to break. Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. Michael is, and seminal fluid has two sides to it, water and seed. Michael is the seed side of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, Michael is the seed of Elohim. As far as I know the water side of Elohim has no particular name, the waters are female to the seed.


Elohim generates Adam. Michael is pure spirit, Michael generates Adam who has some dust mixed him, Adam is the thought form of Jehovah's glory, and any these, Elohim, Michael, or Adam, can be called Elohim, because all three are one, and I have found that this, what I have just explained to you, is one of the spiritual mysteries in the Scripture, and as far as, I doubt that I have ever found it, I have no recollection of ever finding such a deep explanation as this, naming Michael or Adam. More often than not, when it's talking what we're talking about here, how did Elohim find the strength to do this. Frequently the Scripture, the more hidden the verse, the Scripture will use the Elohim rather than Michael, or rather than Adam, it's just like the Pharisees saying, Abraham was our father. The Scripture uses the name of the foundational ancestor. Why? Because the meaning is hidden. You have to know this, if you don't know. See it doesn't matter if you don't know that it's Michael, and that it's Adam, it's okay if you believe that's it's Elohim. As you get into deeper and deeper studies, it's okay, but for the person who doesn't know what you know, it's easier for them to understand that it's Elohim doing that rather than Michael or Adam.


See, they would have no problem knowing that it's Elohim doing it, but someone might have a problem understanding that Adam is regenerated. So the Scripture takes the simplest common denominator, if you can hear what I'm saying. Well praise the Lord, I was very long winded this morning, I have another three verses to go, and Lord willing we'll finish it tonight. Any questions or comments?


Praise the Lord, we're back from dinner, and we're picking up on page four of your notes, in the middle of the page, after the alternate translation for verse 6. Here's my comment: Please note that Delilah desires to understand Samson's riddle, which is the Doctrine of Christ, but she desires to understand it with her carnal mind, and to use the knowledge against Adam and against Samson. Her motives are to destroy the resurrected Adam and Samson.


The mortal men of Judah do not want to share Samson's great experience, because Satan and Leviathan have convinced them that Adam and Samson desire to harm them. So, we see that the Fiery Serpent, the collective subconscious mind of the mortal men of Judah, known as Delilah, there is one man, the subconscious mind of the mortal men of Judah are as one man, or as one woman actually, and the name of that united entity is Delilah. So we see that they have desired to know the Doctrine of Christ, but from a negative point of view, and for not for any good purpose. They want to lay hold of the knowledge, or at least a portion of the Doctrine of Christ, to execute their own ungodly plans. Continuing with verse 7, Judges chapter 16, "And Samson said unto her, if they bind me with seven withes that were never dried, then shall I be weak and be as another man." So we see this aspect of the allegory seems to be accurate. Delilah certainly does want to find out how to make Samson as weak as another man. She certainly does desire to do that.


As we see the spiritual ramifications of the Scripture, we understand that there's much more involved here than a woman desiring to bring down the hero of Israel, so that Philistia, her nation can prevail. The whole of Israel is at stake here, even the whole future of Israel, and the future of the whole world is at stake, because we're talking about the regeneration of Adam. We're talking about the regeneration of Adam and what has happened in Samson, if Samson was a real person, if Samson, he may have been a real person, you know, but if he was not a real person, he was a type I believe of many men in Israel who had this experience, you see.


So to me, as far as I'm concerned, it really doesn't matter to me whether Samson was a real person, or whether he typified other men of Israel who had this experience, it makes no difference to me. And to be honest with you, when we back a ways, we've been on Samson for quite a while now, the question did enter my mind, the thought did enter my mind, "Isn't this strange, that Samson is from one of the tribes of Israel, and he's sent to help the mortal men of Judah." Judah had the scepter, Judah had the line of the kings, why is Israel ministering to Judah, isn't that out of order, and I finally hear the answer from the Lord, the answer is this, Israel had energy, Israel had and has the branch of the tree, once the Tree of Life dies in Judah, it needs the energy to regenerate it, and the same thing is happening today. The Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ is sent to the Jews who had the root of the dead Tree of Life, you see. So once again, and many people say that the church today, or a large portion of the church today, are the descendants of the Israelites. A lot of people believe and there have been books written on it, that the European nations are the descendants of the ten displaced tribes of Israel. And I think it very may well be true, that's really my area that I teach in, all that I could tell you is that I've heard this message bouncing around for over 15 years now, and I've had various reactions to it, and this time I think it's probably true, but I'm not speaking from any authority, that's not an area in which I have any authority. But at the present moment I think it's probably true.


So we see the Holy Spirit is in the church, and if it's true, that the church is made up largely from the descendants of the ten tribes of Israel, then when the Holy Spirit comes to a Jew that has the root of the Tree of Life, which was my case, it was Israel, the Holy Spirit, I received the Holy Spirit in a church, as far as I know I was the only Jew in the church, they were all Christians. The Holy Spirit was manifested, no one laid hands on me, but I walked into the midst of a strong manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and then the second time that I walked into that same intensity of anointing, someone was prophesying, it was pretty intense. The second day that I walked into it, I received the Holy Spirit, nobody touched me, it just exploded in me, it was an explosion, and I prophesied. It was an explosion, you see.


So we see that Israel, the men of Israel in the form of the church, came to me the Jew, who apparently had the root of the dead Tree of Life, which I didn't know at the time, and that is exactly what is happening in Samson's case. Once the Tree of Life dies in Judah, the only thing that can raise the dead root, that can revive the dead root is energy. So you've got to go to Israel who has the energy, because there is no energy in Judah. Once the tree dies, all you have is the dead root, but there is energy available in the church. (End Of Tape 1)


Tape 2


What happens when the root of Tree of Life dies? The energy flows with the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. The energy doesn't die, the root, the righteous seed dies. So once the righteous seed dies, you have to go where the energy is to get the righteous seed, which is the root, revived. Does anyone not understand that? So when the Tree of Life dies in Judah, Judah is dead, because Judah is the root, and Israel is the branch. So when the Tree of Life dies there is a residue of energy in Israel, but in Judah, which never had the energy to start with, there is nothing, they become very carnal people. Scriptural speaking, there may be some individual Jews who are spiritual, I'm not talking about that right now, I'm talking about spiritual principles, but it is my understanding that those who are spiritual in Judah, after the Tree of Life died, tend towards witchcraft, which is what happened to me. See, if you come into this world and you have a tendency towards spirituality and the parents that you have are not directing that spirituality and you're in this world, you go towards witchcraft. It's very hard to find the spirituality of Christ in this world.


And to be honest with you, I don't know what measure of spirituality is available in Judah, I know that the Lord has told me that the Spirit of Christ is manifesting himself to Judah today, to the Jews today, to the Jews who really seek him through His Word, the Jews that are seeking the God that they know, Jehovah, through the Scripture that they know with all of their heart and mind and soul, that the Lord Jesus Christ is manifesting Himself to these Jews today as the Spirit of Elijah, or they think it, I don't know what they think, but I know that there is a presence of, that there is a manifestation of Jesus Christ that will touch the Jew, who is seeking for God with all his mind, heart, and soul, through the Holy Scripture that was imparted to Israel. If he does that consistently enough, he will touch the Spirit of Christ, which is, well I don't know whether it's the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit that is in the earth today. I don't have these details, Spirit of Christ, Holy Spirit, I don't know, but he will touch a manifestation of Jesus Christ that is in the earth today.


So, here's an interesting question, this is called a rhetorical question, I do, well it's not a rhetorical question, I'm sorry, it's a, do you believe I have this backwards? A rhetorical question means that no answer is required, and a mute question means I believe that there really is no answer, so that would make this a mute question. Well, what if some Jew somewhere who has the dead root of the Tree of Life, seeks Jehovah as he knows him with all his mind, heart, and soul, through the Holy Scripture, which is the first five books of Moses, and touches this manifestation of the glorified Jesus Christ which is in the earth today, the Holy Spirit, or whatever name you want to give it, the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, I don't know which it would be, one of those two, well would the Tree of Life rise from the dead in that Jew? Well on the surface it sounds like the answer should be yes, there's only one problem, it hasn't happened yet that I've heard of, how come?


I don't know what the answer is, you know, and maybe the answer is that a recognition that Jesus Christ is Messiah is necessary for the Tree of Life to rise, you see.


There may more than two components, you see. You may have a Jew that has Adam's dead root system, and that same Jew may be seeking God with all of his strength, and touch the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ, but there may be a third factor for the Tree of Life to rise, maybe the Doctrine of Christ is required you know, maybe a knowledge of Jesus as Messiah is required. Well there has to be other people with the root of the dead Tree of Life in Judah, there's millions of Jews across the world, and plenty of them, amongst them there has to be thousands if not a couple of million, certainly thousands, there has to be at least one man, who has who is born with some spiritual heritage that's seeking the God of the Hebrew Scripture with all of his strength, that also has the dead root of the Tree of Life, there has to be at least one. Well why hasn't Messiah arisen in Israel? The only, I don't know the answer, it's a mute question, I'm asking the question, I know you don't know the answer, and I don't know the answer, but a possibility is that a recognition of Jesus Christ as Messiah is necessary, I don't know.


Why is it happening here, and another thought that just came into my mind is that when the Jews rejected Jesus as Messiah, and I have preached this before, and I believe that this is true, when Jesus said to them, you'll not see me again until you say, "Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord", that the Jewish people lost their public office, I believe individual Jews can have a relationship with the Spirit of Elijah, they could be reconciled to Jehovah through the Spirit of Elijah, I believe that, and I believe that many Jews are, that the Spirit does flow in particular in the Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox sections of the Jewish citizenry, but they lost their public office as guardian of the word of God for the world, and the church has received that public commission to evangelize the world. And that's another possibility that the national, the nation of Israel lost their commission to evangelize the world, and now that commission is in the church, and for that reason, even if one man here or one man there in Judah has an experience, a man that has the dead root of the Tree of Life, through seeking God, touches the Spirit of the glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ, maybe Adam would rise from the dead in that one man, just in that one man, maybe yes, maybe no, I don't know, but there is no thrust going forward to evangelize the world like there is today from this ministry.


Why isn't coming out of Israel, why is it coming out of a Jew who is in Christ, it must have something to do with acknowledging Jesus Christ as Messiah, that's my guess, I don't know the answer, but I know when I come up with questions that are valid questions, it's usually the Lord putting the question in my mind, so it's just a matter of time until we get the answer, and I think that's a real valid question, I'd really like to know the answer to that. I'd really like to know the answer to that question, I think I may have just heard it. As I've told you many times before, Elijah is the savior of Israel, and the Lord Jesus Christ is the savior of the world. So any experience that a Jew has of the type that I just described, it's just for the Jew.


The power to go forth beyond Judah is not present in the experience of the individual Jew, but neither do I see any big revival in Israel. So again, but then again, if Adam does regenerate in a Jew, he also is responsible to confess his sins and repent, and overcome all of the religious works that are present in Judah today. There's a lot of legalism in Judah today. So maybe a few men have touched the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ, they don't know who it is, they don't know that it's Jesus, but they have not sufficiently loosed themselves from the legalism of their society.


See, when the Lord came forth in someone like me, you have to realize I was a complete rebel, I wasn't held down by the bands of any society. Do you know Orthodox Jews are in a very tight knit society. You try to get out of a society like that, it's like hell trying to break away from a society like that. I was a total rebel, that because of my life had broken away from almost every tie that I was born into.


So I guess that's the answer, the Jew that has the root of the Tree of Life that does meet the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, also has to confess his sins and repent and overcome all of the legalism which is in the carnal mind of Judah, and he would have to challenge the chief Rabbis and possibly lose his whole family and everyone that he has known since he was a young child, much more difficult chore than what I had to give up to get this ministry. Maybe it's just impossible, although with Christ all things are possible, you know Luther took on the Catholic church, with Christ all things are possible, but this is the way the Lord's doing it anyway. But it will be interesting to see what happens when this message spreads out, you know once it starts really catching on with a lot of Christians it will be interesting to see, if Adam doesn't start popping up in Judah also, it will be very interesting to see.


Okay, I am very long winded today, let us go on. We're in verse 7, "And Samson said unto her, if they bind me with seven green withes that were never dried, then shall weak and be as another man." There are two prefixes before the Hebrew word translated "said", 'yod' and 'vav', which mean 'the nailed mind', well 'yod' means 'hand', and the spiritual significance of hand is the part of the mind that grasps, that's the subconscious mind. And we've been translating 'yod' and 'vav' as Adam. "And Adam said", and the words 'unto' Strong's #413, can be translated 'within'. Now look at this, Adam heard the thoughts of Delilah's mind. Verse 6 is Satan speaking through Delilah to Samson, and verse 7 is Adam speaking back. So it's really not Samson speaking to Delilah, but it's the powers and the principalities or the principalities that are speaking through Delilah, Satan, and speaking to Samson, and then it's the power that's driving Samson, Adam who is responding. Well what does that make us brethren? We're the glove, we're the mask, we're the external sheathe. We're nothing until, or unless or until we become so fine tuned to the spiritual master within, that we become one with him, and we who are nothing can become Christ. But unless we're serving the spiritual principle within, what we really are, are cartoon characters, living a very shallow existence, just on the surface of a great sea of all kinds of life and activity going on inside of it. We're living a life of blind ignorance, until we become one, with Christ Jesus within us, and hopefully no one hearing this tape will become one with Leviathan within them, although we are one with Leviathan within us, until Christ is formed in us, but what I really meant was, I pray that no one hearing this tape, would be fully completed in Leviathan, I pray that we should be completed in Christ Jesus.


So we see that Adam said within, we're translating the Hebrew word 'unto her', 'within', so from within Samson, Adam said, "If", and then the next word we have is, if they bind me, we're translating 'bind me', 'harness', and there is a prefix before the words, 'they bind me', and it's the prefix 'yod', which means 'hand or subconscious mind', but we see that it doesn't say anything about it being nailed here. Please note that this subconscious mind is not modified by any prefix, but the context of the verse is indicated that this is Leviathan, the other mind, you see. When the prefixes indicate the nailed mind, it's really pretty much consistently been Adam, but when we see the word 'mind' without the prefix that means nailed, by the context of the whole verse, it looks like it's Leviathan.


So we'll check them out. And we're translating the words 'bind me' 'to harness', and then we have the word 'seven', which we are translating 'complete', that's a legitimate translation of that Hebrew word #7651. This Hebrew word translated 'seven' is preceded by a prefix which is translated 'with' in the King James, but it's the prefix 'beth' which means household.


And then we have the English word 'withes', Strong's #3499, which we've had in a, well maybe we didn't have it in a previous verse. This English word 'withes', I think if you look it up in the Strong's concordance, it can be translated cord, but the primary meaning of the word is rest or remainder, which has nothing to do with cords, except that, that's how the King James translators translated it to make their allegory complete. But the translation of the English word 'withes', that makes sense with the Doctrine of Christ, is 'the rest' or 'the remainder'. Genesis says that this word, now that's the Hebrew word translated 'withes', I'll give you the number, it's #3499, Gesenius says, now let me remind you that I use our electronic lexicons, okay, I use Strong's and Thayer for the Greek and Strong's and Brown Driver Briggs for the Hebrew, but if for one reason or another, if I do not feel satisfied with the translations available from those two lexicons, I do use Gesenius in the Hebrew. Actually Genesis is my favorite lexicon but I do not have any software for it, I have to use the actual book, so I take the easy way out unless I'm not comfortable with the translation, then I pull out the book and see what Gesenius has to say, and with regard to this Hebrew word translated 'withes' Gesenius says that this word can be translated 'to exceed the bounds of', or 'to be beyond measure'.


This Hebrew word signifies Michael, Adam's head, who cannot be harnessed. Michael is the eternal aspect of Jehovah's thought form, Jehovah's glorious thought form. And what is the name of Jehovah's thought form anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Adam is Jehovah's thought form, and Adam consists of Elohim's breath. Adam consists of Elohim, which is Jehovah's seminal fluid, both water and seed, and dust. Adam consists of all of Elohim, the seed part which is Michael, and the water part and dust. And if the serpent succeeds in killing Adam, that which cannot perish, that which is imperishable, is Michael. Michael is imperishable, that is the part of the civilized man that is connected to Elohim, which is imperishable. Now, Adam, Jehovah's thought form, had within him, I don't know what it was like in those days, all that I can do is give you the type, because I have no idea what it was like in those days, but Adam was the nurse who was to bring forth all of the civilized sons of God, who were to have Jehovah's nature, and they were all within Adam, and he was to guard them and raise them up in accordance with Jehovah's instruction.


Now, these seed, okay now I don't want to confuse you here, so I have to make this point, I have told you that Michael is the seed side of Elohim, Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and I have told you that the virile seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid became evil, that they were engraved with the serpent's nature, and now I'm telling you that Michael is eternal, and he cannot be destroyed or changed in any way. So, if you don't understand what I'm saying, that's a contradiction. I don't know if you can hear right now, but when you listen to the tape, that is a contradiction. So I want to clear that up for you. The sons of God, the virile seed of Jehovah's seminal fluid are all aspects of Michael. Michael himself cannot be destroyed, see. I remember when I first preached this message, we were in this house already, and I was preaching that, it was either Michael or Elohim that I was preaching was killed. Does anybody remember that? I think it was disturbing everybody, including me, but that was what it looked like in my studies, that I was either saying it was Elohim or Michael was killed, and I just preached it because I didn't know what else to do, it was the word in my heart, and as soon as I preached it, as soon as I had in about five or six different messages, the Lord explained to me, that Michael cannot be destroyed, that Elohim cannot be destroyed, but that part of him that was killed, was Adam, the thought form that consisted of...


We're looking at drawing #1, and this is my attempt to explain to you, how Michael can be imperishable, Michael is eternal, he cannot be destroyed, yet, and Michael is the seed side of Jehovah's sperm, yet the stars, which are Elohim's sons, can be destroyed, because we see, I hope that I can show you through this drawing, that the sons of God, Elohim's sons, are two generations away from Michael. Michael is a part of the Godhead that cannot perish. Michael has given birth to another generation, Adam. Adam is made from, actually Adam is Michael, the seed, plus the water, plus the dust and earth. So we see that Michael has expanded into another manifestation, the spiritual man Adam, who is Elohim's seed, Michael, mixed with the dust, and he's attached to the water, the water is the primordial sea, which has an ocean bed made of earth, and this is one civilized man, with Adam ruling, with Adam being on the surface of the seas, Adam being an image and a reflection of the great God Jehovah, that is appearing on the surface of the primordial sea, which has a sea bed that is filled with earth. It's just like saying, we have organs of elimination.


Adam was attached, Adam, the mental plane, the mind of God was attached to a primordial sea, which had an earthen bottom, which Adam was directed to control, and the reason that the sea with the earthen ocean bed was necessary, does anybody remember why this darkness was necessary? Does anybody remember?


COMMENT: To give light to the...


PASTOR VITALE: I think you've got the answer, but you're not saying it right. The earth was not created to give light, what was it created to do to the light, was created to do what to the light? The earth is darkness.


COMMENT: To give light.


PASTOR VITALE: No, no, the earth is darkness, so what is the purpose of it? Okay, you want to let someone else try? Okay.


COMMENT: That it would show forth the light.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, the darkness forms the light, you see. If you just have light everywhere, all you see is light, but when you apply darkness to the light, then the light takes shape, and then what we have is a negative, a negative, that when the light shines through it you see an image of a man. So the darkness was made to emphasize or to form the light could form in an image. Okay, that's what you meant to say, I know that's what you meant to say. So, we see that Jehovah Elohim and Michael are in the eternal imperishable realm, and that Elohim through Michael has brought forth another generation which is perishable. Adam is perishable, and in fact he was murdered by the Primordial Serpent. Adam had at least two major aspects to himself, seed and water and then there was dust and earth mixed in with him, and then it was Adam's challenge to maintain the configuration that Elohim put him in.


You can see that Adam, the seed is on the mental plane, but the earth and the water is the astral plane. Adam is the sun, and the Primordial Serpent is the moon. The moon must be in submission to the sun, this is what we see in Rev. 17, the woman had the moon under her feet and the sun on her head. She was in the right moral order. And then there was yet another generation, beyond the generation of Adam, there was another generation, and in this next generation, the two windows of creation, become more evident, and we see, now this is not completely accurate, this is just a drawing to help you to understand, when you're facing the drawing on your left side, we see the stars that appear in the firmament which are the fruit of Adam's Godly relationship to the Primordial Serpent.


And we see that Elohim shines through Adam and the Primordial Serpent, and another generation comes forth that the Scripture calls stars. Now if you look up this Hebrew word that's translated 'stars', it really does not indicate the form that is a universal form for star. What the Hebrew word means, is from two other words, one of which means to heap up, and I've seen that word or words with similar meanings over the years in the Hebrew, and what it's suggesting is the formation of something solid. It's suggesting that energy layers over itself, keeps on laying over itself until it becomes solid, it's talking about incarnation. So we see the stars are talking about sons of God that are spiritual men, and they're not suppose to have physical bodies like we have because we're fallen. But the stars are talking about visible men, visible men. I don't think Adam was visible, but the stars, the offspring of Adam, they are visible, and they were set in the firmament to give light, not to give light to these fallen eyes, but to give spiritual light to the darkness.


We who have the mind of Christ are commissioned to shed light on the darkness of the minds of the people who don't know Christ, and that doesn't mean that you go there and you knock them down and you sit on them, and teach them, that means that you befriend them without condemnation, and as the Lord leads, you say one word here and one sentence there, and you can be in fellowship for weeks and months and years and only say one little thing here or there to them. But everything that you say is a seed that will grow in them, and will eventually lead them to the light.


On the right side of the board, we see what happened in the lower window, where the serpent killed Adam and reproduced from within herself alone, and she brought forth the serpent's daughters or the daughters of Babylon, and as you can see they're little Fiery Serpents, and there is darkness in this window. Now both windows are showing where the stars are, one in serpentine or spiraline form, and the other, I have drawn it as a star as the world knows a star. But the Hebrew word indicates that it's a linear form. The second word that the Hebrew translated 'star' is derived from is a word that means 'to pierce through'. And to pierce through is talking about a linear geometric form, but I'm going to leave it star because, I'm going to leave it a star, or maybe I'll draw both, I don't know. The stars in the sky or the stars in the firmament of the etheric plane are linear. I guess I'll draw both. They're linear, and they are designed to pierce through the darkness of the astral plane, and to project the image of Jehovah's civilized man.


Are there any questions about this? You know you hear a lot about sun and moon worship, for a long time I thought that it was legitimate for the Hebrews to worship the sun and the moon, the new moons, but that is no part whatsoever of the Jewish religion, that is all illegal worship, that is all illegal worship, and the worship of the moon is the worship of the astral plane, and the entities in the astral plane. Does anybody want to read these three Scriptures for us, anybody have a Bible, we have three Scriptures, Gen. 1:16, Dan. 12:3, and I Cor. 15:40-41.


COMMENT: Gen. 1:16, "And God made to great lights, the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night, he made the stars also."


PASTOR VITALE: See we have virtually no information at all other than the stars were formed in that verse. But I think I've given you a fair explanation of who the stars were, let me tell you again, okay. Adam is not a visible being, but the stars are Adam taking visible form. Adam in the next generation taking visible form called the sons of God in etheric plane. Okay.


COMMENT: Dan. 12:3, "And they that be wise, shall shine as the brightness of the firmament, and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever."


PASTOR VITALE: So here we see a witness to what I just told you, that the stars will turn many to righteousness. So the stars are attached to personalities, they're speaking, the term stars is signifying Adam's offspring, joined to personalities, the heaping up, the adding on of layers. If you recall me talking to you about Michael, the generation of Michael's incarnations, Michael, Moses, Elijah, Jesus, that's the heaping of personalities, and the sum total of all of Michael's incarnations today, are fully manifested in the Lord Jesus Christ, but he's still growing, he's still incarnating through the Lord Jesus in all of us. So this is the signification of the spiritual principle of heaping up, it means to add experiences through a variety of personalities, representing possibly many incarnations.


So the stars are the incarnation of what we see in Adam's generation. Does anybody not understand what I just said? The stars are talking about spiritual men manifesting. Jehovah, the glorious thought, I'm sorry manifesting Adam, Jehovah's glorious thought form, the incarnation of Adam, Jehovah's glorious thought form. The stars represent Adam's incarnations, okay. Does everybody have that? Any questions on that? Okay, I think we have one more.


COMMENT: I Cor. 15:40-41, "There are also celestial bodies and bodies terrestrial, but the glory of the celestial is one, and the glory of the terrestrial is another. There is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon, and another glory of the stars. For one star differeth from another star in glory."


PASTOR VITALE: Now that's a very, very significant statement, one star differeth from another in glory, and as you know I read occult philosophy, and the Lord speaks to me about a lot of it. Now one of the issues that I have mentioned to you that I have studied in occult philosophy is this principle of the reincarnation of what we would call the Fiery Serpent. Some of the occult philosophies call them the Monads, but I want to stay with the Scriptural terms.


The reincarnation or the many incarnations of Elohim's sperm, Michael's aspects that have cut off from him. I guess I should go back to that and make sure you've got that. The reason I put this on the board was to show you the difference between the Michael who is imperishable, and the sons of God who are aspects or the Scriptural term is sparks of Michael that have shot off from him, you see. Michael is imperishable, but there are sparks of him that fly off from him. And this is what the sons of God are. They fly off from Michael, they pass through Adam, they pass through the primordial sea, they go through the formation process, and they manifest in the upper window as the sons of God. They're another generation of Michael, yet at this time anyway, I don't know any way to distinguish between Michael, the sperm side of Jehovah's seminal fluid, and these stars, which became evil, and became the serpent's daughters, the Fiery Serpent.


At this time I do not have any single word that would describe the difference, and I have to put this whole drawing on the board. So whether you were with me at the time, I heard the contradiction as I preached it, that Michael cannot be destroyed, okay, but the seed, okay, the virile seed, that was in Adam, was engraved by the serpent and became evil, can you hear the contradiction? Okay, you'll hear it, you'll understand it when you listen to the tape.


So we see that although Michael, who is imperishable, and the sons of God, or the fallen sons of God, which are called the Fiery Serpent, or the worm, Jesus calls them the worm that's in mortal man, although for all intents and purposes they are the same, they're two different aspects of that one same, and what is that one aspect? It's the seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid.


Michael and the sons of God, and the sons of God who became evil, are all the seed of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, but there are different manifestations of that seed. And Michael is an imperishable manifestation of Jehovah's seed, and the sons of God and the Fiery Serpents are perishable sparks of that glorious seed that has flown off from him, and they can perish. Any questions on this issue, it's an important issue, okay.


Well just to give you a little aside here, as I started to tell you a couple of minutes ago, occult spiritual philosophy claims that what we call the Fiery Serpents are incarnating and that they incarnate first as rocks and then they come back as plants, and then they come back as animals, and eventually they come back as humans, and then ultimately they come back as humans who ascend into spiritual maturity, and I've had that issue before the Lord for quite awhile now. I have no problem at the present time believing that the virile seed in the form of a Fiery Serpent, I have no problem believing that they experience many incarnations because I believe that they are being perfected, well they won't be perfected, but they're being matured through experiences. So I have no problem believing that they are incarnating many times, but I did have a problem believing that Jehovah's seed, even though it was captured and engraved with the serpent's nature, was incarnating as a rock, and specifically a rock, and then incarnating as a plant, and then incarnating as an animal, and then incarnating as a human, it just didn't sit right with me. But I have the issue before the Lord.


Look, what I tell you to do, that's what I do, I didn't get upset over it, I didn't panic over it, I simply went before the Lord and said, "Lord, this doesn't sound right, and I would like to know the truth of this, I would like, if it's true, I would like to understand why I'm uncomfortable with it, and if it's not true, I'd like the truth." And I've been doing that for quite a while now, and this is the latest word that's in my heart, I do not believe this aspect of occult philosophy, I do not believe that the fallen sperm, or the sparks that shot off from the imperishable Michael, that are suppose to be the foundation of individual civilized men, are going through a process where they incarnate as rock, or as a plant or as an animal, okay. But what I do believe, is that all of these spiritual sperm are not equal, and I don't think that their lack of equality is because of a lack of experience, I think that in human beings, all sperm are not equal.


If a woman is having trouble conceiving and her husband gets his sperm counted, all sperm are not equal. The sperm of all men are not equal, and in one man, every sperm produced at one time in a man is not equal. All the sparks that shoot off from Michael are not equal. Can anybody hear this? Can you understand what I'm saying?


So it's not an issue, see the occult philosophy would give you the impression, well one Fiery Serpent is more mature than another Fiery Serpent, that one has had more incarnation, that one has had more experiences, this one was a rock for a longer period of time, this one just came out of rockhood, and this if their first incarnation as a, I shouldn't be sarcastic I'm sorry, I really shouldn't be, I should not be knocking other people's philosophy, I'm sorry but that was how I saw it at the moment, okay, I made somebody laugh here, okay.


So, we do not have two people in the flesh in this world, one highly spiritual, and one not highly spiritual, because the Fiery Serpent in one of them, has had many more incarnations in the Fiery Serpent in the other one.


I believe the Lord has told me this is not true, but that different spiritual sperm are just, some are more virile than others, some are more spiritual than others, and what is changing, that part of the creation which is rock and vegetable, and animal, is the ox, see.


This whole planet is made out of the substance of the ox, the animals in the woods, the animals in the jungles are made out of the substance of the primordial ox. But you must remember and I must remember that the Fiery Serpents, the one who is literally weaving humanity, creating humanity, that is the seed of Jehovah, fallen though it may be, and dead though it may be, it is not animal, it is not animal, you see.


The Primordial Serpent is the animal, and yes she has engraved her nature on the spiritual sperm, but they're not animal. The ox is an animal. So this is where I am right now, actually it's the first word that I've had on this issue, there may be some more changes coming up later, but it's the first thing that I have heard him speak to me, in this area. That which is changing, that which the rocks are formed out of, the vegetation and the animals, it is the ox that has been spread that thin. It is not the Fiery Serpents, it is not Jehovah's seed. And the whole creation that is being formed out of the substance of the ox, which has been going on for millions and trillions of years, is for the specific purpose of preparing vessels that the Fiery Serpents can inhabit. The Fiery Serpents, the seed of Jehovah which have been engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature, are waiting for vessels that they can inhabit, that they can express themselves through, without killing them after a couple of days, you see.


Right now they kill us after 80 or 90 years, if not sooner, that is why we die, you see. Jehovah's seed, which have been engraved with the nature of the Fiery Serpent, are looking to become stars, see, they want personalities to manifest through. The ox is not suppose to die from generation to generation. But we have a spiritual parasite, you see. Every man born of a woman is born with a worm in them, and that Fiery Serpent, that worm in the individual lives off of the measure of energy that has been imparted to that baby. The energy which was originally imparted the primordial ox, for the purpose of being Adam's covering, or Adam's wife.


The Fiery Serpents are waiting, in that dark area, for a race of humans that can tolerate, actually it's possession, that can tolerate being possessed by the Fiery Serpents who will feed off of their energy, even to the degree that it makes the host sick and eventually kills them. And the Primordial Serpent brought this host race to pass, however many thousands of years, or maybe more, maybe millions, I'm not really in to that stuff, and I wouldn't argue with anybody how long the human race has been around, but whenever that point in history was, that the Fiery Serpent started to live in, mammalian type vessels, that was the beginning of the incarnation of the Fiery Serpent, and what they're trying to accomplish is to bring forth a race of humans, or a race of beings, that the Fiery Serpents can live in indefinitely. And ultimately they're goal is that this race should not be born of a woman. It's too much trouble bringing forth these hosts from a woman. It takes too long, you see. Now if they can raise up a whole slew of human beings in a laboratory through cloning, you know this was a Star Trek episode. There was a symbiotic race, humanoid on the outside, reptilian on the inside, symbiotic, they needed each other to survive. The human host died, surgery was performed, the indwelling reptile was preserved until a humanoid vessel was sent for the reptile to be inserted into.


All kinds of uses for this cloning brethren. That's what the aliens are all about. That's why they do there medical experiments, they want to experience, they want to have the experiences that they have when they live through a personality, and they're not thrilled when the personality dies. They have to start all over again. That's what we are to know. Well, I have been all over the place today, are there any questions on anything that I preached on recently, and I will try to get back to Samson & Delilah. Okay, did I make my point that the stars differ in quality, just as human sperm differs in quality? Some are stronger than others, some are wiser than others, some have certain talents that others don't have. Every star is not the same. Elohim is the same wherever he's appearing. Adam is the same wherever he's appearing, but the star is the combination of Adam, plus the personality, and everyone is not equal, everyone is not equally strong, even when Adam is fully generated in them, they're not all of equal quality. And the ones that are stronger have to strengthen the ones that are weaker, on the one hand. But on the other hand, we have to acknowledge that we cannot do everything that we see other sons of God doing. Anything that you see, any office that you see, any ministry that you see, you can ask the Lord for. You can say, "Lord, if it's okay with you, I would like to do that." But then you have to drop it. Maybe you're not capable of doing it, or maybe it would require a tremendous breaking and training to give you that office. Maybe the Lord will say yes, and maybe the Lord will say no.


But what the serpent does, is try to equalize everybody. The serpent tries to make everybody equal, and everybody is not equal. Therefore the people who have the leadership qualities should lead. Again, that doesn't mean, that you cannot say, "Lord I would like to have leadership quality, ask, ask, by all means ask." But until he brings it forth in you, the leaders should be acknowledged and recognized and cooperated with, and every man should be judging themselves, looking out with a microscope for Jezebel, trying to rise up and attack the one with the leadership qualities.


Leadership qualities can be built in you, but of course your primary goal should not be to lead, your primary goal is to serve God. To me, the best prayer that you can have is, "Lord, let me be all I can be in you, and let me fulfill the role that you brought me forth to fulfill, but let me be all that I could be, that's my prayer, don't leave me without work, don't leave me unemployed. Let me be productive, let my creative potential be used to the uttermost, however you want to use it." To me that's the ideal prayer, because when the Lord fulfills that prayer in you, you will be happy. When he is activating your creative potential to the fullest degree possible, you will be happy, you don't need someone else's ministry, or someone else's job, you will be happy.


Okay, we were talking, we are in verse 7, we are talking about the Hebrew word translated 'withes' Strong's #3499, and Gesenius says that this word can be translated 'to exceed the bounds, or to be beyond measure'. This Hebrew word signifies Michael, Adam's head, who cannot be harnessed. Adam can be harnessed and killed, but Michael cannot be captured or destroyed. Michael, Jehovah's right arm, is an aspect of the one self existing cause, from which the first cause of the universe came into existence. Michael, well actually Elohim is Jehovah's right arm, and Michael is his hand. Let's get this accurate here, okay. It was Michael, Jehovah's hand, is an aspect of the self existing cause, that's talking about Jehovah now, the self existing cause, from which the first cause of the universes came into existence. That's a very deep statement.


Basically what it means, well let me start by talking to you about a first cause. You may have heard that expression the first cause, you see every effect has been brought about by a cause. Has anyone here never heard of a cause and effect? Every action shall have a reaction. Everything that happens in this world is a result of some thought or action.


I think I mentioned it earlier on this message, there are no accidents. Everything that happens in this world is the expression of something that happens in the invisible planes. This world is the theater, it is the visible theater where the ideas of the invisible world are acted out, everything that happens in the expression of somebody's thought, maybe going back hundreds of years. It's a hard word but it's the truth.


So the principle of the first cause is this, that somewhere some entity had a thought which brought the world into existence, somewhere, some being had a thought which brought the worlds into existence, and that is the first cause, that thought that has resulted in everything that we see today. Now of course we know that this world is not Jehovah's world, this is the serpent's world, and to be honest with you, I'm not even sure how to break this down, because according to this philosophical principle, well according to this philosophical principle, let me read it to you again. Michael, Jehovah's hand is an aspect of the one self existing cause, that's Jehovah, from which came the first cause, that's Elohim, that the universes came into existence. So what that is saying is that there is something that is even greater than the first cause, the first cause, that thought that brought all the worlds into existence, there's something even greater than that. Elohim, the thought, that brought all of these worlds into existence, the one that's greater than him, is Jehovah. He's beyond thought, he's higher than thought, he is the self existent one.


Okay, let's go on. We're dealing with verse 7, "And Samson said unto her, If they bind me with seven green withes that were never dried, then shall I be weak and be as another man." The Hebrew word translated 'green', Strong's #3892, can also be translated or actually means 'new sinews'. So I included our definition of 'sinew' for you, the American Heritage Dictionary says 'sinew' means, a tendon, vigorous strength, muscular power. A definition of 'tendon' is a band of tough inelastic fibrous tissue that connects a muscle with its bony attachment. And what I saw in that, is that it is Michael's spiritual strength that is binding Adam to the Fiery Serpent. And we know that the regenerated Adam has to join himself to the Fiery Serpent and then Michael comes in and adds his strength to keep the Fiery Serpent captive. And sometimes the Fiery Serpent breaks away.


There's even a Scripture in the Psalms that says, "Why does the heathen rage, Let us break their bands." It's in the King James translation, one of the early Psalms. These are the bands that are spoken about. Adam is telling Samson, see, this is Adam speaking to Samson, and what he's saying is, Samson, If the carnal mind of the mortal men of Judah imprison Adam within you, Michael, the part of Elohim's household that remains, the part of Elohim's household that is eternal, the part of Elohim's household that cannot be killed will complete Adam anew. The only condition is that Satan stays dries up. Adam is instructing Samson saying, "Now listen, what is about to happen here, Adam in Samson is about to enter into the mortal men of Judah." See, Adam in the mortal men of Judah was killed. The mortal men of Judah killed their own savior in the midst of them.


So Samson was the savior that was raised up to help them to regenerate Adam. Adam in Samson was going into the spiritual being, into the etheric part, that's my understanding right now, of the mortal men of Judah, to break the Fiery Serpent, well to defeat Satan, to break the Fiery Serpent away from Leviathan, and to force the Fiery Serpent, and of course to regenerate Adam, and then to join with the regenerated Adam in the mortal men of Judah, to force the Fiery Serpent under him. I mean this is the ultimate in spiritual warfare. Personally I find this very exciting, to best of my knowledge I've never experienced it. I've never experienced going to the other side, I've read about it in the Scripture, and I've never experienced entering into another person, and I don't want to experience it, unless I'm sure that it's Jesus. Now I knew a woman many years ago, who came out of witchcraft, as far as I knew, she was completely sold out to Jesus, but she had a very high anointing, because we do carry things over with us, when we repent and come to the Lord. Her tongues were different of anyone's tongues that I have ever heard, and she had authority through simply praying in tongues that is hard to find in the church, see.


And this woman was very concerned about someone in her family, she was ill. She went to bed that night and she has a spiritual experience, she found herself inside of the person's body, spiritually speaking, she found herself inside of the person's body, more of her experience than that, I don't remember. She woke up and she was concerned that it was not God, and to be honest with you, I was concerned that it was not God. All that I could tell you was that the child was healed. And I still don't know whether it was God or not, but what I do know is that I have found Scriptures that tell me that Jesus went to the other side, that Jesus saw Abel all bound up.


I believe that Jesus healed the Gadarene Demoniac by entering into that man's etheric body. So it is obviously, this is obviously a very high spiritual activity that we would not be wanting to engage in unless we were really sure that it was the Lord Jesus Christ. I have never experienced it. So, but this is what Samson is about to do, he's about to invade the etheric body of the mortal men of Judah, and save them against their will. And in preparation for this calling, Samson has been brought to perfection, and it is Michael and the resurrected Adam within Samson who will be doing this work. But Samson, the personality is involved, and Adam within Samson is instructing him, saying, "Now look, don't worry Samson, I'm entering into the etheric body of these mortal men of Judah, and you, by your personality will be there with me, if they kill me, if they kill me, if they kill me, don't worry about it, Michael is immortal and imperishable, and Michael will regenerate me, and you will be okay." That's what Adam said to Samson.


The only condition being, that Satan must remain dried up. And how does Satan remain dried up? Through Adam's warfare, the warfare that boils Satan away, she must be defeated. As long as Satan remains dried up, Michael will regenerate Adam, and as far as the personality is concerned, as long as you continue to confess your sins and repent and stay on top of your own negative principles, if Adam is killed, don't worry about it, Michael will raise him right up.


A translation of the Hebrew word Strong's #1517, appears in the King James translation 8 times in 7 verses. Judges 16 unlocks the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew word translated 'sinew'. So we will examine all of the Scriptures that this word appears in, and unlock the esoteric meaning of the allegory. So what am I saying, I'm saying that the esoteric meaning, or the hidden meaning of the word 'sinew' which appears in the King James translation 8 times in 7 different verses, signifies Michael's bands that secure Adam to the Fiery Serpent.


It's the joining together of the two minds, and the securing of those two minds so that they should function as one single mind. This is the esoteric or the hidden meaning of the term 'sinew' as it is found in the King James translation.


And these are the 8 verses, Gen.32:32, Isa.48:4, Job 10:11, Job 30:17, Job 40:17, and Ez.37:6 and 8, all use the English word 'sinew' and we shall translate all of these verses applying the spiritual understanding that has been revealed in this study that the sinew is Michael, the part that cannot be destroyed, the part that remains, the part that remains when Adam is destroyed, and the part that binds the two minds together, Adam and the carnal mind.


I think we're just going to take a five minute break here before we start.


The allegorical meaning of the Hebrew word translated 'sinew' is, the upper part of the spiritual man which cannot be measured or imprisoned, who appears as Michael, the Spirit of Elijah and the glorified Jesus Christ.


The 'sinew' is the one who binds Adam to the Fiery Serpent, after Adam saddles and sits upon her. So we see that Adam captures, well first of all Adam has to fight off Satan, Leviathan's dog, has to bind Leviathan, the strong man, has to separate, the Fiery Serpent form her, and then Adam saddles or harnesses the Fiery Serpent, and sits upon her, which is a euphemism for a spiritual sexual intercourse, and once Adam penetrates or marries the Fiery Serpent, Michael descends upon them, and binds them together, the double binding. Okay.


To fully understand the spiritual principle of the sinew, one must understand that Satan and Leviathan struggle continually, to dominate the Fiery Serpent within every individual where Christ has been revived. The spiritual principles that dominate the Fiery Serpent engrave the mind and personality with their nature, and control the whole man. Abel, Adam, or Christ, Christ Jesus, depending on whether you're in the Old Testament, or in the New Testament, Abel is the root system, is Adam's root system, and Christ is the root system of Christ Jesus.


So Abel/Adam, or Christ/Christ Jesus, works to saddle and marry Cain and Fiery Serpent. And Cain and the Fiery Serpent strive to saddle Abel/Adam, or Christ/Christ Jesus. Now just in case I've confused you, let me remind you, that Cain is woven together, with the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is signified as the earth, she's the earth worm. She is Jehovah's virile seed that is completely married to the Primordial Serpent, and has become the worm in the earth, also known as the ground. Now Cain, we found Scriptures in recent studies of Samson, that have revealed that Cain is the foliage of the ground.


See, just like we are in parts, we have a personality, we have an unconscious mind, a subconscious mind, a conscious mind, in the same manner the spiritual earth is in parts. Just as you would look at the earth outside, worms in the earth, rocks in the earth, weeds, the roots of weeds all woven together through the earth. Well we found Scriptures to indicate that Cain is the foliage of the earth, the foliage of the earth, she is the product of the earth.


So if you think of the earth as being flat, that which the earth has given birth to, that which stands above the earth is Cain, and is that not true. Did not the earth divide into male and female elements, and bring forth Cain and Abel, that is the truth is it not? So Cain and Abel are the plant that has been born of the earth, that fits in with everything else that the Lord has told us here so far, except that Cain killed Abel, and kills Abel whenever she can. So, let me go over this with you again, because I think it sounded a little confusing. What I'm saying to you here, is that there is a continual struggle going on to dominate and control and the whole man. And I've already made this point right in this message.


There are two spirits that want to live through one ox, see. We, the personality, we are the ox, there's only one ox, and there's only one waters, or one sea, one ox, and one sea, but there are two spirits that want to head up both the sea and the ox. So the battle is basically for us, the personality and for the spiritual energy of the creation. That's what the fight is all about.


And as a part of this fight, we see that Cain is continuously trying to dominate and kill Abel, and that Leviathan is continually trying to dominate and kill Adam, and the same thing happens with the New Testament names, that Cain is still trying to kill Christ, and Leviathan is still trying to kill Christ Jesus, and that this will go on indefinitely, until Abel matures into Adam, Adam saddles and controls the Fiery Serpent, and Michael of the Spirit of Christ descends from above and makes that union permanent by adding his bands to it. See, Abel will never dominate Cain, Cain will always kill Abel, why? Because Cain has all of the earth behind her. Therefore Abel must mature into Adam, and marry the glorified Jesus Christ above.


But that is the only way Abel or in the New Testament Christ, will ever overcome Cain, is through union with Christ Jesus within, and union with the glorified Jesus Christ, and will back up his righteous rights to dominate the whole of the animal nature. Okay, here's our Scripture, Gen.32:32, "Therefore the children of Israel eat not of the sinew which shrank, which is upon the hollow of the thigh unto this day, because he touched the hollow of Jacob's thigh in the sinew that shrank." Now I didn't do as thorough a translation on these verses as I'm doing on the Judges chapter 16 verses, but I hope that it will be enough for you. 'Therefore Michael, Jehovah's judgment', that's a translation of 'sinew', 'consumed', that's a translation of 'eat', 'Satan', that's a translation of 'not', and the word 'shrank' means 'tendon'. The word 'upon' means 'above', and we see the word 'shrank' again, this time we're translating it 'crippled', a different translation, both legitimate translations. The word 'thigh' we're translating 'the reproductive strength', the hollow, which means any concave opening, a mouth, a hole, this signifies the Fiery Serpent, this is one of the principles that we discovered in our studies, that which receives is the female element, so we're translating it the Fiery Serpent.


The word 'day', signifies the twenty four hour day, which we have been translating the serpent's timeline, time and space is in the serpent, time and space is not in Elohim's timeline. This is the serpent's timeline, time and space, twenty four hours, day and night. And then we have the word 'sinew' again, which we are translating, 'Michael, Jehovah's judgment', and the word 'touched', we are translating 'to have intercourse with', the word 'hollow' we are translating the 'Fiery Serpent', the word 'thigh', this is all pretty much duplicated, we're translating the 'reproductive potential', and the word 'shrank', 'to be crippled'.


And this is the Alternate Translation of Gen.32:32, "Therefore Michael, Jehovah's judgment, consumes Satan, and the tendon from above, (that's Michael), the tendon from above, crippled the reproductive strength of the Fiery Serpent to marry Leviathan's timeline, and Michael, Jehovah's judgment, was able to have intercourse with the Fiery Serpent, Jacob's spiritual reproductive potential, because Michael crippled her." Now that's the sinew that shrank. I don't know about you brethren, but if you want to believe that Jacob had a sinew that shrank and that all of his descendants had a shrunken sinew or however the King James translation puts it, if that's what you want to believe, I would never argue with you, but I want to tell you that I have studied those Scriptures, and I was never comfortable with that translation, never from the beginning.


Why in the world would Jehovah damage someone's physical body? See, that's what Satan does, Satan damages your physical body to control you, Jehovah doesn't do that. Jehovah damages the serpent in you, so that you can respond to him. Let me read that again, and of course the principle of all of Jehovah's behavior and all of his deliverance, is that if we were just in our right mind, we would go running after Jehovah. We have to be spiritually insane to choose the serpent over the Lord.


And this is the Lord's basic principle on which he goes forth, and says, "I'm not going to hurt these people that I'm trying to save, I'm going to hurt the Fiery Serpent, and Leviathan and Satan within them, so that the power of the carnal mind is broken over the people, and when the power of the carnal mind is broken over them, when Satan's witchcraft is broken over these people, they will think with their right mind, and they will pursue me, says the Lord."


He doesn't have to punish us to get us. 'Therefore Michael, Jehovah's judgment consumed Satan, and the tendon from above crippled the reproductive strength of the Fiery Serpent to marry Leviathan's timeline, and Michael, Jehovah's judgment was able to have intercourse with the Fiery Serpent, Jacob's spiritual reproductive potential, because he crippled her.'


And how did Michael cripple the Fiery Serpent? How did he cripple her, how did he cause her to shrink? Does anybody know the answer to that question? How did Michael cause the Fiery Serpent to shrink, to become smaller? To become weaker, to be crippled means to become weaker, how did Michael weaken the Fiery Serpent, and cause her to become smaller? Okay, I'll tell you because I don't think you know the answer? The Fiery Serpent was joined to Leviathan and they were as one mind. Michael separated that unholy union, you see, and he weakened the Fiery Serpent, she lost her strong support, and he crippled her, he crippled her by cutting her away from Leviathan. What else did he do? I guess that's it. 'Therefore Michael, Jehovah's judgment consumed Satan and the tendon from above crippled the reproductive strength of the Fiery Serpent,' she can't reproduce without Leviathan. '...to marry Leviathan's timeline, and Michael, Jehovah's judgment was able to have intercourse with the Fiery Serpent, Jacob's spiritual reproductive potential, because he crippled her.' That's how he shrank her. He broke her away from her husband.


Isa. 48:4, "Because I knew that thou art obstinate and thy neck is an iron sinew and thy brow brass." And this is Jehovah speaking in the previous verses, saying, "I went forth to deliver you because of, Leviathan, the fierce obstinate, well the translation of 'obstinate', obstinate we're translating 'fierce', the word 'knew' we're translating wisdom, and I have a note there next to wisdom. Leviathan is Satan's fierce wisdom, and that Hebrew word translated 'knew' means 'wisdom'. It's a mistranslation. Then we have the word 'iron', which we're translating 'oppressive', and there is a prefix 'mem' before that word, 'mem' mean 'waters', the oppressive waters. That's speaking about the spiritual urine, Satan. The word 'sinew' we're translating 'judgment', that's Michael, Jehovah's judgment, the word 'brass' we're translating 'the serpent', and I don't know where I got this from, 'and make thy brow brass'.


Okay, 'brow' we're translating 'the brow energy center', and to be honest with you, I don't know where I got this neck energy center from, so I'm just going to let it go for now. "I knew that thou art obstinate and they neck is an iron sinew and thy brow brass." And the serpent is in your brow energy center. Well let me see my Alternate Translation, Jehovah speaking, ' I went forth to deliver you because of Leviathan, the fierce wisdom of Satan's waters, and because of the serpent, the oppressive judgment in the neck energy center, and in the brow energy center of Leviathan's timeline. Well, I don't know why I put that neck in, and I'd have to research it, but it sound good enough to me, I'm going to let it go for this message. And I have a witness to that in James 3:13-15, "Who is a wise man and endued with knowledge among you, let him show out of a good conversation, his works with meekness of wisdom. But if you have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not and lie not against the truth, this wisdom descended not from above, but is earthy, sensual and devilish." And that is my witness that there is an ungodly wisdom in the earth.


The next verse that we're dealing with is Job 10:11, "Thou hath clothed me with skin and flesh, and hath fenced me bones and sinews." 'Sinew' we're translating 'Michael, Jehovah's judgment', the word 'clothed' we're translating 'surrounded', and I have a note on that. We found that translation before, that the word 'clothed' should signify 'to be surrounded', and our Alternate Translation of Judges chapter 16, verse 2, and here is the verse, "And the Fiery Serpent in the mortal men of Judah said, Adam is compassing Samson about, Adam is clothing Samson, and now Samson will come here and lay an ambush for all of the Fiery Serpents who have ascended into Leviathan's city, because Adam the head of the neck energy center of the upper window, intends to silence Satan and engrave all of the Fiery Serpents with the nature of Elijah, the light wave who calls forth Adam, the morning, and nailed them to the upper window of creation."


So we see this usage of the word 'clothed', Adam is clothing or compassing Samson about, and we will translate the word 'clothed' surrounded, in Job 10:11. The word 'skin' we're translating personality. The word 'flesh' we're translating Cain, who is the animal nature, that's what the flesh is, and the word 'fenced in' we're translating 'hedged in' and protected. And this is our Alternate Translation of Job 10:11, "Michael, Jehovah's judgment has surrounded my personality, and Cain, my animal nature has hedged in and protected Abel, my bones." Now, Abel is the hard part, Abel is male to Cain, and male is always signified by the hard part, and the flesh or the soft part always signifies the female. But what is interesting here, let me just give you that again. "Michael, Jehovah's judgment has surrounded my personality and Cain, my animal nature, and has hedged in and protected Abel, my bones." The root system, Adam's bones.


You know, that's really interesting, Adam bones, Abel the root system is Adam's bones. I wonder if we apply this understanding to that mysterious Scripture in Genesis, where Joseph wanted his bones carried into the promise land, and we have to really follow that through. I didn't get this revelation until just now to be honest with you. Are you all familiar with the Scripture that I'm talking about, Joseph requested that his bones be carried into the promise land, and I never could believe it was his physical bones, but I didn't understand what the Scripture meant. And here in Job 10:11, we see an interesting translation, "Michael, Jehovah's judgment, has surrounded my personality...", and of course we're doing a translation of 'sinew', Michael, Jehovah's judgment is the 'sinew', "...and has surrounded my personality and my animal nature and hedged in and protected Adam's root system, my bones." I'm going to have to study that out, it's very interesting.


Okay, we're going to go on for now. We just stopped the tape to check out that Scripture about Joseph's bones, and I think we found it in Gen. 50:25. There are several Scriptures, there is one in Genesis, I think it's Genesis, is there are Genesis 50:25, these Scriptures may be wrong brethren, and their were a couple of Scriptures in Exodus concerning Joseph and his bones, and one in the book of Hebrews, and I now understand the meaning of taking up Joseph's bones, it's talking about regenerating Adam in the Individual. I guess we should really read those Scriptures on to the tape.


COMMENT: Gen.50:25, "And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, "God will surely visit you and ye shall carry up my bones from hence."


PASTOR VITALE: So this is the Scripture that I was talking about, that Joseph commanded that his bones should be carried up. But even in the King James verse, it's pretty obvious now that we have the key to the puzzle, that Joseph was not talking about digging up his skeleton and carrying his physical bones anywhere.


Joseph was talking about Abel, the dead root system of Adam. Joseph was saying, "Adam shall regenerate in you, I am commanding you that you should do whatever necessary that Adam should be regenerated in you. Does anybody not understand what has happened here tonight? In our study of the word 'sinew', we found a Scripture which is Job 10:11, which has unlocked the esoteric meaning of bones in the Scripture. And what the Lord quickened to me on the moment, was this Scripture that has been a puzzle to me for twenty years or more, okay, why in the world would Joseph command that his physical bones be carried up, that's ghoulish, I never believed it, but I didn't have the esoteric understanding. And I now I understand that Abel is the bones, the root system of the Tree of Life. Joseph was saying, "I am the one who is within you. I am all that I was because Adam was regenerated in me, and you too should have Adam regenerated in you, I want you to take a note that you will do whatever necessary to have Adam regenerated in you, that you will raise up the same bones, the same spiritual bones that were raised up in me."


Now if I ever have the time, we have to go into Ezekiel's bones, and the Scriptures on bones, but I never have the time to do all of this, but I'm very excited to find out the truth about Joseph's command to have his bones carried up, because I knew it couldn't be true in the natural, that's ghoulish. And all holy men in Israel are forbidden to touch a dead body, it could possibly be true. Okay let's read the next one.


COMMENT: Exodus 13:19, "And Moses took the bones of Joseph with him: for he had straitly sworn the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you; and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you."


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, so once again, Joseph was not saying, take my physical bones and carry them with you, he was saying, you should have the same experience that I had. May that same great mighty one that lived through me, that made me great, I want you to promise me you're going to do all you have to do to raise him from the dead in yourself. You want to believe they carried Joseph's physical bones, God bless you, I don't believe it, never did. But tonight we have the truth of the Scripture. You have the next Scripture for us sister?


COMMENT: Joshua 24:32, "And the bones of Joseph which the children of Israel..." (End of Tape)


Tape 3


"...brought up out of Egypt, buried they in Shechem, in a parcel of ground which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor the father of Shechem for an hundred pieces of silver: and it became the inheritance of the children of Joseph."


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I would really have to take some time to translate that verse, but as soon as I hear a hundred pieces of silver, I'm thinking of the thirty pieces of silver that Jesus was betrayed for, and just the very fact that the Scripture says that the children of Israel buried Joseph's bones, it says to me that Adam was resurrected in the children of Israel, and they killed him. They buried him. Cain in the children of Israel killed Adam and buried Abel, isn't Cain the one who buries Abel under the ground? See, so whenever we do a word study like this, we would expect to find some positive translations of the, or some positive occurrences of the usage and some negative occurrences of the usage. So we see, in this Scripture that Mary just read, the negative usage of the word, that one generation of Hebrew children raised up Joseph's bones, Moses raised up Joseph's bones, but the Hebrew children in this generation buried Joseph's bones, they killed Adam within themselves.


And this went on in Israel continuously. Adam was raised from the dead, Adam was killed, Adam was raised from the dead, Adam was killed. Israel was double minded, they couldn't hold on to the resurrected Adam. And there's only one reason why that would happen, what is that reason, anybody?


In the New Testament, Paul says the Hebrew children were disobedient, you see. I think that's unfortunate translation, for years I read that word, they were disobedient, and I couldn't understand, well they didn't do something that God told them to do, and they lost everything, I mean what kind of a vengeful God is this? But the Greek word translated 'disobedient', I mean disobedience, that is not a good translation. What the Scripture is really saying, Well the Hebrew children were disobedient, they didn't confess their sins and repent, and they were overcome by Leviathan. Jehovah did not punish them and remove his salvation from them because they were disobedient children, and they didn't make their beds in the morning. Neither did Jehovah punish them because they ate pork, which I don't even know if they did, it wasn't anything like that at all.


Jehovah said to them, I'm giving you this great gift of salvation, and this is your part, you must identify the enemy within. You must seek and destroy the enemy within yourself, or she will kill you. And the children of Israel were disobedient, they did not seek out and they did not destroy the enemy within themselves, and the enemy within themselves killed them. Jehovah didn't do it, Jehovah warned them, Jehovah gave them information, Jehovah did everything he could to help them, but their disobedience was a betrayal of their very own selves. But yet the way it comes forth in the King James translation, for years I said, well what did they do that was so bad? Children of disobedience, what did they do that was so bad that Jehovah punished them so severely? Jehovah didn't punish them so severely, they committed spiritual suicide. Sister would you like to take the last verse?


COMMENT: Heb. 11:22, "By faith Joseph when he died, made mention of the departing of the children of Israel, and gave commandment concerning his bones."


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's the New Testament, it's just a repeat of everything that we've said so far. Joseph gave a commandment, do as I did, make sure Adam is regenerated in you. And Jesus said to his disciples, as I am in this world, so are you. I've heard this Scripture misused, and misused, and misused, and of course the translation is not ideal, but what Jesus is saying is, "As I behaved myself in this world, you do it too. But that's not how it's used in the church. The church uses it to say, Well Jesus had all of this power and we have it too. Well if you do exactly what he did in this world, you will have all that power. But you're looking at that Scripture from the wrong point of view. Jesus wasn't saying, "I leave you power", he was saying, "Be as I am". Be ye holy as your father in heaven is holy, that's what he was saying. He wasn't saying you've got it made. As I behave myself in this world, and as I overcame Satan when I was in this world, when I was in the flesh, you can do it too, if you're willing to pay the price, because I live, you too shall live, but you've got to fight the fight. You've got to walk the walk, and you've got to talk the talk. I'm sorry but you cannot sing and give out tracks, and think you're going to die and make it into some paradise that doesn't even exist.


Praise the Lord. Let us go on with Job 30:17, we see another Scripture with bones in it. "My bones are pierced in me in the night season, and my sinews take no rest." 'The night season' we'll translate 'Leviathan', 'bones' we'll translate 'Abel', the words 'in me' we'll translate 'from above', 'no' we'll translate 'Satan', and the English words 'take rest' are a translation of the Hebrew word which means 'to have spiritual sexual intercourse'. Job 30:17, Alternate Translation, "Leviathan has pierced Abel from above, and Satan has had spiritual sexual intercourse with me", (Job speaking).


Leviathan from the higher energy centers, has pierced Abel from above. You see Abel is suppose to be piercing Leviathan from above, Abel is the man, he's suppose to be on top, this is a homosexual act that we read about in Joel, I believe it's Joel 3:3, that she made a boy into a harlot. "Leviathan has pierced Abel from above, and Satan has had spiritual sexual intercourse with me."


You see, the seduction and the utter consumption of our spiritual being is sequential, it is a step at a time. Just as I told you when our savior manifests, okay, the first thing that he has to do is fight off Satan, Leviathan's dog, when Christ Jesus manifests in us, he fights off Satan, Leviathan's dog. Then he has to take on Leviathan, and break that union between Leviathan and the Fiery Serpent, then he has to cast the Fiery Serpent down to the root energy center and make her weak. Then after he cast her down to the root energy center, he has to get on top of her and put a harness on her, that's no easy feat. It's sequential. Then Christ Jesus penetrates her, and then the Spirit of Christ comes down from above and binds to the two of them together permanently in that position with Christ Jesus on top of the Fiery Serpent.


Well, the same manner, to be seduced and to be penetrated by Satan, and that is her desire, to penetrate us in the form of spiritual sexual intercourse, it is sequential. You see, before Satan will lay with us, Leviathan must penetrate Abel from above, up in the New Testament Christ in you, Leviathan must make a woman out of Christ in you for Satan to sleep with you, you, the son of God as a woman.


And it all starts in the mind with Leviathan convincing you that you're not a son of God, with Leviathan convincing you that you're not worthy, that this could not possibly be God calling you to sonship, that who do you think you are, and you would do much better being jealous of the person down the street, or being Jezebellic towards your pastor, you'd rather, and I'm not picking on anybody, I'm telling you this is what the carnal mind does to you. The person who is not warring this warfare, frequently will embrace thoughts of envy towards the person in ministry, of Jezebel towards the person in ministry, thoughts of pride, they will choose these thoughts and reject the possibility that they are actually called to be a son of God. They say, that's pride, I should be a son of God, that's pride. No, I'll just be Jezebellic towards the pastor, I'll try to live through the pastor, see, because there is no responsibility when you live through the pastor.


That's sin brethren, and if the shoe fits, wear it. I'm not talking to anybody here, there's got to be a reason why I'm saying this, all kinds of people will get these tapes, but if the shoe fits, you wear it. You don't have to stay that way, you do not have to stay that way! When that sin in you raises its ugly head, you can rebuke it, you can cast it into the lake of fire, you can say, I do not agree with you, bless that pastor, bless that person in the ministry, and I curse everything in my mind that is thinking pride, or envy, or competition towards him, and Father all I want from you is to be all I could be in Christ. You can do it, Lord if you want me to be a son of God, I will be a son of God, and I will submit to whatever processing is necessary to make me what I must be to go on. You can do that, you don't have to take the low road, you don't have to do that.


"Leviathan has pierced Abel from above, and Satan has had spiritual sexual intercourse with me, Job is completely overturned, and some of you sitting here may have heard my opinion that Job really is the fallen Noah. That is my opinion and the Lord has not authorized me to take the time to pursue my opinion but I believe that this is what I heard in the spirit, that Job is Noah, who, his name changed when he, when Satan overturned him. Job 40:17, "He moveth his tail like a cedar, the sinews of his stones are wrapped together." He moveth his tail like a cedar...


I don't know why I don't have the word moveth here, but we've translated the word 'tail', 'Satan, the unconscious mind', the word 'cedar' can be translated 'curves', and we know that that's talking about the Fiery Serpent, and the word 'sinew' we're translating 'the upper part', in this case, the upper part of Leviathan's timeline. The words 'wrapped together' we're translating 'intertwined', and that's talking about the intertwining of the two minds, that the sinews hold together, and the word 'testicles' we're translating 'the two minds'.


I have some definitions of testis for you here, it is the reproductive gland in a male vertebrae, the source of spermatozoa. So we see that the two minds have spermatozoa. The mind of Christ has the virile seed, and the carnal mind has the dead seed. So Job 40:17 is talking about binding the two minds together, and our Alternate Translation is, Job 40:17, I see that I left a word out here, I guess I was in another world when I did these notes, I see that I did not translate the word 'he moveth', so let me see if I could do that off of the cuff. "Satan, Behemoth's unconscious mind, curves Behemoth's many members into Leviathan's timeline, and Satan, the upper part of Leviathan's timeline intertwines Adam and Leviathan, their two minds."


Well, what I feel in my spirit is that that word 'moveth' is talking about Satan's vibration of her ungodly speech, which marks her nature on the individual, and Job 40:17 is saying, Satan speaks, Satan, Behemoth's unconscious mind speaks, and when she speaks, she curves Behemoth's many members into Leviathan's timeline, she converts them into the circular spiraline pattern of the carnal mind, and Satan who is also the upper part of Leviathan's timeline intertwines Adam and Leviathan, their two minds. Well actually at that point, Adam is dead, so that would have to be Abel.


Ezek. 37:6, "And I will lay sinews upon you, and will bring up flesh upon you, and cover you with skin, and put breath in you and ye shall live, and ye shall know that I am the Lord."


The word 'sinew' we're translating Michael, Jehovah's judgment, the word 'above' we're translating 'from above'. The word 'flesh' we're translating animal nature, okay we'll keep the words 'lay upon', animal nature is 'Cain', 'to bring up' we're translating 'to cover her, or to ascend', 'upon' we're translating 'above', 'you' we're translating 'because', 'you in' we're translating 'the timeline', these are all legitimate translations, the word 'skin' we're translating 'personality', the word 'put' we're translating 'is afflicted', and we have the word 'breath', which we know Abel is the breath. The word 'know' we're translating 'recognize and to revive', and the words 'I am' we're translating 'Jehovah, the self existent one'. This was a difficult translation, under other circumstances I would give it much more time, but I haven't done it for this study, and here's our Alternate Translation.


Ezek.37:6, "And Michael, Jehovah's judgment from above, shall lay upon Cain, your animal nature, and cover her, and you shall ascend above because the Fiery Serpent, the household of Leviathan, the timeline that your personality is married to, is afflicted. And Abel, the breath of the creation shall revive, and recognize that I am Jehovah, the self existent one." You see, only the revived Abel or Christ in you, can recognize that Jehovah is the self existent one. You know, the occult literature, declares Jehovah to be a lesser god. Sometimes it's difficult, when I do come across passages like that, it's difficult reading the occult philosophy that I read, but this is what the Lord has given me to work with as a point of contact.


They call Jehovah a lesser god, and the serpent is the great god, you see. So only the revived Abel or the Christ mind in you, will recognize that Jehovah is the self existent one, and that the serpent lying.


In all of these erudite, all of these scholarly occult philosophy books, they are so scholarly, sometimes they blow my mind, and there is so much truth in these books, but they've got basic error mixed with the truth, and their basic error is that they believe that the serpent is the great god, the causeless cause, and that Jehovah is some second rate impersonator. I have to rebuke my pride you see, Jesus isn't all upset that they're saying that about him, Jesus has put me in these books so that he can speed up my education, so that he could teach me about spiritual principles, and show me how to use them correctly with his Scripture and with his spirit, so he's not all offended that they are calling him a lesser god, but I have to tell you every once in while it gets to me. It doesn't bother him, it's just that I have pride, he doesn't have pride.


See, you do what's best for yourself, you do what you have to do to serve God. Now I'm not talking about any moral compromise, you humble yourself before somebody who thinks that Jehovah's a lesser god, because that's where the information that I need is. The information that I need is in this place where they think that Jehovah is a lesser god, and I need this information to ascend spiritually in Christ Jesus, and this is the way it is. Sometimes the Lord sends me to another church, I have to listen to doctrine that I don't believe even in the church. Now that doesn't mean that I'm going to bless fornication, or adultery, can anyone not see the difference? Praise the Lord.


Ezek.37:8, "And when I beheld, lo, the sinews and the flesh came up upon them, and the skin covered them above, but there was no breath in them. The word 'beheld' we're translating 'looked', the word 'lo', 'and there he was', 'sinew' we're translating 'Michael, Jehovah's judgment from above. I see there was an untranslated word, but I didn't put down what it was, #5921. The words 'came up' we're translating 'ascended', the breath came up. Above, we're keeping, the word 'skin' we're translating the personality, we're keeping the word covered. The word 'no' we're translating 'the Fiery Serpent', and the word 'flesh' we're translating 'the animal nature', and the word 'upon' we're translating 'from above'.


Ezek.37:8 Alternate Translation, "And I looked, and there he was, Michael, Jehovah's judgment from above, and Abel, the breath of the creation ascended above, and covered the personality, and the Fiery Serpent, and Cain, the animal nature from above." So we see that all of the negative principles are covered from above, from above you see, and I looked and there he was, Michael, Jehovah's judgment from above, and Abel, the breath of the creation, ascended above because of Michael.


See, Michael was the scent of water that revived Abel, and Abel ascended above, and covered the personality of the man that he revived in, and he also covered the Fiery Serpent, and the ascended and revived Abel also covered Cain, the animal nature from above, you see. And the whole creature came into order and prospered. Every one of these elements mentioned, Cain, the Fiery Serpent and the personality in most cases, the uneducated personality would fight against Abel being revived or Christ being revived and ascending above. The uneducated personality would fight with all of its strength to stop it from happening, why? Because that personality would believing Satan's lie, that this would be in their worst interest.


Well I see that the next thing on my notes is that I go back to verse 7, but I don't think we're going to go on tonight, it's almost midnight, it's been a very hard night, and I think I'm having a lot of trouble getting this message preached, I think there's been a lot of opposition to it, but we preached half it tonight, and Lord willing we will get back to it next Sunday. Are there any questions or comments on anything that I talked about tonight?


COMMENT: So all of these things in Scripture about Abraham buying a parcel of land to be buried, all of this has to do with the bones of Adam being raised.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I'm not sure, I haven't done that study yet, this is a new revelation to me, but it's a real possibility, I would have to do, as of now, I couldn't do it unless the Lord directed me, I just don't have the time, but it sure sounds that way.


COMMENT: Even today, it's very important for people where they're buried, they want to be with so and so when the resurrection comes.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that's ghoulish.


COMMENT: They want to back to their country to be with their relatives. That's really a carry off.


PASTOR VITALE: That's completely ghoulish. I have a very radical point of view on burial I believe in. I'll only be corrected by the Lord in this case, and he hasn't said anything to me yet, I believe that the reason that the Scripture only talks about burying dead people either in the ground or in a cave, which means a sepulcher, is that it is a type of the spiritual reality of the death of the spirit.


And I don't think that there is anything wrong with cremation. And now this is a radical position that I'm taking, you see. And I would, well I believe the Lord has told me I'm going to ascend, but if for any reason I should die, you know, I would choose to be cremated, that is absolutely ghoulish that you have to be buried, that your dead carcass should be buried in a piece of ground next to someone else's dead carcass that's buried in a piece of ground. That cannot possibly be Scripture. And then of course there are others who believe that if you, those who believe in the resurrection of the physical body, which I do not, they believe if you cremate the body, it won't be able to be resurrected, but I don't believe there is a physical resurrection anyway.


The whole concept concerning the physical body in my opinion is absolutely ghoulish, and anything to do with preserving it, is of the serpent and absolutely ghoulish. This body is extraneous, it was never suppose to come into existence, this whole physical creation was never suppose to come into existence and it's going to be wiped out, and never raised again. We will live in the etheric plane, that's my understanding, we will exist in the etheric plane, this physical plane was never suppose to exist.


So that's how I feel, you know, to spend, I know I buried my parents, it cost thousands of dollars, thousands and thousands of dollars to bury, I can't remember if it was ten thousand for the two of them, or ten thousand each, I really can't remember, I honestly can't remember, and as far as I'm concerned, it's absolutely insane.


So, that's my answer to your question. Did I answer your question? The best that I could, I haven't done the study. But I think that's such an exciting revelation, to find out what this ghoulish aspect of this present day translation really means. Because you know people want to know the answers, they want answers, and we really need to know all of these answers, to these issues in the Scripture that don't really sound right. And what they are, they're translations of the carnal mind, that's what they are.


So as we continue to study and pursue the truth by the Spirit of truth, every knot will be untied, I don't know how long it will take, but every knot will be untied. And I believe that as we faithfully pursue the truth, if the Lord, if there is someone in our life that needs answer, the Lord will put us in that study so that we can have that answer for that person. Because if we continue with the pace that we're going, if we don't have an exponential jump or a quantum leap in our ability to comprehend spiritual things, I mean it would take the rest of our life and we still wouldn't have all of the answers. People who would study the Scriptures study for their whole life time. Anybody else? Yes?


COMMENT: At one point, was Samson like Esau in the sense of energy?


PASTOR VITALE: Well what do you mean? They've both inherited the energy, and yes if that's what you mean, yes, I believe Samson inherited the energy of the first born.


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