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Well praise the Lord, the Lord was speaking to me today about, as it was in the days of Noah, and Noah's ark, but most of you here may have heard me say that the Lord has likened this ministry to Noah's ark, and I'm not saying we're the only ark. There can be a many- membered ark, I don't know what's he's doing with other people. But the Lord has told me that this ministry is Noah's ark, and the spiritual preparation here is preparing other people who are submitting the spiritual ministry here to survive the spiritual floods which already rolling in over this nation with great strength. I understand that the road rage is intense, somebody died up by exit #59 or #53 on the Long Island Expressway, I was told. They were driving at 80-90 miles an hour. So this ministry is Noah's ark, I've had that word myself, and I've had that word from several people that the Lord has given them visions that this is Noah's ark, and I have had a revelation up until now, well we all know that these are the last days, but nobody really knows what's going to happen.


We know that there's an ascension coming. We also know that the physical catastrophes that are happening in the earth, earthquakes and mud slides and floods, that this all comes from Satan, that this does not come from the Lord Jesus. These physical catastrophes that are happening are the reaping of national sin, and most of the judgments are falling on the Bible belt. So this is the reaping and sowing judgment, the judgment that Jesus Christ comes with, is the judgment that destroys the carnal mind. The judgment that Jesus Christ comes with is the mind of Christ Jesus flowing through a man with such power, which is a legal form of mind control that will go to the people who have faith in Jesus Christ but are in bondage to their carnal mind, and the man in whom Christ Jesus is raised, will go to a man who has faith, but is carnal, and the mind of Christ Jesus in that man will cover over the carnal mind in the man of faith, and raise up the mind of Christ in that man, and assist him in keeping his carnal mind under that young Christ, that young tree of life that's growing up in him, until that man of faith is strong enough in Christ Jesus to control his own carnal mind. That is the judgment that is coming from Christ Jesus, it is the judgment of the carnal mind, but only after Christ has been imparted, because the judgment of the carnal mind covers over the carnal mind, and silences the spirit of that mind, which is Satan. Satan must stop talking in us, for us to overcome this world. Satan is the spirit who speaks, she speaks in the spirit, spiritual speech, I've talked about spiritual speech quite a bit. And when a spirit speaks in a personality, it's likened in the Scripture, to the cutting or the engraving of the earth. When the spirit speaks, whether it's the Spirit of Christ or whether it's Satan, the earth of our personality is marked. And when we have Satan speaking through us, we have the mark of the beast. So Christ Jesus is coming with judgment upon the carnal mind to silence her, Satan must be silenced, to silence her, and to impart the righteous mind, because there's no law when it comes to a righteous mind. There's no sowing and reaping when all you think is righteous thoughts, there's nothing to reap but righteousness, which is eternal life.


So I've had this revelation for a while, and several people have had dreams about it, that this is Noah's ark, and that the doctrine of Christ builds up Christ Jesus in the individual, and as Christ Jesus increases, he covers over the carnal mind more and more. That is the judgments of God, and the two judgments are coinciding, the sowing and reaping judgment, which is executed by Satan, is being manifested in this nation for national sin, and for the carnal minds of even the people who go to church. So judgment is falling on both levels in this nation. And I've had people ask me, well what's going to happen next, and even when the first fruits stand up, how long will it take to impart the mind of Christ to the whole church and to the whole world, and at first, a while back I was thinking maybe a thousand years, but that was just some carnal understanding from the King James translation.


Recently I've been answering people, I think it's going to take thousands of years, that the first fruits company that stand up will enter into eternal life, they will stop dying, and with all of these trillions of people on the earth, knowing what I know about the white throne judgment, it's going to take thousands of years, because the white throne judgment requires personal ministry to the individual, it requires working with the person to show them the operation of Satan in their own mind, through exposure of wrong thinking, wrong thinking and ungodly motives, which are very difficult to see. So if that is the white throne judgment working with someone to show them their own sin nature, and it's taking years here, even after things speed up, after someone is in perfection, it's still one on one ministry, you can't take a group of a thousand people and pray over them and have them receive, have them ascend into Christ Jesus, because it's a personal ministry. You have to reveal sin in the individual. So my opinion became recently that it's going to take thousands of years after the first fruits stand up. And then the Lord showed me, actually I received a magazine in the mail, and the truth is that I receive a lot of magazines in the mail that I never read. So for me to read this magazine, it had to be the Lord directing me to read it. And that is my prayer, because my time is so limited, and I don't want to be arrogant, and prideful, but my time is really is limited. So this is my prayer, Lord I'll read anything you direct me to I mean other ministry or otherwise, but please direct me to it, because I just don't have time to read all of this literature that comes into my house.


Well, I read this magazine, it's a new age magazine, somehow they got me on their mailing list, and I read in this magazine articles about things that I have never heard of before, whether I agree with them or not is another story. It's always nice to know what's going on in the world. And one of the articles indicated that there's a controversy going on in philosophical circles that there are some people who feel that this world will come to an end gradually, which was what I was preaching, I've been preaching it for a long time, that the new order man will rise up, the sons of God will stand up, and we'll just have different kinds of men existing in the same year, in the same time frame. We'll have the new order men who are dwelling in the heavenlies, like Jesus did, and then we'll have your every day man, and we know that the mortal man as we know him, we might call him your every day man, exists on many levels right here is this country, probably right here in the street that I live on, I don't know right here is this country, there are groups of people that can be categorized into the spiritual level that they exist in.


Some people have a better life than other people. And I'm not necessarily talking about material riches, I'm talking about a spiritual position right now. There are people in this world who are highly spiritual, there are people who are highly intellectual. There are people who are bound by drugs and living on the street. I just saw a homeless man today stopping all the cars going by. So when you see people in different positions of life like this, you can recognize that they're in a different time line than you are, that they're living out of a different energy center. Now they're all in Leviathan's time line, there are two major time lines, there's Christ Jesus' time line, and there's Leviathan's time line, but within these time lines, are the various energy centers, and each energy center represents a time line within the overall time line. So there are seven major energy centers, actually there are much more than seven, but there are seven major energy centers, and each one of these energy centers in Leviathan's time line, we exist in Leviathan's time line here. Each one of these major energy centers is a time line within Leviathan's time line. And if you see someone that's homeless that's sleeping in the street that hasn't taken a shower in days, and looks all crazed when you look in their eyes, they're living in the first or second energy center. There is a spiritual world that manifests itself in each individual. And we could be living in more than one, but we cannot be living in one end of the spectrum and well, that's not true either, I don't want to get into that right now.


By in large, we have to live primarily in one time line. Either you're living a prosperous life, prosperous physically, emotionally, and spiritually, then you're likely to be at least in the third energy center, if you're spiritual, you're probably in the fourth energy center. There is a whole world, a whole spiritual world, and all of these worlds coexist in this physical world. We all look the same unless you're seeing a man who is sleeping on the street, we're all people, we all have two eyes and two arms and a nose and a mouth, yet there are at least seven different spiritual worlds that can manifest in this one physical world. So we can say this one physical world is an expression of Leviathan's major time line, and then there are seven sub time lines within that time line.


At the very lowest level of the energy centers, or at the very lowest sub time line, you will have people who are mentally ill, deranged, living in the streets, living tormented lives, and the prosperous of this world, material wealthy of this world are probably living out of their belly, which is the spiritual world of the third energy center. And the people who are spiritual in this world are probably living out of their fourth energy center. And people, there is even a saying in the world that birds of a feather flock together. People who have the same interest and actually people who have the same spiritual worlds are drawn to one another. But every once in a while, there's a cross, that you could see someone who appears to be living in the third energy center.


Let's say that they're materially prosperous, they're what the world might call a middle class person, they have a reasonable amount of education, they can read, they can write, they're interested. You don't have to be a college graduated, but you can be interested in continuing to learn, and to be constantly feeding your mind through books or educational TV programs. Usually, it happens sometimes that a person that is living in that spiritual world falls down to one of the lower centers, and that point you have a conflict, you have a person who appears to be a prosperous person of this world, going out at night behind closed doors, visiting prostitutes, or shoplifting when they really don't need the money, or taking drugs, or engaging an illicit, in the closet, homosexual relationship, or an adulterous illicit relationship. So sometimes there is a cross, but eventually, eventually, there would have to be a falling out.


We have a person who appears to be living in the third energy center with material prosperity in the third energy center, but they have another life, a hidden life, of the second or first energy center, eventually, that hidden life of the lower energy center will penetrate into their very socially acceptable life of the third energy center. And either the person that's in adultery will exposed and there will be a big explosion in their life, or I think I mentioned this to you once before, there was a judge, he was the head of the court of the New York state, and his whole life fell apart, he was found to be on drugs, he was an adulterer, he was convicted of black mailing this woman that he committed adultery with, so his hidden life of the lower center, polluted and brought destruction of the life of the third energy center that he had. So I know I was talking about Noah, how did I get on that?


Well, I think that I was preaching, I've been preaching for a while now, I told everybody that it wasn't God, but according to what I could see at the time, it would take thousands of years to bring forth Christ in all of the peoples of the earth, since it takes this personal ministry. And then I read this magazine article, which talks about another opinion, the other opinion is catastrophe, and apparently there are some people who are educated enough to write about it anyway, who believe that this age, everybody, very few people would deny that this age is coming to an end. The question is, how is it going to end? And as I said, I've been preaching this slow transition. What I've been preaching is that well, people will be rising up in Christ and in the serpent all of the time, and the people that don't rise up will just pass out of this world and cease to exist, I've been preaching a gradual transition. But I found out that there's another opinion, and that other opinion is called catastrophe, which I honestly don't know if it means physical or spiritual although I think the people that are teaching this believe in a physical catastrophe. They claim that there were races before humanity. I mentioned this to you on line the other day, that everyone who has ever lived, actually who are the descendants of Shem and Japheth, well, I don't know if that's correct, but everybody who has ever lived in an animal body like we are in now, we're one spiritual generation, going back thousands of years, we're one spiritual generation, and there are people who believe that there are generations which were before us, and that in these generations the people didn't look like we look now. The people that teach this doctrine say that one of these generations that existed before us, the world knows as Atlantis. They claim that it was a society much like ours, and that they were wiped out by a cataclysmic physical eruption. I don't know what it was, I don't know if it was an earthquake or asteroids from outer space, but that the whole society was wiped out, but there is a spiritual principle, and this principle is in the Bible, it's the principle of the tenth, I found it in the Bible, that the Lord, he brings judgment, and he tears down and he prunes that tree right as far as he could prune it, and he just leaves a tenth, it's not a literal tenth, but he leaves a seed of what we are, and then he starts building us again in his image. And the people who are teaching this doctrine of catastrophe believe that this age is going to come to end suddenly, by a physical catastrophe, and that there will just be a seed, a remnant of people who will carry over to the new age, and then, this is exactly what happened with Noah, see, and this is what struck me today.


I'm reading this, these are not Christian people, but they are spiritual people, and as I've been telling you for years that I found out that spiritual people have a lot of knowledge, sometimes they get it backwards, so I listen to them, and then I put it before the Lord. But they have a lot of knowledge, the Scripture clearly says that the children of darkness have more knowledge than the children of light. And I was reading an occult book today, I have to tell you I am amazed, coming from another point of view, I'm absolutely amazed at how much spiritual knowledge the Lord managed to impart to me from just studying in the Scripture and the spirit of revelation, so much of what he taught me, is in these spiritual books that people don't know or don't believe, that I only started reading these spiritual books about a year or so ago, and then all of the spiritual knowledge I had up until that point, or maybe two years ago, all of the spiritual knowledge I had up until that point, I received directly from the Lord by the spirit of revelation, using the Scripture as a point of contact. And I am just amazed at how much of what he taught me is in these spiritual books.


So there are basic spiritual principles that are just true and you can either look at them with the mind of Christ, or you could look at them with the carnal mind. So a lot, at this point apparently, I am established enough in Christ Jesus that I can read spiritual books, and not be polluted by them and get a lot of witnesses to what the Lord has taught me and then also, see things that the Lord hasn't taught me, that the Lord will speak to me about and bring forth in me, it's much faster than me spending hours and years, pouring through these Hebrew Interlinear text. But I had to do that, I had to pour over the Interlinear text until Christ Jesus was strong enough in me that these occult books would not pollute me, see. So now I'm moving faster, and as I move faster, you move faster with me, and the spiritual principles run through the Scripture, as matter of fact, the book that I'm reading now, she quotes the Scripture all of the time, although she a lot of the time, she quotes the Kaballah, and I don't know how much of that is of God. But I believe the Lord is in everything, it may not be 100% right, but the basic spiritual principles are there, and this is a Scriptural principle, the principle of the tenth, that there's always a seed, the creation or the people or the tribe is never completely wiped out, there's always a seed that goes over to the next generation. And it says in the book of Isaiah, What would have happened to us if the Lord had not left us a tenth to rebuild on? And this is exactly the principle that is demonstrated in the account of Noah.


Noah was the seed that was saved from the world that existed before the flood. Now some people say that was Atlantis, I have no problem with that. Unless the Lord tells me it wasn't, I have no problem with that at all. It had to have a name, we just don't know what it is, so why not Atlantis? Noah was the one man, and you know Noah, we have to face the possibility that Noah, well he may have even represented more than one person, we don't know what the beings were like on the other side of the flood, but the principle was that Noah was the seed that Elohim and Jehovah saved from that wicked nation. And maybe he was just one man, I don't know, but we know that he had his three sons within him, we know that beings that live in animal bodies like we have, and that they did not reproduce by animal reproduction like we do, that Noah reproduced by cell division, and when he went over to the other side, he had his three sons within him, and when his three sons were born, when they came forth from him, they were fully grown adults. Noah's wife and the wife of the three sons were not named. Whenever the wife is not named in the Scripture, that means she's a spiritual wife within, a female principle. The beings that lived in the earlier races, they were both male and female, and they had the ability to reproduce independently, just as the plants do. The plants have male and female cells in them. I don't know if all plants do, but a lot of plants, they reproduce within themselves, they have both the male and the female spores, or the male and female cells that will reproduce that plant. Shem, Ham, and Japheth, were born as full grown adults, whatever they looked like. We don't know what they looked like. They weren't little animal babies, and if that offends you I'm really sorry, but that's what are. We're mammals, we're animals, we're in animal bodies, that's what we are. So there is this theory of catastrophe, and you know, I read this magazine article about a month ago, but it just struck me today, that I may be wrong, that this change, this transition, this transformation that's coming to our earth today, may not be gradual, it may catastrophic, and this is why the Lord is saying that this is Noah's ark. There was a relatively new person that the Lord brought to this ministry recently, he told her, he said, That's Noah's ark in there. She didn't know what it meant at the time, but this is Noah's ark.


The ministry that's here, the spiritual ministry that's here, the message that's here, is building the ark within us. Maybe it is going to be a catastrophic end. I don't know. I don't know, we have to admit that the catastrophes are picking up, the natural catastrophes. Now, a lot of the third world nations have atomic bombs, wars everywhere. So it's a real possibility, and I have to admit that before today, I had not faced the possibility of a catastrophic end to this world. Now, we are suppose to be the sons of God, we are suppose to facing every possibility. Now if you're afraid, you have to rebuke your fear, because if it's true, your fear isn't going to help you. We have to all that we could do, lend ourselves to study, and to develop, doing everything that we, the personality can do to help Christ in us grow, so that we should be covered, should the catastrophe come. I know that I have believed for a long time and I'm sure that I must have told you that it's a real possibility that an earthquake or a flood or a tornado can come to Long Island. I do not believe that the Lord would turn away natural disasters because someone who is serving him is in that area, he doesn't operate like that, he keeps you right in the midst of the disaster. He doesn't turn nature away. And if you stop to think about it, that kind of thinking doesn't make any sense at all.


If judgment is coming on the man down the street, and it's coming in the form of a tornado, then there has to be a question, should the tornado come and judge that one, now I'm simplifying this, you know, things don't really work like this, should the tornado come for that man or should it not come because of one his servants in the next house? How could you run a country or a world like that, brethren it doesn't work like that. The nation and the individual is subject to the sowing and reaping judgment, and the nation is under judgment for national sin right now, and Satan, the executer of the sowing and reaping judgment has plenty of legal ground to do all of the disaster that she's doing. The judgment has begun at the house of the Lord, it's hitting the Bible belt first, but we have to know that if it comes to our area, wherever you live, whatever state you live in, wherever you live, that it is Christ Jesus in you that will sustain you supernaturally.


I have to believe that, and I do everything I can do to build myself spiritually, and I hope for a spiritual ascension into the ark. That's what the entering into the ark is, it's the catching up to the sixth energy center. Nothing can hurt you, when your consciousness abides in the sixth energy center, nothing can hurt you. I do not know exactly how deliverance would manifest if a person was in the sixth energy center and a tornado hit, or if a flood hit, I honestly don't know if my house would be the only house standing, or I just honestly don't know, I don't know, but I know that deliverance is within, and that I would survive, and that I would survive to do the work that the Lord has called me to do, and that I would survive to continue to do the work that the Lord called me to do, because it's the most important thing in my life. And I will survive to continue because the most important thing in my life is what's important to the Lord. So there just may be a catastrophic ending to this age. If we're going to be honest, we must admit it's an evil age, and there's certainly an evil administration in Washington right now. Gradual change or catastrophe, interesting question.


Actually we might say the catastrophe has already started. If we're thinking in terms of a many-membered catastrophe, catastrophe has already started. The whole world is rocking, we don't know what's coming tomorrow. But our life, if our life is in Christ Jesus, it doesn't matter what comes tomorrow. You see, I've already tasted of that state of mind. My mind is so caught up into the doctrine of Christ and the word of God, it is absolutely the most important thing in my life that frequently, I'm not even aware or I don't even care about what's going on around me. So that is the deliverance, that is the entranceway into the ark. The ark has to be built within you, and it's interesting that I'm speaking about the ark, someone sent me a dream recently about the ark, that there was a group of people building their ark, and then everybody started to paddle away and then the floods came in. So, something is about to happen brethren, and it's really very close. And I really don't believe it's five years away. It's really very close, this age is coming to an end, and we found out that when we did a study in the New Testament, it was in one of the gospels, we found out that Jesus was even saying, he was talking to his disciples saying, "Tell that master of the house within you, tell that Leviathan that I will meet him in the age of Aquarius. The King James Scripture talks about a man carrying a jug of water, but when I looked at it in the Interlinear text, it was talking about the head of the age Aquarius, and we've already begun to enter into the age of Aquarius. Now, I hear someone listening to this tape and saying, sister Sheila is into astrology. No I'm not into astrology, I found it in the Scripture, the Lord told me that was what Jesus was talking about. I mean do you really think Jesus said to his disciples, go into town and you'll see a man carrying a water jug, and ask him to give you a room to stay in? Brethren, if that's what you believe you've got to grow up.


Jesus was intensely spiritual, and he was training his disciples to be intensely spiritual. We even know that he said to the disciples, Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and they spoke among themselves saying, did we forget to bring the bread? You've got to develop your spirituality in you. You have to think, you have to be determined to think spiritual. I tell you all the time, it's a miracle that the King James and the sister translations have done the good that they've done, it's just the mercy of God. The whole word is emasculated. The Lord has honored our faith, but the word is emasculated. Actually it's a dead word, but when you have the Holy Spirit in you when you read that word, brings it to life. But the word is dead. Praise the Lord.


Comment: I hear that song, this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius, by the newagers, but I don't know the meaning behind it. Answer: Well, the new age coming in, that is already rolling in, the name of it is Aquarius, and I don't really know all that much about astrology, but apparently even Jesus acknowledged that the name of this age is Aquarius, and it's already rolling in, new agers come in gradually, like the tide comes in, so right now the previous age was called Pieces, so in these years, I don't know how long this has gone on, the last fifty years or whatever, I'm not really into this stuff. There's been mixing of the two ages, a mixture as Pieces goes out and Aquarius comes in, and a lot of people say that the year 2000, the separation will be complete, Pieces will have gone out and it will be completely Aquarius, some people say it's already happened, some people say it won't happen until the year 2010, the Lord hasn't spoken to me about it. But that's what that song means, that it's the new age of Aquarius, and from what I hear Aquarius is suppose to be an age of great prosperity, and the people who are the occult people, I've heard them say that it's suppose to be a spiritual age, and they're not saying anything different than we're saying except that we're thinking that it's in Christ Jesus, and they either have another Jesus, or another deity, you know, but we're saying the same thing that the new agers are saying, that there is a new age coming, that there is a new age man rising up, and that's going to be a spiritually ascended man. We have the same message, just a different spirit.


So there's not a doubt in my mind, that we are moving into the new age, that this age is desperately wicked, that the hearts of men are desperately wicked. I don't know what kind of an administration we're going to elect, with the next election, but I really don't have much hope that it will be an administration with great integrity elected, because there's no outreach in the country, and I couldn't even believe my ears. We all know with Monica Lewinski, how the white house and the democrats used mind control to beat down the issue, but now the issue is China Gate, the giving away of national secrets, and I heard some democrats doing the same thing, attacking the Republicans, and calling them mean spirited, and politically motivated, even on an issue of national security. What can happen to a nation that does things like this? And the people have elected these men who are doing this. How can we go back up again, there's no place to go but down, until repentance and righteousness is restored. And the nation is rotting at its root, absolutely rotting at it's root. And that's what, at least what the King James said about, I don't know whether, I think it was about Judah, I don't recall whether it was about Judah, or about Israel, it was Isaiah that, it's in Is.2, I think, it says they are just rotten from the top of their head to the sole of the foot.


There's just corruption everywhere. And there is a universal law in the universe, it is the law of sowing and reaping, and corruption will be judged by Satan. If the person doesn't repent and throw themselves on the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ to receive correction through the white throne judgment, Satan will execute judgment on this rottenness. I don't think anyone has any doubt about that, the only thing we're not sure of is how the judgment is going to fall. Everybody is hoping for the best, there are a lot of praying Christians in this nation. There are a lot of praying Christians. But I'm telling you that the higher that the Lord brings me spiritually the more I realize how the church, the people in the church, the most well meaning people in the church, they're just spiritual children. They just have no idea about what's happening. They just have this hope in Santa Claus, that he's going to rapture them away. And that, I didn't mean to insult Jesus by saying that, I meant that their hope that Jesus is going to rapture them away can be likened to the hope in Santa Claus. But I read in the Scripture, Jesus said, You tell that man, you tell that one who's the head of the age of Aquarius, because the ages are all in the serpent, all of these worlds are out of the serpent, Jesus said that he is going to confront Leviathan in the age of Aquarius, I believe that Jesus is confronting her right now, with this message, Jesus is already confronting Leviathan, and I believe that we have to stand, not for anything that's good about me or us, but because Jesus Christ has said that he will confront Leviathan in the age of Aquarius, and that confrontation will be through men.


So therefore, we have to stand, if not us, somebody else. Jesus has to stand, Christ Jesus must stand, and he will stand in personalities. And I think logic just indicates that the most likely personalities for him to stand in are the people who know or have some knowledge of the doctrine of Christ. And on that basis, I say it's probably us, not for any great thing that we have done. But that we are one of the very few people in the world, who have yielded to him to the point that we're bringing forth this message to the point that we're bringing it forth. And who knows where we are, maybe we've just brought forth an eighth of it, what do I know. I don't know. I have nothing to compare it to. Did I answer your question?


Question: I don't know where Jesus addresses the age of Aquarius in the Scripture. Answer: with the whole doctrine of Christ that's been preached here for eleven years now. It's the truth. Jesus fights lies with truth, and as I read the occult books that the Lord has given me to read, I've told you several times, some occult books have a very dirty spirit on them, and I don't bother with them, but He's given me a couple of books that are philosophy, they're just pure philosophy, and there are, the philosophy is twisted, and therefore it's a lie, but the truth is coming forth here in the doctrine of Christ, it's coming forth on tapes, in the books, and now the on line meetings are in print. That's how Jesus fights Leviathan in the age of Aquarius, he's exposing the lies of the doctrine.


Question: So in a sense, it's Armageddon, the two waters, the battle between the two waters? Answer: Well, it is the battle between the two waters. Right now at this time, Jesus is bringing forth the truth, I really don't know how it's going to manifest, the only knowledge that I have is that Jesus is bringing forth the doctrine of Christ, which is opposing the high spiritual philosophy that's been in the world for probably thousands of years, it goes back to India. It's been in, the high spiritual philosophy of the serpent, which has a lot of truth in it, but is twisted in some important areas, has been around for thousands of years, it comes out of India. And to the best of my knowledge, the Lord has not revealed to me the doctrine of Christ in print, ever, if it ever happened, the manuscripts were completely destroyed. This is the first public ministry that I know of or that, and I've asked him to show me others, that is preaching the high spiritual philosophy that can oppose the serpent's philosophy.


There's nothing in the church that can oppose it. Do you understand what I'm talking about? It has to, the truth, as it comes forth from Jesus, has to be on a level, on a level of the person that the Lord Jesus is seeking to have a controversy with. See, I cannot go to someone in the new age that is knowledgeable of the high spiritual doctrine and tell them Jesus loves them, they're going to laugh at me. I can't go to them and say, "You're going to go to hell if you don't stop doing that." They're going to laugh at me. I have to go to them with a variation of the very message that they preach. I have to go to people who have a high a knowledge of this high spiritual philosophy, I have to go to them, first of all with a knowledge of what they believe, and then I have to tell them, I really understand what you believe, but look at it from this point of view. I don't see it that way, look at it from this point of view. You have to go to people with knowledge, and that's obvious in the church, on a simpler level, I've seen or heard testimonies of the Lord saving someone out of a motorcycle gang, or reconciling somebody out of a motorcycle gang, and then he sends them back to the motorcycle gangs. I've seen him reconcile a homosexual, he sends them back the homosexuals. But most of the people in the church know this principle, but what about the new agers, have you read any Christian literature that is opposing new age philosophy on their own level? I haven't have you? No, it's like these little spiritual kids saying, "You're wrong", and their right, you're wrong, but the people with the high spiritual philosophy are not going to take the little spiritual kids seriously. You have to go to them and say, "I understand your philosophy, and this is why I disagree with it." And that's what we're being raised up to do, and this is Christ Jesus is confronting Leviathan, in the age of Aquarius. I believe that's what it means, and it's my understanding that the next, of course the doctrine of Christ continues to unfold, I wouldn't be naive enough to say we have the whole doctrine, because we don't. We couldn't possibly, I think if we had the whole doctrine, we wouldn't be in this physical condition, everybody is suffering from something here, and I know my carnal mind is still very active, and the next step is to be caught up to the brow energy center. But after that happens, I really don't have a full understanding of what is going to happen, other than that we will be sent out to other men to strengthen Christ, to impart Christ to them, to strengthen Christ in them, and to cover over their carnal mind, so that Christ in them could grow up, and when Christ in them grows up, they will be able to sit and study under this doctrine. The carnal mind can't sit under this doctrine. They have to have the Christ mind to even begin to study this doctrine.


But beyond that I really don't have any information, and as I told you at the beginning of this message, until today, I was convinced it would be a slow transition, now I'm thinking there's a real possibility, there may be catastrophic end to this world. I just now am facing the possibility. I'm not saying that the Lord told me that, but I'm facing the possibility that it could be either way. And I don't even fully know what it mean to die to this lifestyle, because I don't know, and I don't know that anybody else knows, what Jesus' everyday life was, I don't know what his life was like when he was in perfection. I don't know if he slept seven hours, or if he ate two or three meals a day, I don't know what he did. I don't know what his life was like, so I really just don't even know, how I'm going to feel, or what I'm going to experience. But I believe that we're already in the change, we're already in the shift, we're already in the shift. And just like I tell you all the time, about the threshold principle, the ages are changing, and that's what the shift is, we're shifting from one age to the next age, and there's a whole new order of man coming forth in the earth. And initially, there will be two categories of men, those who ascend in the serpent, and those who ascend in Christ Jesus, and there will be a great conflict, and only those who are in Christ Jesus will survive.


But, I was going to say something but I lost the thought, I cannot believe I am almost slain in the spirit over this message that I really didn't even have any notes for. I'm sorry it just slipped out of my mind what I was going to say. So the age is coming to an end, and I think that it's winding down very rapidly, and I also think that those of us who are just, we're just everyday people, I mean even me. You are more everyday people than I am because you all have families, I like live in a convent here, just, I very rarely do anything except work on the ministry, just have some times with my family who doesn't live here.


Question: sometimes a thought just comes to me that there's going to be a gigantic water purifying system going on, where all of the polluted waters are taken through the process where they are completely cleansed. Answer: Well, I think that's true, but I'm concerned that people who hear that and possibly even you will think that's it's something as simple as taking a shower. I read a prophecy a couple of years ago by an international minister, it was on his newsletter that came into my house. And the Lord said, "Everything's done except the clean up.." Well this clean up is some hard job, and we've all been working on it for years and years and years, and it's been very difficult and very painful. So I'm sure that that's a true word, that it's a water filter, that's your spirit that's being filtered out and separated from Satan, but it's no simple thing, it's not happening over night, and it's not happening without pain. At least at this time it's not happening without pain. I don't know I read in the book of Acts, that a lot of people of Israel, Judah, to see Peter, to help them put down their carnal mind, Ananias was one of those people. And I don't know what he went through to get to the point where he approached Peter, and I don't know what he went through afterwards, but Ananias died to the lifestyle of this world. Ananias did not die physically, and he did not sell land that belonged to the Holy Ghost. That's all a fantasy translation of that account in the book of Acts, Ananias died to the lifestyle of his carnal mind and he went on to be a man of God. It was Ananias who was sent to lay hands on Paul, after Paul was blinded. Well I think we're going to call this quits because the preacher is slain in the spirit, and before I sound like someone who is drunk, I tell you brethren, these are not drunk, this is what was prophesied by the prophet Joel. I am drunk in the spirit, so unless anybody else wants to say anything, I'm going to say goodnight. Okay, goodnight.


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