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I heard a testimony on TV last night that really excited me. I really desire to become a spiritual person in Christ. The more I study, the more I find out that I don't know anything. The more I learn, the less I realize that I know, and the more it's becoming obvious to me that with the onset of Christianity, with the onset of Christ, that that power that came into the world with the birth of Christ, that it really crushed paganism to a large degree, and you heard me tell you that Moses crushed the mystery religion of the Egyptians, and that when Jesus manifested, he crushed the mystery religion of the Greeks, okay, because Greece was a highly occult nation. I've known for years that Egypt was a highly occult nation, but I didn't realize how highly occult Greece was. Did anyone know that, did anyone know that Greece was a highly occult nation? Even with all the mythology, it never somehow sunk into my head that Greece was a highly occult nation. And I guess I'm just born a spiritual person, and I really am excited at the thought of becoming spiritual in Christ, and I realize that what we have here now, it's just preschool, even where I am, it's just preschool. I heard a, and I've told the Lord though that I do not want any experience outside of his Spirit, and I started to say that it's becoming very obvious to me that when Jesus Christ manifested, he just really crushed occultism to a large degree, and he didn't kill it, he drove it underground, just like when you go out and you try to kill a dandelions, you do kill a lot of the dandelions, but those roots are always there. So I think that Christianity did a lot of damage to occultism, but it didn't wipe it out completely, and it's rising again. Spirituality apart from Christ is rising again. So I'm having a little trouble getting started here, but I see that there are high spiritual experiences that if you're excited by this kind of thing, I'm very excited by this kind of thing, I've been this way all my life, you know, it's very very exciting, but I don't want to have anything to do with anything that's not in Christ. But it's a whole other world that the west, we're the west here, Europe, the European nations have really been deprived knowing about, because Christianity crushed it to such a degree, but you know the Lord just corrected me, this thought just came to me this afternoon, my thoughts have been very high about this all afternoon, that I'm not really sure whether Christianity crushed all this occultism, or whether it was the Catholic Church that just crushed all occultism, because when Satan saw that spirituality was coming forth in Christ, just like Herod killed all of the children two years and under, in the hopes of getting Christ, I believe the Catholic Church was the vehicle that Satan used to just crush all spirituality to the fullest degree that she could, she just crushed everything in the west, and people just died spiritually. We have All of these material things, and we have all of these adventures, we have a lot of, I mean we're just really prospering, but look at how we live, but by in large, except for the few people that are rising up now, the west has just been spiritually dead, except for the Christianity, which has been very, very, very, very, very low spiritual level, very immature spiritual level. Now I'm not calling the Holy Ghost immature, I'm saying the people that he's been influencing have been experiencing him at a very low level, probably because that's all their capable of, not that the Holy Spirit is not capable of it. I heard this testimony last night, we've all heard testimonies about someone having a near death experience and going up through the tunnel with the white light and all that, well this man had a different experience. He was close to death, he was in a coma for several days, he said he lost all track of time, and he couldn't say whether he had this experience once or several times, or for how long it lasted, but he claims he was in outer space and that he could see all of the planets and the stars, and everything that astronomers see with great telescopes, and that got me so excited because I really think that that was a legitimate experience. I know that the occultist talk about traveling through space, they talk about meeting on other planets, having meetings on other planets with other people that practice this degree of, well it's witchcraft, I don't know anyone, if anyone is doing it in Christ I haven't heard about it. As far as I know it's all by the spirit of witchcraft, which is Satan. But I heard this, the first time I heard about it was in Africa, that people do this, that they have this ability to travel not only in the spirit, I use to think that when I heard about traveling in the spirit, it meant from going from my house to your house in the spirit, okay, and that may mean traveling in the spirit, it may be possible, it is possible I'm sure for some advanced beings to just will themselves to be in someone's house and they materialize there. In case you didn't know it, that's how traveling in the spirit works, your mind becomes strong enough to will yourself to be some place else and your body goes. So we see how weak our minds are, how very weak are minds are that all that we could do is will ourselves to get up off the chair. You see, when our mind is strong enough, we will be able to will ourselves, will this physical body to do anything, to go anywhere, to take any form or shape. So our minds are very, very weak, we are very, very weak. Well he was in outer space, and I don't know why he had this experience and everyone else just sees a white light, but it was about a year ago that I had a revelation from the Lord, that it is possible for our consciousness to change perspective okay. Now I'm telling you this, I don't understand it, you know there was a time when I thought about our consciousness changing position, and I couldn't even tell you what our consciousness was, you know, I know that it has something to do with our thought in our mind, and I remember thinking about this saying to myself, Well how could our consciousness change position, and I still don't understand it, but I understand it a little more, that we are all energy, our thoughts are energy, and everything's energy, our body is energy, every part of us is energy vibrating at different rates of speed, and the slower the vibration, the more solid we are. So our physical body is energy, and it's energy that's vibrating very slowly. And the spiritual part of our body, a the etheric body is energy vibrating a little faster than the energy in our physical body. I know that as time goes by, I will understand this better. I understand the principles, but I really don't fully understand it. Well I use to say to myself, how could your consciousness change position? Because consciousness must be energy, and therefore it can not be a part, you see, my mind was so carnal that I was thinking in terms of well, let's think of my consciousness as a, think of it as my brain, or a physical part of me, well, maybe in one day it's at the top of my head and the next day it's at the bottom of my feet, you know. But consciousness is not a particle, it's not a brain that moves around, it's just an energy stream, and I know that the Bible, the Scripture talks a lot about the sea, the rivers, the streams, and the pools, okay. And the sea, who is Satan, the pool, I believe, pool in the Hebrew, it means a stagnant dead pool, and it's probably talking about the human spirit that's under the dominion of Satan. And the rivers and the streams, I'm not really sure what the difference is, I think it's the, but it's the free flowing of the energy through the people, and the rivers might be, you know the subconscious mind that's connected to a whole group of people and then the streams, just that part that's in the individual, I don't have the exact answer right now. So, how could our consciousness change perspective? But this is what the Lord showed me a year ago, I had a revelation that this pathway that the fiery serpent ascends up into when she ascends, the Hindus call her Kundalini, she's supposedly coiled in the root energy center, that's where she is most of the time in every man born of a woman. I believe it's possible to be born with an ascended fiery serpent, but in most people she's born coiled in the root center. Now, she's not a snake like a garden snake, but the fiery serpent is an energy force that when she moves, she moves in a spiral, she's an energy force that moves in a spiral, and that's why she's likened unto a serpent. And there is a passage in our etheric body that this energy force ascends up into, and this passage is in the etheric part of our spinal column, and as the fiery serpent ascends she passes through all of the energy centers and activates them. Now there are two passages though. The showed me, this the revelation that I had a year ago, there are two passages you see. I read in one occult book that the fiery serpent sleeps with her mouth covering the opening to the channel of ascension. Well, I didn't understand that at the time that I read it until the Lord told me that there were two passages. Now this is really difficult, try and stay with me. Within us, in our etheric body, there is a fiery serpent, and there are two passages of ascension, both very invisible, they're in the etheric body, there within the spinal column, invisible passages within the spinal column and only one can be opened at a time. I know that they have mechanisms like this in dams, in a lot of engineering projects, only one can be opened at a time. So for the fiery serpent to ascend up the passageway that leads up to Leviathan, the passageway that leads us to the Spirit of Christ must be sealed. I'll say that again. For the fiery serpent to ascend when she ascends up the passageway that will lead her to Leviathan, which is what the god of this world wants her to do, Satan wants her to ascend up to join with Leviathan. The passageway that leads to the Spirit of Christ and the eternal time line of God must be sealed, because only one passageway can be opened at a time. There's some kind of mechanism that only allows one passageway to be opened at a time. Now we have this principle in the physical body, okay. The example the Lord's giving me is a man's reproductive organ, the urine and the semen come out of the same tube, and they both can't come out together, only one function can be functioning at a time. Well that's not exactly what I'm saying, but it's something similar, that only one function in this tube can be functioning at a time. And in a similar manner, there are two areas of ascension, two, and I believe the Lord told me that one is within the other, one is within the other. So, there is a sealing off of the passageway that leads into the ascended time line of our great God, and the way we're constructed, you see, this is really hard, let me try and explain this to you. We have a sight that is a spiritual sight you see, and the reason the whole world looks this way to us is because of the place that our consciousness is located in our etheric body. The example the Lord gave me is a telescope, if you look in one end, everything looks small, if you turn it around and you look in the other end everything looks big. Everybody know what I'm talking about? Well this is the case of our consciousness. I can't even give you a better definition of what consciousness is. It's not an organ, it's not our brain, it's not flesh, anything we can touch. Our consciousness is spirit, and we're looking, you see, it's not really these eyes that see, these eyes are just a contact for us to see. I've heard stories about the Holy Spirit doing a miracle for a man without eyes, I heard this testimony that this man could see after ministry from the Holy Spirit. He had no eye, his eye was not restored, but he could see, because we don't really see with these eyes. We really see with our spirit, and if you can hear this, the way our consciousness is positioned right now, what we see, this whole world that we see, it's not real, it's an illusion, it's the world in the mirror. I saw a science fiction program once, several years ago, that this woman was being drawn to a mirror. To me it was a fantasy, it was a mirror in her bedroom, and one day, some being appeared in the mirror, and she entered into a relationship with this being, and then one day, she just stepped into the mirror, and stepped into a whole new world of illusion. We're living in the world in the mirror, if you can hear this, we're living in the world in the mirror. But this is not the real world. We're blinded, we're under an illusion, and it looks to us like the universes are out there, it looks like the planets and the galaxies are out there far, far away, but they're not, they're inside of us, because everything that's out there, is a reflection of what's inside of us. So if we can just move the perspective of our consciousness, if we could just start looking from another vantage point, if I want to bring it into this world for us, I'm looking at this room right now, and I see everything with this perspective, I'm looking straight ahead, you can all see what my vision would be, but you who are sitting at the opposite end of the room, you have a totally different perspective then I do. You're looking at me, I can't see me, yet we're in the same room, and everybody is sitting in a different position, and everybody has a different view, and I can see things that you can't see. I just saw this sister get up and walk into the restroom, and you who were looking at me, you didn't see that. We're all sitting in the same room. Well somehow it is possible for our consciousness to change it's position, and that's what happens to people who have experiences of floating above their body, they really have not astral projected out of their body, see. What has happened to them is, in the trauma of surgery, it usually happens when they're sick, in the trauma of surgery or physical stress, the fiery serpent shoots up, and as she ascends, the consciousness of the person passes in to another energy center, and they're looking at their world from another position, and they think that they're floating above their body, but they're not, they're consciousness had just changed position. Are you following me? All of this is in the serpent's channel, the channel to the serpent's time line, see. So, this man in his physical travail, well let me say this first, and also part of this revelation that the Lord gave me a year ago was that the people that see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that tunnel that they're passing up into, it's the channel within the spinal column that's passing upward. And I don't know what the light is because I don't understand what's at the other side. I have to tell you, I really, I read about it, and I acknowledge that it's there, and I believe that it's true, but I'm very limited in my understanding at this time. But I'm convinced that the tunnel that they're in is the spinal column, and that we are, at our root, we are spiritual beings and this form that we live in is something that is not us, although we're married to it, we're attached to it, and we don't know any different, we've been living together with it for billions of years, or humanity has been living together with this physical body who knows for how long, I don't know for how long. But we are spirit, we are energy, we are a formless source of energy. The life of this flesh is a formless source of energy that flows through this house. The physical body is a house. We are not this physical body. But we have become so dependent on this physical body because our mind is so fallen and weak that we think that we are this body, but we are not this body, we are energy, we are spirit. And it is possible for the spirit which we are to change position within this body. I've also read that some people who experience spiritual ascension, they can see through walls, they can see what's going on in every room in this house from where I'm sitting, because the position of their spirit has changed. It would be as if to say there was no roof on the house and they had ascended above the house and could look down in all of the rooms. So this man, I don't know that he's the first man that ever had this experience, but I've never heard of it publicly before, he's a stable man, he's a computer programmer, respected in his job, and he said he was in outer space, he saw all of the planets. Everything's in our mind brethren, and that doesn't mean it's an imagination or it's a fantasy, it's real, but everything out here it's an image, a mirror image of what's in here. All of those galaxies light years away, our government is spending millions and billions of dollars to send spaceships out, and it's just a reflection of what's in the minds of men. So it just really caught my imagination when I heard this testimony. I don't even understand what it would be like to have that ability to go so deeply within oneself, that one finds another whole world within oneself. I have questions, the Lord hasn't answered me yet, but the men who have this experience, who have meetings and other planets, what happens to their physical body when they have these meetings? Does it go into a trance? I would like to know the answer to that question. So, even with all we're learning here, we're just novices, we're just absolute novices, and we've ascended only just barely begun to budge, and that's what I wanted to share with you today, it just caught my imagination, it just got me all excited. Does anybody, but of course the down side of it is that the west is so carnal that this man and everybody, they think that this is a wonderful experience you know, he thinks that he found God up there. The fruit of his experience was that he said he felt this overwhelming feeling of peace and joy and love for his fellow man. So now of course that's the serpent's world also, this is what he experienced by ascending through the serpent's time line, the channel that goes to the serpent's time line. I don't know what we would see when we ascend in the time line of Jesus Christ. And you know the Scripture bears this out if you have the ears to hear it, I've preached several times on Scriptures that talk about, at least one Scripture anyway, I think it was in the book of Judges, talking about the dirt coming out, and it's talking about that expression, the dirt came out after the man was stabbed, the dirt came out spiritually speaking. It's talking about Leviathan, the dirt, possessing our human being through a channel that the Scripture calls the anus. I'm sorry, this is a very sexual message, you know, I'm just really glad that we're just a small group here because this would be really difficult for me preaching this. I'm going to have to get over it if I ever have to preach it to a larger group. But this is the message, the whole creation is based on spiritual sexuality and Christ Jesus ascends through the female organ, and the unmarried fiery serpent ascends through the anus, she experiences anal sex. Now the only thing so far that I have read in the Scripture about what we would see when we ascend in Christ is that we will see Abel completely bound up, and entangled in the earth. That's the only thing that I have found so far. And of course that is a parable. What it means is that as we ascend in Christ Jesus we realize the kind of bondage that we are in. We realize how little we know, we realize how ignorant we are, we realize how immature we are, we start to see all of things that we've done wrong to other people, to our families, to ourselves, that's a form of spiritual ascension. And then you could see how you still are bound, all of the bondage in your life and how you think, and how you relate to people, and in the way you talk. So that's the only thing, that's the only information that I have at this time, that happens to people who begin to ascend in Christ Jesus, they begin to see themselves, they begin to see themselves for who they are, they begin realize that they're not a single person, but they are a multifaceted person. We have a personality, we have various degrees of mind, that we're very divided, that we have an unconscious mind that we never even knew. We may have known that we have an unconscious mind, but we had no idea what that unconscious mind was up to, we had absolutely no idea. So I look forward to the Lord teaching me more about this, and it just seems so awesome how much we don't know, how much I don't know, it's just awesome how much I don't know, that even, well I've actually only been in spiritual studies for two or three years, it's only two or three years that the Lord put me in spiritual studies. So I'm still a baby and you're learning from me. I don't know whether, when the Lord, when Christ Jesus does ascend into the brow center and make contact with the Lord Jesus Christ, if we'll have all of this knowledge instantly, I don't know. It seems to me we just don't have enough time to learn it all. We're up against Leviathan's angels, they have all of this occult knowledge. It's just awesome what they know about us, about our spiritual being, about this world. This is the serpent's world. Maybe we don't have to know it, maybe we're just going to pass into the world of Jesus Christ, I don't know, but I'm fascinated by it and that is what I wanted to share with you today. Does anyone have any questions or comments on any of this? Anybody have anything to say? Praise the Lord.


Comment from disciple: When you speaking about that man's experience about the white light, the Scripture that says something to the affect of, "...watch that your light not be gross darkness", and I was thinking back to an experience that I had, it was thirty years ago, I received the Holy Spirit, when the Lord took me in the spirit, it was suddenly, and there was no experience of a tunnel or a light.


Question from Teacher: What did you experience?


Answer from disciple: I knew I was in the presence of God, and I saw his form, the form of a cloud, I saw myself falling into his hands.


Question from Teacher: You saw humanoid hands? Answer: his hands were outstretched, yes I saw them formed like that.


Answer from Teacher: You realize that was illusion that the Lord gave you because that was what you could relate to. Do you understand that?


Answer from disciple: I don't understand what you say when you say illusion. Answer from Teacher: I'm saying, the Lord doesn't really have hands like that, but he appeared that way to you because in the place where you're consciousness was at that time, that illusion of the hands conveyed to you the message that he was trying to give you, that you safe with him and whatever else it said to you.


Comment from disciple: I can't say that I saw fingers or something, it was just like a form. Answer from


Teacher: Yes, so that was what you needed to see to understand what he was trying to tell you.


Comment from disciple: Really the point that I was trying to make is that, it was something suddenly, it wasn't this long tunnel that all the occult people speak about.


Question from Teacher: How long do they say their experience in the tunnel is?


Answer from disciple: I never heard about the time. Answer from Teacher: Well, praise the Lord, I think that the Lord may be saying to me right now that these worlds and these galaxies, it's all in the serpent, but I don't have any further information about what the worlds in Christ Jesus are. But the planets and the galaxies and all that are all in the serpent's world, because you know, I know for a while now, I have been reading and hearing that this whole planet, I know I've mentioned this to you before, this whole planet has a consciousness, it's a being, the whole planet is a living being, which I can't remember whether the Lord told me that, I don't know where I got it, and then shortly after that revelation, some scientist printed a paper saying that the whole planet has a planet consciousness. And today when I was in this place where I was today, I started thinking about the Greek and the Roman gods where they say that Jupiter had a relationship with Venus, I don't, I'm not relating to any particular aspect of mythology, because I don't have that knowledge, but if you read up on Greek mythology, they will tell you, one god, that Jupiter was married to Venus, and they talk about the planets as if they're beings, as if they're men and women as we know men and women, and the Lord just put that together for me today, that aspect of Greek and Roman mythology, I'm pretty sure Roman mythology does it too, with this word that's in my heart that this whole planet has a consciousness, and I know that it's this knowledge that this whole planet is some kind of or is the expression of some kind of spiritual being that is suffering because we are cutting down the trees and killing the animals, and I've sort of had that revelation for a while, but it was just sort of fuzzy, and today I got it even stronger. And what came to me today was, in the same manner that a tic can kill us, this tiny little tic compared to our size, the tiny little tic can kill us with limes disease or a mosquito can kill us, disease carrying insects. We are the life that's living on the surface of this being, whatever it is, and we can kill it, just like insects can kill us. And from there, I started thinking about the Greeks and Romans talking about Jupiter and Mars and Venus as if they were individual beings, and I think what's coming to me is that they really are, but they're all out the serpent, they all came into existence out of the serpent, they're all going to cease to exist when this world rolls up like a scroll, but to be honest with you I don't understand why they're manifesting as a planet, but it's just, I'm just sharing with you as the Lord shows me things, I share with you, I almost, I don't think I have ever taught you, I don't think I have ever held on to Revelation, because I felt you weren't ready for it and taught you two years later, that's not the way I'm made up, or that's not the way the Lord has me made up. Whatever is in my heart, that's what pours out to you, and this is what he was showing me today, and I know that what I'm giving you is very incomplete, but I think it's a step towards understanding, whatever the Lord wants us to understand. To be quite honest with you it's overwhelming at one point. I know a couple of years ago I went before the Lord when I was thinking about the galaxies, and I said Lord I can't cope with it, I cannot cope with trillions of stars out there, and I was praying for quite a while, and his response to me was, Don't look out there, you can't cope with that, but you can cope with what's inside of you. So there are these deities that have come into existence illegally as the serpent reproduces from within herself, and they're likened to the planets, and more information than that I don't understand. But there are immortals on several levels, but they're all in the serpent's world. So as we ascend into the time line of Christ Jesus, we will be across from them, and that's the end of the message, I don't have any more information, but I know that I have told you from time to time, the expression in the Scripture, it's very common, we come across it very frequently, and Jesus said, Let's go to the other side, or the expression, and he stood opposite them, this expression is expressing what I've been trying to say to you tonight, that it is possible for our consciousness to change position and to go into a place opposite from where we are now, and right now we are living in the image in the mirror, and it's possible for our consciousness to go into the reality that it being reflected in the mirror, which is this world, and that's what going to the opposite side is, but I don't know what's it's like. But I know that when the Lord brings forth the information, the experience is not far behind. We're in the wrong place, and another way to look at it brethren is that we're living out of the lower part. If you want to think of your body, we're living out of the lower part of ourselves. Our consciousness is in the lower part of ourselves, and it has to get back up to the upper part of ourselves, and believe me, I've just got my toe in the water with this, but I do know this, that the way we begin to move is to start moving our mind more than our physical bodies. We've got to get back into mind. And from there, wherever it's going to take us, I'm severely lacking in information, but I know that the true journey is inward, but a natural example is from our feet up to our head, if you need that natural example, look at your life, look at your interest and see where the interest is, and if your emphasis is on the activities of the mind, your headed for that high place. That's the ascension, it has to do with the mental plane. If you're all involved in the astral plane, if you're all involved in your emotions and the physical life, you're in the exact opposite place of where you need to be to ascend. This is a hard word, I'm not against getting married and having children, but you need to know where you are, if you hope to ascend, that's not for you, because when you're married and raising children, you're in your emotions all of the time. So that's all I know that this ascension has to do with the exercise of mind. If you start to exercise your mind and use your mind more than you're using your emotions and your physical body, you're in an ascension. And that's all I have for you tonight, I don't have anymore information except that I know that it's possible to ascend to a place, you're body doesn't move, but your consciousness changes position so that when you look out of these very same eyes, as if I was still sitting here in this chair, I would be looking at this room from the ceiling. Now I think that if we had a physicist here, he could explain it to us, there's not a doubt in my mind that he could explain it to us. I'm going to say that again. I could continue to sit in this chair and if right now my consciousness were to ascend to a high enough place, I would be looking at you without moving, my perception of you would be as if I were on the ceiling. My physical body didn't move, but my consciousness moved within my spiritual being, and this is the, if there is any rational behind the rapture, the catching up, "...and we shall meet him in the air, we shall meet him in the spirit and forever be with the Lord." This is the catching up, it is a change of position of consciousness. Now I don't know how to do it, except to study to show myself approved, to do everything I can to ascend into the mental plane, and to wait for the Lord to grab hold of me and yank me the rest of the way. Anyone else? Any questions or comments?


Question: What you just said about going up to the ceiling, that's the same thing as an out of the body experience right?


Answer: Well that's what they call an out of the body experience, but what I'm trying to tell you is it's not, you don't leave your body, you don't leave your body. Your consciousness stays within you, but changes position. The example the Lord gave me is this telescope, if you look through one end, everything looks small, if you turn it around and look through the other end, everything looks big.


Question: So that's what you believe when these people who have had traumatic operations and they see themselves on the operating table, and they can hear the doctors in the room and everything that's going on, and they come back into their body, that they actually haven't left their body?


Answer: No. They have not left their body. What has happened is the trauma to their body has caused the fiery serpent in them to shoot up, and their consciousness has ascended and they think their on the ceiling. That's what I'm trying to tell you, right now if my consciousness would ascend, I would be looking at you from the same perspective as if I physically ascended to the ceiling.


Question: Most of those experiences were of traumatic happenings to people, but one occult teacher claims that these people just at will, when they go into this meditative state.


Answer: Well that's because they're so practiced in it. I believe the people that it happens to on the operating table, it has to do with the cutting off of the breath, it has to do with breath, that's why the Hindus are so involved with deep breathing. A lot of Hindus, their whole abdomen pops out after years of doing deep breathing. And if you pursue Hindu books you'll see that they close up one nostril and breath through it, and they do all kinds of exercises with deep breathing. And what they're trying to do is control the breath within their body, and if they could stop that breath long enough, it will cause that fiery serpent to jump up. And basically what Hindus and the pursuers of the Hindu beliefs are doing is they want to stir up this fiery serpent, they want her to ascend. And I think what the Lord is telling me, that she is our consciousness, that when she ascends, our consciousness ascends. So Yoga and all of these other practices that the Hindus do are designed to stir up the fiery serpent and get her to ascend, and sometimes something happens, something happens on the operating room table that interferes with the breathing. This is the principle behind, I can't remember what you call it, but there is a perversion in the world today where people choke themselves in order to get sexual satisfaction. It's called auto something or other, and it has to do with the cutting off of the breath, brings sexual satisfaction, and we know that the fiery serpent is directly associated with sexual activity. So it's that cutting off of the breath that will stimulate her. And sometimes she's stimulated to the point that she jumps up into a higher center, and even though our body is sitting right here, we're looking through the same eyes, but it looks like we're looking down instead of up. As crazy as that sounds it is the truth. And people die from this auto-; I don't know whether it's autoeroticism or not. They hang themselves, you know, and sometimes they don't untie the cord fast enough and they die. Anybody else? Question: They just had, they think it's a murder in the park in the city, and the police think it's a homicide and the Coroner said it was a choking, and that it was a natural death. And I was just thinking if that's what you were saying, that this could possibly could have been the same thing. Answer: Yes, it very well could be, it's a big thing, especially in the city. There's larger numbers of people into all kinds of perversion in the city. But by in large, the direction that a large part of the society is going in, is that they're looking for sexual satisfaction without a partner. That's the direction that this society is moving in, very perverse. Comment: I found that interesting what you said about breath, I know people do it with Lamas, they control pain and all, but scientists say in the evolution of coming out of the sea, that the creatures learned how to hold their breath, control their breath and they'd go back into the waters and they could... Answer: Oh really? Comment: yeah, but, and then as they stayed on land a little bit more, they developed other parts of their body and the natural evolution took place. Answer: That's Darwin's theory of evolution? Who knows.


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