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And then if Satan is talking to you right through that person, if you're really sure of it and believe it the Lord, you can rebuke Satan. There are newsletters in the church. I have one man in mind. I have never met him. I am sure that he is a very nice man. All he preaches on is the physical body and how it is going to be preserved. How this illegal, vile body is going to be preserved This is idolatry for the body. It's basic, rooted narcissism. It's Satan in the individual And Isaac said, "Bring me some meat that I might consume it so that when I consume it that this flesh that I love might be preserved and then I will have the strength when I'am preserved". The word preserved, signifies that your consciousness has ascended to the sixth energy center, and that you're nailed there by a glorified spirit .By a disembodied that is holding you up there and Isaac is saying that when I'am in that position I'l put this physical body in's place. And I'll preserve it. and it won't be able to die. I will put it under me. See brethren when we die, every human that dies being dies, what that means is: that your animal nature who generated this physical body has authority over the seed of Christ in you Ah! I can just here the people in the church screaming. It's true. If whatever manifestation, whatever measure of Christ is in you had authority over your physical body, you would never get sick, you would not age, and you would not die. We're not there. The animal nature is still ruling in me And as far as I know , every other human being on the face of the earth. We have not yet been salted. We have not yet been preserved.. This condition is not granted to us.. What condition? The preservation of the physical body. Until our consciousness ascends into the sixth center and marries the Lord Jesus, who nails us to that sixth center so that we will never fall down out of it. That's when we become preserved. That's when we have dominion over our animal nature. We're still under her. "Preserve the flesh that I love and bring me it to me so that I can consume it and make my animal life kneel down to me before I die. ( Verse 5, King James ) And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau, his son and Esau went into the field to hunt for venison and to bring it .( Alt. Translation Verse 5 ) And Rebekah heard when Isaac spake to Esau his son, and knew that Esau went into the field to hunt for meat and to bring it to him..(Verse 6 king James ) And Rebekah spake to Jacob her son, saying, "Behold !, I heard thy father speak unto Esau, thy brother saying....... Now, .I told you this on Part1, but I really feel I have to tell you again. For years I thought that Rebekah was just in the vicinity and heard them talking. But this is not true. Rebekah was a prophet of Jehovah and she heard in the spirit, and the reason that she heard their conversation in the spirit was Jehovah deliberately opened her ears. Why? Because Jehovah wanted her.to hear it. Why? Because Jehovah wanted her to call upon Jacob, and the rest is history.


Brethren, when we hear in Christ Jesus we hear what the Lord Jesus wants us to hear .There are people who have spiritual power that hear in the spirit that's not in Christ Jesus and they hear all kinds of things. They hear prophecies of death. They hear prophecies of disaster. Almost every prophecy coming forth out of the spirit of this world is about disaster and destruction and death. I don't hear things like that. I hear in the spirit and I hear in the spirit and I don't hear things like that I hear people's sinful thoughts so that I can rebuke that and pray for them. But, I don't hear prophecies about people dying or disasters, or He has never yet told that there was going to be a plane crash, or any such thing. And Rebekah heard when Isaac spoke to Esau, his son, and knew that Esau went into to field to hunt for meat and to bring it to him. So Esau had astral projected and he was in some plane of consciousness, ( one of the higher planes of conscious ness,) seeking to capture the virile seed and to bring it to Isaac. so that he could become a supernatural man, without submitting to Jehovah There is nothing wrong with becoming a supernatural man if the Lord Jesus gives it to us. (Verse 6, King James) And Rebekah spake unto Jacob, her son, saying " Behold ! I heard thy father speak unto Esau, thy brother ." saying, [alt. translation] And Rebekah spoke to her son, Jacob saying, " Look! I heard your father speak to Esau, your brother," saying [Verse 7 King James] :"Bring me venison and make me savory meat that I might eat and bless thee before the Lord, before my death." [alt. translation] " "Bring me spiritual meat to consume that will preserve the animal life that I have acquired.." Now that's new. "Acquire" is a translation of the word "to make." "Bring me venison and make me savoring meat." the Hebrew word "To make" can be translated, "acquire." "Bring my spiritual meat to consume that will preserve the animal life that I have acquired." Now this is Satan talking right through Iassac. She wanted to preserve Isaac, the animal life that she was living in, her " host." So Satan was commanding Esau right through Isaac. "Go and get the other half of the semen. I want the virile sees so that I can preserve the"host" here ."Bring me spiritual to consume that will preserve the animal life that I have acquired so that I can cause Jehovah's personality to submit to me before I die." Well ! Who is Jehovah's personality.? It's Jacob The personality in which the virile seed was manifesting in, (that's Jehovah personality).


Now! We haven't translated all the scriptures concerning Isaac and Jacob. We translated several verses in Chapter 26 and we find that Esau went to Jacob and tried to bring his virile seed into submission and failed. From this verse here I would fully expect that if I would study every account of Isaac and Jacob in the scriptures I would find several verses that would indicate that Isaac would demand that Jacob would submit to him in an ungodly submission, Spiritually speaking. Jacob had the seed, and that Jacob had failed to submit to Isaac in ungodly circumstances. Because we see that Isaac is sending Esau in the spirit to rob Jacob. I still don't understand it completely, but Isaac was instructing Esau to manifest or work some kind of witchcraft that would have brought Jacob into submission to him. I don't understand it completely. But he wanted Jacob's inheritance and he wanted for ungodly purposes. And we know that Jacob stood up against Esau. I'm going to ask the Lord right now if He is willing to do it. To show me those scriptures where we would see Jacob stand up against Esau in his ungodly requests.


Verse 8] Now this is Rebekah speaking to Jacob,"now therefore, my son, obey my voice according to that which I command thee. [Alt. Translation] Now therefore, my son, obey my voice because it is " I Am" who is commanding you. The word "I," when I did this in Part 1 I simply thought it said I command you, but when I looked in "The Interlinear Text" I see that the word"I" has it's own number Strong's # 589. Whenever you see that , that the word " I has it's own word, because when you the verb "command ," it has a pronoun with it. It means I command. There is really no reason to write a separate Hebrew word that means "I." Most of the time when you see that it's really talking about "I. Am", which is the symbol for Jehovah. "Now, therefore my son, obey my voice because it is " I Am" who is commanding you." So Rebekah is saying too Jacob, " I 'm a prophet, "I Am" is manifesting through me. I am a prophesying to you. Do what I say, because it's not me. I'am not telling you this on my own authority. This is Jehovah speaking to you through me.


[Verse 9, King James] Go then to the flock and fetch me from thence two good kids of the goats, and I will make them savory meat for thy father such as he loveth. I don't think I told you this in part one, but I'm going to translate the word "flock' to" household of God." Remember that Esau was out hunting for wild meat. He was hunting in Satan's plane. In the Astral Plane. But I think when Rebekah counseled Jacob to go the flock she was saying, "Go into the household of God that is within you too gather up spiritual strength. And the word "fetch" this is new too. We are going to translate it "enfold." The word."to"we're translating "thickened." The word "good" I remind you can be translated "desire." We are translating it " desire body," which is Satan. "Of the young male goats and of the she goat. And "savory meat "We're translating " preservative ." This is our [Alt. Translation Verse 9] "Go into the household of God and seize Abel.." Go within yourself. Brethren, the spiritual life is within. We have to go within ourselves and contact our spiritual principles. Contact Christ within us. Contact The Lord Jesus. Everything is within. So Rebekah says to Jacob, "Go into the house hold of God." Don't go into Satan within yourself, because every mortal man is a double man. We all have element's of Satan and we have the household of God. if we have the household of God within us. Rebekah was saying to Jacob, just don't just go and become spiritual. Make sure now that you contact the household of God. You don't want Satan's spirituality. Go with Christ. That's what she was telling him. "Go into the household of God and seize Abel, the second offspring of Astarte. The she-goat's desire body. Now that's a hard word. There are going to be a lot of people manifesting at this translation. But I'm telling, Brethren it's the truth. That the greatest prophet that ever lived as long as there were a mortal man. Everyone has a desire body. Everyone has an astral body, and everyone has a physical, and an etheric and an astral body that has been given by the goat That'ss why she has so much power over us. Even with Jesus working in our life it's hell. At least when you first begin it's hell. It's gets bet .It gets easier


"Go into the household of God." Don't go into Satan's household. Go within yourself. Go into your spiritual being and seize Abel. Make contact with the second offspring of Astarte. Make contact with sheep, the Ram within you. Don't make contact with the goat. First Cain was born, then Abel was born. Make sure that you make contact with Abel. The second offspring of Astarte, the she-goat's, desire body .And I will make them into King Adam, Jehovah's preservative section and make them." And I think it turns out that Jacob does it. And make them into King Adam, Jehovah's preservative, because your Father is committing adulatory with Satan. Go within yourself. Make sure you contact Abe land not Cain. And in order to contact Abel you have to go into the she-goat's astral body." I amplified the Word ,"Abel", but I bet that she's even saying the human spirit. "Go into the household of God." I have it right there on the board. "Go into the household of God and seize your human spirit." No it has to be Abel, the second offspring of Astarte. Well I guess. the translation is "Who is' I'm going to have to work in this translation. But what she's really saying, when she talks about the astral body, she's saying get your human spirit that's flowing with Satan. That's what she's saying. That is exactly what I have on the board. "Go into your astral body. Now don't connect with Satan, but connect with your human spirit that's in your body, so that we can raise Abel from the dead or some such thing. I don't have the exact words right now I'm just giving you a general principal.


"Go into the house hold of God and lay hold of the second offspring of Astarte, lay hold Abel by entering into the she-goat's astral body and making him into King Adam, the preservative." O K that's it. "Go into the household of God and seize Abel, the second offspring of Astarte, by entering into the she-goat's, desire body. and make Abel into King Adam, Jehovah's preservative, because your father is committing adulatory with Satan, and he want's to kill you. Your own father, Isaac, the patriarch, wants to kill you. So go within yourself. Go into your spiritual being and you're going to have to enter Satan's energy flow. Because our only hope is to raise up King Adam. And to raise up King Adam, you have to start by entering into the astral plane, laying hold of your human spirit and then going through. It's not here. It's not in that verse. Where it's everything that I taught you in the beginning of this message, that's on the board. That is what Rebekah is telling Jacob. You have to separate your human spirit. You see, when Rebekah said this to Jacob, it was Jehovah speaking through Rebekah. So because it was Jehovah speaking through Rebekah, Jehovah's spirit was going to do what I have on the board, showing you that the Holy Spirit was doing. See, when Jesus said to the adulterous woman. :Sin no more," He gave her the power to sin not sin any more. So when Jehovah spoke and said to Jacob " go into your astral body and raise Abel from the dead. Join with your human spirit." Jehovah was in the roll that the Holy Spirit was in on that board. And Jehovah was saying , "Now do this. I'm going to join with your human spirit, and we are going to lay hold of the fiery serpent and join with her and Abel is going to rise from the dead. And after that Abel is going to rise up, and Adam will rise from the dead and join with me. I will marry him and you will be preserved, because your father is out to kill you.


Now I don't think that Isaac was looking to physically kill Jacob. When Jehovah says someone is out to kill you, or when Jehovah tells that someone dies, He talking about your spiritual life. Now, again I have to tell you I don't really understand this fully. But I know that Isaac was a spiritual Giant. He understood things that I don't understand, and that apparently he had the strength, either through himself or through Esau to strip Abel of his virile seed and capture that virile seed and keep it unto himself and to impart to himself eternal life, in the serpent. Apparently Isaac has the power to do this. Because Jehovah came to Jacob an said; "You better watch out because he's going to do it. He's going to rob you." And who is the thief? Satan is the thief, who cometh to kill, steal and destroy. Steal what? Steal the virile seed. And when you're virile seed is stolen you will be destroyed and you will die spiritually.


[Verse 10, King James] "And thou shalt bring it to thy father. that he might eat and bless thee before his death " [Alt. Translation]....Now remember this is really not Rebekah talking to hin. This is Jehovah talking through His prophet."And you shall bring it to thy father so that he that he might consume and bless you before he dies." Now you know what this means. Now again I don't have all the answers. Isaac had some measure of spiritual authority and spiritual power and he wanted to lay hold of Jacob's seed . I am talking about Isaac now. He wanted to lay hold of Jacob's seed, so that Isaac could have the whole virile semen, the water and the seed."And you shall bring it to your father so that he may consume it and bless you before he dies"


I don't have all the full understanding here, but apparently there had to be a union, a spiritual union, between Isaac and Jacob before Isaac died. The question is, that when they had this union, who would be in the headship? When Isaac's spiritual heritage flowed together with Jacob's heritage would the virile seed dominate over the waters. See! In verse 10, It's Jehovah speaking through Rebekah and He says, [" You shall bring it to thy father so that he may consume it and bless you before he dies."] So first of all Jehovah is saying that Isaac is going to die. There is no way that he is going to be preserved, and his plans are canceled. I will not honor them and I will utterly defeated them, and Isaac will die. And the second thing that Jehovah is saying that, "Bring it to thy father. Bring this preservative to your father so that he may consume it before he dies " Isaac knew what he was doing. But if are a rising son brethren, there are people that are being sent into your life by Satan. Maybe they are members of your own household, and Satan is rising in them to steal what you have from the Lord Jesus. And if you are going to...You know, this sounds so radical, but I'm telling you the truth. It's someone in your household that is deer to you is Satan's pawn. you have to beside. Whether you are going to hold in to your physical family or if you are going to hold on to the righteousness of Jesus Christ. And I'll tell you right now that if you hold to the physical bloodline, if you're faithful to the physical bloodline, not only will your will Christ Jesus die, bur your whole family, that you're raised up to be the cover to will die also. So if you have the understanding, the right thing is to cleave unto the Lord Jesus in all things, even if it means a conflict with a loved one in your physical family. This conflict, right here, it's between Isaac and with Jacob, his father, Esau and Jacob's father. And spiritually speaking Isaac wanted to kill him. Now this is a spiritual account. I don't know how it was manifesting in the natural. I know that more people than I would like to admit have tried to kill spiritually, and they didn't even know what they were doing. It happens time all the time. It has not stopped. It happens to me all the time. Satan rises in people and tries to kill Christ in me , and they have no idea what they're doing. So if you're hearing this tape I hope this will comfort you. I have no idea at this point how this manifested in the physical lives of these people. I just know that I have read several verses ahead and when Isaac realizes what was going on, he trembles and is very upset. All I can do is ask the Lord to direct me in my studies. I don't know how much further with this, but I know that I would like to know the answer if it's in here You know that not every detail is in the Interlinear Text or in the King James Translation. It's not in the Interlinear Text. I don'1 know how this manifested in the natural. But as far as Jehovah is concerned, the spiritual reality of what happened here is that Isaac tried to Kill Jacob. Isaac tried to kill the very seed that he brought into the world. Does this sound so strange to you. Brethren we kill each other all the day long. We kill people we love all the day long. We try to dominate them. We try to control them, for whatever our reason. We're afraid that we're going to loose them. Whatever, we kill each other all the day long. So what am I saying about Isaac? This is what I am saying about Isaac. Isaac was a mortal man that was subjected to all of the potential to sin that every mortal is subjected to. And I am not telling you that Isaac was evil man, because he probably was'nt. He probably was a man that was severing God to the best of his ability. He had a high experience with his father Abraham. I haven't transcribed this whole Bible. But I know that when that account of Abraham's sacrificing of Isaac is not accurate. We translated that. Isaac ascended into the sixth center with his father. He probably was devoted to Jehovah, bit was blinded and seduced by the serpent, by his own sin nature in this account. That's what I'm saying about Isaac. And as devoted as he was, he almost killed the very offspring that he brought into the world spiritually speaking. What an aecium message.


Brethren, the only that you can trust one hundred percent is the Lord Jesus . And if you are looking for human beings to trust, the people you can trust most of all are the people who are introspecting, who are looking within themselves, who are abashing their sin nature, and who are moving in some awareness of their own motives. Because when Christ Jesus starts to manifest, it does not have to be Christ Jesus. When Christ starts to manifest in you, you need to know that Satan will manifest in every human being that does not knock her down. She'll raise up in strangers in the street. She'll raise up in people you love in your family. You've got to learn how to fight this, without making enemies wit every person that you know. You have to learn how to fight this in the spirit. And if you're covering for your wife or your husband, or your children.. If covering for them for them is the most important thing in the world , you need to know that you are sacrificing your own spiritual life, and by sacrificing you are destroying any cover that you could be for them. You've got to get your priorities and localities straight. You've got to get this straight in your head. Jesus Christ has to be absolutely first in your life if you want to do the very best that you could do for your family. At every conflict that you come into, the answer is to ask the Lord what the answer is. This is hard word. Especially if you're a woman, it's a very hard word, because it will bring a conflict with your husband and the other members of your family. It will. The best thing that you can do for your family is to cleave unto the Lord Jesus. He loves them. He's not forgetting about them. He's not going to leave them unministered to. Praise the Lord !


Any Questions or comment's about tonight's message?


I'll just say one more thing. Brethren, pastors kill their congregation all the day long. This does not mean that Isaac was not a man of God. He had a laps. I believe that he was a man of God, but an imperfect man, and in his imperfection he almost killed the seed of the Savior of all of humanity, but Praise be to God, Jehovah did'n't let it happen Jehovah had a woman who was his prophet, who spoke His words without fear. Jehovah had a son in the earth who carried His virile seed, who responded to and obeyed the word of the prophet. And the whole family were saved from that utter disaster,. because of Jehovah's faithfulness and because of two faithful people on the earth that responded to Him. So you be the faithful one and your family will be ok. They'll be safe from disaster. I'm not telling you that going to be saved as the church world preaches it. But you stay close to the Lord Jesus and you will be the cover for your family . Don't be seduced by physical localities when it comes to spiritual matters. It's the worst thing that you could do.....Any Questions or comments ?


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