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We were talking about the situation in the country off the tape, the political situation. It seems to me that our government is dissolving, that's how it seems to me, that our government is literally dissolving from within. If I didn't have hope in Jesus Christ and if I didn't believe the Scripture that said, "When this happens look up because your redemption draweth nigh, I think I would be a lot more concerned than I am now. But, you know, what are you going to do, you can't get hysterical, what are you going to do? Personally I don't think that the power of prayer of the typical believer would do any good in this situation. The only thing that's going to help is the supernatural intervention of Christ Jesus. And I believe that this supernatural intervention will take the form of the manifestation of the supernatural Sons of God, and exactly what they're going to do, well, it's not true that I have no idea, I really do have a word in my heart as to what they're going to do. There's so much in my mind, I don't know what to say first. I guess I'll show you what they're going to do. Please stop the tape. Praise the Lord. What I've drawn really simplifies what is happening and what is about to happen. This physical world is being influenced and literally brought down by powers and principalities who abide in the astral plane. Now some of them may be disembodied, I'm not really sure, God only knows, I don't have all of the answers. But many of them are incarnated, many of them are embodied. Human beings who you never see on the news, whose face you would never recognize if you saw it, but they're mind and their mind power is ascended into the astral plane, which is the abode of Satan, and however they do it, I don't know whether they're praying over black candles, or whether they're just sitting there visualizing the fall of this nation, I don't know how they're doing it, but I believe that there is a company of spiritual people in the world today who are bringing down this nation with the power of witchcraft. Now, the nation could not fall if we were in right standing with God, but the nation is not in right standing with God. The government is sold out, initially it was the government that sold out with very ungodly decisions in the Supreme Court, but at this point, it's the very populous, the majority of the populous of the country that has been utterly corrupted. Now, this is really very exciting. What's going to happen, Jehovah's deliverance through the Lord Jesus Christ is that the Lord Jesus Christ is reproducing his nature in a company of men, personally I think it's going to be a very small company, it may not be any more than twelve, if it is twelve, and Christ Jesus will rise from the dead in this company and ascend into the mental plane, which is higher than the astral plane. The temptation that we go through, the warfare that we go through as we ascend is with Satan, and all of her powers and principalities and all of the powers and principalities that she has created, because we have to pass through the astral plane to ascend into the mental plane, and during this entire journey, our physical body remains the same. Nothing changes in our physical body, nothing changes in our physical family, you still have the same house, unless you move, you know, under normal conditions you're still living in a house driving a car, doing whatever you're doing in this physical world. But Christ Jesus in you in maturing and pressing upward, and as some point, now this is already happening in a company of people, and at some point the Lord Jesus Christ, who is glorified and above is to make contact with the ascending sons and pull them the rest of the way. That's the catching up, we're going to meet him in the air, somewhere in some energy center, beyond this physical world. The average person in this world abides in their belly, in their naval energy center. So we have to make it at least to the ariel center, which is the heart center, and I don't have any more details than that. At some point the Lord Jesus Christ will pull us up on the strength of his Spirit into the mental plane and this company known as the sons of God will become supernatural men. We will attain to supernatural power and we will abide permanently in our spiritual being on the mental plane. I really think that our appearance is not going to change down here. Nobody knows who we are now, and nobody will know who we are. But when we become supernatural, I think that we will become very invisible, but we will do something that corresponds to what the powers and principalities are doing in the astral plane right now. But because the mental plane is higher than the astral plane, we will be able to reverse what the powers and principalities in the astral plane are doing, and what they're doing is manifesting in this world, and the people who don't know what's going on, the sheep of this world. Now what's really interesting brethren is this is exactly what the Lord's teaching us about in the current series, the serpent's triangle. Adam is being and is probably just about, I don't know what the status report is, but Adam is being circumscribed, Adam is being cut off, the serpent is raising up her household, and her triangle is being erected on top of Adam's spiritual parallelogram, which has blessed this country, covered over this country, and watched over this country, for however long, you know for a couple of hundred years, Adam is either being or has been circumscribed, and as I was sitting here waiting for you to get ready, the Lord said something to me that really excited me, because I would be lying to you if I didn't tell you that I'm somewhat alarmed. Now I know that the victory is in Jesus, but I'm just not foolish enough to be dancing around this room, telling you, singing victory in Jesus, when I know, that even that I know that the victory is assured, I know that there's going to be a warfare, I know that there's going to be a piercing through, I know that people will be hurt, I know that there's going to be painful confrontation, I know that there's going to be all kinds of stress and trouble and pain and torment before the victory. I know that, I know there will be a victory, but I know about the other side too, and I would be lying to you if I told you I didn't have some anxiety, because in my perception, the government is dissolving before our very eyes. And what does this represent? I say the government is dissolving before our very eyes. The government of this God given great nation is the physical expression of the resurrected Adam, he's being circumcised and he's being brought down. But I have good news for you, the Lord reminded me as I was sitting here waiting for you, that he gave me an opportunity to go ahead into chapter 7 of II Kings. You may recall I commented on it briefly in the last message, that it looks like Israel is falling into the hands of Syria, and the very King of Israel himself has his mind circumscribed and overwritten. The mind of Christ was manifesting in King Jehoram. How do we know the mind of Christ was manifesting in him? Because of what he said. What did he say that identified the mind of Christ? He said, Let Elohim do whatever he wants to me, so long as the captive, as the same spiritual mind that covers Elisha covers me, and that spiritual mind is King Adam. I will accept any judgment, just don't turn me over to the serpent. That's Christ speaking. And not too much further later, the Scripture doesn't make it clear, an hour later, a day later, a week later, the Scripture doesn't make it clear, because this is a supernatural principle that's manifesting here. This very same King of Israel, King Jehoram, is saying, Well Jehovah brought this evil on me anyway, Jehoram's condemning Jehovah for bringing the evil on him, saying, Well he doesn't love anyway, he brought this evil on me, I might as well go help myself, the same man! But when the Lord let me follow through chapter 7, I found out that this same man whose mind was engraved so radically in such a flip flop situation from the nature of the serpent, to the nature of King Adam, to the nature of the serpent, to the nature of King Adam. James calls it doublemindedness. This very same man, the end of him is that the people tread him under in the gate, and he died. But the Lord revealed to us is that the spiritual truth of this is that the fiery serpent, that the people tread under the fiery serpent in themselves and she died and Christ Jesus lived. But you have to have the mind of Christ to read between the lines that says it's the fiery serpent that died and Christ Jesus lived. It happens in this country today. The message's that's being preached here is happening, but the end of the whole matter is that this backslidden Christian nation will tread the fiery serpent, each and every member here will tread the fiery serpent, and they will rise from the dead in Christ Jesus. Well you say, this isn't a Christian nation, we're filled with Hindus and Buddhists, and all kinds of Muslims, there's all kinds of people in this country today. Brethren, the deliverance that is coming down into this world from Christ Jesus transcends what the world perceives to be Christianity. The deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ transcends religion. It is a spiritual deliverance, and the Lord Jesus Christ will work it out with the faithful of other religions. Just as I show you on the board that the mental plane is higher than the astral plane, the spiritual deliverance of the Lord Jesus Christ is higher than religion. There's no place for religion in his world. But for now, religion is a good thing in our world because of the level of consciousness that we exist on. We exist on a very low level of consciousness. Very few people ascend above their belly, very few. So religion is okay, it's a good thing, it directs you towards the moral way, it teaches you what's right. But when the world, when the country and the world has their consciousness raised up the mental plane, there will be no more religion, there will be only Christ Jesus, or Leviathan, and then eventually, there will be no more Leviathan, and there will be only Christ Jesus, and God will be all in all. So, we're living in a very exciting time, nevertheless, I have anxiety, but that's just my old man, maybe it's my old man that has anxiety because Christ is rising in me. That's most likely it. There have been dreams and words of knowledge coming forth, just a continuous flow of dreams and words of knowledge that would indicate that a catching up is coming. As I told you off the tape, I'm so aware that people have been preaching the rapture for two thousand years, I'm really not interested in making a fool out of myself, and I have enough wisdom to know that what's coming may not be the catching up, but there is a catching up. I believe in my spirit the Lord has told me that there is a catching up, there is a growth spurt, there is a promotion coming in the spirit, and that is coming very soon. There is a promotion coming in the spirit very, very soon. If it turns out that this promotion is not the catching up to supernatural existence, I still believe that we will see that happen at least for some people, in enough people to control the principalities and personalities, and deliver this world, who is, this country, well, right now America is the heart of the world because this is where the gospel came from, this is where the technology is, this nation is the Lord Jesus' Christ nation, that's what I believe anyway. And what's happening to us as a country is that we are being engraved with the serpent's nature, and the minds of the people are being converted, and they're being converted by beings that are so far superior to the average human being, or to the most mature human being known as mortal man that the greatest of our kind do not stand a chance against the immortals who are engraving the minds of the people who are not standing steadfastly in Christ Jesus. Our only hope of not being engraved is to cling to the Lord Jesus Christ and fill our minds and our beings with his word and his very Spirit. If he's not, if the Lord Jesus is not fighting from within you, you will not stand, you will not stand. He has to be growing inside of you, fighting for you, fighting for your personality, for your person or you won't stand, not many will stand. I woke up dreaming, I've been dreaming everyday now, some of the dreams I've remembered, some I haven't. I woke up this morning, I didn't remember much of it, you read about it, I gave you a little memo on it, it was very interesting, it was just a big to do, there was a big scandal and some really severe sin had been exposed, it had to do with an illegitimate birth, and it was just, the situation, it was just at the point where everybody was going to find out that this illegitimate birth had taken place, and there was a lot of intrigue. And at some point the Lord had touched me, and I believe he told me that this illegitimate birth that's about to be exposed is the birth of the serpent's nature in this country, and also included in that will be the exposure of the fact that Christ Jesus is not in the five-fold ministry, and that the so-called Christian religion is just that, a religion, and that some aspects of that religion have the written word of God and therefore they have hope because they believe what they read, and some denominations have the Holy Ghost, but Christ Jesus, the very person of the living God, is not appearing as a matter of course in the church. And any stranger coming from another nation could never find the spiritual men today through whom Christ Jesus is manifesting because they are hidden. They're not advertised, they're not popular, and most likely, when someone looking for Christ Jesus would look at any of us, they wouldn't believe that we were the sons of God anyway. And that is the testimony of Naaman of Syria. No one would believe that we are the sons of God, but we are, and when Christ Jesus manifests through us, we are great, when he manifests through us, we are great. We do the deeds of greatness when he's manifested through us. Well we're going to have our discussion on a tape today, I don't know whether I'll produce this tape or not, it's going to be an informal evening. We have a dream to interpret, and then we have a situation in the body of Christ to discuss. We'll just see the way it goes. I dreamed this dream last night, (this is someone talking to me), you owned a piece of property here, (and the state is named), it had a house on it in which you lived, it was on the ocean on one side and beautiful forest on one side, and I came there to see you. You had some items hanging on a wire, or a clothes line looking rope. One was a light fixture, and the other items had to do with a baby. There was a bassinet and I cannot identify the other things. You had them hand made for the up and coming birth. The items seemed to be made out of wire or some kind of metal looking material, very unique looking. It seems like it was, (and the person who had this dream means my daughter), having a baby. Another one of the brethren came for a visit and you two went in the house, and I remained in the yard reading a book under the light fixture. At one point I took the bulb out of the light fixture, I don't know why, no one seemed to notice. I think I put it back. I went into the house where you and this other person were, and then we talked and then I noticed something spilled on the floor, it looked some muddy water. I grabbed a cloth to clean it up, and you told me not to use that one as it was a new one that you had just made. The cloth was blue and white. The scene changes and we're at a restaurant, I turned (the person who had this dream is talking about a friend of hers), and her husband are there. There were only a few of us. The only ones I can identify is you me, and this other friend and her husband. There was a large table and we were being seated. Then it is revealed that it is a church, and we remarked how few people were there and what a privilege it was to have this church watching over us. It seemed that my friend and her husband was the head of it, but she was more prominent in the dream than her husband. Her husband was a minister. I guess that means in real life. There was a general feeling of thanksgiving, but we were amazed at so few people. The table where we were seated was a long banquet looking table with just a few of us sitting at it. That's all I remember. I think the Lord wants me to put on this tape the reason why I'm having some anxiety, I know that he told me this before, but I wasn't thinking of it when I was talking about it earlier. Brethren, it's going to be a tremendous responsibility to be one of the few people who is ascended into the mental plane and struggling with the principalities and powers to save the sheep of the world. It's going to be an awesome, awesome responsibility, and that's what's causing my anxiety. But I have to realize that when we're caught up to a supernatural plane, we will be equipped to do everything that we have to do, but that's the root of my anxiety. I have a revelation of the responsibility that's going to be involved here. Now I have another dream which, I haven't printed it out, and I haven't interpreted it, but I do recall at the beginning, he said there were seven thousand dogs in the dream. Now, Satan is Leviathan's dog, and the dog, the Hebrew word that's translated "dog" can be translated "homosexual prostitute". The significance of that is that the human spirit of mortal man is flowing with Satan. You cannot tell the difference between the human spirit and Satan, the human spirit is completely prostituted. When Satan is boiled, the human spirit will be separated from her. So he had this dream that there were seven thousand dogs. Now seven thousand is a very important number. The number one thousand, and seven thousand is a multiple of one thousand, the number one thousand refers to the seventh energy center. That's the supernatural life, the seventh energy center typifies life beyond the physical body. In Dan.7 it talks about the ancient of days, and if you look those words up in the Hebrew, it's talking about someone who is liberated from the body, someone who is having an existence, experiencing the life of the ages, and he doesn't need a physical body to sustain this existence. That's what happens in the seven energy center, that's where the Lord Jesus has ascended to. And the number seven refers to completion, to filling up as far as you can be filled up. So the number seven thousand would signify the completion of the seventh energy center, or the completion of the person unto or in connection to the seventh energy center. Because the way our ascension works, the way our conversion into a supernatural being works brethren, is that we, or through Christ Jesus in us, must ascend to the sixth energy center, and the Lord Jesus Christ is in the seventh energy center, we will still be in the physical bodies when we ascend into the sixth energy center. The Lord Jesus is in the seventh energy center without a physical body. And there will be a union or a communion between Christ Jesus, who will be attached to our personality in the sixth energy center, and the glorified Jesus Christ in the seventh energy center. So, to have a dream that said there were seven thousands dogs, what that says to me is that it's a symbolic number talking about the church, or the populace of the whole world, I'm not sure, but talking about the body of people that are ascended to the highest energy center. Now the fact that their dogs, the fact that the number seven thousand is talking about dogs, signifies that it's not talking about the true energy center which is in Christ Jesus, it's talking about the counterfeit energy center where the dogs are. And I told you that Satan is Leviathan's dog. So in the dream, this man said that there were seven thousand dogs, and a voice said to him, if you will adopt them, you can have them, and I don't know remember what the dream said, but there was something about it being a tremendous responsibility to take these dogs, and the voice said, If you're willing to take the responsibility you could have them. And in the dream, this man said, I will take them. And what I believe that to be is that Christ Jesus manifesting through a man or through a company of men saying, I will take the responsibility for this mortal creation that is ascended or at least the aspects of it that it ascended into the seventh energy center of the counterfeit time line, I will take responsibility for them, and I will deal with them, and I will bring deliverance to the world. The dreams are just coming left and right. There's a lot of babies in the dreams. Now, I remember years ago, I had a friend who left the state, I don't really see her anymore, but she had a dream once about three babies, or something like that, and I didn't understand it, I had a revelation of the manchild, but I didn't understand why there would be three. I now know that the manchild has to be birthed out of our each of our higher centers, the fourth, the fifth, and the sixth, the heart center, the throat center, and the brow center. The manchild has to be birthed into each of these energy centers, you just don't get on a ladder and climb up there. You have to be birthed into them, because each and every one of these energy centers represents an aspect of the ascended life. Included in that description is degree of revelation of the doctrine of Christ, it's a degree of revelation of a knowledge of how to cope with the spiritual world when you're in the body, and it's a degree of spiritual maturity. So we literally have to be born again into a each one of these energy centers. We're changing, we're changing everyday of our life, we're growing, and we're maturing. So that's why three babies, we're born again into the heart center, and become a new creature on that level, we're born again into the throat center, and you're whole life changes. I've been saying for years that I've had numerous lifetimes while still in this body under this name, under the same physical family. I've had so many lives that you wouldn't even believe that it's the same person. I've been born again so many times in this life. This is what this dream is talking about when it says three babies. We have to be born into each one of the energy centers. I believe I've been born again into the heart center, and possibly into the throat center, very possibly, very probably. This also lines up with what we have called the different levels of consciousness. Where you abide most of the time, where your consciousness abides, how you think and what you think about, and what mind you think with. So we see in this dream that Christ Jesus has taken responsibility for the immortals that are ascended as high as you can be ascended in the counterfeit time line. He's taken the responsibility because brethren if he doesn't, not only this country, but this whole world is coming crashing down to some horrible low state. I don't believe we're going to cease to exist, but to some horrible low state of existence. So we will interpret this dream, but first we're going to take a five minute break here. We were just discussing off the tape, my opinion, that when the group of sons ascend, when the group who will defend the world against the evil powers and principalities who are changing their nature, we're right now in the midst of changing the nature of the people of this nation, that they will not be dealing with prayer as the church thinks of prayer, it will literally be a mind control, a legal mind control, it will be a battle of the minds. Oh, I just had a very interesting memory. You know, up until this very minute, I use to think that the battle would be between the sons of God and the powers and principalities, but now I think not. The Lord just flashed a memory into my mind from years ago when I had xxxx in the church with me, and she was having some trouble believing, she was just a little girl, 8 or 9 years old, and one day I had to take her to the doctor for some kind of a vaccination, and apparently the Lord decided to build her faith. She loved animals, and there was this dog that came limping along, and we said, Oh, look at that dog. We went into the doctor's office and we came out. The dog was right there like he was waiting for us and one of his legs was lame, he couldn't walk on it. So I said, Come let's pray for this dog, and in the middle of the street, the dog was just standing there receiving our prayer. We were praying for this dog and all of sudden, I didn't understand it at the time, but it was Christ in me, lifted up my head and turned me around. There was a man standing next to me, much closer than under closer circumstances, a stranger would stand to you, he was intimately close to me. He was wearing a long black coat, and a black hat and he had spectacles on, he looked like a very timid man. And I looked at him and he was gazing steadfastly at this dog that we were praying to heal, and I knew instantly that he was praying that the dog should not be healed. He was not praying against me, per say. My prayers were directed against the dog, be healed, and he was standing at my right hand praying towards the dog, Do not be healed. He was not praying against me, the two of us were praying towards the dog, and the contest was, what happened to the dog. Can you hear what I'm saying? The Lord just gave me this brethren, I'm flabbergasted myself, this is absolutely incredible. Brethren, mortal man is herd of animals, we're sheep, that's what we are. And the powers and principalities are focusing all of their spiritual energy and strength towards engraving the minds of the peoples of the world with the serpent's nature and then enslaving them. When we, the sons of God ascend into the mental plane, we will not necessarily be battling with the powers and principalities in the astral plane, but we too will have our mind directed towards the peoples of the world, and in particular the peoples of this Christian nation. Christendom is in the western nations. And the peoples of this world will be strengthened by the thoughts of the sons of God, and they will be strengthened to overcome the evil in the land. This nation will not be delivered as one grabs a baby in their arms and carries it away. The sons of God will strengthen the righteous side of the peoples of this nation. Do you understand what I'm talking about? Do you know, I spoke to someone on the phone last night who was having some serious problems, and the next time I spoke to them, I spoke to them today and they said to me, I just want to tell you that you strengthened me by what you said to such a degree that you radically turned me around or helped me, I may not have the exact words. What you said to me strengthened me. Satan was overrunning or trying to overrun that person, but the Lord Jesus sent Christ in the flesh to speak words contrary to the words that Satan was speaking to this person, and that side of her which was Christ gained strength from me and rose up and took the victory. I don't know about you but I'm all excited. This is the first, as far as I know, this is the first revelation as to what to expect in the ascended warfare. I am very excited. Well let me finish that testimony. So there is this man praying against this dog, well I was flabbergasted, I just stood there staring at him. And just as slowly as I had turned my head towards him, he became aware that I was looking at him and he turned and looked at me, and I saw absolute terror in his eyes. I now believe that he was immortal on the astral plane, and that what frightened him most of all was that I saw him, I saw him, I wasn't suppose to see him. He was there breaking my prayers and I wasn't suppose to see him. Jesus wanted to produce faith in my child, and he was sent to steal her faith. The man, he looked like a man, looked absolutely terrified, and I just stared at him, you know, because it was really Christ Jesus in control, I didn't know which end was up, I was really young spiritually at the time, and the man started walking away. So I went back to praying, and after another minute Christ Jesus rose up in me again and turned me around a full 360 degrees, the man was standing behind me, several feet behind me, and he was trying to break my prayers, he obviously had an assignment to break my prayers, at which time, I don't know how I appeared to him, but I perceived within myself that I was getting very big. Now I don't believe that I physically changed, but I felt very big, and as I felt this expansion of myself, the man, he was such a meek timid man, looked more terrified than the time before, and literally ran off. You know, all of these years I had a revelation that he was an incarnated immortal and that he tried to break my prayers, but do you know, I could never figure out his appearance, you see. In my mind, I guess, I would expect the powers and principalities to look something like the Greek gods, you know, powerful, strong, you know. Years ago, and I'm dating myself on this, there was a character on TV called Mr. Peepers. He was the classic timid man, nothing to be desired about at all. That's what this man looked like, Mr. Peepers. Today he would be called a square, not with it. For all of these years, and that happened close to twenty years ago, or twenty years ago. I couldn't figure out why this man looked so timid. Now today at this moment for the first time I at least have a possible thought in my mind, the Lord will have to confirm it to me, but this is probably the truth. You know brethren, Satan's a liar, and all of these images, the Greek gods, they're just that, images. The immortals on the astral plane are really very nothing, they're nothing. What they have is their ascended condition. It's just like the weakest man around has power over an animal. The weakest man, someone who is retarded has power over an animal to hurt or to help an animal, a house pet type animal. They're just phonies. They assert the authority, the power that they have because they're ascended to this place, but they in and of themselves are absolutely nothing. They are so nothing, that they have to conjure up these images of what the gods look like. Can you hear what I'm saying? They're nothing. They're only strong because we're down here. I even said it backwards, I said it backwards. They're not, they don't have the power that they have because they're ascended into the astral plane, they have the power that they have because we fell down underneath them. We fell down under their feet, they stayed where they are. We fell down under their feet. So therefore, when we ascend up over their heads, it will be like talking to a child. Now brethren I tell you this, I have an open testimony, I was a very weak person, the Lord Jesus has done an incredible work in me. It was very easy to manipulate me, it was very easy to take advantage of me, to fool me, to deceive me, to lie to me, and I would believe anything that you told me, but that's not true of me anymore. I see the change in me and Lord is telling me right now that it is that kind of change that will bring us to a place where we can dominate the wickedness, dominate these powers and principalities and put an end to the wickedness that they're doing. Do you know that there are women today who cannot control their children, and the reason that they cannot control their children, is because the mothers themselves, in their consciousness, never ascended above the level that the children were at. They were physical mothers, but in their minds they do not have a positive godly authority over their children. xxxx' was one of those women, xxxx could not control their child. xxxx went to their neighbor, and said to her, Please help me, I don't know what to do. She said to xxxx this, there has to be rules. When you ask the child to do something, they have to do it, and if they won't do it, you have to take them by the hand and help them to do it, but they have to know that they must do what you ask them to do. If you ask to go into the other room and they refuse to go, you take them by the hand and you walk them into the other room. She demonstrated this to xxxx, and when she demonstrated that authority, xxxx's child completely submitted and followed her into the other room.

That this same kind of journey that I've taken from being that weak and that immature to being the head of a ministry in Christ Jesus, where I train up people in the ways of God. It's that same journey from perhaps this point here to the next step up. that this is what will happen with the powers and principalities, that the sons of God who are presently being harassed and tormented and dominated are the powers and principalities in the astral plane, these very same sons of God will experience a spiritual growth that will mature them into the mental plane, where they have authority over the powers and principalities in the astral plane. And the experience that you will have, that journey that you will travel from being weak enough to be dominated by the powers and principalities to the place where you dominate them, can be likened to the experience that xxxx had as a young woman who couldn't control her child, who is now wielding authority in Christ Jesus over the sons of God in training. Did I make that clear, do you know what I just said? So when we get up there, when we get up there, it's going to be possible to do what we have to do. I just feel so good about this brethren. You know, the movie, the Wizard of Oz, have you seen the movie, the Wizard of Oz? Do you remember through the whole movie, the Wizard was the most frightening figure, and at the end of the movie, when the Wizard is unveiled, we find out that he's just a weak little man. Well I have experienced that many times over, in relationships in my life. People who were so threatening to me, as I matured, I saw the weakness behind those qualities that threatened me, and they ceased to be a threat. In this same manner, we shall ascend into the mental plane beyond the spiritual strength of the powers and principalities, and they shall cease to be a threat to us, and we shall both be praying towards the herds of humanity, exercising the mind control of our master to a specific end, and that is to engrave the minds of the herds of humanity with the nature of the one who we serve, and the sons of God will prevail, because we shall be on a higher plane. But now don't be deceived into thinking that this will be a simple thing. As I said on the tape earlier, I know the victory is in Christ Jesus, but I'm not dancing yet, because I know people are going to be hurt, I know what's going to happen between now and the accomplishment of the victory. What I said earlier is true, the sons of God will be on the mental plane strengthening the people who have faith in Christ Jesus down here on the earth to do what they need to do, but there will be a tremendous battle here on the earth, a tremendous, tremendous battle. People will be hurt, people will die, people will get sick, people will lose members of their family. It's going to be terrible, but the end of the whole thing is that there will be a body of Christ that will be strong and irreversible. They will have a mind of Christ that will be irreversible, and this great deliverance will go forth to the entire world, because it will be on a level that will have transcended religion, spiritual deliverance, a spiritual salvation, a spiritual ascension which transcends religion. Religion is something that exists on the lower planes. Religion exists in the belly, they're the people who dwell in their navel center. Religion has a lot of good qualities to it, but the danger of it is that the people who may simply be looking for some help or some comfort in this world are very vulnerable to be abused by the leaders, who themselves are mortal men. But once you ascend into the heart center and you start moving on, your experience, the experience that transcends religion for you is with the savior in the midst of you, and when you have a relationship with the savior in the midst of you, and especially when that savior in the midst of you is joined to the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, no man will ever deceive you, or take advantage of you or trick you. And we will fellowship together, each one of us under the control, the godly control of the savior in the midst of us, and because of that, we will have godly communications with each other. And when I say the savior in the midst of us will control us, I do not mean control as mortal man thinks of control. When the savior in the midst of us controls us, he is controlling our sin nature. He controls our sin nature, so that we can have the liberty which is in Christ Jesus to follow after him, to be creative, and to do whatever great things he has in store for us. Christ Jesus controls our sin nature. Our sin nature not only controls, but kills Christ Jesus, our sin nature kills Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus does not kill our sin nature because our sin nature is necessary to keep the creation visible, therefore Christ Jesus controls her and will eventually translate her, who is her? The earth, our sin nature is the earth, or more correctly ground, he will burn her in the lake of fire, and convert her into a permanent harmless form, just as you fire a piece of pottery. See, the herd of humanity are vessels of pottery, and the two great minds seeking to form this clay. Christ Jesus and Leviathan both want to form this clay, and right now Leviathan has the clay formed. But the end of the all things is that Christ Jesus will prevail, his nature will be engraved in the clay, and the clay will be baked in the fire, so that she will never return to her old condition. And it's not only the baking in the fire that will cause that, but it's that the clay will abide in the fire for the life of the ages. We shall abide in the lake of fire for the life of the ages. I use to believe, and I was taught this by someone who believed what he was teaching, that there the lake of fire will burn until there is no more sin left, but there will never be an end of sin, so long as there is a visible creation, there will always be that potential for sin, therefore the fires will burn for the life of the ages, assuring the purity of the creation. What an exciting word, what an exciting word. We haven't even looked at this dream yet, let's take a look at this dream. "You owned a piece of property here in this state..." Well, I don't really know what that means, but the spiritual significance of owning a piece of property is the personality, the personality is the piece of property. "...this property had a house on it in which you lived, it was on the ocean..." And of course the house of the personality is the physical body. "...it was on the ocean on one side and a beautiful forest on the other side..." Now I know from my deep studies in the Old Testament that one of the translations of a word that means "a thick forest' is the honey that's so thick that it drips down, and that's talking about the wisdom that comes down from the seventh and the sixth energy centers. So this house, it was a spiritual house, and the honey, in the New Testament, we find it called "fierce honey from above" is present as well as the ocean, which is Satan. So, here was this household, and on one side they had Satan, the astral plane, and on the other side the had the beautiful forest, which is the fierce honey from above, which I will call the mental plane. "...and I came there to see you." So this dream is talking about, a location, a spiritual location where the great wisdom is present. You know there's prophesy over this ministry that people will come from all over the world for the wisdom that is being dispensed from this place. That prophecy was prophesied over this ministry, and I perceive this dream to be a second witness to that prophecy. That prophecy came forth eight years ago. You had some items hanging on a wire or a clothesline looking rope. I'm not really sure what that means, the only thing that comes to me is that Israel is the life line that Judah if the life line of Israel or the world. I may not have that exactly right, but either Judah or Israel is the life line. We found that in Zephaniah, in the alternate translation of the Zephaniah. Okay, so there were several things hanging on this rope. Well, you see brethren, the sons of God are the life line, the sons of God are the life line that's sent to the world, and when we have things hanging on us, it stops us from doing the job that we're here to do. The things hanging on us are either the weight of sin, or the attachments to this world. One of the things hanging on the rope was a light fixture, and the other items had to do with a baby, so here's a baby again. There was a bassinet, and I cannot identify the other things. I would say we're being held back, possibly being held back by our immaturity, either that, or there were babies attached to this very high ministry, and there was a light fixture, there was something capable of receiving a bulb that would shed light. "...you had made all of things, the bassinet and the things to do with the baby, you had made them for the upcoming birth." So here's another prophecy of the birth coming. I believe it's the birth into the sixth center. "The items seem to be made out of the wire or some kind of metal looking material, very unique looking." Now that's very interesting because what popped into my mind when I read that was the material used in Star Trek in the infirmary. In the infirmary of Star Trek, the material of the cloths that they lay over the patients is a metallic type material, and I always wondered about it, but I guess I always thought, Well, it was just a part of the scenery of the show. But when I read that in this dream, what it says to me is that there must be some significance of the material being of a shiny metallic material, that the writers of Star Trek had some information about. But I don't have any information about it. However, the symbol came up in a dream of someone who's a member in this ministry, and I believe that in due season the Lord will explain it to me, but right now I don't know what that means, very interesting. It says here that xxxxxxx seemed to be having the baby. Well I sure hope it's my spiritual kids that are being born into at least the heart center. "A friend came for a visit and the two went into the house. I , the person having the dream, remained in the yard, reading a book under the light fixture." Well it sounds like to me that one person came to visit me and came into the household. That's talking about the spiritual life, to enter into the household is talking about the spiritual life. "...to remain in the yard under the light fixture..", sounds to me, now that the light fixture represents the Holy Spirit. This one person stayed out in the yard or out in the outer court with their experience with the Holy Spirit, but yet another person went into the house to have a spiritual experience. "I remained in the yard reading a book under a light fixture." So the book could be the Bible. You see, when you enter into the spiritual life, not that you stop reading the Bible, but the Bible becomes a spiritual reality to you. "At one time I took the bulb out of the light fixture, I don't know why, no one seemed to notice. I think I put it back." I'm not really sure what that means except that people are not relating to the Holy Spirit correctly. "I went into the house where you and the other woman were...", okay, so the other person entered into the spiritual life also. "...and we talked, and then I noticed something spilled on the floor. It looked like muddy water." Now the muddy water is talking about Satan, she is the ocean, and she's muddy and she's dirty. So in this household which exists on the astral and the mental plane, within the house was Satan, and is that not true of all of us? This is our condition, no matter where we are, Satan is our unconscious mind and she's in there. We have got to locate her, identify her and dry her up, go dry up, it will dry up. "At that point, I noticed something spilled on the floor, it looked like muddy water. I grabbed a cloth to clean it up and you told me not to use that one, as it was a new cloth that you had just made. The cloth was blue and white." This is very interesting, because the Lord has revealed to me, and I mentioned it on a recent message that the color royal blue signifies the blood of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus consists of the energy of the fiery serpent married to Christ Jesus. When the energy of the fiery serpent is married to herself, the blood is black, the spiritual blood is black. Our whole person, our physical body and our etheric body, we're all made of energy and that energy is called spiritual blood. Royal blue is the color of the spiritual blood of Christ Jesus, and royal blue and white are the colors of Israel. So the cloth was blue and white. Apparently I was making a cloth. I believe that's talking about the new mind that's being formed. "The scene changes and we are at a restaurant. My friend and her husband were there. There were only a few of us. The only ones I can identify is you and me and my friend and her husband." She said there were a few, but she could only identify four. There was a large table and we were being seated. Then it is revealed that it is a church, and we remarked how few people were there, and what a privilege it was to have this church watching over us." See, first it looked like a restaurant, and then it was revealed to be a church. You know a lot of people just think that we have a Bible study here, but this is a full church, every aspect of a church, and if fact, we are the church, the body of Christ is the church. "It was revealed to be a church, and we remarked how few people were there..." Well that's true, how few people are here. "...and what a privilege it was to have this church watching over us." That's true too, it's a privilege to have this church watching over you. "It seemed that my friend and her husband were the head of the church, but she was more prominent in the dream than her husband." This is the truth, we are the wife of Christ Jesus and the physical person is more prominent than the Christ Jesus that's in the midst of us. We have to discern the spiritual man, but the physical man, which is the wife of the spiritual man is more prominent. "Her husband is a minister." I don't know whether the man in real life is a minister, or in the dream he was a minister. There was a general feeling of thanksgiving, but we were amazed that so few people were present. "The table where we were seated was a long banquet looking table, with just a few of us sitting at it." That's about the size of it brethren, many have been invited to the wedding, very few have come. Every sign is coming our way that there is a catching up coming very quickly, but the most significant sign as far as I can see, is that I can see the government of this nation being overwritten and engraved and dissolved. That's the sign, I do not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to give up this nation, I don't believe it. So that's the sign, that the sons have to ascend, not to escape to save themselves, but to ascend to a higher plane to save Christendom and the world. First Christendom is saved because, these are the people who are already prepared to receive the mind of Christ so that they can go forth and help the others, the other nations of the world, other religions of the world. I also would like to tell you brethren, and I said this several months ago, that, well let me say this first, I believe that the Scripture says there are many anti-Christs, I believe the Scripture is being fulfilled both on the spiritual plane and on the physical plane. For the people who cannot understand what is happening on the spiritual plane, there is a fulfillment of Scripture on the physical plane. And I believe that there is presently now a single man who fulfills the description of anti-Christ, even though the spiritual understanding is that anti-Christ, there are many anti-Christ, because every individual has the spirit of anti-Christ within them. But I believe that there will be one man that will personify anti-Christ, and I believe he's Bill Clinton. I believe Bill Clinton is the anti-Christ, I believe he has done more to bring down this nation in six years than has happened over the hundreds of years that this country has been in existence. I believe he is the beast, the personification of the beast. Each one of has the beast, an anti-Christ within us, but he is the personification of the man of sin. And he has completely seduced large numbers of the populas of this nation with his witchcraft, but I also believe that the Lord Jesus Christ will prevail. And I bless this nation, you could agree with me if you want to, I thank God for the privilege of living in this country, I thank God for the privilege of being born here, of having the opportunity to have all of the electronic devices available to me that have enabled me to study the word to the degree that I have. I thank God that I live in a country and in an age where it's acceptable for a woman to live alone, so that I can live the life that I'm living. I thank God for the freedom to preach, I thank God for every freedom that I have that I still cleave unto. I thank God for the great roads that we've built in this nation and for the transportation and all of the mechanical and material blessings that have poured out on me all of my life here. I thank God for the privilege for being in America, and I pray that the Lord should manifest his salvation and deliverance to this nation, that he should forgive our sins because of our ignorance and deliver us, and I believe he fully intends to do that. And we thank you Lord for your great sacrifice on our behalf, we pray that in the name of Jesus, amen. This is an addendum to what I said earlier, I wanted to clarify one point. When I spoke about the two minds, Christ Jesus and the mind of the serpent's household, seeking to mold the clay, and not really being concerned with a war between each other, I may have given a wrong impression, which I now want to clarify. It is true that both Christ Jesus and Leviathan on behalf of the serpent's household have one goal in mind, and that is to mold the clay which we know as personality, into the image of the God that they serve. Christ Jesus serves the Lord Jehovah, and Leviathan serves the primordial serpent. There is a warfare between the serpent's household and Christ Jesus, that warfare arises out of the fact that the serpent's household will try in every way to break the concentration of Christ Jesus upon the clay that he's trying to mold. See, the warfare between the two spiritual households is not for the sake of warfare, the primary goal of both the household of Christ Jesus and the serpent's household is to mold the clay, which is the minds of personalities of humanity. But a warfare does exist and will continue to exist between Christ Jesus and the serpent's household, because the serpent's household does not play fair. In other words if it were an honest contest, both minds would be concentrating on the clay and may the best man win, but this is not an honest contest. So the members of the serpent's household will rise up and attack the men through whom Christ Jesus is manifesting, to break their concentration, and then the men in whom Christ Jesus in manifesting have to turn around and effectively deal with the mind that's manifesting through people. Therefore we have the warfare between Michael and his angels and the dragon and his angels. I hope that explains it, God bless you.

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