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Adam's Failure or God's Plan.Front

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          There is a doctrine that says that God knew from the beginning that Adam would fall and, therefore, our present condition is the result of God's will and it is just a stage through which we are passing until He raises us up to perfection. I do not know whether their doctrine would say perfection or not. I do not know what their doctrine says, but the idea is we are in this present condition by His will, until He raises us up to a more perfect state. 

          We are preaching the exact opposite here; however, if you do not have a trained ear, if you do not have Christ Jesus, if you are not yet mature enough to rightly divide the Word of Truth you cannot even hear the difference between what I just said and between what I am preaching here.

          What am I preaching here? Yes, God knew that Adam would fall, but it was not God's will that Adam fall. We liken it to a one year old child. Babies usually start walking between 9 months and 14 months, and we cannot walk for our children. All that we can do is stand them on their feet. We can put our fingers so that their little fists hold on to our fingers, and we can love them and encourage them, but we cannot walk for them because if we were to hold on to their little chubby legs and move their legs for them it would be inaccurate to say that they were walking. We would be walking for them. 

          Lord willing, we are healthy enough parents to not want to develop robots out of our children. We want our children to function, and we teach them all we can teach them. We desire that they should walk, and that they should eat, and they should be healthy. We should give them sound scriptural teaching and knowledge, and, hopefully, an experience with Jesus Christ that will develop their conscience and their minds in a Godly direction. 

          The love of God is to build but not to exist for that which is built. That which is built must have its own existence. What we are preaching here is that yes, God knew Adam would fall, but He, nevertheless, did everything He could to prepare Adam not to fall. Is that not what we do with our children? We do everything we can do. We love them, we teach them, we pray for them, we counsel them, we correct them, we beat them until they are blue because that is what the Lord has told us to do, and then we pray and hope for the best.

          That is what God did, and He did it knowing the end from the beginning, knowing that the man would fall, and He still did all that He could do for him. The key is that man was built with a potential for sin. The man had not yet sinned until the fall, but he had a potential to sin; therefore, the Scripture says, The creation was good. 

          The Scripture does not say that the creation was perfect. The Scripture does not say that Adam was righteous. The Scripture says that God took the man, and He put him in the garden. He stood him on his feet. God stood him on his feet, but He never even tried to walk for him. He stood him up, and He said, Let us see you do it Adam, I have given everything you need to walk in righteousness, and I have stood you on your feet with dominion over sin.

          The Scriptures say that we who sin today have not sinned after the similitude of Adam. Why not? We were born with a sin nature. We were born with the sins of our fathers living an active life in our mind and in our emotions, but not so Adam. He was born, not with the sin nature, but with the nature of his Father, righteousness, actively pumping through his mind. The problem was, it was not his righteousness. It was righteousness that he had inherited. He had not earned it; therefore, before he could keep it permanently he had to demonstrate that he deserved it. How do you deserve it? You must be tested, you must use that righteousness. What is the purpose of it? To give us the strength to reject the whisper of sin.

          At the beginning of time, righteous Adam was righteous by inheritance. We have been talking about this a lot lately. If you like fiction and read novels, you would find that it is a common theme in novels to hear about the young man who was born rich, and spoiled rotten with his Corvettes and his money and his Ivy League college. Everyone looks at him and says, What a privileged man, but they are looking at the outside of the cup. They did not look at the inside of the cup. 

          He may have a heart which is desperately wicked. He may have a conscience which was never adequately developed because his father gave him money and material possessions but never loved him, never taught him about Jesus, never developed his morals, never joined to him in a Godly soul-tie that would build self confidence in him. What do we call this character or this type of character in literature? The poor little rich boy, the poor little rich boy. He is poor, and he is starving, and he is desperate, but he does not know it because he is increased with material goods. 

          The Scripture says that you are better off being naturally poor. I know God does not want you to starve, but you are better off with any lifestyle that lets you know that you need Jesus than to be rich and think that you do not need anyone or anything and die spiritually. You die spiritually because of your pride and your lack of understanding as to who will keep you alive, and as to the true meaning of life. 

          Adam, at the beginning of time, was a poor little rich boy. He had everything, but his heart was undeveloped. If a tragedy was to happen to him, and he lost his gift, he would never survive. What was his gift? The Father stood him upright in the garden. His gift was every blessing he received from the outside. He would never survive because Adam, the individual, was still infantile, and our natural example is a one-month old baby that cannot even change his own diaper. If he had nobody to look after him, he would lie there and either die from lack of food or die from exposure. 

          This was Adam's condition, and guess what? When the test came the tragedy happened. This infantile creation had never experienced poverty on any level. He was a poor little rich boy who had everything he needed, but he had no experience to relate to as to what it would possibly be like to have to labor for his existence. The Lord said, If you eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil you would surely die. He did not know what death meant.

          Well, he was tested. This infant was tested, and yes, God knew that he would fall. As sure as the sun rises in the morning and sets in the night he fell, but it was not the will of God that he should fall. It was the will of God that he should obey the Father because there was a way that Adam could have matured without falling into the condition that man is in today.

          I do not have a full understanding of how that would have occurred. This is the extent of my knowledge as to how the Lord would have educated Adam. He would have educated him by the power of the Spirit of God. Jehovah was fully prepared to impart to Adam a knowledge of good and evil which would have been imparted to the man through the Spirit. Understanding a knowledge of good and evil would have been imparted to Adam without causing him to experience the pain of hell which we are experiencing down here right now because this is hell. 

          When Eve was tempted and Adam with her, the Serpent offered them knowledge which was, pleasant to the eyes and desired to make one wise....Genesis 3:6 KJV. The Serpent offered knowledge through experience of sin. God offered wisdom somehow through Christ. There were two ways the man could have been developed, two roads, through which the man could have been matured. Adam chose to receive an understanding of the knowledge of good and evil through experiencing it, and there is only one way to experience the knowledge of good and evil. You have to go where that good and evil is, and the experience of good and evil is in hell. 

          Therefore, when the man chose the Serpent's way, he was translated into hell, and this is where we are today. We who are his descendants are here today getting the exact gift that the Serpent promised us, a knowledge of good and evil by means of experiencing good and evil, and when we experience good and evil, we reap what we sow. We are down here experiencing the pain of reaping what we have sown.

          I disagree with the doctrine which we will call Right Identification at this time. This is a very fine line, but I do not believe it was the will of the Father that man would fall. The preachers who preach this preach it out of Romans 8:20-21. I suggest to you, however, that they are talking about the King James translation. If you have a copy of our Alternate Translation Bible of the New Testament I suggest that you check out Romans, Chapter 8, Verses 20 and 21. We have taped messages on every Alternate Translation that we have.

          The Lord has shown us through a study in the Greek that this is not a correct translation. It was not the will of the Father that the man should fall, but it was the will of the Father that the man would not be a robot. It was His will that the man would be a thinking individual who would make choices in life, and who would reap the fruit of his actions. It was not God's will that we are in this condition. 

          An element of the church believes the doctrine that it was God's will that man would fall. They believe that God knew everything from the beginning and that He made Adam, knowing that he would fall. Therefore, we are not guilty of sin. All of the guilt is on the Father. He is responsible for every pain that we go through, every evil that happens to us, and every wickedness in the world. It says, Do not feel guilty brethren, do not confess your sins, do not repent, because God did it to you. God is the guilty one, you are okay, you are just a poor little victim. 

          That is what they are teaching, and I am saying that is not true. God knew that man would fail the test, but God gave man every opportunity to not fail the test. There was a way of escape. There was a higher way. There was a better way. It was the infantilism, the immaturity, and the lack of experience in the man that made him choose the wrong way. It was the man's own weakness that made him fall. You say, Well then, God made him weak. It is God's fault. 

          No it is not God's fault. God did not make a robot. What did He make? He made a Son. Therefore, we are responsible for everything that happens to us. We are responsible, even if the sin is inherited, because as far as God is concerned we are our ancestors. He said to the Pharisees, I know you are the offspring of the ones who killed the prophets because you are doing the same thing

          Jesus said, You seek to kill me with your mind. They said, What are you talking about? You must have a Devil. We are not trying to kill you. The mind in fallen man which is called the Devil is killing the Mind of Christ Jesus all the day long; that is what my Bible says. I do not know what they do with all these Scriptures that they deny.

          Brethren, this is the difference in our doctrine. It is so fine that it is hard for people to discern the difference. I am making it as clear as I can. It is real important that you hear the difference because I do not preach that abomination. I am not against any man, and I am not against any ministry, but I am against every mind that blames God for my pain. It is simply ignorant to do so. To blame the only one who has the power to deliver you from your predicament makes you a fool. It is a scriptural word. Either you are wise or you are a fool. To blame God for your trouble makes you one big fool.

          A brother interviewed me on the radio last night. This particular brother has a shade to the doctrine that I just described, that I have never heard before. He is a brother who is associated with, in his term, a Christian community. For the benefit of the people here who may not really understand what he is talking about, my understanding of how they are living, is that they are in a commune.

          He says he is part of a Christian community, and he is saying that it is possible for this world that we live in to not be hell. He says if you follow the laws of God, and you walk circumspectly and uprightly before the Father it can be heaven. I see where he is coming from, and I do preach the same thing in a different way. I would not go so far as he goes, but what I do preach here is that there are varying degrees of hell. 

          We see some people living in the streets, people starving to death, people being in war torn areas. We see them on the TV all the time: malnourished children with their ribs sticking out, people being tortured, political prisoners. That is a very, very, very low realm of hell. We see people who are mentally ill, people who are on drugs, people who are in prostitution because of bondage, and that is a very, very low realm of hell. 

          There are higher degrees of hell. We have people in this world who know Jesus, and whose lives are blessed and prospering. They are happy in their marriages and they love their children. The whole family is healthy, they have good jobs, they live in a decent home, they have a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, they have enough food, and they are emotionally satisfied. That is one of the highest degrees that one can attain to in this world system, but, brethren, it is still hell. 

          There is nobody in this world that does not have some pain. You cannot have a lifetime in this physical world without experiencing some sort of sorrow, pain, or disappointment. Does anybody here not understand that? There must be some loss, some tragedy. If you have lived for 70 or 80 or 90 years, surely you have experienced some pain and disappointment and loss in this world. 

          This is the measure as to whether or not you are in hell or heaven. Heaven, brethren, is a condition of perfection, a condition of complete satisfaction with no deviation there from, no ups and down. It is continuous spiritual ecstasy of the mind in the presence of the Lamb. There is no pain whatsoever. Therefore, I disagree with my brother's doctrine. What he is calling heaven is what I would call the good side of this experience of good and evil. 

          This experience most people call life is really not life, it is death. It is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. That means, for you, it can be good or it can be evil. We have also talked about the fact that this is a creation which is both good and evil; it is neither 100% good nor 100% evil. 

          We have talked about Genesis 1 where the Lord said, And the evening and the morning was the first day. The evening means not complete blackness, but darkness with some elements of light. You can still see when it is evening out there. There is the light of the stars and the moon. It is not complete blackness. ....And the morning, neither is it complete light. There are shades of darkness. 

          We have a creation which is good and evil, and both the good is good and evil, and the evil is good and evil. However, on the good side, the good dominates over the evil, and on the evil side of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil the evil dominates over the good. We see different degrees of existence in this world. Even when an individual attains to the highest potential of good available in this world, there must still be some evil because this world is good and evil and not perfection. 

          There is a higher existence than this. Therefore, when God made the creation He said it was good. Jehovah said it was good, meaning that He had made a creation of good and evil whereby the good is dominating but, nevertheless, the evil is still present but hidden under the light of the day or, more accurately, the light of the morning. 

          Who is the morning? Christ is the morning. We see that the early creation is a combination of good and evil, under the authority of the Christ mind which was breathed into that creation, and that Christ mind at the beginning of time was incomplete. It was capable of being cast down because the creation was incomplete. The mind which cannot be cast down or broken is the completed mind made from three cords. A three fold cord is not easily broken. 

          Until such time as the creation is glorified, it can pull apart. Our natural example is a dress which has been cut and laid out and basted. When a strong wind comes, it can blow that garment apart. We are still being formed, and that part of us which is in danger of being blown apart is the mind of the creation. It is the mind which is in the creation that determines whether we are alive or dead. It is the mind in the creation which determines whether we are righteous or good and evil. 

          The choice of good and evil only exists in the incomplete creation. The two choices are good and evil or righteous. If you are not righteous, if you find that your existence is in the good and evil place, the best that you can hope for is the good with some strands of evil mixed in. However, brethren, there is a higher place, there is a higher way than good, and it is the Lord's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, which is righteousness. This righteousness far exceeds the highest good in that which is both good and evil. 

          From what I could understand, our brother who interviewed me on the radio believed that the good which is available in this world is equal to the righteousness of Christ. I must disagree with him, and I hope that I just explained why.

          He is certainly disagreeing with my contention that this world that we live in is hell, and that it is imperfection. Now, if we are in hell or if we are in imperfection we must ask the question, Why?  We are not robots; God has given us an inquiring mind. Do you have any idea how many people come to the church asking these questions, and they are thrown out of the church because the elders in the church do not have the answers? Rather than admit they do not have the answers, they condemn the people. 

          There are millions of thinking, intelligent people, Christians and non-Christians, out there in the world,  asking these questions. They would not go to church because they are not satisfied with the answers they are given. The reason they are getting these answers is that the church is controlled by spiritual women and children in this hour. How do I know that? If it was a man in the church he would know the answers. Have you never heard that Father knows best? (That is supposed to be a joke!)

          I am not condemning anybody. In this hour the church is controlled by women and children, and the doctrine that hits the airways, that hits the people that have not been reconciled to God, in most instances, is false doctrine. Most of the visibility and publicity is given to what we shall call the professing church. They are calling themselves the Church. They look like the church. They act like the church. They have big buildings and sometimes they wear gowns, they carry crosses, but they are not the church. 

          The Church is spiritual, and cannot be discerned by your carnal mind. The Church is power, righteousness, and truth. The Church is the love of God that comes out of Christ, not the love that comes out of the highest developed human being in this area of good and evil, which is phileo love. It is good to have the phileo love of man to the highest degree you are capable of in this world, but do not deny that there is a higher love which is found only in Christ. 

          You cannot believe it, and you cannot discern it. You do not believe it is real, you do not understand it, and you hate it when you see it. You think evil of it, and you think it is a lie, but it is the truth. The Agape love of God is the unconditional love in Christ Jesus, a part of which is judgment. brethren, unconditional love cannot exist without judgment. Unconditional love does not mean you do whatever you want, and you repent, lip service repentance, and you are forgiven. 

          If unconditional love is not coupled with judgment, it is not unconditional love because the Scripture says that it is the hatred of God to let you continue in your sins, so I continue to forgive you and discipline you, or I cast you out. You cannot abide in an ungodly, unruly and criminal manner in my presence. Unconditional love is inseparable from judgment. There must be a consequence for your ungodly behavior or it is a lie that I love you. It means I do not love you, I hate you, if I do not correct or discipline you. 

          Praise you Jesus. I keep going off my point. I just pray that you control this message this morning Lord, and if you do not want me to finish my point I would not. Just let it be your spirit preaching through me Father.

          We see a doctrine in the church, basically saying the same thing but with shades of differences. I will call it the Kingdom message, but some people call it Ultimate reconciliation, whilst some people call it  Right  identification. 

          The gentleman who interviewed me on the radio last night does not believe that man has sinned and that man does sin, and, therefore, he does not believe that man must confess his sins and repent. He believes that our painful experience is God's will, and that the way to avoid the pains of this world is to join a Christian community and follow the law of God and lead a good life. 

          The problem is, brethren, that we cannot help but to sin because we have inherited a sin nature, and without Christ Jesus we are not strong enough to resist and deny that sin nature. Therefore, we sin every second of every minute of every hour of every day of our life in our thoughts and in our emotions. Sin is in our emotions. I therefore disagree with my brother; I believe this is hell. 

          I believe there are varying degrees of hell. I believe that man has not sinned after the similitude of Adam. What were the conditions surrounding Adam's sin? Adam had not yet sinned. He had received righteousness as a gift, and all he had to do was maintain his position of righteousness. Our natural example has been a wrestling match. Adam had his opponent down on the mat, shoulders pinned, exhausted and unable to move. The only way that opponent could get free was to trick Adam or seduce his emotions. The only way that opponent could get out was to get Adam to agree to his release. 

          Let me back up a bit. The Serpent was the embodiment of sin in the garden, and Christ was Righteousness in the garden. Therefore, we see that in the garden, Righteousness and sin were polarized. They were locked together, but polarized. There was no mixture at that time. Righteousness was in full control, on top of the sin, which was underneath him. The only way that sin could get out was to convince the Righteousness to let him out. 

          I am going to bring this down to a physical match so that we can understand it. The only way that wrestler that was pinned to the mat could possibly get up was not by the use of physical force, but by the use of his wit, of his mind, to convince the wrestler on top of him to let him up. Let me give you an exaggerated example. The wrestler underneath says, Look there is a plane coming, and the wrestler on top turns around, releases his grip and the guy underneath runs.

          We are talking about a contest between the power of the mind and the power of physical muscle. In the garden the spiritual power given to the man by his Father can be likened to the power of physical muscle. He did not earn it, he never pumped iron, he never did anything, he was just strong, he had it over the other guy without a shadow of a doubt. However, righteousness in his mind, the power of his mind, was much weaker than the subtlety of the Serpent. The Serpent did not even try to get out from under Christ's authority by spiritual power. She knew it was impossible, but her subtlety seduced the man. 

          I know the Scripture says it was the woman who was deceived, not the man. I suggest to you that the Serpent using subtlety tempted the man who was both male and female. His emotions responded, and the righteousness in the creation had a choice. He would either deal with the temptation with his rational, righteous mind or he would respond with his emotions. Adam chose to respond with his emotions. The nature of his sin is that he had power to say no to his emotions, but something inside of him said, I will respond with my emotions, and the minute he responded with his emotions he was no longer the man because the man would have never done that. 

          He was, therefore, the woman, and the Scripture says, And the Serpent said to the woman.... That which was the man, thinking and reasoning with the mind of Christ, yielded to his emotions and in this encounter, in this transaction, in this conversation he became the woman. As soon as he yielded to his emotions and he became the woman, the subtle Serpent rose up and took advantage of his weakened condition and took an action that locked the man into his condition of womanhood for the rest of the age. She killed him. 

          He died to his manhood, he died to his righteousness. The Serpent bound him, just like Delilah cut off Samson's hair and Samson became a slave until his hair grew back. We are down here in hell, brethren, waiting for our hair to grow back. The Serpent stripped us of our spiritual power through subtlety of the mind. Does Paul not say somewhere, I would, brethren, that you would not fall prey to the subtlety that Adam fell prey to.... I may not be quoting it exactly ....but that you should be single minded. 

          What does that mean? It means you should not let your carnal mind separate out from under the authority of your Christ mind because it has already been proven that when your Christ mind fails to control your carnal mind and your carnal mind separates, it is very likely to be stronger than the righteousness of Christ. How does she separate? She separates in thought. When you have one thought from the righteousness of Christ and another thought from the sin of your carnal mind, you are going to find that your sin-filled mind is very likely to be stronger than the righteousness of Christ Jesus in you, and can kill Christ Jesus. Do not even entertain the evil thought, do righteousness.

          How could Christ Jesus die? Christ Jesus is the Son. Jehovah cannot die, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ cannot die, but the Son being formed in you, who is not yet matured, can die through the pride of your own carnal mind. If we are deceived, it is because of the pride of our own mind. 

          We have got to get this straight. For as long as we believe that we have not sinned, that God is the guilty party, we will never confess our sins and repent. The message that has been coming forth in these meetings for the last several months is that without confession and repentance, we shall never break out of the hell of this world. 

          You may be in control of your life, you may be in the highest degree of goodness available in this area of good and evil, but no matter how positive your life is right now, there is a war coming. There is a trumpet sounding, and the carnal minds of men are going to be strengthened. The Devil, your lower nature (that is how it is preached out there in the church world-your lower nature), which you think you have under control right now, is going to impart a thought to you, a thought of subtlety, and if you have not completely bound her to your authority in righteous submission to Christ, you will be deceived. 

          You would be deceived and Christ Jesus in you will die, just as he did at the time of the fall. Jehovah cannot die, the Lord Jesus Christ cannot die, but Christ Jesus in you can die. Christ Jesus will come to full stature in a company of men in this world, but you will not be amongst them, if he dies in you.

          The interviewer of the radio program was opposed to what I preach. He was also very opposed (I gathered this from what he said), to my preaching that Jesus was not born perfect, but that Jesus was perfected at the time of water baptism. 

          I suggest to you that the human baby, Jesus, was not perfect, but that Holy Thing which was perfect was dwelling within the human child. The human child was born from an imperfect mother, and therefore, received a carnal mind and a fallen body. This body is a manifestation of the curse. It is in the image of the Serpent. This body is not the image of the Father. The Father's body does not get sick and die. 

          From his attitude toward me I think he was very upset about that. He quoted Scriptures indicating that Mary had some measure of perfection or some measure of righteousness upon her, trying to discount any possibility of the baby Jesus being born imperfect. He did quote a Scripture, but I do not recall it at the moment. This is not true, brethren. The Scripture says that Job was perfect before the Lord. Job was perfect insofar as his keeping of the law was concerned. We cannot do more than God requires of us, we cannot do more than we are capable of within a certain area that God gives us. 

          Brethren, if I give you an area of authority, and I ask you, for instance, to operate this recording equipment, you can be perfect in your operation of the recording equipment. That does not mean you can make the equipment. Does it mean that I can take the equipment apart and tell you to put it back together again? 

          Job was righteous insofar as God said, I am going to give you a break. Here is a whole bunch of rules. If you confess your sins when you break them, and you slay an animal and you keep this law to the best of your ability and every time you mess up you bring an animal to the priest for him to slay it and make intercession for you and ask for forgiveness of sins for you, I will count you righteous. 

          What is another Scripture? Abraham believed God and it was counted as righteousness. Why? Because God said so. God said, if you take the strokes of the rod I will count it as righteousness unto you, but if you do not, you are still guilty before me. What does that mean? He turns you over to Satan for the judgment. Judgment will come. Every sin must have its just recompense. You either go the easy way or you go the hard way. Submit to the elder God has placed over you, or go out there and let Satan raise up someone in the world to let you have it. 

          We are not robots. God is not raising up robots. You should always have choices within the parameters that God structures for you. He gives you your choice, the Judgment Seat of Christ which is merciful or the sowing and reaping judgment which is ministered by Satan. You have a choice, but if you think there will be no judgment, you are a fool. Judgment will surely fall. 

          You lost control of your emotions? God knows. God loves you. God understands, but judgment will surely fall. Well, I cannot help it. Well, try harder and if you cannot help it you will have to have the hard judgment which may be so painful that the next time you will be able to help it. The whole point is to develop self discipline and self control in you.  This is the love of God. He is not doing it because He likes to hit you, because He likes to hurt you, because He likes to humiliate you or embarrass you. No. He is building self control in you. Praise the Lord.

          brethren, I teach here that the man Jesus, was not born perfect, but that the Holy Thing that was within the man Jesus, the seed of the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, was perfect. We therefore find a man on the earth, his name was Jesus of Nazareth, who had two spiritual men within Him. When He was 30 years old, He had Christ Jesus and He had the Devil who He inherited from His mother, and the day came that these two males could not share the same house any more. 

          Just check out your animal kingdom, that is the way it goes. You cannot have two men ruling in the house, there will be a conflict. There will be a contest, and one will be proven to be the leader, and the other one, the man who is not proven to be the leader, will either submit to the one who wins the contest and serve Him (not in any ungodly way) or leave the house. The loser will be the Captain in relationship to the General or he will have to die or leave the house. 

          There is only one head of this house, brethren. It is the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus is under Him, and the man through whom Christ Jesus is manifesting in a fellowship like this, is the head of the house. It does not matter whether his body is female or male, he is a spiritual man. There can only be one head and everybody else is supposed to come into submission, and there is no other competition. We are all supposed to be in submission to the spiritual man. You are to be in submission to Christ Jesus where ever He is manifesting. There is no contest of physical men in a fellowship like this. It is all spiritual manhood.

          I believe that Jesus the man was perfected at the time of His water baptism when the two spiritual men in Him came head-to-head in a contest called The Temptation. This was the stand-off between the spiritually mature Christ Jesus who had grown up, and had matured completely, and had been trained and educated and was ready for the contest, and the Devil. Who made the judgment that He was ready? The Father made that judgment that Jesus was ready and that Christ Jesus in the man Jesus was ready to take on the Devil. 

          This is a repeat of the test that occurred at the time of the fall. The Devil is the modern day expression of the Serpent in the garden. The image of the Serpent is appearing in the Devil. The Devil is the personality of fallen man which is in the image of the Serpent. Jesus clearly said, Your father is the Devil. We are not in the image of God, brethren. This is a lie, and I believe that my brother on the TV program was saying that we are already in the image of God. We are not. If we were in the image of God we would not die. We are in the image of the Serpent. Did Jesus not call the Pharisees serpents? We are little serpents, that is why we need a Savior. 

          We need our image changed. Our image is being changed. An image is a nature. Our nature is being changed. Right now you are a Devil because you are in the image of the Serpent, but you shall be an angel or Seraphim when your nature is converted into that of the Lord Jesus Christ, and if you think you are getting a new nature while you eat an ice-cream, you are mistaken. You are being hammered, and you are being chiseled, and you are being pressured, and you are being burned, and you are being put in the fire so that your hardened heart melts. 

          Know what is happening to you. The truth will set you free. The truth of your pain will make your pain bearable. It is not an act of punishment for punishment's sake. It is pain which is being inflicted upon you for the purpose of converting your heart into a condition which will save your life. It is likened unto the pain of having surgery to your body. You are going to die without that operation. They have to take a knife and cut you open. You are in bed for a season. You need pain killers. You lose your strength. But the end of it, Lord willing, is that you return to a normal life perhaps of a far higher quality than you had been experiencing for a long time before you had this operation. Why? Because you were sick.

          We are not in the image of God. The creation is not finished. Adam at the beginning of time was in the image of God. His nature was Christ, but, once again, it was an untested nature that had been given to him as a gift. He had not demonstrated his ability to be righteous. He was righteous, but it was not proven whether or not he would hold on to that title, so it was challenged. We had a championship fight in the garden, and the champion lost the title. He got a re-match with the man Jesus of Nazareth, and the title was reclaimed. 

          However, the person who held the title for a season is not accepting it. He is appealing, he is complaining, he is shooting off his mouth. He is still walking around, acting like he has the title. He has all of humanity believing that the stand-off of the temptation never took place. He is saying, I did not lose the title. It is a lie. He did not knock me down, He did not defeat me, He did not overtake me. See the proof.

          What is the Devil using as the proof to say that Jesus never defeated him? Brethren, look at what he is doing to us. The Devil in whom Satan dwells still has control, at least in some area, over every human being in this world that is in the flesh, except Jesus. 

          Brethren, he has legal ground to deceive you. We are waiting for the champion to prove him wrong. Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, is coming to manifest Himself in each individual person who is still dominated by the Devil, and he is going to repeat this stand-off in the mind of every individual, and he is going to win again. It is really not a new stand-off. It is just a different round of the same stand-off, and he is going to defeat this guy in every round for everyone who has cried out to Jesus for help. 

          There are people in this world who will finish out their lifetimes and pass out of this world system without the Devil being defeated in their mind, but that is just because it is a process. The end of the whole process will be that we will reach a time on this earth when every human being in the flesh will have experience of the victory in the Lord Jesus Christ over their own indwelling devilish personality, and everyone else will have passed out of this world system. No eternal torment, no pitchforks or burning fire. They will have just have passed out of the world system. The time will come that every human being standing on this earth will have a mind which is Christ Jesus. 

          The end of the whole process will be that we will reach a time on this earth when every human being in the flesh will have a mind which is Christ Jesus because they have experienced the victory of the Lord Jesus Christ over their own indwelling devilish personality. Everyone else in whom the Devil in their mind was not defeated, will have just passed out of this world system. There will be no eternal torment or pitchforks or burning fire. The time will come that every human being standing on this earth will have a mind which is Christ Jesus. 

          From the moment that Christ Jesus, the spiritual man within the man Jesus of Nazareth, defeated the Devil which Jesus of Nazareth inherited from His mother, Jesus of Nazareth became God. His mind became the Kingdom of Heaven. The difference between the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Heaven is this: The Kingdom of God is the stage in which the man, Christ Jesus, is capable of coexisting in the same vessel with a mature Devil and fighting with Him continuously. 

          The Kingdom of Heaven is the stage in which the man, Christ Jesus, has defeated the Devil in that individual and brought her under His authority so that that man is no longer double minded but has become single minded. The two minds have become one under the authority of Christ Jesus. That man is still good and evil under the authority of complete righteousness. The Kingdom of Heaven is a mind, a higher mind that the Kingdom of God. It is a mind that produces sinlessness in the soul of the man that it is dwelling in.

          Our friend who interviewed me did not like this doctrine. He did not let me talk. I hoped that he would let me speak, but he did not. He got his kicks in. He said what he had to say, and just asked me a few pointed questions that he did not give me time to answer. He would only let me say one or two words. He did not let me answer fully. I do not know whether I will be invited to speak again, although he did ask me if I would be interviewed again. I believe the man is trying to live righteously which says to me that I do not think he would have asked me if he did not mean it. 

          He may ask me to appear on his radio program again, and unless the Lord tells me not to, I will go. This is  because if I can say one word on this radio program which is being broadcast across the world (it is a short-wave radio program which is being broadcast across the world), if I could just say one word which is the truth out of God's mind, I will go on that radio program. I will humble myself, and I will submit to the authority of this man. 

          Why? Because it is his radio program, and I will not fight with him, and I will not be mad at him, and I will not let this become a personal issue, but by whatever way, or in whatever space of time the Lord opens up for me to speak, whatever words that gets through these airwaves, I will be there as the Lord's mouthpiece for the Lord to quicken it to whomsoever He will anywhere in the world. 

          Let me tell you, brethren, I am here to be an example unto you; I am here to teach you. I tell you this with all humility; I am in no way exalting myself. I give all the glory to Jesus that I can even do this, because somebody else would have been in a knock-down, drag-out fight with this man. It was not easy for me, having him cut me off after I speak two words. I rebuke people here severely for doing that. 

          I will shut you right up. I will say if you are not going to let me answer the question, then do not ask me, or whatever I say to you (you know me). However, I did not have authority over this man. I had to bite my tongue, and I want to tell you I did it with pain, because it was not Christ in him that was hindering me. I had the Word of the Lord in my heart, and it was an anti-Christ spirit that was not letting me speak, and if you think being respectful under those circumstances is easy, you are mistaken.

          It is probably not easy for you to be quiet when I shut you up, although when I do it, to the best of my knowledge, it is in righteousness, and you think that causes you pain. Some day I pray that you experience having Christ in you hindered the same way. Why would I pray a prayer like that for you? It is because it is an honor to be persecuted for righteousness sake. 

          You want to be a Son of God, you want ministry? I am not saying you want a ministry like this, but you want to minister, you want to be used of Christ? You must learn to discipline yourself. You will be used of Christ to the fullest degree that He has developed self-discipline in you. No matter how spiritual you are, you still need to be trained and taught discipline. Spirituality is a gift. If you have the gift of discernment, if you have the spirit of counsel, if good advice comes forth through you, if you prophesy, if you can teach, if you can preach, that is all nice, but it was given unto you. 

          I have to tell you, I had this anointing from the first time I ever preached in my life. I never preached before my message #1. I listen to message #1, and I see the way I preached, and the anointing I preached under. I never practiced in another church, I was never taught by another man. Everything about my delivery, everything about the way I teach you, everything about the way I preach is given unto me by Christ. I never practiced. 

          The world would call it talent, brethren. I have received a unique gift from Christ. Why? Is it because I am special? No, it is because somebody had to get this message out, and for what ever His reason He picked me, and He gave me everything I needed to do the job. Beethoven wrote great symphonies as a little boy. He had whole symphonies in his head. Is that not amazing? I cannot even write music.

          But there is a ministry that is higher than gift. It is a ministry that comes from the development of one's own talents. It is a ministry that is in you because you have practiced, and you have labored, and you have worked, and you have developed yourself. 

          If you think that 20 years ago or 15 years ago, (I do not know about 10 years ago, probably not even 10 years ago), I could have submitted to trying to speak and having this man cut me off every time I opened my mouth, you are mistaken. He was obviously controlling me. Do you think I could have just sat their quietly and then said, Yes when he asked if I could come back again? I probably could not have done it 10 years ago, and 20 years ago I might have said something very unkind to him and slammed the phone down on him. I would have told him to take his radio program and sell it or something.

          Brethren, if you want to serve the Lord you must be self disciplined enough to deny the prompting and urges of your carnal mind, and your emotions which are under the control of your carnal mind. Christ Jesus did not want me to tell him to sell his radio program and hang up on him. That would not have glorified God. God has people out there in the world who are listening to this radio program, and the Lord wants this door opened. 

          Who is the door? Jesus is the door, and he is in me. Whatever God is doing with this radio program, the door to the truth of God which brings deliverance from hell and death to everybody that the Lord is using this program to reach, is in me.  If I had told this guy to take his program and sell it I would have closed that door for every person that was out there hungering and thirsting and praying for a word of truth. Do you know what that would have made me? It would have made me an unprofitable servant.

          Talent is good brethren, but talent under the control of an undisciplined mind is salt which has lost its savor. If salt has lost its savor, what good is salting your food if what you are putting on your food does not taste like salt. We see a powerful move of the spirit in the church today to discipline the person bearing the young Christ Jesus where ever He is appearing. We cannot do it ourselves, brethren. If we could do it ourselves we would do it. Can a two month old baby discipline himself? We cannot do it, that is why we are under authority. The Scripture says that we are under tutors and governors. This is until Christ Jesus in us arises to a condition where He can discipline us Himself. 

          Our natural example is human children. Do you expect your three year old to do what a 20 year old man does? You do not expect it. Let us say you have several children in your house, and your three year old climbs up on a chair and switches the light switch on because he wants to get something out of the refrigerator. He takes the apple, and he does not shut the light off. Do you tell your three year old to climb back up on the chair and switch the light off?

          You probably rebuke him for climbing on the chair in the first place. If your 10 year old child walks into the kitchen and turns on the light and takes something from the refrigerator and departs from the kitchen without shutting off the light, what do you do? Hopefully, you send him back into the kitchen to shut the light off. You are not supposed to be doing that for them at 10 years old. You tell them, You put on the light, you shut it off. 

          You might take a three year old by the hand and lift him up to the light switch and say to him, Well now Junior you put it on, you shut it off as I hold you. Do not climb on the chair again, you could hurt yourself. I will hold your hand, we will do it together

          The person with the young Christ Jesus needs help, brethren, and your pride and your rebellion is going to oppose the help that God sends unto you. If you kill the help that God sends unto you, you are turned over to Satan who is strong enough to discipline you in a much more painful way. Do not kill the help that God sends to you just because the help is coming to you in the form of a human being. If you beat the help too hard they may not be available to you, and if that help is not available to you, someone that you cannot beat that hard may become available to you. Praise the Lord.

          This is an exciting message. God is growing us up. He has ministry for everybody. There is more work to do in this world than we could possibly hope to do. He wants you. He has a place for you. He has a ministry for you, but you must be trained, you must be processed, and then you must demonstrate your ability to do it. 

          Even David first slew the lion and the bear before he took on Goliath. You do not go right out and slay Goliath. Labor, brethren, faithfully in the ministry that God has placed you in. Do not be offended if you are asked to do menial work, but show your faithfulness and God will raise you up. Promotion comes from the Lord.

          This exhortation appears to have turned into a message this morning. Does anybody have any questions or comments on what I preached on so far?

          COMMENT: Sometimes, it appears some of us do not have a choice. God goes against our will, so where is the line, if we are not robots. I would like to have an understanding of this.

          PASTOR VITALE: Let us go back to our natural example of the small child. I believe a sensitive parent will, whenever possible, give that child a choice.  By way of an example, if your child has two snow suits, and he is going out in the very cold weather, he can have a choice of which of the snow suit he would wear but he does not have a choice about wearing a snow suit. Brethren, no sane parent is going to let their child go out in 30 degree weather without a snow suit. 

          I have seen 2 year old children throw absolute temper tantrums at being zipped into a snow suit. You take authority over the child and you say to them, You must wear a snow suit. Do you want the red one or the green one? Usually a two year old child is not going out by themselves; he is probably going out with you. You say to them, I am going out, you are not staying home, you do not have that choice. You are coming with me, so I will let you choose the red or the green snow suit, but you cannot stay home alone, and you must wear a snow suit. 

          I will violate my child's will and not let him go out in a bathing suit in 30 degree weather. The problem with human beings is we do not see what God sees. We do not see the whole picture. Of course it is the same problem with a young child. If an adult does that they have a childish mind, and again, I am not insulting you. Brethren, our minds are spiritually childish in at least some areas. 

          I have a lot of wisdom, but there are areas where if I am blind my mind is childish. What does that mean? You cannot see the long-range results for your behavior. When you find yourself in a situation and for what ever reason you do not have the ability to look into the future and accurately see the long-range results of your making a choice or your rejecting a choice, you are childish in that area, and your only protection under those circumstances is obedience. 

          Just do as you are told. When you grow up you will understand. God tells me to do a lot of things that I do not understand. When I grow up I will understand. I just do it. If I am capable of understanding He explains it to me. If I am not capable of understanding, I just do it. But if I do not do it, and the long-range result which I cannot see is a danger unto me He will violate my will. Thank God. 

          Can you hear what I am saying? Did I answer your question? Thank God He violates our will. If our life is in danger, if our health is in danger, if our spiritual life is in danger, thank God He violates our will. If He did not, it would be hatred towards us. Under such a circumstance, the violation of our will is the love of an adult towards us. In the natural, the love of an authority to us, is to violate our will.

          COMMENT: If He is planning to appear in someone, and He just takes a hold of that vessel and says He is going to appear is that not all of His choice?

          PASTOR VITALE: There are two different aspects to that question.  First of all, the whole creation has died. Therefore, His decision to appear in us is His decision to raise us from the dead. Any human being that can say, I do not want to be raised from the dead or I do not believe that I am dead or I love it in hell, and I want to stay here forever is spiritually insane, and spiritually insane people do not have any rights when the authority figure comes to take care of them. 

          He will raise them from the dead against their will if He chooses to do so. Can you hear that? But that is not happening in this hour. I do not see the Lord saving the whole creation against their will in his hour, and because of that, a false doctrine has evolved in the church which says that Jesus is a gentleman, and He would not take you against your will. That is why we have millions of people out there who are not serving Jesus Christ. I disagree with that. 

          I believe God has a plan to save this whole creation, and that that plan begins with the resurrection from the dead of a small group of people in whom He is putting His righteousness called Christ Jesus. The invisible Lord Jesus Christ is raising up a company of human beings which are visible, whose mind He is laying hold of and forming in the righteous, sinless, image of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          When this event occurs we will now have the Lord Jesus Christ appearing in the flesh of this company of men. He is not appearing as the man, Jesus of Nazareth, again, but that glorified man that was in Jesus of Nazareth is about to appear again in a company of men, who will be equipped, girded about with righteousness. There is no sin in them.

          The Lord Jesus Christ will have incarnated again, not just in one man, but in a company of men, and He is going out to save this creation against their will through this company. In this hour, as I see it, the primary thrust of the plan of God to resurrect this creation is, to raise up that company of visible men in whom He has desired to do this great work. Why does He not save the whole world now? Because that is not the way He is doing it. You do not like it, that is too bad. It is His plan. You are the victim, so shut up. 

          What are you telling Him not to do it for? This is how He is doing it. You say, But people are out there suffering, and dying, and terrible things are happening. Why doe He not save them now! I say, Jesus is taking His time to raise up this first fruits company. You say, He is a monster then. 

          Brethren, this is a hard word, but everything that is happening to everybody and anybody is the result of our original ancestor's sin, and we are him. I am sorry for everybody's pain. There are terrible things happening in the world today, but my God is a righteous God, and you cannot make Him unrighteous in your conversation with me. You cannot say that to me. I would not tolerate it. Every terrible thing that is happening out there is the result of sin.

          There is an Alternate Translation of Romans 8. It is one of those verses in Romans 8 which tells us how to identify the men who are in the process of being formed in the image of Christ. It says that when this processing is complete they will be without sin, and they are the ones who are being sent out to save the world. The way they can be identified is by looking at their lifestyle, what they are doing, the way they live their life. 

          They are confessing their sins, they are repenting, and they are forgiving everybody's sins, and praying that everybody should be raised from the dead whether they sin against them or not. That is how you identify this company which is not yet in perfection. That is what they are doing. They are confessing their sins, they are repenting of their sins, they are forgiving other people's sins, and they are praying that they, as well as everybody else, should ascend into a condition of sinlessness. That is what you look for. 

          They are not giving out tracts....well, they may be doing these things, but it is not the sign. The sign is not giving out tracts, the sign is not casting out demons, the sign is not healing the sick, the sign is not preaching, the sign is not teaching, the sign is not speaking in tongues, the sign is none of the gifts of the spirit. The sign is the fruit of the spirit, and the fruit of the spirit is the Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

          It is truth and it is the true love of God as I just described it, and there is no other sign. Jesus said to the Pharisees, This is the only sign I will give you, as Jonah was in the earth three days and three nights, that is the only sign I am giving you. There is only one sign of the man who is being raised up into a condition of sinlessness. There is only one sign. It is righteousness and the love of God which is in Christ Jesus. It is the only sign, but there are three aspects to this one sign.

          I did not finish what I was saying. I had said that there are two different aspects to the question of why it appears that the choice of the Lord Jesus Christ to appear in us is His unilateral decision.  First of all, the whole creation has died. Therefore, His decision to appear in us is His decision to raise the creation from the dead, and He will raise us from the dead against our will if He chooses to do so. The other condition that I recognize, however, is that the whole world is not being saved in this hour. I do not see the Lord saving the whole creation against their will in his hour. 

          I believe the people whom it appears God is taking against their will, have a divided will. I believe that their spirit at some point in the past and even now may have cried out, Lord Jesus, help me, Lord Jesus, help me, Lord Jesus, help me. The decision of the Lord Jesus Christ as to how to answer that righteous prayer may be to bring that person into a condition of sinlessness. When the Lord Jesus Christ goes forward to implement His response to their prayer, He brings them into this walk. When the Lord Jesus goes to answer their prayer, He has made a judgment that the answer to their prayer is to raise them up to sinlessness. 

          That may not be their carnal mind's answer to the prayer, but that is the Lord Jesus' answer to the prayer when He goes forth to bring it to pass. The soul of the person cries out and says, I cannot bear this, I do not want the pain of the process which is raising me up to sinlessness, I do not want it. So we have a double minded condition of a spirit that is crying out, Lord Jesus help me, and a soul that saying, Do not help me like this. I do not like your answer to my cry for help. I wanted a plane, and you sent a boat. 

          It appears to the carnal mind that the Lord may be taking you against your will, but He is really responding to the cry of your heart in a way that your carnal mind cannot comprehend. Therefore, the more you cry out, the more He apprehends you and brings you into the Kingdom.

          I would like to refer you to the Alternate Translation of Matthew, Chapter 7, Verse 13. Some of you know that I am continuously revising these Alternate Translations, putting them in simpler English and changing some of the terminology, so if you have a copy of the Alternate Translation with you this morning what I am going to read is a little bit different because what I have in front of me is a refined version of it, but, basically, this Scripture fits right into what I just told you. Verse 14 is what I am really getting to, but I will read you the whole concept.

          Matthew 7: 13-14, Alternate Translation, 

          13, Make sure that you have your spiritual experiences with Christ Jesus, the One who requires you to confess your sins, repent, and be purged from those sins before He gives you spiritual power because, even though the many members of fallen humanity are experiencing the spiritual power of the dragon at this time, the dragon is expressing the Serpent's image in your mind, and he is not in the image of God. And since making the journey from a natural man  to a spiritual man without experiencing the pain associated with having Christ Jesus formed in you leads to moral and spiritual ruin, the entrance way into true spiritual life requires you to be standing in the spiritual strength which results from Christ Jesus being formed in you because He is the only One strong enough to pressure your soul into the correct moral relationship with Him.

          (Here's the punch line) 

          14, But the lifestyle which leads to such a relationship of moral righteousness in Christ Jesus is afflictive and painful to your soul, and only those who have cast off the weight of sin are able to conform to it.

          Or we might say, are able to endure it. We see a human spirit crying out for help. The Lord's answer to you is for you to become spiritual. Let me put it to you this way. Your pain is because you are down here in hell. You have all heard those stories about those little red devils sticking you with pitchforks. Well, they are real. Do we all not get stuck with pitchforks down here? I do not know about you, but I get stuck with pitchforks all the time. It just does not look like how the comic books draw them. 

          You want deliverance from your pain? You may have an idea in your mind what form that deliverance should take, but the truth of the matter is, He is doing it His own way. You may think you are being taken against your will, but what has happened is that the Lord Jesus Christ has heard your prayer and is delivering you from the torments of this world by His own plan for you, not by the way you want to be delivered.

          Jesus always has the same plan, no matter who you are, no matter how old you are. It is the same plan, whether you are male or female, whether you are black, white, green, or yellow. No matter what your race or your language is, Jesus has the same answer to your problems, and it is sinlessness. It is deliverance out from this world where you get stuck with pitchforks.  

          We may be stuck with one or another pitchfork, but the bottom line is we are all getting hurt, and the pain is in our emotions. It does not matter what is causing the hurt; we have the same problem, which is we are all getting hurt, and it is the god of this world that is hurting us because he has the legal ground to hurt us. Why? It is because we are filled with sin. It does not matter how we are being hurt, it does not matter in what form we are being hurt, the answer to our predicament is to be elevated out from under the Devil's authority.

          Brethren, let me give you a graphic example on a very simple level. We are all in a jail. We are all in a spiritual jail down here with a sadistic warden. He tortures one man by starving him, and he tortures another man by beating him, and he tortures another man by putting him in solitary confinement, and whatever else your mind would like to conjure up that may go on in a jail under a very ungodly warden. There is one answer for every man being tortured. Get me out of here!

          If you could see the situation clearly, and you are the man who is being tortured with starvation, would you choose food in jail or deliverance from jail? I suggest to you that the only man who would choose food in jail is a man who does not have a vision that there is something better than being fed in jail, or someone who is so spiritually and emotionally sick that they are making an irrational choice, and are thus incompetent to make a decision. Even the laws of this country have a provision to declare certain people incompetent to make a decision. 

          Do you know that if you have parents or if you are a man with a wife or a wife with a husband, and there are children and property involved in your life, and the person who has the authority to minister those funds or to raise those children is mentally unstable and abusing the children or throwing the money away, you could take that person to court and have them declared incompetent and take away their power to administer their own life? You could take away their authority from them to disperse their own funds, by a court order. 

          Anyone who would choose food in jail over deliverance from jail is not competent. I, therefore, in Christ Jesus declare your decision invalid, and I remove from you your authority to make that choice, says the Lord. You are not qualified to make that choice.

          Brethren, we have all kinds of problems with morality and righteousness in this country today, but one law that still exists, and, as far as I know, is still enforced, is the law against suicide. If, tomorrow morning, it becomes evident to somebody that there is a man standing on the top of the Empire State Building, on the rail, trying to decide whether to jump or not, someone is going to call the police and take that decision making power away from him. 

          They are going to send a whole swat team up there. There will be policemen out there with bullhorns. There will be police cars all around and however they do it, they are going to send someone up to talk to him, and under certain circumstances they will throw tear gas. They are not going to stand by and let this man kill himself.

          Likewise, if you choose to abide in this place called hell when God has personally come to you and given you an opportunity to get out then you are not capable of making your own decisions. In this hour, the Lord is not giving this opportunity to everyone, but if He has come to you and said, Come on, break- out time, and you are so scared that you are frozen with fear, he is picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder and he is taking you anyway, if it is your time. 

          The bottom line is that you are not qualified to choose for yourself.  I suggest to you that it is only your time in this hour, if the cry of your heart at some point has been, Jesus help me. When you find out how He is helping you, you are so horrified that you want to get out of the contract, but Jesus does not break His contract. You say, Help me, and He says Okay, and it is an unbreakable contract. When you find out how He is helping you, you say, I changed my mind, and He says Tough

          He says, The minute I heard you cry my name I wrote your name in my book, and I not only said I am going to get you out, but I put down in my book what I am going to make you into. I put down in my book what ministry I am going to give you, and I wrote down the names of about 1,000 people whose lives you are going to save during your journey through this world, this lifetime.  I am not letting you out of your contract with me because there are 1,000 people waiting for your ministry to them, and I am not rubbing your name out of my book because I do not operate like that. Your dead soul is screaming and that is okay with me because I am going to give it life again, and when I give it life again it would not scream any more. 

          Did you ever go into a recovery room of people just out of surgery? They are moaning and they are groaning, and they look terrible. If you have never seen it before you might be terrified, thinking they will never get up out of that bed. They look worse than before they went in. That is just your soul in pain and the Lord is not looking at that. He has done a lot of these surgeries, and He knows what you are going to look like when He finishes with you. You are not going anywhere further than those little horse reigns you put on little kids can let you run, because you made a contract with the living God, and there is no out.

          COMMENT: When you were talking about being in the image of God, there are men out there who believe that as we are now, we are like God, that this is what God looks like.

          PASTOR VITALE: That we are God now? 

          COMMENT: Yes, like this. 

          PASTOR VITALE: This is the basis of their belief. Every error has an element of truth in it. This is the danger of false doctrine. If it was so bizarre that nobody would believe it, there is no danger in it. There is some element of truth in that. Every man that is formed does have God in them. The whole problem is, what condition is God in? What happened to the spirit, is He still alive? He died. 

          The God which is in us is the breath of life that was breathed into the creation at the time that God formed the living soul. The breath is God. The Son of God is God. Jesus said that the Father and I are one. The Son of God is God. The breath that was breathed into the dust at the beginning of time is God. We all have God in us, but He died. It is the message of the fall. We have been talking about it here for weeks now. God breathed the breath of life into the dust, and the creation, Adam, became a living soul. 

          The breath of God was life unto that dust. It was the beginning of the mind of the creation, but it was a mind which was not complete. It was an immature mind that was one thread. It was the first thread of mind which, when fully completed, would be formed from three threads. The three-fold cord is not easily broken. We see that it was the incomplete mind in the creation which was outwitted by the subtlety of the Serpent, but the three-fold cord, the mind which is completed, as we see in the man Jesus of Nazareth, cannot easily be broken.

          This is the mind that is made of three threads fully interwoven. What is the significance of having the three threads interwoven? Each of those threads is giving strength to the other, and we see in that interwoven condition a manifestation of the combined strength of the three strands. It was not a situation of three separate strands out there doing their thing. That is why unity is so important. 

          So many Christians today choose to withhold themselves from fellowship. They think they can make it without the local group. Do you know how many times I have heard, Oh, it is Jesus and I. Jesus is a many-membered body, and I do not know about you (whoever is hearing this tape), maybe you are a better man than I am, but I need Christ in everybody that God puts in my life because Christ Jesus in me is not complete. I have areas of weakness in my mind, and I need you. 

          I need every one of you that God has sent to be a part of us here. I may not need your soul, and I may not need the grief that you give me, but I need Christ in you, and whether you know it or not you need me. You may know that you need me, but you may not know that you need the lady sitting over there or that you need the man sitting over there. No matter how much you cannot stand certain aspects of their personality you need Christ in them. Why? Because in this hour there is nobody in the flesh whose Christ mind is complete. 

          Therefore, we come as close to completeness as is possible in this hour when a local group that God has raised up cleaves together in Christ. When we come into agreement, when we care about one another, when we are willing to pray for one another, we come as close to completeness as is possible in this hour. 

          Now do not mix up carnal caring with caring in Christ. People have lives, they have families, they have activities, they have responsibilities. Do not get your nose all out of joint because you ask somebody to do something for you and they could not do it. The only thing that matters is that when you are needy, someone is there who is willing to pray for you; that someone is there who will stop or stay off of their responsibilities for 5 or 10 minutes to pray that prayer which will join the Christ in them to you. 

          We need each other because none of us is complete in ourselves. Jesus had the spirit without measure. He did not need anybody, but I am not where He was. I want to tell you this, and it is the truth. Everybody that God has ordained to be in this fellowship who is not here, is contributing to everyone of us being incomplete. Do not tell me that I am putting a guilt trip on you. I am telling you the truth. 

          God has ordained for a certain number of people to be active participants in this fellowship, and for everyone who has refused to come (for whatever reason), there is a gap in that which they are supposed to be contributing to the whole that the Lord has ordained to be here. In due season, He will either bring them in or He will replace them because He is not punishing us because of other people's rebellion.

          However, the fact remains that there is a time span, from the moment the rebellion occurs until the moment that the Lord repairs, regroups. Or, maybe the Lord is giving that person a span of time to repent and come in. In that event, this group, this local fellowship, will suffer the loss. We will suffer the lack of that person's contribution in Christ until the Lord either brings them in or He makes a judgment that their time is up, and He cuts them loose and replaces them. 

          Paul said, if the body has a thumb that hurts, the toe feels it. Every failure in Christ of anybody in this group who is assigned here (whether they are present or not), is felt in some measure by this group. You may not be aware that you are feeling it. How could you not be aware that you are feeling it? Because we have never really experienced the completion of this group.

          We do not know what it would be like if everybody that God called here was here, and if everybody was doing what they were supposed to be doing. We do not know what it would be like, but I suspect very strongly that the demonic attacks and the curses and all the spiritual warfare that we go through would not be nearly as severe if everybody was doing their part. 

          God only knows how many people He has called here that are not here. I do not even know myself. We do not know how many people God has told to pray, people who do not even live in this area, and they did not understand what He was saying. I had someone call me from Florida once, after a week of severe warfare here, who said, How are you doing? You have been on my mind for a week; I just figured I would give you a call. It did not occur to them the Lord was saying, Pray, because we are immature, and we are uneducated, and we are without understanding in many areas.

          The body is young; the body is immature, and far from perfected. We therefore need each other. I further suggest to you that the only reason why you would willfully withhold yourself from the local group, if the Lord has made one available to you, is because you are experiencing pain in this walk. Everyone does not have a local group within a reasonable traveling distance, such ones have the tapes available to them, that is what the tapes are for. We have many people that just have the tapes or have a local group where they play a tape for the message. For some people, they are the only one in a very large radius who is where they are spiritually. 

          However, if you have an opportunity to be a part of a group, and you willfully choose not to come, there is only one root reason why you are not coming. You are experiencing pain in this cauldron. The prophet says we are in a cauldron, and there is a fire under it, and the water is boiling, and we are in it. What is the result of us being in this pot? What is happening to us? We are being boiled, and when you put bones in a pot what happens? The meat separates from the bone. The soul separates from the spirit. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. 

          If the bones could, they would pick themselves up and get out of the pot. If some cannibal had you in a pot of boiling water, would you not try to climb out? The only problem is we are Sons of God, and we have a revelation that this soul must separate from this spirit. The answer is not to climb out of the pot but to overcome that which is causing us pain. We are spirit, brethren, and if we stay in the pot and boil long enough, that flesh which is soul is going to separate from our bones which is spirit. All the pain is in the flesh, brethren. All the pain is in the flesh. You want to run away and keep your flesh? Well, if God lets you I would not try and stop you. I have enough problems.

          It is not true that God has called you to be isolated. I received a letter from somebody not long ago, who said, Isolation is the name of the game, isolation is forming me in Christ. Isolation is not forming you in Christ, brethren, you are running away. The truth is any church you go to will give you pain. There has to be somebody that you do not like or somebody that does not like you, or somebody that is jealous of you. The bigger the church you are in, the more opportunity there is for you to experience ungodly thoughts and emotions from those people's minds. 

          What is the answer to this problem? Do you go and rebuke the person? Do you try and control the person that is hurting you? Or do you seek God or Godly counsel as to how to overcome people's fallen humanity? Because people hurt one another, we hurt one another because we are fallen. 

          We have instruction how to overcome that. What is the instruction? How do we deal with someone who is hurting us?

          COMMENT: Forgiveness.

          PASTOR VITALE: What if you just cannot forgive, you just want to kill them? What do you do? Forgiveness is the answer, but it is frequently something we cannot do. Why can we not do it? We cannot, because forgiveness is an attitude of the heart, and more often than not we cannot control our attitudes.   

          You pray for them. You say the words, even if you do not feel that way. Declare what is in your heart as sin, and fight it by speaking another word. 

          Who did that happen to in the Bible? Who sought to curse Israel but could only bless them? Balaam. He opened his mouth to curse them, and all he could do was bless them. We have at least some control over what we say. We frequently have very little control over our emotions. Deny sin in your heart, by an open, verbal declaration that you bless them, that you know you are not forgiving them, but you desire to forgive them, and if you had the power to do it you would forgive them. 

          Do you know what my prayer is for someone who is envious of me? My prayer is if the Lord says you can have it, you can have it (I would not give it to you if the Lord did not say so). A lot of people are envious of preachers. They have no idea of the pain they go through. They just see someone sitting in front of a microphone, and they say, That looks like an easy job. You should only know. 

          A lot of people are envious, and I tell the Lord that if you want them to have my ministry, it is theirs. My prayer to the Lord is, All I ask you Father is that you let me be a productive person. I would be very unhappy if I had nothing to do. If you want to give somebody this work that I have labored in, that my blood is in, for seven years, plus all the blood I shed in preparation for it, if you want to give it to somebody else, if it is your decision, let them have it. I am believing that you will still make a way for me to be a productive person. That is all I ask for. That is how I deal with envy.

          Put your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to meet your basic needs. I have several basic needs, food, shelter, and an ability to experience Christ. I should put Christ first. Physically speaking, I need food and shelter, but spiritually speaking, I need to experience Christ or I am dead. However He gives it to me, He gives it to me. I pray for anyone who is envious of me, that God gives them a ministry, if it is the will of the Lord. 

          I cannot give it to you, but I pray that He gives you all that He would be willing to give you, that He raises you up to your fullest potential as a human being and as a Son of God, that you should have everything and be everything that you are capable of being. 

          I prayed that prayer many times when my heart was not saying that, and then one day I realized that I was praying that prayer and meant it. I confessed with my mouth and the Lord Jesus Christ changed my heart. If nobody hates you and nobody is envious of you, how will you have the opportunity to overcome their hatred and envy?

          Unless God has specifically ordained your isolation, you are preventing yourself from growing. There is a possibility that God has ordained your isolation; some people have periods of isolation (not everybody, some people) ordained by God. However, if God has not ordained your withdrawal from a group, if God has not ordained your isolation, if you have isolated yourself, you are bringing yourself to a position of infantilism without any opportunity to grow. 

          You are putting yourself into a position of a human infant with no human contact. Does anybody here know what happens to a human infant who is never touched? They die, they die brethren, they physically die. There were studies done by psychologists that showed that they die. Studies done with infants in orphanages, where the babies were fed with a bottle that was propped up, and the only contact they had was a couple of times a day when their diaper was changed, showed that they died. 

          People need to be touched. Not only physically but emotionally and spiritually. When you sit in a meeting like this you are being touched. Jesus is touching everybody here today. Lord willing, we will learn how to work together and how to live together, and how to love one another, and before we can do that we must learn how to submit to one another. You must learn how to submit to authority. You have to get in right order. You have to have order, you have to have reason, you have to have peace, then love comes or the expressions of love. 

          Someone bringing you into right order is a manifestation of love. To choose to withhold yourself because of pain is not God's way, and He would not bless it. He may or may not let you do it for a season. I know people who have done it, and he has tolerated it. If He has not ordained it, the spiritual growth usually stops or goes backwards. 

          If you know somebody who is without a local fellowship, and they are truly growing spiritually, which you may or may not be able to judge, it can only be because God has agreed to it. If God has not agreed to it they are going backwards spiritually. Be careful how you look at the person. They may be prospering financially, they may look okay, but check out their spiritual life. How do you check out someone's spiritual life? You have to listen to what they have to say.

          Did you ever see a bunch of young children or young adults together? They do not take any junk from anybody. If they see their brother or sister mistreated, they respond. Everything is out in the open. Children are not subtle.

          There is nothing as competent in getting your sins exposed as being in a group situation because most people are going to do something to show you that you are hurting them. We even see this principle put into effect in the Army or the Marine Corps. If there is one person breaking the rules, and the Noncom cannot find out who is doing it, what do they do, does anybody know? Everyone gets punished. The Noncom goes outside and takes a cigarette and he lets the group find out who is making everybody do a 100 pushups 5 times a day. 

          When you are in a group situation like this, brethren, God will use our immaturity and our maturity, and He will use everything available in this situation to expose our sins. For what purpose? To embarrass us? To humiliate us? Because He hates us? No, so that our sins will be visible, so that they can then be dealt with. Hopefully, everyone in the group will manifest the love of God, and through prayer, and kind and supportive thoughts towards that person (this is very important), help the person see their own sins because most of us are blinded to our own sins, and help them to overcome.

          Most of us are blinded to our own sins, and all we know is we feel bad, all we know is we are upset, we do not know why. There is nothing like rubbing together spiritually with another person in the group who will tell you the truth about yourself which you would not believe when you first hear it, but there is just something about the way the Lord works with us. Something happens when we hear it, even if we do not believe it when we hear it. The word goes into our mind, and once we hear it, the Spirit of God lays hold of it (if it is the truth), and at some point will convict us of that truth. Jesus said that the truth will set you free. It is very important to be in a fellowship if God provides one for you. Are there any other questions or comments?

          COMMENT: Someone once told me that how you deal with your problems, whether you are in Christ or not, depends on #1, how old you are and #2, how mature you are. Can you clear up that statement? For me, since I am young, compared to xxxx , and two different minds.... 

          PASTOR VITALE: Are you talking about how you deal with problems? Yes, everybody's spiritual or emotional maturity is not lined up with their physical years. There is such a thing though as experience, so if we have somebody that has lived 50-60 years, and they have raised a family (usually if you have put in those years, and especially if you have raised a family) they have had some measure of life experience that should give them some ability to deal with life. However, you know that we find people who fit that category, that is, are 50-60 years, and have raised a family, but are very immature in other areas. 

          Generally speaking, the whole idea of Christ being formed in us is that we are not being given maturity in Christ just as a gift. The Lord wants us to develop and mature, and as we go through the process, a foundation is being built underneath us that we would not be able to lose.

          Let me put it to you this way. I had this example a couple of months ago. Let us say we are existing on this level, and we have a measure of spiritual maturity in us which we did not gain by overcoming in a situation, so we are up here without overcoming experience, but with this revelation of how to deal with something. There is therefore a vacuum, an empty space, between our foundation and the emotional or spiritual place that we are dwelling. We are up there, we are taking the victory, we have the problem all under control, everything is good, and then one more problem falls on us, and what happens? We go down. When we go down, it is usually a depression or some sort of problem. 

          What Jesus wants to do for us is to build this foundation. When we read Chapter 21 of the book of Revelation it speaks about the Holy Jerusalem, the new Jerusalem, the one that is made in the righteous image of Christ. It has 12 foundations. That means that there is rock between this ground and the place where are abiding. There is no vacuum. There are 12 foundations of solid rock that are built up underneath us, they can only be built. This original foundation is given to us. We are born with this. It is what is giving us existence. What we are lacking are these 12 foundations between where we are dwelling and the foundation. 

          When Jesus comes, He fills in this empty space with 12 foundations of solid rock which we receive through overcoming experiences. When we are up there in this high place and another problem comes and puts pressure on us, if we crash we can only go down that far because there are 12 foundations of rock underneath us. It is a question of how far you fall, and then eventually that rock will be built up so high underneath you that you would not be able to fall at all.

          What I am trying to say to you is that this whole concept of Christ being formed in you instead of Christ being given to you as a gift means that it is a strength that comes to you from the intertwining of the Mind of Christ, which is spiritual power. The mind of Christ is being built in us as we go through experiences and overcome, as we learn from our experiences and grow, overcoming conflicts which everybody experiences in life, because overcoming power is available in Christ Jesus. Every time we overcome, one of those 12 foundations is being built up in us. That is the formation of Christ. 

          The gift of righteousness puts us up here, with this vacuum between the foundation, but the formation of Christ in us puts us on solid rock whereby we can never fall. I hope I answered your question. Experience is important. Age is important, but no matter how old you are, you have to be learning something, and your overcoming experiences are all being intertwined together to make you absolutely undefeatable in Christ Jesus. With each crisis that comes into your life you are better equipped to overcome. It is not that the crisis is less severe, it is that you have matured into a place where you are walking on the water.

          The more times you overcome, the more victories you have, the more your faith is built. This means when the next crisis comes (and the crisis must surely come if you are down here in hell), you have a whole memory bank full of times that you were in crisis and Jesus gave you the victory. You have a whole computer bank filled with knowledge of how you overcame. 

          You are able to say, This happened to me and Christ came through, and this happened to me and Jesus came through in a way that I would never have believed He could have come through, and I am a little scared, but I believe He is going to come through again because He came through once, and He came through twice. I thought I was a goner at that time, but here I am still kicking, and I believe He is going to come through again. 

          I have had a very hard walk, and everybody does not have the same degree of difficulty. My life became very difficult from the moment the Lord began to call me. Some people have that testimony. Some of the worst years of my life have been since I came into Christ, but I am continuously overcoming. However, it has been my hardest period, and I would be lying if I said otherwise.  

          I heard a preacher preach something that really distressed me. This was quite awhile back, before the Lord raised up this ministry. I heard the preacher say that it was his experience that the trials do not go away, that if anything, as you mature in Christ they get harder, but he said (this was this man's testimony), My ability to overcome them has increased to the point that even though the trials get harder, my life is getting better. There is a Scripture that supports this, and it says, Sin doth abound down here. It is greatly spread out, but where sin abounds grace doth much more abound. 

          No matter how severe the trial is that comes to you, everything is relative to the maturity of Christ in you.  They talk about the Richter Scale that registers earthquakes, 8 points on the Richter Scale would be a severe earthquake. Let us say you have an 8 point severe trial, but Christ Jesus is at the 10 mark, you are not overcome. If you take a human being in whom Christ Jesus is at the 5 mark, an 8 point trial is destruction. Everything is relative. If you have a believer in whom Christ Jesus is at the 3 point on the scale, and you have a 4 point trial, that person is overcome. It does not matter how strong the trial is, the determining factor in your life is the place at which Christ Jesus is, at least until He raises you up in righteousness, at which time these trials will have no power over you at all. 

          I am very glad that in my life today, I can stand here and say unto anyone who is willing to listen, that my trials have been abundantly difficult, but in every trial that has tried to bring me down, grace has much more abounded in my life. Sin hath not dominion over me. In another place it says, This is how I know that my God saves me, because sin hath not dominion over me. The trial must come, and the trial will come, and the winds will blow, and the hurricanes will rage, and the floods will overflow, but there is no disaster that can pluck me out of my God's hands. There is only one thing that can pluck me out of my God's hand, and that is me turning my back on Him. Did I answer your question?

          Experience is important. It is the difference between the imparted and the imputed anointing. What does it mean, to impute? It means to just give it to you. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. The imparted anointing is that which is growing up in you from seed, that which is being formed in you. That is the difference between the two places in Christ. If all you have is an imputed anointing, the day will surely come when your walk with the Lord will collapse. So why does God give you an imputed anointing? Why would He give you a gift if that gift installs you in a place from which you can fall? 

          Brethren, the reason God will give you a temporary anointing (the imputed anointing is temporary, it is a gift) and take it away (the Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away), is this. It has a purpose. The gifts and the calling of God has a purpose. It sets you up in a high place, and gives you power over the difficulties in your life for a season. I hear them screaming. Listen, prophecy is passing away; the gifts are passing away, read your Bible. The anointing which is a gift, is for a season, to give you power over the powers and principalities of this world who are succeeding in destroying you so that you might confess your sins and repent and have the true anointing built up in you from the bottom up. 

          There is a whole church world of people out there who may have never heard this message. May God have mercy on their souls. They are out there dancing and singing and looking at their brother and looking at the heathen and judging the world and doing all kinds of things, thinking that when their body dies they are going to heaven. Meanwhile, they are not confessing their sins and they are not repenting, and Christ is not being formed from seed in them. Those 12 foundations and those 12 layers of rock are not being built up in them.

          The wind is starting to blow, and their house is coming down. It is going to collapse, and it is only the house that is built on the rock that is going to stand. The imputed anointing is a house that is built on sand, and it was not given to you to be permanent. It is a temporary filling, brethren. The gifts and calling of God is a temporary filling. You are going to lose that tooth if you do not get the real thing imparted into you before it is too late.

          According to the parable of the talents, he who was given a gift from God, and did not bring it to a point of increase, he who was given the talent and buried it under the earth of his soul and did not even put it out for usury,  what happened to it? It was taken away from him and given to another, and that person who had the gift and did nothing with it became a fallen man without a gift. He went back into the world. He came out from under the protection of God. 

          Brethren, the hour is at hand. Either you go into the tribulation, into the Lake of Fire which is going to refine you and bring you forth in righteousness, or you are going back into the world. Either the Lake of Fire is going to burn off your sin, and you are going to come out of the furnace as a righteous man of God in the image of the Lord Jesus Christ or you are going back into the world. That may not be happening to you today, and it may not be happening to you tomorrow, but you are going to see it happen. There are going to be many people who believe they are Christians, but would find out that they are not. 

          What is a Christian? A Christian is one who lives out of Christ. It is not enough to have Him being formed in you. You have to be thinking with Him, making decisions out of Him, and violently rejecting your carnal mind. That is what a Christian is. They are in for a big surprise.

          Brethren, this is the sign of being a spiritual man. It has nothing to do with casting out demons or healing the sick. Casting out demons and healing the sick is a good work. It is a good labor in Christ, but it is an activity which gratifies the soul. It is something which makes you feel good. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment, a feeling of power, of favor with God. If the Lord lets you do it, it is a good thing, but it is not the sign that you are evolving into Christ. It is not the sign that Christ Jesus is being formed in you. It is not the sign that you are becoming the righteousness of God. This is the sign that you are becoming the righteousness of God.

          Revelation 14:18, Alternate Translation 

          And those men who had become spiritual men were violently and verbally rejecting their adamic, fallen emotions, and Satan's spiritual authority over their thoughts, and they were furiously determined to live by the emotions of Jesus Christ and the righteous thoughts of the Father, and they were saying to Jesus, let your emotions and the Father's thoughts prepare and strengthen us for the fiery trials which shall separate us from our adamic soul now that Christ Jesus is mature enough to keep us alive in this world system. And they flowed out of their adamic souls into the glorified soul of Jesus Christ, and they joined with Him. And the first fruits of the second generation of Sons appeared in and became one with the glorified soul of Jesus Christ which had authority over Satan.

          They were violently and verbally rejecting their adamic emotions. Do you remember that I just talked about it? You may be filled with unforgiveness and hatred, but let your words disagree with your carnal heart. They were violently and verbally rejecting their adamic emotions, and Satan's spiritual authority over their thoughts. They were rejecting verbally and violently Satan's spiritual authority over their thoughts, and they were furiously determined to live by the emotions of Jesus Christ and the righteous thoughts of the Father.

          Brethren, you have to be verbally, violently (spiritual violence, that is), furiously denying the thoughts and emotions of your fallen mind. Do you have intense emotions? Do you have anger? Do you have rage? Do you have passion? Stop directing it towards your brother, and turn it inward to the Devil within you and kill him. Do you know what it is called? The world has a name for it. It is called sublimation. What does that mean? It means to lay hold of the spiritual energy that you are experiencing and direct it in another direction. 

          Do you know, brethren, that an excellent source of electric power is the re-direction of water? The power or force of a river flowing with great speed can be harnessed. Man has built dams in many places. They lay hold of the force which is created by the flowing of the water. They redirect it. They build a dam, they build channels, they build walls, so that the water is forced to go in a particular direction, and somehow they get electricity out of it. How ever they do it, I am not sure, I am not an engineer.

          Do not deny your rage, do not deny your passion. Two things happen when you deny your passion. Denial is death. Listen to me, it is death. Rage, and passion, is energy. You cannot kill it. You cannot kill it. The most you can hope for is to redirect it. If you deny it, one of two things happens. 

          First let me define denial. Denial is called suppression. You press it down. You say, I am not going to admit that it is there. I am not going to let it come out. I am not going to redirect it. I am just going to push it down and act like it is not there. 

          What happens if you take a pot and put water in that pot and put an air tight cover on it, and you boil the water in the pot with no safety valve or outlet for the steam? What happens? There is an explosion, and the whole pot is destroyed. You are the pot.

          Jesus said something like that. He said that if you put new wine in an old wine skin, when the wine ferments, and bubbles up and increases, it is going to burst the wine skin. The wine skin is a type of our soul. Do not put that energy in a sealed pot, brethren. When you press it down or suppress it, that is what you are doing, and either one of two things will happen. 

          Either the pressure builds up so bad that you explode, and that means some form of destruction in your life, or, if your mind is powerful enough and place is found in someone that you know, that energy gets pushed underground and it travels underground, and erupts in someone else.

          Do you know that happens to water? Water is a source of energy. There could be a raging flood traveling underground, and at some point it breaks out through the earth, and we have a flood. You can also liken it to a volcano eruption. 

          If you are powerful enough to keep it down, it is going to travel underground until it finds a human being that you have some kind of connection with, whose boundaries or walls are not that strong or are weaker than the energy that is coming from you that you have pushed down, and it is going to find place in that other person. 

          You are walking around with a big smile on your face looking like you have completely overcome this problem, and there is someone standing on the other side of the room raving like a lunatic. You are looking at them, wondering what is wrong with them. What is wrong with them is that the energy that you have succeeded in suppressing has broken through the earth in their soul, and there is a volcano exploding in them.

          The world knows about this. There are psychologists that know about this. I read a lot of psychology books, and I have read about this for several years, and I never understood what they were talking about. The way the psychologists express it is this. They will say that every family is a system. If you have a mother and a father and three children, you do not have 5 separate people. You have one system with parts to it. 

          If one part of the system is wounded all other 4 parts feel it. If one part of that system has this condition of rage, for example, or any form of passion and they are strong enough to press it down, the chances are like 99.5% that that rage will find expression through one of the children. 

          Why? Because the parent is an adult, the parent is mature, the parent has authority. That rage that is traveling underground has to go somewhere, and it is most likely going to find place in one of the children who is not yet fully developed, and what do we then have in the family? We have a bad kid, we have a behavior problem, and sometimes we have a sick child. 

          The way the psychologists express it is that child is carrying the pain for the whole family or that child is carrying the father's pain. The child is screaming and yelling and acting out and not going to school, and rebelling, and mouthing off and doing all kinds of stupid things, and he does not even know why. 

          The father is sitting there, Mr. Perfect Citizen, saying, What is wrong with you son? I do not know what is wrong with you. I fed you every night, bought your clothes, gave you a Corvette for your birthday, sent you to the best schools, and you are acting like a raving lunatic. What is your problem? 

          Maybe it is your rage, father, which you have not dealt with in a godly manner that is affecting him. Maybe it is your rage at your wife that you have suppressed which has gone underground, and which, like a raging river, has broken through the earth of your son's soul, and he does not even know why he is acting like a lunatic. 

          The psychologists know about it. There are books written about it. Do not tell me I do not know what I am talking about, because I know what I am talking about.

          If you suppress your passions, one of two things will happen. They will break through the earth of somebody's soul which is a violation of them (and it can really hurt, if not ruin, that person's life), or if there is nobody that has weaknesses in this area, it will back up and explode in you. 

          If you have water or energy, and it presses against the walls, and it cannot break through it backs up and blows up through you.  If you suppress this rage (a more common name for suppression is denial), one of two things is going to happen, it will be destructive, either to you or to somebody else. 

          You must sublimate it, you must redirect it, you must let it express itself under your dominion. You tell it where it can express itself, and I suggest to you with all my strength that you cry out to Jesus and ask Him to have that rage redirected against your own carnal mind and the Devil in you. Let the Devil self-destruct. Do not self-destruct. Do not let Christ Jesus self-destruct. Use this power to kill the Devil in you. 

          You do not know how to do it? You do it with words. Petition Jesus, and tell Him you have heard this message, and you would like to do this, and you want His help. Ask Him for what you need to do. Ask Him to do all that He would do, so that we get this thing done. Do not let this energy source kill you or hurt innocent people or hurt people who are trying to help you. Let us get the root of this thing out. It is called deliverance in Christ Jesus. 

          You cannot make it go away. It is not going away. It is merely a question of what you are doing with it, and if you have been doing the wrong thing with it, let us start doing the right thing with it. Let us put the guns on the enemy, brethren. Let us put the gun in the right place. There are 9 bullets in the barrel, and you already shot yourself 8 times. Is this last shot going to be in your mouth in the finish, or are you going to shoot your enemy. Let us get it together. Is there anybody else?

          COMMENT: I was just thinking of an example. One of my girl friends' father was sitting in the backyard and lightening came down and struck his chair and killed him and it actually came and burrowed under the ground, half a block into a house and into another place and into a greenhouse, and a man jumped out of the place terrified at the lightening, how it went into these residences. 

          PASTOR VITALE: I did not know that lightening traveled underneath the ground. I did not know that. Thank you for sharing that with me. That is very interesting because lightening in the Scripture is a symbol of spiritual power.

          We see spiritual power on two levels. The god of this world has spiritual power, and the Lord Jesus Christ is in this world with spiritual power.  Symbolically speaking, the water under the ground would typify the spiritual power of this world which would be Satan, but the lightening would more likely be the spiritual power of God.

          COMMENT: She said she actually saw it burrow underground. 

          PASTOR VITALE: Really, like you would see in a movie? She saw the lightening or she saw the ground bump up? 

          COMMENT: She saw the ground bump up. The lightening killed her father, went right down into the ground and to the greenhouse, and the man in the greenhouse was terrified and jumped out. He thought he was being bombed.

          PASTOR VITALE: There is an important message in this teaching. The Lord has been showing it to us for a while now. It is really important that we begin to understand that as we become more and more spiritually sensitive, people's emotions can be traveling through us, especially those people that we have close soul ties with. 

          Brethren, when sin is appearing in us (and rage is sin, lust is sin), when we feel it in us, when we perceive it in us, we have to immediately disagree with it and fight it. It only becomes our sin when we agree with it. When we agree with it, we have engaged in a form of spiritual adultery. Where is this passion, this rage and this lust coming from? It is coming out of our fallen nature which is the Devil in us. 

          If through the mind of Christ in us we are saying, I see sin in my mind, and I reject it, I do not agree with it, I do not want it, then, according to the teaching of Paul, it is no longer us but sin that dwells in us, and there is no consequence for this sin. If we go after it, and we cry out to Jesus, He shall surely deliver us from the sin in our mind. As we are told in Revelation 20, lightening from heaven came down and killed that manifestation of Satan which was trying to break out from the chains that Christ Jesus had put on him, and this is happening in the mind. 

          However, the sin is imputed unto you if that sin succeeds in expressing itself through you. What does that mean? If you express rage at somebody, it does not matter whether the sin originated with you or whether it was someone else's sin that had invaded you, you are guilty. The fact that that sin found place in you, that it filled your mind, whether or not it expressed itself through your mouth, is sin for you. You must immediately confess it as your sin and repent.

          My point here is that if you find yourself acting contrary to your nature, if you are a person who is rarely angry and all of a sudden you are raging like a lunatic, it is a good thing for you to go before the Lord and say, Father I am not denying my guilt, I did it, but what is happening to me? I have reason to believe that it is not a part of my nature to rage like this. If it is coming from somebody else, help me to close up my boundaries because I have just been raped. 

          It is not that anybody meant to do me any harm, but there was an energy source in somebody's mind that was flowing out of their mind even though they tried to suppress it, and it found place in me. There was a weakness in my spiritual defenses, and that energy broke through the ground of my soul, and expressed itself through me. Spiritually speaking, it is rape. I was raped by the Devil. He used my personality and my mouth to express his sin.

          We must be responsible for the fact that it was a weakness that let this happen, and there is only one thing that could let this happen. There is only one thing that could cause it to happen, and that is sin in me. There had to be some ground in me that let this happen. We confess our sin and ask the Lord to close up our boundaries, to strengthen our weaknesses, and we pray for everybody concerned that all should be delivered from this affliction and this bondage.

          Listen to this major point. By becoming spiritual people we must know that it is possible for someone else's sin to find place in us. We must be ever vigilant, guarding against it. 

          However, if you have not already overcome the sin in your own life then this message is not even for you because if you are running around screaming like a lunatic all the time anyway, it really does not make much difference if it is someone else screaming through you. You have to overcome the sin in your own heart first. You will never overcome someone else's sin manifesting through you if you cannot take the victory over it when it is truly originating from you.

          Concentrate on overcoming sin that is truly originating with you. Concentrate on it. Once that victory is taken to the point that you rarely get angry any more, then you can concentrate on defending yourself against somebody else's sin expressing itself through you. It does not have to be anger. It can be any intense emotion; envy, hatred, murder, lust, any intense emotion that you truly believe, as you stand before Christ, is no longer a part of your nature. 

          The way you deal with it is to go before the Lord and ask, What happened to me? If it turns out that it is the energy from someone else's mind that has gone underground and broken through the earth of your soul, and you cannot pray it down yourself, you need the prayers of the Saints. You need the combined strength of Christ Jesus in others and yourself, because Christ Jesus in several other people can close up your barriers. Then you forgive everybody, and you pray for everybody's deliverance.

          If you have a family or a spiritual family, you have soul ties with them and their suppressed emotions can affect you. It can also happen with your work colleagues. Any group of people that have a relationship which gives them attachment to one another, develop soul-ties with one another. For instance, if you have been working at a particular place of business for a while, you spend 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week with these people, you are a work family, you have soul ties with them. In the old order church they will call this transference of spirit. 

          The term transference of spirit implies that someone has a demon, and it jumps on you. I must disagree with that. There is no demon that can jump on you if you do not have the potential for that demon to be formed in you. The carnal mind of the soul is the opposite of the spirit. The soul sees things backwards from the spirit. If I hold this book up in a mirror I see print, but the letters look backwards. Everything that is comprehended with the mind of the soul or the mind of the flesh is seen backwards. There is probably a truth in it, but they are seeing it backwards. 

          There is transference of spiritual energy, but it is not a question of you being innocent and my demon jumping on you which makes me the bad guy and you the good guy. That is not accurate. There is no demon that could jump on me, and there is no sin that can manifest in me unless I have the potential for that sin to start with. It is not so much transference of a spirit from me, as in me getting rid of it and it jumping on you. It does not work that way. 

          What it means is there is something ungodly manifesting in my soul, and it has pressed your buttons, it has made contact with your potential to express the same sin, and your already sin-filled fallen soul has risen up and said, Amen, hallelujah, let us rebel, and all of a sudden rebellion is flowing through your soul also. Jesus said that the prince of this world cometh, and he has nothing in Him. Every temptation known to man was propelled against Jesus who was Christ, but Jesus who was Christ did not reflect that sin which was pressing on Him through His personality. He was tempted by every sin known to man, but no sin was found in Him.

          Yes, you can catch sin from somebody else, but only if you have the potential for that sin yourself. If you are immune to polio, and you walk into a polio ward, no one with polio can give you polio. If you are immune to the bubonic plague, and you are surrounded by people with the bubonic plague, if you kiss someone on the lips with the bubonic plague, if you eat with the same fork as someone with the bubonic plague you cannot catch the bubonic plague, if you are immune to the bubonic plague. 

          Let us get it straight. There are no innocent parties. We are all fallen. We are dead, and the potential for spiritual leprosy exists in all of us. The single answer to every problem known to man is an ascension out of this world of hell, a transference from death unto life, a transference from the sin nature unto a righteous nature, and in the meantime, while we are waiting for that to happen we stay away from potentially inflammatory situations. 

          We stay away from people from whom we might catch sin unless the Lord tells us we are equipped to go and help them. Brethren, you do not go and put yourself in a company of murderers to witness to them if Jesus does not send you. You could get killed or you  could become a murderer yourself. That potential for murder in you can be developed. Hang out with righteous people, and let their righteousness touch you.

          COMMENT: I have listened to the tape on soul ties, and I do not know what it means. 

          PASTOR VITALE: You do not know what it means? 

          COMMENT: No. 

          PASTOR VITALE: Let me start with this. Paul said, This is a great mystery, but a man and his wife, they are one flesh. That does not mean this physical flesh. It means in the invisible world of one's soul, when you come together, your soul joins, and you become one soul, even though you are separated in your body. When you marry someone, you make a contract to make a life together, and you come into one whole, and that is a godly soul tie. The Lord blesses it, but there are other situations in which two or more people's soul can come together and become one, and when God does not bless it, it becomes a destructive thing for one person.

          Some of those circumstances are the practice of the Occult, witchcraft, homosexuality, or any form of sexual sin, fornication, and adultery. Any form of agreement of mind produces a cleaving together of the soul. We read about this in Genesis Chapter 34, in the account of Dinah who was raped by Shechem. She was raped by a prince of an enemy tribe, and the Scripture says, his soul cleaved unto her. She was raped, but he fell in love with her. He did not just get up and walk away. There was a consequence for that rape that he did not count on. It was a physical contact that he thought would be over with, but his soul got caught, and because his soul got caught he sought to marry the woman. 

          A soul tie was formed, and what are some of the signs of a soul tie? It is an intense relationship, a relationship which opens an opportunity for one person to influence another person. In a marriage, when a woman marries a man she has agreed to be influenced by her husband. She agrees to it. God says that the man is the head of the wife, and if she submits to him they have peace, but it is possible for two people to enter into an agreement of mind where one person will begin to dominate the other person in an ungodly manner. 

          You can have an ungodly soul tie with your mother or with your father. A woman marries and in some instances we see a war arises between the mother of the bride and the husband of the bride, because the mother still wants to dominate the daughter. We see a war going on between the husband and the mother, because the mother has an ungodly soul tie with the daughter. The Scriptures says in such an instance, Wife cleave unto your husband, and the two of you tell the mother that this cannot be. But sometimes the mother has such power over the daughter, such an ungodly union of their soul that the daughter really sides with the mother over the husband. It is a very ungodly triangle that has to be broken by the power of Christ. Did I answer your question? 

          COMMENT: Yes.

          COMMENT: I want to say that I am really glad that I am here today. I have tried several times to come. Last week, I thought that I should really come, and I am glad that I am here. My husband and I are very grateful for your support and prayers. God bless you for it. 

          PASTOR VITALE: Thank you. It is a blessing to help.

          COMMENT: When you talked about Jesus saying that there was nothing in Him (The prince of this world comes but has nothing in me), what you are really saying is that there were no soul ties with the world, no triggers in Him, no magnetic poles in Him? 

          PASTOR VITALE: Let me clarify this, just for the people listening to the tape. There was no potential for sin in Him. There was nothing that could have seduced Him to sin. 

          COMMENT: But we have that potential in us? 

          PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, we all have the potential to sin. That is why even when we are seduced to sin, it is never completely the other person's fault. The weight of the guilt can be, and frequently is, more to that person,  but the fact that a man has fallen into sin means he had to be a sinner, because a righteous man cannot fall into sin, no matter what the temptation, or no matter how powerful the seduction. 

          A righteous man, not a good man now, a righteous man, will not sin, cannot sin. A righteous man is incapable of sin. An unrighteous man is incapable of righteousness. He may do good, but he is incapable of righteousness, and a righteous man is incapable of sin. Christ Jesus is incapable of sin; therefore, if Christ Jesus is being formed in you, righteousness is in you, but not possessing you. Can you hear that? Righteousness was in the baby Jesus, but not completely controlling Him until the baby Jesus attained to 30 years of age. Righteousness can be in you, but not controlling you.

          COMMENT: Our potential to sin, is that considered an evil root in us? 

          PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it is an evil root in us, the Devil in us is the evil root.

          COMMENT: You said the potential was not found in Jesus. Are you talking about when He attained to full stature? Is that what you are talking about, full stature? 

          PASTOR VITALE: You are a blessing XXX, your questions are excellent, you really challenge me. I will clarify it. Yes, the potential for sin did exist in Jesus of Nazareth, but it was completely under the control of Christ Jesus and unable to manifest. The spiritual man, Christ Jesus, was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. The spiritual man Christ Jesus had such a hold on the fallen personality which Jesus inherited from His mother. He was exercising such a faithful control over it and such a complete control over it that for all intents and purposes that potential to sin was not functioning. It was not functioning. And this is our hope too, that when Christ Jesus is fully matured in us, He will put our fallen personality, the devil, completely underfoot, rendering us sinless. Christ in us, our hope of glory.

          This is our hope, brethren, Christ in us, the hope of glory. Our hope is that the man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man, will mature in us to such a strength that, as we are told in our Alternate Translation, Romans 8:20-21, that He, Christ Jesus, will have the power to subject or bring under His authority the one who has subjected us. 

          Who has subjected us to his authority? We are all under the authority of the Devil, and he is killing us. Our hope is for Christ Jesus to bring him under His authority. This hope in us is not for streets of gold. The hope is that the man Christ Jesus in our own heart, will arise with such a maturity, and such strength which comes with that maturity, that He will bring into subjection our fallen personality known as the Devil, and that He will fill in and cover over every area of potential for sin in us, so completely that for all intents and purposes, we will be incapable of sin.

           COMMENT: You said the potential in Him was not functioning. I would like to understand that because to me I define the potential as the fact that there is something there that is functioning, and that is why it is a potential. Are you saying that the potential was not functioning? Could you explain that to me. 

          PASTOR VITALE: The only way I can explain it to you is this. We have this concept in modern medicine (any doctor will tell you), that most people have the potential for cancer or other diseases in their body but do not necessarily have the disease, it is not functioning. A person can have the HIV virus in their blood but may not come down with AIDS. They do not get cancer, AIDS or the other diseases because there is also another factor in their body that keeps the disease potential dormant, sleeping, not working. However, under certain conditions the cancer will become activated. We see this principle in medicine.

          We see this principle in chemistry too. There is something in chemistry called a catalyst. If a chemist wants to produce a certain reaction between two chemicals, a catalyst would be required to bring about the reaction. For example, we know that table salt is made from two elements, sodium and chloride. Table salt is sodium chloride. If you have sodium and you have chloride how does salt come into being? I really do not know, but off the top of my head I would tell you there is a catalyst that is necessary which will bind the two elements, and that catalyst is usually, if not always, some form of heat. 

          The principle is throughout the creation. The medical word for it is proclivity. People are said to have a proclivity, or a potential for all kinds of diseases which may not necessarily manifest in one person but manifests in another.  Scientists are always doing tests to find out how come that man got it and that other man did not. They almost always find out that the man who did not get it had an additional factor present which inhibited the disease from developing. 

          I recently saw something about that on TV with regard to heart disease. An Italian man was being interviewed. The diet of an Italian man consists of all of this pork and fat, and all of this stuff that I and a lot of people love, but we cannot eat. We are obsessed with cholesterol levels in this society and a lot of people are saying do not eat red meat, stay away from the fat, do not eat bacon, do not eat this, do not eat that. However, here was this man who was about 70 years old, who had been eating fat all his life, including butter and cheese and all of the fat-laden food, and his cholesterol was down. His heart was as strong as could be. 

          Therefore some scientists went into the town that he came from, a little town in Italy, and they did a test on all the people who agreed to it. They found out that the people that lived in this local area of Italy had a factor in their blood that was very rare, if found at all, in the United States, and that this factor inhibited the production of cholesterol. So this man could eat pork from morning until night. He could eat cheese and butter from morning until night. He could eat 12 dozen eggs a day if he wanted to, and his cholesterol levels never went above normal. Do you hear what I am saying?

          This principle fits right in with this scriptural principle. I have been preaching it for years (if you can recall), that we will not be delivered from sin, or raised up out of death into righteousness, by the casting out of sin from us. Demons are real, and it is good to cast demons out of you if you have got one. If I have got a demon let him come out, but casting that demon out of me is not going to raise me up or translate me into life. 

          For me to be translated into a condition of everlasting life, something must be added to me, not subtracted from me, but added to me. You can subtract from me all you want, and cast out demons from me for 25 years; I am still dead. Life must be added to me. That restraining factor, that controlling factor, that inhibiting factor, that factor that is going to cover over the multitude of sins which is in my fallen personality and prevent them from being activated, must be added to me. That was the condition that Jesus was in.

          Just to finish off this explanation, let me add to this tape that Jesus of Nazareth in His condition of Full Stature had merely experienced the first of three stages of resurrection. His mind had been completed, but He was not a fully completed man. He was still walking around in a fallen body which He had inherited from His mother which was in the image of the Serpent. His body was not in the image of God. How do I know? He still looked like we do.

          The glorified Lord Jesus Christ does not look like that now. Now He is a ball of light, although He could take this form if He wanted to, but it is not His state of being. 

          When Jesus walked the earth in the days of His flesh His mind was in the image of the Father, and His soul was in the image of the Father. His soul had been made alive, but His body was not in the image of the Father. His spirit and His soul were surrounded by sinful flesh that He got from His fallen mother.

          The personality which is known as the Devil has to die for us to inherit the kingdom of God. Who is inheriting the kingdom? We are spirit, it is our spirit that is inheriting the Kingdom of God, and for our human spirit to inherit or become one with the Kingdom of God we must die to our fallen personality. The fallen personality must die. It must be cast into the Lake of Fire, and the soul must be separated from the spirit, and then the spirit must be divided into joints and marrow, so that our true reality, the human spirit, which is the Christ that died at the beginning of time will be released to join with Christ Jesus. 

          Remember, the Christ that died at the beginning of time was a single thread of genetic material which came forth from the Father, and the spiritual DNA consists of three threads. Three threads woven together are needed to complete your genetic heritage which is in Christ Jesus. 

          The Christ which died at the beginning of time was a single thread. He was a seed which we could liken to a sperm. He was not a full grown man nor did he have any of the experiences of a full grown man. He was a sperm. He had no experiences at all, and he died. Jehovah did not die. The glorified Jesus Christ did not and does not die, but a seed or a sperm which comes out of the Eternal God is capable of dying.

          What is our inheritance? Our inheritance is Christ Jesus in us, the hope of glory. Our inheritance is the New Man, and all the riches and precious promises which are in Him. Is that not true? That is our inheritance, Christ Jesus. Amen? And we cannot receive Him so long as the Devil is ruling in our mind. We must die to our carnal mind to receive the riches which are in Christ Jesus. Our carnal mind has to die. Our carnal mind has to die to receive the inheritance. 

          Jesus has died, He is risen, and He is available, He is the inheritance, and we must die to our fallen personality, we must die to the old man to get the inheritance. The old man must pass away in order for us to appropriate this inheritance. A new mind is available to us because of Jesus Christ's sacrifice. The structure has now been devised which can result in the New Man, Christ Jesus, being formed in us as a result of Jesus Christ giving up His soul life. This is the reality of the substitution work of Jesus Christ. There is a substitution work, but it is not preached accurately.



(I do not believe that this anointing has fallen at 11:00 p.m. at night! Thank you Jesus.)


          COMMENT: Talking about emotions, you said that rage has to be redirected and not suppressed. I would like to know how you do that. 

          PASTOR VITALE: How you redirect it? You do that with the power of Christ. You have to cry out to Jesus. 

          COMMENT: But where do you redirect it to? 

          PASTOR VITALE: You redirect it against your fallen nature. 

          COMMENT: Are you saying that I can actually feel the same emotion, say if I felt enraged at somebody, I could actually take that emotion....

          PASTOR VITALE: ...and direct it against your fallen nature. 

          COMMENT: So you are saying that I could actually take that emotion and guide it and turn it around, and feel that same emotion against the Devil. 

          PASTOR VITALE: It is not so much the emotion but the energy. Energy is a weapon. If you feel hatred towards a man, in Christ it is possible to forbid that energy from going forth as a bullet to hurt that man, instead, you can turn it around and direct it against your own carnal mind. 

          COMMENT: Are you saying that when you turn it around you feel enraged at your carnal mind? 

          PASTOR VITALE: No, the energy directed at your carnal mind is killing your carnal mind. 

          COMMENT: You turn the energy around and you put that energy against your carnal mind? 

          PASTOR VITALE: Yes, to kill it, to kill the sin in you. 

          COMMENT: How do you turn that around? 

          PASTOR VITALE: You have to cry out to Jesus. It is really hard for me to explain it to you. I know that I am pretty good at doing it at this point, and all that I can tell you is this, I can give you a testimony of how I got here. 

          There were times in my life where I recall feeling my heart filled with hatred and rage and anger and murder and desire for vengeance, and I remember getting down on my knees, and confessing it, saying that I confess that it is there, it is all there, and saying, dear God please do not let me hurt anybody, please do not let me hurt anybody, bless them Lord. Anything that I have, they can have, as long as it is God. They can have anything that I have. Just do not let me sin. I just do not want to sin. Anything that God wants to take from me to give to them they can have, and I prayed this prayer believing that He will never leave me without food or shelter or with my basic needs being met. 

          COMMENT: How do you stop depression when depression has gone down inside and maybe has even physically made you sick, or all of a sudden you find yourself doing something....

          PASTOR VITALE: I just told you, that is how you do it. It is not the kind of thing that works on an incident basis. As far as being sick is concerned you just really have to hang in there until God delivers you. You know my testimony. I was sickly for many, many years. 

          COMMENT: I am talking about sickness in direct relationship to denial or suppression of rage or hurt or feelings that manifest into a sickness. 

          PASTOR VITALE: Well, we are talking about two different things here. I am talking about an immediate energy that is trying to damage somebody which will put a judgment on you. You can re-direct that towards killing the source that it is coming from. 

          COMMENT: I was thinking of the situation when you suppress rage, and it does not go to damage anyone, but is internalized... 

          PASTOR VITALE: It makes you sick. 

          COMMENT: If you re-direct it within and it is making you sick, then you are not accomplishing the objective against the carnal mind. It is still unleashing its destructive force on you. 

          PASTOR VITALE: If you remember earlier on in the message, what I said was that this energy, if it is not dealt with properly will go one of two ways. Either it will out and hurt somebody or it will bring destruction to you. If it is making you sick it is not being re-directed. You are not succeeding in redirecting it. You are suppressing it, and it is still destructive either to someone outside of you or to yourself. It is still in a destructive form. 

          COMMENT: How can you tell when you have really directed it the right way, that you are not suppressing it? 

          PASTOR VITALE: I have just told you how I dealt with it. Cry out to Jesus, and somehow it just happens. He will take over from there, but I do know that it involves not hurting people, and I have to try to the fullest extent that I have the strength, to not hurt them. 

          There has to arise in you first of all, a recognition of the sin, which is confession, and an acknowledgment that you cannot make it go away. You have to acknowledge that you do not have the power to make it go away; it is there, it is in your heart. Then you look at it without condemnation. You have to know that it is there without condemning yourself, and you have to be determined to not hurt anybody with it.

          All I can do is, give you a testimony. I went down on my knees and cried out to Jesus, Please do not let me hurt anybody, and as I continued to pray along those lines a technique just evolved in me. With this technique it is very rare for me to have sin rising in my heart that gets past Christ Jesus in me to hurt that person. It happens sometimes, but it is very rare and when it does happen I know about it. 

          To the best of my knowledge I do not sin without knowing about it. I see it, and then I deal with it. Recognizing it and crying out to Jesus is just something that evolved in me.  I have the power to hold it back and just cry out to the Lord. I rebuke it, I curse it, and I break it, and if it does not go away, I just cry out to Jesus. If it still does not go, I call someone else to join their strength to me. 

          COMMENT: What if you happen to be condemned by somebody else, do you say I break the condemnation and I bless that person? 

          PASTOR VITALE: That is the whole key, but it is not so much the words that you say. We are dealing with energy, and when we bless somebody, when we truly bless them (there has to be some sincerity in it), it pushes back their destruction. 

          When we bless somebody and pray for good things in Christ Jesus for them, the energy which is in Christ goes forth, and we do not have to say, I break curses, when the love of God goes forth. It pushes back their destruction. Say, I choose to bless them, I refuse to retaliate, I refuse to continue in this cycle, Lord, just do not let me be guilty of sin.  



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