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I'm just going to be skipping all over the book of Gal. okay we're in the Gal. 1:1, Paul an apostle not of men, neither by man but by Jesus Christ. Paul is telling the church of Galatia that he was appointed an apostle not by man, and neither is he an apostle of men, but he is an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ, not of men he is not an apostle of man, that means his apostleship comes forth of the life of Christ within him, glory to God, neither by man, neither was he appointed by man, but he was appointed by the Lord Jesus Christ, and there's a move in the church today, some people put a name on it, they call it a Sheparding spirit, but it's more than that, their trying to lay hold of the ministry that the Lord is raising up in this hour and put it in submission to other men.


Their saying you have to have a pastor, if God calls you to preach, who are you submitted to? What church do you answer to? What body of pastors are you submitted to. Brethren I find nothing in the Scripture that requires that, only that we be submitted to the Lord Jesus Christ, and those to whom he directs us to. There's a wickedness in the church today, anti-Christ is moving in great power, and what does anti-Christ do?


It builds structures, it builds denominations, it builds manmade walls, and those walls get in between the preacher or the minister and the Lord, and that's what he does, and that's why we have so many organizations in this country today, probably across the world where God use to move mightily and you go there today and there's no move of the spirit, why is there no move of the spirit, because somewhere, some way, somehow, the mind of man tried to interfere and succeeded and the Holy Spirit will withdraw and he will go elsewhere.


He'll always be manifesting in his church, but he will leave certain areas or certain local bodies if they serve their own soul, or the mind of man, however you want to put it, rather than serving God, and it's very subtle and it's very slow, it's a seduction, and one day the congregation looks up and the Spirit of God is gone, and they say, what happened to him where did he go? And I declare to you that the Spirit of God does withdraw where he's being worshiped, and worship is submission to his will, glory to God.


"Paul an apostle, not of men, neither by man but by Jesus Christ, and God the father, who raised him from the dead", and as the Lord was preparing me for this message this morning, he said something very interesting to me, I looked up that word "raised", the Greek words that's translated raise, and it can also be translated to wake up from sleep, to awaken, to stand into an upright position, and the whole church world reads this Scripture and they say, well Jesus Christ was raised from the dead after the crucifixion. Well that's true his body was raised from the dead, but his soul was raised from the dead before he was crucified, his soul was raised from the dead and his baptism with John, he was awakened from his spiritual sleep, he was awakened from spiritual death, before his body crucified and the Lord wants us to know that whatever happens in the realm of the spirit, will eventually happen in the natural. So his soul was raised from the dead, his spirit was raised from the dead, his soul was raised from the dead, and eventually his body was raised from the dead. So if you are hearing this word and your spirit and your soul is in the process of being raised from the dead, I believe we must believe that at some point our bodies will be raised from the dead, because what happens to this body is just a reflection of what is happened in the realm of the spirit.


So this Scripture is much more profound than the way it's preached, Jesus Christ was raised from the dead, spirit, soul, and body and it did not all happen on the cross, the cross was the last expression of his resurrection from the dead. And I'd also like to say that he's still being raised from the dead, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he is the head of the body, and his body is now being raised from the dead, everyone in whom his spirit is dwelling right now, is being raised from the dead, and anyone that knows anything about birthing babies knows that the hardest part is for the head to be born, and once the head is born, the rest of the body usually comes right out. And Jesus Christ of Nazareth was raised from the dead, and now those first fruits, the forty second generation, which are part of the head company, are being raised from the dead now, and then the rest of the body is just going to march right through.


We're going through all the hard times, we're getting beat, it's hard, we're getting knocked around and paying the price, that the rest of the body can just flow forth and for those of you that know anything about birthing babies, sometimes they get beat up pretty bad, they come out black and blue, sometimes in an extreme case an arm could be broken, or there could be any kind of damage, and this birth is a hard birth, the Lord has promised it will not be still born. The whole child will be born in many members as we talked about last week, but this is a tough deliverance and there's a lot of people paying a heavy price for this birth to come forth, but it is the birth that will save the entire creation, it's the child that's going to save the living soul, in child bearing, Hallelujah.


Verse 2, "And all the brethren which are with me unto the church of Galatia, grace by to you and peace from God the father, and from out Lord Jesus Christ. Verse 4, Who gave himself for our sins..", now this is a verse that is preached all over the church world that Jesus Christ gave himself for our sins, that he was crucified in place of the Levitical sacrifice, so that God will no longer condemn us, but I declare to you that that's not accurate understanding of that verse.


Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not a replacement for the Levitical sacrifice, okay. The Levitical sacrifice is a type of the soul, not the body brethren, it's our soul that has to be sacrificed, and what it says here, is that Jesus Christ gave himself, he gave his soul life for or because of our sins, and what is sin? Sin is a failure to be righteous, it's an inability to be righteous. Somehow there is so much condemnation in the word sin, just at the sound of it, but when you analyze it, God says that sin is a failure to do the righteous thing, and it's my understanding of the Scripture that man without Christ cannot do the righteous thing, it is impossible for a man without Christ to do the righteous thing, so what did Jesus Christ do for us, he was not a helpless animal that when God saw his blood pouring on the ground, the blood lust of Jehovah was satisfied, so that he wouldn't kill us anymore, that's what is preached, it's not true. What happened to Jesus Christ soul, it was nailed to, the adamic soul, within his mind, he was born of a woman, he was born of an Israelite woman, he had a body and a soul, from the line of Judah, a natural man, he had a natural soul, he also had the soul of Christ, why?


Because when the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary, before he, well he not only impregnated her, the child that he impregnated her with, had his human spirit fertilized so that Christ was already present when that baby when it was born, that baby named Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And what's happening today, is we are born as natural people, and then we have to go through church world, we have to have an experience with God, we have to be touched by the Lord, and Lord willing, our human spirit is fertilized and Christ starts to be formed in us, and because Jesus Christ permitted himself to be crucified, and he permitted his adamic soul to be crucified by the Christ that was in him, what does that mean? It means the two were joined. We're told of the twain, he made one new man, of what twain, twain meaning two? Of the adamic soul and of the Christ soul, he joined them together in crucifixion, and made one new man, the creation of God, and what he did on the cross, in the body of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, he's doing in each of us, whose human spirit, has been fertilized, he's coming forth, we now have an adamic soul and we have a Christ soul, and he's going to, the Christ soul starts out being smaller and weaker than the adamic soul, but he grows up as the mustard seed and he will get stronger than our adamic soul, and he will slay our adamic soul, and he will be joined to our adamic soul for the life of the ages and what does that mean to you, and to me, it means that his righteousness will be joined to us for the life of the ages, because we cannot be righteous, it is impossible.


So it's not that he was just some animal that was killed that made blood thirsty Jehovah happy, no. By his death, he now dwells in our soul, and he is our righteousness and he is our ability he is our enablement to stop sinning. Glory to God, that's what he did for us, and he's still doing it and his body is still coming forth in you and me, he is the head, who gave himself for our sins, he didn't just give himself on the cross of calvary, he gave his spiritual life to be nailed to the living soul for the life of the ages. Now what does that mean?


It means that man is still being created, and what's missing from natural man, his righteousness is missing, it's as if we're atom that the Lord is putting together and there's a positive charge and a negative charge.


Natural man is negative, he must sin, he must destroy, everything he touches he destroys, but the positive charge is being added to the creation, Jesus Christ our righteousness is going to make us whole and complete because we're complete in him, and we shall stop sinning why? Because he shall give us the ability to do what's right, and we shall stop dying, glory to God.


So when he gave himself for our sins, he did a much greater thing, than is being preached today, he is the ransom that was paid, in the natural world if a child is kidnapped you pay the ransom and the kidnaper takes the ransom and you get your child back, but in the realm of the spirit, God gave his only son a ransom to be joined to the living soul for the life of the ages. Not to get his back, he gave his son so that we should stop dying, and now Jesus Christ, is joined to us, forever and forever, and he is our righteousness, he is our ability to stop missing the mark, in him. Now we have to transfer that which is our true life, our human spirit, must transfer out of the adamic soul into the soul of Christ, it's painful, but what a glorious word, it's a glorious word, who gave himself for our sins that he might deliver us from this present evil world, and that Greek word translated world means age, and that age is the life that we're living in Adam. We are being delivered from this present evil spiritual adamic age, by how? By getting our true life, which is our human spirit free from it, and transferring it into the new age, which is Jesus Christ, and all this according to the will of God, and our father, to whom be glory for ever and ever amen.


Did you have a question? Yes, sin does mean to miss the mark ,which means we try to do what's right, I think most people try to do what's right, but we can't do what's right, it's impossible in Adam to do what's right, and what is right? What God requires of us. And this is all in the mind, what's right is in the mind. What we see happening in the natural is just an expression of what occurred in the mind and that's why the Scripture says, there is now no more condemnation in Christ Jesus, but we must hear the correction, correction is not condemnation, we must hear the correction. And a lot of people can not discern the difference between correction and condemnation, glory to God.


And what is the difference between correction and condemnation? Correction will rebuke you when an error has been made, and forget about it, you hear the word and you forget about it, and it goes into your mind, and by the power of the spirit of Jesus Christ, hopefully your mind, the true word will cast out the error and if a demon is there, the demon has to be cast out, it will convict you of the truth, and the error will be replaced by the truth, you must hear the correction, you must be rebuked, whoever it is, that is thinking incorrectly and then you forget about it, and leave it to God to work in the mind. Condemnation says, I will never let you forget this, I will remind you of it five times a day, everyday for the rest of your life, you are no good, you are rotten because you did this one thing, forever and forever, that is condemnation. Rebuke, Godly rebuke is not condemnation, and truth is never condemnation, the truth will set you free, that's the word of Jesus, the truth will set you free, you've got to hear it, and it's painful, but if we bear the chastening as sons, we shall, if we endure the chastening I believe the word says, if we endure it, we shall yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness, which is his correct thinking in our mind, that brings peace. Whenever there's a lack of peace it's not God.


Okay he showed me something else this morning that I wanted to put in this message today, if you just bear with me, I want to find out where it was, yeah, this is a very interesting point, I'm in chapter 2, of the book of Gal. I'll start with verse 4, well now let me start at the beginning, verse 1, "Then fourteen years after, I went up again to Jerusalem, this is Paul speaking, with Barnabas, and took Titus with me also, and I went up by revelation. Do you know how many preachers have said to me, why did you come to my church, what are you doing here? Jesus sent me, I know Jesus sent you, but what made you come to my church today? I went by revelation brother. It amazes how many men have the responsibility of a congregation and they can't comprehend this.


Where did you get your congregation? Supernaturally brother, well I know supernaturally but how did you get your congregation? How did you get here, supernaturally, amen? I mean I'm talking about a particular local preacher, I had this conversation with him, he couldn't comprehend what I was talking about, I was speaking to someone the other day and it came out that the Lord has me holding some meetings in Howard Beach, oh how did you get to Howard Beach here, you must have friends with someone that lives in Howard Beach, never knew a soul in Howard Beach in all my life. How did you get into Howard Beach, the Lord told a woman to open her home to me. The true minister of Christ goes and ministers by the supernatural power of the Lord Jesus Christ, and I never realized, I knew the church was carnal, but it never failed to amaze me at how carnal the more spiritual people in the church are. The church is carnal, and the Lord is calling us to spiritual things, because life, the true life is in his spirit, and we can't afford to be carnal, because to be carnally minded is death.


I don't know if you could hear it, to be carnally minded is death. So Paul went up to Jerusalem by revelation, and he communicated unto them, unto whom, unto the people in Jerusalem, that gospel which I preach, Paul speaking, that gospel which I preach, among the Gentiles, but privately to them that were of reputation, less by any means I should run, or had run in vain, what is he saying? He's the gospel that he preached is so offensive that those that had a reputation to maintain in the world, he had to preach it to them privately, because they wouldn't bear the reproach of being associated with that gospel, and he said, why would he agree to do such a thing, lest he should have run in vain, lest all of his efforts and all of his persecution, and Paul was severely persecuted, okay, should be in vain. And what does that mean, be in vain, it would mean if nobody, if the gospel didn't do its work, we're told that the word of God will not come back void, what does that mean?


If I'm speaking a true word and if I'm speaking by the Spirit of God, when you leave here, you will have something added to you, that you didn't have before, seeds on your soul that will root, and if God gives the increase will prosper and grow, which will be part of the process that will cause Christ to be formed in you. Okay, that's what he's talking about, he did what he had to do so that the word of God would prosper, and we have a lot of religious people in the church today, that won't yield to the Holy Spirit, they have got it in their head that they have to do things a certain way, and if you won't agree with it, they won't even pray for you, this is ungodly, you have to move by the spirit at to stop short of actual sin, to meet everybody wherever they are to the fullest degree that you can without sinning. To reach out wherever they can find you, and bring them into the kingdom. You have to get, see a lot of people know that in the natural, they go down, they'll go where the prostitutes are, they'll go where the homosexuals are, they have no problem with that, but they have a problem doing that spiritually. They have a problem getting to the people that are middle class people, but for whatever reason don't go to church.


They'll say you don't get up and go to church? That's it, you're going to hell, that's what they'll tell you, but I find that the Lord is sending me to people that never go to church, and he's sending me right into their lives, and he's having me preach the word to them. You see the Lord knows, the Lord knows, glory to God, Jesus is not religious, he's a merciful spirit, glory to God, okay we're still in verse 2, "..and I went up by revelation", God told him to go, "and I communicated unto them that gospel which I preach among the Gentiles, but privately", he preaches it privately, "to them which were well known", or established businessmen, "lest by any means I should run or had run in vain." See the most important thing to Paul is that the work of the Lord get done, and what is the work of the Lord?


That everybody that God sends him to should receive this word in their heart, so that their spirit should be fertilized, and Christ should be formed there. And if he had to do something, a little out of the ordinary, as long as it wasn't sin, to reach that person, he did it, he taught them privately. Glory to God. You know, I was raised up under a preacher who had a very anointed word, and a couple of people came to him and ask him to teach them privately, and he told them, and I'm not criticizing him because I don't know what God said to him, in that circumstance, he told them I can't do that, I preached it and it's on tape, and get the tapes and listen to the tapes, that's all I could do for you. So when I started preaching, I had the same attitude, but the Lord spoke to me, I want it very clear I'm not criticizing this man, I don't know what God said to him, but God came to me recently and said, I want you to preach or teach individuals, and just out of obedience I started doing it, he brought me several people into my life and I just fellowship with them, and teach them as we spend time together, and after I was obedient, the Lord started to show me that a lot of people and especially the ones he is sending to me, really couldn't get it off the tapes.


They needed a more personal attention, then just listening to the tapes. So in my case he told me, teach them privately, but I only teach those privately that the Lord tells me to teach privately. You see ministers can get all messed up saying, Oh I don't teach privately, I can't teach anyone privately, come to the meetings, well if God tells me to teach someone privately, I'll teach them privately. Glory to God. He wants everyone to come to his kingdom, and there was a certain call group that he's calling in this hour and he's going to go out and do anything he has to do to get those sheep, he's going to send a minister of the gospel to them personally, if necessary he's going to chasten them, he's going to do whatever he has to do because he has a group that he has ordained are going to enter into the kingdom of God in the very near future, and you're coming, because it's his right of election, and you're coming whatever it's going to take, either the hard way or the easy way, but you're coming, and it's glorious, you're coming to something beautiful only the problem is some of us don't understand it. Hallelujah, glory to God. Okay verse 3, we'll go on to verse 4, and that, well let me go back to verse 3, okay.


"But neither Titus who was with me being a Greek was compelled to be circumcised." Paul had come in contact with these Jews that were teaching that even though had been crucified, and resurrected, and ascended that it's still necessary to be circumcised, they were still keeping the law, and they were saying that Titus that Paul's friend Titus needed to be circumcised.


And Paul goes on to say in verse 4, "And that because false brethren", it was false brethren who were saying this, "who unawares brought in, who came privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, what liberty", liberty from the law of ordinances, it's a big misunderstanding in the church today they say we're not under the law, we're under grace, we can do anything we want, no you can't. You can't do anything you want, you have to do righteousness, and a particular, if in a particular area you don't do righteousness, you are under the law of the Holy Spirit, who will chasten you, thank God for it, that will shall live and not die.


Hallelujah so these Jews were saying that we, our liberty in Christ Jesus was not valid, we still had to keep the works of the Mosaic law. Now the law that we're required to keep is the law of righteousness.


Jesus expressed it in two sentences, he said thou shalt love the Lord thy God, with all thy heart, thy mind and thy soul and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.


We're no longer required to keep the Mosaic law to make sacrifices or to be involved in any other ritualistic law where we are required to obey the law of righteousness as expressed by the two things as I just said, the words of Jesus, and if we can't do it, the Holy Spirit is our school master who will correct us and thank God for it, Hallelujah. Glory to God. Verse 5, well let me finish verse 4, "..and that because of false brethren, unawares brought in who came in privily to spy out our liberty which we have in Christ Jesus, that they might bring us into bondage; 5, To whom we gave place by subjection, no..", he's saying we didn't give them place by subjection, what does subjection mean, submission, we did not submit to them, what they were preaching, was ungodly and we did not submit to them, no not for even an hour, that the truth of the gospel might continue with you, what is Paul saying, he's saying he had a confrontation with some Jewish believers, and if Paul and his friends that were with him, had made the error of thinking it was a godly thing to submit to these other people because he was in their town, because he was in their church, because he didn't want a fight, because he didn't want any disruption, now these are all things that Christians think, I'm not going to disagree with you, I'm not going to tell you the truth, I'm not going to make trouble, I'm not going to make a fight, that's all ungodly, this is what a lot of carnal Christians think, but Paul says here, that if he didn't do that, if he had submitted to these Jewish Christians that were preaching false doctrine, he would have caused to stumble, the children of the kingdom. And he said no, we didn't do it, we did not submit to unrighteousness, not for one second, we didn't do it. What does he say, not for one hour. Not even for an hour, did we submit to this false teaching that the truth of the gospel might continue with you. Why?


Because if you saw us submitting to it, you would have submitted to it too, we would have come around an hour later or a day later, but you might have spiritually died because of it. So we fought the fight, we resisted the evil, we spoke the truth, and we bore the reproach in our soul, so that you might live, that's what he's saying, glory to God. verse 6, "But of these who seem to be somewhat whatsoever they were it maketh no matter to me, God accepteth no man's person", God accepteth no man's person, God doesn't care who you are or what you are in this world, he doesn't accept or consider or recognize any difference between the adamic souls of men, he really doesn't care if you're beautiful, physically beautiful, he will use any talent you have for his glory but he will not receive over another, because you speak well, because you're a talented musician, because you're intelligent, it means nothing to God, he made you, everything you have is given, he has what you have a million times over, there's nothing that you have that he needs, other than that, it's his purpose to live through you, there's nothing of your adamic soul that he needs, he gave it all to you, he's the author of it. So God doesn't respect persons, but these people were saying "they seem to be somewhat", or they seem to be big shots, "for they who seem to be somewhat in conference added nothing to me."


You know this is really interesting but that English word "conference" and the following word "added to" it's the same Greek word, it's the same Greek word and it was there twice and this is what the Lord told me that it means, these people that made themselves to be something, in the church of God, he says, he's saying, I don't know, they're making themselves out to be big shots, but they didn't add anything to me.


This is how the Lord showed it to me, that word conference, if you look it up in the Greek, what he's saying is that these men that made themselves to be something, they were saying that Christ had been added to them.


The correct translation is added, but the King James translators couldn't put that word down twice, so they changed the word "added" to "conference", but what it really says in the Greek, that they were men, adamic men that were saying Christ has been added to me. Something has been added to me, and Paul is saying, well if something had been added to them, I sure couldn't see it, because it didn't touch me. I'm going to say it again, Paul was saying if you were a man that Christ has been added to, when you relate to me, something of Christ in you should be added to me. I should feel it, his life should come from you to me, I should be enhanced, I should grow, if we have a conversation in Christ, you don't just have to be a preacher, okay, if we have a conversation and that conversation is in Christ, I should be touched by Christ in you, I should know Christ is in you, because he's touching me, he's increasing me, he's adding something to me. And Paul is saying here are these men, they're making themselves big shots, in the church, and I can't perceive Christ in them, and if they do have Christ you see, he didn't get all lifted up in pride and say, I know that there's no Christ in them, he didn't take a stand like that, he said, if there is Christ in them, I can't perceive it.


Why can't he perceive it? Because if he's there, Christ is in these men, he didn't reach out and touch me, he didn't reach out and witness to me that he's in there. And you know this is a big problem in the church right here in a meeting a couple of years ago. A couple of people came to visit, and they claimed to be born again, they were friends of somebody, and we talked, they asked questions at the end of the meeting, and at the following meeting, there names came up and I happen to say, whatever brought it up I don't know but I happened to say, they were very nice young men, but I couldn't perceive Christ in either one of them, I couldn't perceive Christ in him, and I was accused of attacking him or saying ungodly things about him, and this was a couple of years ago, I didn't know this Scripture was here a couple of years ago, brethren, it is perfectly acceptable in Christ to discern whether or not a human being has Christ or not. You don't have to make excuses for him, and tell me that he's just born again, I'm not trying to harm him, I'm speaking the truth, I cannot perceive Christ in him, if he's there praise the Lord, but he did not rise up and touch me, by means of acknowledgment. The Lord did not reveal to me that he's manifesting through that vessel. This is not ungodly to say this. Paul says we should know who we're dealing with, amen.


So that's what Paul is saying here, that he went to Jerusalem and he met these men who were making themselves big shots in the church claiming that Christ had been added to them, and Christ was manifesting through them, and Paul says, if he was, I sure couldn't discern it.


Verse 7, "But contrariwise when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me as the gospel of the circumcision was unto Peter;" verse 9, "And when James, Cephas, and John who seemed to be pillars perceived the grace that was given to me", they the men who were calling themselves big shots, gave to me, Paul and Barnabas, the right hand of fellowship. So what is this saying, they discerned Christ in Paul, they didn't discern him so much himself they were influenced because Peter, James and John, was that who it was? Peter, James and John. Peter James and John recognized Christ in Paul, and they accepted him as an apostle of God. Now this is a second witness that they didn't have Christ, because if these men had Christ themselves, they would have perceived Christ in Paul, but it says right here that the reason they accepted Paul, what does it say, verse 7, "But contrariwise when they saw that the gospel of the uncircumcision was committed unto me, verse 9, and when James, Cephas and John who seemed to be pillars perceived the grace that was given to me, these men accepted Paul and Barnabas.


Because they saw men that they respected, accepting him. Look at how important your witness is to younger Christians, the more mature we get in Christ, the greater the responsibility. If we accept people as Christians that are not true Christians, if we follow after people that are not moving in Christ, there is a whole string of people behind us that we are destroying with ourselves. The Lord says we'll be accountable for every word that we say. Now I heard a perversion of that, saying if you tell someone to pick up their shoe at the wrong time, you're going to be held accountable for it, that's not what the Scripture is talking about.


But as we mature in Christ and we minister to those younger than us, the Lord will hold us accountable. If you don't know the answer, say you don't know the answer. So these men followed good examples, Peter, James, and John, and because they followed good examples, they accepted the apostle Paul. So this is a very important word we are to recognize and look for and discern Christ in others and what do we do if we can't discern Christ in them, we don't follow them, we don't follow them if we can't discern Christ in them. That's what this word is saying, and pick very carefully, who you follow.


If you're a young Christian, and you do not have this discernment yourself, and you're going to follow another man, because Paul says follow me as I follow Christ, that's okay if you're young to follow another man, but somehow God will have to witness to you that this man is of God, this is a very serious business. The ability to discern Christ in other people, and it's a godly thing to do, as long as we don't let our soul condemn them if we find that they don't have Christ. Any condemnation is not of God. Hallelujah, glory to God.


I'd just like to comment on this word "pillars" in verse 9, "And when James, Cephas and John, who seemed to be pillars, that word pillars it refers to a tall usually cement column that bear very heavy weight and we do have this on another tape where the Lord revealed to us that the weight that spiritual pillars hold are the Lord, this word means that the Lord is resting in these men, he is indwelling these men, and inhabiting these men, and they are bearing the weight of the life of the Lord, because he has made them able to do it. Did I make that clear? Anybody not understand what I just said? Yeah, that's verse 9, chapter 2, "And when James, and Cephas and John who seemed to be pillars perceived the grace that was given unto me", pillars of the church, they are men in whom Christ is manifesting a large percentage of the time, and they perceived that grace was given to Paul, why? Because they were pillars, why? Because they had Christ in them, that's how they could recognize that grace had been given unto Paul, and they accepted them. And I just want to point out that this was fourteen years after the Lord called Paul, fourteen years he was rejected and unaccepted by the Jews, after Paul, it took fourteen years for him to be accepted and for the gospel that he was preaching to be accepted. Glory to God.


Hallelujah. I think we're going to leave it there, do have any more questions, you have to put that mic on before you talk, does anybody have a question?


COMMENT: When you it was on what you talked about last week, about incarnation, about well I don't remembered but I just don't know how to word it, remember does it say in the word about Paul being stoned to death and he rose again or something like that?


PASTOR VITALE: There's a Scripture I believe it's in the book of Acts where it says he fell down and the disciple, the other apostles stood around him, now I never studied this myself, but I'm told if you study it in the Greek, it's obvious that he died from that stoning, and then that the apostles raised him from the dead.


COMMENT: Could it have been because Paul had reached that high spiritual ground, that he couldn't die, cause he reached such a high you were talking about as we're growing in the Lord and we're reaching that realm, that we shall never die, that's what xxxx had shared with me that ye shall never die, and then Paul was, I remember my girlfriend telling me Paul was stoned to death. I never knew this until she told me, and then you were sharing about, incarnation last week, so I just wanted to ask you when Paul was stoned to death and he rose, it had to be that he had to must have reached that spiritual already.


PASTOR VITALE: Paul had been resurrected from the dead in his soul, his soul was resurrected from the dead, and even though his body was raised from the dead in this instance, it was the similar experience that Lazarus had, his body was raised but he still had a vile body, and he was killed, I believe he was crucified by Rome, okay, but we talk about the body being raised from the dead, we're talking about the experience that Jesus Christ of Nazareth had. That the form is changed, so that we can't be killed anymore. Paul was raised from the dead by the power of God through the apostles just as Lazarus was raised from the dead, it wasn't necessary that he would have been in full stature.


COMMENT: He rose Lazarus from the dead, he hasn't already reached what was the word you said?


PASTOR VITALE: Spiritual maturity.


COMMENT: Right, but that eventually he did.


PASTOR VITALE: Lazarus died, as far as I know he died again. See that's the sign whether or not you have spiritual maturity. If Jesus raises you from the dead, and you die again, all that he did, it's similar to having a healing from a disease in your body, but you still die at the end of your natural life. When you're raised from the dead because your soul is right, is made righteous by Christ in you, then your body won't ever die.


COMMENT: That's when the soul becomes righteous.


PASTOR VITALE: That's when the soul becomes righteous, but I do believe that Paul didn't have to die, that he was in the same condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion, but he said it was time for him to be offered up. Yes, he didn't have to die, but whether or not he was in that condition at the time that the apostles raised him from the dead, I don't know, it could be either way, but I felt the Lord wanted me to put this on the tape, I don't know what the condition was.


COMMENT: I was just thinking about Enoch how he was taken up, and Elijah I think it was, Elijah was taken up they never had to see death, they never had to die, and it could be that I was thinking could it be possible that because he walked with God he must have reached that spiritual maturity, that he never had to see death. Am I saying it right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, I believe that that's what happened to him.


COMMENT: What about the others like Moses or David or?


PASTOR VITALE: I don't believe they reached that spiritual maturity, the only ones that I know about are Enoch and Elijah in the Old Testament, that their soul was made righteous, because of they, let me start over again, okay, the Scripture says he who is joined to God is one spirit, because they walked so closely with God, and God relates to us in our spirit, so because they walked so closely with God, there spirit became the spirit of God, and because their spirit was the spirit of God, it raised their sin filled soul from the dead, and because that happened, they did not have to taste of death, and if you look at that word in the Hebrew, what it really means is, that they no longer had to experience death. Yes, if you look up the word in the Hebrew that's what it means, that they no longer had to experience, I'm sorry it's in the Greek, it's the book of Hebrews, if you look up that word it means they no longer had to experience death.


Now all of us down here in hell, we're all experiencing death, and the pain of it. All of us, but because their soul was raised from the dead, the adamic soul was not destroyed but it came into submission to their spirit which was now Christ, and they no longer had to experience death or pain or the hell that's associated with it.


COMMENT: And it's possible for it to happen today.


PASTOR VITALE: It's possible, did you say possible?


COMMENT: Anything's possible.


PASTOR VITALE: I thought I heard you say impossible.


COMMENT: No, no, anything is possible, God is, today, yesterday and tomorrow God does never change. I wonder if it's ever been recorded about you know what happened back in Enoch's time.


PASTOR VITALE: It's happened to Jesus and now we're waiting for it to happen to group of people who are the offspring or the children of Jesus Christ. And a lot of us feel it's going to happen real soon, God hasn't told us the exact hour, but we can see the signs of the times, and there's a group of, first a group of people, a first fruits company that are going to stand up in full stature, hopefully very soon. Now some Christians think that the Scripture that applied to this, they think it's the rapture and they think their body is going off the earth, but no.


COMMENT: It doesn't say rapture in the Bible. So what word is used in the Greek?


PASTOR VITALE: Catching up, catching up, but it's our soul that's being caught up to righteousness in Christ.


COMMENT: Is the catching up, oh because some people believe, I thought, I think from what I understood it's after Christ comes back, you get caught up with him.


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's true, but what does it mean, what is the, we're waiting for the appearance of Christ, and he's appearing in you, he's being formed in you, and he's going to appear in you, and when he appears in you, he's going to catch your soul up to where he is, to a position of righteousness and that condition where your soul, where your spirit is righteousness because Christ has been formed in it and you're now one spirit and Christ catches your soul up, brings it into submission and is going to force it to do righteousness, Christ in you is going to force your soul to do righteousness, and because of that your body will stop dying. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Do you think this will take a long time?


PASTOR VITALE: Well it all depends on whose mind your looking at it with, to God's mind it's happening very quickly, but to my carnal mind it's taking a very long time, it's taking thousands of years.


COMMENT: A thousand years is like one day to God, because there's time with God, so what's years and years and years and years, it's maybe like a couple of days for God, God is just big God, mighty and big and powerful, that we're just these little people and these little minds compared to him.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but we're living in such an exciting day, the Scripture says that when Israel was waiting for Jesus to manifest, there was an air of anticipation, because they knew Messiah was going to be manifested, but in this hour it's even more exciting because Jesus was manifested and the apostles were manifested but then they faded away, and now when Christ appears this time in the first fruits company it's for the life of the ages, they're not going to fade away, the people that Christ is appearing in, will not stay away but one by one, or in groups however the Lord sees it fit the entire human race is going to be absorbed into Christ, and stand up in full stature, and stop dying.


COMMENT: So what is the first fruits company, what does that word mean again?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well the human race as we see it today, it's just one living soul, God just created one living soul and he named him Adam, and Adam in the Scripture is likened to a plant that puts forth many leaves, so the creation that God started with Adam has now put forth many leaves, and we see many human beings across the face of the earth, okay. Now when the Lord starts the Lord is going to indwell every human being on the face of the earth, and save their life by bringing their sinful soul into submission, okay, but he has to start somewhere, he's not going to do it everybody at once. And he's going to start with a group of people that are called the first fruits company, that group of human beings in whom Christ will appear, hopefully in the very near future, and they will be caught up to full stature, they'll have total dominion over sin and death, their thoughts will be 100% righteous, 100% of the time, and they will go forth to do the same thing in the rest of humanity.


Glory to God, what a word, isn't that better than the rapture? Isn't that better than the rapture, than going to heaven and walking on streets of gold, see the difference? The carnal mind, okay I just want to put this on here first, the carnal mind says that there's a mansion waiting for me, and that there's a street of gold waiting for me, look at the selfishness in it, and I want to be very clear, it's all for them, and what about the rest of humanity, okay.


It's just a childish doctrine, I'm not condemning those that believe in it, it's just an immature doctrine, that's all that it is, it's immaturity, okay but everything is for them, and everybody that's not going the way they think it's going to go, is going to burn in hell forever, okay. But the Scripture says that those that are going, that's it's a spiritual rapture, that they're getting caught up to righteousness where they stop dying and then they're going right back where they came from and they're going to get every last human being on the face of the earth out with them. No selfishness, Jesus said, he who is greatest amongst you, shall be a minister.


COMMENT: Where does say that? What you were just talking about.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh there are many teachings on it, I don't know if God will give me a Scripture right now, where does say that.


COMMENT: I mean you could pinpoint Scriptures and put them all together and...PASTOR VITALE: Oh, yes, there are many Scriptures on it, nothing's coming to me right now but there are a lot of teachings, the doctrine is called Sonship, which teaches power and authority to the believer rather than the rapture. The Lord is not giving me a Scripture for you right now, but there are many books, if you want to study this in depth, there are lot of good books coming out of the voice of the overcomer, okay which is Bill Britton's ministry, but he's not alive anymore. But..


COMMENT: Like with the rapture, you were comparing the two, remember you were telling me that what people believe that the rapture is, and what you were telling me what the word of God says.


PASTOR VITALE: See there are really no Scriptures for the rapture, the Scriptures that are used to support the rapture are basically Scriptures that are misunderstood by the carnal mind. That's what people think, it's not what man thinks, and the Scripture says, we this is a secret, we shall all be changed, you know, we shall be changed we shall be caught up and those sleep you know will not prevent us, it's all man's understanding of what God says, it doesn't say in the Scripture I'm taking you off the earth to another place. You said it exactly, it's man's understanding. And a lot of the teachings on this doctrine have come forth in our studies in the book or Revelation, it's all through the book of Revelation, if you're willing to at least pray about the revelation that the Lord is bringing forth in the earth, now which is the mind of which is the mind of God interpreting these translations.


COMMENT: Is there really a heaven, well what kind of a question is that?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the way the Lord is bringing it forth is that there is this realm of appearance, and depending on whose mind is manifesting in you, it's either hell or heaven for you, and I don't think anyone would have any trouble looking at the people over in Arak right now that I've seen pictures of them, they have no food, babies dying, this is hell, this is hell okay, and heaven is all in the flesh, you see. This is the creation that God made, and when Adam is ruling in it, whose God is Satan, it's hell, and when Christ is ruling in it whose God is the father it's heaven.


COMMENT: What does God mean when he says I go to prepare a place for you? Like you know from my understanding like there was some place else outside of the earth, there was actually a heaven, where Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it's a spiritual place, and before Jesus Christ ascended, there was no spiritual place in which there was life, the spiritual place in which is, now what is heaven, it's all provision, having all of your needs met, it's peace, contentment, no more suffering, no more tears, so we agree on what heaven is okay. Well I want to suggest to you that we could stay in the same condition we're in and go to another place and have the same torment that we have now. The problem of humanity is in our mind, and when receive the mind of Christ and it manifest in us 100% of the time, all suffering will disappear, and when it happens in enough people the glory of God which we call heaven will cover the entire earth, the Scripture says as the waters cover the sea, see.


So when Jesus said, I go to prepare a place for you, what he meant was that by his crucifixion, resurrection and ascension, he prepared a spiritual place in him that we could enter into and live, because in this condition we're all going to die. Can you hear that? The place that he was preparing is himself and we have found studies in the book of Revelation that express it this way that there are two souls, and Christ's soul is in perfect submission to God, he's in right standing with God and he is the place and we can run to him without being perfect, and be justified before God, can you hear that? He's the place, he was preparing, he's the realm of the spirit, he's the age of the kingdom, he is the New Age, he's the city of refuge that we're running to, until we're cleansed from all sin, it's here, it's here on the earth, except that it's going to change.


COMMENT: It says a new heaven and a new earth.


PASTOR VITALE: Right a new Heaven, a new spirit which is now Christ, and a new earth a new soul, which is the soul of Christ, and all things shall be made new even our body, and there won't be anymore tears or poverty or hunger.


COMMENT: So you mean it's here but God is going to make it into a new earth.


PASTOR VITALE: exactly, and because we get a new spirit and a new soul, the visible earth will be renewed also in righteousness.


COMMENT: I was say that, you know if we went to a place right now that say did have streets of gold and I've heard someone say that he went the spirit and saw this place, he went out of his body, well if I went there right now, and I was walking on a street of gold right now, yes that's beautiful and if I step on the flowers they pop right back up and they have life, but if I go there and I still have torment in my mind like right now, what good does it do? So I have to agree with what she's saying, that at this time, he's going to bring us to a place where there is no more torment, there no more fear, and there's only love and there's only heaven in our minds, in our souls and in our souls in our spirits and in our bodies. And to me heaven would be to have a glorified mind and a glorified body, and then if it was like in the outward realm of appearance, if there were streets of gold, that's fine but what's the use of it without it being inside.


PASTOR VITALE: that's excellent xxxx.


COMMENT: But doesn't heaven mean streets of gold, I hear that a lot, streets of gold, what does it really mean?


PASTOR VITALE: Well I don't actually know if there's a Scripture that says streets of gold, I think when the Scripture describes the heavenly Jerusalem in the back of the book of revelation, maybe it says something about streets of gold, I know it talks about foundation. But what we have to understand is that this is a symbolic spiritual description of our new soul, and gold typifies deity, it will mean that our spirit which is now reprobate silver, okay I'm sorry that's our soul is reprobate silver, is going to be renewed and become a glorious silver and our spirit which is downtrodden and married to Satan and producing all the names of blasphemy is going to be purified like pure gold, which is the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, we're going to be as God, be his son right?


COMMENT: What about the people who passed away, like the ones who are dead now and who knowing the Lord, where their soul be?


PASTOR VITALE: Their soul has dissolved, their body dissolves it goes back to the earth, and the dust that our soul is made of, goes back into the spiritual lump of clay, man is still being formed, but their spirit is with Jesus.


COMMENT: doesn't it say in the word to be absent in this body is to be present with the Lord?


PASTOR VITALE: Right their spirit is with Jesus, amen, the spirit which is our true life, our true life is human spirit that is now joined to the Lord and we are now one with him. So everything that he is, when the process is completed, we shall be, we shall receive everything that he has.


COMMENT: The question is that in the word where it says "caught up" that I think that a lot of them got the idea and if you just look at it to read it the first time, without any spiritual understanding, I don't have all the spiritual understanding of it yet, but it says in the twinkling of an eye, and so the first thought is to think well, wouldn't we have to die to go to heaven, because in the twinkling of eye to be changed, there's no way that this body going to change just like without something happening in the spirit, you know, and it's not going to change by going through the universe, and it's changing in the twinkling of eye, and so there comes that idea that well we're going to be leaving these bodies and we're going to go in the spirit out into heaven and we're going to be changed in the twinkling of an eye and go to heaven with Jesus, and also says in the clouds, so understand this clouds, you think clouds, and in the twinkling of eye, you think in the snap of a finger, so the question is what does this mean?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the twinkling of eye, does not mean what man thinks that it means, and if you look up the words in the Greek, which I know I did this study, I'm just trying to remember what it was, in the twinkling of eye, let me just leave it with this, I do have this on another tape, if you want it, I can locate the tape for you, I don't remember what the Greek words mean, but generally speaking it means a lifetime. It means a lifetime. Because you see in God's mind, he created a living soul and that living soul fell, and for all of these thousands of years, God is working towards regenerating his dead creation. So when the Lord says through the apostle Paul, it will happen in a twinkling of the eye, to God a twinkling of the eye, is one man's life time. It's just one man's life time, and what I know that I have this on another tape, the Lord has taught me a lot through movies, and I took out a movie once and I picked this movie and I didn't know why I picked it, and it was a terrible movie, but the name of it was it's something about a moment, something about a moment, and the Lord had me watch the one thing he taught me out of it, was the Scripture says the children of darkness are smarter than the children of light, okay.


Well this was a very worldly movie, about a woman who had a revelation that her whole lifetime was just a moment, in light of time, all the thousands of years, that her lifetime was just a moment, and the Scripture says that the children of darkness are wiser than the children of light. We get all these carnal thoughts in our mind, but that is what the Lord has told me, and if you want I'll find out what tape it's on for you exactly what the Greek words say and how I got that. Your life is a moment in the perfection or the process that is perfecting God's creation, the living soul, your lifetime is just a moment. So we shall be caught up, in one lifetime.


COMMENT: This is true, the people that aren't even saved could tell you that, and then the Christians when they get saved I don't know how they get this turned around, because my dad doesn't even profess to be a Christian, and I said well your life is like one speck on the line of eternity, and he goes it's not even that, and my mom, said, yeah, well we're going to be changed in the twinkling of an eye, and you know it's like, you know that's what Christians believe, you don't even blink your eye and Jesus is taking us to heaven, you know.


PASTOR VITALE: See there's no condemnation but it's spiritual childishness, and I say that without condemnation, God is calling his church to maturity and somewhere along the line we're going to have to be able to hear this and laugh at our childishness, there's no other way to go, we're going to have to laugh at the things that we believe. I laugh at myself, I remember when the Lord brought forth the teaching here that the human beings before the flood didn't look like we look now, that they reproduced in a different way, that they were beings that were male and female.


COMMENT: Did you say before the flood or before the fall?


PASTOR VITALE: Before the flood.


COMMENT: Before the flood huh?


PASTOR VITALE: They were human beings that were both male and female, and they reproduced from within themselves, and I have it on one of my tapes that they must have looked female, because they must have had to have a womb to pass out the baby and it was after I made that tape that the Lord corrected me, he said Sheila, no, the way we bear children now is the form of birth that comes from a fallen condition, these men were glorious compared to, like human beings are today, and they didn't have wombs, and they didn't look like women, they reproduced in a totality different way, because it was a childish thought in my mind. And I remember a preacher that I loved dearly, just before God started giving him very deep revelation, he preached that the Serpent must have had legs, how did you draw the conclusion that the Serpent must have had legs, because the Scripture says you shall crawl upon the earth, so to his carnal mind it meant at one time the Serpent had feet. That's not what the Scripture's saying.


And once I was driving with my daughter along a major highway here route 112, and there's old age home on route 112, and one of the inmates was standing out on the road enjoying the air and the grass, and my little girl said, oh mom look at that you know, I didn't know they let the inmates out. You know, childish thoughts, we're spiritual children, nothing to be ashamed of, but it's time to grow up, the Lord's saying come up, come up.


Glory to God, she's 19 now and at three years old she was taught about the Holy Spirit, and it was taught to her as the Holy Ghost, and when she came to church with me, and she found out that the Holy Ghost didn't look like Casper, she was really upset, and I'm making a joke out it, but she was a four year old little girl that was very upset, that Casper the Ghost didn't appear to her, that's what she thought it meant. Well that's how we get these doctrines, these false doctrines in the church, spiritual childishness. No condemnation. Yeah, like Casper the Ghost too, yeah, but that is not what the Holy Ghost looks like you know, and I had a little girl, a human little girl, she's six years old and she said to me recently, I know Jesus, he's an itty bitty bitty tiny baby, and I said, "Oh, no he's all grown up now, he's a big strong man with big muscles, and she looked at me with big wide eyes, you know, she thought he was this little baby that you see in the nativity scenes, childish thoughts.


How glorious the Lord is saying, it's time to go on, and what will destroy us, what will destroy the children to be called in this hour to grow up to spiritual maturity, our greatest enemy is pride, because what will keep us children is pride that will say, well I'm sorry I said it and I believed it, and I'm not going to laugh at myself and I'm not going to change now, because I'll feel like a fool, whether that's said on a conscious or an unconscious level, there are people that will not enter into the kingdom for that reason and that is a manifestation of pride.


COMMENT: We were talking about hell, and this is the point of weakness with me you know, and I was talking to her about it, and she said, I said something about I guess I said something about that I don't want to feel like I'm going to go there after I die, with that teaching that you're going to go there after and there's no hope of getting out, puts you under a fear that it's going to happen to you, and I was talking about it last night and she said, why are feeling like that that would happen to you anyway, so I guess everybody doesn't go through that fear, maybe she doesn't, or maybe it's unconscious and it controls people and they think they believe it, that they're going to heaven but unconscious they're driven by this fear anyway, because it's really a controlling type of fear, with no hope of ever getting out, and I was talking about it yesterday, and I was sharing with her the same thing that you know, that in correcting a child, if you spank them, they're screaming and crying at the time, but in hopes that they're going to improve, and that they're going to think about what they're doing, and change. Or you know like some methods of putting them in their room, and restraining them, they're screaming and crying for the time, but you decide to let them out at some point, and they come back out and you try it again, and you just try and try again, until there's an improvement. And sometimes along the line they get an understanding , they obtain grace and get an understanding, but this feeling that or the teaching that hell, that you're going, you know it doesn't make sense that's it's literal, I can't say literal, is not even the right word, but to be thrown into a physical fire and this body was into a physical fire, it would be consumed, so what's left my soul, well if my soul is in that fire what is going to happen to my soul? Something's going to happen to it, it's going to change, it's not going to stay the same, something is going to burn within it, you know, right.


COMMENT: it's a very wrong teaching in the church, and that teaching says that we have an immortal soul, a soul that doesn't die, that is not true, the Scripture clearly states the soul that sins, it shall die. So if you throw your soul into the fire as well as your body, it shall die, it is not an immortal soul, God has cursed it unto death.

I just have one more thing, that which shall never die, is that which we have received of God, which is our human spirit, and when you throw our human spirit into the fire, it becomes purified like pure gold...


Tape 2


PASTOR VITALE: it becomes one with Christ.


COMMENT: Well that brings a question after I finish this particular thing that we were talking about, well the question is in that verse about being thrown, don't fear man, but fear the one can throw both body and soul in hell, so to think of that verse you do think of the fact that I can't think of it being, for a while I thought it was Satan, but I can't think of it being Satan now, I would think of it being that God has the authority to throw both soul and body into hell, but it must mean that it dies, it dies. I don't completely understand the process of death and what death really is, it's a dissolving of, it's a dissolving process, I don't understand it.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that when Jesus said that, and I haven't checked the tenses in the Greek but for those of you that are not familiar with this, very frequently the King James translators changed the tense that was in the Aramaic, when they put it into the English, they did not use the same tense, and I believe the Lord has told me what he meant when he said that, was fear the one who has already cast your body and your soul into hell, this is hell, torment, hell hath torment, if there is torment in your mind, your soul which is your mind, is already in hell, it's already happened he cast the human race into hell, when Adam sinned in the garden the whole creation when down to hell with him. So Jesus is saying, Don't fear man, fear the God whose done this to you, why? Because I am the God that's done this to you, and now the very same God is here to get you out. So don't fear fallen man, I've already shown you my power, look at the judgment that's fallen on you, fear me, I've come to get you out.


COMMENT: This false teaching has caused us to be afraid of God's judgment and his correction and not understand it, if we can't stay in this teaching, that we're going to burn forever without any hope of getting out, because you know she was the verse about that hell prepared for the devil and his angels, and that we're not suppose to have to go there, and I thought about that and I thought yeah, but I thought too you know well if this lake of fire, if Satan and his angels are thrown into the lake of fire, what's going to happen to him, he's not going to be there with having that, same mind of no hope of getting out, like forever he's just screaming going let me out of here, let me out here, what sense does that make, no purpose in that.


PASTOR VITALE: What kind of a God would do that.


COMMENT: Yes, and even if Satan and his demons deserved it or else what sense, it's gotta be that there thrown into this lake of fire to and something is going to happen to them, there not going to have a body where they're crying forever to get out.




COMMENT: They're going to be burned into another form or something, I don't know what It means, but somehow they're going to changed into the devil and his angels are going to be changed.


PASTOR VITALE: Correct. Why would God do that, God is a rational God, it makes no sense, he is God almighty, all powerful, he has the authority to correct, to change, to make the dead to bring them unto life, to raise them unto life, for what purpose would he do this, to any creature, that they should be torment forever, when he has the authority to make a correction, why would he do this? Why would a merciful righteous God do this.


COMMENT: This sounds that I'm in a agreement with the teaching that I use to hear at Light of the City that the devil and his angels will be reconciled, but I'm not really saying that but have you said that he will be neutralized, and the lake of fire is the agent that will neutralize them or?


PASTOR VITALE: Neutralized, yes, and the lake of fire is Christ, and Christ is I'm trying to keep this simple here, just give me a second, sometimes I can't find the words. Christ is our new mind, he is our new soul, if you have Christ you have two souls. It's coming forth, he started as a mustard seed, and he's smaller and in some ways weaker than Adam, now a lot of people are going to lay hold of my words and say this is false doctrine, it's not, Christ is coming forth from seed, when he's in full stature, he will be all powerful God in you. And he's going to swallow up your adamic soul, and he will change his form, and Satan and Adam and the whole part of the adamic soul will serve Christ, and how will he serve Christ, the function of Adam and Satan is to give the creation form. The invisible God wants to appear.


COMMENT: So what will happen at the end times to Satan and his demons? What does it mean in the word when their going to be thrown into the lake of fire, or even before that I remember there's a Scripture saying fire and brimstone, something like that?


PASTOR VITALE: Well first of all we have to find out who Satan and the devil and his angels are, okay, and as we've talking about this for a while, the devil is man, he's Adam and he's ruled by his unconscious mind which is Satan.


COMMENT: Oh, I know what you mean, but wasn't the devil once an angel called Lucifer and then when Lucifer fell, he became the god of this world?


PASTOR VITALE: Lucifer is a transliteration of Greek word. Let me explain that to you, Lucifer was never intended to be a proper name in the Scripture, in the Hebrew originally it was a Hebrew word that meant the anointed one, that had the light of God, and in a Latin translation of the Scripture, it was changed that Hebrew word whatever it was, or in the Greek, I don't have it exactly right, which changed into proper noun, but God, when the Scripture came forth under the anointing, Lucifer was never a proper name, it was the one who shown with the light of God, and who's shown with the light of God? Adam before the fall. Adam shown with the light of God before the fall, and he, you could call him an angel and he fell.


COMMENT: He deceived Eve in the garden, remember?


PASTOR VITALE: Satan deceived Eve, yeah, I remember Yeah, (chuckle), Satan deceived Eve in the garden, but the whole creation fell and that anointed cherub that walked in the high realms of God's spirit, became this fallen creation ruled by the prince of the power of the air where? In his mind.


COMMENT: Is there a Satan, is there actually a devil?


PASTOR VITALE: It's the spirit, that's the names for the spiritual...


COMMENT: Not like a man like xxxx and I but I mean spiritual, like the prince of darkness, like...


PASTOR VITALE: he's the unconscious mind of man, and he's capable of the great depths of wickedness, that's where you're confused, you think he's, you're looking for a personification of the devil, that he's a man.


COMMENT: from what the word says, and probably too from what I've been taught, I thought, what...


PASTOR VITALE: Well that's how it's taught, but you see the devil is man but he's a many membered man, and he is the human race.


COMMENT: ...that there was an archangel, you know I feel funny talking about this.


PASTOR VITALE: a lot of people are going to blessed by this.


COMMENT: Does it say in the word about before Satan came, before Satan fell there was does it talk about Lucifer at all about him being an angel, a cherub, the anointed one, and because he disobeyed, or he wanted to be better than God, God cast him and his, cast him down into the earth?


PASTOR VITALE: That's true, and it also says if you read that Scripture, and I'm really sorry I'm not strong on the letter, anybody listening to this tape, that's either in Isaiah, or Ezekiel and if you want, if you want I'll find the Scripture for you. It also says in that passage that he's a man, it says it right in that passage.


COMMENT: Right the carnal mind, the anti-Christ or something like that.


PASTOR VITALE: Well no, this Scripture is either in Isaiah or Ezekiel, I can't remember which one it is.


COMMENT: And then when Satan fell or whatever you know, Lucifer or something when he fell and he became, he had to lowered, God lowered him or something like that and then God created Adam and Eve, and then everything was...


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, that's not in the Scripture, that's man's interpretation of the Scripture. No what's in the Scripture is that there was an anointed cherub who was filled with the light and life of God, and in his mind he lifted himself up above God and said that he would be God, and he fell, and sin was found in him, and he fell, and that passage that states that clearly states that this anointed cherub was a man, he was a man Adam. This is Adam.


COMMENT: Adam, really?!


COMMENT: We talked about that last night.


COMMENT: because this is all new to me, is this a new thing that I'm learning or?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it's been around for a long time, it's new to you, but...


COMMENT: it's been around even in the church?


PASTOR VITALE: oh yeah, the Lord had this revelation in the church for years.


COMMENT: Oh, okay.


PASTOR VITALE: Glory to God.


COMMENT: Maybe I haven't been listening all this time.


COMMENT: You know there a lot of churches out there that don't believe this and the basic church world still doesn't have it.


PASTOR VITALE: Now don't get embarrassed because we cannot understand this unless...


COMMENT: People are going to be listening to this and they're going to laugh.


PASTOR VITALE: No, don't be embarrassed. Let me just say this okay, we're all getting excited but we have to remember that there's people that need to hear this tape, so let's just try and let the Holy Spirit lead okay, and I forgot what I wanted to say, oh yeah, we cannot understand this doctrine until the Lord prepares our heart, and the preparation that enables us to understand is the fact that Christ is starting to be formed in us, and that's why large parts of the church world reject this doctrine, either they never heard it or if they hear it they reject it because their carnal mind will never believe this.


COMMENT: Why would they reject it if it's in the Scriptures?


PASTOR VITALE: Because their carnal mind cannot comprehend it, and they read the word and their carnal mind interprets the word for them, this is what the mind of Christ has to say about the Scripture.


COMMENT: Was there actually a Serpent that deceived Eve in, you know what I'm saying, doesn't it talk about the Serpent who deceived, and God saying to the Serpent that a woman's, it talks about Christ crushing the head of the Serpent.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that account, the whole Bible is a parable, do you know what a parable is?


COMMENT: It's like symbols?


PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, or an allegory, it's symbolic because we can't comprehend the deep truths of God, and as I was reading in the book of Gal. further on, we're not going to, well let me read it to you right now, because the Lord gave me this witness for you, if I could find it quickly. Okay in the book of Gal. chapter 4, verse 25, I'm sorry verse 24, Paul is talking about Mount Agar, and the children of the promise and the children in the flesh, and he says, well I'll start with verse 20, well let me read from verse 21, tell me, ye that desire to be under the law, do ye not hear the law, for it is written that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, and the other by a free woman, but he who was of the bondwoman was born after the flesh, the carnal mind, but he of the free woman the mind of Christ was by promise, which things are an allegory or parable.

This account Paul is saying in Genesis about the two sons that Abraham had, it's a parable, it's a story that you can understand whose intention, by which God's intention is to impart deep spiritual truth to you. So if you need a witness that a lot of what's in the if not the whole Scripture is a parable, here it is right here, and it's in Gal. 4:24, which things are an allegory, for these are the two covenants. Who are the two covenants? The son of the bondmaid and the son of the free woman, Isaac and Esau, they represent the two covenants, he's saying. The one from the Mount Sinai which is bondage, which is Agar, that's the son of the flesh, Esau, for this Agar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and answereth to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children the carnal mind the flesh mind is in bondage with her children.


Verse 26, But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all. Do you hear what I'm trying to say, the whole Bible is an allegory or a parable, and we have to by the grace of God, we can't do it unless he enables us, find out the spiritual truth behind the word.


COMMENT: Is there a Serpent?


PASTOR VITALE: the Serpent is the unconscious mind known as Satan, okay. Yeah, well I told you that I mailed you some tapes and tape number 2 deals with this issue.


COMMENT: What about demons?


PASTOR VITALE: What about them, ask me a question.


COMMENT: Can I ask a question about that? Last night we were talking about this that I was saying that Adam and Satan are one or the carnal mind and Satan are one, and then we were talking about demons and I said that demons, I just thought about this recently, that when Adam fell, and separated his mind from God, and reproduced out of his own mind that's where demons came from, is that correct?


PASTOR VITALE: It's not a hundred percent correct, it's correct but let me just expound on it okay, when Adam separated from God, and reproduced from within himself, he produced the carnal mind, and the carnal mind produces the demons, you just left a step out there.


COMMENT: So he produced the demons but it was his carnal mind that came into existence after he separated from God.


PASTOR VITALE: right, now every human being alive has a carnal mind, but I don't believe that every human being alive has demons, there are people in the earth who have been trained in the word of God, who were to the best of their ability walking in the admonition of the Scriptures and they may not have any demons, but they do have a carnal mind, there still separated from God in their mind, we're a fallen creation.


The demons come forth when our mind is reprobate, and we fornicate with wrong ideas, in our mind and the carnal mind produces fruit.


Did I explain that, do you understand that. Okay, every human being alive has a carnal mind except Jesus Christ of Nazareth in this hour, but everybody doesn't have to have demons, demons are the fruit of agreeing with the ungodliness on our mind, so if we're a human being, and we have a carnal mind, and we hear somebody say it's alright to fornicate and because we know the word of God, we can say no that's a lie it's not okay to fornicate, there won't be any demon in that area, but our country is filled with people that have demons in their mind, their carnal mind said it's alright to fornicate, and they don't believe the word of God or they never heard it, and they said yeah it's alright to fornicate, and they've got demons and it's getting worse in every generation.


COMMENT: Well I know that he's shown me that it's not true that there's only a few people that are highly and they go into a church and get delivered that I believe he's shown me that you know that every person on the earth needs to be delivered, but that's the something that I believe he's shown me.


PASTOR VITALE: Well there's different forms of deliverance, one form of deliverance deals with demons, and the other form of deliverance deals with the carnal mind.


COMMENT: We got on the subject though that and she goes, Oh, I don't know cause you're saying that we create demons, right, and she said she had a pastor tell her that there's no such thing, that demons cannot multiply and I said well, I don't quite agree with that, I believe that demons can multiply and that if a person that even well you had said that demons can rebirth even when they're cast out. So that means they birthed, they can multiply.


PASTOR VITALE: demons can multiply to the fullest extent that we're walking away from God, demons proportionately will multiply in our mind.


COMMENT: Adam separated himself from God and he begat a carnal mind? Is that what, he begat a carnal mind? Then he out of that carnal mind produced fruit called demons and so to flatly say it, we create demons.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we birth demons, the carnal mind which we are until we become Christ brings forth fruit, demons, just as the mind of Christ brings forth the fruit of the spirit, joy and peace and righteousness and love, that's the fruit of the mind of Christ, and the carnal mind or the mind of Satan brings forth demons strife and contention and hatred, but the big problem is and the problem that makes people afraid is that we really don't understand what demons are, we have excepted Hollywood's definition of demons.


COMMENT: I use to think that Satan was you know described to you last night, that Satan was before Adam.


PASTOR VITALE: I don't believe that.


COMMENT: That's what I thought, because I know in the word it says I don't know, that's what I thought, that Satan was before Adam and that he you know, he deceived Eve or something like that, and then Adam knew that it wasn't right, and then I use to think that Satan was just you know from what I was taught that there actually is a Satan out there.


PASTOR VITALE: There actually is a Satan but not in the way that you're thinking of, and he is very real, but not in the way that you're thinking of him, he is in our minds, and he's very real and one of the things that happens as God bring us into this end time warfare, is that he lets us perceive Satan in our own minds and when Christ is conceived in us, okay and the warfare revs up okay, he stops hiding, you see right now he's hiding, okay he doesn't want you to know that he's there, that he's in your mind, but when God calls you to the end time...


COMMENT: I know he comes into my mind.


COMMENT: He doesn't just come into your mind...


PASTOR VITALE: He actually talks to you.


COMMENT: He's in the unconscious mind.


PASTOR VITALE: And he's there, and he's there as a very much of an individual.


COMMENT: He doesn't come from outside and through her mind and talk to her and she rejects it.


PASTOR VITALE: No, he's in there, he lives in there, he lives in your mind, okay. And I've had a couple of people that God's bringing to this end time warfare, and after they've been in it for a while once, you know I had a conversation with this woman and she says, oh he just talked to me do you know what he just said, and like xxxx said to me the other day, that was saying wicked things to you right when we were working in the office.


COMMENT: When does he go away, I mean.


PASTOR VITALE: My first experience with demons because I had the reaction that everybody else has, I was terrified, you're doing very well, I was scared out of my mind when I found out that I had demons.


COMMENT: (Chuckle), I'm doing very well.


PASTOR VITALE: You're doing very well you know, and I was just, yeah, you seem to be doing well, and I was just sitting there denying it, and you know and while this sister prayed for me, and this demon spoke to me loud and clear, he said f you, only he said the whole word, f you, but it's spiritual pestilence, that was what the Lord told me when I was very upset that I found out that I needed deliverance, he told me there's spiritual pestilence and only the carnal mind condemns us for having demons, Christ does not condemn us, he's cleansing us, and to answer your question, when does Satan go away? The answer to that is that there's two manifestations of deliverance, demons have to be cast out, okay which includes the breaking of curses, I'll include that together, and the second manifestation of deliverance is dealing with Satan himself, and Satan must be swallowed up by Christ, he will go away when Christ our mind 100% of the time.


But before that it's a process, and as we move into the place where Christ becomes our mind 100% of the time, he gets weaker and weaker and Christ in us gets stronger and stronger, and we get to the point where we see him in our mind.


Paul said, we are not ignorant of his devices, okay, we know what you're trying to do, we know you're trying to make contention, we know you're trying to divide, we know you're trying to separate, we know that's you Satan, and in Christ you must be dealt with, and as we get stronger and stronger we recognize him sooner and God teaches us how to wage war against him. The battle is in our mind, the enemy is not outside of us, whether what somebody did, whether you're right or wrong, about what you think somebody did, it doesn't matter, the battle is in your mind and how you deal with it, it's your battle, Satan in your mind is your enemy. Your enemies are not outside of you, they're inside of you, inside your own head, glory to God for that revelation, thank you Jesus.


How are we ever going to get into the kingdom if we think our enemies are outside of us, that's why there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, it's our own battle with Satan in our mind, and we know what the end is going to be, you know we're going be victorious in Christ. Amen. Are you okay?


COMMENT: Yeah, why?


PASTOR VITALE: Well you look a little nervous but you know you're getting a lot today, you're getting a crash course here. Glory to God, well I really believe...


COMMENT: I see that whatever it is that God is teaching me, new things, eventually as I grow, and I understand, I don't have to understand it all today, and if I can't, but I believe the Lord will eventually reveal and help me understand, because two years ago, whatever I was taught two years ago, two years later I had more of an understanding of it.


PASTOR VITALE: Definitely, well as soon as you can start on the tapes and that you can control because you can play them back and you can pray as you hear it, this is very fast, the Lord really dumped a lot on you today, but I really believe that hour is very short and apparently you're being called, in this hour. Apparently you're called to the company of the five virgins that are going have oil in their lamps, and this is the oil, you're getting it right now, you're getting oil in your lamp, hallelujah. Glory to God.


COMMENT: I knew I was called but I didn't know what kind of calling I had, I just knew that I had a high calling, but always said, Lord I'm not worthy of having that calling.


PASTOR VITALE: Nobody's worthy of it, I say all the time, God's got a sense of humor, he picked me. You know and the Scripture clearly states that very few great ones are going to be included in this? He's why? Because he wants to show his power, he's taking the weakest people he could find, the most messed up people he can find, no matter what their mess up is, everybody's got their own thing, he's getting the most messed up people he can find, and he's cleaning them up, and that's how he's glorified in them. How's he glorified if he takes a man that has made it in this world, he comes from a wonderful family, healthy spiritually, and emotionally healthy family, physically healthy, he grows up, he goes to Harvard, and he has every opportunity in the world, okay, his father is wise and his mother is loving, he has everything a child could have at the beginning of life, and he becomes a great doctor and everybody admires him. Well what's the big deal, look at what he started with. There's no big deal. But take someone that's messed up, whose life is destroyed, and make them a son of God, there's glory to God. He wants to be glorified.


COMMENT: And he wants to set you free, he wants to deliver you so you'll be free, Adam wants to deliver you so he can use you, I mean Adam he can try to do the same thing Christ is doing, but Christ is the one that's really going to prevail, because he's the one that is going to make you the real son, and he's the one who's going to set you free, and he wants to be seen in you, but you set free, he wants you to know the truth, just cause he wants you free.


COMMENT: You believe I have some kind of calling?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I do, or you wouldn't be here, I believe you're called to the high calling in Christ Jesus, in that he wants to stand up in you in full stature, and what does that mean? It means that he wants to utterly possess you, he wants to be your everything, he wants to rule in your mind, and be the one who decides where your body goes, and what you think, that's what being your God means. You see a lot of people don't understand that if they don't have Christ that Satan is their god, they think that they have their own thoughts and their own ideas, but they don't, our thoughts come either from Satan or from God, but he's the ruler, Satan has been ruling in our life for so many years, we think it's us. But the Lord wants to rule us so totally, just like Satan has been ruling us since we were born. He wants every thought that we think to be of his life. Every word that we say, to come forth from his spirit and everything that we do, to be of his mind, and if that, when that comes to pass, we're going to stop dying, because he's righteous, so if he's our everything, we will be righteous, and we will stop dying, we won't make any more mistakes. Glory to God, well I feel the Lord's closing the meeting, does anyone have anything else they want to say? Okay.



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