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When the Lord spoke to me about what I am about to share with you, He said to me, This is what I meant when I spoke through my servant Paul. saying, why are you not willing to suffer the loss?"You, see, if we are truly willing to suffer the loss that is when God moves. When we are not willing to suffer the loss, we are fighting in our own power, and we shut Him out! The Lord had been ministering this to a few others as well as myself for a long time now, although not quite in this area. We have to be willing to lose everything! We have to be willing to die, and if God delivers us, He delivers us. We have to be willing to lose every cent that we have, and if He delivers us, He delivers us. If He does not, He does not. When we come to this place in our mind, the Spirit of God starts moving in in our life with power!

I never really understood what Paul meant. You see, when Paul said, Why are you not willing to suffer the loss? I used to think, What is he talking about? You could be bankrupted if you suffer all the losses that afflict us as we move on in Christ. I did not understand that Paul was not saying that God will let you be bankrupted. He was telling us not to fight with our brother. Do not strive with your brother. It is not God! Yield!

The Lord asked me to tell you that we see a Scriptural example of this spiritual principle in Jesus, when the Pharisees tried to kill Him and [Jesus] disappeared from the midst of them. I prayed for years asking the Lord how Jesus did it. What happened? Did He vanish? Did He disintegrate? Was He under a cloak of invisibility? What was Jesus' technique? This is the realm that God is bringing us into, brethren, because, for us to be having this discussion, means that God is bringing us into it. God talks about specific aspects of His plan of salvation to prepare us to receive it in our lives. We have had prophecies that the people who are in LEM at this time are being caught up in the very near future. So, we can believe that it is happening right now, because spiritual ascension is a process. The Scripture says, in a twinkling of an eye, but that is a spiritual twinkling of the eye, which could be one lifetime when thought of in terms of eternity. Spiritual ascension is a process that is happening to us right now.

We are being caught up to a place where nothing by any means shall harm us. One of the key revelations needed to move into this spiritual place is a knowledge (not an intellectual knowledge, but a spiritual knowledge that only God can impart to our spirit) that we are OK in Christ. We have got to know that no matter what happens, even if He lets them kill us, He will raise us from the dead. The Pharisees stoned Paul, and the other disciples stood around him and raised him from dead (Acts 14:20). They raised Paul from the dead. Now we know that Stephen was stoned, and he was not raised from the dead. Well, maybe Jesus took him into the spiritual realm. We know he was not dead. His body died. Well, so what? We have to get our thinking straight. So what? If Christ comes to someone and says, I am taking your life. You have to say, Yes Lord. I know that you are going to take care of my children. It does not matter if they are six months old. Lord, if in Your wisdom You choose to take my life knowing that I have three babies, then they are Your responsibility. This is where He is bringing us to, because when we let go of the soul ties of this realm, we will fly in the heavenlies. We cannot be afraid of anything!

Pastor Vitale's Update to Message #011 And Cush Begat Nimrod
(15 Years after the above Paragraph Was Preached)

We now know that Stephen was raised from the dead also. The foundation for this truth is presented in Message # 562, Stephen's Martyrdom In Light Of Kabbalah, a mature and difficult study which may be inappropriate for believers not fully grounded in the Doctrine of Christ.

The Faith of Christ

I really thought I was justified in denying this spiritual principle; "Well Lord, I do not care if you kill me, but who is going to take care of my daughter? Who is going to do this? Who is going to take care of my parents? Who? Who? Who? Jesus is the who! Jesus is going to do it. You have to let go, because He wants to take you higher, but we cannot get higher until we let go of what is underneath us. Glory to God! He is going to send us against the most wicked manifestations, and they will not be able to hurt us, But the first step is to be. delivered from fear of these situations, which deliverance rests in our faith and confidence in God. Jesus Christ has been showing me how little faith I have in Him. Up until now, I thought I had a lot of faith. Well, compared to my brethren, my contemporaries, I do have a lot of faith, but compared to Jesus I do not have a lot of faith. I really do not have a lot of faith! So we have to compare ourselves to the right person. We cannot get where He is until His faith is imparted to us.

Two Kinds Of FaithThere are two kinds of faith spoken about in the Bible. There is faith IN Jesus Christ and the faith OF Jesus Christ. When we first come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, we have faith IN Jesus Christ. We believe that He has the power to save our soul, and our spirit, and raise us out of this realm of death, which is faith in His ability to do these things. But Jesus wants us to have HIS faith. to have the same faith that He has, rather than faith IN Him. When we have the same faith that Jesus has, we will do everything that He did. Hallelujah! Jesus was just a man. Glory to God! He was just a man, who was living in a realm where even His own disciples did not share His faith, or even understand what was going to happen on the cross. The Scripture is very clear that they did not know what Jesus was talking about when Jesus told the disciples that He was about to suffer. It was not until after Jesus' body died and was glorified, and Jesus ascended to the Father, that they understood many of the things that Jesus talked about. If you are in the spiritual ministry of Christ Jesus, or if you are reading this book and you can receive these words, God is calling you to a place in Christ where He is catching you up to the high realm of the Spirit that Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked in. Jesus was a man just like we are. Everything that He attained to, we, too, can attain to, because Christ is coming forth in us. Christ Jesus, the same spiritual man that lived in the body that we knew as Jesus Christ of Nazareth is emerging forth in our human spirit. It is the Christ, the revelation of God to the world through men. Hallelujah! We must lay down the soul life so that He can live in us. Glory to God! Hallelujah! I cannot wait!

Nothing, by any means, shall harm us. Nothing can harm us. Even if they destroy this body, He will raise us from the dead. My biggest concern in this hour is fear of pain. Of course, we live in a country where it is not likely that a preacher would be taken into jail or crucified or tortured, but this is my hang-up in this hour , going to jail and being tortured. I tell the Lord all the time that I really do not think I could bear it, even though I bear a lot of torture in the spirit. I am spiritually tortured continuously. God gives me the victory all the time, but I have told Him that I do not like pain. I think that I would fail Him if He put me in a situation where I would be physically tortured. The Lord told me that if He were to put me in that situation, He would prepare me for it first. He does not take us out of these difficult situations. He gives us the victory right where we are.

How We Judge the World

I believe the Scripture is clear that He lets all things come upon us so that the world can be judged. We are told that this is the hour of Satan's judgment. God permits him to do evil works against His anointed to prove the wickedness in Satan's heart. Who is the Lord proving the wickedness in Satan's heart to? Well, we know that Satan is the unconscious part of the carnal mind of the natural man. The Lord wants us to see the wickedness in our own heart before He judges us for the purpose of bringing forth Christ within us.

We spoke about this recently. God wants us to confess our sins, but He does not want us to be ashamed of them. He does not want us to be condemned because our sin nature is our state of being! On the other hand, God does not want us to put a cloak of our own righteousness upon us, saying, I rebuked that evil thought and it went away, and it is no longer a part of my spiritual being, so I am okay. That is what the evil inclination of the natural man says. We do not want anyone to know that we are envious of that person, or that we are rebellious towards that authority, or that we hate that person. We do not want you to know. Why? Because if you know, you will not like us, and we want you to like us! I am just a human being. I want you to like me. I want everybody to love me. So, you know that these feelings are wrong, but you cannot stop them, and you also know that if others knew that you had these ungodly thoughts, they would not like you, so you hide your true thoughts.

Brethren, if you are in this situation with someone in Christ, they will like you! They will continue to like you. Not only like you, but they will love you with the love of God because they will have the revelation that we are two spiritual men, the old man and the new man. I do not know you by the evil in your heart. I know you by the Christ in your heart. I am here to join with the Christ in you, to help you to overcome the evil in your own heart, even if that evil is towards me. Jesus called Judas His friend until the very bitter end, when they met outside of the Garden of Gethsemane.

If you have evil in your heart towards someone, and he hates you back, the spiritual reality is that the two of you are carnal, but God will use the demonic manifestation of hatred in the two of you to catch you up to a higher spiritual realm. But when God puts you in the path of someone who is walking in Christ, in the power to love those that hate them and despitefully use them (we cannot do this unless God empowers us to do it), you are a blessed person. When God puts you in a relationship with someone that has been brought to this place in Christ, where they bless you when you hate them in your heart, believe me, if they are in this place in God, they know that you hate them in your heart. They know that you are jealous of them. They know that you are manifesting rebellion and witchcraft towards them.God has told them about every wickedness directed towards them in your heart. And, if knowing all this, their response to you is still that they love you, that they will do everything in their power to help you, you are blessed. If these evil thoughts are the fruit of an evil spirit, however (because it is not always an evil spirit), you need deliverance.

Balance In The Ministry

These feelings and impulses are the state of being of the natural man, of the carnal man, of fallen adam, of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Evil thoughts are the root of the natural man that is in our heart. If this natural tree has produced evil fruit, you must get delivered from the demons. This is what happened to me. I am telling you this from my own personal experience with deliverance ministry. I had heavy deliverance for five years: violent manifestations, rolling on the floor, kicking, screaming, yelling, cursing, the whole textbook example. Then, all of a sudden deliverance stopped! It slowed down and it stopped. I still have demons cast out of me once in a while, but it is very rare. Nevertheless, I still have evil thoughts. Well, what is going on? God has delivered me largely of the evil fruit that was found in me because of my sins and the sins of my ancestors, and I am right down to rock bottom, that is, my sin nature, or my old man. The Christ in me is dealing with the nature of fallen adam within me, and with Satan, the unconscious part of my carnal mind. And Satan is saying to the Christ in me, I will give you all the kingdoms of the world, just bow down and worship me! But, praise God, the Christ in me is saying, Get thee behind me Satan, thou art an offense unto me. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

Sometimes, after people have been in deliverance ministry for a number of years, they think that the power of God has left them, because they stop having manifestations. Then they have some problems because they do not understand that God is saying, Deliverance is still valid, but I have called you up to the next realm. You have to come up higher. Some deliverance ministries do not understand this. They stay right where they are, doing what they were doing five years ago when God said to them, Come up higher. Other deliverance ministries come up higher, and reject deliverance. They turn around and say, Oh that was not valid. It must have been a manifestation of my imagination. Your own mind just conjured up all these manifestations. It never happens anymore. Look at what happened. We are getting all these deep revelations and understanding in the Bible, and oh, do you know what you were doing when you were in that deliverance church? It is filthy! It is disgusting! You were dwelling on the realm of the demons. Do you know where you were? How could you do that? Well, both of these attitudes, which are a result of deliverance, are incomplete. The reality is that God is dealing with all of His people in different ways, at the same time. Maybe you had five years of deliverance, and you are not manifesting anymore, and, now, because of the deliverance in your mind, you have acquired an ability to understand the deep things of God. You have received the Spirit of Revelation. You have come up out of the carnal realm of the letter of the Scripture, and you are understanding the truth of the Word of God. And now you turn around and say, deliverance is not good for you. Why do you want to be down on that low spiritual realm for? Come and listen to the deep revelation God has given me. Well, brethren, they cannot listen to the deep revelation that you are preaching until they get deliverance in their mind!

We see that a lot of these deliverance preachers who turned into Kingdom preachers when their mind was delivered from Satan's grasp, preach against deliverance for the people who are where they were five years ago, when they needed deliverance. Amen? Then we have the other deliverance preachers who lack the revelation that God may not be doing it that way any more, except for one or two people in the church. He no longer has us dealing with the demons. We are now dealing with the root of the tree. But they cannot hear what God says or comprehend that God is leading in a new way. Neither do they understand that they have been promoted, so they get upset and refuse to change the way they minister, which creates a problem for them with God. We have to go on with God. If God says, you have to change, we are not doing it this way any more in this ministry, in this fellowship, if God speaks to this pastor and says, We are not doing deliverance this way any more, and the pastor refuses to change, the Lord will lift His Spirit off the church.

You have to follow the cloud. You cannot do it the way the church down the street is doing it. You have to do what Jesus Christ wants you to do in this particular ministry that He has put you in charge of, or He will go away. The Lord does not leave your personally. I do not believe that God ever leaves you, but the move of God will lift off the church if you are not doing what the Lord has raised up this particular ministry to do. You have become an unproductive ministry, an unprofitable servant. God says, I have raised you up to do this; do it! And the pastor says, Oh no, you told me to do it another way five years ago, and I am not changing. This must be Satan speaking to me! So now you are unproductive, because the people in your ministry are no longer the people that need deliverance the way you did it five years ago. They are now people that need a different kind of ministry, and they are not getting what God wants for them, so the Spirit of God leaves your church. We have to follow the cloud and the pillar of fire if we want to be with the Lord. Hallelujah!

So, here we are, people, waiting for this exciting move of the Spirit that God is promising will take place in this ministry. God will always be the business of casting out of evil spirits, and I believe it should be available to the people who need it in every ministry. But there are some ministries that call themselves deliverance ministries where every service is intensely involved with the deliverance aspect of the ministry of the Jesus Christ. People scream and yell and throw chairs, as a matter of course, and the ministries that do not have these manifestations get upset, and they come against them. The whole Church world has to get a revelation that the balance of the move of God is not necessarily in any one ministry, but the balance is across the board, throughout the Body of Christ, in general.

I was part of a deliverance ministry for five years where the pastor preached only deliverance for the first two years, and was attacked severely by the other ministries in the area. They told him that his ministry was not balanced, but God told him to preach deliverance, solid deliverance, for two years. This pastor was faithful to God, rather than his fellow pastors, and I received the life-changing deliverance, which was the beginning of my preparation for Ministry.

Balanced ministry in the Body of Christ is not in one particular church. The balance is across the Church world. The witness that this preacher was in the will of God was that after two years of preaching only deliverance, and experiencing heavy manifestations, heavy deliverance, with people screaming and yelling and throwing chairs, after two years of that, God promoted this pastor to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. Praise God! What a glorious blessing for his obedience.

Growing Into The Next Level

Every church is not balanced within that particular ministry, so God will send you to the ministry where you need to be. Hallelujah! This is why we have to get up and go when God says to get up and go. It is possible for God to raise someone up in a deliverance ministry, with heavy deliverance, and then have God tell them to leave that ministry, which will remain as a deliverance ministry, saying, I am calling you up to the next level of ministry, which requires you to go to another fellowship, because this ministry is 99% deliverance, and I want you in a Kingdom ministry. Sometimes you are in a ministry that is preaching Sonship, and God says, I am moving you on to the Doctrine of Christ. I am not calling this deliverance ministry that teaches Sonship to the Doctrine of Christ at this time. I want them to continue to teach Sonship so that I can send the people that I want to learn Sonship there, but I want you to learn the Doctrine of Christ. So you have to come out. You have to go to another ministry.

Genesis 11:1-8 (KJV)
1 And the whole earth was of one language and of one speech.
2 And it came to pass as they journeyed from the East that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelled there,
3 And they said one to another, Go to, let us make brick and burn them thoroughly. And they had brick for stone, and slime had they for mortar,
4 And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach into heaven, and let us make a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth.
5 And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower which the children of men built, and the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language and this they begin to do, and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do.
6 Go to, let us go down there and confound their language that they may not understand one another's speech.
7 So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth, and they left off to build a city; therefore, is the name of it called Babel because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth,
8 And from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth.
Hallelujah! Thank you Lord!

The Generations Of Noah

Our study today is in Genesis 11:1-8, but I want to back up to Genesis 10, and look at a few Scriptures in that Chapter that deal with the generations of Noah. Most of the verses in Chapter 10 are genealogies, so we will not read them, but, as you well know, the creation of God upon the earth in Noah's day was desperately wicked, and had fallen into every form of sin known to man. We know that, at that time, the law was not written down in a book, nor did we have the Levitical law, or the Law of Moses. Nevertheless, there was knowledge of God's spiritual law in the earth, which was spiritually imparted to men, because, if we go back very early in the Book of Genesis, we see that Cain and Abel made sacrifices to Jehovah.

Now, how did Cain and Abel know that God required a sacrifice? Because when man was first put out of the Garden, the law, a knowledge of the spiritual law of God, was imparted into their very spiritual being, but, as the creation descends, we become more and more animal-like. Men do not like to hear this, but it is the truth. We become more and more animal-like, and we need the law to be written down because we are descending farther and farther away from God. Mankind likes to say that he is evolving, that scientific knowledge is increasing, and social knowledge is increasing, and that we are trying to have peace and not fight wars any more, but the spiritual reality is that the natural man, fallen adam, is maturing "in knowledge", but is still dying. So, really, who cares about acquiring knowledge? It is the natural man, fallen adam, saying, Yes, look at how spiritual I am. We have government now. We have peace negotiations and we no longer enslave people when we beat them in war. Kook at what we did for Germany and Japan. They are thriving democracies today. Are we not wonderful?

Well, it is true. The natural man is evolving, but he is evolving unto his death, because there is a New Man in the earth, Christ Jesus, the Holy One of Israel, who is coming forth in natural man, who will eventually have to lay down all of his works, all of his accomplishments, all of his achievements, and be pushed to the background so that the spiritual life of Christ Jesus can come forth. The natural man has, indeed, been evolving intellectually and socially, but he, at the same time, has been descending spiritually. At fallen adam's lowest point of spirituality, but before he descends into utter destruction, Christ Jesus will judge fallen adam's wickedness, and Christ Jesus will join Himself to fallen adam and overshadow him, and emerge forth as the only functioning nature of the natural man, which is the fulfillment of God's purpose for righteous Adam, from the beginning of time.

The Days Before The Flood

We know that in the days before the flood, the Scripture tells us that there was violence across the earth, and that man was desperately wicked. However, it was not yet time for Christ Jesus to emerge forth and join Himself to the natural man. But God will only let wickedness go so far, so what did God do? He wiped out the natural man. If you study the account in Luke and John, in the Greek, where Jesus is speaking about the flood, you will find out that what God really did was call back His spiritual Sons into the spiritual realm. God destroyed the flesh and returned it to dust. It is very clear in the Greek. I will not do a word-by-word right now, but when God destroyed all life on the earth, that is what He did. He separated out the seeds of His Sons that had been sowed in the earth, called them back unto the spiritual realm, and destroyed the manifestations of the flesh man.

The Book of Job says something like this, When the Lord calls back His breath and His spirit, man returns to dust. Breath and spirit mean the soul (personality) and the spirit life. The rest of the natural man returns to dust. Fallen adam was so wicked at that time because the different elements of his spiritual being were braided together in the wrong combination, the wrong moral order. Man is soul (personality), spirit (breath of life) and darkness (Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind). The Godly spirituality of fallen adam (who was regenerated into righteous Adam in the personality of Jesus, of Nazareth) was totally overtaken by the darkness that was a part of him, which darkness he was supposed to be ruling over. The darkness was no longer in submission to the Spirit of Holiness as it was within the regenerated Adam (Jesus of Nazareth), but, rather, was manifesting its wicked potential and ruling over him. So God called back his spiritual Sons and sent their external aspect back to the dust, because Adam had fallen again.

Reproduction By Cell Division

Noah was the only one that survived the flood, and his wife and sons were within him. We have discussed previously how, in those days, man had the ability to reproduce from within himself. I do not know what man looked like in those days, but we do know he could bring forth offspring by himself, like a self-pollinating plant, because he had both male and female reproductive organs. Regenerated Adam (Jesus of Nazareth) was a self-pollinating spiritual man.

We are told that Noah and his sons came into the ark with their wives. I believe that their wives were within them, because it was not until after the flood that man started birthing individual male and female people, like we see today.

There are three Scriptures that I would like to call your attention to. They are all in Genesis Chapter 10. The first one is Genesis 10:5. (Let me back up a little). Noah had three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth, and these verses are the genealogies of Noah's sons.

Genesis 10:5 speaks about the descendants of Japheth, saying, By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands: Everyone after his tongue, after his families, and in their generations. That word divided means to break through, to spread or separate themselves. By these were the isles..., which we know are the inhabitable parts of the earth. The isles are the inhabitable parts of the earth, mankind, the place where God dwells, where He joins Himself to the human spirit. ...by the inhabitable parts of the earth of the Gentiles broken through, or spread out ,into separate lands, everyone after his tongue, after their families, and their nations.

Fallen adam was spread out and his female principle was separated into a separate entity. By these were the inhabitable parts of the Gentiles broken through, spread out, or separated into their own lands.

The female principle in the beings that lived on the face of the earth at that time (which had both male and female principles15 within them) was separated out, and what we know to be men and women today began to appear in the earth.

I do not know what mankind looked like before his male and female principles separated, but they were not men and women, as we know man and woman today. For all intents and purposes, there was only one sex, male, but these supernatural males had a female part, which gave them the ability to reproduce themselves. There was no male and female, as we understand the term today. The female aspect of mankind was an impersonal (un-named) aspect of the whole man. That is why Noah's wife, and the wives of Noah's sons, are not named. Sarai, Abraham's wife, is the first wife that has a personal name in the Scripture.

There are three Scriptures that talk about dividing. The second one is Genesis 10:25, And unto Eber were born two sons. The name of one was Peleg, for in his days was the earth divided. Now, this word divided means, simply, to split or divide. It is saying the same thing in another way. The earth was divided, the earth of mankind came into two manifestations. Instead of having people on the face of the earth that were all the same, they divided, and we now have men and we have women.

The third verse is Genesis 10:32. These are the families of the sons of Noah. This is talking about the descendants of Shem. After their generations in their nations and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood. This is very interesting because this word divided means to profit from, to trade or merchandise. It is from a root word that means to travel around, especially a peddler. It also means to palpitate, to pant, to trade, to traffic, to go a begging, but the last definition in Gesenius is to have intercourse with anyone - to have intercourse with anyone.

These are the families of the sons of Noah after their generations in their nations, and by these were the nations brought to a place where they would have intercourse.

Although it is a sad commentary on humanity, we all know, especially those of us who have any maturity (not necessarily spiritual maturity, but maturity concerning life) know that sexual intercourse is used by many people, if not most people, for the wrong purposes. Many people peddle human sexuality, and I am not just talking about prostitution. People use it. Women use it for favors. Men use it to get power, or whatever other purposes we may not even know about. But even those of us who are not sophisticated in this world, know that relationships between men and women are one of the most abused relationships of humankind.

Genesis 10: 6, And Ham had Cush and Mizraim, Put, and Canaan. Verse 8: And Cush begat Nimrod He began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord; wherefore, it is said even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. In the beginning of his kingdom were Babel, Erech, Accad, and Calneh and the land of Shinar.

Someone came forth in the earth that was a mighty hunter before the Lord. That word hunter means to chase game, and it comes from a word that means to lay snares and catch birds. All through the Book of Psalms we are told that our spiritual life, a snare is laid for our spiritual life, and we are hunted as game. This theme is all through the Prophets and in the Psalms. I suggest to you that this man, Nimrod, that came forth out of the line of Ham, who was cursed by his own father, became a mighty witch, or a mighty manifestation of the natural man in the earth, who went forth to lay hold of human lives and use them for his own purposes and his own gain.

Again, those of us who have any awareness in the world (you do not even have to be spiritual) know that men are enslaved all the time. In past generations they were physically enslaved. Men were taken captive and it was legal. It is not legal any more in this country any more, but today men are enslaved spiritually. Today Madison Avenue enslaves people with the advertising and the mind control coming forth from the TV and radio. For a natural man that has no defenses against powerful advertising, continuous mental stress produces mental, emotional and spiritual enslavement. We find families everywhere working three or four jobs between the mother and the father to have electronic appliances, to have things, and their children are going17 by the wayside. They are unloved, not cared for, devastated, and often not being raised by their own family. Many people today are living in big houses with every machine that you can find, but they do not even know, in many instances, that they have been utterly victimized and enslaved by the systems of this world.

The Beasts Of Daniel & Revelation

We are told in the Books of Daniel and Revelation where the Scripture speaks about the beast (the last beast of the end time), that this beast is diverse from all the other beasts. Well, I prayed about that for a long time, and this is what I found out about the diversity of this last beast. The first three beasts were basically all the same. They were human kingdoms that went out with sword and shield; they conquered, burned, pillaged, and they took slaves. They took men, women, and children slaves into their own country and made them bondmen. All three of those nations which we are told about in the Book of Daniel (one was Greece, and one was Media Persia) did the same thing, but the fourth beast is not doing that today. The fourth beast is in the world right now, and it is not taking physical people and enslaving their bodies. It is enslaving their mind. This beast truly is diverse from all the rest!

Most of the world does not even know that they are slaves. They do not know that there is anything wrong. They do not know (of course, there are always exceptions) that they cannot leave this place, except by death, that a man cannot really be free from the enslavement that humanity is subject to today. They do not know that 50 years ago, or 100 years ago, a man could go out and get a piece of land, and he could farm, and he could live with his wife and his family in relative freedom, but, today there is pressure on you to take a job that has benefits. You want Blue Cross-Blue Shield. You want a pension plan. You want your sick leave and you want your vacation. What are you going to do when you retire? You have to save thousands of dollars so that when you retire you will be able to survive. You cannot go out and get the kind of job that you want because you have a wife and three children. If go into your own business, which is your heart's desire, who is going to give you all these benefits? Not only do job- related benefits cost thousands of dollars year, but if you are a small independent business man you do not have access to group pension plans and group medical plans with Blue Cross-Blue Shield. It would cost you twice as much as the corporate employer who provides the same benefits. You are in bondage, people. You are in bondage! You cannot be independent in this world system!

What would happen if some terrible tragedy occurred, and the manufacturing giants and the corporate giants that supply our food broke down? Who would even know how to find a piece of land and grow food? We would not know how to do it (with a few exceptions, of course). With each generation it gets worse. No one knows how to farm. No one knows how to preserve food, and a lot of women today do not even know how to cook from scratch. They open up the can, or they put a frozen dinner in the oven or microwave. They would not even know how to cook. They would not know how to make bread.

The World System We Live In

Man used to be very independent. With the help of God he went out on the land with his wife, and they worked hard. They needed God and they needed each other. We are dependent on entities that we do not even know, that we have no first hand contact with. You cannot even get Blue Cross-Blue Shield on the telephone. You can have heart palpitations waiting for someone to talk to you; try to get them on the telephone if there is something wrong with your benefits, and you will know what I am talking about. The corporate entities that are rich and powerful because of the goods that they sell to the many members of humanity are unknown, they are vague, and they are hazy to the little people who make them rich. You cannot reach the people19 that are controlling your life, and it is getting worse and worse every year. This is the fourth beast, and he is truly diverse from all the rest.

I am suggesting to you that the Scriptures tell us that Nimrod, who came forth from the cursed line of Ham, was the beginning of an aspect of mankind that lays snares for and tries to catch the people of his own human race, for the purposes of exploitation.

Those of us, who have eyes to see, see it everywhere. Again, you do not have to be saved to see what I am talking about, yet, it is a rare person that sees it. Usually, the people who do have this kind of insight write books, or they get jobs as newspaper writers, or initiate some kind of crusade, and the whole world thinks that they are crazy because they are trying to change the system. But they see it: We are in absolute bondage.

Women do not even know how to sew any more. Do you know that women in other countries pick up a piece of fabric, and they make a dress? They just make a dress. I was speaking to a woman the other day. She had this really pretty sweater on, and she told me it was a gift from a friend of hers from Switzerland, who is somewhere in Europe. She came to visit and wanted to make her a gift, so she knitted her a sweater. I said, Oh how beautiful, where did she get the directions? She said, No directions, she bought the loom, she bought the needles, and she just knitted. She made her a sweater.

Most of us would be lost if this corporate society broke down. We could not survive. Most of us do not even know how to make a fire. What would we do outside of the help of God? We have been made as dependent upon this world system as slaves were upon their masters in days past, if not more so! It is pretty scary, people. Everybody is looking for the anti-Christ. Brethren, but I say to you that he is upon you. He is all over you. He is in your head.

Nimrod, The Forerunner

So, Nimrod was the forerunner, or the beginning, of this self-destructive race called humanity, that feeds upon itself. It feeds upon its own kind. In the jungles, we do not usually see animals feeding upon their own kind. Lions go out and kill deer. They do not kill other lions, not for food any way. We are probably the only race on the face of the earth that uses our mind to feed upon other minds of our own kind. This was the beginning of it right here.

Cush was a mighty warrior. The word mighty is used of a soldier. I am going to suggest to you that this is what happened after the woman in the ephah flew off to Shinar. You can read about it in message # 8, The Latter End, where I explain the spiritual condition of the living soul that died. We are told that God locked her up in an ephah with a lead lid (which signifies this physical body) to contain her wickedness, but she rose out of the physical jailhouse that the spirit of fallen mortal man is confined in, by raising up her own spiritual power (which is witchcraft). She was not holden by the skin of the physical body The spirit of witchcraft is not contained through the skin.

The woman raised up her own base in Shinar, and came forth in military power to oppose the Spirit of God and His purposes for the creation. She wants the creation for herself so that she can exploit it and use it for her own purposes. Now, we know that all of the people on the face of the earth are cells in the body of fallen adam. There is only one living soul that died. God created one living soul, but that living soul died and divided into many members. Certain cells rise up and prevail in the earth. They are rich, they are millionaires, and they are slavers. Whatever they are, they have all the power in the earth. And then we have the powerless in the earth. You can just look around you, and you can see it. The victims and the rulers, they are all over. Some rulers are benevolent, but, nevertheless, their role in the living soul that died is to be a ruler. Either you are a victim or you are a ruler. You are one or the other.The living soul that died is trying to make itself rich through certain individual cells, and is selling other cells of the same creation down the river. We hear about this in the Book of Revelation when the judgments of God come against Babylon. The Scripture says that all of the merchants that did business with her stood back for fear of her burning. We are being bought and sold every day of our life, brethren. In the spiritual realm, contracts are made for us. Spiritual entities look down upon the realm of the flesh, and they throw dice for us, and if you are not in Christ, you have no defense against this. Look at the people. They are living more like animals than like God's offspring.

Since God started giving me this revelation, I see it everywhere. I happen to be around successful businessmen every day of my life, and I look at the way they relate to people. They are the rulers of the spiritual jungle. When they go up against somebody that is not as strong as they are, it is like a lion going after a deer, and they eat them alive.

This is modern man. Our spiritual forefather was Nimrod, if we are not in Christ, and if you have the Holy Spirit that does not mean you are in Christ, brethren. If you have the Holy Spirit, the vehicle of God is present in you to bring you into the Body of Christ. You are not in the Body of Christ because you have the Holy Spirit. It is His job to bring you there. The Holy Spirit is the beginning of the journey. Hallelujah! I want to establish these two points: That right after the flood, the earth was divided, and modern man came into being. Nimrod is the king of the earth that rose up, and in the beginning he began to be a mighty one in the earth. He was the beginning, or the sire, of our modern day society, where the spiritual entity known as the living soul that died, sets one cell of his body against the other. He is divided.

One Language & One Speech

The beginning of Nimrod's kingdom was Babel, in the land of Shinar. We were told that Shinar means Babylon. We are going back to Chapter 11, and we will try and understand what happened over here. This is a very popular Scripture verse, only, unfortunately, the spiritual truth that it contains (as we have been finding out through our studies in the Old Testament), seems to be consistently hidden. And the whole earth was of one language and one speech.

What is the difference between language and speech? Language is the words that come out of our mouth, speech is what goes on in our mind. I could be sitting here next to somebody that speaks no English at all, and perceive the same thing that he is perceiving. We can both see a child in front of us, we can see Joshua in front of us, we can see Kim sleeping, and both of us can look at Kim and be thinking the same thought, isn't she cute? I would say it in English, and he would say it in French, but all speech is the same, just our language is different. And the whole earth was of one language and one speech. They not only spoke the same language, but they had the same mind. They thought alike and had the same motives.

Now we know that is not true today. You put three people together (this is one of the jokes of mankind) and we play that telephone game. You sit in a circle, whisper something to somebody, and by the time it gets to the last person, the first person says, what? I never said that! They even made a movie about it once. There was a crime committed, and three people witnessed the crime, but they all had totally different explanations of what happened. It happens to me with my own acquaintances. Somebody will say something to me, and then I will talk to someone else and I will say, No, it did not happen that way, and neither one is lying. That is how each of them saw it. They have different speech (different understanding and motives). Same language, different speech. The human race is utterly divided.

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:1, And the earth was unified, because [the people] all thought the same thoughts, and expressed [their ideas] with the same words.

Journeying Downward

Genesis 11:2. And it came to pass as they journeyed from the East. Now, throughout the Scriptures, the East typifies the realm of the eternal. They came from the East. They had been with God, but they were a fallen creation. Where were they journeying? They journeyed from the east. They were moving away from the realm of God. Now, we do not stand still in our spiritual life. You are either going towards God, or you are going away from God. If you are a natural man, you are moving away from God. If you have received the Holy Spirit, you are moving towards Christ. God is reversing the process in your life. No one stands still in God. If you think you can stay in the same place, it is an error, and if you believe it, it is just a matter of time until you start spiraling backwards.

And it came to pass as they journeyed from the East. As the creation descended, that they found a plain in the land of Shinar, and they dwelled there. They found a plain, a flat low place, a split, between two mountains. God is in the high realm of the heavenlies. They are descending. They found a low place. This is the woman in the ephah with the lead lid. She is going out to make her own life. God said to her, I am stopping you up here. I am closing up your wickedness. Stay where I put you until the time of your joining to me. But the living soul that died said, No way, not a chance, I will go out in my own power, I am coming out now. I am not waiting for you. I am coming out now. This is what is happening! They are journeying downward, and they found a flat low place in the land of Babylon, and they dwelled there. This is the condition of the human race. Babylon means religious confusion. The Hebrew word translated "east" suggests immortality. 

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:2, And it came to pass that as they journeyed downward, away from immortality, [the mountain of God] divided, and a flat, low land appeared, and [fallen adam] was joined to [the Carnal Mind, which is] religious confusion..

Genesis 11:3. And they said one to another, Go too, let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly, and they had brick for stone and slime had they for mortar.

Well, brethren, listen to this. The word brick means to be white. It is called brick from the whiteness of the clay. It means to make white, to cleanse, to purge from filthiness of sin and the filthiness of the flesh. This same Hebrew word is used in Daniel 11:35, where Daniel says, And in the last days many shall be made white. Obviously, the meaning there is purged from their sins. It is also used in Isaiah 1:18 and Joel 17, in the same context, white - implying free from sin. And they said, let us make brick. In other words, Let us cleanse ourselves from the spiritual wickedness that came upon us from disobedience to God. Disobedience to God is rebellion, and rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. They said, let us make ourselves clean. We talked about this in the message, The Seduction of Eve, where the spirit that is ruling in the living soul that died rose up out of its place, and said, I have made myself clean. I have stripped off the righteousness of Jesus Christ, nevertheless, I say I am clean. That is what this says, Let us make brick, and burn them thoroughly.

Burn them thoroughly. The word burn means, to drink in or to swallow down or to absorb by fire. Now we know that the fire of God is absorbing the natural man. We are being burned up and converted into the likeness and the image of Jesus Christ. Well, this is the natural man saying, And let us make brick and burn them thoroughly. If the word brick does not mean brick, if they are really saying, Let us make ourselves clean, then, who are they burning thoroughly, and what is being swallowed up? Are they destroying whatever in them is of God? Now, we know that Christ is coming,25 and that He is swallowing up what ever in us is of the natural man. Well, mankind did at Babel, the exact opposite of what Christ is doing to fallen mankind. In fact, Christ is come to undo what was done at Babel. They said, I am clean, I am in rebellion against God, I am filled with witchcraft, but, nevertheless, I am righteous, and I am going to swallow up everything in myself that is of God, and I am going to rule over God's creation. I am not going to hear God's conscience. I am not going to say one word about it. It is my creation; I am going to rule on the face of the earth in my own morality.

And they had brick for stone and slime for mortar. We just said they had righteousness for the brick building blocks of the creation. The word stone, not only in the concordance, but also throughout the Scriptures, is used to typify spiritual power. Jesus Christ is our rock. Stones are small rocks. You can study it out yourself if you want to, but stones are types of spiritual power. The word stone also signifies the builder of a family name.

They had brick for stones. Fallen adam had made themselves white, Their own righteousness would supply the spiritual power necessary to produce the genetic building blocks and the material atoms (bricks) of the creation, and their own righteousness would be engraved upon the spiritual foundation (stone) of mankind.

...and they had slime for mortar. The meaning behind the Hebrew word slime, is that it is like bitumen, which boils up from the subterranean fountains like oil and gas. It is something that you burn for fuel. It is also found in petroleum and in gas. It is these kinds of deposits, these bitumen deposits, that the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities were built upon.

When God judged Sodom and Gomorrah, He ignited what was naturally there that was ignitable. When God brought fire upon Sodom and Gomorrah, it was not just that He poured fire from the heavens. The natural substance of the land upon which those cities were built made them a sitting duck. All God did was light the dynamite. I am going to suggest to you here that this slime, bitumen which can 26 be likened unto oil, was the natural man's substitution for the Holy Spirit.

They had slime for mortar. The word mortar is clay, and it is the same Hebrew word that is used in Isaiah 45:9 where the Lord speaks about molding us, marring the clay and starting to mold us again. They had their own spiritual righteousness! They had their own oil, the power that goes with it, and their own clay. They created life for themselves. Now, do not forget that these men were spiritual beings. These physical bodies that we live in are just houses.

Pastor Vitale's Update to Message #011 And Cush Begat Nimrod

(15 Years after the above Paragraph Was Preached)

It is possible when dealing with spiritual studies to receive the correct understanding of a verse, or a paragraph, from the Spirit of Revelation, but, at the same time, to not fully grasp the correct interpretation of each individual word. I arrived at the right conclusion concerning the above study, which indicates that I did hear from the Spirit of Revelation, but, today, 15 years later, I would like to clarify the interpretation of the individual Hebrew words:

The Hebrew word translated brick, Strong's #3843, means a brick, which word is derived from Strong's #3835, which can be translated to become white. So since the original meaning of the word is brick, the connotation of Strong's #3835 is that of white clay, or white building blocks.

The Hebrew word translated let us make, Strong's #3835, is the same word that the Hebrew word brick is derived from. So we see that the two words that mean brick and white clay, when taken together, mean a brick made from white [righteous] clay, or a righteous building block.

The Hebrew word translated go to, Strong's #3051, means to make oneself, or to become. Let us become the white [righteous] building blocks of the material creation. Fallen27 adam thought he could implement God's plan to incarnate the material creation on the basis of his own righteousness.

Strong's #8313, burn, suggests a high level of spiritual authority (God is a consuming fire), and Strong's #8316 throughly means to cremate, which suggests burning fuel, or a high level of spiritual energy. Let us ascend to the high level of spiritual authority that produces the energy [that we need]...

Strong's #1961, translated and had is the verb to be, which translates in this context as, so that we may be. Strong's #38071, translated they means to belong to, and translates in this context as a part of, and Strong's #68, translated stone signifies a foundation stone. ...so that we may be a part of the righteous foundation... The Hebrew word translated brick appears again, so I added the word righteous.

Rev 2:17, He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it. KJV

Strong's #2564, translated slime, means to rise to the surface, and Strong's #2653, translated morter, means to bubble up (which can mean to increase), or mire, clay, or a heap of a dry measure or earth. I suggest to you that this dry measure of earth is speaking about an earthen body, and that the phrase bubble up into a heap of earth is speaking about the incarnation of disembodied spiritual beings.

After that, once again, we see the Hebrew word that means to belong to, or to be a part of, translated they, and the Hebrew word that means to be, or let us become, translated had...Let us rise to the surface of the earth, or Let us incarnate in earthen bodies, and become a part of... 

So we see that fallen mankind's intention at Babel was to incarnate the material world without repentance, and God's righteousness.

Counterfeiting The Program Of God

These spiritual beings substituted, or counterfeited, what God says is to be our state of being in this realm of appearance. The Lord Jesus Christ says that we are to live in this realm of appearance as spiritual beings that possess a soul, and live in a body. But these spiritual beings (which were separated from the promises because of their disobedience and rebellion) said, We will make our own spiritual power and our own material bodies. They brought it forth themselves, before God said, Now is the time. They did it themselves. They counterfeited the program of God.

These bodies are vile. This is not God's best for us. These are bodies that cause us pain and give us disease, pestilence, and sickness. This is not the creation of God, brethren. This is not it! These bodies, in many instances, depending on the curses in your life, can be torture instruments. I have been tortured by this body! I have had severe pain in my body. Satan has used it against me. This is not the glory of God. Hallelujah!

And they said one to another, go to, let us make our own righteousness and burn anything that is of God in us thoroughly. Let us swallow it down and consume it so that it has no power over us. They had spiritual power that arose out of their own righteousness. They had their substitute for the Holy Spirit, which was volatile to their own flesh, and they used it to put together the creation that we see today. 

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:3, And they said to one another, come, let us swallow down and consume thoroughly everything in us that is of God, so that it has no power over us, and let us make our own righteousness, and ascend to the high level of spiritual authority [where we acquire] the energy to produce the genetic building blocks and the material atoms [that will form the visible creation], and [let us engrave the spiritual] foundation [of mankind with our own] righteous [nature].

Genesis 11:4. And they said, Go to, let us build a city and a tower whose top may reach into heaven, and let us make a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth.

Let us build a city. Throughout the Scriptures, physical bodies are called cities. Jesus called us a city. We are living in a city. In ancient days, the cities were defensed. They had walls around them. Every city had a tower and in the tower there was always someone watching to see if the enemy was coming. Also, if they were attacked, the attacking forces had to first get through the wall, and if they did get through the wall of the city, then they had to get through the tower. This is a doubly defensed city.

Now, we have spoken about how spiritual life is both within and without. Darkness covers the earth and the gross darkness is in the people, or the fire of God is a wall around us, and our spiritual substance is within. Spiritual power and life is both within and without.

They built a defensed city. This word city in the Hebrew means a walled city. Their spiritual power manifested as a wall around the city, which is female, and there was a tower (representing male spiritual power) within them. If you recall the other message about the woman and the ephah, The Latter End, we said that she went off to establish a base in Shinar, and this is what they are doing: They are establishing the spiritual base, or spiritual foundation, they need to incarnate a material world. Hallelujah!

In The Name Of Jesus

Whose top may reach into heaven... Spiritual power, they wanted male spiritual power. And let us make a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the earth. Now what do they mean, Let us make a name? Again, throughout the Scriptures we see that the word name signifies nature. We are told in the New Testament that we are to pray in the Name of Jesus Christ, This does not necessarily mean that we are to go around vocally parroting in the Name of Jesus, in the Name of Jesus, although it is okay to do so if we choose to. If that is where you are in Christ, I am not knocking you. It is fine if that is where you are in Christ, but we are supposed to grow up and we have to get to the place where we understand that the Name of Jesus is the nature of Jesus Christ. We have been talking about this for weeks now, that we are two people. I can say, God bless you in the spirit of Christ from within me or from the natural man within me. The natural person can say, God bless you, and mean well, but when you say God bless you by the nature of God within you, spiritual blessings really flow out towards that person.

In the Name of Jesus.... You do not have to parrot the words, In the Name of Jesus. Whatever you say, do, or think that emanates forth from the nature of God in you, is in the Name of Jesus. Nevertheless, Paul says that we are not to make our brethren stumble. So if I am with people that I do not know, if I do not know where they are in God, or if I think they are young in Christ, I will say, In the Name of Jesus. When I pray, I say, In the name of Jesus. I do not have to say in the Name of Jesus, but I say it so that you should not stumble, or that anyone hearing this tape, or reading this book, or anyone in my life, should not stumble. You see, we are not commanded to say in the Name of Jesus. We are commanded to speak always out of the Nature of Christ. If it is Christ in me speaking, why would I need to say in the Name of Jesus? Grow up, people. It is grow up time!

Breaking The Heads Of Leviathan & Babylon

So, they said, Let us make a name for ourselves lest we be scattered abroad on the face of the earth. In other words, Let us make a spiritual covering for ourselves that will prevent us from being scattered abroad on the face of the earth. Now, whatever made them think that they were going to be scattered abroad on the face of the earth? Well, the word scattered means to break in pieces and to disperse. Abroad means, to be strewn. We know that the judgment of God, or one of the judgments of God, against Babylon is that He is going to scatter them. He is going to smash them. He is going to destroy them. As far as Leviathan, the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind of the natural man, is concerned, God is going to break Leviathan's heads!

What does it mean that God is going to scatter, disperse, grind into dust, and break the heads of Leviathan and Babylon? What does this mean? At the time of the events that we are talking about here, natural man was manifesting one rebellious mind. The thoughts of all of the men in existence at that time, were in perfect unison. And they had incredible spiritual power. There was one mind operating in all of the men on the face of the earth and that mind was NOT divided. We are told in the New Testament, that the people attacked Stephen as one man, and killed him. The people rose up in hatred against the manifesting Son of God with such unity that they killed him. There is great spiritual power in oneness.

It is common knowledge among governments that if you want your country strong (though it is demonic) is to start a war. The whole country can be at odds with one another, but when the word goes out that such and such a country is attacking our country, the majority of people rise up and defend their nation, and the divided citizens become friends again because they have to fight off the attacking power.

At the ancient time that we are talking about here, men 32 had an awareness that they had rebelled against God, and that God was going to deal with them. God was going to strip them of their spiritual privileges and power, so they said, Let us make our own spiritual cover, let us be of one mind, one accord, and one language, and defend ourselves against the Living God. They really thought they had a chance to sidestep God's righteous judgment. This is typical of man's ignorance, but that is what they believed.

Alternate Translation, Genesis,11:4, And [fallen adam] said, come, let us build a city [for the female aspect of the creation], and a tower [for the male aspect of the creation], and let us form [a mind] that will reflect our nature, [which] will prevent the head of heaven, the personality that has charge of the whole earth, from appearing to break us in pieces.

The Harvest That Is Coming

What did God do? Genesis 11: 5. And the Lord came down. He came down from His high spiritual place to see the city and the tower which the children of men had built, and the Lord said, Behold, the people is one and they have all one language, and this they began to do. Look at what they are doing. Not only have they rebelled against Me, they have gone out to find a material body to live in. They have built their city, and now look at what they are doing. They are raising up spiritual power to oppose Me and my purposes in the earth. What are God's purposes in the earth? God's purpose in the earth is to inhabit each and every expression (man) of the living soul that died. The spiritual entity known as the living soul that died was not willing, and had no intention of turning these bodies, these souls, and these spirits over to the living God. They were raising themselves up in spiritual power, in full warfare armor, to oppose the living God.

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:5, And the Lord came down to see the city [the female aspect of the creation], and the tower, [the male aspect of the creation], that Adam's sons had built

Genesis 11:6. So, the Lord came down and He said, Behold, the people is one, and they have all one language, and this is what they began to do with their power. They did not use it for good. They are at war with Me, and now nothing will be restrained from them which they have imagined to do. Now, this is interesting. The word restrain means, to cut off or away, and it usually refers to grapes. It also can mean, to cut out or dig out metals, and I am suggesting to you, that what the Holy Spirit is saying in this Scripture is, Look at what they have purposed to do. They have set themselves in warfare array against Me, and now I will not be able to harvest my life out of them. I will not be able to consume the grapes (material expressions) of my life. I will not be able to bring forth, or dig out, the metal, the gold, which is My spirit in mankind. I will not be able to shine my life through mankind because they have captured the breath of My Spirit that I breathed into mankind, and have appropriated what is Mine for their own use.

I will read it again. And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they all have one language, and one mind, and this is what they are doing: They have set themselves in battle array against Me, and they purpose to retain what is Mine for their own use, and now Christ will not be found in them and harvested [for the good of the world], because of what they have imagined to do.

They have purposed to hold on to the life of God and use it for their own purposes. You, see, the Book of Revelation tells us that there is a harvest coming. The life of Christ that is growing on the spiritual vine of our fallen humanity is about to be harvested, cut away from our mortal foundation. What is not said here, but implied, is that the fruit of God's Spirit will be grafted to the immortal vine of the Lord Jesus Christ, and after separation from our mortal foundation, will be fully sustained by His immortal life, alone. Christ is growing in our soul (mortal personality). Our human spirit is fertilized, and the life of Christ grows on the vine of our mortal soul. The day is coming that the glorified Jesus Christ will harvest His fruit, which is the life of His Spirit, away from our soul (mortal personality). We are walking wombs, brethren that are growing the life of Jesus Christ. And the Lord came down and looked at what man was doing, and He said, My own creation has set up a battlement against me, and they are retaining what is Mine, and keeping it for themselves. What is the Lord going to do?

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:6, And the Lord came down and said, look, the people are a unity, and they all verbalize the same [thought], to dissolve [Adam's righteous mind], and form [the Serpent's, self-righteous Carnal Mind], and now [I will not be able] to harvest [the fruit of my Spirit] from them, because of this [thing] that they all have plotted to do.

The Hebrew word translated to begin can also be translated to dissolve.

Genesis 11:7. Let Us go down there and confound their language that they may not understand one another's speech. The Lord scattered them. You see, they knew what God was going to do. They had spiritual knowledge. They knew that the Lord would scatter them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth. TheLord stopped them from building the city, [the female aspect of the creation].. God confused their language. Their minds were no longer in agreement!

We know that everything that happens in the spiritual realm ultimately vibrates forth and manifests in the natural realm. The natural manifestation of God's throwing these people out of agreement is what we see today - many different languages on the face of the earth. It was not God's original purpose that there should be billions of people across the face of the earth that cannot understand each other. Man's biggest problem, well one35 of his biggest problems, is a lack of communication, but his biggest problem is selfishness. Man wants to do what is best for himself. Sometimes men fulfil their selfish desires at the cost of their liberty and freedom in life, and the pursuit of happiness of other people.

In many instances, where people are not manifesting the inherent wickedness of the living soul that died, they are still capable of it. We know that we are all cells in the body of the living soul that died!! There are some cells that are inherently evil, like Hitler, but most people are not inherently wicked. Our human spirit, under the right circumstances, is capable of producing any form of wickedness. That is why we need Jesus Christ. We may not be manifesting great wickedness ourselves, we are still capable of it. Most of us are not manifesting it right now. We want to get along with our neighbors. We want to get along with our husbands and wives. We want to get along with the people that we work with and live with, but frequently we cannot. And many times the problem is a lack of communication.

God had taken a creation where everybody thought and saw things the same way, and now He has confounded our language so that we cannot understand one another. Very often, even if we speak the same language, we simply cannot understand each other. That is why the courts are overflowing. What do we need courts for? Why cannot people sit down and say, Well let us do what is fair and let us do what is right. Why do you have to go before a judge for? Why do you pay a lawyer thousands of dollars? What for? We do it because we do not see things the same way. We are not speaking the same language. I suggest to you that God did this to us. God set man one against another, and the result of it is that mankind has been at war for thousands of years, and wars are still going on.

Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:7, Come, let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication, so that they will not be able to understand each other's thoughts and ideas. 

War Will Cease When Christ Jesus Is All In All

I suggest to you that war will not stop until Jesus Christ is all in all. God implemented this curse of confusion, this inability to communicate, because when man thought with the same language and saw everything the same way, they waged war against God. So, God said, I will put you at war against one another, cause you to fight with one another. God took hold of our heads, and knocked they together, saying, I do not want you fighting upwards, towards me, because you will be destroyed. So fight with each other until the time comes that I put my Spirit, which will rule over your flesh in righteousness, inside of you.

The whole earth is under a curse of poor communication from God, and I suggest to you that and there is only one way that this curse will be reversed. The Mind of Christ will appear in each and every person on the face of the earth. This is the only source of the true cessation of conflict. Peace will never result from the efforts of men because the nature, the spiritual state of being of the natural man, is to oppose one another. We will never succeed in attaining to world peace outside of Christ. We will never do it, BUT JESUS.... Hallelujah!

Verse 8, So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of the earth, and they stopped building their city; therefore, is the name of it called Babel because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth, and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of the earth. He broke them in pieces, and He strew them across the face of the earth. This is our condition today, except for those of us that Christ Jesus is working with. Hallelujah! The natural man is witchcraft. The natural man is rebellion. It is our state of being. Jesus Christ is not come to condemn us. He is come to save us from witchcraft, rebellion, pride and every evil work that we are capable of and manifest in the unconscious part of our Carnal Mind. 

When you come to a place in Christ where you have already dealt with an evil spirit, and you are still experiencing the compulsion to sin, you are down to the nitty-gritty, your own sin nature, the source of all demons birthed from the Carnal Mind of mortal man. Christ Jesus within you, must meet Satan in the wilderness of your soul (personality(. And is defeating him. There is nothing for us to do at this point, but cry out to God for His righteousness, ask Him to help us to stop sinning, and go on with God. To walk around in a condition of condemnation because we are thinking these thoughts is not what God has for us. Hallelujah!

Sometimes we can go to a person and tell them that we are having these ungodly thoughts and work it out, but not always. You really have to seek God. Everybody cannot handle the blunt truth. Not everybody can handle your coming up to them and saying, I keep hating you. A lot of people cannot handle that. You can do with some people, but very few, so it is best to work it out with God. Ask Him to help you. If, in your case, deliverance will help, then submit yourself to deliverance, but condemnation is not where it is at, people!

God is bringing us all to the place where we will hear other people's thoughts. We are going to know that they hate us, that they are jealous of us, that they wish us evil, that they wish us failure, and that they wish us sickness. We are going to know all these thoughts, but when God brings us to that spiritual place, we will be able to bless the people thinking those thoughts, and say, I understand that this is your state of being. You are a natural man. You cannot help yourself.

The fact that Christ has modified your human reactions and raised your responses up to the higher power of Christ Jesus, means that you have attained to the place that Paul speaks about in Romans 7 and 8. If you do not agree with the ungodly thoughts of your Carnal Mind, it is no longer you that are thinking them, but sin that dwells in you. It is Satan, the unconscious part of your Carnal Mind that is thinking those wicked thoughts. I understand that Christ Jesus has not yet given us full power over the root of this evil tree that inhabits mortal man, but in Christ Jesus we do have the power to say, No way Satan.

You see, God has separated our spiritual life out from the natural man. Our spiritual life is inherently in the human spirit. God has pulled our spirit out from the natural man, and is now fighting with the natural man over us. He is warring for our spirit, the fair maiden, but our ex-husband (by faith) who is still, in many instances, our spiritual husband because we obey our Carnal Mind, has a lot of power over us, and is still having spiritual intercourse of the mind with us. Leviathan, the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind is still trying to fertilize us with the seeds of Satan's evil thoughts, which birth demons into our Carnal Mind. Leviathan is still claiming that our human spirit is his and, for all intents and purposes, when we come to this place in God, we are our human spirit. That is who we are. We are our human spirit, and our human spirit, if you recall, is very weak before she is joined to God. She was seduced by the Serpent, and now she is taken at will by Satan and any of the spiritually male fruit that she has produced. She commits spiritual incest constantly, with those who take her, at will.

This is the condition of the human spirit, until she is brought to a place where Christ Jesus in each of us is powerful enough to prevent this. This is the state of our spiritual being at this point. The Christ in us is at war with our natural mind, but we still feel all of the feelings of our Carnal Mind. We are still joined to it. All we can do is throw ourselves on the mercy of Christ Jesus and, if we are thinking these thoughts and we are condemning ourselves for them, we need deliverance. We need the power of God in our life!

Sometimes, when we are relatively new in Christ, and the Christ in us is not yet developed enough in us to give us all the help that we need, God will let believers that have a strong manifestation of Christ Jesus pray for us. He will let us draw upon their power. Ultimately, power for deliverance and healing and life, and power for every need that we have, must come forth from the indwelling Christ, but until the Christ within is developed to that point, God has provided people in the church to strengthen the weak. If I am there, and you are not, come to me and I will pray for you. I will not condemn you. I will strengthen you, but the strengthening that I give you will help you only at that moment. The Christ in you still has to come forth.

Now, I have seen a lot of congregations who do not believe in this. We were speaking earlier about how ministries that go on in Christ do not always get the whole understanding of what God is doing, and what is happening to them. I have seen ministries go from deliverance, where they pray for people at every service, to deep revelation, and then say, Oh, no we have the Christ in us now and I do not need you to pray for me. Christ is mature in me and it is wrong to let you lay hands on me and pray for me. Well, I say to the people that feel this way, Brethren, what if someone walks in off the street who does not have Christ, or who has not been strengthened to the point that they can pray for themselves? What if somebody that ha been sitting in your congregation for five years, who you think has the same revelation that you have, is not as strong in Christ as you are. Maybe they need to partake of your strength.

I say to you, that to deny them the power of God, and the strengthening from another believer, is in error. To teach this doctrine that would make people who have deep revelation think that it is wrong, or that they are putting themselves down, to go for prayer from a strong believer, is doing these people great harm. I plead with you to put this issue before the Lord and see if these things that I have said be not so. Hallelujah! Glory to God!

We read the end of the book. Fallen adam is warring against God, but the Lord God has a mighty strong One in the earth. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, and He is vibrating forth today from the realm of His Spirit. He is moving at a tremendous rate of speed, although to us here in the natural realm it does not appear so. He is taking the cities. He is coming against the defensed cities and the towers that are possessed by Satan and Leviathan, the unconscious and subconscious parts of the Carnal Mind. He breaks down the walls of our spiritual city when we receive that initial salvation experience, and when receive the Holy Spirit. The tower that He is coming against is the root of the tree of the natural man. He is moving, He is not abating, and He 40 is going forth at full steam. Nothing will stop Him, nothing will defeat Him, as he gathers the dispersed of the earth together in one. The end of the Plan of the Lord is that we will once again all have one language and one speech. We will all have one thought in the nature of Christ Jesus.

Ten or twenty people will be able to sit in one room and report what they observe word-for- word, exactly the way it happened. This is going to happen when Christ Jesus rules and reigns in our mind, the rebellious man will be no more. The Lord Jesus Christ will break down his walls and towers of fallen adam's defensed cities, and rescue our human spirit. He will indeed harvest the fruit and dig forth the gold of our spirit from the earth. He will marry us and save us, and the residue of the living soul that died will be reconciled to God. In the end, Christ Jesus will be all in all which was His purpose from the beginning. Hallelujah!

Take heart, and, if you are having wicked thoughts, if you are in condemnation, submit to deliverance. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. God will help you, He will deliver you, and He will send His mighty strong One into your own heart. Christ Jesus will vibrate out from your own spirit, and He will save you. Glory to God!


Yea, saith the Lord, I have loved thee with an everlasting love. Fear not for I shall, indeed, save thee, and I, indeed, know the nature of thy being. Yea, I know thy frame that thou art but dust. I have not condemned thee, saith the Lord. If any condemn thee, it is man, saith the Lord. I have not condemned thee, for I am the living God. I condemn no man, saith the Lord. I judge righteous judgment, and My judgment brings forth life. Hallelujah!I have not done this thing to thee, saith the Lord.

Thou must, indeed, release it that I might take it from thee, for I have loved thee. I am a soon-coming King. Thy life and thy husband and none shall indeed snatch thee from Me. Yea, saith God. I am He that rules across the face of the earth. I am the Holy One of Israel. None has ever snatched my creation from My hand. I have been in control from before the foundations of the earth. Indeed, by Me all things consist, saith the Lord. Thou does not see Me accurately, saith God. From thy low spiritual condition, thy carnal mind has seen me inaccurately for I am indeed a God of great love, saith God, and I shall, indeed, bring forth the fullness of all of my promises.

I am with thee, and I shall never leave thee, and everything that I permit to come upon thee is for thy own good, saith the Lord. For I chasten thee as a Son. If I chasten thee not, thou would indeed be a bastard, saith the Lord, but I have poured out my spirit of adoption upon thee, and I have called thee unto the Kingdom of my Beloved Son. Thou must release the Carnal Mind that is manifesting in you, saith God.

I will help you, and I will indeed be there to help you. Thou must release it to receive my Mind, saith God. I will chop it, and I will break it, and I will indeed melt thee, saith God, and I shall, indeed, pull out the wicked. Rest in me, saith the Lord, for it shall come to pass, and I shall do it, and none hates you, saith the Lord, and none shall reject you for 42 these are My people, saith God. Yea, indeed, I am manifesting through them in a mighty manifestation, saith God, and I have brought them to a place where they indeed bless their enemies and bless those who despitefully use them. None is against you saith the Lord, but these are indeed my disciples, and you may know this for they love one another, they shall help one another, and they shall not condemn, but they shall indeed love. And I shall indeed draw you together with bands of love in this congregation, and I shall give you one language, and one speech, saith God, and thou shall, indeed, have my Mind, and together I shall send thee forth to strengthen the weak, and thou shall condemn no man, but thou shall be a revelation of Me to them in the earth.

They shall know My love and all shall come unto Me, saith the Father. All shall come unto My Son. Hallelujah! They shall come and every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, not by military force, but by the love of God, that Jesus Christ is indeed Love.



Alternate Translation, Genesis 11:1-8

11.1 And the earth was unified, because [the people] all thought the same thoughts, and expressed [their ideas] with the same words,

11:2 And it came to pass that, as [fallen adam] journeyed downward, away from immortality, [the mountain of God] divided, and the flat, low land [of the Carnal Mind's] religious confusion appeared, and joined [itself to fallen adam],

11:3 And they said to one another, come, let us swallow up [Elohim's] fiery [judgment that] consumes [the Carnal Mind), so that the Holy Spirit has no power over us, and let us make our own righteousness, and ascend to the high level of spiritual authority [that supplies] the energy to produce the genetic building blocks and the material atoms [that will form the visible creation], and [let us engrave the spiritual] foundation [of mankind with our own] righteous [nature],

11:4 And [fallen adam] said, come, let us build a city [which will be the female aspect of the creation], and a tower [which will be the male aspect of the creation], and let us form [a mind] that will reflect our nature, [and] prevent the head of heaven, the personality that has charge of the whole earth, from appearing to break [our unity] in pieces,

11:5 And the Lord came down to see the city [which is the female aspect of the creation], and the tower, [which is the male aspect of the creation], that the sons of Adam had built,

11:6 And the Lord came down and said, look, the people are a unity, and they all verbalize the same [thought], to dissolve [Adam's righteous mind], and form [the Serpent's, self-righteous Carnal Mind], and now [I will not be able] to harvest [the fruit of my Spirit] from the people, because of this [thing] that they all have plotted to do.

11:7 Come, let us go down there and confuse their verbal communication [which is the foundation of their ungodly unity], so that they will not be able to understand each other's thoughts and ideas.

11.8 So, the Lord broke [the unity] of the personality of the whole earth in pieces from above, and [fallen adam] stopped building the city [which is the female side of the creation]. 

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