Laws Of The Invisible World


Laws Of The Invisible World

Laws of the Invisible World

by Brooke Paige


     The Lord taught me something that will change my life. He shared with me one of His spiritual laws that at the time I was unaware was a spiritual law. When this situation arose (which I will detail shortly), I couldn’t help but feel frustrated. How can a person follow any law that they do not know exists? It is impossible, is it not?

     There is nothing worse than receiving a punishment without explanation. The sowing and reaping judgment is harsh and without understanding. I am so thankful that the Lord is not only willing to teach us His laws, but WANTS to impart to us His mind. Avoiding the sowing and reaping judgment is only a side effect of thinking with the righteous mind. When we apply the spiritual laws of God, we gain much more than understanding.


     This, brethren, is the reason I am writing it down. Through understanding and implementation, not only myself, but anyone who reads and receives the following understanding can now follow this new spiritual law and reap blessings instead of judgments.


     As some of you may know, Pastor and I live in a condominium. In one building, there can be four units. For example, out of the four walls of our unit, we share two walls with two different neighbors. These walls are by no means sound proof.


     Today, we both noticed a neighbor playing music louder than usual. This neighbor was not part of our building, nor did we share a common wall, however, the music was so loud that it got both of our attention. I perceived the music to be dance/electronic and the vibration was pulsating through every room in the house. For those of you who are not familiar with that genre, it is the type of music where the beat is very repetitive like that at a nightclub or a rave.


     Pastor was studying and her room was the closest. I couldn’t imagine how Pastor was studying through it as I was initially on the patio reading when it first started. At some point, I went back in the house and found Pastor in the kitchen looking to see where this music was coming from. As we started talking, the idea of issuing a complaint came about.


     Pastor mentioned she would not want to be the one to issue a complaint. Through further discussion, Pastor mentioned it wasn’t her place to issue a complaint.


     This is where I was confused. I never grew up in such close proximity to neighbors in an apartment or a condominium complex. So when Pastor told me that since she does not share a common wall with the unit playing the music, she should not be complaining, I couldn’t wrap my mind around it. Why? Were there specific rules about handling a neighborly disturbance when you lived in a condominium complex? It lead me to ask Pastor, why exactly had she no right to issue a complaint, when the music was clearly a disturbance?


     There are always two ways to manage a situation. You can handle it with the carnal mind or the Christ mind.


     Even if one handles a situation with the proper etiquette of this carnal world, there may be spiritual judgment, even if the carnal way of handling things is correct.


     ISSUE: Neighbor playing loud music


     NATURAL SOLUTION: Any person in the vicinity, who is disturbed, has a right to complain to the proper authority.


     The carnal solution is a proper way of handling a disturbance in this world.


     The carnal solution is what I initially thought was the most proper route. Why could Pastor not complain? She is disturbed by the music just as much as the neighbor who is sharing a wall with the noisy unit. But what does the spiritual law of God say?


     ISSUE: Neighbor playing loud music


     SPIRITUAL SOLUTION: The Lord requires that things be done in proper order. Therefore, the person or person(s) closest to the problem, should be the ones to issue a complaint.


     The neighbors who share a common wall with of the neighbors playing loud music are the first in line to issue a complaint. If they do not take action and do their proper duty, then it is appropriate for the second in line to then take responsibility and issue a complaint.


     The Lord is very orderly.


Hosea 4:6 (KJV)

     6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.


     We lack the knowledge that the laws of God are different from the laws of this world. A new kingdom is coming and with the new kingdom comes a new government. A new set of laws will be instituted with the new government.


     Pastor recently preached about Adam forgetting who he was and where he was from when he fell. He lost the ability to think with his righteous mind. We forgot the laws we were entrusted with. In today’s society, not only have we forgotten the spiritual laws, but even wordly etiquette is a lost art. People don’t know how to relate to each other in a polite way. The way I have heard certain individuals speak to someone they do not know is appalling. No civility. With the Lord teaching us the laws of His kingdom, it will raise the consciousness of the world and pull it up from its descent. The world needs to go back to learning how to behave with proper worldly manners before they can begin to learn the laws of the Lord’s kingdom.


     Now that I know the Lord has spiritual laws for something such as dealing with a noisy neighbor, I want to ask the Lord, what else do I need to know? What other laws have I forgotten?


     As I thought I had concluded my testimony, a similar issue arose as a few members of Living Epistles Ministries went to a neighboring church to witness a popular televangelist preach. At one of the evening services, a gentleman sitting in a few rows behind us and in the aisle across from us was bouncing his leg. Whether he was manifesting badly I do not know, however the noise of his shoe thudding on the ground was noticeable to not just us, but many other people around us who were trying to focus on what the guest preacher was saying.


     I immediately thought of what the Lord taught me just the week before. I looked around to see who was going to solve this problem. In this particular situation, one of the ushers should have asked him to stop bouncing his leg.


     No usher did this. Why? The guest speaker had particular demands when he spoke. He could not have distractions. Anyone walking or moving in the back was told to stop moving and sit down immediately. Since he was big name televangelist, nobody wanted to be called out or make him upset. The result was that the ushers were unable to perform their duties. It is their job to stop any distractions or inappropriate behavior in the crowd, but the rules of this particular man overshadowed the Lord’s spiritual laws, which should had been adhered to especially in a church setting.


     The first in line to fix the problem were the ushers. They were unable to perform their duties due to ungodly restrictions. Then, the second in line should have been the one closest to the problem.


     Yet, no one said anything and the distraction continued leaving many people feeling irritated and unable to focus.


     The rules are incredibly important. Not only do we have to adhere to carnal and spiritual rules, but we also have to not be so rigid in our rules (as was the guest speaker) to halt the flow of the spirit of the Lord. It is a very fine line. We can only find that balance as the Lord teaches it to us.


     Even as I continue to use the term “law” and “rules”, I want to express the importance that they are not meant to bind us. I do not want to make a list of what we can and cannot do. I simply want to convey how to view a situation through the Lord’s eyes so that judgment without understanding does not take place. I want to encourage you to ask how should I handle this situation to satisfy the Lord?



     I hope this testimony will bless you. I hope you too ask the Lord what else you need to know. Most importantly, I hope it jogs your memory of the spiritual procedures we, as Adam, have long forgotten.


~God Bless~


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  1. Rose HERCZEG

Brooke, thank you so much for this teaching. I learned something very valuable today and I will be looking for these kind of situations in the future now that I know how to apply the law of order God bless you, you are a natural at writing! ~ Rose

  1. Sandra Aldrich

This was a wonderful, anointed Word!! Amen!! Thank you for taking the time to share this very profound teaching. I believe the Lord will use this to help many understand the importance of seeking God's opinion about every situation. It will save many of us from the pain of S/R judgement!! <br />God bless you in this anointing to write as you hear such amazing Words from Him.

  1. Brett Paige

Brooke, Thank you for the teaching. It is a blessing to see how the Lord is working in your life. Dad

  1. Pastor Sheila Vitale

Brooke - You sound really good. We just need your picture up there next to your creative work! Love you, Pastor

  1. Rose

Brooke, I love the photo! You are a beautiful young lady! Very anointed as well! ~ Rose

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