Wonder Woman & Spiritual Manhood


Wonder Woman & Spiritual Manhood

     Question: I wanted to thank you for reaching out to my parents to let them know I could contact you with any questions I had about your reviews and your work. I'm aware H. told you about some questions I had regarding your review on Wonder Woman and when you said that she should have lost her powers when she fell into her emotions. Really, what I was confused about was what you were implying the effect of such intercourse has on a woman's spirituality versus a man's. Thank you for sharing your understanding with so many, and I hope to speak with you soon! Stay blessed!


     Pastor Sheila R Vitale:  Hi C. yes you are correct, that is exactly what I was implying. In a nutshell the answer is that Wonder Woman was moving in what I call a male spirituality, a savior role, which is a dominant role. On the other hand, she was very much in a female role in relation to her lover. The two roles are antagonistic to each other. At the very least, functioning as a female would weaken her spiritual manhood and eventually destroy it. The physical male that is also a spiritual male does not have this problem. He functions as a male in both instances. This reality resulted in many women in the 1960s (the beginning of the women's liberation movement) becoming lesbians. In other words, the aggressiveness that they manifested as a spiritual male (CEOs of corporations for example) led to an aggressiveness in the bedroom that made it difficult for them to find a man that they were compatible with. There is a movie on Netflix at this time that demonstrates this principle. It is called "Christina." It is a true story about a female heir to the Swedish throne. There is one sexually explicit scene. Very interesting. I would be very happy to discuss this or any other issue with you. It is always best to set up an appointment for a phone call.


     God bless you. Love Pastor Sheila


     Response: Good evening, thank you for the explanation! I still have some other questions, but as you suggested, I'll likely set up a phone call for the future.


     Thank you again, and have a good night!


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