Debt Limit Suspension To Expire March 15, 2017


Debt Limit Suspension To Expire March 15, 2017

There are two financial events that will take place on March 15:


                1. The Federal Debt Limit Suspension will expire

                2. The Federal Reserve will raise interest rates



We have had warnings in the past that the banks might close and nothing has happened.


Once again we are being warned that the two events listed above are likely to cause the elites who control the world banking systems, including the Federal Reserve System, which is not a US Federal agency, to implement strategies which will result in a freeze of the stock market and many banks. If this happens, it means that your bank, including ATMs will likely be closed for business and we will not be able to withdraw our money to buy food or pay mortgages, etc. We know that this has happened in Greece and Iceland in recent years.


According to what I have read or heard, this freeze can happen immediately on March 15, 2017, or any time after that, through the end of the summer, 2017.


I know that Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin had a talk with Janet Yellen, President of the Federal Reserve, in an attempt to ward off the potential for this major crash that many are forecasting.


Many so called experts are saying that this will be a world-wide crisis that the elites will create a an excuse to implement their plan for a One-World Government and a One-World financial system which, if implemented, would crash the dollar and institute a new One-World Currency.


What they do not know is that the Lord Jesus Christ has elected President Trump as his hand to see us through whatever is to come.


My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ to sustain us no matter what happens.


However, let us not ignore this current warning based on past warnings not coming to pass.


Please have extra food and cash on hand.


God bless you.

Sheila R. Vitale,

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  1. S.

Thank you for this information. A very serious time is at hand.

  1. FinanceStudent

This is such a fascinating topic for me. I'm very glad I stumbled on this blog post.

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