Third Party Information


Third Party Information

Someone who is under the influence of the ungodly spirit of their carnal mind, who is having an argument or a disagreement with another person, will bring in other parties, third or fourth parties, saying, So and so agrees with me.


Someone under the influence of the Satanic, unconscious part of the carnal mind can, in this manner, gain strength from another person who is not even there, or who might not even agree with them if they were there! Even if that third party would have agreed and had he been present, it is a witchcraft tactic to say to a person you are having a disagreement with, that so and so thinks you are wrong also.


This is the same principle as third-party information. The second party of the argument is at a great disadvantage when the first party says, So and so thinks you are wrong also, because the second party of the argument, the one who was attacked, cannot respond to the third party who is not there, and doesn't even know if the third party really said that! It is hitting below the belt, which is not fair.


Issues should be resolved on the basis of righteousness and the facts of the issue, what actually happened, not by how the two people perceive the issue, or feel, because feelings are not reliable. What would Jesus say in this circumstance, what does the Scripture say about this issue? What is right? To bring a third party who is not present into the conflict, who supposedly agrees with the second party, is wrong.




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  1. FollowingThePath

I always felt this way about bringing someone into an argument who isn't there to state what they feel or think, but now to see it tied to the carnal mind is extremely interesting and thought provoking.

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