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Therefore, in the meanwhile, says Jehovah, Elohim, the General of my armies, is causing all the sinners who have been restored to power and authority in Abel to cry out loud, and everyone outside of Israel is saying, Alas, Alas, Israel's visible expression of grief and loud wailing is publicly exposing his realization that they are Cain, the servant who killed Abel, and the whole house of Israel shall be wailing, when I crucify their carnal mind. Therefore, woe unto you that desire the Kingdom Age for your own selfish purposes, How can this Age be for you since the earth is in darkness because of Cain's reflection? The earth dissolved herself in the waters of life, twisted together with Adam's lower parts and became the serpent, who revealed Adam's potential to sin. And righteous Adam incarnated as Cain and Abel, the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, instead of Elohim's son, the Tree of Life. And Leviathan, the serpent's completed mind, was born when Cain yielded to the serpent's temptation. And Leviathan wove himself through the bestial background threads of Elohim's Living Beast, changing him into a wild animal. And Adam disappeared behind the woman. So the day of the Lord is darkness to the earth, because Cain's reflection is blurring the serpent's shadow, and there is no power left in it. I shall take away your religious parades, which keep my people going in circles instead of growing up spiritually, because I hate them, and I will not breathe my Spirit into your dead services. Indeed the serpent accepts Christ Jesus as your voluntary offering in return for her friendship and an alliance with her. And Leviathan rises up to sacrifice him, but I will not accept your sin. (I remind you, when I put these verses into the alternate translation of the Old Testament there are going to have to be heavily footnoted for people to understand what they mean, and I just like to comment on this Verse 22. Every part of it, I guess which is one long sentence except the last phase, which says, I won't accept your sin, is what's going on inside of a man's mind. And what Jehovah is saying is, you are coming to me with sacrifices, but the sacrifices required under the Mosaic Law, but I know what's going on inside of your heart. And inside of your heart, you are making an alliance with Satan and turning over Christ Jesus, the mind that I have given you, the righteous mind, your righteousness that I have given to you, you're turning over to the Serpent, who immediately authorizes Leviathan to rise up and sacrifice him. And then you come with animal sacrifices. But I know what's in your heart, and it's not alright with me. Sweet saying, it’s not alright with me. Brethren, is this not the same thing that most of us go through, when we first get the revelation that these little thoughts and these little pin pricks of envy are sin, when we first hear that?. Isn't that our reaction? Oh, so what, you know it's just a little thing. What are we knit picking. What are you making a big deal out of it for? Until the Lord gave us understanding, that for Him it's a very big deal. That, if you are under the Old Covenant, and you crush it down, it's okay. But, if you want to stand up in full stature, it's a big deal, because sin is not going into the Kingdom. Therefore what used to be hidden, because it was a shame to see these sins exposed, is now being exposed, for the specific purpose of killing Leviathan, so that we might ascend into heaven. Therefore Verse 22, of Amos 5, Jehovah is saying to Israel, I don't want your animal sacrifices, you can do it if you want, but you are not fooling me. I know what's in your heart. And in this hour the Lord Jesus Christ is saying to His people, He's saying to the church, "you can be in church 7 nights a week, you can tithe 50%, you can give food to the poor, you can have a prison ministry, you can prophesy in the church, but I know that every day of your life, that at least once, if not once every minute, at least once, you’re making an alliance with the serpent in your heart, and sacrificing Christ Jesus. What does that mean? Compromising righteousness. Because you want what the Serpent will offer you, if you do that. He says, I know that you are doing it. You are not fooling me, because you are raising your hands when you are singing, halleluiah. I know what's in your heart, and I know that your carnal mind is sacrificing my son continuously, and it's not alright with me. That's what this means. You are saying it to the church today. It's not alright. I hear this a lot in people. People in the world, people in the church. Alright, so I did it. What about it? I did it. Okay, what, are you going to crucify me? What, are you going to condemn me? What do you want, so I did it. What I want, brethren, is what the Lord Jesus wants, is merely for you to say, that what you just heard me say tonight, I confess to you that it is wrong being late for service every service. I know that it's wrong, but I have not taken the victory yet. The fact is, that I must fight a war to prepare every message that I bring. That fact, that I have to fight a war, doesn't justify my being late. But it is the understandable circumstances, that I have put before the Lord and at such time that He strengthens me to overcome, I desire to be here on time. I haven't made it except once, maybe in the last five years. That's not my intention. See, I'm Paul saying to you, "That which I desire to do, I can't do it, but that which I don't want to do, that's what I do. So the problem is confessed and repented of and I am waiting for the overcoming power. So if you are caught doing something that is wrong, let me be an example unto you. I live what I preach. This is what Jesus wants from you. Not to take condemnation but to say, yes I did it, and it's wrong. And if it is something that I have power over, I won't do it again, and if it's something that I don't have power over, I'm praying right now, that Jesus gives me power over it. And that gives me peace in my heart, brethren. Put there are a lot of people that don't understand. They think that what you want is to condemn them. But the truth is that it's pride in them that can't say I'm sorry. And maybe I didn't realize it when I did it but the fact is that I did it, and I hurt you and I'm sorry. There are people who can't say that. And you know what that does? It leaves a person that was wounded with an unresolved issue in their heart, which is a pressure in their heart. And the more spiritually sensitive you are, the more you feel the pressure. I'm very spiritually sensitive. Over the years, I've gone to many people, and I've said to them, don't leave me like this, can't you do something like I just described. What do you want from me? This is what I want from you. I want reconciliation. But what you just said to me. Well, so what? What are you making a big deal out of it? That's pride in you, that's putting wound upon wound in me. And it's very hard, when we come out of the world, where we are fighting all of our life against all kinds of spiritual animals that want to put us down and destroy us and condemn us and crush us under them. It's very hard to come into a relationship with someone who is truly moving in the spirit of reconciliation. You perceive what they want to be death unto you and it is not true.

So that's what this verse is talking about. Jesus requires us, even if we cannot stop right now. He wants the confession. And I remember when He taught me, that confession is different from repentance. I always thought you confess and you repent. But sometimes confession and repentance can come years apart. I remember when the Lord taught me that lesson. If all you can get from somebody is confession, I can get peace, if the person can just confess, that what they did was not right. I can have a peace with that. I'm looking for peace in my heart. Not to crush you, but that we should both have a right attitude. So that the Christ Jesus in us should not be grieved. And the more spiritual you get, the more you will understand and the more you will experience what I' m talking about. That it's grievous, for you, in a Godly manner, go as the scripture instructs you, to the person in a Godly Spirit, and say, you did something wrong to me, than to have them to say to you, well so what, and walk away. It's a wound upon a wound, and it's the sin of pride. And Jesus is not going to accept it, it's not okay with Him. That's what this verse is about. Praise the Lord.

And of course, there are a couple of other verses that will have to be heavily footnoted - the one about Cain's reflection. Nobody could possibly know what that means, I preached a lot on it in the last message. And, of course, the earth being darkness. This is a very symbolic chapter, but very exciting. Very exciting. The whole thing.

Verse 23 Take thou away from me the noise of thy songs, for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. (Once again, I cannot help commenting) Does anybody who speaks English, have any idea what that means at all. Anybody have any idea what that could possibly mean. All you people with idolatry, for the King James Translation, you are foolish. Because Jesus has something wonderful to say to you, and you don't want to listen, because of idolatry. And I have to tell you that every day, I am more and more convinced that the Pentecostal Church is a cult. As much of a cult as the Jehovah's Witness is a cult. The only difference being that the Holy Spirit is still in the Pentecostal Church. I don't expect that He'll be there much longer. Why won't He'll be there much longer Sheila? Why would you say such a terrible thing? Because The Holy Spirit is there doing a particular job and the job is to engraft to the hearts of the faithful ones. Now The Holy Spirit is not a respecter of persons. If you are in a church service with a great outpouring, the same outpouring is pouring on you that is pouring on me that is pouring on everybody else. How come He gets engrafted to somebody and He does not get engrafted to somebody else. Well, Jesus told us about the different kinds of soil and the faith. There are many factors. But the point is this - The Holy Spirit is pouring out upon the church for a specific purpose of raising up a son. The son of the Lord Jesus Christ. The second generation of Christ, or the 42nd Generation, whatever you want to call us. And He will stop pouring out at a certain point. You see, the door is closing. You see, the door is open right now, and many are receiving the engrafted word, although you would not know it, because so few are receiving the true doctrine, but many have received the engrafted word. How do I know this? The scripture says, that the fields are white to harvest. Many, many believers have Christ Jesus growing in them, but the problem is they're not living out of Him or they are living out of Him, and they haven't yet begun to be brought into the true doctrine. I don't want anyone hearing this message thinking that I'm saying, I'm the only one that has the true doctrine. Anybody could possibly have the true doctrine out there, if you have it. But the doctrine of the Pentecostal Church kills Christ Jesus. You see Christ Jesus needs food. From the moment He's conceived in you, He's engrafted to you. He's not conceived from seed. He's conceived in you from a graft, of The Lord Jesus Christ. He needs to be fed special food for him to grow. Now it’s the job of the Lord Jesus

Christ to bring everything into order. The problem right now is that many sons have been brought to the doctrine which is the truth. Now it may not be perfect in every facet, okay, and it may not be here, I'm not saying this is the only place, it may be, it may not be, but many have walked away from it. Because to go on to start to receive the truth builds Christ Jesus in you. And Christ Jesus is perfect and righteous and holy. And He begins to judge your sin, as soon as He receives any strength at all. It’s a walk of consecration, it’s a holy walk to hear this doctrine of truth, and most don't want it. You have to pay a price. Satan starts to attack you. You cannot grow in Christ Jesus and not be in the war. It’s impossible. So many don't stand, some are killed, some are deceived, some are tricked, some are in rebellion, but very few in this hour, are moving into the truth which will set us free. A very few.

So, I was talking about The Holy Spirit in the church. When The Lord Jesus Christ makes a judgment, that it’s been enough time in whoever is going to receive that graft, has received it, however He makes His judgment, He's going to withdraw His Holy Spirit from the church. The only place that a man, and I use that word generically, a human being, a man or a woman, will be able to receive the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ will be in the human beings in whom Christ Jesus is actively manifesting. If they're still imperfect, they are the Two-Witness Company. When they arise into perfection, they will be the sons of God. And the Pentecostal Church will be in the same category as the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons and every other denomination. And if there is any Jehovah's Witnesses hearing this message, I'm not picking on the Jehovah's Witnesses. The reason I'm naming the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons is that the Pentecostal Church labels them as a cult. I've never heard the Pentecostal Church label the Methodist as a cult, or the Lutherans as a cult. But they most certainly do label the Jehovah's Witnesses and the Mormons as a cult. That's why I'm naming these two groups of people. How do you identify a cult? Well, I don't know what some book out there says, but I have a check list of identifying a cult. They have an established doctrine that you must believe. And it doesn't matter when you get the witness from the Lord Jesus in your heart or not. You have to receive it in your intellect. And you have to preach it. And everybody who doesn't believe your doctrine, is an Anathema unto you, is an enemy, is outside, you're not to have anything to do with them, and considered without any truth or spiritual good whatsoever. People in a cult will not listen to any thing whatever anybody else has to say. They will not have an exchange of ideas with you. They will just presume that you are wrong and they are right, and the only conversation they will have with you, is. If you become their disciple and let them teach you. There is no exchange of ideas, listening to what somebody else believes. I want to tell you if your doctrine is growing in your heart, if its not an intellectual thing, but if its growing in your heart, you don't have to be afraid about listening to what other people believe, because you will come away strengthened, and maybe you will learn something. I don't know. Are you shocked if I tell you that some people in the occult have spiritual knowledge that may be true? They do. Spiritual truth is everywhere. Cain has spiritual truth. The issue is, is your spiritual truth arising out of Christ Jesus in you or is it rising out of Leviathan. But the true Christian, the true Christian, has Christ Jesus growing in him, and being formed and developed in him. And the doctrine, the spiritual truth that he believes, is arising out of Christ Jesus, and he's not afraid to listen to someone else's ideas. And he’s not afraid to listen and tell them in a Godly Spirit, well, that's very interesting, but I can't go along with it, but you are still okay as a person, and Jesus still loves you. And I'm not telling you that you are going to hell, and you are going to burn forever because you don't believe as I do. Pentecostal today are as big a cult as any other cult, and that's the truth. And if the truth fits, wear it. They have done as much damage to Christianity as the Catholic Church has done. As the Catholic Church has done to Jews and other people, they have represented themselves as Christian and they have gone out and they have killed and they have murdered and they have tortured, and they have done great deeds of evil, physically. The Pentecostals have done it with their mind. People see them coming they are afraid, they run for their life because of their witchcraft. There are few true Christians around. Very, very few. And I want to tell you, Jesus Christ does not convert you by breaking your arm or by threatening you with hell and torture. You know, I use to read that scripture, that Jesus was in the synagogue with the Rabbis, and I don't know about you, but I always thought that He was being taught by them. I'm now thinking otherwise. I think He was in the synagogues, having an exchange of ideas with those Rabbis. He said, "Didn't you I was about my Father's business." Well, is the Father's business being taught by carnal men? Is the Father's business being taught by carnal men? He must have been teaching the Rabbis in the synagogue. God help us and deliver us from this carnal mind. And I keep telling you. all of us, including me, no matter how much revelation you have, when you get to that point, that you don't have revelation, you are in as much darkness, as the heathen down the street in that point. You've got to stay open, you've got to stay close to Jesus. So you don't have to be on your knees, praying every second, but if your heart is about your Father's business, if every spare moment you are in such a relationship with Him - you see this is nothing you can bring to pass, by your will - it’s got to be the relationship that you have with Him - that when you have a spare moment - when you go to the bathroom - as soon as your mind stops concentrating, on the carnal work of the day, that you default back to Him. When you have that kind of relationship with Him, when He is your default - What does that mean? He's what you are set at. The only time you’re not in communion with Him, is when the baby is crying and you have to take care of the baby, or when the job that you’re being paid for is taking all your attention, or some other responsibility, your mother, your father, your wife, your husband, is taking your mind. But the second you are free of responsibility, without even attempting to do it, automatically you are back in relationship with the Lord Jesus. When you are in that kind of relationship with Him, when He is your default, you don't have to be on your knees every day. You don't have to be praying, although you should pray, as He leads you. You don't have to praying every minute - O God, is this false doctrine, O God, is this false doctrine. You talk, and you listen, and you honestly try to understand what they are saying and if you disagree, give them an honest answer of disagreement. And that is how Jesus reaches people. And I want to tell you, the only people that I find doing this is the people in the occult. I haven't found one Christian willing to do this. Not one. That doesn't mean that they are not out there, I haven't found them. They don't want to talk, they don't want to bless each other. They want to teach you, they want to show you where you are wrong. They want you to go to their church. They want to pull you in and be their disciple. The church is filled with witchcraft, filled with it. And I'm telling you every day less and less it becomes the church of Jesus Christ. And the scripture is about to come to pass. It’s eminent. It is at the door. Those that aren't going on are losing what they have.

Verse 23 Take thou away from me, the noise of thy songs, for I will not hear the melody of thy viols. Take thou away from me the noise, Strong's 1995 - we'll choose the translation from Gesenius Lexicon - Emotion of the mind - emotion of the mind - agitation of the mind. When Jesus was on His knees - if He was on His knees, I don't remember that part. When we did the Alt. Translation of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, I know that, that whole translation is an abomination unto the Lord, making Him some weak human being on His knees crying unto the Father, so scared of the cross, that He sweated blood. It’s an abomination unto His name to say that about our God. I do not recall if the correct translation of being on His knees was being on His knees. But I'm saying all that to say this. And when I looked that passage up in the Greek, I found out that Jesus was in an agony of the mind. And the scripture says, that He was so scared He sweated blood. Of course, we found that these big drops of blood did not appear on His flesh. Does anybody remember where they appeared? They appeared on His carnal mind, you see, because Christ Jesus is growing inside of our carnal mind. When the Holy Spirit comes to you, He penetrates your existing mind, which is your carnal mind. He penetrates you and begins to be formed within the carnal mind. Jesus in His mental agony, - now His mind was Christ Jesus and it was Spirit - by His own volition, by the own will of His righteous mind, began to penetrate the carnal mind that He was underneath. But mind is fluid, mind is not solid like this body, it’s not your organic brain. Mind is fluid. And the mind of Christ Jesus was in the man Jesus, when it began to penetrate the carnal mind, oozed through, as if through a porous surface. If you drop water on a sponge, eventually the underside of the sponge gets wet. The mind of Christ Jesus is liquid and it began to ooze through the porous carnal mind, and appeared on the other side - like the bottom of the sponge getting wet - it appeared on the other side as big drops of clotted blood. That is what the Greek means - clotted blood. The carnal mind is a wound, and the clotted blood of Christ Jesus healed the wound. That is interesting - the Lord just told me how the wound was healed. Never really quite understood it. What is the wound? What is the wound that happened to us? Our spirit was divided into Cain and Abel. That's the wound. Do you know the scripture that says that Christ is not divided? He must regain Cain. Christ Jesus to be in full stature - to be a fully existing mind - Well, Christ is not divided. Now I haven't looked it up in the Greek, but I suspect that it would say, the Christ, meaning Jesus Christ was not divided. He had Cain and Abel reconciled. So, when the mind of Christ Jesus oozed through the carnal mind, in the man Jesus of Nazareth, and covered it over with clotted blood, as He penetrated the carnal mind, He must have taken Cain with Him. This is what the Lord is showing me now. As He oozed through, He picked up Cain and as He appeared on the other side He clotted over the carnal mind which is another way of saying that He had dominion over the carnal mind and that it was under His feet. You know, I never really had an understanding of the circumcision without hands, which is the second stage of the Resurrection. And the Lord just gave it to me now. The circumcision, the cutting away of Leviathan, - but I knew something was missing - that cutting away of Leviathan recaptures Cain. And Jesus of Nazareth, who is Christ was not divided in His mind. He had a whole Spirit - Elohim, Cain and Abel. Does anybody not know what I just said?

Okay, let us try and get on with Amos 5.

Okay, we're talking about - Emotion of the Mind - I told you all that to tell you this, that the Greek Translation of Jesus, it’s as if He was in an agony, which the King James makes to sound like a fear. But, no, He was in an agony of effort to overcome that carnal mind, and to extract Cain from it. That is the agony He was in, and I don't know if this the equivalent word, in the Hebrew or not, but its close. We are talking about an emotion of the mind. - Take Thou Away From Me The Noise or The Emotion of Your Mind of Thy Songs - Strong's 7892. This Hebrew word can be translated, singer or instrumental music. Remember that instrumental music signifies spiritual power which can be of Christ Jesus or of Leviathan, in which case this spiritual power is called witchcraft. We have several scriptures in the book of Daniel and in the book of Revelation indicating that witchcraft operates in music. I have news for you, it operates in music. It also operates in peoples voices. Witchcraft seduction operates in peoples voices. Beware, beware. Do you know that are a natural to be announcers on TV, they have witchcraft in their voices. Beware, that you think for yourself and that you are not seduced because somebody’s voice is giving you a peace in your spirit, because it is a false peace. Gesenius says, that this Hebrew word is from Strong's 7891 which is spelled exactly the same way, and it means to celebrate in song and to sing in one's honor, which is a very positive translation. And the word is basically positive but there is a negative translation, which we are going to use and this negative translation appears in Isaiah 5: 1, and Job 33:27. It means to declaim with a loud voice. The American Heritage Dictionary says, that declaim means, to speak loudly and vehemently. It also means to inveigh. I didn't know what that meant myself, so I looked it up, and I found out from the American Heritage Dictionary, that inveigh means to give an angry disapproval or to protest vehemently. So I want to suggest, that what Israel is protesting, in this verse, is their innocence. Brethren, it’s all through the church. What? Do you believe a Christian can sin? What? Do you believe a Christian can have a demon? What? There's no condemnation in Christ Jesus, you just confess your sins once, and that is all there is to it. What? We’re not going to heaven. What? We're as fallen as the rest of the creation. All we have is the vehicle for cleansing. What? We are saved and you are not, and you are a cult, because it’s a lie and you are killing the people with your lie. I have never felt as strongly as I feel today about the false doctrine in the church. The more of this glorious truth that I get, the more I am absolutely appalled at what is being preached, in the so called church. I call it the professing church. They're not the church of the Living God. They're not. And the day will come, when they will find out that they are not. They're not the genuine article. - To Angrily Protest Ones Innocence For I Will Not Hear The Melody of Thy Viols - I have the English typed in the Interlinear

Sequence, its not good English, but I took it from the Interlinear. To angrily protest ones innocence for not (that is our negative particle Strong's 3808) We are translating it Leviathan and we're also translating - For - because Leviathan - Will Hear - This is Strong's 8085 and it can be translated - To Perceive - And that can mean Spiritual Discernment. It can also mean Hearing In The Spirit, and perceiving in the Spirit. That is how we will translate it. The Melody - Strong's 2172 - The fruit of the ground - Now I went into Gesenius on this word 2172, this word that is translated Melody by the King James translators, can be translated, The Fruit of the Ground - it’s a feminine word. So what is the fruit of the ground? Anybody? What is the fruit? It’s a mind. The fruit is a mind, because you are both right. So the fruit is a mind, and if its feminine fruit, which mind is it? It’s the carnal mind. Yes so here see, we haven't put the words together yet, but we hear Israel angrily protesting their innocence, and we hear their Leviathan is present, and Jehovah is perceiving the fruit of the ground. Of Their Viols - This is an old English word, you don't hear in our society today. It’s Strong's 5035. It is a musical instrument. I think it still exists. If you are into music, you might have heard of a viol. It’s a stringed instrument, which I found many years ago, that this word is used mightily as a symbolic word in the scripture, and one of its translations is Skin Bottles. You may have read in the scriptures about bottles from heaven. Do you know what a Skin Bottle is? Did you ever see what they use in Spain? I don't know if they use it today or not. It would be an animal’s hide, cured, leather. And they would either put water in or wine in it, and it’s like a soft canteen, brethren. And when it’s filled up with liquid, it takes form and they would drink from it. And as the liquid diminished, the skin would collapse. So I can't call it a canteen, because an American canteen is rigid, whether you have fluid in it or not. This is a skin bottle. It is made out of an animal's hide that has been cured, and it expands when it has liquid in it, and collapses when there is no liquid in it. Brethren, we are skin bottles. We are skin bottles. You say we are not dead. Yes, we are dead. We are dead skin and when we are in-filled with Spirit, we expand and we incarnate and experience life in this world. And then when the Spirit is removed from us, we collapse and that we return to dust. We are the skin bottles that are filled with breath or filled with Spirit which is typified by wine. Halleluiah. I use to think that this word meant the physical body, but I now realize that it means the mind. It means the mind made out of skin or the mind contained within the skin. Gen. 3:2l says, Unto Adam also and to his wife, did the Lord God made coats of skins and He clothed them. I want to suggest to you that this is a witness, that Adam and Cain, his wife were not in physical bodies at this time. I always wondered about that about those coats of skins. I knew for a long time, they weren't in physical bodies at that time. So the coats of skin, somehow was the casing that their mind was in, at that time. Mark 2: 22 says, And no man putteth new wine into old bottles, else the new wine doth burst the bottles and the wine is spilled and the bottles will be marred. But new wine must be put into new bottles. I suggest to you these skin bottles, they're not this physical body - I'm not really sure - probably about the personality but I'm not really sure, but it’s the Celestial Body. It’s certainly not this physical body.

Alternate Translation Verse 23

Take your angry emotional protest of innocence away from me because I can perceive Leviathan, the fruit of ground.

Brethren, this is happening today. It’s happening with the Sons of God who are moving in discernment. Now when Jehovah says, or when the Sons of God say, Take you protests of innocence away from me. This is not necessarily implied that the people know what they're doing. When you are a Son of God, and you are walking in this kind of perception, that you look into people's hearts, and you see sin manifesting, more often than not, the other person doesn't see it. Sometimes they fight with you. Sometimes they don't fight with you, they just say, I'm sorry I can't see it. Sometimes, they do see it and they still protest their innocence. Jehovah is speaking to all three or all two categories of people. If they're protesting their innocence, if you ever protested your innocence, then this verse is for you. Jehovah is saying to Israel, save your breath, I perceive Leviathan in you. This has happened to me so many times over the years. People try to convince me that my discernment is not true, and my answer to them is always the same. I recognize that you might not see it. But I see it. I can't back down, and I'm not backing down, because I perceive Leviathan in you. I see him. And the fact that you don't see him, does not give you the power to convince me that I don't him, so stop protesting. Save your energy. Save your voice. Don't get upset. Just pray, because if I'm right and you are wrong, I'm giving you information that's going to save your life, I'm not trying to kill you. I'm trying to save you. So stop your protestations, I see Leviathan in you, whether you see him or whether you don't. I see him, so save your voice. And we have other verses saying, Be silent, when someone with Kingdom Age, comes to expose somebody's sins. Be silent, because the fact that you can't see it, doesn't make them invalid. Be quiet and let the Lord move through that person. Take away your angry emotional protests of innocence from me, because I can perceive Leviathan, the fruit of the ground. Where did I hear that phrase before? Gen. 4:3, 4, 5, And in process of time, it came to pass that Cain brought of the fruit of the ground an offering unto the Lord. And Abel, he also brought of the firstlings of his flock and of the fat thereof. And the Lord had respect unto Abel and to his offering, but unto Cain, and to his offering, the fruit of the ground, He had not respect. Let's read this again. TAKE AWAY YOUR ANGRY EMOTIONAL PROTESTS OF INNOCENCE FROM ME BECAUSE I CAN PERCEIVE LEVIATHAN, THE FRUIT OF CAIN'S GROUND. I'll say it again, Take your angry emotional protests of innocence away from me, because no matter what you say, I can spiritually perceive Leviathan, the fruit of Cain's ground is speaking to me from your mouth, and you're not going to change my mind.

Verse 24


We're taking the word BUT out. You see where the word AND is struck out? That should be red line, saying, I'm adding it in. I put the strike out instead of the red line.


The Hebrew word, translated, RUN DOWN, Strong's 1556, it can be translated, Run Down, but the primary significance of the word seems to be TO ROLL. To ROLL DOWN, TO ROLL ALONG. We have chosen the translation, TO ROLL TOGETHER - AND LET JUDGMENT ROLL TOGETHER. The King James say, AS. There's no such Hebrew word, we are removing it. The Hebrew word translated WATERS 4325, this is MAYIM. And you may recall from Creation Revisited, this word can be translated SEMEN, Seminal fluid. It also can be translated Urine. From the context of the verse, we are translating the Spiritual Urine. And I'm going to have to footnote this in the Alternate Translation. We know what it means, but the average person won't know what it means. I already told you there is no Hebrew word translated AS. The King James added it, so that the sentence would be in good English. I suggest to you, that the translation should be LET JUDGMENT ROLL TOGETHER, THE SPIRITUAL URINE. Now does anybody remember what that means? Roll together the spiritual urine. Actually, we have to amplify there, we have to say, LET JUDGMENT ROLL THE SPIRITUAL URINE TOGETHER WITH THE PURIFIED WATERS. Do you remember that the Creation, while Adam was in right standing, was a Creation of Spiritual Waters that were purified, that were filled with the seed of Elohim's life, and that He was completely dissolved in the waters which were shining with the reflection of Elohim. That the earth was barren, that the earth was dried out, so that she couldn't pollute the waters. And then something happened. The waters that were close to the bottom of the sea, started to be drawn to the earth by her witchcraft and she began to dissolve herself in the lower parts of the waters. And that part of the waters which were polluted, became urine. Then the situation of the condition of the Creation was that the waters were in (2) Conditions - the Purified Waters called the Seminal Fluid and - the Polluted Waters called the Spiritual Urine, and they were separated by the Firmament which was in the midst of the waters. And the Firmament was a Mind, Adam. Adam separated the Purified Waters in which the reflection of Jehovah shown, - Jehovah's image is in the waters - and underneath Adam, the part of his waters that were mixing with the earth, and Jehovah said to him, Hold the Line, Guard the Garden, Don't Let The Pollution Go Passed You. Do you know the story about the little Dutch Boy that put his finger in the hole of the dyke? But Adam lost control of the raging urine that was underneath him. There was a spiritual power in it, and he lost control of it and it invaded him and pierced through him, and completely polluted the waters that were above him. And when all the waters of the creation were now polluted, one thing happened. The Earth totally Killed The Sperm, and who is the sperm? Did not Adam die? And then the name of the waters changed. It was no longer urine and seminal fluid. All the waters of the creation were darkened and polluted. And their name became Satan. Satan is the Salt Sea. Satan is the Polluted Waters of the fallen creation. See here in Verse 24 - Let judgment roll together with the spiritual urine. Knowing now what we know. It’s an incomplete sentence. Let judgment roll together with the spiritual urine. And what is judgment. Who is judgment? Judgment brethren, are the sons of God in whom their waters have been purified. The sons of God are men, in whom they have pure waters in them. Satan is down in the bottomless pit under their feet. And the purified waters are in the mind of Christ. And the impure parts of their person, are bound until the glorification when the earth is completely neutralized. Let judgment roll together with the spiritual urine. Let the resurrected life of Adam - you see, in every man where Adam is resurrected from the dead, he has now got the urine under his feet and the pure seminal fluid over his head. Can you hear that? When Adam is raised from the dead, the firmament is back separating the waters from the waters. And Adam is the one who is reigning judgment. All you people that are flipping out, meant me saying its Adam. Brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ is Adam, raised from the dead. Who is he? Where did He come from? Where is He in the Old Testament? He is Adam, raised from the dead. Adam, the son of God. So everyone in whom Adam is raised from the dead, you have some pure waters in you and the urine is under your feet. Let those, in whom Adam is raised from the dead, let their purified waters roll together with the urine and let the urine be purified. Now of course, we know that the way this is going to happen. How is this going to happen?

The urine is going to be boiled and the waters are going to evaporate and turn into vapor. The earth will dry out. And the vaporized water will rise and pass through Adam and ascend and meet the purified waters that are above Adam and join with them. Let the spiritual urine roll together with the purified waters. Satan will be boiled. The waters will be distilled. The earth will dry out and be made barren again and the water vapor will ascend and roll together with the purified waters. Is there anyone who does not understand this? What a message. What an absolutely marvelous, marvelous message. And to make it even more exciting, Isaiah 34: 4 says, And all the Hosts of Heaven Shall Be Dissolved And The Heavens Shall Be Rolled Together as a Scroll, And All Their Hosts Shall Fall Down. That is the earth, it’s all fallen down, because it’s all dried out and its dust. As The Leaf Falls Off the Vine and as a Fallen Fig From the Fig Tree. Let the heavens be rolled together as a scroll. It’s the boiling of the spiritual urine. Halleluiah. You see, when you say something is being rolled together as a scroll, even though it is rolled up tight, you have something after it’s rolled up, you have that which is rolled up. What is it talking about? It’s talking about the earth that is dissolved in the waters. The water is evaporating and the earth which is spread out through the waters, is coming together and clumping together. It’s talking about condensation. Can you see that? So now we know what it means that the heavens are going to be rolled together as a scroll. The earth won't be spread out and dissolved anymore. It’s going to come together and clump up. The waters will be purified through distillation and ascend to and up to and join the purified waters above the firmament. Now this cannot happen until the firmament is restored. And who is the firmament? I just said it. Who is the firmament? Adam is the firmament. Right? So you see, Satan cannot be boiled until Adam is raised from the dead. Brethren, everything must happen in its prescribed order.

Q. Actually, what you said is, Mind is Firmament and Adam was the sperm that was killed.

A. Yes, they are all the same. Adam is the firmament, he is the mind, and the mind of Adam was the Zygote. Remember the teaching, from all the way back?

Adam was the Zygote. He was designed to increase into many members. He was the beginnings. He was the sperm. Elohim was the sperm at the beginning. He formed himself in to Adam. Adam was the zygote. He was the seed that had the potential to incarnate. So do you remember what the zygote is? The zygote is the first cell of the new creation. Okay. I stand corrected Elohim is the sperm, Adam is the zygote that the sperm became. You see, the sperm becomes the zygote. Can you follow that? Okay. Adam was the zygote and he was the firmament and he was holding the line keeping the polluted waters from the purified waters. And he was killed by the polluted waters. They invaded him. They pierced through him and he died. He incarnated as Cain and Abel and he died. Everybody okay. Praise the Lord.

Let Judgment Roll Together. I guess we would have to say Let at. There is so much amplification on these verses I'm just going to have to pray about how I'm actually going to phrase it for the alternate Translation. How far I'm going to go with the amplification and how much I'm going to footnote. But for now I'll just leave it as I had it for tonight. Let Judgment, which is the sons of God, which is the men in whom Adam is raised from the dead, roll together with the spiritual urine. And righteousness - The Hebrew word Righteousness - This is the word for salvation, and I would like to point out to you something that has nothing to do with this message, it just struck me. That the definition of salvation according to this Hebrew word is moral virtue. For all you people that think salvation is a sinful person that has faith in Jesus Christ, you are mistaken. That’s not salvation. For a sinful person to have a relationship with Jesus Christ is not salvation. It is reconciliation. Salvation is moral virtue. That is another way of saying sinlessness. This lie in the church that you are saved, in your sinful condition because the Lord Jesus Christ has seen fit to have a relationship with you. I rebuke it, it is a wicked lie. It's a wicked lie that stops many people from going on to be morally purified. And this knowledge or this belief, it’s not even a knowledge, it's not true, in the hands of many people, is used as a weapon to condemn others. It's a lie, it's a lie. Jesus Christ is the only man that I know of that is saved. Moral virtue is the scriptural definition of salvation. Reconciliation with Jesus Christ gives you a promise of the opportunity to be morally purified. An opportunity to be morally purified. Everyone that is reconciled to Jesus Christ is not guaranteed that they will be saved. Jesus, help us get rid of these false teachers. Show them up for what they are. Get them out of the pulpits. And whoever are the faithful ones that are trapped in the churches, get them out O God, get them out. Jesus, get them out. Bring down these false teachers. Strip their garments from them. Show them to the world, what they are, and break their power O God and let the people free. O my God, that prayer went right out, to do whatever the Lord's going to do with it. It was a righteous prayer.

Let the resurrected Adam roll together with the spiritual urine and righteousness. One more thing. Please that Strong's number on righteousness is 6666. I thought that was very interesting, since the number for man is 666. That the number for righteousness should be 6666 and we know that there is no accident with anything that has to do with God. So, I suggest to you that that fourth 6 just squares it off and it’s talking about the completed fallen man. You might say the Seraphim Praise the Lord. Let the Resurrected Adam Roll Together With the Spiritual Urine and let Moral Virtue As a Might Stream. Mighty Strong's 386. That's really not a correct translation. It means continual. Continual without ceasing. Stream - 5l58 is speaking about that which flows constantly, such as from a fountain. And Let A Continual Stream of Moral Virtue. I suggest to you, Flow In Its Place. And let a continual stream of moral virtue - brethren, this is talking about the purified waters of the creation. Let The Resurrected Adam Flow Together With The Spiritual and Purify It So That The Waters of The Creation Can Be a Continual Stream of Moral Virtue With No Deviation. Do you hear this? Want me say it again? LET THE RESURRECTED ADAM, WHO HAS SOME PURIFIED WATERS IN HIM, FLOW TOGETHER WITH THE POLLUTED WATERS OF THE CREATION, THE SPIRITUAL URINE, AND LET A CONTINUOUS STREAM OF MORAL VIRTUE FLOW IN ITS PLACE, AND LET THE RESURRECTED ADAM FLOW TOGETHER WITH THE SPIRITUAL URINE. LET THE SPIRITUAL URINE BE PURIFIED AND LET THE PURIFIED WATERS OF THE CREATION FLOW AS A CONTINUAL STREAM OF PURE MORALLY VIRTUOUS WATERS. He is talking about Glorification. This is going to happen in Glorification. When we are in Full Stature, we will still have polluted waters.

Remember in Full Stature, Satan is down under our feet in the bottomless pit and she is down there until she gets boiled, which is only in the Glorification. In Full Stature, we are merely controlling Leviathan and we are controlling Satan to such a point that, we are sinless. They cannot make us sin. And we are not controlling them with our will power, but they are being controlled with a brand new mind. You see, if you control your sin with Leviathan, you are still a sinner, because Leviathan is sin, whether you are doing good out of him or doing bad out of him, his nature is sin. But when Christ Jesus, the Glorious Resurrected Adam, who is Righteous, when He is resurrected in you, and He binds up Satan and Leviathan, your righteousness is coming out of the resurrected Adam. And Satan and Leviathan are bound up just until the time that they are going to be destroyed. Halleluiah.



HAVE YE OFFERED 5066. This word means to draw near. It’s used very frequently in the scripture. And it can be translated, sexual intercourse. It’s the word that Jehovah uses to indicate marriage of the mind. When He says, Draw near unto Me, He means draw near unto me for a union. He wants to be join to you. And the way we understand what He's talking about is by saying, a man having carnal knowledge of his wife, Jehovah wants to do that in a mind to mind situation with us. Okay? This is the Old Testament now. In the New Testament who has He sent to join with our mind? Who has He sent? The Lord Jesus. Yes. In the New Testament it's The Lord Jesus Christ. Okay. Jehovah sent Him. Jehovah is not a dirty word. He sent the Lord Jesus to join with our mind. But in the Old Testament, it says Jehovah talking - Draw near unto Me. Now, you see, it was a mystery in the Old Testament, but we know in the New Testament, that the only way we could possible draw near to Jehovah is through The Lord Jesus. So it's a mystery. In the Old Testament it says, Draw Near, and the people that practice the Law of Moses them and today, they beloved that the way you draw near to Jehovah, is with the sacrifice of beasts. But we know that we draw near through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are reconciled to the Lord Jesus Christ and Christ Jesus is formed in us. And Christ Jesus, the man is the only mediator between Jehovah and humanity. Christ Jesus is the life of Jesus Christ growing out of own Celestial Body, our own personality, the fiber of our spiritual being. Christ Jesus growing out of the fiber of our spiritual being is the offspring of our union of mind with the Lord Jesus Christ.

YOU HAVE DRAWN NEAR TO ME, Jehovah speaking. WITH SACRIFICES 2077, speaking of animal sacrifices, AND OFFERINGS - 4503. This is speaking of voluntary bloodless sacrificial offerings. Now there are all kinds of sacrificial offerings, but we see that the next word modifies sacrificial offerings, and we find out that this verse is speaking about offerings of the mouth. Offerings of speech.

Now the English words, IN THE WILDERNESS, are a translation of Strong's 4057. This word can in fact be translated, WILDERNESS, but Gesenius clearly states that it can also be translated an organ of speech. Now some people think the organ of speech, is the mouth. This is not true. Others think the organ of speech, are the vocal chords. Neither is this true. Does anybody know who the organ of speech is? The mind. Yes, yes. The organ of speech is your mind. What your mind thinks, so your mouth speaks. And there is only one occasion, or one set of circumstances under which your mouth will speak what your mind does not think. Does anybody know? Yes. Yes. Exactly. That is what happened to Balaam. You see, I always wondered about that. Balaam was a prophet, who was not a Jew and his heart was evil, and the scripture says, and Balaam prophesied by the Spirit of Jehovah. How could this be? He was an unrighteous man. But now I understand that Jehovah took hold of his organ of speech, his carnal mind, and what did he do? He pierced it and he joined with Cain, and formed an imputed Christ Jesus in this sinful prophet and temporarily became his organ of speech and spoke through Balaam. And when the Lord Jesus Christ, or in the Old Testament, Jehovah speaks through you, it’s prophesy. I could never understand it, but I understand it now. Jehovah spoke through that man, when he didn't want to speak, and the word of Jehovah is prophesy. You have to understand that prophesy is not prediction. Most people think prophesy is prediction. Prediction is a pronouncement of future events, which may come out of Jehovah's mind, but may not come out of Jehovah's mind. Nostradamus is a prophet, and he predicted future events. He was a false prophet. But Nostradamus predicted future events, but was not a true prophet, because his prophesies did not come out of the mind of God. Prediction can come out of the mind of God, but does not have to come out of the mind of God. True prophesy must come out of the mind of God and there is a false prophesy. But that is the difference between predictions and prophesy.

And the difference between a word of wisdom and prediction is that a word of wisdom is a knowledge of future events. Prediction is the pronouncement of future events and prophesy is the actual word of a spirit coming through you. If you can hear the difference. Praise the Lord. Jesus I love Your Word.

YOU HAVE DRAWN NEAR TO ME WITH ANIMAL SACRIFICES AND WITH VOLUNTARY BLOODLESS SACRIFICIAL OFFERINGS WHICH COME FROM AN INSTRUMENT OF SPEECH, WHICH IS Y OUR MIND. You've made sacrifices with your mouth. When I say, your mouth, I mean the spoken word coming out of your mind. What kind of a sacrifice is this? Its words, you see. Now, if it’s the mind of God coming through you, you will do what your words say. But the significance here is that Israel has made many sacrifices from their organ of speech from their carnal mind, which have never come to pass. LUKE 6: 46 AND WHY CALL YE ME LORD LORD, AND DO NOT THE THINGS WHICH I SAY. Sacrifice of the organ of speech. Lord Lord O Jesus, we love you. Jesus, I'd do anything for you. Jesus, just send me and I'd go, but not where I don't want to. Jesus, Jesus But you are full of it. You are liars.

And you've made these offerings for forty years, O Israel. Now four is the number of the 4 Footed Beast. We go into that a lot in Ezekiel Chapter 1. It’s the number of the animal. Six is the number of the personality of the bestial man, but the 4 Footed Beast is speaking about the physical animal body that we live in. 10 is the number of the Law, and a year is speaking about the length of time it takes the earth to go around the sun. I want to suggest to you that this is speaking about the earth going around the sun. This is the Age that Cain is in an animal body. He is under the Law. He is the 4 Footed Physical Beast, which is under the Law, and subject to the earth, which is the Serpent. DANIEL 4 VERSES 3l - 34


The same hour was fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar and he was driven from men and did eat grass as oxen and his body was wet with the dew of heaven till his hairs were grown like eagles feathers and his nails like birds claws. And at the end of the days, I Nebuchadnezzar, lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and my understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the Most High and I praised and honored Him that liveth forever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion and His Kingdom is from generation to generation.

It appears to me that this is speaking about Cain, fallen man, who has received an imputed anointing. Cain is this fallen man, us, who has received an imputed anointing. This is what happened to Israel and this is what happened to Cain, when he refused to submit to Abel.



Animals live by instinct. I suggest to you that the age that mortal man is subjected to the earth, he exists by the Serpents instincts, and is judged by Satan by acting out those instincts. What a double ganger. Remember we studied that in that Series called - in the message list it says it’s talking about Hinduism and Buddhism, and whatever the name of that Series was, we studied from a book by a famous psychiatrist. That German psychologist, and he called it a double ganger. You get hit going and you get hit coming back. That what it is. It produces insanity, if I remember the message correctly. He exists by the Serpents instincts and is then is judged by Satan by acting out those instincts.

You've approached me with animal sacrifices and insincere speech during this age that you are subject to the law and surviving by the serpent's instincts. Sheila, how could say that?



REVELATION 6:5 This is a revelation that we are in darkness. This fallen creation is in darkness.

This is our Alternate Translation


And what is the fallen part of their mind. Their carnal mind. Because the first fruits are first fruits, because Adam, a new mind is raised from the dead in them.



Brethren, we have the Serpents instincts. That is why we need to be instructed in righteousness. That's why children must be raised to do good and not evil because our instincts, are Serpentine, we are Cain. That's why children and adults as well left to their own devices, will deteriorate in the most despicable life styles. We must be externally influenced by righteousness, if we are to have any hope of having a decent life down here in hell.


Wait until you hear this, all these verses put together, it's real exciting, because you know what the Lord is saying? He's saying, that you are doing all this, because of what happened to you. This is just what I said to you in the exhortation. You see, the fact that we are sinning because we fell, does not justify the sin. But nevertheless, Jehovah has sent the Lord Jesus, to get us out of here, because He has mercy on us, and He is going to do a change in us. He's going to convert us so that we won't do it anymore, because He loves us so much. And the judgment which must fall on us in order to affect this change, which is so important in the minds of fallen men. O judgment. O. Woe is me. O. Ow. O. It hurts. I hate it. I fight the Son of God, showing me my sins. I'll kill them I'll punch them. I lie about them. I'm talking spiritually. I lie about them. I blaspheme about them. Anything but let my sins be exposed. Do you know that this whole period of our existence which is so painful for us, is nothing but a blink in Jehovah's eyes? He sees us before the fall, and He sees us after the fall, and every manifestation of judgment, no matter how severe it appears to our carnal minds, is merely a means to an end, you see. Jehovah and the Lord Jesus Christ, whom He sent, does not punish us for punishment sake. And He only punishes us when that is the only way to accomplish His purpose in our life. And His purpose in our life, is that we should be restored to righteousness. And we are all concerned about the judgment. He is not all concerned about the judgment. He just wants us back. But you see, we are fallen and we are carnal and we are immature, and we are narcissistic, and we are all very concerned about ourselves and our discomfort. And we are so infantile in our minds that we just don't want to be hurt, even if it means resurrection from the dead. This judgment, is not important to Him. In every verse that talks about judgment talks about delivering us from the grips of our carnal mind, if you get the right translation. It's awesome. He's just looking at the fruit of the judgment. Therefore if you could believe this about Jehovah, and the Lord Jesus Christ, whom He sent, if you could believe this, it could help you. I know it helps me to know that if there were any other way, He would not inflict this pain on me. He doesn't want to inflict pain on me. But He will do it if that is what's necessary to save my life. So bite the bullet and stop killing the son that's showing you your sins and stand up, rise from the dead. Do it.


But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun, your images, the star of your God, which ye made to yourselves.

YE HAVE BORNE -STRONG'S 5375. This word means to lift up. Borne in the sense of bearing, carrying. I suggest to you however, that the significance here, for our purposes on this deep understanding of the scripture, is incarnation. To lift up, to come into existence, this all is speaking about incarnation. I suggest to you that Jehovah is saying to Israel, I gave you my mind, I gave you an imputed Christ Jesus. What does this mean in the Old Testament? I raised Abel from the dead in you, and I gave you power. But because of your sin, Cain has risen or lifted up in you again. That's what Jehovah said. Praise the Lord. So ye have lifted up and the reason that #853 is grayed out. Remember that I don't have a colored printer, so when I red line something, it comes out as a gray block. That means that Hebrew word Strong's 853 was not translated in the King James Translation. Almost every verse we do, we find this word, is rarely, if ever, translated. But sometimes, it's very important because it indicates that the verb before is a reflexive verb. BUT YOU HAVE LIFTED UP THE TABERNACLE. When you add in the word that's left out, it says that, BUT YOU HAVE LIFTED UP YOURSELF THE TABERNACLE. YOU HAVE LIFTED UP IN YOURSELF, THE TABERNACLE. You've done it within yourself. Can you see how important that word is? To say, you lifted up the tabernacle could mean that you built a statue. But you lifted up yourself. You lifted it up within yourself. Jehovah raised Abel from the dead in you and gave you dominion, and spiritual and supernatural power. But the Spirit of Cain, who was supposed to be under Abel's Authority, raised up. And what did Cain do when she raised up? When Cain had power, what did she do? She killed Abel. And you let her up. You see, Abel was raised from the dead in you, and you're supposed to be keeping Cain, that murderous woman under your feet. But you didn't stop her from rising up. And when she stood up, she killed you. That one little word indicates that. Very important. But you have raised up within yourself the tabernacle. This is Strong's 5522. It specifically means an idolatrous tent. I always stumble over whether it is the physical body or the Celestial Body which is the Personality. The physical body is the Terrestrial Body. And the personality is the Celestial Body.

So let's go on. Jehovah is saying, You have incarnated within yourself that idolatrous tent. Well, the tent is a skin and we found out just a little before this, that the skin bottles is referring to a mind. So I would have to say that this word tent, is referring to the carnal mind. You have incarnated within yourself, the carnal mind of Moloch. And Moloch is 4428. She is a chief deity of the Ammonites. And we know that these foreign gods, they're always manifestations of the Serpent. So what Jehovah is saying here, He's rebuking the Israelites, and telling them that they have permitted the Serpent to rise up and incarnate Leviathan in them. Now who is the Serpent's The Serpent is Cain. So Cain rose up and killed Abel and the earth swallowed up Cain and incarnated Leviathan and they've become carnal men again. That's what Jehovah is saying to them. They've become carnal men again. Also Ammon, I remind you is Lot's son, and the product of incest. Spiritually speaking, Cain is the product of incest. Cain married Adam. Adam married his lower parts and that is a product of incest. So why did I tell you that? I told you that because Moloch is the chief deity of the Ammonites, the descendants of Ammon. And Ammon is Lot's son who is the product of incest. Therefore I'm giving you a witness as to my translation that Moloch is the Serpent, and that the tabernacle that was raised up, was Leviathan, by telling you that Cain is the product of incest. Is anybody not following me? Halleluiah. And we have that Hebrew word 853 again, translating herself and herself Chiun Strong's 3594. Now this Hebrew word means Idol. The King James Translators attributed it to and translated as a specific deity. The word just means Idol. They did the same thing here. The King James Translators did the same thing here, that they did with the Hebrew word that meant Star and Constellation, if you remember Part 1, of Orion, Pleiades, Arcturus and the Mazzaroth, we found out that these Constellations do not appear in the Hebrew. The Hebrew words that are translated as the names of these Constellations were the interpretation of the King James Translators. They did the same thing here. This Hebrew word merely means Idol. When we look at the entire context of the verse, I find it appropriate to translate it Idol and not to interpret it as the name of a foreign God. You will hear it when you hear the Alternate Translation.

YOUR IMAGES - Up to the word that says, Your Images. Let me just read you this King James again, so you could stay with me here. BUT YE HAVE BORNE THE TABERNACLE OF YOUR MOLOCH AND CHIUN, YOUR IMAGES THE STAR OF YOUR GOD. AND CHIUN, YOUR IMAGES - Strong's 6754, is an unused root, meaning to shade, a phantom, an illusion, a resemblance a representative figure, especially an idol. So we see we have two words here that both can be translated Idol. The word Chiun and the word Images. That's probably why the King James Translators chose to interpret Strongs3595 and make it a personal noun, because they could not figure out why there were two Hebrew words that could be translated Idol. But I suggest to you, that Strong's 3594 signifies the Serpent’s visible expression that is a stone or wood idol or the actual person herself. And I am saying herself because every human being is spiritually female unless they have the mind of God. And Strong's 6754, which is translated to shade. A phantom, an illusion, a resemblance, I'm going to suggest to you that is speaking about the mind. It's much more difficult to see the mind than to see the physical image. How do you see the mind? You have to take the time to listen to what the person has to say. But a physical image you can look at briefly, and make whatever judgment you make, a male, a female, they're short, they're tall, they're green, they're purple. But to see a person's mind, you really have to spend time with them. A mind is hidden. It's a shadow, and it's certainly is an illusion. It's a resemblance of the Spirit that has woven it. It's a woven garment.


You see, Cain rose up killed Abel again, and as soon as Cain's head is destroyed, the earth rises up, and takes possession over Cain, and becomes the Serpent. So you have allowed Cain to rise up and kill Abel in you, and she mixed with the earth and became the Serpent and appeared physically and as her mind, Leviathan. But you have raised up Cain and Leviathan, the Serpent's Mind, and her image. And I suggest to you that the image is her personality. How did they raise up Cain? With their lusts. With their desire for sin. It strengthened Cain in them. The sins of Israel, their lust, because all sin is rooted in lust in this fallen world. The lusts and the sins of Israel, their pride, their idolatry, strengthened Cain, which was under Abel's authority. So Cain rose up and when she rose up, she killed Abel. And she twisted together with earth and the earth got on top and became the Serpent. And the Serpent incarnated her mind, Leviathan. And Leviathan wove himself through the background threads of the creature and the personalities of the men of Israel, which had been a Living Beast, became a Wild Animal. That's what Jehovah is saying. Did anyone ever say to you, What's the big deal that these people worship Moloch? I hear all this on line. Jehovah killed them and did this and did that and He's a vicious violent guy. That's what a lot of people in witchcraft, say about Jehovah. Well, now you know the answer. That when you bow down and worship that idol, something happens to you spiritually. That kills the spiritual power that you have in righteousness because Abel has been raised from the dead and turns your personality from a glorious Living Beast in the image of Jehovah into a Wild Animal in the image of Cain.

The people who study the Old Testament, or who study the scripture on a literal level, the word image usually means statue. But I suggest to you that it means, Cain's violent personality. The Serpent Cain becomes the Serpent when the earth gets authority over Cain and the earth takes authority over Cain as soon as Abel is dead, incarnates the violent mind, Leviathan and the violent personality.

Continuing with THE STAR OF YOUR GOD. Strong's 3556 Well, the word doesn't really mean Star if you look in Gesenius. It's talking about a shining or a blazing or a rolling. So again the King James Translators interpreted the word to mean Star, because they couldn't make any other sense out of the verse. But once again we will not interpret this word. Well, I guess we are interpreting it differently. We are going to take the meaning of shining and interpret as Spirit. Didn't Jehovah tell Abraham, Your offspring will be as the stars of heaven, meaning spiritual offspring. That's how we shall interpret it here. THE STAR OF YOUR GOD. The Hebrew word translated God is Elohim. It’s not the star of Elohim brethren. It's the Spirit of Elohim. Now any Bible Scholar listening to this message, that is challenging me right now, I know very well that the Hebrew word translated 430 can mean, A Lesser God, depending upon the usage. But I'm looking at the usage and I don't believe it means The Star of a Lesser God. I believe it means The Spirit of Elohim. The Son of God. And I'll show you why. Just bear with me.

WHICH YE MADE Strong's 6213 - means to make, to fashion, to mold, a substance that already exists. And the King James Translations says, TO YOURSELVES Strong's 8705. One of the lexicons, either Strong's or Brown Driver Briggs, I'm sorry I didn't write down which one, says that this word Strong's 8705 can be translated falsely. There are many translations for this word. One of those translations is falsely, like in lie. False like in lie. What the scripture is saying is that this is an indictment to the sons of Israel that they took the Spirit and formed it into a lie. Listen brethren, when your mind is in the glorious image of Jehovah and your sins strengthened Cain to rise up kill the mind of God and wind up increasing into Leviathan, so that your mind and your personality are in the image of the Serpent, the way it's being expressed in the Bible, is that, you fashioned your Spirit as a lie. And who is the lie? Actually it's Leviathan. The image that is seen is the lie. Leviathan is the lie. So, Jehovah is not talking about the sons of Israel, taking a piece of clay and forming it. He's saying to them, when you formed Elohim, my Sons Spirit, when you allowed that Spirit that's in you, to be formed in the Serpent's image, you fashioned it into a lie. Jesus Christ is the only reality and Leviathan is the lie. So when you were seduced to sin, and your sins strengthened Cain, and Cain killed Abel, and Cain fell under the dominion of the earth and became the Serpent, who increased into Leviathan, who wove himself through the background threads of the creature and turned him into a Wild Animal. Jehovah says, you fashioned a lie. You did it with your sins. You made the truth of Jehovah, in the Old Testament, that was your mind, and you took it and you fashioned it into a lie. And here again, we see the significance between being in Jehovah's likeness and being in Jehovah's Image. I have never yet heard a preacher get this right. There may be some of them out there, that have it right. I never heard them. We are in Jehovah's Likeness, in that He is Spirit and we are Spirit. We are made out of the same substance. And this substance can be fashioned into the truth or a lie. When this substance which is like Jehovah is formed in Jehovah's image, we are the truth. And when this very same substance which is in Jehovah's Likeness, is fashioned in the Serpent's Image, we become a lie. Why? Because the Serpent's Image is a lie. We are to be in Jehovah's Image. And if we are in any else's image, that's a lying image. We are supposed to be in Jehovah's likeness, and in His Image. Can you hear that?

THE STAR, we are translating Spirit, OF YOUR GOD, OF ELOHIM, WHICH YE FASHIONED FALSELY. I would just like to put on this message, in case anyone is preparing to stumble over this, Elohim remains whole. You see, what I'm saying here is that Elohim's Spirit in Israel was fashioned into a lie. Okay. Now in the same way, that Elohim, who was in the bosom of the Father and one with the Father, separated from the Father for the purpose of forming this Creation, but still remained rooted in the Father, in the same manner, when Elohim, gave His life to Adam, as the Zygote of the New Creation, the breath of life that was in Adam, the Living Soul, is Elohim's. When Adam died, Elohim didn't die. It was just that part of Elohim's self that He had given to Adam, so that Adam could become a Living Soul. That part died. Jehovah is whole and Elohim is rooted into Him. Elohim was whole and Adam was rooted into Him, but Adam was separated from Elohim. Adam died. Elohim didn't die, but a piece, or a breath or a drop of Elohim's Spirit was in Adam and Adam died and took that drop of Elohim's Spirit with him. But Elohim remains whole. Is everybody okay?

Adam took a drop out of Elohim's ocean with him when he became mortal. And that drop of Elohim that's still in him, is what gives us existence. This creation even in our dead condition, would have no existence whatsoever, if we did not have a drop of God in us. But this drop of God that we have has not depleted Elohim. Elohim and Jehovah are one God.

So the drop of Elohim that's in us, divided. It became Cain and Abel. And Cain killed Abel. Therefore Cain is the only drop of Elohim's life in us and if that drop is dead because it severed from his source, from Elohim, yet even though this drop of Elohim's life in us, is severed from the source from the Father, it's powerful enough to give us existence.

Therefore, Elohim is alive and whole and Jehovah is alive and whole. Yet a drop of Elohim's Spirit abides in us. And according to the scripture Israel, had the power to fashion that drop, their Spirit, Cain, the only living part of the human spirit. Either to fashion her into the mind of God which would have made her a Him, through the raising of Abel from the dead, or to fashion her in the Serpent's image, in her female condition. This is the indictment that Jehovah was giving to Israel. You have the power to have Cain in you formed as Leviathan or to have Abel raised from the dead and have your mortal human spirit in a manly mind. And you chose the female role, because of your lusts and your sins. You see, there is no such indictment towards people who don't have the opportunity to have the mind of God in them. That's why the church is being judged. The world is not being judged.

The only people who are being judged are the people to whom the mind of God is offered. And to those who refuse it, or to those whom the mind of God is offered and have it and won't live out of it. There is no judgment on the heathen, who can be nothing but violent fallen men. They have no choice. But to you who have the choice, woe be unto you when you chose evil over good.


But you have raised Cain, Leviathan, the Serpents Mind and her violent personality out of Elohim's Spirit, which you fashioned falsely. Okay, now I hope I explained this to you. Elohim is still alive.

The scripture says Elohim's Spirit. It's talking about Cain. It was Elohim's Spirit that was breathed into Adam. Adam died and became Cain and Abel. And that drop of Elohim's Spirit that remained in the mind named Adam that separated from the household of God, Jehovah is calling it Elohim's Spirit. And it is Elohim's Spirit but it has a name of its own. And it's Cain and Able. Is everybody okay? Can you hear that? It's Elohim's Spirit. It's Elohim's Son.

Look, if you have a baby, that baby has your spirit, but it has its own name, doesn't it? And don't they say, it’s your son, it's John Jones son. He has a name. Well, sons of Israel, you fashioned Leviathan out of my Son, Elohim's Spirit. And the name of Elohim's spiritual son is Cain and Abel. You killed Abel and you fashioned Leviathan out of Cain. And it's Elohim's Spirit. Is everybody okay?


But you raised up Cain and falsely fashioned Leviathan, the Serpent's violent mind, and personality out of Elohim's Spirit. But you raised up Cain see have the opportunity to live out of the mind of Christ. But you raised up Cain and falsely fashioned Leviathan, the Serpent's violent mind and personality out of Elohim's Spirit. Now it really sounds like Jehovah is condemning Israel.

Let me read you the four verses together.

RECAP AMOS 5: 23-26

Take your angry emotional protests of innocence away from me, because I can perceive Leviathan, the fruit of the ground in you. Let judgment roll the spiritual urine together and let a continual stream of moral virtue flow in its place. You have approached me with animal sacrifices and insincere speech during this age that you're subject to the law and surviving by the Serpents instincts. Because you raised up Cain and falsely fashioned Leviathan, the Serpent violent mind and personality out of Elohim's Spirit. It really sounds like Jehovah is just condemning them to Hell. I just moved the verses around. Listen to what it sounds like. I'm going to be reading the verses in this order. 25, 23, 24, and 26. Listen to it.

You've approached me with animal sacrifices and insincere speech during this age that you are subject to the law and surviving by the Serpents' instincts. So take your angry emotional protests of innocence away from me because I can perceived Leviathan, the fruit of the ground in you. You are not fooling me. And let judgment roll the spiritual urine together with Adam and let a continual stream of moral virtue flow in its place because you raised up Cain and falsely fashioned Leviathan, the Serpent's violent mind and personality out of Elohim's Spirit. Can you hear the difference? I did not make my corrections here. I'll give to you again. This word should be Adam. Let Adam roll together with the spiritual urine and become a continual stream of moral virtue. Listen to this. First He indicts them - Verse 25 You've approached me with animal sacrifice and insincere speech during this age that you are subject to the law and surviving by the Serpent's instincts. Jehovah acknowledging that their operating by instincts. Do you know what a instinct means? It means you can't do anything else. You are programmed. Instinct is a program. Jehovah saying, I know that you're programmed unto violence. And because you are programmed that way, you've approached me with animal sacrifices and lies. He's saying, I'm not justifying it but I know why you did it.

Verse 23

So therefore take your angry emotional protests of innocence away from me when I show you your sins because you can't fool me because I can perceive Leviathan, the fruit of the ground in you. I know why you are doing it. But because I know why you are doing it, I know that you are doing it because of instinct. That you can't do anything else, therefore my judgment upon you is that Adam should be raised in the dead in you and he should roll together with the spiritual urine, the polluted part of you and become a continual stream of moral virtue.

Do you hear what He's saying? You are doing all this sin, because your instinct is violence. I don't justify your sin, I don't accept your sin, I hate your sin. But what I'll do for you is change you so that you will sin no more. And I have to do this for you.

Verse 26

Because you raised up Cain and falsely fashioned Leviathan, the Serpents violent mind and personality out of Elohim's Spirit. If you change judgment into Adam, which fits in Verse 24, and let Adam roll together with the spiritual urine, you don't even hear the word judgment. I want to tell you, it's just a blink. You know, all you Pentecostals out there, boy I'm really down on the Pentecostals tonight. Brethren, I don't hate anybody. But I sure hate what they are doing. I sure hate their false doctrine.

And I hate when they don't enter into heaven and they don't let the people under them enter in either. I hate that. I don't hate the people. This judgment is a twinkling of an eye. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye you will be caught up and meet Jesus in the air and forever you will be with the Lord. But in that twinkling of an eye, which I've been teaching for many years, is one lifetime, you will experience painful judgment. So quit yourself like men and stand fast and endure like good soldiers so that you can be raised from the dead, and be forever be with the Lord. To no one is chastening a blessing, it's grievous. No one loves it. But it has a beginning and it has an end and if you don't faint, you will surely reap the fruits of righteousness which is a fully mature Adam raised from the dead in you who will give you dominion over your sin nature. And you will have begun your journey into glory.

Anybody have anything to say?

Q. You said Cain is a murderer and on Page 7, it says that the lie is Leviathan. Leviathan is the lie. So when Jesus was calling them - the words - you murdered from the beginning. That was Cain - was he bringing down a different part?

A. He said. Your father was a murderer from the beginning.

Q. That was Cain?

A. Right.

Q And then, I think he said he was a liar, so would that be Leviathan?

A. Did he say Cain?

Q. He did not say Cain. You broke it down going through all the work.

A. You have to get the scripture. Okay, we are in John Chap. 8:44 I'll try to explain this to you.

It starts out saying, You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father, you will do.

I suggest to you that that whole sentence is speaking two different aspects of Cain in the same way that the Jews could say, Abraham was our Father and they also said, that Jehovah was their Father. So this verse is saying, Jesus is saying to them, The devil is your father. Now we teach here that the devil is speaking about the physical incarnation of humanity as we see it is the devil. And Leviathan is the Serpent's mind. Okay. And the Spirit that incarnated Leviathan is the Serpent. And the Serpent is the earth who overtook Cain. Okay. So your father, the devil, what He's saying to the Pharisees at this point, is that you were not born at the expressed will of the father. You were not incarnated at the expressed will of the Father. Another human man just lay with his wife and you were born. That's what He's saying. Okay? You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your spiritual father, Leviathan, you will do. Can you hear that? You are of your father, the devil, a devilish humanish man lay with his wife, and you were born. Okay. And a second witness to the fact, that you are a devil and not the son of God is that you are doing the lusts of your spiritual father, Leviathan. Okay? We are going through the whole generation here. The whole series of generations. He was a murderer from the beginning. I'm sorry, He's not talking about Leviathan. He's talking about Cain. He goes from, You are of your father, the devil, this human man that lay with his wife, and the lusts of your spiritual father, Cain, you will do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth. Now, who is the truth? The truth was Elohim and Jehovah in the midst of Adam was the truth, right? So Cain, did not abide in the truth. What does that mean? He separated himself from the righteous waters of Adam. Okay? So he abode not in the truth. He made a league with the earth. He didn't abide with the truth. He separated from them, because there is no truth in him. The truth that was in Adam was his connection to Jehovah and Elohim. When Cain twisted together with the earth, spiritually speaking, he separated from Jehovah and Elohim. Therefore there was no truth in him. Can you hear that? He separated himself. Therefore there was no truth in him. And when Cain speaketh a lie. Now how does Cain speak? It’s the mind that speaks. The organ of speech is the mind. So here's Leviathan now. When he speaketh a lie, we are talking about Leviathan now. When Leviathan speaks, he speaks of his own. He's not speaking for the mind of God because he is a liar and the father of the lie. Okay? Let me go back a little.

When Leviathan speaks a lie, he speaketh of his own, because Cain is a liar, he is not the truth and he is the father of the lie, Leviathan. Can you hear it? Leviathan is a liar because Cain originally formed him, and Cain's the liar. So it goes through all the generations here, if you can hear it. We found situations like this in 1 Corin. 15. I know on one message I went through the whole Chapter with you and for every pronoun, I put in the real name. Do you remember that? This is very common in the scripture. Okay. And the reason that it happens is that the scripture, even in the Hebrew it is not clear. You know, the Pharisees in the church today, despise anybody saying that there are mysteries in Christ and that the mysteries are only for the initiated and they make you sound like a spiritual criminal. But the truth is, the mysteries are only for the initiated. What does that mean? What does initiated mean? Those in whom the waters of their mind is so mixing with the mind of God, that they are initiated into his life. It is only for the initiated, but you can be initiated too. To say, that deep doctrine and that deep truth are mysteries which are only for the initiated does not mean that you are locked forever. You pay the price and you can have it too. But I don't want to pay the price. Then you can't have it too. But that doesn't mean that the offer is not for you too. The offer is for you. But there are certain things you have to do, to receive it. You cannot come into the Holy Place with your filth. At least confess that it's sin. You cannot keep your sin, and be initiated into the mysteries. You have to study to show yourself approved. You have to have your sins exposed. You have to make a commitment. You have to put in the time and effort. But I don't want to. Then you can't know the mysteries of God. You could read my books. You could sit in a meeting like this. You won't know, you won't understand. I'm telling you, the deeper I get into this understanding, the more I realize, the Pharasitical condition of the church and I hate it. I hate it because Jesus hates it. Because it's killing the people with its lusts. They won't enter into heaven themselves and they won't let the others in either.

This message is so glorious. This ability to divide the scripture like I just did. This is the gift of Jesus to me for the price that I paid to get as close to Him as I am. And it's not even the way it sounds. Like you suffer and you get a gift. Whatever it is that you have to go through results in your getting close to Him. And when you are close to Him, what you get, is His Mind. it's not that He's giving it to me and He won't give it to you. Getting close to Him is a burning fire. If you are willing to go through it, confess your sins, get the deliverance, fight the warfare, give up whatever you have to give up. You will get it too. The issue is getting close to Him. It's not that He's giving it to one and not to the other. If you can make it through the obstacle course to get close to Him, you can have it too. And if you are willing to try, He will help you. He wants you all to have it. It's not for a special few, that the condition of the world should be, a few priests and a pope and the rest of the world, slaves. That's not Jesus' desire but until you enter in, you need a teacher. But the teacher's job, is to raise up the image of Jesus Christ in you. And if you are in a church where they are not doing that, you better get out, if you want the image of Jesus Christ in you.

It's for everybody, but it's a mystery and it’s only for those who make it through the fire. That sounds prejudiced to you, you are ignorant. He's a Holy God and you cannot bring your sin into His presence. That's what Satan said to Jesus. Perfect this Creation in their sin. And Jesus said to Satan, And I say unto you, whoever is going to hear this message, This creation that Elohim made for Jehovah cannot live while it's separated from its head. And perfecting you when you are not connected to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, is creating an eternal Hell for you, which is not life.

And they were all eating, drinking and marrying and giving in marriage, and they didn't even see the flood coming. And that's the church. The people of the world are not even looking for the flood.

Q. In the life of Jehovah and Elohim being complete, how does that line up with the scripture that the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world?

A. That's an excellent question. And the answer is in what we studied in Creation Revisited. The slaying of the Lamb, was when Elohim separated from Jehovah and became half a man. It may sound shocking at first, but the Lord showed us in a very exciting message in that series, that a star, which is pure energy, when it collapses, its dying. And the results of its dying, is that it loses energy and gains mass. Mass is physical. Okay? Energy is invisible. Mass is visible. So in order for Elohim to obey Jehovah's commandment, and build a visible creation, He had to lose energy so that He could become Mass. Do you understand what I'm saying? It He had to lose energy in order to become visible. So He was half a man and He didn't have the power to cast Jehovah's image on the waters of the creation. But the Spirit of God hovered over Elohim. Jehovah came and joined Himself to Elohim. First Elohim separated from Him, He lost enough energy to become Mass. Exactly what that means, I don't know. Maybe it means He was joined with the matter that Adam was formed out of. I'm not exactly sure what that means, but I know that He became Mass. He became visible. Okay? It sounds like He was joined to the earth. To be joined to the earth, He had to lose energy. And I think, the Lord's reminding me that is the truth and that we found a scripture, that indicated that in the Message l8 Series, when we did Job, the Chapter on Behemoth, whatever that Chapter is, 40 or 41. Okay.

So when Elohim was joined to the ground, Adam was formed out of the dust of the ground, and Elohim was the breath of life that was breathed into him. And in order for this to happen, Elohim had to lose power. So for a brief moment He was separated from Jehovah. But I believe that His roots never left Jehovah, but He was breathed into the earth and He lost His power. And then Jehovah hovered over Him, Jehovah joined Himself to Elohim in His new formation. Can you hear that? But in any event, I have convinced that Elohim's roots never left Jehovah. I've given some instructions on soul travel here, and I think even the people in the occult, will teach you, that when the soul leaves the body the roots remain in the person's mind, and if that cord is severed, they die. Have you ever heard that? When the soul leaves the body, they call it a silver cord, it goes everywhere, it travels all over the world, goes wherever it wants to go, but it always remains rooted in the person's mind, where it dwells. And if that cord is broken, the person dies. So that is just an example so that you can try and understand what I'm saying spiritually. That I believe that Elohim was rooted in Jehovah. That thread was always there, when He was breathed into Adam, and temporarily lost His power so that Adam could be made alive. And then Jehovah joined with Him and they became completely one again. It's Jehovah and Elohim and Adam, and they are all connected one to the other.

But when Cain's lower nature, it was Jehovah Elohim Adam and Cain. Actually it wasn't Cain, it gets very confusing. Actually, the lower part of Adam that rebelled against him, didn't get a name until he incarnated. So he didn't become Cain, until he incarnated. It was Adam's lower parts which we call spiritual urine, that if think of Adam as holding the line, Adam was the mind that was separating the waters from the waters and the polluted waters were under him called urine. And the purified waters were above him called seminal fluid. And he polluted waters just broke through Adam and completely polluted the purified waters, and Adam died.

So I hope I explained it to you. I don't know how good a job I did. I'm a little drunk in the spirit here. Is there anything else I could say to you? Did I answer the whole question? I may not have answered the whole question. So, the lamb that was slain from the foundation of the earth was Elohim when He lost His power. When He was infused with the earth and He lost His power. That was the lamb when He was slain. But a thread of Him was always attached to Jehovah. That's the answer to the question.