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We are talking about images this morning. I knew nothing about spiritual things when I was first reconciled to Jesus Christ. To be honest with you, I didn't even know what the word spiritual meant, or that it was possible to be a spiritual person.

I was associating with people who were spiritual outside of Jesus Christ when the Lord called me, but I didn't know anything. Apparently, I had a spiritual potential and was attracted to spiritual people, but I was completely ignorant about spiritual things.

I remember sitting at a table having coffee with friends when someone was referred to as spiritual. What does spiritual mean, I asked. But no one was able to explain it to me.

Let me give you a definition of spiritual.

To Be Spiritual Means
That A Spirit Directs Your Life

What is spirit?

Spirit Is Invisible,
Disembodied Consciousness

We are talking about comparing a lifestyle that emphasizes what we see and hear with our physical eyes and ears, with a lifestyle that emphasizes what we feel in our emotions and perceive with our intuition.

The spiritual world associated with the lifestyle that depends on the physical senses is called outer darkness, and the term that describes the inhabitants of outer darkness is carnal.

There are two spiritual worlds associated with the lifestyle that depends upon emotional and intuitive perception, the spiritual world of Christ, and the spiritual world of darkness. The term that describes the inhabitants of both spiritual worlds is spiritual.

Whether you are spiritual in Christ or outside of Christ, whether it is the Spirit of God, or the Spirit of this World, spiritual communication is beyond physical sight and hearing. Spirit can manifest through the emotions, and the Spirit of this World frequently does, but all expression of emotion is not necessarily spiritual.

Spirit Is Mind
Manifesting As Thought,
Idea, or Suggestion

Now if the idea, thought, or suggestion is coming from Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind of mortal man, or from Leviathan, the subconscious part of the carnal mind of mortal man, the chances are that she will fortify herself by stirring up Cain, the conscious part of the carnal mind of mortal man, to agree with her.

I am saying that when any member of the Serpent's household, wants you to follow after her leading, she will bring your emotions into play to encourage you to follow her.

Now, this is interesting because we see this ungodly manifestation in our society. It is not a manifestation of the conscious part of our carnal mind, but arises either through Satan, the unconscious, or Leviathan, the subconscious part of the carnal mind.

For now, I will say that it comes out of the Satanic part of the carnal mind, and that someone who is under this influence, who is having an argument or a disagreement with another person, will bring in other parties, third or fourth parties, saying, well, so and so agrees with me. Someone under the influence of the Satanic, unconscious part of the carnal mind can, in this manner, gain strength from another person who is not even there, or who might not even agree with them if they were there! But even if that third party would have agreed had he been present, it is a witchcraft tactic to say to a person that you are having a disagreement with, that so and so thinks you are wrong also.

This is the same principle as third party information. The second party of the argument is at a great disadvantage when the first party says, well, so and so thinks you are wrong also, because the second party of the argument, the one who was attacked, cannot respond to the third party who is not there, and doesn't even know if the third party really said that! It is hitting below the belt, which is not fair.

Issues should be resolved on the basis of righteousness and the facts of the issue, what actually happened, not by how the two people perceive the issue, or feel, because feelings are not reliable. What would Jesus say in this circumstance, what does the Scripture say about this issue, what is right? So to bring a third party who is not present into the conflict, who supposedly agrees that the second party is wrong, is a Satanic level of fighting. Can anybody not understand that?

When we are led by the Spirit of this World, which is Satan, she will stir up our emotions, and even remind us of past memories and unhealed wounds, to cause us to follow after her path.

Basically speaking,

The Leading Of The Spirit
Begins with a Thought

. . . a spiritual communication or a command, a thought which is beyond emotion. Satan plays dirty by distorting the truth. The Lord Jesus Christ does not stir up emotions and past hurts to influence you to follow Him, but will provide witnesses to the truth in the form of sincere believers.

A suggestion came into my mind recently, that I have good reason to believe may not be of God. It was very strong on me to do this particular thing, but I asked the Lord during the music service this morning, saying, Lord I am not going to do this unless you give me at least two witnesses beyond what has happened so far, that you want me to do it. Then as I continued to pray under the anointing that was on the music, I put forth this fleece and asked Him if He would agree to honor it. I asked for at least two if not three witnesses. In other words, a witness from each of you without your knowing what it is. So, what I ask you here today is to just pray to the Lord, asking if He is willing to use you to help me reconcile this issue, and that you stand ready to be a vessel through which He speaks. When you have a prayer line in the church, some people expect the preacher to know what's wrong with them, but God doesn't work that way. You have to come up and say, this is what my problem is, and then the minister prays for you. So it is wrong to go up on a prayer line and expect the preacher to know what's wrong with you, but that is not what I am saying to you. I am asking you to tell the Lord that you are willing to serve in any way that He wants to. Now, if He doesn't move at all in any way, I will assume that I am under a seduction, and will reject this gesture. Does anybody not understand what I said? OK.

I started out today talking about spiritual images, and the introduction simply defined spiritual and a spiritual lifestyle. That is it in a nutshell.

A Spiritual Lifestyle Is
Guided By A Spirit

Spirit is revealed through mind. The spiritual life is bypassing what we see, hear and know from our carnal knowledge, and simple emotions. Your body is in this world, but your mind is in another world. I've told you that many times I do things that I don't even understand and it is as if I am....now I don't want anyone reading this message thinking that I go into a trance and do things, because that's not true. I will say things to you, or think things that are a response to something that I cannot see and have no carnal knowledge of. A thought will come into my mind, and I will make a decision with regard to a certain circumstance, or a certain person. Then, a week or two later, I will find out that the event that I made a decision about was actually transpiring at the same time that I made my decision. I had no way of knowing about it, but the Christ in me knew about it.

By way of example, just in case you don't know what I'm talking about, I had to file criminal charges against somebody once, for an order of protection, so the person was not allowed contact me while the case was pending. Then, the Lord told me clearly, that this person, who was not allowed to talk to me, was doing everything possible to get someone to contact me, to ask me to drop the charges. So I was waiting for the phone call that I knew was coming. So, by the time that the person got someone to call me, I already knew what I would say. I had already prayed about it and asked the Lord what He wanted me to do. I was not caught off guard. I had the answer two weeks before the phone call came. This is living after the Spirit. I've had other experiences much deeper than that, but I won't go into it right now. Praise the Lord.

I told you earlier that I didn't know what spirituality was when I first came to the Lord. Neither did I understand prophecy in the Church. The first church that I went to, that the Lord brought me to, was a Pentecostal Church, and I became familiar with prophecy, tongues and interpretation of tongues there. But I did not understand that prophecy is the creative Word of the Lord, even a new time line that bends the existing path of the recipient of the prophesy and turns it in a completely different direction.

Think of life as a straight line that lets you see where your future life is headed. The Holy Word of Prophesy bends your path and changes what would surely have come to pass if there had been no spiritual intervention.

Spiritual Images

The next thing I would like to talk to you about this morning is spiritual images. Now, when I was being trained up in the Church, we really didn't have any spiritual images. As a matter of fact, we were taught that images are forbidden by the Word of God.

I just had a very interesting thought. All of us here were raised up in a Deliverance Church, and I think that, at one point, we really got a little religious. I don't know that it was so bad. Maybe we overcorrected, but then we came back to the middle ground. At one point, some people in the church were saying that all pictures are not of God. One young man was even saying that photographs are not of God because photographs are actually engravings. There was a period in my life that I would not have a picture in this house, neither a photograph nor a painting. I spent five years in this Deliverance Ministry, and, as I was cleansed, five or six years or seven years after I had come to the Lord, I did feel, after prayer, that it was OK to bring a couple of pictures into the house. I now have a picture of a boat and a wooded scene in my living room, but I never really understood why pictures were illegal. Now, here we are, years later, talking about images and pictures.

So what am I saying? I am saying that right now it appears that

Spiritual Pictures Transcend Words To Convey Spiritual Principles

I don't want anyone to misunderstand me. Am I telling you not to put pictures in your house? No, I am not telling you not to put pictures in your house. I have pictures in my house. What I am saying is that we may have gone a little overboard in this Deliverance Church, but now, after all of these years, which is 19 years later, I am starting to understand the spiritual principle upon which the belief that you shouldn't have any pictures in your house was established.

For me, it was a religious work. I didn't understand it.

I was physically dying when I came to the Lord, and would have given up anything to be healed. I threw all of my daughter's dolls out. I don't know what I would do if the issue of dolls came up today, but that's not the message today. I took my makeup off. I threw everything away. Just heal me. I was willing to do whatever necessary for the Lord to heal me, but it was all law, you see. I was under the law. When you do something that you don't understand you are under the law.

So here we are, 18 years later, and I am bringing a message on spiritual images and how powerful they are. Now, this thought of my beginning in a Deliverance Church just popped into my mind. I still don't see anything wrong with the picture of the boat that I have on the wall over here, but I do see why the Scripture would talk against pictures.

I remember when the word first came forth in this church. We all knew that you shouldn't have any idols, but then we found a Scripture that said you shouldn't have any pictures either. Do you remember that? It looks to me, at this point, that the scripture is not talking about the picture of the boat that's on my wall. The Scripture is talking about pictures that are spiritual images. To be honest with you, at the time that we were learning all this in the other church I didn't even know that pictures of spiritual images existed. I knew that idols existed, but I did not know about spiritual pictures.

Pictures Transcend Language
Spirit Communicates
Through Pictures

There is a form of communication that is available between spirit and mortal man which transcends language. We see this form of communication being implemented, not from spirit to man, but from man to man, in this country. I am sure that you have all noticed that perhaps over the last 10 years, I don't know how long it has been going on, all of the signs with regard to motorists are being replaced. All of the signs that have language directions on them are being replaced with images. The sign that said in English, curve ahead, has been replaced with a sign that shows a picture of a curving road. Images are the international language, because pictures can communicate with people who are unable to read, or are not familiar with the language of the country that they are in.

So we see images being brought into the land. Now, is there anything wrong with a picture of a curving road? No, but we do know that this country is being prepared to be taken over by the evil forces that exist in this world, even though they are not very visible to the world community right now. Our society, at least in this country, is being prepared for a demonic takeover by the powers and principalities of the immortals, or whatever you want to call them.

When you look at ancient languages, the Egyptian hieroglyphics for instance, you will see that each hieroglyph is a symbol in and of itself, and not a single letter. This is true of the Hebrew language. Each one of the 22 Hebrew letters is an abbreviation of an aspect of the Doctrine of Christ. Depending on where you are in your understanding, you may have to study for a couple of years before you can comprehend the spiritual principle that any one letter abbreviates. So, each Hebrew letter is an abbreviation of a spiritual principle, which is an aspect of the whole Doctrine of Christ. You can look up the Hebrew letters in the Hebrew Lexicon to find out what each Hebrew letter means, but the Hebrew Lexicon gives only one- word definitions.

The Hebrew letter mem, for example, means water. So you start out with a letter, mem, then the letter becomes a word, water, and then from water you can discover all of the doctrines in the Scripture that have to do with water, such as, Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid, and Satan’s spiritual sea, and it goes on and on and on.

So the word water is an abbreviation for all of the doctrines, all of the understanding, of what water means to our very existence, as well as all of the spiritual ramifications of water. Then, if you want to abbreviate water even further, you abbreviate water to the letter mem. Is everybody following this?

We find images that represent a specific meaning, or a specific sound, or a meaning and a sound, in ancient languages. An Egyptian hieroglyph in the form of a bird, for instance, might represent the English word bird, as well as the sound of the letter b. The Chinese and Japanese system of writing also employs symbols, rather than letters.

We are talking about the power of symbols and images that are specifically designed to convey a spiritual truth.

The Subliminal Message
Behind the Picture

Before we can make a judgment as to which pictures may, or may not, be desirable for us to look at, we must discern the subliminal message behind the picture. Subliminal means not visible to the conscious mind. This means that subliminal messages by-pass our conscious ability to accept or reject a message, and feed, with no resistance, into the subconscious and unconscious parts of the mind

Now, I look at the picture of a ship at sea on my living-room wall, and it stirs up memories of movies that I have seen, where men are kidnapped and forcibly conscripted into Great Britain's Navy. I do not perceive that I am having any spiritual reaction to the picture, however, even though I know that the sea signifies Satan.

The picture itself is an expression of the spirit that paints it. If the picture was painted by a carnal spirit that was just reproducing a picture of the sea and a sailboat, the picture is harmless. But, the more spiritual an artist is, the more likely it is that he will convey his spirit to the one who looks at his work.

Do you understand what I'm saying? The spirit of the artist is infused into his painting, so when the artist is spiritual, his painting becomes a weapon, either for good or for evil, depending upon the nature of the spirit. The painting becomes a weapon, a trumpet, a book, a very powerful form of communication, that, if it is strong enough, can even touch the spirit of a three-month old infant.

So we see that pictures can be more powerful than the written word, which can stir up the emotions, the will and the determination of men. The written word is more obvious than a picture, because a story or written report speaks to the conscious mind about something that really happened.

We can consciously react to the story by agreeing or disagreeing with the words, or expressing our opinion, saying this is wrong, I agree or I disagree with this newspaper article. What happened to this man was a travesty. We can also take action, if we so choose. We can pray, or write to the person, because our conscious mind is involved. But when the spiritual message of a picture bypasses the conscious mind of the person looking at it, that person’s prerogative to agree or disagree with the message is stolen from him.

We are talking about bypassing someone's conscious mind, which is illegal for everyone, except the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now, Brethren, these principles are being used by our advertising agencies right now. They are called subliminal clips. You are watching TV and all of a sudden, with no warning, an advertisement cuts in. It is only a few seconds, but the thought went right into your mind. A suggestion that went into your mind.

I remember five or more years ago there was a watch company (which I will not name), which was running an anti-American advertisement all over the TV. It showed an image of a humanoid shape, but the man had no face, no personality. His features were completely blotted out. He was walking through what was supposed to be the United States of America, but the land had been devastated from what I think was supposed to be a nuclear attack. This advertisement showed an image of the United Stated utterly devastated, and I was very offended by it. I never did anything about it at the time, but apparently somebody did something about it because the advertisement was removed from the airways.

A picture is a suggestion....well, words can be suggestions, but again, the turning point is that words are suggestions, but they are out in the open. The person reading them has the right to exercise their free will and say, I agree with these words or "I disagree with these words. But if you are a person who is not familiar with spiritual things, and you are watching TV and see a picture of a devastated America, who knows the extent to which the subliminal message can penetrate the mind of men, and in particular young people. You see, I am spiritual, so I recognized the advertisement for what it was, a curse on America, and rejected it. The whole issue here, is the people who don't recognize a subliminal cut for what it is, and receive the seed into the unconscious part of their mind. That's the issue.

To Be Spiritual Means To Live
Out of The Subconscious Part Of Our Mind

You see, what's happening in this country and in Europe today, is that there are hidden forces raising up the spirituality of the people. Does anyone remember how you raise up spirituality? I've done a lot of teaching about this recently. Does anyone remember how a human being becomes spiritual? What actually happens to us that makes us spiritual? You must start living out of your subconscious mind. You must be led by the spiritual part of your mind.

The question is, however, what spirit is leading you. Most of the people who are becoming spiritual today are following after their subconscious mind, the subconscious part of their fallen, mortal being. There is only way to follow after the subconscious part of your mind, and that is to suppress the conscious part of your mind. You see, the conscious part of your carnal mind is the part of you that says, I agree with this or I disagree with that, I will follow you or I will not follow you. That is your conscious mind. That is the function of your conscious mind.

Now, if you look at the spiritual literature that's being passed around in the Church, as well as outside of the Church, the people writing the books are saying, do whatever you feel like doing. Don’t meditate on no particular subject, just empty yourself out and wait to hear what the spirit says to you. But what they are really saying is, listen to hear what the subconscious part of your carnal mind, which is Leviathan, will say to you, and then do it. Do it. Act out whatever suggestion comes to you. Don't challenge what you hear, don't question it, don't pray about it, don't speak to anybody about it. You are being led by the spirit, so just do as you are told. Stop thinking, become passive, and do as you are told. Now, this is what the subconscious part of the mind of your fallen nature, your carnal mind, is saying.

For a long time I called Leviathan the conscious part of the carnal mind. In case you have not noticed, I have made a change here. I found out that our carnal mind has three parts to it, and I am trying not to say carnal mind, alone, any more. I am trying to say either Satan, the unconscious part of your carnal mind, or Leviathan, the subconscious part of your carnal mind, or Cain, the conscious part of your carnal mind. That is what I am saying because all three are one carnal mind.

Now, Christ Jesus, the subconscious mind of our New Man does not ask us to follow blindly after Him. Christ Jesus, the subconscious part of our New Mind, the Mind of Christ, includes us in every decision....well, most decisions. Most of the time He includes us in every decision, wants us to question Him, wants us to pray about it, and wants us to try the spirit. There are occasions that He bypasses our conscious will, but we are not dealing with that right now. The best I can say concerning the times that Christ Jesus does not include you in the decision-making process, is that you should make your fleece with the Lord before it happens. Issues like this are such a fine line.

On the occasions that Christ Jesus bypassed my will, the situation called for such a quick decision that there was not enough time for me to do anything about it. When I have enough time to think about, He does not expect me to follow blindly. There have been situations, however, where I was incapable of understanding why and, in those cases, I did follow Him blindly. Is anyone not following what I'm saying? Whenever I have enough time to think and make a choice, He wants me to check it out, to pray about it, and to mention it to other people. Secrecy is dangerous. It is dangerous to isolate yourselves when dealing with spiritual things.

So, we are talking about images that are painted or drawn by someone, or by a spirit in someone, which appear harmless on the surface, but can affect your life very powerfully.

I remember my first trip to Nigeria, where I was taken to visit a doctor who owned an Opthomological hospital, which treats eye disease. The doctor’s wife and I were waiting for him in his office, when I noticed that the walls were covered with art work. My eyes fell on one, particular painting which, to me, was obviously a picture of a demon. The woman was a Christian, and I think her husband was a Christian too. I said, Lord, what do you want me to do? Do you want me to say something to her? I prayed for almost five minutes, and finally I asked her, what do you think that is a picture of? She looked at it, and I don't recall what she said, but she had no idea what was in her husband's office. There was no doubt in my mind that it was a painting of a demon. The picture was up on the wall, and the demon was staring down and covering the office.

What is really interesting is that, before we arrived, she was telling me that there had been a series of mishaps in the hospital over the last few months. Things that should not have happened, but I do not recall what. I felt at the time that the Lord was telling me that this demon picture was at least a part of the problem. There was a Christian staff, and the owner was a Christian, but to come under the protection of the Lord, you have to separate yourself from the things of the world.

We started talking about African people, and the woman was saying that demons and witchcraft are everywhere in Africa, and is a part of the culture. But, if you want to serve Jesus Christ, and you want His blessings on your life and on your hospital and in your operating room, you cannot stop there. You cannot say, I serve Jesus, and not go forth with the needed spiritual cleansing, because Satanic activity chases after those who proclaim Christianity more than anyone else, to discredit the Lord in the eyes of ignorant Christians.

I didn't say anything to her husband, when we met, but the woman said she would tell him. I never found out if he took the painting down. But you have to realize that Jesus Christ is faithful, and the issue is not whether or not someone takes down a demonic picture. The issue is not whether someone confesses their sins when they are revealed. That is not the issue. The issue is that Jesus Christ is faithful. He will show you the source of your problem, whether you then do what needs to be done, or not. He may show us a problem before it happens, or if something is in you that shouldn't be there, if something is obviously wrong in your life, and you are crying out and saying, Jesus help me, He is faithful. He will show it to you, and if you cannot see it, He will show it to you through another man.

So, our ears need to be open to hear what the Lord is saying to us directly, through other people, or through observable, all of the time. The Lord can speak to us through something that we see going on, as we are walking down the street.

Brethren, there are no accidents. There is a spiritual message in everything that happens. If, for whatever reason, something happens to us that is not positive, we must know that Jesus Christ is faithful. If your life is consecrated to Him, He has warned you, and you have not listened.

I am not here today to condemn anybody. I am here today to announce the faithfulness of Jesus Christ. So if you think that something that is said to you is absolutely untrue, it is your responsibility to pray about it, saying, Lord, if it is true I am willing to hear it, please convince me. That is your prayer. Lord if it is true, I am willing to hear it, please convince me. In times of conflict I pray, Lord there is a conflict here. What is the reality? What is the truth of this conflict? How do you see it? You see, I know that there is no way that I will ever transcend this conflict victoriously in Christ, without sowing a sin that will come back on me, unless I think with the Mind of Christ. I know that I will never make it without you, because I can't do anything by myself.

This is how I live, so follow me as I follow Christ. If you want to walk safely down that middle path, with destruction on every side of you, we must know that, in and of ourselves, we are incapable of judging our own problems, or the problems of people that we have authority over. Now, if you assume that the righteous Mind of Christ is upon you automatically, I want to tell you that no matter how deep a walk you have, the true answer may be on you sometimes, but it is not on you 100% of the time. The righteous Mind of Christ and the way He views a problem, or any situation, is not automatically upon you.

I try the situation because I am practicing to be a Son of God. I am practicing for the day when the Mind of Christ and the righteous evaluation of what's happening will always be with me. I hope that day will come, but it is not here now, so I practice. I look at the situation, I pray about it, I try it, I apply every principle of righteousness that is known to me, and I make a judgment. Then I go before the Lord and say, here is my sacrifice Lord. What sacrifice? I believe that my carnal mind is dead, and this is what I think is my Christ mind. Do you accept my sacrifice or don't you? Is it true? Have I judged righteously? Have I have killed Leviathan in this circumstance, or has Leviathan killed Christ in me? We are in training Brethren. This is what we are in training for: to judge righteous judgment, which requires the sacrifice of the carnal mind. Christ will not fight with Leviathan to express His opinion. We, the personality, must slay our own carnal mind, so that Christ can be heard in our house.

So the Lord is introducing us to the principle of spiritual images today. We are talking about paintings, and saying that the spirit in the painter determines how powerful the painting, or the drawing will be. Do you realize that when you go to a museum you stare at the paintings? You look at a painting, and you admire it. Is there anything wrong with that? At this point I don't think so. I don't think so at this point because this topic is new to me, and I had no idea that I would be preaching this message this morning.

For example, Van Gogh is insane. If we went to look at, or admire, a van Gogh painting, would we receive a spirit of insanity from that painting? To be honest with you, I have admired many Van Gogh paintings. As of this moment I have no reason to believe I was damaged by it.

So we see that there are many fine lines here that the Lord will have to reveal as He brings us forward in this revelation. From where I am right now, I can only see that this message is about spiritual images. This is where I am now, unless the Lord shows me something else. The problem is, do we really know when we are looking at a spiritual image? Can we really tell that this painting that we are looking at was not painted or drawn by someone who was deliberately imparting a spiritual image to his painting? I really don't know, except that we have to put everything that we do before the Lord.

Now what we have on the board here today is an obvious spiritual image. So, from what I can see, this is the only category that the Lord is talking about today, except that painting I told you about that was in the African doctor's office. The spirit that was in that painting was a demon, and I felt that the demon was guarding the hospital. So, I guess the bottom line is that we really have to pray about everything that we bring into our house that is fashioned by a man.

Today all of our furniture is machine made, but I think anything that is fashioned by a man contains the spirit of that man. A hand carving, or a painting, or any object that was created by a man, has the spirit of the mind that made it. So I guess that would apply to original art work too. You have to pray about it. I'm not telling you not to look at pictures. This is a consciousness raising message. We need to know that anything that is the product of a creative mind contains the spirit of that mind, and, since we don't know the painter, we have to ask the Lord if it is OK for us to have it

Spiritual Images From
The Mind Of Christ.

My main message today concerns the spiritual images from the Mind of Christ that we have been drawing for a year now. We these spiritual images first started coming forth, I didn’t realize the full extent of what was happening here. I knew that the drawings that I put on the board were extremely powerful, but I did not understand the spiritual depth of these images. I thought I understood it, but I am understanding them in a deeper way today.

Spiritual Images From
The Carnal Mind

I would like to give a testimony of an experience that I had when I subscribed to a different Internet Provider. I was a member of the religion forum, which had a library and I uploaded a lot of our books to. I was speaking to a man on-line one day. He was a Taoist which is a Chinese religion. He must have thought that I was interested in becoming a Taoist which, of course, I was not, because I was asking him a lot of questions.

I am interested in the principles of other religions. I believe that my interest is healthy, because we need to learn how to relate to people of all religions, and talk to them, communicate with them, without receiving their religion. We must learn how to talk to them without hitting them over the head with the Bible. We need to talk to them, asking honest questions that will cause them to take a second look at their core beliefs.

So, one day, this man that I had an on-line relationship with, suggested that I look at an image that had been uploaded to the Religion Forum Library. I was aware that there were images uploaded to the Religion Forum Library, but I didn't understand why anyone would upload a picture to the Religion Library, or any library. This man that I knew on-line (his name was David) told me that I should call up this image and look at it, and I did. It was a very powerful image, but I didn't understand it.

You see, when I first started out with the Lord, I was not spiritual at all. Maybe I’m not spiritual even now. Maybe there are spiritual people outside of Christ who would consider me, even now, to be very, very spiritually immature. This is very possible, because I didn't even know that there was power behind a spiritual image.

The World Spiritual Community Will Hear The Gospel Of God On Their Own Spiritual Level

I can only tell you that the Lord is educating me very quickly. About a year ago, the whole ministry, I and everyone that was studying with me, came up into a new place, and I was telling everybody that we had really hit a spiritual high point. Well, maybe for the Church we had hit a high point, but when we finally punched through our spiritual ceiling, we found ourselves at the lowest level of the World Spiritual Community. Does anybody not understand me? There are all kinds of spiritual people in this world. They study philosophy, and they know a lot about spirituality, but they are outside of Christ.

There are very few spiritually mature Christians today, so when we in Living Epistles Ministries ascended to a high place in Christ Jesus, we thought that we had really arrived. What a humbling shock it was to find out that the high pace in Christ Jesus that we had ascended to, was not even high enough to be a part of the World Spiritual Community! There are people who are born with the heredity of spiritual generations that knew a lot more about spiritual things than I knew, even in the high place in Christ Jesus that we had ascended to.

All the years that I was in the Church, I had been told that Christians should stay away from spiritual things. I now know that I should stay away from spiritual things UNTIL Christ Jesus makes me spiritual, because spirituality outside of Christ Jesus arises out of Satan and Leviathan, the unconscious and subconscious parts of the carnal mind of my Fallen Old Man.

So in the year, or year and a half, since we pierced into the World Spiritual Community, the Lord has been teaching me very rapidly. But it is still very probable that, compared to the spiritual knowledge and spiritual experiences that spiritual people outside of Christ have, I am still very much of a novice. That is probably true, but I am learning quickly and whatever Jesus gives me, that's what I have. I don't want to go ahead of Him.

So we have been teaching here with symbols and drawn images for about a year now. The spiritual principle is that images are a form of communication that transcend language, the vehicle of the conscious mind, and pierce directly into the unconscious and subconscious parts of the mind. Spiritual images need to be interpreted for whoever is not mature, or spiritually knowledgeable enough to comprehend their message. Gazing at a spiritual image without comprehending its true meaning (which equips one to pray and seek the Father concerning whether or not, or how to receive it) can result in the spiritual seed of the image joining itself to the gazer’s spirit. I interpret all the images here. I tell you what I am drawing.

It is not recommended that Christians gaze at non-Christian images before Christ Jesus has matured to a safe stature in them, or, unless they gaze, as disciples, under the cover of a Christ-ordained Teacher. In all, humility, however, I must tell you that, to the best of my knowledge, I am the only Christ-ordained teacher teaching on this level at this time.

Once again, you have a choice. You can say I receive this or I don't receive this. But for people who do not understand what they are looking at, images, drawings and paintings are a means of bypassing that person's conscious mind, and depriving them of the power of choice.

You just have to walk past an image, and you've seen it. The same thing is true of advertisements on TV and bill boards that you see as you are drive down the highway. You have seen it, and it is in your mind. A seed, a living thing that is full well able to reproduce itself in you, is now implanted in your mind. If the spirit that created the image or the drawing is one that can produce spirituality in you, you will grow spiritually. If a negative spirit, such as homosexuality, produced the image, you will need deliverance to remove it. So, since we have no way of knowing the spiritual truth about any artist, even those we may meet personally, it is wisdom to ask the Lord about any image that you are considering gazing at, or placing in your home.

It has taken me all of this time and all of the above words to tell you that,

The Spirit That Produces The Image Engraves Its Nature
On Your Mind

This spiritual principle is also true of movies, TV shows, and music.

If a spirit manifesting as a mind creates a work of art, when you look at that work of art, and you don't resist it, the spirit that was in the mind of the man that did the creative work, is engraving her nature on your mind. Does anybody not understand what I just said?

A group of us went into the theater district of Manhattan about a year ago. I had not been there in quite a while, and I was amazed at the spiritual filth that I saw in Times Square -- and Times Square was already dirty when I worked in the City years ago. I was amazed, we were all amazed, to see that a stature of a pagan deity that was both male and female had been erected right in the middle of Times Square. It was just standing there, reigning over the whole area. I could see in the Spirit that it was exalting itself, but, even then, I didn't understand that the stature was inhabited by a spirit. I didn't understand it. As a matter of fact, I never thought about it until right now. The spirit that was in the mind of the person who cast that image, as well as the spirit of the pagan deity that it represented, was inhabiting the statue. it looked like cast bronze, it didn't look like it was sculptured. As you gaze upon something like that with admiration, the spirit within engraves your mind with its nature. That's just another way of saying that when you gaze upon it with admiration, the spirit enters into you and begins to recreate itself in you. Now, don’t think that you are safe because you see no change in yourself by the next morning. Spiritual events can transcend generations, so receiving the spirit of a pagan statue can result in one of your descendants in a future generation converting to a pagan religion.

Now, don’t panic either. Just go before the Lord Jesus and confess as sin, anything that you have knowingly or unknowingly done in ignorance, and ask for deliverance. Our merciful God is sure to have mercy on you.

So we have found out that the written word is creative. It can change your mind, or put ideas in your mind, that can change your entire life. Now we know that prophecy, both of God and not of God, is creative. (Did you know that there is prophesy that is not of God? Yes, this is so, and it exists within the Church, as well as outside of it.) Prophesy can change your entire life, and now we find out that images can change, not only your life, but your entire nature.

I am going to say it again. When you gaze upon a piece of art, anything that has been created out of the mind of a man (I'm not talking about machines cutting board and putting furniture together), anything that a mind creates has a spirit in it, and as you gaze upon the artifact, that spirit is reaching out towards you, entering into you, affecting and rewriting the programming of your mind, to the fullest degree that it is able to do so.

Judeo-Christian Moral Consciousness Is Being Reprogrammed

We have a Judeo-Christian consciousness in this country, many of us do, but the face of the nation is changing rapidly. Someone who has been raised with a Judeo-Christian consciousness, that is faced with a spirit (even if they don't know about it), that is trying to rewrite the programming in their mind, will have some line of defense, because they have been taught what is Scripturally right and wrong. But, of course, as we all know, the Judeo-Christian moral consciousness of this nation is being ripped to pieces in this country, as well as in all Christendom, today.

Rev. 13:3

13 …And all the world wondered after (admired) the beast.  KJV

Now Brethren, I don't know where this message is going, but I want to tell you that the seduction that is flowing over this country today is spiritual. It is not just a tearing down of Christian morality. It is not just a generation, or generations of people, who are deciding to reject Christian morality and enter into another secular, which is really pagan, lifestyle. That is part of it because many are agreeing with the seduction, but I tell you that there is a spiritual seduction moving across this great land.

I am telling you that when you gaze upon the image of a pagan god, such as the one we have in a local diner here on Long Island, if you gaze upon a stature like that and accept that it should be there, and think that it is OK for it to be there, if it doesn't bother you, or you don't even think about it at all, the spirit of that pagan god is reaching out to you, and it is attempting to enter into your mind and reprogram it. I look at that statue every time I walk in there. There is a spirit in that stature, and it is reaching for everyone who thinks that it is nothing,

I want to tell you that the morality of this nation is being reprogrammed. The thinking of this nation has been, and is being, reprogrammed. Once the individual receives the reprogramming without resistance, they are no longer innocent. They have agreed to the reprogramming, albeit in ignorance, they have welcomed this alien spirit into their mind and into their lives.

Jesus referred to this moral collapse when He said, If you are not for me, you are against me. If you do not have a strong mindset as to what you believe, as to what you will accept for your own life, and the lives of those you have authority over, you will be overtaken by any spirit that approaches you. If you are not resisting, you will be overtaken. This is an Interesting message, especially since I had no intention of preaching in this vein this morning.

The Image Of The Eagle

We are back to the image that's on the board, which I actually drew Thursday night. It is an image that depicts the beginnings of creation. It is the first spiritual image that I have drawn under the anointing, and possibly the first time I have ever spoken to you with any authority about the Eagle that is portrayed in the Scripture. As the Lord allows me, I do want to go into the scriptures that talk about the Eagle. I know there is a parable of the Eagle, but I have to study it out in the Hebrew and see what it says.

It appears to me at this point that the Lord is telling me that the Eagle of the Scripture is speaking about the ascended Christ Jesus. Now, to be honest with you, my pride would like to have studied this whole issue through, before I teach it, but He never lets me do that. So I am telling you honestly that I don't know whether this Eagle, in this present day, is referring to Jesus Christ in the days of His flesh, when He was in full stature, but not glorified, or whether the Eagle signifies the glorified man.

I would like to point out that the way the Lord teaches us is that, for example, you start with a ball of clay, and all of this knowledge is all lumped together in one ball of clay, and it is real simple. The message of the Gospel is simple. Did you ever hear anyone say that, that the message of the Gospel is simple? Jesus died, and you are saved if you receive Him, but if you don't receive Him, you go to Hell. Well, that is really easy. I did it in one sentence.

People that believe that look at us and say, what are you studying, what are you talking about, how do you get all of that out of the Scripture? Well, Brethren, this lump of clay that I'm using as a symbol, as we grow in Christ, the Lord starts stretching it thinner, and thinner, and thinner, and as the clay becomes thinner, each division becomes more and more clear. Let me explain it to you another way.

What did I say? Jesus died for you, Jesus was glorified, you're saved, and if you don't know Him you are going to hell. Four major points, that's what I just said. As we grow in Christ He stretches us, and in each one of those four categories he starts giving us more....let me go back. I said the Gospel is one lump of clay. We just broke the clay down into four categories: Jesus died for you, Jesus was glorified, you are saved, and if you are not saved you are going to Hell.

We had one ball, and now we have four balls. We broke the one ball into four major doctrines. Is everybody with me? Then each doctrine starts getting stretched thinner and thinner. For years I did not know what it meant to rightly divide the Word of Truth, but at least at this point this is what I believe that it means. That you look at something that the Lord says to you that is a truth in the Scriptures, and when the time comes when He is ready to deal with you on these issues He just stretches it and stretches it, and what was one of the four balls now starts stretching out, and that one ball becomes two, and then each of those balls becomes two, and He keeps pulling a truth, out of a truth, out of a truth, out of a truth, and He keeps dividing what you thought was one, indivisible truth into two truths.

Just like I told you earlier, for years now I've been saying that Leviathan is your carnal mind, and now I have to tell you, no, the carnal mind has three parts to it. So now I have to tell you whether I am talking about the unconscious part of your carnal mind, the subconscious part, or the conscious part of your carnal mind. So the little ball of clay that talked about carnal mind has now become three balls, unconscious, subconscious, and conscious. And He just keeps stretching us, and stretching us. The whole point is that, at the beginning, to put it quite simply, we are incapable of understanding the kind of things we are talking about now.


Our carnal mind just lumps everything together. That's the kind of mentality that produces racism. Everyone of a particular ethnic group is no good. They are all murderers or they are all fornicators, or they are all this, or that. But, you have to come to a place where you start saying, well a lot of people in that ethnic group do that, but to say that every single person that comes out of that group does that, has to be a mistake. When you meet somebody, you want to know who you are having a relationship with, so you try to recognize what kind of person they are. In my opinion, you would be a fool, if you are looking for a husband, and you do not consider that men from a certain ethnic background are known to be adulterers. How could you not think that? I don't think that anyone who says that this ethnic generality is not a consideration, is either foolish, in denial, or not telling the truth, because that is the reality. So you go before the Lord, and you say, well, Lord what do you say? And the Lord says, this man is mine, and he is OK. He is consecrated unto Me.

So, we see that the wisdom of Jesus Christ overrides ethnic concerns. Does this mean that men of a nationality where the men are known for faithfulness can't cheat? Of course not! You would be just a big a fool to marry a man of a nationality where the men are known to be faithful, and assume that the man won't cheat. We must take everybody on an individual basis. But we also need to know that each of us is the product of the culture that spawned us, that we have genes that are rooted in our behavior patterns. This is just the truth, but in Christ Jesus, we don't have to be bound by our genes. We are not to be controlled by them. We can make a decision in Christ Jesus, to not be controlled by our heritage.

What happens in this society is that it is completely taken to a fault. You look at someone of a particular race, and you say they must be a thief. Well, that is a terrible thing to do to a person. Everybody has to be tried on their own merits, as the man that they are. We have to be judged on the basis of our record in this life, and who and what we are in Christ Jesus.

Spiritual Reprogramming

We are talking about images, how images have a spirit in them, and how that spirit, when you gaze upon that image, is reaching out to reprogram your mind into its image. Now, remember that we said that images tend to bypass your conscious mind. So, the images that I have been drawing here for a year now, must be rewriting your mind. The mind of everyone that has sitting here under this teaching is being rewritten by the Spirit of Christ. Your life is changing, your ideas are changing, your ways of thinking are changing, and it is taking you this long, only because I have not been spiritually strong enough to engrave your mind with the nature of Christ more quickly.

You see, Jesus completely rewrote the Gadarene demoniac's programming. The mind in the man, Jesus, overlaid the diseased mind of the Gadarene demoniac and reprogrammed it, and the demonized man became a functioning citizen. So we have a half empty glass, which we can look at it one of two ways: You are changing, everyone that has ever studied under me who has made an honest commitment, has changed, so I must have some power to rewrite your negative programming. But it is taking quite a while because the other half of the glass is empty. The only thing that matters, brethren, is that it is happening.

These drawings that I have been putting up on the board for about a year are all God. I can't even tell you when it started. Well, I think we started photographing them about a year ago, but I must have been putting images up for quite a while before that, and it was just about a year ago that the Lord told me to buy a Polaroid camera and to start photographing them. The Spirit of Christ within me is drawing these images, and as you gaze upon the images, the Spirit of Christ is reprogramming your mind in the image of Righteousness. Thank God that He is reprogramming my mind too.

Now, back to the Eagle that is in this drawing, it is the first time the Lord has ever spoken to me about the Eagle. Now I know there have been several ministers in this country who have tried to preach on the four faces of Ezekiel’s glorified man. The Eagle, the ox, the lion, and the man in Ezekiel 1. And then in Ezekiel 10, the image of the ox turns to a cherub. In the New Testament the ox turns to a calf, and we also have a man, a lion, and an Eagle. The Eagle appears all three times that this four-faced man appears. Every appearance has an Eagle and a lion. My revelation right now is that the Eagle is the ascended Christ Jesus, at least in full stature, if not glorified.

The Lord told me that as this image was a very creative drawing, and that as it went up on the board Thursday, it was also being drawn in the heavens, and that Christ was actually rising to that elevated place in our world, as it was drawn on the board here.


Look, Brethren, visualization is a powerful tool for people who are spiritual. The Church teaches us that visualization is witchcraft, so we should stay away from it. It is true that to concentrate on, to think of something that you want to come to pass, and concentrate on it until it happens, is witchcraft, because you are doing it with your carnal mind.

I knew a woman once, maybe within 6 months before I came to the Lord, who had some kind of problem in her marriage. She never confided in me as to what it was, but she did tell me that the problem with her husband would manifest itself when he came home from work. Apparently, he was abusive in some way, so she would sit down at her kitchen table one hour before she expected him to walk through the door, and imagine him appearing with a smile on his face, happy and manifesting whatever qualities she wanted him to manifest, and he would walk through the door as happy as he could be. If she didn't visualize his as such, he came through the door raving. Now, Brethren, it is witchcraft to try to control another person with visualization, or in any other way. Visualization is a very powerful tool.

Now those of you who are here may recall that going back about three years ago, the whole ministry, including people, who were associated with us in diverse geographical locations, were being attacked in their sleep. I personally was being attacked in my sleep every night, and people that we knew all over the country were being attacked. I prayed every way I knew how, and I couldn't break the attack. It came to the point that I was afraid to go to sleep at night.

I cried out to God and, eventually, when I heard from Him, He told me to defend myself by visualizing myself in a castle, to which I responded, Lord this is witchcraft. How can I practice this? And the Lord said to me, Sheila, visualization is a spiritual activity, which is witchcraft when your carnal mind is doing it, but it is not witchcraft when your Christ mind is doing it The carnal mind uses visualization to control other people for its own selfish purposes, which is witchcraft, but I am giving you permission to visualize a fortification against invaders in my Spirit. I am telling you to defend yourself against ungodly powers and principalities. I believed that I had heard from God, and my spirit was at peace, so I did it, and the attack dissolved.

Years later, someone studying with us out of a state came under a similar kind of attack. I told her about visualizing herself in a castle and, as soon as she did, the attack dissolved. Visualization is a powerful weapon, but we must be very careful that we are visualizing in the Spirit of Christ, and not out of our carnal mind. The spirit that we visualize with determines whether the activity is witchcraft, or the exercise of spiritual power in Christ Jesus. And how do you determine what spirit you are visualizing with? Your motive, brethren, your motive.

So, I said all of that to say this. This is what the Lord told me. When I put this drawing of the ascended Eagle up on the board. He said that the Spirit of Christ in me drew the Eagle, because those of you here knew that I didn't know how to draw an eagle. I drew this Eagle on Thursday, but I did not know how to draw an eagle for the Sunday message. I told you all on Sunday that I did not know how to draw an eagle, but on Thursday, I drew an eagle by revelation. The Lord told me that, as I prayed, and struggled in my mind to draw the Eagle, Christ Jesus was ascending in me, and His ascended Spirit, the Spirit of Christ, drew the Eagle on the board with my hand. This was a kind of reverse visualization, because the word, eagle, was in my mind, but I could not visualize it to draw it.

So the image of the Eagle came forth on this board, as a reverse visualization which was initiated by the Spirit of Christ, and the Eagle is being raised up again tonight.

What is the job of the Eagle? The Eagle has the character, moral fortitude, and the righteousness of Elohim, which He imparts to the creation, to bring it into the correct moral order. The Eagle also protects the creation that is already in the correct moral order.

This World Is Fallen

The spirit that produces the image engraves its nature on your mind. God's did not form a creation where a group of righteous people control the criminal element. What we have in this country, and all over the world, is a counterfeit of the above-mentioned plan, which is the Serpent’s plan, not the plan of God. A group of people who appear to be good, rule in this country where we have corruption everywhere. Corruption in the government, corruption in the military, corruption in the police force.

I don't know where this message is going, or how many years from now you will be hearing about it, but a New York City Police Officer committed a horrible, unthinkable act of illegal aggression against a citizen of this country. Several other policemen were involved also. It is so horrible that there is no possible defense for it. But one thing that you must say for this country, and for this city, and for this mayor, is that the authorities have not justified it. All Governmental authorities condemned the act, as criminal. The Mayor, the Police Commissioner, and the Federal Government, all condemned the act. People will take advantage of their office, but so long as the established Government declares abuses of power to be criminal, we still have reason to hope. We are really in trouble when the Government supports abuses of power.

This is the situation of our world. We have a category of people who are supposed to be living a law-abiding life, and most of us do. We have an army, and a police force, and an elected Government, and a lot of corruption, but the process of change is still functioning. I can't say that our law enforcement is 100%, because it is not, but we are trying. When horrendous events come to the public eye, the guilty ones are prosecuted, so you have to give credit where credit is due. We are not living in a dictatorship where abuse of power is completely justified.

So this is the situation of the world. We have a category of people who claim to be living righteously, who are really self-righteousness, and then we have the other category of people, who are the criminals, and the good guys pursue the bad guys.

A psychologist wrote a book about this quite a few years ago, maybe 15 years ago, who said that every human being has the potential to be in either category. You could be in the enforcement category, or you could be in the criminal category. It is just by the grace of God that you are in the enforcement category, and not living a criminal life where it is common for the members of your family to go to jail or, if you were just born into that life, you overcame it. Well, all the more power to you, if you are not a criminal, but it is just the grace of God upon you that you were not overshadowed by the life that you grew up in.

This writer says, that we all have the potential to be in the criminal category, and that this life it is a game. I am in no way putting down the Police. I hope you understand what I'm saying. The psychologist says it is a game called cops and robbers, and that the cops have the same potential to be criminals, as the criminals, but they became the good guys that chase the criminals instead. They became cops.

I am really simplifying this now. The writer says that we are all fallen, that society has broken down into these two groups, and that the people who find enough spiritual power, enough moral strength within themselves to lead a fairly positive life, avoid going to jail, and also hold back the criminal element.

Brethren, there is no such thing as rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is a myth. A very small percentage of criminals are rehabilitated, compared to those who go on to become hardened criminals.

So we have a group of citizens, who are basically living by the grace of God and holding back the citizens who are given over to criminal practices. This is not the Kingdom of God, Brethren. This is Satan's kingdom. In God's Kingdom there is rehabilitation. The only true rehabilitation is in Jesus Christ. Now about that guy that you know who robbed a bank, but then went straight, it was still the grace of God, because that doesn't happen without the grace of God. Somehow, somewhere, somebody prayed for that man and he came out of that life. So, our program is rewritten as we enter the Kingdom of God, where we are renewed in the spirit of our mind.

The Lord is telling me that this drawing of the ascended Eagle that went up on the board, has just directed the path.... I don't know whether it is my path, our path, or the path of the Church, so I am going to say that a new time line has opened up, a new direction has been established, since the Eagle that signifies the ascended Christ Jesus has been etched in the heavens. It is now just a matter of time until the Eagle appears in the earth. How long? I have no idea. The Lord told me that something very powerful happened when this image went up on the board.

Now please understand that I, someone who has no drawing skills whatsoever, picked up a marker and drew an image of an Eagle. I am no artist, but the Spirit of Christ rose up in me and strengthened my mind with the understanding that I needed to put this image on the board. Now the Eagle that is drawn on the board did not perform this supernatural feat. The spiritual Eagle in my mind did it! The Spirit of Christ rose up in me with enough strength to bring forth this image from someone who completely lacks the talent to draw it.

What you see here in the physical, is a visible expression of what happened in the Spirit. I did not speak out the Words of the Lord as a prophecy, but, as I drew the image, I heard the Lord speaking to me in my mind. I am ascending.

The Right Moral Order

Once again, the ascended Eagle signifies the restoration of the character and moral nature of Almighty God that Jehovah intended to impart to the creation from the beginning, There is only one category in God's Kingdom, not two. The entire creation has the potential to be engraved with Jehovah’s moral fortitude and righteousness. But this will happen one man at a time, as each individual comes into the right moral order. The right moral order is that the Serpent and the Serpent's kingdom must be under the feet of Christ.

Why A Serpent?

Once again, for those of you who are still wondering why the Lord made a Serpent in the first place, let us review who the Serpent is. The Serpent is the negative consciousness that came into being when the water of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid flowed over the spiritual earth.

The Serpent is the portion of the Jehovah’s spiritual waters that mixed with the earth. The Serpent is the muddy waters of the creation.

Now there has to be an earthen part of the creation, because darkness and light, morning and evening are necessary for the visible creation to appear. The spiritual earth and the Serpent’s muddy waters are the dark side of the spiritual negative that Jehovah's light flows through to produce the visible image of the creation. So there has to be a Serpent, a dark opposite of the Light of God, but she is to be contained in the lower depths of the creation. That's what hell is.

The Whole Creation Fell
Down Into Hell

Brethren, the whole creation fell into hell. This is it. We fell down into the lower depths of the creation, which is supposed to be sealed off, and we fell down because the Serpent illegally ascended into the upper window of creation, where Adam was, and seduced the Woman.

So the door that separated the upper and the lower windows of creation opened because of Adam’s sin, and the Serpent ascended into the upper window of creation, and Adam, our ancestor, descended into the lower window of creation, and Adam mixed with the spiritual earth in the wrong moral order, and died, and we died with Him.

In this present time, we, the fallen descendants of the fallen Adam, are down here in hell, where we are mixed together with the spiritual earth in the wrong moral order. Now, the only way to be restored to the right moral order is to separate from the spiritual earth that we are joined to, rise above her, and put her under the feet of Christ Jesus within us. Now, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ re-established the separation, but, today, Adam, in the form of the Church, is being tricked all over again, and the creation of God, the Church, is mixing together with the spiritual earth again. If you look at our society today, you will see that the Judeo-Christian mentality is mixing together with, and being swallowed up by the mind of the earth, even the Serpent’s carnal mind. Employers are being forced into the employee role, as the employees take more and more authority over their employers. Everything is mixing together. Lines of authority are blurring in every aspect of society.

The Corruption Of Authority

A recent TV show portrayed an attorney’s receptionist to be wiser than her boss, the attorney who employs her. Am I saying that a receptionist cannot have great wisdom? No, I am not saying that, and if that is what you are thinking of accusing me of, I rebuke you. I am not saying that. I am saying that a TV show, where the receptionist is portrayed as having more legal wisdom than the attorney, and can rebuke the attorney and expect him to submit to her, is transmitting a subliminal message to the viewers that deteriorates the authority of the attorney, as well as other established authorities in the firm. That's what it is doing. You have to see what this subliminal message is doing.

This is similar to what happened in the Scripture when Israel separated from Judah. The Scripture tells us that King Jeroboam, the King of Israel, took away the authority from the Levite priests.

The sons of Aaron are Levites, ordained by Jehovah to be the priests that intercede between Israel and Jehovah. Does anybody know what Jeroboam did with the authority of the Levites? Jeroboam took the authority away from the Levites and made common men priests. That's what he did. King Jeroboam, a secular authority, not from the royal seed of Judah, an authority of this world, who became king when Israel rebelled against King Rehoboam, King Solomon’s son, assumed the illegal authority to make common men priests. Only Jehovah can appoint the priests, brethren. Men cannot appoint the priests. That's why going to Bible School will not assure your appointment as a pastor. Only Jesus Christ can appoint you to a spiritual office, and He can train you up in any way that He chooses.

I want to tell all of you organizations out there, all of you pastors, or whatever you call yourselves, who claim the authority to ordain men to serve in the five-fold ministry, you are Jeroboam. You have no authority to ordain common (not appointed by God) men to serve in the five-fold ministry, and reject and criticize the true five-fold ministry that Jesus Christ raises up by His Spirit, because they do not have degrees from your seminaries.

The Christ Mind Must Separate From The Carnal Mind

Everything is mixed today. It is almost impossible, except for a very few, to tell the difference between the sacred and the profane, both in the Church, and in the world. More often than not, what appears to be sacred is really the profane. The only way we can be restored to the correct moral order is through a division, a separation from the profane, and it has to start in our own life. The Christ mind must separate from our carnal mind. The true Church must separate from the false church, and authority, where ever it is legitimate, must separate from the common man, until all are brought into the image of the glory of God. But until that time, authority must be separated from the common man for the good of all. You see, when you give authority to the common man, you tear down the true authority, and, since God never ordained that His authority should rest with the common man, no true, God-ordained authority in remains n the Church.

The Corruption Of Authority (Con’t)

The seduction makes you think that authority is being given to the employee, as opposed to the employer, but it is not true. This is a lie being perpetrated upon the world today. You see, the spiritual forces that are imputing authority, or great wisdom, to people of a lower rank, will only do so for a season, until the true authority is completely destroyed. Then, the unqualified ones who now wield authority, but who were not ordained by God to exercise that authority, or who were not properly trained to exercise that authority, will never stand up under the pressure of leadership. They will fail, and fall, and the Church, or the business, or the country, will be in chaos until someone stands up in power to restore order.

You have to realize that, not only to be a lawyer, but to be the head of a law firm, requires a certain measure of character. It takes more than going to law school and passing the written test. You have to know how to deal with pressure, you have to know how to deal with people, and you need the business, or leadership wisdom that one acquires by submitting oneself for training with another, more qualified person. You don’t just fall into being a senior partner of a law firm. Some qualified lawyers never attain to that place.

So leadership skills are not acquired from four years of college and four years of law school, alone, but only after years of submitting to authority, practicing to be a lawyer and learning to be an executive.

Now Brethren, how can you put a receptionist in a law office up against a man who is running a law firm? Am I saying that it is impossible that a receptionist might know something that the lawyer does not know? Of course not! She might know something about life from her own personal experience that the lawyer does not know, but try to understand that this TV series is giving a lot of power to the receptionist at the expense of the senior lawyer. The script has to take authority away from the head of the firm, to give the receptionist the power that is written into the receptionist’s role. The subliminal message here is imparting arrogance and rebellion to young employees, and this is happening through the whole country – wherever Satan can pull it off.

Of course, an employee or other person can know something, or have a brilliant idea, but it is impossible for an employee to excel beyond the boss continuously. Why? Because if the employee was really that smart, he would be a boss of his own firm. We must make our own way in the world, and work hard to obtain a high position. We succeed by working hard and faithfully until our ability is recognized by a superior who has the authority to promote us, not by upstaging the boss.

Once upon a time a negligence lawyer asked me if I knew what a metatarsal was. A metatarsal is a bone. I said, sure I know what a metatarsal is, but he did not believe me. He said, really, is it in the hand or the foot? And I said, it is in the foot. After he checked it out he said to me, you know, you were right. Well, I just happened to know that because my mother had problems with her metatarsal all of her life.

Of course, you can know something that a lawyer doesn't know, but I'm talking about the authority, the overall authority. It has to rest in the head, because if you put the authority under the employee, it will bring down the whole shebang. Now, it may take a few generations to do it, but this is what is happening in many social areas in this country.

If you watch the TV and the movies, you will see that the powers that are bringing this message forth are mostly in the media, where the subliminal message that power should be given to children is coming forth. Now of course you could be born a genius. You can have a 250 IQ, but even that will not replace experience. It will not replace experience. That intelligence has to be directed and trained and groomed and directed in righteousness. We are not born a great person. We are born with potential. We are not born with great wisdom. Wisdom is developed in us. Wisdom is worked into us through instruction, education, experience and submission.

Heaven, An Everlasting Timeline

So Brethren, the Lord is telling us that the Eagle within me ascended on Thursday evening and anointed me to draw a picture that I was incapable of drawing by myself. Now, if the Eagle typifies the ascended Christ Jesus this means that Christ Jesus within me arose into a higher plane of consciousness, or, we can say, into Heaven.

The Heaven where Adam was (and has now returned to in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ) is an everlasting time line. It had a beginning, but it will never end. And then there is the Heaven called eternity, where Jehovah and Elohim are, which has no beginning and no end. There is eternity and Adam's eternal time line. Christ Jesus, the spiritual Eagle within me, has ascended into Adam's time line, which is the fifth dimension. The immortals have moved into the spiritual realm of this world, which is the 4th dimension, and we are down here under the spiritual sea which is not even heaven. It is hell. We are in hell.

I was able to draw this picture because Christ Jesus within me ascended back up into heaven. Christ Jesus is the Son of Jesus Christ who is now appearing in the world. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Jesus Christ is having a Son, a many-membered Son, and, as the spirit of Christ within me drew this image, that Son, that second generation of Christ, reappeared in Adam’s eternal timeline.

What I hear the Lord saying is that it has happened. How long it will take for the power of Christ Jesus’ ascension to be manifested to the world, I don’t know. Any questions or comments on this message.

COMMENT: When you got up to the board, and you said the Eagle ascends, I saw a picture in my mind of the airplane that came down and crashed, and I thought He was saying the powers of the air had fallen.

SHEILA:  I am glad you said that because the Lord told me something very similar to that. Probably the same thing, just gave it to me in a different way. I am glad you reminded me of that.

Testimony About A Demon

You may recall that Thursday night when this drawing went up, I told you after I finished preaching, that I was hearing profanity in my mind. This is the second time I have experienced this. The first time it happened was 19 years ago, when I had my first experience with the Lord, and someone laid hands on me, I was dying, physically dying. I had a lot of problems in those days, and someone said to me, Sheila, you must have a demon. I said, no I don't believe that stuff. I was really very sick, and they said, well let me try, and I said OK. So they laid hands on me and rebuked the Devil, and this burst of power shot down from my head to the bottom of the feet, and back up again. Then I heard a voice say, "f..." you, but the voice said the whole word, "f...you," "f... you." It really scared me,

I completely denied it, because it scared me half to death. That was 19 years ago, and this is the only other time to my memory that I actually heard cursing in my mind. So something happened Thursday night, and when I sought the Lord about it He said to me that this means that the Eagle appeared in the eternal world. You see, when the Eagle appears in the eternal world, He begins to influence the lower heaven, which is what we have been calling the fourth dimension where the immortals are, and Satan, the spiritual sea that rules over the 4th dimension and all the planes below, including this fallen world.

The Eagle is up there spreading out His wings to impart his righteous nature to the whole creation. He's up there flying in the eternal world, as a full expression of Jehovah and Elohim's righteousness. He is covering over the two windows of creation, and imparting his righteousness to them. The Lord told me that the Eagle is now higher than Adam's window. The Eagle has ascended above Adam's window, to where the glorified Jesus Christ is. This means that the Eagle now has the power to fish for Leviathan, that great Dragon, the ancient Serpent who plays in the sea of our spiritual atmosphere.


Do you remember the message about the sixth level of consciousness? As far as I know, it is one level of consciousness below full stature. Christ Jesus will ascend in us, enter into the spiritual atmosphere, and start gathering the energy of the atmosphere unto Himself. The name of this spiritual atmospheric energy is Satan. Satan is not a dragon like I've drawn on the board. Satan is a spiritual being that is made of energy, who has been dispersed. The Dragon incarnated this fallen world.

As I have already told you, at the beginning of time, Elohim, the spiritual sperm of Jehovah’s spiritual seminal fluid, was completely dispersed through the waters of creation. In the same manner, Satan is completely dispersed through this world. She is completely dispersed through the spiritual atmosphere. She is in every individual, and all the animals, and the trees. She is everywhere in this whole world, just like blood is everywhere in our physical body. Scratch yourself anywhere, and you will find blood. Satan is everywhere. So, as Christ Jesus ascends in us to the place where He starts to gather the energy out of our spiritual atmosphere, He is killing Satan. Christ Jesus is literally acquiring the blood of Satan.

Now, for the people who have not heard the other message, let me say this: We are talking Christ rising from the dead in a believer. The fallen Adam raised from the dead in the next spiritual generation, is Christ Jesus in the individual, who is destined to marry the Lord Jesus who is above. Christ Jesus matures out of the seed of Christ that is grafted to you when you humble yourself before the Lord.

When this happens in a man, he has attained to the third level of consciousness. We attain to the 4th level of consciousness when we prefer spiritual marriage to the marriage of this world. Such a preference cannot be lip service. It has to be an attitude of the heart.

Once you make the commitment that you are willing to give up anything so long as the Lord is taking it from you, so that you can follow Him, Christ, along with your personality, starts to ascend.

We ascend to the 5th level of consciousness when Christ Jesus marries our personality.

Christ, The Hope The World Received

When Jesus Was Glorified

Let’s back up. You may recall that we are a spiritual woven garment made of threads that can be likened to our physical DNA. Christ is being raised from the dead in you, and gathering the energy from your physical body and spiritual being unto Himself. Our human spirit is dispersed throughout our entire being. One end of each spiritual thread is nailed to the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex of our brain, and the other end of the many spiritual threads are spread throughout our body and spiritual being.

As Christ ascends, He starts laying hold of those spiritual threads, and, one by one, removes their roots from the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex, and nails them to the spiritual aspect of the Cerebellum, the part of the spiritual aspect of our brain that controls the formation of Christ.

Please note that the Cerebellum (the Kingdom of God) is under the authority of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness) in fallen, mortal man. This ungodly moral order interferes with the communication between the glorified Jesus Christ, who is beyond the body, and Christ, who is grafted to the spiritual aspect of the body.

The grafted Christ wages His warfare from the spiritual aspect of the Cerebellum (the Kingdom of God), a position of great disadvantage because it is under the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness).

As Christ grafts the roots of more and more of the threads of our spiritual DNA to the spiritual aspect of the Cerebellum (the Kingdom of God), the spiritual aspect of the Cerebellum expands upward, stretches out over the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness), and covers over the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness), thus eliminating the power of the Kingdom of Darkness (the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex) to interfere with the communication between the glorified Jesus Christ (who is beyond the body), and Christ, His Son, who is grafted to the body.

Christ receives the new Name of Christ Jesus when He covers over the spiritual aspect of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness), and establishes an unbroken line of communication with the glorified Jesus Christ.

So when Christ is grafted to you, He starts to gather together your spiritual threads. You were born with a measure of spirit, or you wouldn't be alive, and that spirit is dispersed throughout your body, your mind and your spiritual being. This is the ingathering of spirit, within the individual, from every part of your being. Christ starts gathering the threads of your spirit together so as to focus it into a weapon, like a laser beam. Spirit is light. We are talking about gathering together and concentrating the light of our spirit to the point that it becomes a weapon.

The gathering together of our spirit is a part of the process that results in salvation. Our personality (soul) is saved and our spirit is redeemed as the energy of our spirit is gathered together with the household of God. At some point Christ Jesus makes a decision that He has gathered enough of our energy together to focus it for the use of the Kingdom of God, and that we are strong enough to start drawing energy from the spiritual atmosphere, so that Christ Jesus within us can ascend into full stature. Christ Jesus requires energy to increase, because the whole creation, spiritual as well as physical, is made of energy, or spirit.

The Serpent Stole
Jehovah’s Breath

The whole point is that the Serpent stole Jehovah's breath. The energy that is in this world, whether it is in you, in the air, in the animals, or in the plants, the energy that has formed this world, is the breath that Jehovah breathed into Adam. The Serpent stole Jehovah’s breath, and is using it to form this mortal world. Christ in the individual needs a certain measure of energy to expand the spiritual aspect of the Cerebellum (the Kingdom of God), and stretch it up and over the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness), so that He can ascend into full stature, which is spiritual manhood.

The energy that Christ requires to mature to full stature, transcends, is more than, the energy that any mortal man possesses. Christ needs the spiritual and physical energy of the individual, plus the energy that we receive from Jesus above, to mature into full spiritual manhood.

So, an important part of the process of ascending to full stature is becoming spiritually strong enough to gather energy from the spiritual atmosphere. But the energy of the atmosphere is not impersonal, like electricity. It is a spiritual being, a person. To gather energy from the spiritual atmosphere of this world can be likened to one man saying to another, I need your blood to live, so lay down and be still while I stick a syringe in your vein and draw out your blood.

The energy in the atmosphere is a person. Her name is Satan, and she knows that Christ intends to gobble her up. Revelation 12 says that the Dragon, the negative counterpart of Christ Jesus, is waiting to devour the manchild as soon as He is born. The very word devour means to eat, to consume.

Christ, the manchild that is about to be born, is personalized energy also. So, if the manchild is spirit, and the Dragon is spirit, what is the difference between these two personalized energies? What is the difference? I'll tell you. The difference is configuration, relationship, how the energy is compiled.

The personalized energy that forms the manchild comes from Christ, the seed of the glorified Jesus Christ, together with the purified energy of the personality.

The personalized energy that forms the Dragon comes from Satan, the Serpent’s putrefied spiritual waters, and the polluted waters of the fallen personality. The dirty spiritual waters that form the Dragon separate her from the clean, living waters of life. The Dragon is not in right relationship with Jehovah (the Lord Jesus Christ).

Two Kinds Of Spiritual Blood

The spiritual waters, or the spiritual blood, of the creation separated into two distinct formations which can be likened to the separated Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil, and the Tree of Life.

Does it sound crazy to you that the spiritual blood of the creation separated into two parts which are now opposed to one another? Is our blood not in parts? Is not plasma a separated part of blood? Are there not different types of blood? Is it not possible to contaminate blood so that it is unusable for a transfusion?

The Scripture says that we shall eat every deadly thing, and it shall not harm us. We shall eat the Serpent’s contaminated spiritual blood, discard the putrefaction, and acquire the purified energy for the Kingdom of God within the individual.

Jesus said, eat my flesh and drink my blood, but He wasn't talking about His physical flesh and blood. He was talking about His spiritual life force.

We shall drink and consume the contaminated spiritual blood of the principalities and powers of this world, and it shall not harm us. We shall receive only the nutrition, the energy from it, and we shall ascend into the 6th level of consciousness.

Brethren, this drawing of the Eagle is the announcement that the 5th level of consciousness is already accomplished in the spirit world, so we can expect it manifest in the earth in due season. I don't know how long it will take, but it is coming. I would be surprised if it is more than a year or two, if that.

About a month ago, after the Lord gave us the message, The Fifth Level of Consciousness, I said, Lord, I can't relate this message to my life. How and when is this going to come to pass? And, now, after the Message about the Eagle came forth, the Lord is telling me that this message is the announcement to the spirit world to get ready, because Christ Jesus is ascending into full stature. But, we are not talking about full stature here. We are talking about people swallowing up Leviathan, and ascending into full stature. WOW!

COMMENT: As you were saying that, I was thinking of the Highlander, instead of cutting the head off he devours it.

SHEILA: Yes, He devours the energy. True, He swallows up the energy.

So, the command has gone forth in the spirit, and we will now see how long it takes to manifest in the earth. In any event, this definitely means an increase in power. It's coming. First He preaches it, because He doesn't do anything without telling His prophets. So the image came forth on Thursday, and the understanding came forth on Sunday. We will see. Get ready. Get your seat belts on.

Does anyone else have anything to say on this subject?

COMMENT: What came to me was right in the beginning of when you were speaking, and it was about drawings and the idols, and I don't know where it was a vision or what, but I saw one of the bridges, the overpass, I think it was Sunrise Highway, because that's what I'm familiar with, and one road in particular, the road slants at an angle, so there is a great big slant the children used to go on with skateboards, but I saw it and it was just lined with cars that were stolen. Must have been 50 or 100 or more all stacked up.

SHEILA: You mean it was like one car on top of another?

COMMENT: Yes, all the way, it filled the whole thing, and the thought came to me, and I said how can they get away with that because the police would see them there. You were preaching, and I was seeing it, so I don't know what that has to do with it.

SHEILA: How are they going to get away with it?

Adam’s Ox, The Woman Of Creation

You see, this is the Lord's Righteous Tower (as opposed to the Tower of Babel). We are climbing up. We are down here in hell, and we are climbing up the Lord's Righteous Tower.

The Serpent raised up an unrighteous Tower when she broke through Adam's window of creation, which event is called the fall. And Adam died, and Cain and Abel were born, and Jehovah gave priestly authority to Abel. So, even though the creation fell, Jehovah reestablished the altar, the connection between God and man, which protects the creation.

But we see in Genesis 11, that the people were trying to rebuild the unrighteous Tower of Babel, which means that they were trying to tear down Abel's authority, and give the Serpent authority in the heavens. The Serpent's territory is hell, but she wants authority in Adam's window which is the lower heaven, so that she can possess Adam’s Ox. You can look at the drawing and see that Adam’s Ox is in the lower heaven.

The Alternate Translation of the Scripture indicates that Adam’s Ox was formed from the earth of the Serpent's window, which Adam brought into His window to form into the Ox that would be His bride. The Alternate Translation also indicates that there is a door that swings both ways between hell and Adam's window, or between the ground floor window of creation and Adam's window, and that this door between the two windows was sealed on the Serpent's side. Adam could descend from His window into the ground floor window, and return, but the inhabitants of the ground floor window, could not ascend into Adam's window.

I remember thinking as I studied these Scriptures, why would Adam want to go down there? Well, we now know that Adam descended into the ground floor window of creation to acquire the spiritual earth that He needed to form His Ox, the female animal that He, Jehovah’s male mind, would wed. Adam formed the Ox, and married her, and the creation of God was established in Adam’s window, which is the lower heaven.

Adam and His Ox are the male and female creation that Elohim formed in Genesis 1.

Gen 1:27

27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.  KJV

Now, saying that the wife of Adam, who was God to the whole creation, was an ox, may sound bizarre to you, but I encourage you to ask God to help you to understand this spiritual principle.

Adam’s Ox was spiritual. She was not like the physical oxen that we see on the farm. The Scripture describes Adam’s other side as an ox, to reveal her animal nature, and to emphasize that the unmarried Adam is Jehovah’s mind, which is spirit, dwelling inside of a spiritual animal that was formed from the spiritual earth of the ground floor window of creation. I don't know what it looked like. Adam took a wife so that He, Jehovah’s mind, would no longer be disembodied. Adam, Jehovah’s mind, made a body for Himself.

An ox is a castrated bull, so this spiritual animal that Adam married, whatever it looked like, could not reproduce from its animal side. The animal that was formed had no power to reproduce. Everything that happened to that spiritual animal would be completely controlled by Adam, her male mind.

Remember, when the creation fell, part of the curse that was pronounced upon the woman was that she would reproduce from an animal body. I think the King James says you will reproduce in great sorrow, but if you look up word sorrow in Gesenius’ Lexicon, you will see that animal body is an alternate translation of that Hebrew word. So when Adam died, the Serpent repossessed and married Adam’s Ox, who was now relegated to reproduce like an animal, because the Serpent, another animal, was now her mind.

So, when Adam possesses His Ox, she reproduces from her mind, not from her body, like an animal. This is another way of saying that when Christ ascends in you, you have to give up the animal life. When Christ ascends in you, you will stop engaging in human sexuality. I don't know how it’s going to happen, but in this hour, the Lord is challenging only the people that are specifically called to ascend at this time. Please do not use this truth to justify walking out on your mate. At the proper time in our walk, the Lord will challenge us to willfully give up our physical sexuality. But, at this time, I do not know of any married couple that has been so challenged. I only know of married couples who stopped sharing physical intimacy before they heard this message, and single people who the Lord did not provide a mate for. Jesus of Nazareth was a physical eunuch for Christ.

Jesus taught that there are three kinds of eunuchs, and that the third kind chose to be a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of God. That's me. My body is still capable of reproduction and human sexuality, but I understand that, once the Mind of Christ perfects Himself in me, I will be incapable of human sexuality.

Jesus said there is no marrying or giving in marriage in heaven. When Christ Jesus ascends to full stature in you, you will be castrated for the sake of the Kingdom of God, and you will become a spiritual Ox that is fully controlled by His mind. You will be a spiritual eunuch concerning the animal life, but a powerful, supernatural man, manifesting the ascended power of Christ Jesus in the Kingdom of God.

The carnal mind of many will resist this message, but I have told you the truth. This is the way it is. Either you will ascend and find yourself incapable of sexual activity, or you will not ascend and continue to function in the animal life. When we are in full stature, Christ Jesus will be fully controlling our brain.

Did you know that sexual desire arises out of a chemical reaction in the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness) of the brain? The Cerebellum (the Kingdom of God) will cover the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness) when Christ Jesus matures to full stature, and the passions of the Cerebral Cortex (the Kingdom of Darkness) will cease.

Both the Serpent and Adam want to possess the Ox, which is the animal part of us. Can you see that, at this point, everything is mixed together? The female water of the creation is possessing her own animal nature, which is our human emotions. There is no separation between the female waters and the Ox because the female waters mixed together with the spiritual earth of the Ox,and the Ox became solid.

The female waters completely flow through Adam’s Ox, just like our human blood flows through every part of our physical body. Our emotional nature is rooted in Adam’s Ox. You see, when Adam possesses us, He suppresses the emotional nature of the Ox within us, and we experience only the compassionate emotions of Jesus Christ. The jealousy, rage and envy of mortal man, and every other evil thing that is in man, will be covered over by Adam's righteous authority. It is the Ox side of us that is emotional.

So, mortal man is completely possessed by Satan, the Whore of Revelation. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, manifests in the flesh as the bodily fluids of mortal man. She flows through all of our flesh, and generates Leviathan, the pride of man, which is the subconscious part of the carnal mind. Satan has completely permeated the spiritual Ox which we are, as well as the whole environment that we live in, the air that we breathe and the food that we eat.

We are eating the fruit of the Serpent, that rebellious spiritual woman, and Satan, the Serpent’s expression in this fallen world. The Ox, which we are, is formed from the substance of the Serpent who rebelled against Adam. Our sinful emotions come from the spiritual animal that Adam formed, but of course we are all one now.

Not Ashamed, Or Ashamed Because They Were Uncovered???

Gen 2:25

25 And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.  KJV

The King James says they were not ashamed, but the Hebrew word indicates that they were uncovered The English word not is the translation of a negative particle. Now, let me remind you that Jehovah put Adam in the garden twice in Gen. 2, indicating that there were two Adams, 

Adam, the Mind of the Ox (and of all humanity), and

Adam, the Ox’s spiritual, fertilized ovarian egg (which was both male & female).

The weak, female aspect of the Ox’s ovarian egg, surrounds the potentially strong, but still infantile, male aspect of the Ox’s ovarian egg, just like the less nutritious, white part of a chicken’s egg, surrounds the more nutritious yolk.

The female aspect of the Ox’s ovarian egg that surrounded the infantile Adam was seduced by the Serpent, and the corrupted Woman in the Garden, who was now engraved with the Serpent’s nature, tricked the infantile Adam, her husband, into disobeying Elohim also.

So the infantile man & woman (the Ox’s fertilized ovarian egg) were ashamed, not covered, because of disobedience, and began to feed off the Serpent’s ground floor window of creation, rather than the window of the mature Adam, which is the lower heaven. And, so, the infantile man and his wife were ashamed, when the Serpent undressed them (separated them from their cover, the mature Adam) by reprogramming their nature.

Now, as I followed the whole concept through, I found that the very word ashamed means pudenda, the female sexual organ.

You can see it for yourself. Gesenius’ Hebrew & Chaldee Lexicon says that the Hebrew word translated ashamed can also be translated pudenda, and the English dictionary says that the word pudenda means the female sexual organ. The English word pudenda comes from a Greek or Latin word that means shame.

Now, please understand that we are talking about the spiritual female, not the human, physical female. In fact, spiritually speaking, the whole fallen human race, both physical males and physical females, are spiritually female in relationship to all of the entities on the higher planes of consciousness. And this is the reason why we, all of fallen humanity, need a Saviour.

So, the Serpent, who desired to engrave her image on the offspring of Adam’s Ox, formed her own sexual organ which, we are told, is shameful. Why? The Serpent formed a male organ which could only produce female offspring, thereby rendering Adam’s Ox, the spiritual womb which contains the germ seed of creation, incapable of producing a male heir.

Spiritually male offspring produce an immortal, eternally living world, and spiritually female offspring produce a mortal, dead world, where the offspring of Adam’s Ox are continually subjected to painful experiences through an unending cycle of births and deaths.

But even more than that, the Lord will never allow a female, and, thus, tortured, creation, to continue on indefinitely, because that would fulfill the Serpent’s Doctrine of the Eternal Torment of Adam’s Ox. Wherefore, the Lord has contained humanity, the female offspring of Adam’s Ox, from maturating into true immortality. Humanity, the Serpent’s female offspring, shall continue in spiritual utero until the scalpel of our Great God and spiritual Physician, which has already laid open the abdomen of Adam’s pregnant Ox, re-programs, or re-engraves, mortal humanity with the male nature of the Lord Jesus Christ. Only then will humanity, the spiritual fetus of Adam’s Ox, be born into a world of true immortality, where there is no darkness and no tears; a world where the Serpent (humanity’s sin nature) will be continually contained under the authority of Christ Jesus, and reveal only righteousness, against which there is no law (or punishment).

This is the true Doctrine of the Eternal Torment (unending restriction) of the Serpent’s nature within the creation. The Greek word translated torment means to go down under, or to restrict.

The Serpent will be contained, not tortured, for all eternity.

So, the Serpent, the lower waters of the creation, acquired an illegal role by twisting together with the spiritual earth, the medium by which she formed her now muddy waters, into water and sperm. But the Serpent is the female water, not (Adam) the more dense male sperm. So, the Serpent corrupted the spiritual female sexual organ and turned it into a non-functioning male organ, which is called shameful because it cannot produce living (male) offspring. The Serpent rendered Adam’s Ox barren because a woman acting like a man, cannot impregnate another woman.

.At the beginning of time humanity (the woman) was seduced by a spiritual male impersonator, who penetrated us with a false spiritual male organ, a shameful thing which will never produce Christ, the Saviour of Adam’s Ox. So, humanity (Adam’s Ox’s) potential to birth Christ was corrupted, and we became spiritually barren (incapable of birthing Christ), because we married a woman instead of a man, and are penetrated by our female lover’s false male organ to this very day.

Adam, in the person of the glorified Jesus Christ, rose from the dead 2,000 years ago, and has been trying to impregnate humanity with Christ, His male seed, even the spiritual child that will save us when He is born in us, ever since. Jesus Christ is strong enough to cast out the illicit, perverse spiritual lover of humanity, His wife, but the passion of the adulterous spiritual sexual act that joined us to our illicit female lover still holds us, and we will not give her up.

Brethren, the Serpent is penetrating fallen humanity today in the form of the carnal mind, which can never birth Christ. Our inheritance is Christ, the male Mind that can save our personality and preserve our physical body.

Does anyone have anything to say before we close for this morning?

COMMENT: The image you saw in the city with the male and female in one image seems to signify just what you were preaching about the woman playing the male role. Here it is in life form.


SHEILA: That's very interesting. Most spiritual philosophies outside of Christ show the male and the female as equal. As a matter of fact, this is the basis upon which, at least to some degree, that homosexuality is justified, that humanity is both male and female. There is a truth to this. All fallen human beings are both male and female, but one gender must prevail over the other gender. You are not supposed to be bi anything. You are supposed to be one or the other, and the gender that you are is supposed to line up with your physical body. Even in this world which is formed by the Serpent it is a perversion to have your gender different from your physical body. This is confusion, total confusion.

The image that we saw in Times Square was very much one person, who was both male and female, but the lie about the whole thing is that it is possible for someone to be both male and female. But the truth is that when the female side of a man rises up and becomes stronger, the natural result is that the male side of the man must become weaker. The people who teach this lie of bi-sexuality, will tell you that male and female tendencies in an individual can be equal, but this is not true. The man may engage equally in heterosexual and homosexual activity for a brief season, but such an equality of sexual preference will not continue. Once the ascending homosexual tendencies weaken the heterosexual tendencies to the point that they are equal, the next step of the seduction is for the homosexual tendencies to become even stronger and, ultimately, overshadow all heterosexual tendencies. This is the reality of fallen human nature, whether it is manifesting as male/female, or lawyer/receptionist.

Legitimate Authority Must Be Guarded

It has to do with authority. This is why people who have authority in this world from any source that is acceptable to God, must guard their position, and not turn it over to the people who have been given into your care. It is a spiritual law of this fallen world that some of the people who have been given over into our care, such as those who attend your Bible study, for example, will try to overturn your authority. If that doesn't happen, it is not a legitimate work. It has to happen. It is human nature, you see. And if you turn your authority over, it is just a matter of time until you find someone ruling through you, and that is not a good position to be in, especially if you are in Christ.

If you have been given authority, you must learn how to exercise that authority without sinning against people. You have to learn how to judge righteous judgment, and how to deal with people so that they will not take away what is rightfully yours, without sinning against them. This is a fact of our fallen life. Everyone who is a boss knows that's true. Anyone that has any kind of authority in this world knows that this is true. If you are ready, willing, and able to give your authority away, there are a million people ready to take it from you. You have to defend what is yours without being aggressive, hurtful or murderous towards your enemies, especially since, the majority of Christians engaging in this kind of activity (called Jezebel) do not even understand that they are out of order, let alone sinning against you.

So this male/female concept....as far as being a spiritual male in Christ Jesus is concerned.... this is why I do not have a husband or a boyfriend. This is why I am celibate. I am not interested in any kind of male/female relationship, because I have sacrificed that part of my life to the Lord Jesus, my closest friend, most trusted confident, and spiritual husband.

I have sacrificed opportunities in this world to have a boyfriend or a husband, so that my spiritual manhood can rule me. It is a perversion for a sexually active (either emotionally with a boyfriend, or physically with a husband) physical woman to simultaneously manifest the male nature of spiritual manhood. There is not a doubt in my mind, that if I were to go in that direction, towards a human relationship with a man, that I would lose all the male authority that I have received through my marriage to Jesus Christ. A physical woman cannot have both. A physical male married to the Lord Jesus is another story. It is not a perversion for a physical male to engage in male emotional, physical and spiritual relationships simultaneously. Although human sexuality, even for males, will come to an end when Christ Jesus is fully born in them, and perhaps sooner, if the Lord so requires it.

I am a physical female who is capable of functioning as a physical female, which is the fourth level of consciousness. But my choice is marriage to Christ Jesus, and the benefits that come with that choice. To young Christians, it may look like you can have both Christ and a physical marriage, and you can up to a certain point. But, if you want to attain to spiritual heights, you will reach a point where you must start to favor your marriage with the Lord Jesus. At some point, and I don't want any married person using my words against their mate, to really go up high in Christ Jesus, you have to give up the animal life, and that's the truth. You can get mad at me, you can curse me, you can say anything you want about me, or to me, but it is still the truth. It is definitely the truth.


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