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            I have a lot to say this morning, but I do not have any prepared notes so I am just going to start by chatting lightly, and we will see the path upon which the Lord leads us. I am sure He is faithful, He always is.


            We were talking off the tape about all of the talk in the church about the year 2000, and someone mentioned they had read a newsletter which talks about all the churches praising the Lord on January 1, 2000. There is a lot happening in the spiritual world, but there is a lot happening in this visible, physical world with regard to spiritual things today.


            If you know the Scriptures, you would not be surprised to know that the loudest voice is the false voice. The voice, the doctrine, that which is being advertised the most loudly is the false voice. That is always the way it is. If you know anything about the Scriptures, that is always the way that it is.


            The carnal mind might say, Well, this is sad.  What about the Christians just being ushered into the Kingdom today who have not have the opportunity to be taught sound doctrine, and they think that this big, loud, bold, prideful movement is the church?


            Brethren, Jesus Christ is our Savior. Faith in Jesus Christ, and our obedience to His instruction is the only thing that will bring us through if your hope is in Him. If you have heard the Gospel of the Cross, you do not have to have heard the message of the Kingdom.


            If you heard the Gospel of the Cross that Jesus died on Calvary, that He is the Savior of the world, and you start praying to Him and reading His word with a teachable spirit, or even if you do not have a teachable spirit, if you have faith in Him, and you are going to Him, truly going to Him, He will respond to you. Then, you have to do what He tells you, depending upon your relationship with Him.


            I do not have any more information for you as to how one person comes into enough obedience to go in the right direction, and another person does not. I do not even know how to tell you how, but I know that some of the worst people in the world, spiritual criminals, and people who have committed physical crimes in this world, some of the worst people in the world connect deeply enough with Jesus to find the way to safety.


            The bottom line is your spirit and the degree to which you are hanging on to Him for your salvation, and I have told the people here many times that I believe that the most serious spiritual crime is pride, even more than rebellion and murder. Why? Because pride separates us from God. Pride separates us from God. You will never follow Him, you will never hear Him if your pride is too strong. Rebellion and murder you can confess.


            David murdered, committed adultery, murdered the woman's husband, but he repented, and he went on with God. Pride deafens your ears and blinds your eyes to God.  For the people who are not sitting under sound teaching that warn them of this, I do not know what to say at this moment. I really do not.


            Jesus is the one, He is your prayer. Jesus is the one that determines whether or not He is going to break your pride. I honestly do not have the last word on how He decides who He is going to let rebel, because everyone that is rebelling is walking in the direct opposite direction of where He is calling them. Some are under judgment and being drawn back, and others are being let go, and that is not just my message this morning.


            This is a mature message, and this is a mature ministry. As far as I know, we have the only mature ministry that is sounding this message. There are quite a few ministries, I do not know if quite a few is right.  There are ministries who are warning the church. They are sounding the trumpet about the false revival, but everyone of these ministries that I know of, besides this one, is also warning against the manifest Sons of God doctrine.


            They are very faithful as far as they know how to be faithful, they are bearing a lot of persecution to sound the alarm to the best of their ability, but they are blinded to the spiritual ascension which is truly in Christ.


            The name of this message is Two Resurrections. The Scripture is very clear that there are two resurrections, but you have to get your definition of resurrection straight, because the fundamental church world thinks resurrection is after your physical body dies, so they cannot even concede that there is a true spiritual ascension which is in Christ Jesus.


            As far as I know, we are the only mature ministry, and when I say mature ministry, what I am talking about is a ministry that is maturing spiritually in Christ that is sounding this warning. Of course, there is a possibility of a ministry that I do not know of, but the Lord has not shown it to me, that there is a ministry that says they are in Christ, that is maturing spiritually, that is teaching the principles that will lead to spiritual maturation in Christ Jesus, who are really in Christ Jesus. They are not.


            I see a Kingdom church that has had a lust for spiritual things and, brethren, I condemn you not. I have lusted for spiritual things ever since I was a little girl. I dabbled in the occult briefly and was very aware, thank God, of how dangerous it was and just pulled away. It had to be the grace of God on my life.


            When I came to the church I lusted for spiritual things. I distinctly remember a particular seminar of a church that was in Nassau County at the time, and it was advertised that the preacher would be speaking on what ever the title was. It indicated a spiritual message.


            I went running to that church, and it just never manifested. This happened several times. The spiritual teaching just never manifested. It never came to pass, and lo and behold I am the one that the Lord has raised up to teach spirituality in Christ Jesus.


            It has not happened yet, but I am waiting for the day that these fundamental ministries have me on their hit list, and saying that we are not Christians, but we are Christians here.  Our primary thrust at this time is to the spiritually-maturing Christians to save them through repentance, to give them the information that they would need to repent of the fact that they are maturing spiritually in their carnal mind and save them from being married to the Dragon.


            That is our primary thrust right now but, of course, everything that we do here is stored upon tapes and, eventually, however long it will take, as the Christian world begins to step into the spiritual world as they overcome their fears, all of this teaching will be available to those who are being led to go on by the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The issue is, how come so many are being deceived in what I call the Kingdom church?  So many, in what I call the fundamental church, cannot see that spiritual development is for the Christian. How come? My answer is that this information is only in the third level of consciousness which is marriage to Jesus above.


            The first level of consciousness is reconciliation. Jesus, who is above, sends Himself in the form of the Holy Spirit into the earth, but Jesus is still above.  If you have heard a teaching, or you believe that Jesus left heaven to come down as the Holy Spirit, you are mistaken. Jesus is above for evermore, but He has sent a part of Himself as if we could breathe our breath, or as if we could give blood and send the blood to save somebody's life, or as if we could send a letter or a message.


            Jesus has sent His blood, why do we not say that, that is a good example.  He sent a blood transfusion to us down here in the world, but He is still above, and He is one person.


            Brethren, if I send you my blood, that blood that I send you is not another person. This is the fallacy of the Trinity. Jesus has sent a part of Himself down here in the form of the Holy Spirit to marry the human spirits of men. Marriage to the Godhead is on three levels.


            The Holy Spirit, when He comes into your life, has not even married you yet. That is reconciliation. The fact that you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, that you talk to Him, and then He talks back to you, which relationship is based on the faith of the fallen man, that you talk to God, you read His Bible, He is going to answer you, and you are reconciled to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ.


            The second level of consciousness is when that Holy Spirit marries your human spirit, and what is the fruit? Let me back up. The fruit of you having a relationship with the Holy Spirit is that you can talk to God through the Lord Jesus Christ, you are reaching Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, because you have a relationship with Jesus' blood which He has put down into the earth.


            That is the fruit. The fruit of your relationship with the Holy Spirit is that you can talk to God through the Lord Jesus.


            What is the fruit of justification? The fruit of justification is the formation of Christ in you. Brethren, Christ is not formed in you without the confession of sin and repentance and correction. Your sins must be shown to you. You must confess them, and true repentance is that you must change.


            This process, this journey from reconciliation into justification is a time period during which our sins are revealed.  Somewhere along the line as Christ is being formed in you it is possible for Christ in you to marry Jesus who is above.


            Listen to me. When the Holy Spirit comes into your life, you really do not have a relationship with Jesus, who is above. You have a relationship with His blood, if you can hear it. If you cannot hear it, put it on the shelf if you are smart.


            It is only when Christ is formed in you that Jesus, who is above, who is attached to Michael and Elohim and Jehovah above, the Holiness above, will only have a relationship with Christ in you who is their relative. The Holy Spirit is having a relationship with the heathen. The Holy Spirit, Jesus' blood, is having a relationship with you when you are filthy, but the ones above who are Holy, they are only relating to the holiness in you which is Christ in you, the hope of your glorification.


            It is not enough to have Christ formed in you. Christ formed in you is growing up from seed. He needs to be taught. He needs to be trained. He needs to be under governors and tutors, and the governors and tutors that He is under are expressions in the earth of the Godhead above, Christ in a man teaching you. Why? Because no matter what instruction you receive from the Godhead above, it is really not going to help you unless you have your own experience, and there is a big gap between receiving instruction from above and having your own experience.


            The average believer cannot connect the two, the average believer cannot connect what is happening to them, to the spiritual instruction. That is why we need teachers who are in the flesh. Christ in the flesh of a man who, for whatever reason, everything we have is given, has been able to lay hold of the instruction from above and apply it to their life, and now that man not only has instruction for you but has experiences to share with you, experiences that you can relate to 95% better than you could relate to instructions from a spirit that you might not even be hearing, or if you hear it, you do not understand it.


            For this purpose, Jehovah has laid out this plan.


 I will teach you from the flesh of a man who I have enabled to understand Me and have experiences based on that understanding. I will teach you through that man who will teach you through their experiences, and I will witness to you what that man is saying to you that this is the truth. I will witness to you directly, your second witness, to the man that I have sent you to, and I will give you Scriptures, or I will give you witnesses in your heart, however he speaks to you that what you are hearing from the man is the truth or not the truth, two witnesses.


            Not Christ in you. Christ in you is not the witness. The Father above is the witness, and Christ in the teacher is the witness. If you can hear it, Christ in you is not the witness to the teacher. Jesus above is the witness to the teacher. Why? Because Christ in you is still too influenced by your carnal mind. You still have too much trouble telling the difference between Christ in you and your carnal mind.


            That is why you do not do everything you feel like doing. That is why you do not respond to the first thought in your head. That is why you pray, and you need to be taught how to pray.


            Just recently, after all these years in this ministry, the Lord had to reveal that you were praying incorrectly.  I do not even remember what the area was, but I know that I told you that you were praying incorrectly. For years I could not understand the disciples saying to Jesus, Teach us how to pray.


            The carnal mind says, Well, how do you pray? You have to know how to pray. We are living in a spiritual jungle, you need to be taught, and the present five-fold ministry in the church, I am not against any man but, brethren, they are not doing the job because they were anointed.  I believe they are called and anointed to teach about the Gospel of the Cross, and faith and hope in Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I believe that they are anointed to do that, but their day is done.


            Why is their day done? Because the people are maturing. Christ is coming forth, and this ministry that is in the church today does not know what to do, and not only does not know how to help the people who are pregnant with Christ, but the teaching that they are giving is hurting them.  Everybody is blind. The ministers are blind, they do not even know that they are supposed to back off. Back off? What does that mean?


            What they are supposed to be doing is saying, If this is my ministry to preach faith in God and the Holy Spirit, then everyone who conceives Christ should be told this ministry is no longer for you. Go to a ministry that knows how to raise up Christ.


            There are still people coming into the church that need to be hearing about faith in God and receiving the Holy Spirit.  Then, when the fruit comes forth these preachers do not know what to do with them, and they are killing the fruit. Are they doing this on purpose? No, they never even heard anyone say what I am talking about this morning.  The Lord must be telling them, but they cannot hear it.


            I think there are a lot of serious, sincere preachers out there, but they are deaf. Why? Because their carnal mind is overlaying their Christ mind clogging up their ears, and they think because they hear from the Holy Spirit in certain areas that they are hearing from the Holy Spirit in all areas.


            Brethren, listen very carefully. Do not feel self-assured because you hear from the Holy Spirit, because the carnal mind can clog your ears in certain areas and not be clogging your ears in other areas. Beware of pride, submit yourself to the Lord daily for His will in your life, asking Him to utterly cover over your carnal mind that you might hear the voice of the spirit.


            I gave you this whole exhortation to get to the third level of consciousness which is marriage of Christ in you to the Lord Jesus Christ above. Christ can be in the process of being formed in you and not be married to Jesus and the whole Godhead above. Only those in whom Christ is married to the Godhead above is going to hear this message, or have some measure of this message of their own, or be directed to this message, however the Lord is doing it.


            We can look at the condition of the church, and we see how few, how few, are as high as the third level of resurrection. Most are in the second level of resurrection. They are under judgment because the second level is justification, the exposure of the sin nature, and a call towards confession and repentance, but they do not believe it is judgment.


            I turned on a TV program this morning, the man is very serious, very sincere, he has been on TV for 20 years. I think he is a sincere man. Actually, I heard two this morning. One was preaching, It is the time.  It is the time, but what is his definition of the time? It is time for all of your problems to go, no more financial problems, no more this. . .that is all true, but it is only after you confess your sin nature and repent and move into Christ.


            The promises of the blessings are being preached without a conviction of sin, without any impartation of the knowledge that the trouble that we are in is because of our sin nature, and this is true of every fallen man including me and everyone here. Every problem we have, every pain, every torment, every disappointment, every discomfort is because we are fallen; therefore, brethren, confess that you nature is sin and repent that you might be translated into a righteous mind in which there is all provision.


            I did not hear that preached this morning. It is all the devil's fault, and this is the time for your deliverance from the devil. Brethren, we are the devil. We are our own worst enemy, and many in the world are not only their own enemy, they are the enemy of God.  They have not even turned toward Jesus yet. I do not hear this message being preached, because the preachers preaching it, if they have Christ being formed in them, that Christ is not married to the Lord Jesus, and they may not even have Christ. They may have the Holy Spirit without having Christ.


            We see how few, not only in the church but in the whole world, are married to the Lord Jesus above. Third out of 12 levels of consciousness. Brethren, we have barely got out toes in the water. All I know is that I grow stronger every day in my conviction that I have heard and am hearing from God, and I continue to pray. Every day.


            My prayer this morning, let me share it with you:


Lord, you have called me to be a pioneer.  The things that you have had me do and the paths that you have had me follow for my entire walk, to the best of my knowledge, no body has gone before me.


            Even if there has been somebody before me, as far as I am concerned they have not done me any good, because the Lord has not brought me to them. I have had all of these experiences and learned all these things, because the Lord has placed in me an ability to hear from a spiritual source and to put it together with my experiences, both of which hearing from the spiritual source above, the Lord Jesus above, plus the experiences, are causing Christ in me to mature so that Christ in me can teach those who are willing to submit themselves to the instruction.


            To hear from the Lord Jesus above is very hard. To hear from Christ in a man who has experienced what he is talking about is relatively easy.  You can hear it, it is relatively easy, but it is not really easy because you can hear me, and you all know you have been here for years.  You can hear me, and you can hear me, but until Jesus comes to Christ in you and makes real what I am saying to you, it is not real to you.


            It is not Christ in me responding to you.  It is Jesus above saying, It is truth, it is truth, it is truth.  How does He prove to you it is truth?  As soon as you submit to the Lord Jesus above, He will give you an experience that will confirm it. He tells me, I have the experience, I talk to you about the experience, you submit to me, because you believe God has put you here, and you say, It is probably true, I am giving her the benefit of the doubt.


            The Lord comes to you and says, Yes, it is true. You say, Lord, I am open to it no matter how far out it sounds, and then you get the experience. Once you have had your experience, no man can take it away from you.  It is your experience. That is how it works.


            There are very, very few that even understand the process, and if they hear about it, it is shocking to them, because they never heard about it before, but that is not my message today.


            Brethren, I am only responsible for the people that the Lord has sent here, and the people who are submitting to me. I have disappointed a lot of people over the years. I am just a human being myself, and if you have any idolatry for me at all you are sure to be disappointed by me because I am limited as to what I can do for you.


            Sometimes, I honestly do not recognize the problem at the time. Sometimes, you have to come to me and explain yourself to me, because I really do not understand what your problem is. I am not God. I am very, very, very mortal.


            I have experiences to share with you, and I believe I do have power in prayer. If the Lord does not show. . .and sometimes the Lord does not show it to me.  Sometimes, I will come to you and say, You have such and such a problem, or You are having such and such a problem.


            Why does that happen one time and not another time? I will tell you right out, somewhere along the line in the case of the people that I will go to you and ask you if you need help, somewhere along the line you have prayed to the Lord, you may not have come to me, but you have prayed to the Lord and He has told me.  If you have a problem, and you are not telling me about it and neither are you giving it to the Lord, I am blinded.


            Why would you not have given it to the Lord or tell me?  Because you have pride or idolatry, and you think you can deal with it yourself. I condemn you not. I am just telling you how it works. I am not God.


            Let us get on with this message.


            Point #1: The only people who even have a chance of entering into the Resurrection of the Just. . .there are two resurrections, of the Just and of the Unjust. The only ones that even have a chance of entering into the Resurrection of the Just are those in whom Christ is being formed and who, through obedience to the Lord Jesus above, now there is a marriage between the Christ in them and the Lord Jesus above.


            The fruit of this relationship is obedience.  You cannot do what you want, you cannot go to the church you want to go to, you cannot be friends with who you want to be friends with, you cannot have the job that you choose, you cannot do anything that you want to if you want to be married to the Lord Jesus.


            You can do anything you want to, but you cannot also at the same time be married to the Lord Jesus, because as soon as you marry Him He wants you to come into submission. He wants complete control over your life, and our part is to say, Lord, I submit my life to you to the best of my ability to do it, and it is not 100%.


            I put every issue before Him. If I am going to spend a few dollars, I ask Him if it is okay. If I want to go to a seminar, if I want to go to another meeting, I ask Him if it is okay.


            People write me letters, and I ask Him if I should answer the letter or what I should say in the letter in response to the letter. If you are not doing this in your life and you want to go on with God, at the very least there is no excuse for you not saying,


Lord I hear this exhortation, I confess I have not done it, and I am asking you to give me the power to do it. There is no excuse for not praying that prayer. I confess it is sin that I have not submitted my life to you in every area, but I am just dust Lord, I know you forgive me because I am willing to do it if you just give me the power to do it.


            There is no excuse for not praying a prayer like that at the moment that you are hearing it, because only pride would stop you from saying that. Either pride or rebellion that you really do not want to submit, that you want to do whatever you want to do. To the best of my knowledge, He is not fighting with you in this hour. You go off and do what ever you want to do, and you will reap what you have sown, and then most likely blame it on God. This is the condition of the fallen life.


            Listen, brethren, humanity is evolving. There is a truth in evolution. What does that mean? It means that evolution is real, and that a lot of what is being said through the occult or the New Age today, a lot of it is true. Humanity is evolving. We have evolved physically over the years, and we have been evolving mentally.


            A hundred or more years ago man was not very developed intellectually. He was a farmer, or he was a fisherman, and all of his energies were directed toward the physical labor which was necessary for survival, but certainly since WW II, if not sooner, certainly since the Industrial Revolution, man has had more and more time to develop his mind.


            Man has been developing intellectually. Many, many more people are educated, and you do not have to go to college to be educated. You can read and talk to educated people.


            Man has been evolving intellectually, and now man is maturing spiritually. There is a spiritual revolution in this country. The Resurrection of the Unjust is upon us.  I want to tell you something that may shock you, I do not think you have ever heard this before. We know that the King James translation of the Bible is largely a parable. We know that it can be understood on several levels, and that the Scriptures upon which the King James translation is based is a coded translation of the Scriptures.


            I want to tell you that the account in Genesis 3 when Eve said to the Serpent, The Lord has said we can eat of the trees of the Garden, but of the tree in the midst if you eat of it you will surely die, and I always wondered about that.  Why there were many trees that we could eat of, and there was a tree in the midst of the Garden?


            I got a strong spiritual understanding of this the other day. My whole point is this. That whole account in the Scriptures, I want to suggest to you, is just taking place today. The King James translation translates this account as if it happened in the past or maybe it did happen in the past.


            Listen brethren, spiritual things do not happen in a moment of time. Even when the Lord said to Adam, If you do this, the Hebrew says, dying you shall die.


            For billions of years humanity has been dying, and if you think it was 6,000 years, if you are hearing this tape, I would never argue with you about that. That is not the point of my message.  Whether you believe that mankind has been here for billions of years or for 6,000 years that is okay with me, but man has been dying for at least 6,000 years.


            So, is it not possible, can you not see it, that this morning, that it is all right to eat of the trees of the Garden, but if you eat of the tree in the midst you shall surely die has been going on for all of these years, and it has not yet ended?


            What is the Garden? The Garden is the mind. Adam is the Garden. Adam was the Garden, the place of pleasure that Jehovah passed through. It was Jehovah's pleasure when He entered into His Garden. Adam may have had pleasure too, but this whole concept of Eden was and is a place of pleasure that Jehovah enters into to eat of the fruit of His Garden as we hear in the Song of Solomon.


            The trees of the Garden are the many members of humanity. Jesus said, I am a green tree. We are all trees. It is okay to have relationships with people that we can see. You can eat of the trees of the Garden. When I have a relationship with you I am eating of you, of your life, of your minds, of whoever you are, and you are eating of me.


            What does that mean? There is an exchange of ideas, of emotion, of knowledge, and that is okay to have relationships with people, but the tree in the midst of you, your subconscious mind, do not have a relationship or an exchange of spirit with your subconscious mind, because if you enter into a relationship with your subconscious mind you will die.


            What does that mean? You will be divided from your relationship with Jehovah and Elohim.  Then the Serpent said to Eve. . .Oh, I believe it was Elohim in the Scriptures.


Genesis 3: Oh, Elohim, He is just telling you that because He is jealous, and He knows that in the day that you enter into a relationship with the tree in the midst of you, with your subconscious mind, not your conscious mind. (AT)


            When we have relationships with other people, these relationships are between our conscious mind, but the Serpent says that in the day that your conscious mind enters into a relationship with your subconscious, your inner mind, he knows that you will be like God.  Your eyes will open, and you will be like God. I want to tell you that that is what is happening today.


            This whole spiritual evolution is the Resurrection of the Unjust. When the conscious mind enters into a relationship with their unconscious mind, and I am not talking about Christ Jesus now, I am talking about natural humanity, it cuts us off from our relationship who is in heaven, and we die spiritually, but we also became as gods.  Therefore, we have a whole church full of people, only God knows how many thousands or millions there are, I have no idea, I just know a few of them personally.


            I was speaking to one woman last week who said, I am becoming more spiritual every day, and I do not doubt it for a second that she is becoming more spiritual every day, but I do not believe she is becoming spiritual in Christ Jesus. She is deeply engaged in the Resurrection of the Unjust.


            This woman calls herself Christian. She has been in the church for years. From her earliest years she went to Bible College, married a man who was a minister and was a missionary. She has been serving God her whole life, but she has been deceived by the Serpent within her, and she has entered into a relationship with the one who is in the midst of her that is not Christ Jesus.


            How do I know that? By the things that she says. For example, All power is within us. We can create our every need, our mind creates the response to our needs.  Did you hear her say, Jesus? My mind creates whatever I need. Serving God for over 40 years, deceived by the pride of her own mind.


            We have thousands, if not millions of Christians, who are ascending. They are having spiritual experiences, they are aware that they are ascending spiritually. The Scriptures clearly says there are two resurrections. They are just assuming that it is in God, and they will not know until the fruit of their marriage to their subconscious mind which, in this ministry, we have been calling the Dragon.


            The Dragon is the one that is typified by the spinal column, the one that connects the conscious mind, Leviathan, at the base of the spine, to the Serpent who is in the brain. When they all get together, when all the elements of the Serpent's household have an ingathering, when it all comes together, the Serpent, the Dragon, Leviathan, and Satan that person is going to be in what we would call full stature, and what is full stature?


            Let me give you another definition of full stature. I told you it is perfection. Let me give you another definition that will help you relate to what is happening in the false resurrection in the church, and to the people in the New Age who are having this experience.


            Full stature is the bypassing of the conscious mind. It is our conscious mind which is trained up by our society and by our parents who say, This is right and this is wrong. It is our conscious mind that reads the King James translation of the Bible and says, This is right and this is wrong.


            Our conscious mind, you have probably been hearing for years, is the mind, the will, and the emotions. We have a will power in the conscious mind that says,


I will not touch that, I will not touch it, I will not touch these spiritual things, something that I have been taught in my lifetime says this is wrong, I will not touch it.


            I am going to try and put this on the board for you. This is what is happening today, and it is happening. . . I am not even sure I made my point. Listen, the human race is evolving, we are maturing spiritually. As far as I know, very few of us who are ascending in Christ Jesus, but there are many who are ascending out of the Dragon, and then, of course, there are thousands if not millions in the world that do not even acknowledge that Jesus is God, who are ascending. They are ascending out of the subconscious mind of mortal man.


            I am going to try to stay way from words like the Dragon, because it is not my intention to put people off or to make them afraid or guilty or anything like that, so at least for this message and for some similar messages that I bring forth, I am going to be saying, subconscious mind.


            This could bring confusion, because there are two subconscious minds. We know here that the subconscious mind of the mortal man is the Dragon, and the subconscious mind of our New Man in Christ is Christ Jesus. I will try not to say, the Dragon because who ever this tape is going to I really hope to reach them without them feeling condemned, because I am saying your subconscious mind is the Dragon.


            We just develop these names as the Lord led us from step-to-step to understand what is happening. These strong names, like the Dragon, and Satan, and the Devil, I do not have to use these names when I am talking to somebody who does not believe this stuff. This is going to put them on the defensive. It will make them think I am attacking them saying that they are a Dragon or something.


            Brethren, this is the point, humanity is ascending. Not every single human being is ascending spiritually at once, but all of humanity is on an upsweep or on a sweep. I do not know if it is up or not, on a sweep of spiritual ascension or spiritual development. Even the people that would not know what I am talking about are being touched by it, because it is just all over the TV, all over the newspapers, and all forms of media. It is just everywhere.


            I turned the TV on for a few minutes last night, and I stopped at what looked like a detective program.  My mind just needed a break from all this spiritual stuff, and what do you think it was about?  It was about a detective who is very accomplished in some kind of martial art, and someone was being murdered in Chinatown. There was a controversary in Chinatown, and just to make it short it was all about this energy being harnessed.


            There was a man who I think succeeded in harnessing his energy, and it is, of course, personal energy combined with the energy in the atmosphere to such a degree that all he had to do was put his hand out like this to somebody, and they would die, but then the man he tried to kill like this also had this skill, but the man who was being victimized was good, and the other one was evil.


            We have here the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the harnessing of the energies plus the universe for the use of good or evil. I do not see Jesus in this anywhere. They do not know there is something beyond good and evil.  Check this out, I do not want to spend too much time on this.


            The man who was accomplished in this skill, because it takes a lifetime to get to this point, who had harnessed the energies for good, he was dying from cancer.  He had six months to live, and the evil man went to shoot him. That is what it is like, you are shooting them without a gun in your hand. They go like that, and you are supposed to die. He went to shoot him, and you could see the energy flying into the other man who was tied up, and he did not flinch, just looked back at him, and the evil one's power did not work, because good was greater than evil.


            Then, the very end of the whole episode is that the one that had harnessed the powers of the universe for good's sake was healed of his cancer, and you hear the people talking and they say, How did that happen, you were healed, you just took your X-ray and the tumor was gone, how did that happen?  He said, I do not know. Maybe when I sent his energy back the cancer went with it. When you pray with energy, brethren, you can heal the physical body.


            I have never doubted that there are healings or demons cast out by spiritual power other than the Lord Jesus Christ. It is simply the manipulation of energy. I have never denied this if you have known me a long time. It is all over the TV, but the most deadly, deadly thing of part of these programs is that especially to young children but even adults who are not really immersed in the things of God, they do not even realize what is happening to them, that a message is being imparted to them that there is nothing beyond good and evil.


            It is the wiping out of the message of Jesus Christ from their mind. We are being brought back down into superstition. The Resurrection of the Unjust is underway in great force, not only across the world but in the church, in the elements of the church who have run ahead of the anointing, or who have refused to confess their sin of pride and repent or both. 


            As far as I know there are very, very, very few who are ascending in Christ Jesus, and we are struggling, we are struggling, and I tell you that I pray every day. I just printed several articles off of the Internet.  I left it on xxxxx desk for you all, and I just threw myself before the Lord again saying, Lord, if I am deceived you have to turn me around.


            As far as I know, I am the first one that is out here in these pioneer paths. It is just really absolutely frightening what is out there in the church, and unless you know about a ministry like this, all you see is two choices. The church that is going after the New Age, ascending in the Resurrection of the Unjust, or the fundamental church that is still down there with all of their faith, they are down there in all kinds of spiritual darkness.


             If you are a spiritual person, and you have a hunger and thirst for spiritual things like we do here where do you go? You cannot be afraid to go on, you have to pray, tell the Lord that. . .I tell the Lord that I just lust for spiritual things.  I love the spirit, but I want nothing that is not of His spirit.


            I will stand without spiritual experiences until He gives it to me, and I believe that with all my heart and I, therefore, must believe that as I walk along this path that He has not hindered me, and that He is with me, I have to believe it.


            I am a very spiritual person. I have been spiritual all my life. I need spiritual knowledge and spiritual experiences to survive. There is nothing in this world that can replace that when you are a spiritual person.  It is not a crime not to be a spiritual person, but we all have to know who we are, and if you are a spiritual person, or you have become spiritual through your relationship with the Lord Jesus, you will be hungry for spiritual things.


            You just have to pray and believe God that He is with you, because Jesus is a spirit, God is a spirit, and those who worship Him must worship Him in spirit and truth. We are called to be spiritual. Paul said, You are spiritual. We cannot hold back because of fear. We must go forward praying every step of the way.


            I am going to try to show you what is happening in the world today, and it is happening to both resurrections. It is happening to those who are resurrecting in the Resurrection of the Just and those who are resurrecting in the spirit of the unjust. This is what resurrection is. It is the eclipsing or the bypassing of the conscious mind.


            This Drawing #1, I have divided the board into four quarters, and actually the D Quarter is divided into half.  That is what the 1 and 2 is. The left side of the board, A Quadrant, shows mortal man, that he has a conscious mind, he has a subconscious mind, and they are separate. This is mortal man that is not spiritual.


            In the B Quadrant, we see the subconscious mind of mortal man stretching out or dividing herself.  It is a form of spiritual incest. The subconscious mind is reaching out to overlay the conscious mind of man. This is really important. Lots of times I understand things, but I really do not have the words to explain them to you, and this is real important, because the Lord has just given me this.


            What is happening in the condition that we have been talking about for years, full stature or perfection, is that the conscious mind is being bypassed, is being pushed out of the way, because the only way we are going to become spiritual, whether it is in Christ or it is not in Christ, is for our conscious mind to come under the dominion of the spiritual part of us. The issue is, what spiritual part of us is going to dominate or overlay or marry our conscious mind?


            Will it be our subconscious mind which is a relative of the Serpent, or will it be our New Man, Christ Jesus. That is the issue. That is how we become spiritual. Our conscious, rational mind, must be made null and void and of none effect, and the process which is going to make our rational, conscious, mind null and void and of none effect is that she will be overlaid, and another mind will take her place.


            The reason, in the areas that you have trouble understanding or believing what I am talking about, is that your rational conscious mind is in the way, because spiritual things must be spiritually discerned. The rational mind will never understand them.  If you want to be spiritual, you have to get your rational mind out of the way.


            The Serpent wants us to be spiritual, and she is rising up through the part of herself called the Dragon or the subconscious mind of mortal man, and she is stretching out to overlay the conscious mind of mortal man so I have written here in Quadrant B, this is the subconscious mind eclipses, covers over, blocks the light of the conscious mind. I have marked the subconscious and the conscious mind in black.


            The part of the subconscious mind that expands out and becomes a husband to the conscious mind by laying on top of her, I have marked in blue. The subconscious mind marries the conscious mind.  The subconscious mind of the fallen man is female, so again this is not only spiritual incest, but it is an act of spiritual homosexuality, and this is the Resurrection of the Unjust. Marriage of your conscious rational mind in the female position as the bride to the subconscious mind of fallen man which is a form that the Serpent is in, in this particular spiritual realm.


            It is a marriage to the Serpent that does away with our rational mind and makes us spiritual through the spiritual source of the subconscious mind who was connected to the Serpent, and such a union cuts us off from a relationship with Jesus and the whole Godhead above, because you cannot be married to two men at the same time.  You can, but the Lord will cut you off.


            In this hour, many of us are married to two men at the same time. Paul clearly or the Lord says through Paul, Now, count not your marriage to the other guy.  If you look at that in Romans, Paul does not identify who your husband is. It is a mystery that your husband is the subconscious mind of man. We are all married to the Serpent. Now, act like you are not married to her any more, and start acting like you are married to the Lord Jesus.


            What does that mean? Stop having spiritual intercourse with the Serpent through Leviathan and the subconscious mind. That is more easily said than done but, nevertheless, that is the commandment.  By exercising the power that we have in Christ Jesus Paul said, Begin to do it.  He did not say there was condemnation upon you if you cannot do it, but what you are required to do is confess that you cannot do it in every area that you cannot do it which will bring down supernatural help from the Godhead above the firmament.


            If you cannot admit that you cannot do it, you are manifesting pride, and that is the one thing that will keep you from going on with God. If He gives us a commandment, that means it is possible to do it. Move that mountain, and it will go into the sea, but only with Christ Jesus helping us.  We must admit that we cannot do it without God, and then He will come in and together we will do it, but not instantaneously. It is a war of long duration.


            On the right side of the board, Quadrant C and D, I have drawn Christ and Christ Jesus in red.  I really am very limited with these boards. If you could recall or try to recall a previous drawing from a couple of weeks ago where I had the man, Nebuchadnezzar's man, up there and I showed you that Christ is in the fifth dimension, and that the fifth dimension is not just above us, but it is off to the side. Do you recall that the fifth dimension is off to the side?


            Here we see that Christ and Christ Jesus exist. Christ and Christ Jesus exist in this dimension every since when? Anybody know the answer?


            COMMENT:  Since the resurrection?


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Ever since the Lord Jesus Christ. . .I do not know about since His resurrection, but you were close.  Since He returned. He arose, He ascended into heaven, and He came back. He appeared as tongues of fire, and took up residency in the apostles.  Ever since that day, because the apostles started to pass on what they had, Christ Jesus is in this dimension, the third dimension.  He is here. He may not be in your neighbor, He may not be in your husband or your wife, but He is in this dimension.


            The black in Quadrant C, conscious mind and subconscious mind, is referring to all of the individual people in whom Christ Jesus either is not in them or is not overlaying them. You see in Quadrant D, #2 over here, this is perfection. This is full stature, what you see in D #2, not only Christ, but Christ Jesus. Not only the Christ of your conscious mind but Christ Jesus your subconscious mind, which is Christ in you married to Jesus and the whole Godhead above the firmament overlaying your conscious mind and the subconscious mind that you were born with.


            This is our goal, this is full stature, this is perfection.  Back up in Quadrant C, we see that the whole of Christ Jesus is available to us, but He may not be functioning in our life.  Quadrant D #1, we see the diagram of a person who is moving toward Christ Jesus. Their carnal mind, their conscious mind is open to the Lord Jesus, Christ has been formed in them, and Christ has a union with the Lord Jesus above.


            We are talking about someone who has a deep intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ, and Christ Jesus, and who is Christ Jesus? Christ Jesus is the entity or the being or the man, the Bible says the man, Christ Jesus, that is formed when Christ in you marries the Lord Jesus and through Him the whole Godhead above. Christ Jesus is a whole man. Christ in you and Christ in me is not a whole man. Not a whole man until He is married to the Godhead above. Christ in you and in me can be destroyed. I have talked about that for a long time now. He can be destroyed. The Godhead above can never be destroyed.


            Our immortality, if you want to look at it this way, hope no one is going to take me wrong, our immortality is not in the Christ that is rising in us because He is not immortal. He can die. What is rising in us is our potential for union with the immortal Godhead. The immortal Godhead above the firmament in the form of Jesus to us, who is attached to Michael, who is attached to Elohim, who is attached to Jehovah, He is not joining with your carnal mind.


            The Godhead is not joining with your carnal mind, but He will join with Christ in you.  Our immortality is not in the resurrection of Christ in us. Our immortality is in the marriage of that Christ to immortality. Not only is it not enough to get the Holy Spirit, it is not enough to have Christ raised from the dead in you. You have to marry the Godhead, and let me tell you something, there is not way you are going to be married to the Godhead and doing your own thing, because it is just not going to be.


            Either you are depending on your relationship with Jesus, I do not know how He decides, either you are going under severe judgment or He is going to let you go, but you are not going to have both. Is this clear? I think it is fairly clear.


            In Quadrant D on the left side, Part #1, we see the mortal man in black, and we see Christ Jesus drawing near to him. That is a Scriptural expression. God draws near to us. We do not draw near to God. We do not have the power to do it. He draws near to us. D#1 and D#2, he completely covers us over.


            I would like to read on to the tape our Alternate Translation of Hebrews 6:1-2. The King James translation is very inaccurate.


Hebrews 6:1-2: Therefore, let us go on to perfection. (AT)


            That is what we are talking about here in D#2.  That is what perfection is, our conscious, rational mind bypassed by being overlaid. We have had messages on this for a couple of years now. We have called it The Kingdom of the Two Heavens, the overlaying of our conscious mind by our New Man, Christ Jesus.


Hebrews 6:1-2: Therefore, let us go on to perfection, lest we renew the foundation of the carnal mind which faith in God has cast down. (AT)


            If you do not go on, you are going back. Faith in God has cast down your carnal mind, you are living out of Christ. How would someone not want to go on? They are disobedient. They do not want to give up their life, they do not want to follow Jesus where ever He goes. They do not want to be one of the virgins that follows Him where ever He goes.  Someone has to tell you that if you do not go on, you going back. Not many are preaching it, brethren.


            Therefore, let us go on to perfection lest we renew the foundation of the carnal mind. What is the foundation? It is the spiritual source upon which we incarnate, upon which we exist in this world. You cannot exist in this world without a spiritual foundation, which is a mind.  God is not casting down your mind unless He is giving you another mind so Christ is giving it to you, is rising from the dead in you, and as soon as Christ rises from the dead your carnal mind is cast down, and you now have a new foundation.


            If you do not build on that foundation, what does that mean? It means to come into obedience and marry the Godhead above. If you do not do it, the carnal mind that was cast down when Christ was raised in you is going to rise up and cast down Christ as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.


            Hebrews 6:1-2: Therefore, let us go on unto perfection lest we renew the foundation of the carnal mind which faith in God has cast down, and let us send forth the principles of the Doctrine of Christ which are the doctrine of baptisms, which is our new book, and the doctrine of laying on of hands. (KJV)


            Brethren, this is very poor translation. We know that in the Scriptures hand typifies mind. The doctrine of the laying on of hands that you see in the Pentecostal church for the impartation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is not what this Scripture is talking about. How do I know? This Scripture clearly says that it is talking about the Doctrine of Christ.  The laying on of hands for the impartation of the gifts of the spirit is a different animal.  Someone is going to get me on that one. It is not an animal, that was just a colloquialism.


            What we have in the Holy Spirit is a completely different experience than the experience that we have in Christ. This Scripture is talking about the Doctrine of Christ. It is not talking about the gifts of the Spirit. The Doctrine of Christ is the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures that has to do with the resurrected Christ, and when Christ is resurrected in us we are not dealing with the Holy Spirit any more, so what is the doctrine of laying on of hands?


            Hands in the Scriptures means mind. It is the doctrine of the overlaying of the carnal mind. When you come to a meeting like this, and you submit yourself to listen to what I have to say with an open mind, believing that I am a God-ordained preacher, the mind in me is overlaying your mind.


            If you come in here with enough strength that your own Christ mind is overlaying your carnal mind, if it happens it is only in and out, because that is one of the things we are doing here, to teach you how to repress your own carnal mind, but to the extent that your Christ mind is up, and we talked about this before, is because Christ in me is strong enough to join with your Christ mind to repress your carnal mind.


            As far as your carnal mind is concerned, Christ in you and Christ Jesus in me, together, we are overlaying your carnal mind.  As far as your Christ mind is concerned, Christ Jesus in me is overlaying your Christ mind so for this teaching relationship I am male even to your Christ mind who is female to me. We are overlaying your Christ mind and continuing to plant seeds which will strengthen and mature your Christ mind. This is the doctrine of the laying on of hands.


            It is a poor translation. It is the doctrine of the overlaying of your carnal mind and your subconscious mind that is of the Serpent. That is what it is. Any questions or comments on this board?


            COMMENTS: The state that we are in now on the board, is that D, the state that we are in now?


            PASTOR VITALE: No, this is the Resurrection of the Unjust. This is full stature in good or evil. I hope you are not in that condition, I do not think you are. The condition that we are in now is D #1. I believe that if you are in submission to this ministry or one like it, we are in condition D #1.  The Lord is drawing close unto us, He is drawing near unto us in preparation to overlay us, and when He overlays us permanently, He is overlaying you this morning through me. When He overlays you permanently, that is the marriage.


            Isaiah 13:10:  For the stars of heaven and the constellations thereof shall not give their light, the sun shall be darkened and is going forth, and the moon shall not cause her light to shine. (KJV)


            PASTOR VITALE: The sun of our existence is the subconscious mind, and the moon is our conscious mind. Our conscious mind is a reflection of our subconscious and unconscious mind. The people in this society are very strong willed. We have had more liberty than any other nation in the history of man. This is hard for us to understand, but it is the truth.


            It is the truth in the church, it is the truth in the world, and is just the truth that the decisions that we make with our conscious mind are orchestrated by our unconscious and our subconscious mind.


            It is a very rare person that exists who sits down and examines the facts and makes a rational decision as to what is in their best interest. This would be a very mature person in this world, Christian or otherwise, and there are not many. Most of our decisions are made by our emotions and unconscious influences that are upon us. It is just a fact of this world.


            The sun of this existence is the subconscious mind, and we call her the Dragon. She has incarnated all of us, and that which is a reflection of her is the conscious mind. She has incarnated us by the power of the Serpent. Jesus said, You are all Serpents. That is what He is talking about.


            And the stars that are not going to give their shining.  The stars are the spiritual individuals of this world. We have a conscious mind which is open, and everybody can see it, but we also have a spiritual individuality just as we have a conscious individuality.  That part of us is called the stars, and the stars of heaven will not give their shining.


            What that is saying is, not only will the conscious mind not be seen any more, but our spiritual individuality will be covered over too. Hopefully, we will be covered over by Christ, but one way or another our spiritual individuality is going to be married. We have to be married, because everyone in this realm is female. Everyone appearing in this dimension is spiritually female. We must be married to someone in a higher dimension. We have to be rooted in the fourth or fifth dimension to exist. Any questions on that? If not we will go on with the next one.


              Joel 3:15: The sun and the moon shall be darkened, and the stars shall withdraw their shining. (KJV)


            That is pretty much the same Scripture. The sun and the moon shall be darkened. The subconscious mind which is the sun of this existence, the one who incarnated this existence, and the moon, her reflection in this world, will be darkened.  This whole world is an image of the one who has formed the image. The one who has formed the image is the subconscious mind of the Dragon who has formed this world by the Serpent's power, and that is why Jesus said, You are all serpents.


            Spiritually speaking, we are Serpents, and the Serpents of this world will not shine when Christ Jesus takes over the world. Any questions or comments on that?


            Matthew 24:29: Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken. (KJV)


            We have some additional information here. The stars will fall from heaven, and the powers will fall also. We are talking about the spiritual individuals, they are going to fall.  This is talking about the spiritual men who are not spiritual in Christ. This is the end of the age, this is the world rolling up like a scroll and going out like a light.  We are all stars. Everyone that is a spiritual man is a star. Those of us who are covered over by Christ Jesus, we are not falling.  We are ascending above the firmament.


            Those of us who are spiritual men, we are the stars that are now married to Christ Jesus.  We are ascending above the firmament to the fifth dimension.  The spiritual men who are married to the Dragon or to their own subconscious mind are in the fourth dimension.  If you are married to your own subconscious mind, you are ascending into the fourth dimension.  If you marry Christ Jesus, you are ascending into the fifth dimension.


            The stars in the fourth dimension are going to fall when this world rolls up like a scroll and goes out like a light, and what did it say in the powers and principalities before? And the powers of heaven shall be shaken.  The significance of that is that the powers of heaven are a tree.  That is the King James translation. I want to suggest to you it should be reversed.


            The powers of the heaven, it does not say which heaven. It does not say whether it is the upper heaven or the lower heaven, but we know it is the lower heaven which is the fourth dimension. The powers which have formed the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, that is the Serpent and the Dragon.  It is going to be shaken, and what happens when you shake a tree?  What happens to the fruit? The fruit falls off, and what is the fruit of a tree? The fruit of both the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and of the Tree of Life is mind. The fruit of the tree is mind.


            This is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil which is being shaken.  It is the carnal minds that are falling off the tree. Praise the Lord. The carnal minds must be broken so that the human spirit can be released and flow out of the carnal mind and flow into the Christ mind.


            That is the purpose of the breaking of the heads of Leviathan. It is to release the human spirit so that the individual in whom this mind is dwelling can be renewed in the spirit of their mind.  It is not the carnal mind that is being renewed, but the spirit that is being renewed. The spirit is interwoven with, and one with, the mind that is forming her.  The mind is not being renewed.  The spirit is being renewed.


            She is going to leave off being formed into the carnal mind, and in her renewal she will be formed into the image of the Lord Jesus Christ by becoming the spirit of the Mind of Christ. Praise the Lord.


            We see that the judgment, because it is the wind that is shaking the tree, wind typifying spirit, spirit typifying the judgment of Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ of the Sons of God. The wind that is shaking the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil will result in the destruction of the carnal mind so that the human spirit might be released and free to worship though the mind of Christ.


            We see that judgment is a positive thing. Here is one more witness as to the positive fruit of the corrective judgment of Almighty God.


Luke 23:45:  And the sun was darkened and the veil of the temple was rent in the midst. (KJV)


            We have some more information here. When the sun is darkened, the sun is speaking about the subconscious mind of mortal man, not Christ Jesus, but the Dragon.  When it darkened, when it is covered over by Christ, the veil that is in the midst will be rent. What does this mean?


            Brethren, our conscious mind is the veil. We are under a judgment of death from Jehovah, but it was never His intention to wipe us out completely. It was always His intention that a remnant should be saved through which the whole spiritual root of the creation would be restored.


            As we found out in Genesis 11, He separated the Serpent from Leviathan. He separated us within our own selves.  He divided and separated out the various parts of the Serpent. Why? I think I said it earlier on this tape.


            The Serpent is in our brain, Leviathan is down at the base of the spine, Satan is in the fluid, she is flowing all through our body, and the Dragon is in between Leviathan and the Serpent. When all the energies of these aspects of the Serpent are gathered into one place a tremendous source of power will be available.


            This is what happens to the people who study occult. . .They teach them how to wield the power of their personal energies and the energies outside of them. They actually can kill with their mind. The same kind of thing, not that we are looking to kill with our mind, but the same ingathering of our energies is happening to the saints too.


            That is what the Scriptures are talking about when it talks about the ingathering, and we have saints all over this country that are having parties, calling it an ingathering of the saints. That is not what the Scriptures mean.


            It means a gathering in, a focusing to a single point of all of our energies as typified in a laser beam. We will be a weapon.  When all of our energies are gathered in and focused to a single point in Christ Jesus, we will be a weapon with sharp teeth. All the rapture people do not know what to do with that Scripture. Not for the purpose of killing people but for the purpose of destroying their carnal minds that they might rise into life also.


            What am I trying to tell you?  When Jehovah and Elohim at the Tower of Babel, in Genesis 11, arranged for the parts of the Serpent to be divided and separated to prevent this kind of awesome power from being unleashed in the creation, there was something that separated them, a veil, a dividing line, an object.  A veil was placed between the different parts of the Serpent, and what was erected was the conscious mind.


            I have to make a correction with regard to something I said a couple of minutes ago. I said that Jehovah divided or put a veil between the different parts of the Serpent, and I believe the Lord just told me that this is not the case. The veil divides the parts of the Serpent from the human spirit.


            The Serpent wants to get together with the Dragon and the human spirit and to produce a spiritually-criminal creation that is wielding a very great spiritual power.  I cannot re-teach the whole situation about the fall, but what happened was that when Adam died, the Serpent breathed in or absorbed the spirit that was Adam's remains, because you cannot kill spirit.


            Adam's spirit, which was really Elohim's breath, was nailed to the fallen creation, and the fallen creation is made of the waters which separated from the seed, and the waters are female to the seed.  Adam is the seed. The waters are female to the seed so the waters of the semen that departed from the male seed are the woman.


            The waters are the woman, and the woman twisted together with the earth to give herself substance, because when she departed from Adam, the seed, she lost her substance, so we see the waters twisted together with the earth to form ground, and then that ground breathed in the breath of life which was Adam's remains.


            When Jehovah erected the veil, He was veiling that human spirit, and the human spirit is throughout the entire body and throughout the entire mind, but the high place, the place of focus, the place of concentration where the human spirit is, is in the mind, because we are basically our mind.


            This body serves our mind, so in order to prevent the human spirit from being abused to the point that this creation. . . .I do not even have a vision of what this creation would have become if Jehovah did not arrange to veil the human spirit.  If the Serpent and the Dragon had full access to the power that is in the human spirit, I do not even understand what this creation would have become.


            All I know is that Jehovah and Elohim came down to look at what was happening, and Jehovah said, This cannot continue, we must stop the Serpent and the Dragon from their program of increasing in spiritual power, and the result of it was that Adam's breath was veiled in a mind called the carnal mind, and that carnal mind was joined to a female animal that was formed out of the clay that came into existence when the waters of the semen mixed together with the earth.


            We have a carnal mind in the midst of which is the human spirit. Paul says, Be ye renewed in the spirit of your mind, so our spirit is largely in our mind.  Of course, mind operates out of the brain, but the mind is spread throughout our entire being also, but the high place is the brain.


            We see that the carnal mind that is in fallen man is really the hiding place of the focused human spirit. That is why when the Christ mind starts to rise up in us, the human spirit must escape from her present husband, which is the carnal mind and marry Christ. She must flee from the carnal mind into the Christ mind, but for the purposes of this message the veil is separating.


            In our present condition, the human condition from the Dragon and from the Serpent, and it is this ignorance of the carnal mind that is not inclined toward spirituality.


            The veil of what is today the human spirit is keeping the human spirit in darkness. The carnal mind is anti-spiritual. The way the carnal mind thinks is the exact opposite of the way we must think to become spiritual.


            When the spiritual people of this world who are not spiritual in Christ, when they decide to increase spiritually, or when they receive disciples who want to become spiritual, they know and they teach their disciples that the way to spirituality, the path to spirituality is the suppression or the overlaying of the carnal mind. The carnal mind must get out of the way. Spirituality arises as a result of the overlaying of the carnal mind.


            The carnal mind must get out of the way, and then you become spiritual in the Serpent, but if you are arising in Christ, if Christ is arising in you, the carnal mind still has to be overlaying and put out of the way, but it is Christ that is overlaying your carnal mind, and the Dragon, and the Serpent, and I cannot get into the whole story now.


            My whole point is that the carnal mind is the veil which is over the human spirit that keeps him from participating in spiritual activity, because the power of God is resident in the human spirit, and, even in this fallen condition, Jehovah has declared that the Serpent will not have the full use of Adam's breath; however, legend tells us that from time to time, over the centuries, fallen man has managed to harness the full potential of the human spirit in an individual here or an individual there.


            There is a legend of tenth century India, this whole concept of the ascended masters, that is what we are talking about here.  Where the human spirit is unveiled, when the subconscious mind rises up and becomes strong enough to overlay the carnal mind and make use of the human spirit without the rational thinking of the carnal mind, that person has the potential to enter into a full stature of goodness or evil because without Christ we are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


            I think almost every eastern culture has a legend about some form of martial artist who went into some form of supernatural heights of power, because what happened to them was that they overcame their carnal mind, (End of tape 1 and a small portion of tape 2)

Tape 2

            What happened to them is that they overcame their carnal mind, and the Dragon connected with the human spirit and with the Serpent. They all linked up.  The household of the Serpent, become whole, fit, and furnished, and spiritual power was the fruit of it.  This is the veil of the temple. This is the veil that is being rent, the carnal mind is the veil that is being rent.


            The temple is where the human spirit is.  The carnal mind must be broken apart so that the human spirit can be freed up and joined fully with Christ.  There is such a thing as a free will in the individual. The free will in the individual, brethren, is in the woman. We are in parts. We are the woman, we are the carnal mind, we are the Dragon, we are the subconscious.


            Our unconscious mind is Satan, our subconscious mind is the Dragon, then we have a carnal mind. The human spirit takes on the identity of the mind that he is a part of. Our human spirit is a part of the carnal mind, but then we also are the woman, the woman who started this whole thing, who originally rebelled against Adam and withdrew from the seed of the semen.


            We are all of these things, and the part of us that has the ability to repent is the woman, and the part of us that has the memory of righteousness.  The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil does not have righteousness. It just has good or evil, but we have a memory of righteousness.


            I will talk about that in a few minutes, a memory of righteousness. I just want to say here that the memory of righteousness is in the woman.  Remember, the woman was the waters of Jehovah's semen. She was not the life. Adam was the life, but the waters were rich enough in the aspects of. . . I do not even know what word to use, but when we talk about human semen I know that you need a sperm to produce a life, but yet the waters of the human semen is rich in amino acids and all of the building blocks of this existence that we have here.


            The woman of the waters of the semen had something from Jehovah, but she did not have the ability to produce life, but she has a memory. There was a memory in the waters of the semen of what it was like when she was joined to righteousness, because Adam had righteousness. Adam was joined to Elohim and to Michael and to Jehovah. Adam had righteousness.  The waters of the semen has a memory of this righteousness. I hope I explained that so I am going to go on with this message.


            We are talking about the veil that was rent, the carnal mind, the rational mind which is veiling the human spirit and keeping him from becoming spiritual through union with the Dragon and the Serpent, keeping him a virgin.


            The rational, carnal mind that keeps us away from spiritual things is keeping our human spirit a virgin until the Holy Spirit comes and joins with him to produce Christ in that individual. There are tribes of people who have never heard of Jesus Christ that live in relative harmony. They have rules and regulations, there is provision for the children. In most case, no matter how primitive the tribes there is some form of marriage responsibility on the part of the male for the woman who brings his children into the world.


            Where does all this come from? It is something rising up from the inside of the individual, a memory of righteousness. It is not righteousness, but a memory of righteousness. If I do not have the law of God written in my heart then I can read the Bible that says, Thou shalt not commit adultery; therefore, I refuse your offer sir, because the Bible says I shall not commit adultery, and I will not do it, but it is not in my heart. I am not really strong enough to say, Now this is wrong, I do not care what the book says, I have a revelation in my heart that this is not right, get out of here.


            There are people everywhere that are not strong enough to say that. Maybe they even would like to commit adultery, but they have read the book, they are convinced it is of God, and they say, No, I am not going to do it. That is a memory of righteousness. Righteousness is something within your very being rising up and saying, This is wrong, adultery is wrong, it is destructive, it will hurt me, it will hurt everyone that I love, it is against God, it is bad for me, because I know that it is bad for me.


            Unfortunately, in our society the only kind of person that is going to have that kind of revelation really written in your heart is someone who has experienced it, someone who has committed adultery and found out how devastating it is. You are going to have one hard time getting a person like that to commit adultery.


            If they took the mis-step and lost their wife, and their family, and went down hill after that, you are going to have a lot of trouble getting that person to do it again if he had a second chance.  He has a wife and a family, and he has a personal memory of what adultery did to him. That is having the law written in your heart.


            The only way to get it today in this world is through that bad experience, but you do not have to have the bad experience. You can have the memory of righteousness. This can be taught you by your parents, you can be taught it in church, you can read it in the Bible. It is wrong, and I believe it, and something witnesses in me that it is wrong, and I will not do it.


            We have people all over the world who have that revelation, and they never heard of Jesus or at least, at one time, they never heard of Jesus. This is the provision that Jehovah left in the earth for mankind. This is the monument, this is the spirit that is the marker on our grave that says, He is coming back to get us. If you can hear it.


            There is a veil inside of us, everything is inside of us. There is a veil that is preventing us from fornicating or committing adultery with our own self-conscious mind. What is that veil? It is Christianity.


            I am spiritually speaking now, not talking about things like adultery. I am talking about spiritual things which is the subject of this message. Thou shalt eat of every tree of the garden but of the tree in the midst of you, you shall not eat because if you do, you shall surely die.


            Why is it that the Western world is so naive when it comes to spiritual things? Why is it that in India and Africa and all the other countries of the world have all these spiritual people and all these spiritual doctrines risen up, and we have been so dead spiritually in this country. Why?   The God of the Judeo-Christian Bible forbids dabbling in the kind of spirituality that is in the world today, because if we dabble in it we will die to our relationship with Jesus Christ.


            I know God's timing is perfect. That is what I am told, that God's timing is perfect, but sometimes. . . I am not going to get into that. Listen, brethren, it just seems to me, I guess I will say it. This is my opinion, I believe that this world is rolling forward on a time line, and it is rolling forward. This is why Jesus said, No man knows when the end is coming, only the Father in heaven knows, because it is not written in stone when the Sons of God will manifest. It is not written in stone.


            The people who are responsible to be the leaders of this movement, I do not know how many failed before me. How many failed before me?  It is not written in stone that I am going to go through, I hope I am, but the leaders that Jesus is raising up to lead the church into spirituality in Christ Jesus, they have been a long time getting here. I do not believe that Jesus ordained that this kind of teaching would not come forth one day before I started this public ministry. I do not believe that. I think there are probably other people that He went to, there were probably other people that He went to before Abraham.


            The only one this cannot be true of is Jesus, because it was prophesied that Jesus was the Messiah. It is not written in stone. This is the reason why the West appears and I guess is, in fact, retarded compared to the rest of the world. Christ Jesus has hindered us from developing spiritually until certain criteria were met whereby He would say, All right church, now you go forward with this spiritual growth. You have to go His way.


            You have to go on the path that He set up, we have an element in the church that got tired of waiting, and they are going off the way of the New Age.  Am I against the New Age? No, that is my way of telling you that there are thousands if not millions of Christians who are maturing through the subconscious mind of their fallen old man, because either they were not willing to wait for the Lord, or maybe the Lord wanted to raise them up as teachers of this message, but something hindered it from going forth.


            The only thing that I could think of is the refusal to give up their own ways and confess their pride and submit to God. I do not know. What I do know is there are thousands, if not millions, of Christians that are maturing spiritually through the subconscious mind of their old man. That I know, because they could not wait for Jesus.


            I can appreciate their not being able to wait but, of course, I do not think any of these people have it in their conscious mind that they deliberately did not wait. They think they found it, and the Bible says, If you are deceived, you are deceived by the pride of your own mind. That is all I know, what the Bible says.


            I also know that everyone of this category of Kingdom people that are ascending in the wrong mind, they have heard this message, and they do not want it so something is wrong, some kind of pride operating there.  I am not here to put them down today.


            We are talking about the veil. Judeo-Christian-Christian religion is retarded spiritually, because Jesus has said that there is a very narrow path through which you can safely ascend into spiritually maturity, and not that many are meeting the criteria. You have to confess your sins, you have to recognize your sin nature, and you have to war against it.


            It is a hard walk, it is a painful walk, not only confessing your sins but every person I know of that is even slightly open to this ministry has had a very hard life. It is a hard walk getting your sin nature crushed enough to be willing to give your life over to Jesus Christ. Simply by virtue of the condition we are born in, it takes a crushing to make us even willing to walk on this path.  The veil is our very own carnal mind that thinks rationally, that looks at spiritual things.


            I do not mean to offend you, but I would like to use something that you said to me once, okay? You probably do not even remember it, but it was you. About five years ago, I was talking about discerning the difference between light and dark, and someone said to me, Well, what is so hard about that, either it is daylight out or it is night time out. Do you remember saying that to me?


            I remember a well-known preacher today preaching that the Serpent had little legs, and he must have lost his legs, because now he is crawling on his belly. If we are not enlightened in a particular area we are not enlightened in a particular area. Discerning the difference between light and darkness is very hard, but we are talking about spiritual light and spiritual darkness.


            The carnal mind is rational. It does not think spiritual. It tries to translate everything into the natural, and what it does is grind our spiritual gears to a halt. Our carnal mind is a blockage, a hindrance to our spiritual growth, and Jehovah put it there.  When that Scriptures says, The veil was rent. . .I have not looked it up to see any other potential meanings of the word rent, but I believe that what that Scripture is talking about is that the veil was taken out of the way.


            That is the meaning of the Scripture, that it was taken out of the way. Why was it taken out of the way? So that there can be a communication between our human spirit, our spirituality, the stars which we are, can start directly communicating with the subconscious mind, because that is our spirituality. Spirit in us connecting to the spirit above, the Godhead, that is our spirituality.


            Our spirit is sealed off from functioning spiritually, because our spirit is part of the carnal mind. I, as a teacher in Christ, am saying this and all the spiritual teachers of the world, if you could hear it, are saying the same thing, because what they want to do is bypass your carnal mind. If you feel led to read books in the New Age or Hinduism or whatever you want to follow through, that is what they are doing.


            They are trying to bypass or eclipse the rational mind which opposes the things of the spirit.  When you come into Christ Jesus and the Lord says, Okay, you are qualified, let us go, come on we are going to ascend spiritually, you still have the same problems that the people in the New Age have, you still have a carnal mind that has not stopped interfering with your understanding of spiritual things.


            We have to wage war against this carnal mind. This carnal mind is programmed to keep us out of spiritual things and in this world. Our carnal mind is the veil that cuts us off from the spiritual world, she is programmed to do just that, and she is not going to stop. She has to be laid over, she has to be overlaid.


            Either Christ is going to overlay her or the Dragon is going to overlay her, and in the overlaying is the marriage as a man overlays a woman. That is the union, that is the marriage, that is the ascension either to the fourth or the fifth dimension depending on who your husband is.


            The veil that is taken away is the carnal mind, the veil that is rent. What does that mean? It is broken up. I guess that word is right. The carnal mind is going to be broken up so that the human spirit can be freed up and join with the Christ mind and the whole man, Christ Jesus. Our human spirit has to come out of the carnal mind so she is going to be overlaid and broken up. That is what the veil is. Is that not amazing?


            Even the Scripture that says, And Moses came down, and he had to be wearing a veil because the light that was shining from him would have blinded or frightened the people, whatever the Scripture says. The veil was his carnal mind. What it meant was that Moses came down from the mount, and he was still in the personality of that old man, Moses, who ran away scared from Egypt. That is the veil that was covering him, but the glory that was inside of him from his union with Jehovah, from his interaction with Jehovah, was so great that it was shining through his veil. Is that not what it says?


            They could see the anointing on him, that is what it means. The veil was his old mind. He kept his old mind, because the people could not have borne it, to have been dealing directly with Christ. There had to have been a manifestation of Christ there. The people could not have dealt with it.  One of the things we are doing here is tearing down your carnal mind, and it is no easy thing.  You are suffering, and I am suffering with you.


            Christ must arise and overlay your carnal mind for you to become spiritual, and that is what we are striving for. We are not striving to go to heaven and walk on streets of gold. We want our inheritance, that we should be converted into Christ in the flesh, manifestation, expressions of the Godhead on the earth. Not the fruit of the Serpent's tree, but the fruit of Elohim's tree.


            Elohim planted the tree, the Tree of Life. These are the two resurrections. Did we have one more Scripture or did we read all of them?


             Revelation 9:2:  And he opened the bottomless pit, and there arose a smoke out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit. (KJV)


            PASTOR VITALE: I have been saying for years that the locust coming out of the pit are the Sons of God. I remember when I first said that I was in a church where I was discipled, and I was severely criticized, but it is still true. It is the Sons of God arising out of the pit.  In this Scripture it says that the smoke ascended out of the pit.  Smoke is just another word for vapor, brethren. We are down here in the pit.


            The people who are fallen human beings who are ascending in Christ, we are down here in the pit, and all this judgment that we are going through is breaking our human spirit free, and our human spirit is ascending.


            The King James says smoke, but it means vapor. Our spirit is getting freed up and ascending. The pit was opened, that is our minds being opened to the spirit world. Please notice that it is not saying, the sun and the moon were darkened. It is saying, the sun and the air were darkened.  What does that mean, the sun and the air were darkened?  That is another whole message.


            I may just give you the introduction and finish tonight. Remember, the word darkened is referring to the overlaying, the smoke ascended. If there is going to be an overlaying we know it cannot be the human spirit alone. It must be the human spirit married to Christ Jesus overlaying the air.


            What does that mean? Brethren, the Serpent did not just form this world. The universes, everything that we could see, not only this galaxy, all this talk about Mars now, but all of the galaxies that are known to man, that are known and unknown, this is all the worlds that the Serpent formed in the pit. The whole world underneath the firmament.


            Everything underneath the firmament is the Serpent's worlds. Remember, the only reason she could do this was, because she stole the breath of life that was given to Adam. Do you remember that? She stole Adam's breath of life, she killed him and took his spirit. His spirit was imparted to Abel. She killed Abel, and she stole the spirit.


            This whole world in the abyss, including all the worlds out there, is formed with that breath of life. The carnal mind hears, breath of life, and it sounds like a breath, but it is not. It is great. The breath that was in Adam was great.


            Maybe you know something more than I do, but I know that I do not really have an honest conception of who or what Adam was at the beginning of time or what He is now. I know he was not a man like me. He was great. He was the king of the creation, all dominion was given to him. I cannot even imagine what he was or is, because he is restored now in the Lord Jesus.


            That breath that was stolen is permeating the entire world underneath the firmament which includes outer space and all of the planets that are rotating on the axis in outer space.  Outer space is not nothing. I have been preaching this for years, and we have a tape called the Power of Nothing, because now the scientists have discovered that outer space is not nothing. There is something there.


            As I swing my arms here this morning there is something here in the air, and it is called energy. I was reading one of the articles that I printed off the computer about this New Age phenomena, and it is an article written by one of the fundamental churches opposing it, and one of the things they said is, Christianity does not deal with energy, God is spirit, not energy.


            Brethren, spirit is energy. It is very hard. I do not intend this as a criticism. They are doing the best that they can to hold the line, and it is very hard to start dealing with these issues that are around today and be able to say, Yes God is energy, but I am not afraid to say it.  Spirit is energy, and I am not afraid to say it.


            The only reason I am not afraid to say it is, because by the grace of God He has given me the ability to see the line, but for those who cannot see the line they are afraid to say that spirit is energy but, brethren, spirit is energy.


            This whole world underneath the firmament, which includes all the galaxies, is existing under a cosmic sea. What does that mean? A sea of energy. That is why the Scripture calls us the islands.  Men are islands in the seas of energy, and it is in the air. The air is part of the energy sea or the cosmic sea, and outer space is a part of the cosmic sea. Energy is everywhere down here underneath the firmament in the abyss. Energy is permeating everything.


            I am going to talk for another five minutes, this is an introduction, and we will come back after dinner.  Brethren, Christ Jesus is doing more than covering over our carnal and subconscious minds. Let me put it to you this way. When Christ Jesus covers over our carnal and subconscious minds He is reclaiming all of Adam's breath that is in us. Can you hear that? He is taking possession of it. We have talked about this in other messages.


            He is binding it to Himself, because He is getting it back. What about all the energy in the atmosphere?  If Christ Jesus arises in you, He has all the energy in you. If He arises in you He has all of your energy. Even if He takes over all the people in the world He has all of the energy in the people.


            What about the energy in the atmosphere? What about the energy in outer space. Christ Jesus has come to receive back unto Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ every drop of breath that came out of His Son. How are we going to get back the breath of God that is in the atmosphere?  That Scripture leads us right into it, and the smoke covered over the air.


            I just gave an exhortation off the tape about how we become spiritual and what is spiritual? We defined being spiritual, and what we had to do, although this may be offensive to some people in the church, what we had to do, at least to help me really understand what spirit is, is to call it energy. A lot of people in the church are very frightened when they hear this word energy. It smacks of New Age, Occultism, but brethren the truth is that spirit is energy. Spirit is energy. The Holy Ghost and power, dunamis power, energy, the Holy Ghost is energy.


            This war that is coming our way is a spiritual war. The Lord has been educating us for spiritual warfare, those of us in this group anyway, for a long time. Everyone here has cast out demons and engaged in spiritual warfare, and we have all experienced deliverance, at least people laying hands on us for deliverance, and I think most of you here have experienced what I call, The war of the minds for the last few years as we become more spiritually sensitive. I have become, and you have to answer for yourself. I do not want to say we, because you have to answer for yourself, I know this is true of some of you.


            I have become aware of people's strong emotions toward me. People who are angry at me, people who are jealous of me, people who resent me, people who are competing with me. I cannot tell you that I know this all the time, but I have experienced being aware of sin manifesting in people towards me. I have been aware of it, and I sit quietly in my seat and pray against it, and unless you are in a program where I am showing you your sins, you will never know that I have prayed against you.


            We had somebody here. Actually, she was a Christian home care aid who was taking care of my father, and we were all siting around, lovely lady took care of my father before he died, and we were all sitting around Monday morning breakfast table, and there was spiritual talk going on and all of a sudden I heard an audible voice, competition.


            I want to remind you I am continuously growing. A year ago, this was more than a year ago, a year and a half ago I was not where I am now, and this very lovely Christian lady was, to my eyes, behaving very strangely. I did not understand what she was doing. What was her behavior? It was what she was saying and the animation of her arms when she was talking. I did not see anything that I could put my finger on in her words, but I knew that something was unusual in her behavior.


            I just did not know what it was, and I started hearing this audible voice, competition, competition, competition, I am looking around, and it took me a while because I was not too swift in those days, some times I am not too swift today.  It depends on what the Lord is trying to show me, and I realized that the woman was engaged in a spiritual competition.


            It has nothing to do with someone being a nice lady, it has nothing whatsoever to do with being a nice person because most people. . .and I am sure she had no idea that she was doing something wrong, but we are very advanced in this ministry, and this young lady was not anywhere near where we were.


            Carnal people, remember what Paul said, If you are competing with one another, if you are jealous of one another, if you are comparing your teacher to someone else's teacher and saying your teacher is best, what did Paul say this is? He said, it is carnality. You are immature, spiritually immature. That is what he said.


            Just about every person that I have ever met that falls into this category of immaturity just rises up in pride against the people in this ministry. Not only me, I have seen it happen to the other members here, but when it is happening to you, you do not always recognize that it is happening to you.  I know a couple of times with xxxxx I have pointed it out to her, and as an afterthought she has said to me, Well yes, now I see it, but when it was happening to me I did not realize it.


            It is typical. Just as you can predict what your two year old will do and what your three year old will do.  Brethren, it would be to your disadvantage if you are in denial as to the manifestation of sin in the typical Christian. It is to your detriment to deny that it is there.


            A lot of people do not understand what I am saying. They think I mean you have to condemn them, and just everybody seeking to live for God had rather be in denial than condemn the person, because they perceive the condemnation as sin, but they do not perceive the denial as sin.


            There is a third choice, and the third choice is to recognize what the person is doing without condemning them, and if you recognize what they are doing without condemning them and you say, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, you have taken the first step that will expose their sin to them and not necessarily through you. The Holy Ghost. . .I do not know if she had Christ or the Holy Ghost. God will take over, you do the first step. You say, I recognize what you are, and I rebuke you, and then the Holy Ghost takes over and brings the judgment on that person, which corrective judgment results in their maturation.


            That particular day, as soon as I heard Christ saying to me, competition, and He would not stop, because I was very sick on that day. Competition, competition, competition, and I finally put two and two together and realized that what I perceived as her unusual, not destructive, but unusual behavior was that she was competing spiritually with us.


            A particular issue had been raised by one of the people sitting around the breakfast table that this home care aide knew something about, and in her own mind she considered herself an expert in this field.  She just dove in and was going to show everybody what she knew.


            While we are giving this exhortation, examine yourself, if the shoe fits, repent. If you have to seize upon an opportunity to show someone what you know, what does that mean? It means that you are immature. Do I condemn you? No, I do not condemn you, but if you can recognize this in yourself ask the Lord to help you mature.


            This kind of impulse still raises up in me, but I will not yield to it. I start to wage war against it immediately, because I am determined only when Christ is speaking through me.  If my carnal nature is rising up determined to show you what I know and how smart I am, it is blocking out anything that Christ wants to do, because if that kind of thought is possessing your mind at the moment, Christ could be screaming at you, and you are not going to hear a word He says.


            Does anybody not know what I am talking about? This is immaturity. Work toward your maturation. If you can look at yourself, and if you ever do anything like this at all tell the Lord that you want to mature, that you want to recognize it on the moment, and you want the ability to war against it, because your primary goal is to speak only His words, if that is how you feel.


            I believe that if you are here, that is how you feel.  What am I saying to you?  Let me just finish out this testimony.  I finally got the revelation that she was competing with us, and I was not offended by it, just like you would not be offended by a child, but the fact is that it is sin, and we are supposed to be the Sons of God.


            This was not even a situation where I recognized it myself. Christ was speaking to me, declaring what was manifesting, so I was really obligated to do something about it, and I started waging war against it. Nothing was out in the open, it was just between me and God, so the Holy Ghost took over.


            I have not seen her in a long time, she left the area. It may not even have been the beginning of her judgment, but it may have been a contribution to her judgment.  I gave you that testimony for this reason, that the Lord is moving us on in our study of spiritual warfare. We learned to have discernment on the floor of the church when we were casting out demons, then we engaged in the warfare of the mind that was warring against us, negativity coming at us from another person, and now the Lord is bringing us one step further.


            When you encounter a person, whether it is in church or in a social situation, He is preparing to give us the ability to know who that person is by discerning the spirit on that person, by discerning, not necessarily an aggressive spirit. The person does not have to be angry at you. I have known for a long time that most of my discernment is about my enemies, people who are against me. That is most of the discernment that I get.


            When I am studying, when I am high in the spirit, when I go into these deep studies I do not even know what level of consciousness I am in, very high, I hear all kinds of things in the spirit, but I usually hear about my enemies. Sometimes, I hear about someone who needs prayer, and I pray for them, but I do not think I have ever had an experience where I have heard somebody there praying for Pastor Vitale.


            Please do not misunderstand me, I am not rebuking you at all. This is my experience, and I am not saying that you do not pray for me. I am saying there has to be someone somewhere praying for me, probably you all pray for me, but I have never in my height of the spirit heard someone praying for Pastor Vitale.


            Why do I not hear that? Because, apparently, I am not tuned enough to the spirit to hear that yet. Can you understand that anger is a much louder emotion than love? You should be able to understand that.


            What do I mean by loud? Spirit is energy, spirit is in the mid, it is an emotion. Anger is much stronger than love.  The Scriptures say in the Song of Solomon that love is stronger than death, but that is the love of God. That Christ is stronger than death, the carnal mind, but we are fallen, so Christ in me is growing up. He is growing up, and sound exists at different levels of pitch, whether it is higher or lower, and we hear the loudest sounds first.


            If you can think of our hearing as developing in us humans, our hearing is just as good as in infants unless you are losing your hearing when you are mature. If you could think of hearing as developing as the body grows, can you imagine a person with an infant Christ having a very small ability to hear, and as Christ matures His ability to hear increases.


            That is not true of humans, but it is true of Christ. The first thing that you hear is the loudest voices. Does that make sense to you? If your hearing is increasing continuously, the first thing you hear is the loudest voices, and anger, and rage, and hate and, every negative emotion whether it is coming from the conscious or the unconscious mind is the loudest spiritual communication.


            It is not really loud as we know loud. Just to give you another example, when you go on line you have to type everything that you say, and some people who are new at this will type in all capitals, and if they are talking to some one who is experienced at communicating on line they will say to that person typing in all capitals, Please stop shouting, I can hear you, you do not need to shout, you do not need to type in all capitals. It is called, shouting on line.


            When I talk about loudness, it does not necessarily have to be loudness as our human ears perceive loudness.  Christ's ability to hear is directly related to His maturity in us, and when we first start hearing in the spirit we hear the loudest voices first, and that is the negative voices which are the loudest voices.  As Christ matures we are going to start to hear the positive voices. This is what He is bringing us into now.


            You meet somebody and you say, It is nice to meet you, you shake their hand, and you know the place that I am right now is that I know whether they are genuine toward me, or they are having a negative reaction.


            Since this message is coming forth, I expect in the near future for the Lord to help me to understand how to differentiate the negativity, because it makes a big difference. You need to know if someone is just afraid of you, because a lot of people are afraid of me, and if people are not afraid of you now you have to know that they are going to be afraid of you, because Christ is fearsome, He is awesome.


            Most people are afraid of Him. They may not know what they are afraid of, but something about you puts them off.  You need to know whether they are just afraid of you, because they perceive the presence of God upon you or whether they are your enemy because they perceive the presence of God upon you, or they are jealous of you, or if they think you are threatening their position in the church. You need to know, Brethren, what this negativity is.


            If they are just afraid of you, or even if they feel threatened by you, you have the option to put their fears at rest. I think I told you once when we went to that camp meeting, you invited a friend of yours, and I perceived that she was very. . .I do not think she was afraid of me.  I think she felt that I did not like her.  That was a negative emotion, and I discerned it.  It was not true that I did not like her, so I went out of my way to make her feel comfortable.


            By the end of that night, she has been friendly to me every since.  I recognized that her negativity was not really against me, but that she perceived that I rejected her.  It was not true, so I made it right.  You are going to want to take care of that if the person has a misconception of how you feel about them, that is good for them, and it is good for you.


            Then you also need to know who is really your enemy, because we have enemies brethren. The Scripture clearly says that we have an enemy, and that is Satan. Where is Satan? Satan is in me, and the personality who is in complete agreement with the Satanic aspects of their mind is Satan to you.  This is just the truth.


            What do you do when you find out that someone is your enemy? Do you hurt them, do you hate them?  No, you put it before the Lord, and you say, Lord, I perceive this person is my enemy. If I am wrong please correct me, if I am right instruct me. I wish them no harm, but I will not stand here and let them kill me. It does not glorify you.  The Lord will tell you the level upon which they are your enemy.


            If they are your enemy in a human way, that is the least that could happen to you. If you are a musician, and they are a musician, and they are afraid that you are coming to take their position away, that is real easy to deal with if you are in Christ. If it was me, I would say, The job is all yours. I will never take your place. Unless the Lord makes a way for us to play together, it is all yours.  Then again, on the other hand, if the Lord moves you in, you have to go.


            That is another story, that is a different kind of a warfare. That is all carnal, human level, that is the least of your problems.


            If you find out the person is really an anti-Christ, maybe someone in your job, or if it is the local witch, or if it is one of your relatives who just hates your walk, and their witchcraft and their hatred is coming close to you on a deep unconscious level that they will never admit it to you, you have to learn how to deal with this, because the stronger their mind is the more likely it is going to affect your life.


            You have to start facing this, that people's minds, conscious and unconscious, can affect your life. They can make you sick, and they can cause you to have an accident. They can cause you to make wrong choices if you are not strong enough, and sometime if you are not strong enough, no matter how strong you are the day is going to come that you are going to meet someone stronger than you.


            You are going to have to know this, and you will never deal with it if you are not facing the fact that this situation is a reality. You have to know that it is real.  This is the next phase that we are coming into. To be able to discern the spirits that are not actively hating us, and know who the person is.


            Many times, you meet a person, and they are not doing anything to hurt you at all, but if you are spiritual you can recognize that they are an accident waiting to happen. Do you know what I'm talking about?   That somewhere down the line this person has the potential to get into a hassle with you, and if you pray about it now before it happens it may never happen, Lord willing.


            I do not know about you, but to me this is one of my greatest personal blessings of all the spiritual teaching that the Lord is giving me, to be able to deal with potential problems or problems just beginning to start in the spirit before it ever comes out into the natural, because so many people are in denial and completely blinded to what their mind is doing behind the veil of their conscious mind, that if you confronted them they would look at you like you were crazy.


            We have to know how to engage in this warfare in Christ. We do not want to get into witchcraft now. We do not want to be controlling people to make them do what we think they should do, but if they are attacking us that is a different story. I see the Lord bringing us into a whole new realm of almost preventative warfare.


            Another way to look at it is warfare on a deeper level. This warfare of the minds of people angry at us, this is a warfare that takes place before it comes into the natural. No one is banging on my door and saying, Come on outside and put your fists up. No one is doing that, but their anger is coming at me trying to crush me.


            The Lord has taught us how to deal with that, but now He is telling us it is possible to see this coming before the anger gathers up a momentum. If you can nip it in the bud before it gathers up any momentum and kill it right there, it is definitely preferable.  In this war of the minds, even though I win every one, and I will win every one so long as I am in a righteous standing with Christ Jesus, I cannot lose.


            I do get beat, I get hit, and I get hurt, so if you could stop it deeper in the spirit, maybe you will not get hurt.  The Lord is taking us deeper. How did I get into this exhortation when the message is supposed to be and The Smoke Covered The Air?


            We are talking about spirit, I see how I got into it. We are talking about spirit, brethren. This war is spiritual, and the enemy is spirit. God is spirit, we must worship Him in spirit and truth, and the enemy is spirit.


            We see all these people in the churches, God help me, I do not mean to mock them, but they have  to grow up. You cannot take your physical foot and act like you are grinding someone under it and take the victory over Satan. When you are a baby, Jesus will honor that act of faith, and Christ Jesus you are under my feet and you are dead, but we have to grow up because that power. . .What is the power that deals with the babies?


            The power who deals with the babies is the Holy Spirit. He is the one that takes care of the babies. The Holy Spirit is being withdrawn. He is already being withdrawn. What is the major sign that He is already being withdrawn? The counterfeit is already entrenched in the church in this false revival that is going on, with this false Holy Spirit.


            The Holy Spirit is still present. He has not been withdrawn completely. We were in a service on Friday, and that was the genuine Holy Spirit. Spiritual things flow, spirit flows. The Holy Spirit flowed into the church, and the Holy Spirit is flowing out of the church, and the Holy Spirit will be in specific places in the church until the last second that the Lord Jesus says that He should be there.


            At what point is the Holy Spirit removed from the church? The Holy Spirit is removed from the church at the point that Christ is being formed.  If Christ is being formed in you, and you are still trying to live out of the Holy Spirit, I want to tell you that He is being taken from you as a pacifier is taken from a baby.


            The Holy Spirit does many things for us. I was telling you today, I do not know whether it was on the tape or not, maybe not.  Every place the Lord sends us, in every assignment that He gives us, He has a primary purpose in it, and that primary purpose is always to build His church.


            It is never for your healing. If you are really in a service, if you are a sent one, everything He asks you to do is for Him, for Him, for His Kingdom, for His service, for His people, and then when you go and you do it, then you get secondary and tertiary benefits which can be healing and financial needs met, etc. He is #1. We are worms.


            You want to get the best out of life? Line yourself up with Jesus, and you are home free. Every need will be met if you have given your life over to serving Him, and His body, and His purposes, and His plan in the earth. That is the way it works.


            Want to get your needs met? Stop trying to get them met and serve God. That does not make any sense to the carnal mind, but that is how it works. I do not know why I put that exhortation in about being sent, but it is a good exhortation. Maybe somebody just needed to hear it.


            Listen, the Holy Spirit is withdrawn after Christ is conceived, and the believers have to start living out of Christ, but they do not. The pacifier has to be taken away from them, so if you go into a church where the genuine Holy Spirit is flowing as we were in on Friday morning, you know that Christ is not yet being formed in that church. When I say, Christ being formed in a church, does that mean He has to be in the process of being formed in every single person? No.


            I want to tell you that every church that is standing, Jesus Christ has a reason for that church standing, and that reason transcends. . .There are a group of people in this neighborhood that need a church to go to on Sunday. Maybe this was my point.


            Every church that is raised up under a genuine anointing of the Holy Ghost has been raised up for one specific purpose. It may be for one Son of God to come in and be trained, and during the years that that church is standing for that purpose there could be 500 people who pass through who are blessed, who are reconciled, who receive the Holy Ghost, who are taught, who are nurtured for the whole length that that church is standing, until that one Son of God is raised up.


            Maybe when that Son of God is raised up, another primary assignment comes into that church. If you looking at a church that is standing for 15-20 years, and it is an anointed church, and the anointing is genuine and strong,  then that original purpose is still flowing.


            Maybe there were 10 Sons of God that were to be raised up in that church. Maybe if the pastor is faithful and standing against the warfare that would close him down and strong, the Lord Jesus keeps giving him. . .Every time his assignment is completed the Lord Jesus gives him another assignment, because the man is faithful, and the church is standing in the flow of the Holy Spirit.  Somewhere along the line, in these last days, the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn completely from this physical world.


            I have to believe, because I believe God is righteous that that is not going to happen until every faithful person has conceived Christ. We were in a church for a luncheon on Friday, and the Holy Ghost was there in great power. Christ is not formed there. Maybe Christ just has to be formed in the pastor.


            I cannot tell you what the criteria is for the Lord to say, This church is now being translated from a Holy Ghost church to a Christ oriented church. That is Jesus' business, but I know that because of the presence of that Holy Ghost on Friday that that church, or the leadership of that church, or whoever it is that is ordained to have Christ raised up in them in that church, it does not have to be the pastor, it has not happened yet because it was a Pentecostal, Holy Ghost, powerfully-anointed church on that level of consciousness.


            What am I saying? The Holy Ghost will be in the earth until Jesus' every last purpose has been accomplished, until Jesus says, I have given every one that I intend to give a chance to transfer into the Christ life. You have all had your chance.


            Either Christ has been conceived in you, and you are not living out of Him, or for whatever reason He has not been conceived in you. When Jesus says, All righteousness has been fulfilled.  I have done my part, and whoever does not have Christ formed in them or in the process of being formed in them, it is because of your sin and not because of Me not fulfilling my obligation to you.


            At that point, the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn from each and every corner of the world, and this judgment is falling at different times, in different places, in different fellowships. You could have two churches on the same street, and the Holy Ghost has left one church but has not left the other one. Why? Because the church that He left, Jesus' purposes and opportunities have been fulfilled there, but He is not finished with what He is doing in the other church.


            Eventually, in the very near future, the Holy Spirit will be withdrawn, and every believer in whom Christ is formed will either start to live out of Christ or die spiritually. Many will die for lack of understanding, because the message is not in the church. The people do not even know that they are pregnant, and they do not know what to do about it. They do not know what to do about it, or they do not know what to do with it.


            This message is, And the Smoke Covered the Air. I am trying to bring you to a place where you understand spirit and where you understand that spirit is energy, dunamis power, energy.  As I told you in the exhortation at the end of Part #1 of this message before we went out to dinner, energy is laced, or woven, or interwoven with this entire world.


            When I say world, singular, I am not talking about the earth. I am talking about all of the worlds of the universes which are filling the lower half of this abyss that we exist in, because all of creation, Elohim's civilized man, fell down from the surface of the seas into the bottom of the sea.


            We are Atlantis dwelling under a cosmic sea, a sea of energy. That is how the Bible can call us islands. We are pieces of land in the midst of a cosmic sea, and the cosmic sea is vast. We do not even know how vast the galaxies are out there. This is all in the pit, this is all the Serpent's world.


            When the Scripture says, And The Smoke Covered The Air, what it is saying is, and the smoke covered the energy in the air. Smoke covered the breath. Remember, this whole world, the Serpent's formation of Elohim's energy is based upon Elohim's breath, breath, air. Everything in the atmosphere and every drop of energy in this cosmic sea is what is meant by that Scripture. And the smoke covered the energy of this world, and the smoke covered the energy of this world.


            Brethren, I have not looked at the Greek on this. I am preaching a message to you that the Lord had given me before that Scripture even surfaced this morning. He just gave me a Scriptural witness to it.  This is the principle that I hope to build upon.


            Listen, Christ being formed in the individual is taking back Elohim's breath that was stolen by the Serpent. The Serpent could not have formed this world without an energy source. The Serpent was the waters of the creation plus the earth, but she needed Elohim's breath to build a world and to impart consciousness to that world.


            Jehovah has sent Jesus to get back every drop of that breath, and He is starting with the church.  In your case, He is starting with you. I know what my point was in saying, when you are sent for a specific purpose there is a primary purpose that. . . Jehovah's primary purpose in sending Jesus into this fallen world is to get His Son back. What remains of His Son?  What remains of Jehovah's Son is what is known as the energy source that gives consciousness to this world. Can you hear that?


            This is why Joel 3:3 talks about making a young man into a harlot. Adam is the young man that was slain, and his remains, his breath, have been completely prostituted by the Serpent and used to form a corrupt and perverse world.  That breath is not as a human breath. It is not like that. It is powerful, it is glorious, it is the breath of the Son of God.  It is so great that it has not only given conscious to this world and the beings of this world, but to all of the galaxies out there.


            Whatever exists out there, it all exists because of Elohim's breath, and Jesus has been sent to get it all back, and He is starting with you, and you.  When the Holy Spirit enters into you, brethren, He has a primary assignment.  Remember, the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus Christ that is down here in the earth. It is His blood that is down here in the earth. He is above. Jesus is above, He has ascended. He sent His blood down to give His blood to the unregenerate, to the heathen, to the Gentiles.


            His primary assignment is get back the remains of My Son. Do not start with the energy that is in the atmosphere. Do not start by recovering the breath that is in the atmosphere, but start by recovering that part of My Son's breath which is in man and, in particular, in the man of My church and the people who receive Me by faith.


            The Holy Spirit comes into you, you are reconciled to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ, and you think that He sent the Lord Jesus Christ to save your animal body. The Holy Spirit is sent to get back Elohim's breath. Only Elohim's breath is in you, and when the Holy Spirit comes to you He is saying,


I have a message for you from Jehovah. He is going to take back what is giving you consciousness, whether you go with it or not, but I am giving you an opportunity to come with it, to come with the breath of life that gives you consciousness. You do not have to die. I could kill you and take it back, because you are just the animal that the Serpent formed out of this energy source that is my Son, but I am going to give you a chance to come back with my Son.


            He is talking to your personality now, not your animal body or your animal mind. The Holy Spirit's primary purpose is to conceive Christ in you, and once that purpose is accomplished the Holy Spirit is being withdrawn.


            Jehovah has a plan. I do not understand the extent of it. I do not understand how the decisions are made, but when the decision is made that every opportunity has been granted for people to conceive Christ, and that is the end of the line, the Holy Spirit is being taken back. He is not babying you. He will save your soul or your personality as a secondary or tertiary result of getting back His Son, but retrieving the remains of His Son is His #1 primary concern.


            He will heal you, He will deliver you, He will help your finances, He may even save your personality, but these events are secondary and tertiary to Jehovah's primary focus.  You have to face this, because it is those people in the church that think too highly of themselves that are causing people to stumble. You have to know the great danger that you are in of being left behind, because your pride is telling you, My God would never leave me behind. Want to bet?


            He will leave you behind. Many will be left behind. He said:


Look, this is the way out. I am starting the column now. We are marching out of here. I will baby you this much, I will baby you that much, I will put up with you that long, and I understand that you are just dust, but this is as far as I am going to go, because there is no way that I am staying because you refuse to leave. I am going. You refuse to go? Then stay. You are not going to burn in hell forever, you will live out your life, and that will be the end.


            The smoke covered the air. Listen, Christ begins to be formed in you, and He begins to bond Himself to the threads of energy in your being. I have a lot of messages on this. I cannot preach it again. The threads of your energy, of your consciousness that gives you animation and mind are bound to your cerebral cortex. That is why the cerebral cortex is so expanded and hydrated as compared to the cerebellum.


            I am not really sure at this point what the function of the Holy Spirit is, and what is the function of Christ. I may be going back and forth, because I am not really sure.  What is happening to us is that our spirit is being transferred from the cerebral cortex to the cerebellum, because the cerebral cortex is dominated by the Serpent, and the cerebellum is dominated by Christ Jesus.


            Our cerebral cortex is dehydrating, and our cerebellum is hydrating. Listen, spiritual things are not linear. A multiplicity of things can be happening at one time.


            When Christ or Christ Jesus, I do not have my names straight at this point, but when enough of our human spirit has been bonded to Christ thereby, if you can hear this now, saving that part of us, saving our spirit through union or marriage to Christ a thread at a time, at some point it will be declared safe for us to vibrate beyond our bodies.  We had all of those Scriptures on a recent message and, When I call, they will vibrate out of their. . .Do you remember what prophet that was in? I really do not want to check it out unless you can find it.


            When enough of our human spirit is safely bonded, interwoven with, twisted together with, when Christ is sufficiently bonded to enough of our human spirit, I do not know what that measurement is, I do not know what the test is, I do not know what the criteria is, and I cannot give you any sign of it. I am just here today to tell you that it is happening, and it is going to happen, and it may be happening already, I do not know.


            We are going to vibrate out of our bodies, and we are going to start bonding to Elohim's breath that is in the atmosphere of this world.  I am going to say it again.


            Jesus' #1 assignment for being in the earth is to retrieve Elohim's breath, His breath in you, His breath in me, His breath in the atmosphere, and His breath in outer space. That is what the Scripture talks about when it says, This world is going out like a light.


            The spirit, Elohim's breath, the consciousness of this world, is being absorbed into Christ, then Christ is going to ascend into the world above the firmament, and there will be no light left in this world.  That is my foundation. I want to talk to you about how this is going to happen. Is there any question at this point? Does anyone not know what I am talking about here? This is an awesome revelation.


            Brethren, what we know as salvation ascends way beyond our personal needs. It is so much greater than our personality, and I am not in any way putting you down. If you have a financial problem or if you are sick, I have been sick, I have been financially oppressed. It is very painful, but I am telling you that Jehovah's plan so far transcends our personal needs that it is an incredible miracle that He is concerned enough with us to give us these secondary and tertiary benefits, because He is in our life for the specific purpose of retrieving His son. Do you understand what I am saying?


            What an incredible act of a merciful God to even be bothered with it. If it was the Serpent, if the tables were turned, she would just come in and kill us and take that breath back. She would not care if we died or if we suffered while we were dying. Listen, I am going to say this again.


            We, outside of Christ being formed in us, are the animals that Elohim's breath has been formed into. We are a perversion, but when we give ourselves to Christ Jesus, when we give Him our lives, when we line ourselves up, when you think of us as stars or heavenly bodies, when we line up with Jesus above and Christ in us, we become one with the Godhead.


            That which was a perverse animal, good for nothing but to be burned, a perverse animal with an animal nature, with a bestial nature, now becomes a glorious Son of God, because we have utterly submitted our perversion to the glorious Son of God who now covers us, who has married us, who is marrying us, who is One with us, we live through His life, and forever we shall be with the Lord.


            If you have heard condemnation in what I just said, you have not heard me.  Roll the tape back and listen to it again. There is no condemnation, but I am telling you the truth. I told you the truth of our condition, of what we are. Jesus told the Pharisees that they were Serpents and Vipers, and He meant what He was talking about.  The Serpent is an animal. That was my foundation.


            Brethren, the time has come that both in Christian and non-Christians the time for love has come, spiritual maturity is at hand, marriage is on the horizon, and as the individuals mature they will either marry Christ Jesus. . .(End of Tape 2)


Tape 3

             They will either marry Christ Jesus and go on to be a part of the glorious program that is not only saving their own personality, but they will be a part of the program that is gathering or ingathering the breath of Elohim's life from this entire universe. My mind cannot comprehend it.


            I will tell you what I am up to. I am up to Him gathering my spirit unto Himself, and now He is preparing me for this experience of vibrating out of my own body and starting to dominate the spirit in the atmosphere.  Listen to me before you shut off the tape. You read New Age writings, read New Age writings, find out what they are trying to accomplish. They are trying to accomplish linking their spirit, the spirit of their person, with the spirit of the world. This is their goal. They want to accomplish it. They believe and, in fact, I believe it has empowered them, to whatever degree, it has empowered them.


            I will say it again. The goal of people who are dealing with energy, and it is mostly the Eastern nations, the Hindus, the Chinese, the Japanese, it is mostly the Eastern nations. I am not against anybody, I am just telling you. All of these Martial Arts. I know I was in deliverance for a long time, and we were taught that the people who excel in Martial Arts, that it is demons that give them their power.


            That made some sense to me that it is demons that gave them their power, but I did not understand how it happened. I did not really understand how demons gave them all this power. Now, I understand. It is on the earlier part of this tape. Through this Martial Arts training their conscious mind is repressed, and their subconscious mind comes to the surface.  It is not really demons. It is really their subconscious mind who is the Dragon who has incarnated all of the people in this world except the ones specifically incarnated by Jesus.


            Their true nature, the one who incarnated them, has entered into their garden and is eating of their fruit and living through them and, therefore, the fruit, the human being out here in the physical realm receives supernatural power to move the limbs of the body at a speed that is not human.  They look human, and they are still human but at the moment that this ability stirs up in them, what has happened is that their carnal mind goes down, their subconscious mind comes up, and a being, an entity is literally living through them.


            That is their god, the one who incarnated them. Is that making any sense to you? They move with supernatural speed and supernatural strength, and part of the process that brings them to this condition is the linking of their own human spirit with the spirit of the world.  The subconscious mind rises up, covers over the conscious mind and links up with the energies in the atmosphere and of the planet, the earth, the energy of the earth.


            These people that have accomplished this are drawing on energies that transcend their own personal energy. They are drawing on all of the energy that is in the earth. They are supermen, the ones who accomplish this.  Listen to me, what happened to them is that their subconscious mind is completely bonded to their human spirit, she has vibrated out of their body and made a link or a liaison with the energy in the earth, and the earth prevails.


            I have this on another tape. This is the Cain company, and he was enslaved by the earth, but there is an Abel company, you see, who is not linked to the energy of the earth which is really the Serpent. There is an Abel company whose energy, whose spirit is linked to the teacher above. That is the translation in one of the Scriptures in Genesis.  I do not believe I have taught it to you yet. It is Genesis 4.


            There is an Abel company whose spirit is interwoven with Christ, and when we ascend out of our body, when our consciousness ascends out of our body we are also linking with the earth, but we are linking with the earth in a different configuration. Brethren, configuration is the name of the game, who dominates, who is in authority.


            When the Cain company vibrates out of their body and links with the earth, the earth is male to the individual. The energy of the earth is male to the energy of the individual that is vibrating forth, but when the spirit that is bonded to Christ vibrates forth and links with the energy of the earth and the atmosphere, Christ is King. Can you hear me? Let me see if I can get it on the board for you?


            We have on the board Drawing #2, A and B, the Cain company and the Abel company.  Brethren, as man matures, as we become spiritual, our energy ascends up into our brain. If you are a Christian, and this is offending you I do not know how you got this far into the tape, but there is a truth in the Eastern teachings.


            Our energy is ascending up into our brain and it, eventually, will pierce through our skull, pass through the opening in our skull, and link with the energy of the cosmic sea that we exist in.


            This is going to happen to everyone who spiritually matures whether they are in Christ or not in Christ, because this is what spiritual maturity is. It is ascension out of the prison houses that we are in, and the prison house is on two levels. It is in this physical body, and it is our carnal mind.


            Our consciousness is imprisoned in our carnal mind, which is imprisoned in our physical body, and spiritual maturity is liberation from this spiritual jail that we are. The way we are liberated is not by our bodies flying away, but by our consciousness which is our human spirit ascending into our brain and beyond our brain. Actually, vibrating out of the top of our head and linking with the energy of the atmosphere and of the earth, which is all one energy source.


            There is one energy source, in the ground and in the atmosphere. The internal energy will link with or marry the external energy.  The man whose consciousness ascends without having bonded to Christ when he vibrates into the atmosphere will become one with the earth and the atmosphere. It is the same principle as saying, If I take a cup of water, and I dump it into the sea, how will you find the cup of water? It will merge with the sea. There will be no difference.


            The unregenerate man even if he thinks he is in Christ, mind control will not get you here now.  If your consciousness ascends out of the top of your head, I do not care if you think you are bonded to Christ, if you are not bonded to Christ your internal energy is dumping into this cosmic sea.  As your energy dumps into the cosmic sea. . .I guess I have to make some adjustments to this drawing here.


            The cosmic sea is dumping into you, and you will have a river flowing through you.  It is easier to make this point on Side B. If your personal energy is bonded to Christ Jesus, when your personal energy ascends out of the top of your head the energy of the earth, the energy of this world, you are not going to dump into this sea and be swallowed up by the sea.  Christ who is bonded to your energy is going to dominate the cosmic sea that we dwell in and will rule and reign over the energy of this world which has a name, the Serpent.


            The Lord just showed me something that I did not realize when I was putting this on the board.  As our consciousness, which is our spirit, ascends out of the top of our head the cosmic sea that we are dwelling in is gushing down inside of us, and this is the establishing of the free-flowing spirit known either as the river of death or the River of Life.  It is what someone who is spiritual can see as an aura. It is a cosmic sea that is circulating through you as a free-flowing river.


            When your virginity is pierced, your consciousness is going to ascend into the world of energy that is outside of us. This physical body is a veil that protects us from the energy of the earth that is outside of us, but we are about to be penetrated. The energy that is inside of us is coming out, and the energy that is outside of us is coming in.  There is going to be established a free-flowing river.


            If you are penetrated, if your virginity is penetrated, and your energy is not bonded to Christ, if Christ was never formed in you, or if He was formed in you, but you did not live out of Him, your consciousness in the form of spirit when your virginity is penetrated and your consciousness ascends into the world of spirit that is outside of this body.  The spirit that is in the earth and in the atmosphere is the same energy that is in the earth, and the atmosphere starts gushing into the opening. The part of you that was opened, there will be erected in you a free flow through you of the energies of the atmosphere which will join with the energies within you and will be flowing through you. Can anybody not see this?


            The drawing should show it to you. I am not the best artist, but that is what I am trying to show you here. It will be a free flow of the energies of this world, earth energies, and you will be enslaved by the earth.  On the other hand and this, of course, is the Jordan, the river of death. I probably have drawn the path of this river incorrectly, because if I see the river entering into the top of your head I do not really know where it is exiting out.


            I am really not going to be re-doing this whole drawing, but I think the Lord is telling me that the path of the river, as you can see I have it down to the seat of the man, but the path of the river will stay through his head. The river will flow in a circle. I guess I will have to do the drawing over.


            I have changed how I have portrayed the river in accordance with an image that the Lord flashed on my mind as I was preaching. It should not be amazing, but I am absolutely amazed at how this looks exactly like the images in the Hindu books. I am telling you, everyone listening to this tape and everyone here, that I have drawn the path of this river as the image of it was flashed on my mind by the Lord, and I had no thought toward the images in the books of Hinduism until I looked at what I had drawn.


            I have seen these images in the books on Hinduism, and I really did not understand what I was looking at. When I saw this image on the top of the head of the image in the book of Hinduism, what I thought it meant was that it was the person's own energy that was now ascended so high that it was just vibrating on top of his head. I never realized that it depicted the union of the internal with the external energies that, once that union took place, would flow through the person's mind like a river.


            Yet, I should have realized that, because I have read Hindu books, and they talk about the linking of the internal and the external energy, but this just never occurred to me until the Lord flashed this image on my mind.


            The enlightened person, the liberated man, how are you liberated? Your spirit is liberated. When your spirit is liberated, it ascends out of the prison house of this body and this carnal mind, it links with the earth energy in the atmosphere, and you become married to the energy of this world.


            If your internal energy ascends unmarried, you will now become the wife of the energy of this world, and the name of the energy of this world is the Serpent. You will be married to the Serpent and forever you will be with the Serpent.


            I just quoted a play on the Scriptures. I cannot tell you that there is no hope for you after this because I do not know. I have no personal word from the Lord as to whether or not there is any hope for you once you come into this condition. I honestly do not know.


            On the right side of the board we see the man whose personal energy has ascended in a married condition. If your energy is bonded to Christ, if you are already married to the Lord Jesus above, if Christ is raised in you and already married to the Lord Jesus above when your consciousness ascends out of the top of your head, you are still liking with the earth energy. You are still liking with the earth energy, but the issue is, who is male to whom? Everything is in relationship.


            On Drawing A, your consciousness is not married to Christ. It ascends as female energy, and is married by the Serpent who is female but taking a male role to you, and you become the bride of the Serpent.  You are enslaved by the earth, but in Drawing B if your personal energy is already married to Christ Jesus who is King over every other source. . . .there is. . . that is not right.


            There is only one source of energy, and that is God.  I will not get into that right now. All energy is of God, it is all Elohim's energy. The fact is that there was a division of this energy which resulted in another timeline being formed, a criminal, illegal timeline which is a dying timeline.  That is the world that we are in.  There is only one source of energy. It is Elohim's energy.


            We have a million tapes on how the energy divided, and I am not going to go into that now. If your personal energy is married, bonded, to Christ Jesus as you ascend out of the top of your head when you link with the earth energy of this world, you are not ascending or linking as a female, because Christ Jesus is male to every manifestation of energy where ever it is appearing. I do not know how to make it any simpler.


            The man who ascends without Christ Jesus is ascending as female energy to be married to the energy of the earth, which is the Serpent, and the man who ascends in Christ Jesus, who is already married to Christ Jesus who is the male, God appointed King of this whole world, because Christ Jesus is the resurrected Adam in this generation, you ascend into the atmosphere as male to the female energy in the atmosphere.


            There is going to be a linking, a marriage, of your personal energy to the earth energy which is in the atmosphere, in the earth.  It is everywhere, the energy of the earth. Even if it is in the atmosphere, it is still a part of the earth. There is going to be a marriage of the internal and external energy. It is coming.


            The whole question is whether or not you are male or female in this marriage, and if you are female in this marriage you are part of the Cain company, and you are enslaved by the earth.  If you are male in this marriage, you are part of the Abel company who has smeared together with the teacher from above, Genesis 4, who is Jesus. Jesus and Michael are now one.  You are dominating the criminal energy that has formed this world.


            The whole significance of Revelation 12 with the sun-clad woman being in right moral order with the moon under her feet, however else it reads in Revelation 17, the whole significance of that is that Michael and His angels fought, and the Dragon and his angels fought. The warfare only comes when the woman is in the right moral order.


            This woman who is in the right moral order will dominate the earth energy. Of course, we are the woman compared to Christ, but our consciousness is married to Christ so the woman, the personality that is married to Christ will ascend into the atmosphere, into the earth energy protected by her husband. She will come out dominating the criminal energy which has formed this world and not subject to it.


            Remember, Jesus' primary assignment from Jehovah is to re-gather or gather into Himself the whole of Elohim's breath that was stolen, and that is your purpose as you ascend into full stature and your personal energy links with the external energy. Your primary assignment is to bond yourself to as much of the energy in the atmosphere as you can.


            I do not really have much information about that at this time, but that is your primary function. Your secondary, and tertiary function and benefit is that you will stop dying, your every need will be met, there will be no more sickness. I believe we will be in a position to help our natural family. There has to be some provision for them in there somehow.


            The reason I hesitate is that I do not know what kind of power we will have over a son or a daughter or a husband who refuses to come. That was why I hesitated, but there will be power to help our families, but that is only secondary and tertiary. You have  to know that your primary assignment is for the benefit of Jehovah, that you are serving Him, and that you are willing to sacrifice anything that He asks you to sacrifice, because He would not ask you to leave xxxxx unless there was someone provided to take care of her. He would not do it, but in your heart, you have to be ready to leave anything He asks you to leave.


            Of course, in the case of xxxxx, you do not leave a dependent unless that provision is obviously there, and she is in safe hands because, of course, we do not want to be seduced by some lying spirit that says, leave your child that God has promised to take care of her, and she starves to death. You do not leave until she is established in her safe place. Now xxxxx, for those of you listening to the tape, is a physical adult but a retarded young woman.


            I really have a problem believing God would ask someone to leave a physical infant. He could do anything, but I have a problem believing that. I do not know whether you could see it or not, but I see the difference between xxxxx and a physical child that needs its mother.


            That is an awesome drawing. I never thought I would be drawing just like the pictures in the Hindu books. What a shock to me. I did not realize what those circles in the head indicated.  I am telling you I read all the books, but it did not click, it did not click. I am glad it did not click in Hinduism.  I am glad it clicked in Christ.  Did I make my point? Do you understand what I am talking about?


            My mind is being blown, because it was just a few years ago, could not have been more than 3-4 years ago, I was preaching on full stature, and somebody was asking me about the other two stages of resurrection. I did not have the revelation of the 12 levels of consciousness at that time. I was just into three stages of resurrection, and I did not have any information beyond full stature.  I remember telling them, The Lord is not talking to me about this stuff, because we are not ready for that. The next step is full stature, and that is all He is talking to me about.


            Well, here it is. It cannot be more than 3-4 years later, and we are getting all this information here, and we are not in full stature yet.  It looks like we are getting all this information even before we ascend into full stature. Is that not incredible? Any questions or comments on this?


            We have two Scriptures on the board.


Micah 7:17:  They shall lick the dust like a Serpent, they shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth, they shall be afraid of the Lord our God and shall fear because of Thee. (KJV)


             PASTOR VITALE: They shall move out of their holes like worms of the earth.


Acts 5:15: In so much that they brought forth the sick into the streets and lay them on beds and couches, that at least the shadow of Peter passing by might fall on some of them. (KJV)


             We see that what the Bible calls a shadow is what the spiritual people of the world would call an aura. I believe it is the same thing, a different spirit, but the same experience.


            When our consciousness links with the consciousness of the earth there will be a visible manifestation of this linking. Apparently, there is a reality to this before we actually reach this high point, because some people who are spiritual (It is usually not people in the church.  I cannot see auras), they see auras around people before we are fully linked with the world, so there is an aura.


            I believe when Peter's shadow was seen, it was that Peter was in this condition, and that this River of Life is the shadow that was seen. I do not have all the information, but I know that there are people today who are into the manipulation of energy whether it is through the Martial Arts or Hinduism or what ever they are practicing or studying.


            They claim, and I am sure they have had an experience, that they have become spiritual and are linked with the energy of the earth, so the only thing I could say to you now since my information is limited is based on everything that the Lord has shown me over the years.  My guess would be that these people who are linked, who claim to be linked to the energy of the earth that are not in Christ, I believe they have had a lesser experience.


            If you want to perceive this experience as a baptism, maybe this would be called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. What is the baptism of the Holy Spirit? That the River of Life is fully flowing through you, the full baptism.


            We are getting out a book right now called The Truth about Baptism, and we found out that there is a lesser and a great manifestation of every baptism. I do not know anyone in the church that has the baptism with the Holy Spirit. We have received the Holy Spirit. It is a lesser manifestation of the full baptism.


            These people, I have read their books or I have had contact with them that are not in Christ, they claim to have had this linking. They claim to be linked to the energy of the earth, they claim to have had their consciousness raised, that they have experienced a lesser manifestation of what we will call the baptism with the spirit of the world for lack of a better word.


            Recently, I was reading a book by someone who claims to have this experience, and a lot of what he describes in his book I am experiencing in Christ. I have been experiencing it for years, and I am just reading his book now. Not everything that he is talking about, but a lot of what he is talking about, I have been experiencing for years.


            Brethren, it is the same experience. The only thing that varies is the spirit. We will be having, and are having, the same experiences as the people who are ascending without marriage to Christ. That is why it is going to be impossible to tell who is who. We are going to look the same, we are going to act the same, we are going to be having the same experiences, the same discernment, and the same understanding.


            What is the difference, brethren?  Look for knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, look for devotion of the Lord Jesus, but that could be lied about, acknowledgment of the Name of Jesus, that could be lied about, but a knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ, that cannot be lied about, because you know when you have heard the Doctrine of Christ.


            Look for the Doctrine of Christ and ask Jesus above who they are, but look for the Doctrine of Christ.  Look for submission to Jesus, not in words, but as you submit to the spirit of Christ, if they are truly submitting to the spirit of Christ, your spirits will not be pushing against one another. Your spirits will be in agreement.


            You have to know who you are. If you know that you are ascending in Christ without a question of doubt, and you do not have to be in full stature, you just have to know you are on the right path and that Christ is bonding to your energy or to your spirit, when you meet somebody, as you become spiritual, you are going to be able to discern whether your spirits are flowing together or pushing against one another.


            If your spirit is pushing against the other person, or they are pushing against you and you know who you are, you are going to know they are not in Christ. Do you understand what I said to you? It is going to be spiritually discerned, and as far as asking if they know the Doctrine of Christ, this Doctrine of Christ is so close to the other doctrine that you are going to need very discriminating ears to find out, to see if it is really the Doctrine of Christ.


            The true witness is very hard, the true witness is the agreement of your spirits. If you are not sensitive enough to try the spirit, look at what is coming out of their mouth. If they do not like Jesus Christ, it is real easy, but if they are claiming to be in submission to Jesus Christ, it is harder.  Listen to them, are they giving glory to God or are they saying they did it from within themselves?


            If you do not have this discriminating ear, ask the Lord for it, and always make your decision.  Try the spirit on them, test the words that they have to say, and after you make your judgment as to whether they are in Christ or not, then say, Lord Jesus, am I correct?  Do not forget to say, Lord Jesus, am I correct?  Because you need to know who is who. You need to know who is who.


            If people do not know what they are doing, they do not know who they are, and they do not know what their unconscious mind is doing.  In the church anyway, they do not know what their subconscious mind is doing.  They are living behind the veil of their conscious mind, they are completely deceived, but when their unconscious and subconscious minds sees Christ in you, she is moving to bring you down.


            I do not care if they are the nicest person that you ever met, I do not care if they have been in the ministry for 40 years, if Christ is truly rising in you and anti-Christ is truly rising in them, a part of them, whether they see that part of themselves or not, is moving to kill Christ in you. They are at a stage before they kill Christ in you, and that stage brings Him into submission to themselves. They are moving to take authority over Christ in you.


            What do you do? Do you fight with them? Of course not, but if you do not know what is going on they are going to flip you on your spiritual back, and then you try and get up. Not that Jesus is not capable of getting you up, but I am telling you I have been flipped on my spiritual back a couple of times. It was no fun trying to get up, and it was the mercy of God that I got back up.


            Once they have gotten you down, you are weak. I tell you the reality of life in the spirit for the man who is truly ascending in Christ, this whole world is antagonistic toward you.  The mind of man is antagonistic, and they want to dominate you and bring you into submission to their beliefs and their doctrine.  They will not accept you, they will not say, I respect your doctrine, and it is okay that you are different from me.


            They want to bring you under. I do not try to bring anybody under. I tell you what I think, and I listen to what you think, but I am a rarity out there. They are all trying to bring you under them, and they are uncomfortable with you if you do not believe what they believe, but this is not Christ. This is anti-Christ.


            Christ convicts you of the truth. He does not run from you. He lets you believe what you believe until He convinces you of the truth, and He is not afraid of what you have to say. Any comments or questions on this incredible drawing on the board?


            COMMENT: I was just thinking that overshadow in Acts 5:15 coincides with the eclipse you spoke about this morning.


            PASTOR VITALE:  What xxxxx is saying is this powerful manifestation of Peter's spirit which we now understand what it is, His personal spirit is bound to Christ, and then that spirit that is bonded to Christ is linked to the spirit of the earth in a dominating configuration. That spirit or mind, I am not even sure whether to call it a spirit or a mind at this point, went forth and laid hands on all the people that he passed by.


            We talked about this earlier. It is the reality of the laying on of hands, it is the overlaying of the carnal mind by the Christ mind, so as Peter walked down the street His shadow did not just shine on their flesh.  It overshadowed the people's carnal mind which is their sin nature, which is the originator and author of every disease, and they were healed. He covered their sins, and they were healed. Anybody else?


            COMMENT: You just brought something to mind that the Lord is speaking to me today about Pentecost. In fact, you talked about Pentecost yourself, about the tongues of fire. God is a consuming fire, and He was actually burning their minds.  It penetrated their minds where they could come forth and speak the word of God.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe that they engraved their minds with His nature.   COMMENT: That should have been very obvious, but I only got it today.


         PASTOR VITALE: Sometimes we just do not get things. I am working on this book, The Truth about Baptism, and I read a Scripture that is very well known to me. Paul saying, I speak in tongues of men and tongues of angels, and it just hit me what he was really saying there. I always thought it meant, Well, I speak Hebrew or what ever he spoke, I speak a human language, and I speak in tongues.


            No, he was saying, I have the gift of tongues of other men. I think it was saying that Paul could speak any language that was necessary to communicate with any human being that the Lord wanted him to communicate to. He had the gift of speaking in other tongues as well as the gift of speaking in new tongues or unknown tongues, what ever it is.


            I do not know what I say in my own book.  I have to read my book. He had the gift. He could talk to anybody anywhere in the world in their own language. That is what I believe that the Lord told me he meant. Did anyone ever think of that before?       


            COMMENT: It stands to reason from the testimonies of various men that they had gone to another country, and the Lord had them speak a language they did not understand.  They actually held a conversation with somebody and gave the message.


            PASTOR VITALE: That is the gift of the tongues of men, that is a sign to the baptism with the Holy Spirit that if it just happens one here or there, it is not the same thing as having the gift abide upon you as we speak in tongues of angels. I can speak in tongues when ever I want to, but I do not need a special dispensation from the Lord to speak in tongues.


            I believe Paul was saying that he had the authority within his mind to speak in any language, at any time, at any moment that he was led to do it.


            COMMENT:  I was just thinking of a man who had gone to Germany, and he did not speak the language, but he was able to speak in German to a man. That is like a type and shadow of what Paul had.


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes. With regard to the people in the world today who have had this experience, this lesser experience of linking with the earth energy, I say the lesser experience, because I do not believe that they are fully baptized. At least, this book that I am reading, and for a lot of people it has been a positive experience according to what they have to tell me. It has brought deliverance from. . .They have been enlightened.


            It has brought healing, emotional healings, physical healings, it has been a very positive experience, but I suspect. . . .Why? Because I believe that what I preach tonight is coming from Christ Jesus.  If that is the case, then I have to believe that this information is the authority, it is the truth.  If I put together what I heard tonight, what we heard together from Christ Jesus, and what these people who today have had this lesser experience of the baptism of death, that is what we will call it, that they are being deceived.


            In this condition, in this lesser baptism, it is probably possible for them to still get out, and they are being seduced. It is a positive experience. It is just like a man seducing a woman, but let us say a man is a woman beater. This is very common, a man who is an abuser, he wines and dines the woman and treats her like she is a queen or like she is gold, and then as soon as he gets her, as soon as she marries him or moves in with him he abuses her. It is a seduction.


            People who are experiencing this who are having positive experiences, they have received blessings from mother earth. She has blessed them, but she only has them partially, but when the time comes to fully possess them she will no longer be blessing them.  I would suspect that the people would start moving into the category of people, now I am not wishing this on anybody, but from what I have heard people who do begin to ascend to the fullness outside of Christ, many go insane. You can only take so much of being possessed by the Serpent.


            It is a lie, a deception, a seduction. It is part of the seduction that is over the whole country right now, that this is a good thing.  Nobody is going over to India and looking at the quality of life in India. No one is going over to India and seeing that it is a phenomenon over there, that you could be beaten by a demon.


            Spiritual entities go forth and beat you, and I heard this testimony from two evangelists, two Christian evangelists, that the powers and principalities of this world are so strong in some of the minds in the countries where they are ruling and reigning that they actually vibrate out of somebody's mind, take on corporal form and beat you.


            No one is looking at that. That is what they have down at the other end of the line for following these disciplines, but no one is looking at that. They are blinded, you see.


            Let us just pray a quick prayer for everyone that is involved in this false doctrine, whether they be non-Christians who are people who are on the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  They may not be bad people, as far as the world goes, out there looking for self-improvement, but they went into a discipline that is preparing them for full marriage to the spirit of the earth who will abuse them, who will surely abuse them when she has fully penetrated them.


            We pray for all of the Christians who think they are ascending in Christ but are ascending unmarried, to be married by the spirit of the earth as soon as they are born. The spirit of the earth is the Dragon. It is out there waiting to marry them.


            Father, we just pray that you have mercy on all these ignorant people, and we pray that you have mercy on us in every area that we are ignorant and in every area that we are not ignorant, because even if we are not ignorant we are still dependent, Lord, and the powers of the earth are awesome.


            We are just really not safe here by ourselves Lord. We pray that you forgive our sins in everything that we have done in ignorance that would deprive ourselves of your provision, and we pray that you have mercy on the people that do not even have the knowledge that we have, Lord, filled with rebellion and pride and arrogance, but we forgive their sins, Lord, because they really do not know what they are doing.


            We just pray, Father, that the Sons of God should manifest Father, and that your purposes should be accomplished, that the remains of your Son should be ingathered into your household, and that you bring with you, that you convince many personalities. I do not even know what the right words are, Lord, just help us Lord.


            We are dying from our ignorance and our arrogance. Forgive us Father, forgive us for the darkness of our mind. I know that I read somewhere in one of the translations that I did that You said that as the people start to ascend and to become entrapped by the earth, when they realize what is happening to them there will be such a panic among the people.  I do not know if it is the church or the peoples of the earth. I think it is the whole peoples of the earth, that they will be scrambling and begging Christ to be formed in them.


            I am going to hold on to that Lord that all is not lost; although, some might be lost, but when what is happening becomes evident the rest will run in terror seeking your protection.  Let those that are evil be evil still, and let those that are righteous be righteous still, and let the process continue and let their maturity appear, and let all things be done decently and in order, Lord, and we just thank you that this Creator of the universe, I cannot even fathom who you are Lord, that you are willing to take us along with your Son's breath.


            It is mind boggling, Lord, and that the peoples of the earth should blaspheme and blame You for every evil down here.  I just thank God, Lord, that science fiction is not true, and that those who are more powerful than us are not evil.  There is a God who is more powerful than the powers of this world, and that, that God is benevolent and merciful and perfect in His righteousness. That is a reason to have hope, Lord, and we just thank you, Father, for the privilege of your sharing all of these incredible secrets with us.


            We pray that you help us to overcome our own sins that we might fulfill our responsibilities to you, because you have not given us this knowledge to play with. You have given it to us for a purpose, and we pray that these purposes are completed in us Lord.


            We pray that you help us to understand those purposes, and to respond to them, because we are ignorant Lord, and our minds are covered with darkness, and lack of understanding, and childishness so help us to do our part, Lord, and let it be done in the Name of Jesus. Amen.


            COMMENT: I was just thinking that a more appropriate way of, rather than baptism of death, it would be baptism of enslavement in the age abiding torment, and the other, the baptism of life, baptism of freedom. The Lord says, Whom the Son sets free is free indeed.


            PASTOR VITALE: Okay.


            I am going to start reading in II Corinthians 3:14.


II Corinthians 3:14:  But their minds were blinded, for until this day remains the same veil untaken away in the reading of the Old Testament which veil is done away in Christ. (KJV)


            Earlier on this tape, we established that the veil is the carnal mind. The veil that is over the mind of the Jews when they read the Old Testament is the rational mind which prevents them or blinds them to the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. The veil that is on the mind of the Jews and the reading of Moses, to this day, is their rational carnal mind that blinds them to the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. Which veil is done away in Christ, what does that mean?


            Christ perceives the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures. The carnal mind is incapable of perceiving the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures so the Jews will see into the spiritual understanding of the Scriptures when Christ is formed in them.


            This Scripture is an explanation as to why the Jews who went to Kabbalah, and the Jews who tried to find the spiritual meaning underneath the Scriptures went off into metaphysics, because the spiritual truth of the Scripture is only in the mind of Christ.


            There may have been some Jews who may have developed an intense relationship with the Lord that got some truth here, but most of them did not tell them of Messiah. They may have gotten some of the Doctrine of Christ, but we are not talking about the exceptions here.


            The veil that is over the eyes of the Jews today, which is done away with in Christ, is talking about the carnal mind. The veil is the carnal mind.


Verse 15: But even unto this day when Moses is read, the veil is still upon their heart. They are still carnal. (KJV)


            This ability is only in the mind of Christ.


Verse 16: Nevertheless, when it shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away. (KJV)


            When Israel shall turn to the Lord, the mind of Christ shall be formed in them, and the carnal mind shall be rent, taken away, covered over, broken apart and covered over.


                   Verse 17: Now the Lord is that spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.  (KJV)


            That is what we have written here. The baptism of liberty. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty, and there are many levels of understanding in every Scripture.  I have always loved this Scriptures, but never fully understood it and, to me, this may be one of the deepest expressions of what the Scripture is talking about.


            Where the spirit of the Lord is we are liberated from the body, from the bestial mind, and from the tyranny of the female energy of the ground, the earth.


            Let us take a look at this last verse here.


But we all with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord. (KJV)


            We are liberated as Christ bonds to our human spirit. Anybody have anything to say?





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