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Three Israels: The Mystery of Black Israel

Salvation: An In Depth Study

Not Without Blood: Understanding The New Covenant

Alternate Translation of The Book Of Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John

The Common Salvation - The Book Of Jude Unlocked

About Marriage (2nd Edition): A Spiritual View of Divorce, Marriage & Remarriage


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Twilight - Good Vampires?

Vampires are human beings whose bestial side has opened its eyes and stood up, and is expressing the nature of the serpent and the evil that he does, through the people. There is no place for a vampire or werewolf to be good. The vampires are not good, that is a lie....


Daniel 9:24
The End Of Sin

After seventy weeks (490 years), the oil of the Lord’s Spirit shall be applied to the Holy of Holies, the innermost, unconscious part of the mind of the children of the Kingdom, and after that... (Alternate Translation)

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(Excerpt of message-The Unforgivable Sin)


Forgiveness is a process. It begins with the Lord convicting us of our sin, our confession and repentance and then the Lord rips our sin out of us. God does not forgive us so that we can either continue to sin or walk around with the potential for that sin still in us.



Want To Start With The Basics?

Learn the basic principles of the Doctrine Of Christ.


Spiritual Food For The Hungry Heart
In pursuit of Christian spirituality.

About Living Epistles

The vision that became Living Epistles Ministries was initiated by the Lord Jesus Christ one day in the Fall of 1987, when the Lord Jesus Christ asked Sheila Vitale, the Pastor, Teacher and Founder of Living Epistles Ministries, if she would teach His people.


Wisdom, Christ (or view as PDF)


Do You Really Love God?

Conversations With Nicole (or view as PDF)  

Corrective Judgment - The Program of God for Us  *New book*


Romans 11:7, 11-26 Alternate Translation

What, then, Israel has not obtained what he craves, but the election has obtained [spiritual experiences through the Spirit of God], and the rest were blinded.




I am telling you, brethren, that the person who gets healed is the person who puts his/her life in the hands of the Lord.



Pastor Vitale At ATLAH World Missionary Church

"The Lord has told me to start at the beginning. I have such a long story for you. You see, there is a new move of God. It started quite a long time ago, but it is so different than what you are all use to in the Holy Ghost..."



Pstr Vitale Responds To Pstr Manning.  (Msg #542 - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

Antichrist In A Man (Pstr Manning–More…) (Msg #552 - Parts 1, 2, 3, 4)

Esau, Jacob, Israel and Cush

(The Truth About Black Israel) (Message #558)

Q & A On The Holy Spirit   

Q: "You mentioned that the Holy Spirit is not a teacher. John 14:26 But the comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. Could you please explain this to me."


Alternate translation of Luke 16 : 19 - 31
The account of Lazarus and the Rich Man

16.19 There was a certain man, a citizen of Israel the landmark nation that God dwells in, who was spiritually rich because God granted him the righteousness that comes by faith. Indeed, [Elohim resurrected] Adam/Christ Jesus [within him], making him both king and priest, and granted him all of the protection, authority and power [that is in Adam/Christ Jesus], and the citizen of Israel appropriated all of the blessings that are associated with the Spirit of Christ for himself, every day of his life.

16.20a But Lazarus, [another Israelite who was] spiritually poor and needy, dwelt in this visible, physical world without [God’s blessings]. He roved the earth in a condition of spiritual wretchedness, and was thoroughly frightened, because he had experienced being overcome and enslaved by ungodly spiritual powers,

So [when] Lazarus recognized the representative of God's landmark nation of Israel [which was] to point the way to God, he desperately fell on his face, hoping for mercy, because ....

Read more in the Alternate New Testament


Meet the Living Epistles Team:

Sheila R. Vitale
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries
~ Judeo-Christian Spiritual Philosophy ~

God bless you.
Sincerely in Christ,
Sheila R. Vitale
Pastor, Teacher & Founder
Living Epistles Ministries

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